Lewandowski states: NO DEAL… yet | Thomas Vermaelen hints that an exit is near…

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Lewandowski came out in the press to insist he hadn’t illegally signed  a pre-contract with Bayern Munich.




He also said nothing had been agreed, which, I have on good authority from Raphael Honigstein is probably, is probably a bit of a lie. Whilst he hasn’t put pen to paper, he’s certainly agreed in principle that there’s only one club for him. I was told this is why Arsenal  and every other major club gave up the chase in the summer. And look, you might not have believed me when I told you at the time, but looking back, it was clear we would have paid for him if he’d shown an interest.

The latest quotes attributed to him stink of…

‘Hey, we said £150k a week, but I’m one of the best strikers in the world, so how about you give me a little taste of £250k a week?’

He’s the missing link in the Bayern team. Once they snap him up, they’ll have the most outrageously talented squad on the the planet. Which is a shame. Still, it means they’ll at least stop buying everyone going for a little bit.

Which means Arsenal and all the other cash rich clubs on the planet have a free run at Draxler, Gundogan, Bender and Reus. You see, there are always talented players to buy and when you’re part of the monied elite, you have the right to purchase them.

… and hey, we need a damn striker. Arsenal fans are pretty short sighted. I’m sorry, but plenty are. If Le Grove had stated we needed to buy Ozil at the start of the summer, which amongst the 400 suggestions, we probably did, there would have been a large percentage of fans saying, ‘but hey, won’t that kill Zelalem’…

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’d have preferred a Suarez this summer, but I was perfectly elated at signing the best number 10 despite not really have the need for him. Why? Because you always have a need for the best players. Like Brian Clough once said to a player, ‘If I find a player who is better than you and I don’t move for him, I’m doing the club a disservice.’

Damn straight Brian, damn straight…

Which is why, when we’re linked to Benzema, I shouldn’t be reading…

‘Yeah, but do we need him? Giroud is doing ok’

I’m sorry, but this is not a sporting statement. Giroud is doing ok. He’s scored some goals. But firstly, if Giroud picks up an injury, the only alternative is Nik Bendtner. Secondly, I think it’s fair to say, that despite Giroud doing a sterling job at the moment, he’s still a grade B striker. Not to say he can’t make the jump, but those be facts. And thirdly, competition is good for everyone.

Snapping up a striker who has won things at both of his previous clubs is a good thing. If news that he’ll cost £20m is true, it’s even more of a priority. He’s consistently banged in 20+ goals a season. For the past two seasons he’s managed 20 assists. Those are world class numbers. He’s having an average start to the season, but that’s because the club don’t believe in him (Hello Ozil) and the fans are booing him. He’d be a superb signing. He has great control, he’s fast and he’s 25 years old. He’s a different striker to Giroud, which is what we need. Hopefully Wenger is still interested in him and hopefully he’ll be available in January.

On the outbound front, Thomas Vermaelen has loosely hinted, that in world cup year, if he’s not playing by January, he’ll be doing one. Fair shout. If you’re in your prime and you’re not playing, you should find a club where you can play.

‘People ask me if I panic because I’m not playing a lot but I’m not.

‘I have spoken to the manager but it will remain private between us. Things can happen in a split second and change my situation. That can happen tomorrow or next weekend.

‘In that case, we will speak differently in January. I have to be ready for that.’

… but this is Arsenal Thomas, we’ll have a massive injury pile up in no time and I’m sure, from there, you’ll gain about 30 appearances.

England take on the Polish at Wembley this evening. So I thought, hey, what do Polish people do in their spare time? I found out, and I love it.


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  1. Jake

    This may be the game where English commentators realise that Lewandowski doesn’t score 4 against Real Madrid every game and that he wasn’t even top scorer in the Bundesliga last year

  2. Maciek

    Relax guys.

    We are an average team at best. Aside from our quality players from Borussia and Szczęsny, all of our players are poor.

  3. rollen

    Relax guys.

    We are an average team at best. Aside from our quality players from Borussia and Szczęsny, all of our players are poor.


    but sometimes we play well when everything is lost :]

  4. gazzap

    England only take outswinging corners. Far easier to clear an outswinger and very hard to score. Then Poland hit us on the break. Poor tactics from Hodgson there.

  5. GoonPharm

    Get Lambert on and ask baines to stay up top as an auxiliary winger and this game is won. What the fuck have welbeck and sturridge done?

