Happy 20TH14 | Crazy rotation on the cards |Game of trust…

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Happy 20TH14 people!

See what I did there? I cleverly layered the our greatest strikers name and number into the number of the new year.

… why?

… because I’m giving you hope on a miserable, cold, New Year’s Day. But this isn’t false hope. I’m feeling that in the Chinese year of the ‘Thierry’, things could be special. We are top of the league. We have a the best ‘team’ in the league. I don’t think anyone is more consistent than us and I don’t think anyone plays with the same industrious nature… We grind out results, we blow people away with beautiful football, we can bully, we can defend… 2013 saw a new Arsenal. 2013 saw a new Arsene.

I think a massive hat tip has to go to the manager. He’s taken on new scouting technology, he’s handed the defence over to someone who knows it better, he’s bought experience over the last 2 years, he’s shifted out the ‘no hope brigade’, he’s starting to pay more attention to his analysts (he talks a lot more about schedules and rotations, without really doing it, but talk is a start) and he smashed his transfer record. He’s slowly but surely evolving into the modern way of the game. I can’t really ask for much more…

So let’s hope today, where he has to rotate, he is rewarded. I think it’ll be pretty wholesale. Someone said there’s no Monreal or Gibbs. Which could mean… errr… who is our child left back?

Ok, so it’ll likely mean Sagna at left Bac (clever pun), Jenks at right back, with Per and Kos in the middle.

Midfield I’m thinking Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla and Jack.

Up top, Lukas, Bendtner and Theo.

That is a good side right? Missing loads of big hitters and it’s a good side more than capable of blowing a decent, if not rudderless, Cardiff City away.

Now, it has to be big performance from the crowd. No hangover atmosphere please. It also has to be a big performance from the fringe players. Last time we mass rotated was Hull and it was great.

For me, this performance is key to us winning the league. Why?

Because if the rotated squad plays a blinder, Wenger will trust them and rotate more freely. If they tank, he’ll get the fear, and he’ll be back to running players into they ground. So today, is a key day for the rest of the season. Hopefully the second string show the same drive as the first. Not that it’s a real second string, but you get what I mean!

Right, have a great day and an even better year!


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  1. useroz

    Ade scored and united 1 down.

    A spurs win would be great. United more a title threat while spurs would flop sooner or later…if hsitory is a good guide.

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    People talking of flogging Cazorla off have short memories. Santi is being mismanaged just as Arshavin was. Playing Cazorla wide for the sake of Wilshere (along with Ozil coming in and an injury lay off) has caused a drop in performance.

    However, Cazorla is important because he should be played as a back up to Ozil in the centre.

    1st XI


    2nd XI


    If you add Rosicky (plus other squad players) then there is little excuse because you simply rotate between the two teams. If Ozil is out then Cazorla plays, if Ramsey is out then Wilshere plays. It’s that simple; it’s called a squad.

    If you are playing in 4 competitions then you need a big squad with enough quality so that players can step into the first team seamlessly. If we had rotated properly we’d probably still have Giroud, Ramsey and Gibbs fit.

  3. WengerEagle

    If Wenger doesn’t want to break the bank in January for a striker he might look at the following options:

    Christian Benteke- 20 million
    Loic Remy- 10-15 million
    Luis Muriel- Would cost between 20-30 million
    Burak Yilmaz- 15-20 million
    Alexandre Pato- 10-15 million
    Ibisevic- In the 10-15 million bracket
    Giuseppe Rossi- 20-30 million
    Rodrigo Palacio- 10 million
    Fredy Montero- 10-15 million
    Finnbogasson- 10-20 million
    Batshuayi- 10-15 million

    All of these strikers could do a job for us until the end of the season when we can splash out properly on a WC striker. Most of these strikers aren’t cup-tied either

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    No he wasn’t. It’s not his position after all, but using this game as evidence or proof is dumb.

    Still, there are always dumb people

  5. Simon


    I wouldn’t sell many of our players – just keep adding better ones. If the Draxler or di Maria to arsenal stuff has any truth then it’s going to get seriously competitive in our advanced births. Bring it on!

    I’m not so sure asharvin was mismanaged though…

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    If we spend £20m on a player now, we’re not going to splash big in the summer.

    Benteke is injured and either really off form or just not very good. Pato would be a huge gamble. Remy is on loan and it’s likely we couldn’t sign him…

  7. Simon


    Who you calling dumb?!

    Agree it is not his position.

