Happy 20TH14 | Crazy rotation on the cards |Game of trust…

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Happy 20TH14 people!

See what I did there? I cleverly layered the our greatest strikers name and number into the number of the new year.

… why?

… because I’m giving you hope on a miserable, cold, New Year’s Day. But this isn’t false hope. I’m feeling that in the Chinese year of the ‘Thierry’, things could be special. We are top of the league. We have a the best ‘team’ in the league. I don’t think anyone is more consistent than us and I don’t think anyone plays with the same industrious nature… We grind out results, we blow people away with beautiful football, we can bully, we can defend… 2013 saw a new Arsenal. 2013 saw a new Arsene.

I think a massive hat tip has to go to the manager. He’s taken on new scouting technology, he’s handed the defence over to someone who knows it better, he’s bought experience over the last 2 years, he’s shifted out the ‘no hope brigade’, he’s starting to pay more attention to his analysts (he talks a lot more about schedules and rotations, without really doing it, but talk is a start) and he smashed his transfer record. He’s slowly but surely evolving into the modern way of the game. I can’t really ask for much more…

So let’s hope today, where he has to rotate, he is rewarded. I think it’ll be pretty wholesale. Someone said there’s no Monreal or Gibbs. Which could mean… errr… who is our child left back?

Ok, so it’ll likely mean Sagna at left Bac (clever pun), Jenks at right back, with Per and Kos in the middle.

Midfield I’m thinking Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla and Jack.

Up top, Lukas, Bendtner and Theo.

That is a good side right? Missing loads of big hitters and it’s a good side more than capable of blowing a decent, if not rudderless, Cardiff City away.

Now, it has to be big performance from the crowd. No hangover atmosphere please. It also has to be a big performance from the fringe players. Last time we mass rotated was Hull and it was great.

For me, this performance is key to us winning the league. Why?

Because if the rotated squad plays a blinder, Wenger will trust them and rotate more freely. If they tank, he’ll get the fear, and he’ll be back to running players into they ground. So today, is a key day for the rest of the season. Hopefully the second string show the same drive as the first. Not that it’s a real second string, but you get what I mean!

Right, have a great day and an even better year!


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  1. Leedsgunner

    The question is who do we play on the weekend? With the team on a good run do we sacrifice the FA cup… especially to the Spuds?

  2. Dissenter

    Sheerwood knows only one way, 4-4-2
    He’ll be found out soon enough.

    He only has his job because they can’t find anyone else to fill it.

    Arsene has his flaws, but..c’mon, Sheerwood ?

    Good win for Spuds. Should make the game on Saturday interesting.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    No. Spurs do not need an excuse to build up a head of steam.

    Whats worrying though is the amount of injuries we’re carrying…I can see them getting something against us if we play a team like we did today.

  4. Jake

    We have a fairly long break after Sp*rs arrive for their lesson. Play a full strength team without ricking anyone (Ozil).

  5. Leedsgunner

    Obviously if we had a team of proper depth we could have had a crack at more than one competition but as we don’t we need to make a choice… (unless we make some proper additions this January ;))

  6. arcastic

    That little boy inside Van Persie must be leaving his body by the back door.

    No champions league next year ya mug.

  7. Bacaryisgod


    Good question. It’s a dilemma. There’s nine days rest after Spurs but a lot of our players have played 3 games in a row. Here’s what I would guess for the starting XI:

    Definite: Fabianski, Monreal, Vermaelen, Podolski, Flamini
    Probable: Jenkinson, Koscielny, Rosicky, Arteta, Gnabry,
    Possible: Wilshere, Walcott, Sagna, Mertesacker, Miyaichi, Cazorla
    Very Unlikely: Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Szczesny
    Out: Ozil, Ramsey, Gibbs, Bendtner, Sanogo, Diaby

  8. Revving Kevin

    Anyone suggesting we throw a home game against Spurs, should be shot for treason and a large pineapple shoved up his arse before he takes his last breath. I volunteer!!!!

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I’d go with

    Schez, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Flamini, Gnabry, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

  10. Charlie Boy

    Sad to see the scum pull one back against the spuds – Rooney would definitely have been sent off with the red mist, had they stayed 2-0 down.

    Moyes said RVP would help them win the league – funny given he’s not yet playing!

  11. Bacaryisgod


    The funniest part is that RVP injured his thigh taking a corner. The brittle boy is back and it’s great to see United commit about 65 million to a player they’ll probably get one good season out of.

  12. Charlie Boy

    Theo has 5 goals and 2 assists in 6 games – legend!

