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That is what I tend to think everytime I see a headline courtesy of Jack Wilshere.

The press are mean. Really mean. They know Jack isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw and they pick on that for headlines. I think that’s unfair. I’ve undertaken press duties and I’m relatively attuned to being twisted in knots… and it’s very difficult not to say something stupid, because when you’re saying something stupid, you’re encouraged to say further stupid things.

Now, on the face of it… Jack is correct about this Januzaj chap. He’s basically a passport refugee. He’s an international bosman. So when Jack was asked about whether he should play for England, he rightly said:

“If you live in England for five years it doesn’t make you English”

Hey, that’s fair. It’s true. If you think you’re naturalised after 5  years, you’ve got some serious loyalty issues.

Anyway, leave it there Jack… ok?

“If I went to Spain and lived there for five years I’m not going to play for Spain.”

Jack, we get it… leave it.

‘We are English. We tackle hard, are tough on the pitch and are hard to beat.’

No Jack!

“We have great characters. You think of Spain and you think technical but you think of England and you think they are brave and they tackle hard. We have to remember that’


“The only people who should play for England are English people.”


So, that’s Jack for you. Not particularly bright comments. A touch on the stereotypical side… borderline getting into a mess towards the end. To be honest, I’m just glad nobody asked him what his opinion on Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL was.

All those opinions above are just a bit ‘it’s what my old man says at home’… but here’s the thing. Why do we care what our footballers think about complex issues like this? For me, it’s a bit much to sell in a player as English when he has to wait until 2018 to be considered English. But there you go. I know the Scottish would have no issue with such a situation. They’d have a new name and a kilt lined up for him quicker than it would take to learn how to pronounce Januzaj.

What’s amusing about this guy is that he might be going to City because he hasn’t signed pro-terms. If that happens,  yet another nail in the ‘this job is too big for you’ David Moyes career coffin.

Off that subject onto something deeply important.


If that kit is the finished article, it’s getting a big thumbs up from me. That’s Linford Christie hanging out with Sagna, Thierry and Giroud at some Puma event. I’m not quite sure why Thierry is wearing the kit. He’s a Red Bulls player. If I were the marketing department over there, I’d be pretty pissed. So it’s a bit of a weird one. Sweet that he’s still wearing out shirt. What a total legend. Not sure who dared Giroud to wear the Arsenal hockey kit, but somehow, he’s pulling it off.

A lot of Gooners bricking one about a skin tight shirt. Here’s the thing guys… if you’re older than 14, you shouldn’t be wearing a replica football shirt. So don’t worry yourself. I couldn’t wear it because I have a UFC induced hernia that is still causing me bother. Anyway, it’s a very homo erotic shirt and I’m sure the boys will look great in it. I also wonder if Puma have released that picture on purpose. Social Media Guerrilla marketing tactics. I bet Nike are furious.

More exciting news is around Dennis Bergkamp showing an interest in coaching at Arsenal. Imagine that, being shown how to thread a ball through the eye of needle by the legend that is Dennis. It would be incredible. He’d have to be a coach and no more because he’s scared of planes and the flying bit. He’s the sort of legend you wheel out to kids when trying to snare them from their clubs.

“The feeling Johan Cruyff has had for Barcelona, I have the same with Arsenal,”

“At Arsenal it was a good click. I always enjoyed it. I never had a bad day there. It is always on my mind. It is part of my ambition to come back at some stage.’

Oh shut up Dennis, we’re all blushing!

One thing you can’t knock Wenger for is his ability to create a lasting culture. Players always want to come back. Thierry, Paddy, Bobby P… Flamini. They all have a love for the club. That’s a special thing. It’s also helped along by the fans. Unwavering worship of our heroes. You don’t get that at Barca or Madrid. They have too many heroes. We really go all out with the love in. We’re getting that back with this side. Ozil, Giroud, Ramsey and Per all have songs now… we’re connecting with the players, which is something I haven’t felt for years.

All very exciting.

I’m running out of words. Last bit is on Sagna leaving in the summer. I hope it doesn’t happen, because we should have him tied down to a deal. If he knows what is right for his career, he should stay, not leave as we’re getting into a position where we can actually compete.

Right, that’s me done. Over to you.


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    The boy sure doesn’t need a publicist ha ha,what Arsene needs to do is put that young man on a media diet until he matures a little more.


    kwik fit
    That rangers chick was hot although I’ve had 16 beers and 12 shots of dark rum so don’t quote me.

  3. Sam

    Yes Karim

    I might soon have a visitor from Japan
    I will surprise her with arsenal number 31 shirt
    Hopefully that will be the only thing she will wear inside my house.


  4. Arsene's Nurse

    This is the reason why I’d ban players from Twitter. It’s a bloody minefield. No good can come of people hanging on 140 characters of someone just because they play football for a living. Just look at Frimpong and how he came across. Dench! /facepalm.

    Players, especially young players, really need far better handling than in times past. Everyone has a camera and every image can be shared with billions of people inside 5 minutes of the photo being taken. The same with any comment or video. Everyone is human and makes mistakes, but that’s what the press count on for copy and clicks.

    I’d also forbid them to do interviews even if they are on international duty unless they had a club minder or the questions were vetted by the club, simply to stop the ludicrous frenzy the press can generate. They’ll crucify Jack if he plays poorly for “Inger-land”.

    This whole thing is making a mountain out of a molehill due to our overzealous political correctness that is being drummed into everyone and every aspect of society.