    Hope we buy someone whose position it really is! I had a dream… That Lewandowski will announce for Arsenal tomorrow!

  8. zeus

    Yea. I ‘love’ the Arshavin mismanaged comments. He wasn’t lazy at all. Playing him out wide was like playing Henry at CB.

    Come of it.

  9. ikon

    Frankly I think Adebayor is good enough to play for us… Imagine Giroud and Adebayor upfront… defenders would shit themselves with Walcott, Rosicky and Cazorla running around them likes bees.

  10. Guns of brixton

    both NB and ade seem to have waken from their slumber and shaken off their respective problems.

  11. karim

    Giroud will probably be back vs Spurs
    bendtner cant be sold now = good news too, he could win us a couple of other games
    just get another striker and we re sorted

  12. karim

    pod + og in a 442

    win win situation for both players but will never happen, too many classy players in the midfield
    i d use that system against city or United though

  13. WengerEagle

    Rodrigo Palacio? He’s 31 but he doesn’t play like a 31 year old, he’s fast, skilful a good dribbler and a very decent finisher. We could get him for cheap enough and he wouldn’t be cup-tied. He’d jump at the chance to play for Arsenal in a title-challenging team and in the UCL at this late stage in his career

  14. azed

    Adebayor has scored in his last 3 games. I wonder what AVB had against him.
    We all agree that Adebayor is a lazy twat but he is better than Soldado especially when playing one up top

  15. Cazorla

    Crazy that people are talking of shipping Cazorla out, he looked decent today, he’s getting back into it. You need a squad to win the league.

    Draxler over di Maria any day, Draxler is the future of German football with Gotze.

  16. Goonah

    I think Man C will win the league no matter what we do,

    If we get a striker and a central midfielder better than Flamini/Arteta in,
    we will atleast give them a run for their money

  17. BacaryisGod

    Baffled by some of the comments. Cazorla looked more like his old self today. Wilshere was much improved also.

    The main reasons for our failure to win the game earlier were Poldi simply not effective as a CF and Flamini playing alongside Arteta but in an advanced role. Why play Flamini at all if he’s not shielding the back 4? Better to have a more creative player instead of him. At least Arsene rectified his poor team selection.

  18. Leedsgunner

    First of all three points is three points — well done for grounding out the win.

    Is Bendtner out?

    Wenger surely has no option to buy… Come on Wenger let’s get out the wallet!

  19. Augustine

    Wenger Wenger

    Why not rest Merteseker and give Vermalean a run out…play a high line,compress a team out to park the bus with two pacy centre backs

  20. Augustine

    Wenger Wenger

    Why play both your defensive midfielders against Cardiff at home..Arteta and Wilshere with Carzola as CAM would have been better suited..

  21. Augustine

    Wenger Wenger

    Why not play Podolski on the left ,Bendtner upfront and Theo on the ryt…gives good balance to the team and compensates for the technical midgets in midfield

  22. Augustine

    Wenger Wenger

    If Serge Gnarbry is good enough according to you to come in at Old Trafford when 1 nil down to help chase the game.., he must be good enough for some game time against Cardiff at home

  23. Bero

    Costa is the dream, Morata more realistic. Remy is a good shout if you can force a recall from QPR.. Not sure how this works?

    How’s Llorente getting on? There was talk of him a while back maybe being available.

  24. Uche

    Is this what we all thought would happen to RVP last season. Out injured while his team fall off the pace, and then back for the last three months, banging in goals for fun with the title out of reach.

    Deja vu.

  25. Goonah

    January 1, 2014 19:22:07

    Harry Kane just spat all over himself. Hilarious.


    don’t all them hillbillies do that?

  26. stay dench

    AVB really was an incredibly poor manager, commentator summed it up well

    He played not to lose he didn’t play to win.

    Tottenham look a far better team under tim sherwood simply because he lets them use there flair and creativity.

    You can see the bottled up energy and enthusiasm being unleashed.

    AVB sacking was the biggest blessing for them cunts so much better as an attacking side not a negative crap chelsea clone.

  27. southernpeople

    “Everybody’s been talking about Arsenal not capable of winning the championship. Start worrying because they can!

    I haven’t seen an Arsenal side win like this for years. I have to go back to Keown, Adams, Vieira, Petit to win like their winning now.