    Happy to take the moral high ground for standing by him time after time.

    Certain fellow Le Grover’s included 😀

  13. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev

    I wasn’t suggesting we throw the game by any means but I guess I’m enjoying being on top of the league… sadly we don’t have the squad to make a proper job of both.

  14. Dream10

    Have not watched not today’s match yet.
    `1) How would you rate our performance out of 10?
    2) Who were our two or three best players?

    Appreciate it. Happy New Year Grovers!

  15. Dream10

    Saw the City match earlier today. They are light at CB and CM/DM. For a team with that much money, they should be able to address their weaknesses. Fernandinho playing well but they need a better DM than Javi Garcia and a better CM than Rodwell.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    stay dench

    I believe both Ramsey and Ox should be back middle of January.

    Giroud and Ozil were set to miss a few games so they’ll be back imminently.

    Gibbs not a clue.

    Bendtner 3-4 weeks I reads today.

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    And the best simulation for 2014 goes to Oscar! It’s about time the FA start penalising retrospectively for shit like that.

  18. karim

    dream 10

    5 because we won
    4 actually because we were awful bar the last 20 mns

    jack motm
    bendtner was decisive in 25 mns
    the rest was average at best…

  19. Revving Kevin

    Arsenes Nurse
    I agree this cheating is getting out of hand.

    We have half the man Utd team in trunks this season, like young, welbeck and Jacuzzi and now that shocker from Oscar. Mourinho said he wouldn’t tolerate diving, yet Ramires and Oscar are serial offenders like that Porto team of his. The same from Moyes at the start of the season. Proof these managers have no intention of stopping it, it’s win at all costs. 3 game ban simple.

  20. Leedsgunner


    1) 7/10 for effort. 10/10 for concentration. We saw it through and ground out a win.
    2) Rosicky changed the game when he came on… my MOTM. We needed someone to provide energy and he was it. Kos and Mert were immense today and BFG should have had a brace… Monreal and Sagna were back to their usual selves by providing plenty of quality crosses. Shame that Poldi looked so lightweight and isolated on his one. Poldi is a support striker… he can’t lead the line, that’s for sure.

    Bendtner did do well. Don’t like the bloke but he’s producing and deserves credit for making it count when he comes on. Injured now though.

    Plus we had 2 pen decisions which we were not given, and had they been given we could have been well away.

    It wasn’t pretty to watch, nerve wracking but 3 points is 3 points.

  21. Samir

    How much Swansea want for Bony is the question?

    Didn’t they pay 12.5M for him?

    I’d rather Morata on loan and then a proper striker in the Summer!

  22. Gambon

    I see the AKB re.tards, Revving and Bacary are on a roll tonight. Must feel good to defend their Lord, Le Senile!

  23. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Dial aka Marble Hall and the fake Gambon is everything that’s wrong on here. So many imposters it’s difficult to know who the genuine Gooners are. That explains some if the shit that gets said though. These guys really do need to leave their onesies and get a life!

  24. N5

    The Gambon impersonator is the oddest thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine being so obsessed with another poster you take their name and post as them! it’s creepy, gambon needs to watch out as Gambon is going to eat him.

    And dial coming back is the saddest, he gets banned from this site but is so addicted to it, he starts under a different name but continues as he was, it’s so sad.

  25. Revving Kevin

    Marble Hall aka Dial
    What I would like to know is why you are such a cunt. Get out in the real world and find some real friends, you sad twat. You will ruin this blog again.

  26. Uchmangunnernaija

    AKB twats like Revving is what is wrong with this blog. They fail to point the shortcomings of LeSenile does. They think he’s a God. This place would be much better without you silly mugs

  27. N5


    Not in this incarnation you haven’t but you did plenty under dial so even if your names changed, we all still feel the same about you!

  28. Dream10

    karim and Leedsgunner

    Thank you

    Shame that Poldi was isolated. Big fan of him because he has guts and can put his foot thru the ball.

    Right it seems our work ethic is our team’s best quality.
    We have creative players that play centrally and our goalscoring threat coming from the sides.
    I think our squad is short of two goalscorers longterm.

  29. Arsene's Nurse

    What an horrendous foul by Debuchy. Why do players insist on trying to tackle that way? It’s so dangerous.

  30. Revving Kevin

    Totally with you, I honestly don’t get it. Must be kids I guess. I don’t like gambon (little g) but it’s disrespectful and pathetic to imitate him. You and me know lots of spuds and Mancs on here and as for that childish AKB thing. Lol.

