Arsenal back on top / Ramsey injury sours day…

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Arsene Wenger elected to rest one player yesterday. He’s taking this season seriously and he’s clearly very concerned about changing things to violently. Cazorla, the out of form Spaniard, felt his way back into the side at the cost of Rosicky. Theo retained his place in the forward line and the rest of the team remained the same.

The first half was pretty dominant without dominating the shots on targets stats. That was flowery way of putting it, but, as has happened a few times this season, we controlled the game without peppering the goal. Normally, not a concern, but off the back of some pretty upsetting results, you did feel a slight twinge of  panic.

Theo had the best chance of the half, a ball over the back four of West Ham from Rambo fell perfectly into the path of the wide man, sadly his side foot cut wide of the post. He said after the game that he was disappointed.

Giroud… well, what can you say here. He was utterly woeful. He looked sluggish, he was out of sync and he really should have had a least two goals. I’d like to pin this on ability, but clearly, the man is a completely broken. People have highlighted the 9 day break as being sufficient rest time… come on… don’t be ridiculous. 9 days, then a hard game at Chelsea is not enough of a recharge for players who’ve been played in every minuted on offer.

The second half was more fun. Chezzer failed to hold a rasping strike from Nolan, he parried in in front of him, quickest to it was the slowest man in the retirement home… Carlton Cole. What a laugh. He looked as shocked as the Arsenal players that he’d scored.

Things had to get worse before they improved, West Ham missed a glut of chances. Carlton Cole missed a gift wrapped beauty of a cross… some other guy glanced a header wide. It looked worrying. Coming back from two down would have been tough.

Theo came to rescue though… he found himself in the area, he fired off a shot barely powerful enough to make the netting… but somehow, it slipped over the line. Theo’s crap shots that slip in are the new Frank Lampard deflection. It’s like he’s in a competition with himself to see how crap a goal he can score. Bravo. I was pleased.

His second goal was another LOL moment. Lukas fired him a wicked cross, it took a slight deflection off the man on the front post… but Theo rose like a very small salmon and powered his header home like Alan Shearer in his prime.

Someone give that man a round of applause and a firm high five!

The final goal of the game came from Lukas. Giroud did something with his 90minutes. He controlled the ball with his back to goal, laid it off to the German who guided the ball home with a typically ferocious shot.

Hooray! We could relax. We’d taken 3 vital points in a tough London Derby game.

Contentious Point:

Aaron Ramsey went off with a thigh strain. He’s out over our busy period. This is disappointing and predictable. As I’ve said all season, tired players pick up injuries. Soft tissue strains are usually down to fatigue, especially in young super fit people… they’re also preventable. Some people online were saying that this premise was false and I don’t have the data to back it… guys and gals, look at how many games he’s played this year. Look at how his performances have dipped over the last few weeks. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what went wrong… and the medical team will no doubt be looking at the data and working out what they can do moving forward to prevent this happening again.

Someone did make an excellent point… really, Jack should have been playing yesterday over Rambo.

That’s a warning sign to Arsene. Start rotating players. Bring Nik B into the fold. Leave Ozil on the bench. Give Per Mertesacker a day off as soon as you can. A couple of games off will benefit out season immensely. Trouble is, now we have an in for Newcastle… so it’s even less likely he’ll rotate. If you don’t have the trust to rest players against the Hammers… when will you?

Giroud was terrible yesterday. He’s drained and he’s out of sorts. A bad combo. We need a body and we need one quickly.

Exciting Points:

Lukas looks like he’s going to contribute! An assist and a goal. He’s fresh, he’s hungry and he’ll be fighting his way back into consideration for both Arsenal and his natiaonal team. Great to have him back.

Santi Cazorla was excellent. He’s had a bit of a rough patch since returning from injury, but he found his form yesterday. His passing improved, he looked happy and there was an edge about his game.

My final shout out goes to Gibbs. If he’s not on that world cup plane, i’ll be surprised. He was excellent yesterday. He’s matured really well as a player and he’s delivering so much consistency this year.