    If you’re a Spurs fan, I’m very worried. And I am. ”

    Garth Crooks

  28. Leedsgunner

    As the goal went in you could here Wenger thinking that he doesn’t need to buy a striker. Don’t get me wrong, even as much as I dislike Bendtner (and i wish him a quick recovery) I hate to see any of our players injured – he’s forced Wenger’s hand to strengthen the squad at the beginning of the transfer window — Wenger really has no excuse.*

    *Unless Park is going to now get a run out! Wouldn’t put it past Wenger.

  29. southernpeople

    Finally we’re seeing the two most influential players leaving ManU: Webb and Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

    The KINDOM is collapsing!

  30. BacaryisGod

    Never thought I would be rooting for Spurs in a game against a mid-table team but the more points United are behind us the better. Spurs don’t worry me in the slightest, especially with Adebayor out.

    With Bendtner’s injury, looks like Poldi will have another crack upfront. Even if Giroud is fit, two weeks of rest will be great for him.

  31. southernpeople

    Spurs are playing some good football and have room to improvements as the new players are finally given time to adapt by not completely relying on them. Once integrated this Spurs’s squad would be great to watch.

    Stay Dench

    Anyone expecting Mourin to play entertaining and stylish football is just either doesn’t know Mourin or doesn’t understand football. Abrahimovich didn’t learn lessons from Mourin’s past; he still hoping him to play great football.

    Had he hired Rodgers he would have seen some great football being played at the Bridge.

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    BacaryisGod January 1, 2014 19:35:31

    Never thought I would be rooting for Spurs in a game against a mid-table team but the more points United are behind us the better. Spurs don’t worry me in the slightest, especially with Adebayor out.
    That’s my reasoning too. I’m more than happy that Man Utd lost. I also hope they don’t make the top 4 this year too. Thinking long term I’d like to see them be also rans.

    If FFP does kick in then Chelsea will have to reign their spending in which leaves us in a more comfortable position.

  33. Toli83

    Just saw Mata storming off earlier clip.

    Wonder of there is anyway possible we could get him, best winger/midfielder in league for me. He only has year left after this summer I think?

  34. Arsene's Nurse

    Dissenter January 1, 2014 19:34:36

    There is going to be a blood bath for that 4th position.
    I’d like to see the Toffees snatch it. Martinez deserves it. I’d like to see Liverpool and Man Utd outside the top 4 too.

  35. Jeff

    I wonder if the injury to Bendtner means we definitely will get a striker in January? The probability should have gone up a little bit at least.

  36. Leedsgunner

    I would love Mata in AFC colours but he won’t be sold to us. I suspect he’ll be used as a makeweight to capture Diego Costa, Falcao or heaven for bid Cavani. Would be a dream signing though – the player we should have bought instead of Arshavin or Gervinho.

  37. Invincibles

    What makes me laugh in the next 4 games united will draw 3 and win 1 and the media will be masturbating about how they’ve put a great unbeaten run together completely ignoring the fact its only 7 points out a total of 12.
    We do the same and its “oh Arsenal are in a crisis”…..cunts.

  38. southernpeople

    Arsene’s Nurse

    you hope ManU miss out on 4th place but I really believe that they will finish 5th. I don’t believe they’re better than Totts or Everton. Apart from their superb offensive unit they lack quality in many other position; mid and defense.

  39. Gunnershabz

    Mata would be a great signing but Chelsea won’t sell to a title rival especially if we couldn’t get demba ba

    Most likely psg Monaco or Spanish team

  40. Max85

    Dream scenario is Costa in this window (very slim chances) with Draxler in the summer along with Matuidi (on a free) or L Bender, and Schar from Basel as a promising young backup defender. Draxler is going to be a superstar, such an exciting player.

  41. southernpeople

    Marble Hall

    How many defenders did sherwood bring on when seeing out the game against Utd.

    Wenger would have buckled with his subs and handed the initiative to Utd.”

    Therefore, Sherwood better manager than Wenger.!!!!!

  42. Samir

    Mourinho has said Mata can leave…
    But as a few have already pointed out…They’d never sell him to us. Sad really.
    Imagine a:


  43. BacaryisGod


    If Mourinho refused to even give us Demba Ba, I think Mata is an impossibility! I think he goes to Spain or France and it’ll allow Chelsea to fund the purchase of a more prolific striker than the three they have. They’ll probably send Ba out on loan to Palace or some other lower Premier League team in need.

  44. Max85

    Shabz – would love Lewa, but he’s been dropping hints like crazy that he’s off to Bayern, including responding to the question of his future in the Bavarian dialect! Think he’s made up his mind.