    They say blogs attract stalkers and bullies Becos they are natural cowards.

  31. Revving Kevin

    No I don’t that is a lie. N5 and me have history with Dial, we know what he is okay. You don’t care becos anyone slagging off Wenger, gets your support. That’s wrong.

  32. Gambon

    I hope Arsenal don’t win the league so Wenger can fuck off with his love children, diaby and Giroud back to France!

  33. N5

    @Marble, if you are not dial then I apologise, but you do have a very similar way of posting and I’m not the first to say it, I’ve seen at least 5 posters referring to you as dial and if you really aren’t him then it’s just a very odd coincidence.

    @Gambon, “go wank yourself if you don’t like me”, that has to be the strangest insult I’ve ever heard. Give yourself a real username and get out of gambon’s arse.

    @Kevin, they all seem to be attracted to you at the moment mate. it used to be KJ but attention has changed to focus on you it seems.

  34. Revving Kevin

    AKB twats like Revving is what is wrong with this blog. They fail to point the shortcomings of LeSenile does. They think he’s a God. This place would be much better without you silly mugs”

    True motive exposed. This fictitious AKB enemy you have created does not exist. It was created to discredit anyone that chooses not to whinge and moan day after day after day. Support anything about the team and you get the AKB insult.

    Imying that people worship Wenger as a his is really childish mate.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    He might have invented a new chant there.

    ‘Go wank! If you hate Tottenham, Go Wank! If you hate Tottenham, GO WANK!…if you hate Tottenham.’

    ‘Remain abstinent, if you love Arsenal, remain abstinent, if you love Arsenal.’

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Rev Kev

    Yeah but equally, with some posters say anything negative and you’re a Spurs fan…equally childish.

  37. BT

    Watched the match today and I gotta say we seem to be struggling or going thru some sort of low confidence patch.

    We definately need another striker but I get the feeling AW won’t buy anyone as poldi n theo are back.

    Loved Mertesacker today with his hieght dominance, he really does need to start throwing his size about an he could easily start scoring for us after his 2 near misses today.

    Overall gotta b pleased with the win as 3 points is the main point but I do feel like we are struggling

  38. N5

    Marble with that reply I’m sure you’re not dial, he never would have accepted an apology from me. Sorry for saying you were someone else mate.

  39. N5

    “‘Go wank! If you hate Tottenham, Go Wank! If you hate Tottenham, GO WANK!…if you hate Tottenham.’”

    I’ve been really hating Tottenham since I was 14 😀

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Goes along with my theory that every person on this Earth, seriously, seriously hates Tottenham’s.

    Even their own fans when they shut themselves away in their basements and it’s just them and the warming corpse glow of their laptops lighting up the dark that they have forever been banished to cast by the shadow of their superior neighbors.

  41. Revving Kevin

    I was there today. Difficult to break them down had almost two banks of 5 at times. Completely one sided. Should have had a pen and Mett missed two good chances. Like everybody says, we need that striker. Great atmosphere and I got soaked, it was lashing down all game. But we can win games now Becos the boys don’t panic like they used to. Not bad to be going through a sticky patch and still be winning, that’s how much we have improved .

  42. sam

    Theomario is our legend

    Romario will be proud of that goal.

    I said buy Juan Mata and stick the new Romario in the fucking middle

    Goal goal goal goal goal GOllllaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssoooooo

    de theomario

  43. N1Goon

    Two-footed, pacy, technically gifted, great core strength, can play anywhere across the front line – want to see Gnabry start vs Spurs, the lad is going to be huge.

  44. Bamford13

    Not a long-term solution, but Berbatov rumors aren’t terrible news. Limited possibilities in January, and Berbatov is skillful and knows how to score goals.

    He may be “lazy,” but on loan to an Arsenal team in pursuit of trophies, I think he’d give full effort. He’s 32 and this could be his swan song. I’m sure he’d like to go out with a bit of glory.

  45. gnarleygeorge9

    Gerry Francis
    Chris Hughton
    Christian Gross
    David Pleat
    George Graham
    David Pleat
    Glen Hoddle
    David Pleat(took 3 tries before the penny dropped with dopey)
    Jacques Santini
    Martin Jol
    One Day Ramos
    Harry Redknapp
    Andres Villas-Boas
    Tim Sherwood

    14 Spuds managers since Arsene Wenger arrived @ The Arsenal. And those dim wits talk themselves up like they do 😆

  46. Bamford13

    Did anyone ask Arsene why he started both Arteta and Flamini against Cardiff at home? Would love to know what he said, if so. Would love to know why no one asked, if not.