Happy Christmas people!


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  1. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol getting a bit upset now what’s new. Find a quote.

    It didn’t really matter either way, because both had presided over us selling stars we were looking to now replace. Do you get it ? Gazidis couldn’t exert pressure because of that, obviously both had to be working together, and if the money was there now, it only points to it not being there in the past.


  2. Cesc Appeal


    A friend of mine when he was doing sports science at Uni said when they looked into training method he said Arsenal have by far the hardest in terms of cardio…Wenger really does train them and train them and train them in terms of their fitness.

    Has a plus and a minus…it means frequently we can be dangerous to the last moment and are generally more fit than most opposition we meet…but he said that’s why we see so many recurrent type injuries with players.

    He also said Johan Djourou was the best jumper in the team…there’s a bit of trivia for you.

  3. Paulinho

    “and if the money was there now, it only points to it not being there in the past.”

    And yet you claimed the money wasn’t there and Gazidis was talking shit he had sold RVP the year before, while tugging Wenger off under the oak snooker table.


  4. salparadisenyc


    Yes its a sad state of affairs but ill take NB’s mediocrity over Giroud’s current inability without thinking twice.

  5. Keyser

    Paulinho – No, I didn’t you cock.

    Why would anyone believe one thing and not the other when they end up contradicting one another. Gazidis and Wenger sat down with Van Persie and couldn’t convince him of their ambition, whether they mentioned he’d have another year to wait is another thing, as Wenger said Van Persie didn’t want to wait.

    Firstly the money we’d made was partly down to the stars we’d sold anyway, and those same stars were the ones we needed to replace.

    Wtf was your point again ?

  6. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Can we look at it from a different perspective

    no doubt Ramsey would of been worn down

    But do you think Ramsey was saying to the Le boss ‘Please drop me, I can’t play no more’

    Ramsey would also know his own body and if he says to Wenger he’s ok to play then what’s a Manager to do?

    we can talk about stats all day but we should also look at the human side.

  7. salparadisenyc

    Wengers Plastic BottleDecember 28, 2013 00:31:57

    Wenger’s job, to know the players inside and out. If he’s knackered give him the necessary rest regardless if the player says otherwise. Ozil or Mert go down things could get dicey quickly. That said you know Ramsay was all GO.

  8. Keyser

    Not just that, we were looking to rest Ramsey against Napoli, but a man down away in Naples you’re left having to make sure you qualify.

    People go on like all these injuries are avoidable it’s bollocks, it’s just a guideline that players are starting to fatigue, if we end up in a Champions League final, or we end up in a high pressure all or nothing game, you’re going to need players to play.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Be a manager, tell the boy…because he still is that, a boy, he understands and admires his appetite to be in the fray…but that he’s crucial to Arsenal winning something this year and becoming a power in Europe again.

    That means rotation, that’s what a good team is about and he will have to sit some games out, but more than likely he’ll see action in all of the big games.

    If anything fatigue injuries to our midfield personnel this year is unforgivable for Wenger – he has an embarrassing amount of talent in the middle, no one should be getting injuries from sheer muscle exhaustion. Quite incredible.

  10. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – He is being a manager, we did rotate, but it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to does it ?

    “If anything fatigue injuries to our midfield personnel this year is unforgivable for Wenger – he has an embarrassing amount of talent in the middle, no one should be getting injuries from sheer muscle exhaustion. Quite incredible.”

    This is simply not true.

  11. Radio Raheem

    Wenger is right in how he manages the team. Rotating the side more than he does already wouldn’t make much of a difference. Playing our top performers continuously has allowed us accumulate enough points, building enough cushion for when we have the inevitable dip in form/injuries.

    Those players who can make a meaningful contribution to the side can now do so when our top players get injured or are out of form with less pressure since we’ve accumulated enough points.

    If the aim of rotation is to rest players then that aim is achieved when they are out injured. There is an equivalence here.