    WE – massive fan of Pogba, but he’s B2B, so in our current set up would replace Ramsey/Wilshere when we’re really looking for an Arteta replacement i.e. DM. Bender is a natural DM but with excellent distribution and positioning.

  45. BacaryisGod


    It might work the other way with Bendtner. As he’s now injured for a few weeks, he’ll probably be harder to move on in the January window. Fortunately, the likelihood is that Arsene realizes we need another striker to put us over the top anyway and we’ll just eat the last few months of Bendtner’s contract. Still, if that ends up being the last game he plays for us, what a way to go out!

  46. BacaryisGod

    Thanks MarbleHall for your typically insightful comments.

    1. Are you saying Sherwood is a better manager than Wenger? Spurs are just experiencing the dead man’s bounce right now.

    2. Anyone could have scored Bendtner’s goal. I think we’ve seen dozens of easier chances already missed this season in the Premier League (and a few of them by Arsenal players). It was definitely a likely goal but the angle was tight and the goalkeeper was putting him under pressure.

    You are beginning to show your true colours, Marble.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    I have until now suggested that Wenger should not make any hasty decisions about bringing in a new striker, but injuries to both Giroud and Bendtner, which could result in both being out for some time has focussed the mind.

    Podolski had a very poor game today and whilst he may have an excuse that he has been out injured for a long time that does not excuse his lack of mobility and lack of striker instinct if he wants to play in that position.

    Wenger needs now to make decisions and not dither as he has done too often in similar situations.

    This is the risk that you take when you are short of options in particular positions. I am equally concerned if we don’t bring in a fourth centre back because
    we have struggled in past when two centre backs got injured or we have a suspension.

    Arsenal are at the moment challenging for a league title, but that opportunity can easily evaporate if we do not act now in transfer window.

    The other lesson from today’s game is why we played against Cardiff both Arteta and Flamini. In my assessment they do not complement each other and if they play it has to be an either/or situation. Arteta in particular concerns me because he has definitely ‘slowed down’ this season. He needs too
    much time on a ball.

    Let us hope that Wenger finds a solution for FA Cup, because what we don’t want is to lose that game or even worse have to play a replay.

  48. BacaryisGod


    Yes, Arsene would have made defensive substitutions. It’s probably why Arsenal have a superb record in the last 12 months of holding onto leads, particularly when we’re ahead at half-time. Why don’t you use data to support your arguments or do the facts just get in the way?

  49. southernpeople

    Marble HALL

    Every game has its own tactical strategy and I think that when you’re winning with few minutes to go you need to keep it tight at the back. I don’t think strikers and midfielders could have help us win the game. and don’t forget we scored after the substitution. So I don’t understand your point.

  50. sam


    I was just about to say it.
    Maybe Wenger haven’t actually noticed that flamini and arteta don’t work well together.
    PLus they are both injury prone, it will save him hassle if he rotates them than playing them at the same time.

  51. Rhys Jaggar

    What a strange day to be an Arsenal fan!

    Supporting Spurs at Old Trafford and thanking the Lord for the lives of Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Adebayor……..

    The world does indeed create many twists and turns for those on their journey through life……….

  52. MarbleHall

    That’ s 4 defeats Utd have suffered at OT already this season and wenger with over a 1000 games behind him and facing up to a new manager couldn’t muster a win.

  53. southernpeople


    have you lost your Marbles?

    Let’s give Sherwood few seasons at the top level before comparing him to wenger!!!

    If anyone is better than wenger and any other player is better than Arsenal players and we still finish this high on the table then Wenger is a SACRED MIRACLE that we should keep!!!

  54. Emiratesstroller


    Wenger played both Arteta and Flamini together in the games against WBA and Manchester United and we played equally insipid football in both those games.

    What concerned me today was that Cazorla played two balls early in the game
    over the top of Cardiff’s defence, which Walcott missed narrowly, but it showed clearly the correct tactics to be played against them. Yet we did not
    attempt this strategy again.

    Obviously the conditions did not help to play good football, but I thought that
    Arsenal lacked real ambition for most of the game.

  55. BacaryisGod


    Sunderland have lost 7 at home and Man City lost to them 1-0. You think Arsenal losing at Man U is worse than that? Stop cherry picking and go back to your Spurs blogs.

  56. BacaryisGod


    Remy would be great, but I’m pretty sure Newcastle have him for the whole season and he can’t be recalled to be sold.