    Jack said nothing wrong or racist, but that will never wash with the usual suspects. What a farce.

  5. ja_gunner

    the BBC is quickly highlight the “negative Arsenal news” not so quick witht he positive stuff….its pretty blatant

  6. Kjafc

    “This whole thing is making a mountain out of a molehill due to our overzealous political correctness that is being drummed into everyone and every aspect of society.”

    Absolutely! The tree hugging, sandal wearing lefties won’t be happy until the whole of society is sanitised.

    I much prefer someone to answer a question honestly. Tony Blair introduced us all to the a World of the lie, well I don’t want that.

    I feel for Jack, he is a young lad that answered a question honestly and the hacks spun it for their own ends. They know what he meant.

    Now we have that egotist Kevin Pietersen trying to get publicity out of it all.

    So called patriots eh, we have a World Cup game on Friday and the press and cricket internationals are making mischief.

  7. BacaryisGod

    A couple of things.

    1) Jack, when you’re in a hole….

    2) Interesting article on Gervinho. It seems like it was the best move for both teams. I liked him and he worked hard, but his final ball and shooting were poor. I wish he had acted with a little more class since he joined Roma when talking about Arsenal and Arsene as the manager really did give him plenty of chances. Having said that the African Cup of Nations really messes up the season and this was our last chance of getting a decent price for him as the ACN would have lowered his value trying to sell him off this summer with a year left on his contract. It’s probably why we’re now down to Frimpong from our African contingent.

  8. Kjafc

    Bad artistic
    Mate, Gervinho never stood a chance, the fans chose him as the whipping boy jumped on his back and his confidence disappeared. I have to say, at times he looked unplayable but he reminded me of one of those shopping trolleys being driven by a woman. All over the place.

  9. BacaryisGod

    Bacary’s contract:

    So Bacary is on 60k per week and is probably looking at 3 years at 70k to stay.

    The negative to this is that he’ll be 34 in the final year of his contract and his excellence with us has been based more on pace, power and determination than technical ability. He’s also become more injury prone these last couple of seasons although the broken legs were hardly his fault.

    The positive is that he’s a warrior and can provide cover at CB. Still, if you’re paying 70k per week you want that player to be your first-choice RB. Also, he’s a known quantity whereas a new signing can carry its own risks. However, with Arsene’s pretty good track record in signing and/or developing full backs (not so much with CBs) there’s a good chance the investment could bear fruit and we increase the value of the new signing.

    Basic Example:

    Bacary: 3 years x 70k pw = Investment of approximately 10.5 million over 3 years

    New Signing: 3 years x approx 50k pw + 8 million transfer fee = 15.5 million over 3 years

    Depending on who’s available it looks like it could be a toss-up and I can see why Arsenal are taking a fairly firm stance. For me, the logical player to step in would be Clyne leaving us with a dynamic pair of full-backs in Clyne and Gibbs for the next few years.

    If that happens, maybe I’ll have to chance my name to NathanielisGod

  10. Kjafc

    There is no doubt in my mind that Jenkinson isn’t ready yet. I like the lad from Southampton but if you want to be at the very top I think you need better. I like Piszchek at Dortmund, I think he’s a pole. Gets up and down and loves a tackle.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    You gotta love Tony Adams, heard a Desert Island Discs today:

    ‘A good mate of my, Paul Weller, good mate despite the fact he’s a Chelsea fan.’

    And one of his discs he’d take was ‘Good Old Arsenal.’

    Big softy as well when you listen to it…off the pitch anyway.


  12. sam


    70k a week is nothing in football, Sagna can still get more if he moves on
    Stop living in 1996 and don’t fool yourself If we let him go Wenger won’t buy a replacement.
    Its about time we see players retiring in arsenal shirt, he doesn’t matter if he still here at 36 years old and not playing everyweek.
    Sagna training with Jenkinson alone is priceless

  13. sam

    I think Wenger understood now that letting senior players leave over stupid contract disputes was mistake.

    and It cost us

  14. TheBayingMob

    Kjafc October 9, 2013 21:12:45 Bad artistic
    the fans chose him as the whipping boy jumped on his back and his confidence disappeared. I have to say, at times he looked unplayable …
    I don’t go as many games as I used to, but I never heard anyone on Gervinho’s back, not Eddie McGoldrick or Perry Groves style, people were rightly disappointed at his ability to fall over running in a straight line and undoubted talent and screwing up decent opportunities but the fans didn’t run his confidence down IMHO. His stats from his time in France revealed a player who cocked up good chances more often than not. I hope it works out for him in Italy, slower paced / less frenentic which was his problem with the PL. Every player that doesn’t work out didn’t do so because of a mythical bunch of frenzied haters, sometimes the management team just picked the wrong player for the PL, in this case at least Arsene/Arsenal have had the foresight to let the player go and cut their own losses for the greater good …

  15. TheBayingMob

    sam October 9, 2013 23:32:11
    I think Wenger understood now that letting senior players leave over stupid contract disputes was mistake.
    and It cost us
    They weren’t contract ‘disputes’, this was Wenger’s whim that players over 30 (except for Disastre) only get one year extensions. A ludicrous part of project youth that left us very light on experience and had senior players leave when we could have done with them sticking around for a few years. The only one I can think of who happily signed up for this was DB10, but then maybe that’s because he knew his refusal to fly would limit his choices to go elsewhere plus he was very settled in London …