  47. Bamford13

    No question we are better defensively today than we have been in years, although this could have more to do with coaching than personnel. However I was watching the 2011 win over Barcelona and was thinking about that team’s midfield versus ours today. Which do you think is stronger?





    * Best line-up at moment if all were healthy. Yes, NB52 is better than Giroud.

    1. Obviously RVP over NB52.

    2. Though this will upset some, I think I might take Nasri over Cazorla. Though more selfish, a better scorer and just more direct and effective.

    3. Fabregas vs. Ozil is difficult. On one hand, Ozil has a tad more silk and class. On other hand, Fabregas is quicker, more energetic, more dangerous. See his through pass that sprung Theo against Barca. Incredible pass.

    It’s hard to say. Curious what others would say on this one.

    4. 2011 Walcott vs. 2014 Walcott? Today seems less pacy but is a way better finisher. I’d take today.

    5. Song vs. Arteta. Arteta more intelligent and more reliable distributor of ball, but Song more athletic, covered more ground, and was capable of the occasional genius pass. Harder to say than I would’ve thought.

    6. 2011 Jack vs 2013 Ramsey. Early WC Ramsey or recent mediocre-to-poor Ramsey? Let’s say the WC Ramsey. For a lot of you on here — some who worship Ramsey, some who despise Jack — this is simple. Not so for me. I’ll never fully trust Ramsey, though I acknowledge his talent and passion. As good as he can be, I think he can be equally bad, and I think we started to see that before the injury. On other hand, Jack has not been close to 2011 for some time, and some people think 2011 Jack is over-rated. I disagree. 2011 Jack was the real f.ing deal. I watched him with my own two eyes.

    So which would it be? Sorry, Ramsey lovers, it would have to be Jack. More athletic, moved the ball around quicker, and lost the ball less. Not as good of a goalscorer as Ramsey, but wouldn’t matter because he’d have RVP in front of him.

    What do you all think?

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Mirror and Sun both suggesting that Arsenal will try and sign Berbatov! Is it really a solution to bring in this player who will be 33 at end of month?

    Perhaps the best option for this weekend would be to move Walcott up front and play Gnabry out wide. This cannot be a bigger short term gamble than using Podolski as striker based on what we saw yesterday.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Giroud Out injured.
    Bendtner Out injured.
    Sanogo Out injured. (*facepalm*)

    Wenger: Giroud and Bendtner are injured. It doesn’t automatically mean we’ll enter the transfer market though. It just means they are injured.

    Everyone knows we need a striker, what’s he getting at? I don’t understand him.

  50. Bamford13


    He’s an enigma.

    Actually, he’s just really proud, stubborn and stingy, so it’s impossible for him to admit in public that he may need to buy someone.

  51. Thorough

    EmiratesTroller. Actually age is just a number. If our game now depends so much on the hold-up play of a target-man, as we saw yesterday, then you can wish for a better head in EPL than Berbatov. he is so intelligent in the way he brings the people around him into play, his ball control is Pieroosque and he finishes with aplomb too. I am trying to evade saying this will be like the return of Kanu, but -minus the speed – he is really close.

  52. goonerDNA

    Charlie boy, that loss to united still really pisses me off, manure look so average we have to smash them at the em’s

  53. Leedsgunner

    The Berba deal makes a lot of sense on a lot of levels but I’m too cynical of Wenger for him to do the rational practical thing. In an ideal world Berba should have been bought in the summer.

  54. Charlie Boy


    Totally agree. Berbatov would be a welcome addition to the squad until summer bringing with him intelligence, experience and a certain amount of in the box skill.

    It was funny yesterday on Arsenal player when Dan asked Richard if we should have him and he replied no. Just as he said no, Berbatov scored!

  55. Charlie Boy


    You’re not wrong!

    I too would love to see them humiliated – preferably with a Rooney sending off. He really does lose it when things aren’t going his way – like a petulant child.

  56. sylvain

    Couldn’t post yesterday, so I say it today :
    Nickals Bendtner I fucking love you.

    And I’m really sorry for your bad luck (incredible), hope you will recover soon…

  57. Revving Kevin

    Dear Bamford13
    Some very well thought out posts there. Naturally I don’t agree with all but good sensible arguments.

    Firstly, yes to Berbatov he is proven quality and would be a good addition to the squad. He has great technique.