    ManU, under Fergus, were the masters of squad rotation. But if you look back at their matches over the past 2 or so seasons they could have lost many of those matches. (Fergie time is statistically proven to exist so who is to say they didn’t benefit from such quirks) The point here is you are dealing in fine margins between winning and losing. Best to stack the odds in your favour as much as possible by playing the team that is likely to win you points as often as you can. Besides, seeing how competitive the league is, probably harder for other big sides to benefit from rotating?

  12. Keyser

    Paulinho – Because it’s obvious you don’t have much of a clue, I’ve answered your questions, you’ve twisted positions twice and now I doubt you know what your point was.

    What else do you want me to explain ? You started with a quote from Wenger, fucked it royally, finally managed a quote from me, misunderstood it, what are you left with ?

  13. Cesc Appeal


    “This is simply not true”

    Enlighten me.

    Why should anyone in that middle be run into the ground, so many replacements for each.

    I find you disagreeing whilst obviously not surprising, (you’d disagree that the world is round or water wet)incredible.

  14. Keyser

    RR – Not sure they were masters, as opposed to how deep their squad went.

    A bit like how Liverpool and Everton have played at least 8 games less than us already, or when we faced Chelsea in the Carling Cup and Mourinho was able to bring in almost a second team of quality players.

    Ramsey’s surprised everyone this year, if he wasn’t showing such form, would he have played as much, you’re right about fine margins, like Napoli away we looked to rest Ramsey, but do you risk qualification for the sake of one players rest.

    Overall when you consider that we’ve missed Cazorla at times, Podolski’s been out for 4 months, and Walcott a couple, we’ve done relatively well.

  15. Paulinho

    You’ve answered nothing you little weasel.

    “Going by your own silly logic – that Gazidis does control transfers – Gazidis did indeed sit down with Van Persie, alongside Wenger, was not able to match his ambition or give him what he wanted and then a year on did say we could buy Suarez for £50 million.LOL!”

    Of course since we’ve signed Ozil you’re at pains to make sure Wenger and Gazidis do everything ‘together’, it’s a totally collaborative effort, when you’ve been arguing consistently for years that Gazidis controls transfers.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Constantly wrong about everything. Quite a talent you have there.

  16. Paulinho

    Radio – Don’t think it quite works like that. You would ideally rest players before they get injured then they are in prime position to come again later in the season. Coming back from an injury is bit different; takes longer to get back into the swing of things, and the injury itself can flare up again at any moment.

  17. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Come on.

    Podolski’s been out for 4 months, who’s been playing there ? Or Walcott, or when Cazorla was out, we’ve used Wilshere there, we’ve pushed Ramsey out to the other side.

    Or Rosicky, who struggles to finish games nowadays let alone play twice, or three times in a week, Arteta likewise, has it really been that straightforward this year ?

    Ramsey’s probably the hardest working player we have there, so with those players out or others out of position, or him everting himself
    to play at such a level, these things happen.

    Do you honestly thing we’ve done badly ?

  18. Keyser

    “when you’ve been arguing consistently for years that Gazidis controls transfers.”

    There you go again, just making shit up, found a quote ? Thought not, cunt.

    I’ve answered everything, you’ve got nothing left ?

    Everything I’ve said, and you’ve actually quoted, points towards, without certainty, because no-one really knows, that there must be some sort of rapport between the two, how can you say ‘Well the board says there’s money or Gazidis says this’ when we’re selling stars.

    There’s your contradiction, and why you shift stance between one or the other without saying anything of worth.

  19. Thomas

    Radio Raheem

    “Playing our top performers continuously has allowed us accumulate enough points, building enough cushion for when we have the inevitable dip in form/injuries.”

    Except the other teams are right behind us so one slip up and we’re not leaders anymore. So how is that enough cushion?

  20. Paulinho

    There he goes again. Denying a long-held position, despite consistently blaming our lack of transfer activity on Gazidis on this site many many times.