    Lambert has got to be the most underated player in England.

  6. BillikenGooner

    Did Bendtner get hurt or just really out of shape? He wasn’t even included in the Denmark team after scoring 2 against Italy?

    Might have been nice to get him in on this goal-fest they are having.

  7. rollen

    Townsend is the player Walcott could have been.
    Won’t have to worry about seeing Walnut in an England shirt any time soon.

    he will never reach Theo’s stats or score hat-trick

  8. gazzap

    He looks more confident than Theo. He looks like he knows what he wants to do with the ball as soon as he gets it. But I bet Theo gets more goals this season.

  9. Savage

    I heard a number of Chelsea fans complaining about Sturridge being very selfish. He moved to Pool and suddenly he and Suarez are the best partnership ever, after barely a few games.

    Both England games he has again been putting on his one-man-I-dont-pass show. Suarez will be so frustrated he’ll find new ways to vent his anger.

  10. BillikenGooner

    At work, so only getting the gamecasts, but

    82′ Substitution, Germany. Julian Draxler replaces Mesut Özil because of an injury.

    is not good news.

  11. Alex James

    Bayern can have the Polish striker. Not impressed with him again. If Ozil comes back injured, our medical team will take charge of him. Be afraid!

  12. Arsene's Nurse

    I wouldn’t worry, Ozil, being out isn’t an issue (as long as he’s not done something serious) because we’ve got Santi, Walcott, Rosicky and Sonogo who should all be available this weekend, plus Jack who’s only had 20 mins in the last 2 weeks.

  13. bishop

    We can’t be that jinxed that ozil gets injured no way..must be a knock

    Why didn’t the bustard coach take him off..he naturally struggles after 75mins..killed all the Ozorla appetite

  14. bishop

    Same story

    Depends on how severe..could be days or weeks or even not worth a big problem..but with arsenal expect 3 weeks out

  15. Rohan

    Just rest him for Norwich and bed Cazorla in and play Rosicky who’ll be fresh.

    Let Ozil recharge for Dortmund. That’ll be an absolutely massive game. Win that one and we’re pretty much through.

  16. Rohan

    Let Santi play. He’ll need a game to get back into the swing of things. Can’t afford for him to feel his way into the game against Dortmund. Let him play the 90.

    Ozil can come off the bench for a runout. Hope Theo can play as well.

    Might be worth resting Ramsey and playing Jack who will be fresh as well.

    Jack Rosicky Arteta/Flamini Santi Theo Giroud is good enough. Be nice to give Jack a game in CM as well.

  17. sam

    Wilshere just got 2 free caps, he didn’t to sweat for them

    and that’s just like 2 weeks break, he better start performing in arsenal shirt

  18. Rohan

    Townsend is a mug. There were 2 occasions where if he had passed instead of shot he’d have put Welbeck and Sturridge through on goal.

    Just because he’s not afraid to take a shot, doesn’t make him some kind of super player. All he does is cut in and shoot. Hugely wasteful.

  19. Dan Ahern

    Sorry, wasn’t impressed by Townsend. He’s tenacious–talented, even–but how does he end up firing at the keeper every time he’s got half a chance? He’s got Ronaldo’s shooting rate with a quarter of Ronaldo’s shooting technique.

    Szczesny on the other hand was a monster. His team is piss-poor. It would’ve been 5-0 if not for some of his acrobatics.

    Lewandowski was hard to judge. He never looks that good for Poland, but they just never look good, period.

  20. Santos

    Oh my God! Lewandowski was bad! Poland were saved by Chesney a lot. Why are people wanking over Townsend. I still prefer Walcott for his assists and goals and his big game scoring mentality.

    Congrats English Grovers. Sorry, the Polish ones. Maybe you have to rebuild for the Euro 2016.
    Only if Mourinho could use Schurlle as a CF. Would he? Nooo, he likes Torres and Ba better.
    Hasn’t Hummels become a bit shite lately? He’s been defending poorly since the end of last season. Again tonight, his positioning was poor.

  21. Norfolk

    I wonder if it was the style of play (counter-attack) that the Poles adopted that didn’t suit Lewandowski. Our defence were on him in a flash each time (well done boys) and he didn’t get the room to make a good move or any alternate pass. I think in a more balanced attack he might have done better.