    Secondly, you are wrong jumping on everything Wenger says as a negative. There is no way he can go public and show he is desperate to sign a striker for the reasons we stated the other day.

    Thirdly, Fabregas is possibly the player I would most like to see at arsenal, he is absolute class. From the question you asked, I would choose Fabregas. And Santi over Nasri for me.

    And well done for your stoic defence of Bendtner. Good to see that, tendency on here is to slag every player off so that’s great. He took his goal well and I thought his touch and overall play was much better than previous. If fans support him his confidence will return such a Shame he turned his ankle, he would have started to get more game time. We are unlucky like this.

  58. Max85

    Berbatov rumours doing the rounds again… could be a decent short term option, certainly has the talent. The concern is that a lot of the success of our attack relies on constant movement, high energy pressing from the front, and a willingness to get back and do the dirty defensive stuff. Not sure if Berb could be relied upon to fulfil these aspects of our game, especially when playing with Ozil who isn’t the most enthusiastic runner himself…

  59. gonsterous

    I thought wilshere was really good yesterday…did lose the ball a lot and his decision making will get better as time goes on…but he was really direct with his play and wanted to get involved… The only player I have a problem with is artery when he defends….he gets out paced so easily…. On another note. I don’t think we will get Costa in this window… Atletico Madrid are right up there fighting for the title and I’m sure they willdo everything tthey can to stop him leaving….

  60. Charlie Boy


    Such a joy to read balanced comments on this blog, as opposed to some of the vociferous bile spewed by certain individuals (whom we all know).

    With regard to Bendtner, I always felt he was never given a proper chance to show what he could do, as RVP always came first. Some may argue that’s how it should have been, but slagging the guy off because he can’t get game time and wants to leave is a bit harsh.

    As you say – shame he injured himself as he would have started against the Spuds I think.

    I’d like to see Gnabry playing behind Theo in Saturday’s game.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    The major difference between Arsenal in 2013/4 and previous seasons is the ‘work ethic’. I suspect that this comes from Howe now being our coach.

    The team is well organised most of the time and if you discount our two bad performances against Aston Villa and Man City we have conceded just 9 goals in 18 games.

    Obviously there continues to be some concern about the striker position, but
    overall I think that this season is our best chance of finishing ‘close’ if not at the top of the tree in EPL.

  62. Revving Kevin

    Dear Charlie boy
    Thanks for that. I agree about young Gnabry. When you think we have the Ox too to come back soon, there are good options.

    Despite all the injuries and our supposed weak squad, we keep churning out the results. I don’t think the squad is weak, yes shirt up top but we all know that.

    Fans need to start getting behind the players, all if them and the manager to push on from here.

  63. goonerDNA

    Revving Kev, Agree about getting behind the players but we are short in terms of squad depth considering we have many injury prone players and we’re challenging city and chelsea who have a lot of depth.

  64. Revving Kevin

    Dear goonerDNA
    We can’t compare ourselves to those oil squads. However if you make a list of our players it’s not as bad as some make out. We need more investment true.

  65. Guns of brixton

    bamford 13
    HA! quite difficult that one, though the 2011 midfield looks stronger. . . to my memory nasri had potential but blew hot and cold like an AC.
    fabregas vs ozil is hard. ppl would go with csec as hes more physical and verstaile, suiting the EPL better. . . flamini over song all day. song would get caught out of poistion 1 too many times. though 2011 may be better, 2013 seems to have a better work ethic and cohesion IMO.

  66. goonerDNA

    Sam, don’t be stupid Berbatov has premiership experience his hold up and link up play is class I think he’ll make a great back up plan at Arsenal, he’ll read Ozil and our creatives a lot better than NB52 Oli and Theo too

    Berbatov for 2 mil is a no brainer

  67. sylvain

    Berbatov ??
    No thanks!!
    But of course if, for Wenger, it’s Berbatov or NOTHING, than I’ll take Berbatov!! lol

  68. goonerDNA

    Revving Kev, We don’t need to spend millions or go crazy on wages I just think a another back up CB so we have 4 in our squad and maybe another winger if Wenger doesn’t trust Gnarby and a striker.

    I also don’t trust Jenks and think we need to start looking at a younger DM with Arteta and Flamini aging

  69. gambon

    Dont bank on it goonerDNA

    PSG have so much commercial money coming in its unreal.

    Not to mention Platinis son works for them as a consultant.

    FFP is a joke.

    It never should been dreamed up in the first place. You cant tell a club how much they are allowed or not allowed to spend.