    I would say you’ve ruined whatever credibility you had left, but you didn’t have any left.

  21. Keyser

    Lol was that what irked you, credibillity, haha, what a mong.

    It seems you can’t identify why two opposing views might contradict one another.

  22. Paulinho

    lol “might” contradict eachother.

    Translation: yes everyone, I might have been talking bollocks.

    Least you’ve admitted it in roundabout way.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have currently one of the largest first team squads in EPL and as you
    know we can only register 25 players for Champions League.

    The main problem at our club is and has been the deadwood that exists in the
    squad. In the last transfer window we offloaded quite a few such players, but
    we have still quite a few players who fit that description.

    A Title Winning team needs at least 20 outfield players who are good enough
    to play in first team without significant drop in performance. At the moment
    we are probably short of that number by 2-3 players.

    The main problems at the moment in our squad/team are the lack of genuine
    pace and defensive qualities in our midfield and of course the lack of a second
    striker. The flanks have also been a problem because we lost Walcott,Podolski and Oxlade-Chamberlain all at the same time.

    Ramsey like Giroud has played TOO MANY games without rest. That is understandable, because we have limited options who combine his stamina, defensive qualities and at the same time can attack and score goals. The obvious
    replacement is Wilshire but his form this season is patchy and he was in any
    event suspended on Boxing Day.

    At the moment we have 4 midfielders in our squad who may be decent players, but are no longer in their prime. Diaby is currently sidelined. Flamini,
    Arteta and Rosicky are good enough to play perhaps one game per week, but
    do not have the legs to cover recent playing schedules. Personally I consider them to be squad/bench players rather than first team regulars.

    The dilemma for any team is to build a squad of 20 outfield players who expect to play regularly if not all the time and keep them happy.

    Let’s consider one position. The goalkeeper. We have three in our squad all are internationals and in their 20s. One is regular starter, a second is bench warmer and third sits on his hands and is paid handsomely for privilege.
    Ultimately numbers 2 and 3 are unhappy and want to leave as was the case
    with Mannnone who left in summer and who by all accounts is playing extremely well at Sunderland.

    Arsenal’s problem at moment is that there are a couple of positions where we
    are lacking top quality first choices. These are a conventional defensive midfielder and of course striker. It is in my view the two positions where Wenger
    needs to focus his resources in next 2 transfer windows.

    I would also do my level best to hold onto Sagna for at least one more season,
    because he is still a decent player and it will be a lot cheaper to hold onto him
    for 3 seasons than find a replacement. Jenkinson is not of the same calibre.

  24. Bade


    Just so you know, you can register 25 players for CL, but you can register any player above that allocation if he’s under 21 …..

  25. TheBayingMob

    I think Pedro has stated before how Wenger is a gut feel manager, and much of that comes down to asking the player if he feels ok to play. I imagine most young men will say they are good at any moment, can’t imagine too many shirking out of that one.

    There should be a data and fitness game plan to rest players, it’s a long 50+ game season; but Wenger does not have the squad to cope with the relentless pressure. There are no easy games to rest players in PL. Injuries were always likely to take their toll and unless he spends serious cash in January (unlikely) then we’ll likely drop to 3rd or 4th in the long run.

    With Suarez propping up Liverpool and Chelsea / City looking strong with United and Tottenham still there or there abouts don’t think for a minute that ultimately it isn’t all about that 4th place, although, contending top spot is very pleasing for the moment.

  26. goonerDNA

    Amit, Wellington Silva was a terrible buy the kid has 2 major problems 1) his love of pizza’s 2) He’s not very good

    The Irish Costa Rican looks promising tho

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I know that U21 players don’t need to be registered. However, the point I tried to make is that we are not short of numbers. The real problem at moment
    is lack of real quality in two-three positions and oversupply in others.

  28. Sam

    Podolski should start tomorrow
    We were lucky not to be 2 nil down against westham
    Newcastle will be different, we should take the lead Not foking around