  57. southerpeople


    an intelligent offer to qpr should see us seal a deal, Remy won’t a big salary considering his age, his injury records and where he’s coming from. Arsene used to rate him and scouted him over the years and Remy knows that.

  58. Simon

    Just repost this email every hour will you?….

    Remy is on loan
    Benteke is injured and not scoring
    Ba and Lukaku are Chelsea players and Mourinho said no
    Wenger has ruled out Benzema on competition grounds given France
    Suarez has signed another contract and will have agreed to see out a year and Wenger said we will not bid. Oh, and he gas a reported £120m escape clause.
    Lewandowski is going to Bayern (unless my dream us true!)

  59. Leedsgunner

    Emiratesstroller @2052

    Agree with you. I’m pleased as punch we ground out a win but it was very painful to watch.

  60. Leedsgunner

    Credit to the team for minimising the losses to Man United and Man City by going on another winning run…

  61. Jake

    A loss to Sunderland is worse than a loss to United. I’d choose to lose to Sunderland because of the rivalry but that doesn’t change what I said to start with.

  62. BacaryisGod


    I don’t think contractually QPR can sell Remy to us. He’s signed on loan to Necastle for the remainder of the season. I’m pretty sure about that unless someone has different info.

  63. kwik fit

    I think we can discount Remy cos if there was a breakage clause in his contract the papers would have been all over it and there has been no Remy rumours at all.

  64. BacaryisGod


    My point is that your point about Arsenal losing to Man U has no logic. So what if Man U has lost 4 games at home but beat Arsenal. Why does that make Arsene a bad manager. Pellegrini isn’t a bad manager because City lost to Sunderland and Mourinho isn’t a bad manager because Chelsea lost to Stoke.

    There are some indisputable facts out there. First, Arsenal have the best away record in the league this season. That’s impressive. Second, Arsenal have accrued more points in the last 12 months than any other team. Also impressive.

    The only debate that can reasonably had is whether Arsenal can maintain the form over this last year into a title chase against Man City and Chelsea. I happen to think we’ll just fall short, but any self-respecting fan would give credit to Wenger for putting us in a position this season where we’re looking down no the league, safely out of the 4th place struggle and with a team that has shown a good team spirit and given solid defensive performances.

  65. Guns of brixton

    Remy cannot be bought.
    it violates hes SEASON -LONG loan with barcode.
    he did say, though, that he wanted to join a CL team in summer.

  66. southerpeople


    I think, i maybe hugely mistaken though, that a club have the right to recall their loanees if they want to. Otherwise it’s strange because it means that qpr may loose as they cannot cash in on their inform player, what if he gets injured by the end of the season? that would mean opportunity loss for them.

    Kwik fit

    such impressive stat is what made NickB believe he’s da thing; TGSTEL

    and being influential in tight games should increase his value.

  67. luke

    Rhys Jaggar January 1, 2014 20:41:34

    What a strange day to be an Arsenal fan!

    Supporting Spurs at Old Trafford and thanking the Lord for the lives of Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Adebayor……..

    The world does indeed create many twists and turns for those on their journey through life……….



  68. Guns of brixton

    he (AW) said that he wont jump into buying a new striker (yet) he wants to assess Girouds injury first.
    but i 100% agree with you.

  69. Jake


    Actually United aren’t our rivals this season, they probably won’t finish within 6 points of us so the ‘swing’ is irrelevant. In fact, the higher up the table the opponent, the more likely they are to take points off your rivals lessening the relative ‘swing’ so a loss to United is far less damaging than a loss to Sunderland as all your rivals will pick up maximum points against them gaining 6 on you.

  70. Dissenter

    Marble Hall,
    You’ve given me the first major laugh of 2014.

    Comparing Arsene to a newby Tim Sheerwood?. Eh

    Tim Sheerwood is a placeholder who will be found out soon. He’s the 10th guy to be fired before they hire number 11 in the summer.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Mata would be an incredible signing…but not a prayer Chelsea will sell him to us…PSG most likely with some stupid offer.

    We’re better served using that money on a striker.

    United are so poor as well, watching today, cannot believe we didn’t beat them, outside of Rooney and RVP they are bang average.

    That Januzaj is decent…but a touch over hyped me thinks.

  72. Bacaryisgod

    A spurious stat. No, it’s a fact that speaks to the team’s recent consistency. We all agree tat it will count for a lot less if we have another trophyless season.