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Well good morning everyone… and welcome to Monday 30th September. The last day of the month. Then we hit October. What do we have on the menu this month? Well, it mostly looks like this.

  • Napoli (H)
  • West Brom (A)
  • Norwich (H)
  • Dortmund (H)
  • Palace (A)

Well, well, well… how are we feeling about that? One would argue that in the Premiership, we should be expecting to max out on points. We’ve already beaten WBA this season, though we’ll have to be on our best behaviour that day because they were excellent against United. They play a very slick style of football and they have a number of player who can damage you. Berahino, Sessegnon… Anelka. Steve Clarke has them purring over there. I still think in our form we should be taking them apart.

Norwich are always a handful, however, at home, I’d expect the three points. They have another good youngish manager who will make sure he prepares his team to take advantage of any weaknesses we might be carrying by then. I’m not sure we have an abundance at the moment, but in the past, putting Per Mertesacker on the ball was their way around us. Palace, really, should be a simple three points. I know their manager is super passionate, but he’s hardly a genius. Shackling Chamakh… I’m sure Koscielny and Per are bricking one about that.

What I’m excited about this month is our warm up games to the big boys in November happen in the Champions League. Napoli at home are a huge test for us. They play beautiful football, have a team packed out with superstars and they’ll be a tremendous test of our discipline and potency up front. Hamsik, Higuain and Insigne are all exciting players to watch. All over the park they have talent. Wenger is back tracking a little on his ‘Higuain wasn’t a special target’ by saying we missed out because Napoli were in the right place at the right time. Rafa will be pinning his comments to the notice board in the changing room… have no doubt about that.

Anyway, it’s a big game and clearly a must win if we don’t want to be chasing a group past Christmas.

Then, after that, Dortmund, last seasons Champions League finalists will prove a hugely tantalising match up. They’re smashing up the Bundesliga this season, banging in a whopping 21 goals in seven games having conceded only 5. Klopp is one of the finest young managers in the world. Exactly the sort of character you’d like to see succeed Wenger. Charismatic, forward thinking, technical and into beautiful football on a budget.

So it’s a big month. Taking the points we should rightfully be taking. Beating big teams in big games ready for the November darkness.

So what else have we got going on?

Well, with Arteta coming back to full fitness, Wenger has a dilemma on his hands. How does he use the Spaniard now we have the resurgent Flamini playing out of his skin? This scene is reminiscent of how the Frenchman broke into the first team back in 2007. On the way out of the club, he was thrown in at the deep-end after Gilberto went to the Copa America. He took his chance and relegated Diarra to a new club and the player of the season the year before to the bench.

Does Arteta come in as cover for Flamini? That probably makes the most sense right now. He’s still a very good reader of the game, he just lacks the mobility Flamini does. Could he move further forward into the central position he used to hold for Everton? Again, mobility may have put paid to that idea. He certainly couldn’t play the Ozil role as we have about 20 players who can own that position.

It’ll be an interesting year for him. A valuable player, but one that needs to redefine his role for the club.

There was a bit of debate yesterday about an innocuous comment I made about Giroud and the second goal against Swansea. In my opinion, football the Arsenal way, is about working the ball into the best position to score a goal. If you are in that position, you shoot. Giroud was played into the box at the weekend and instead of shooting, he elected to cut it back to Aaron Ramsey who had a sea of players to navigate to score. He scored, brilliant. My point is, decision making like that in a big game, when you might only get one chance is a bit weak. Because you’re not always going to have an in form Ramsey who can finish like that. I don’t have it in for Giroud. I love him. I think he works tirelessly, he has a beautiful touch at times and his intelligent runs pull defences all over the place. My worry with him is his lack of instinct in front of goal. It’s fine against Swansea, it’s the big, big games that I worry about.

… saying ‘Ramsey shouted for it’ isn’t a mitigating circumstance. Players always scream for the ball. Ian Wright would scream for the ball if he was stuck in a bear trap. Saying it was unselfish doesn’t matter either… selfishness could be construed as pushing accountability onto someone else.

Anyway, those be my two pennies.

Wenger has been talking about the positive start to the season.

‘It is terrible to lose the first game, but it was the first one we had lost since March. I was proven right by our positive response. We have improved, we have good stability so let’s enjoy the win against Swansea together, that’s all we can do.’

We have had a terrific response, but Jack Wilshere was keen to point out that the first game really wasn’t good enough.

‘In the Villa game we knew we didn’t acquit ourselves well. We knew it wasn’t good enough. The fans gave us some stick which we deserved. We woke up after that.’

… and that the fan response was deserved.

Right, have a great day, I’ll see you in the comments!


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  1. Southernpeople

    kwik fit

    never rated Mourinho’s intelligence nor personality; he belittles people, pathological attention seeker, quite materialistic you name it…

  2. Keyser

    Paulinho – No, you misunderstand, partly, as in there could be other reasons. Not partly as these are the only two options. Maybe that’s why you’re soo antsy. Maybe there should’ve been a comma or something in there to.

    “You’ve said he is the THE issue, the main reason.”

    Lol outright lie here, 100% ? 99% what ? Two quotes now, and we started by discussing the centre-back partnership.

  3. Southernpeople

    I think Everton finally got a young manager with the right attacking and possession football philosophy. with the ball playing players they’ve got , Bartely, Lukaku, Baines they’re going to be the team to watch this year. they also have some money thanks to Moyes frugal buying philosophy.

  4. Paulinho

    Mate you can’t even make a decent case for Mertesacker ‘partly’ being responsible so god help you trying to argue more than that.

    “there could be more reasons”

    That’s it lad. Knit more sample sizes for me.

  5. Keyser

    Paulinho – I don’t really have to, you can’t admit he’s slow, there’s no give in an argument that you can’t sustain anyway.

    Right now you’re doing what you always do, work it soo far away from the original point, lie, manipulate and obsfucate, go from snide to outright insult and then do this petty tit for tat shit you’re doing now.

  6. gambon

    Wonder if Wenger is even watching Lukaku & Barkley?

    Lukaku could be the CF we need and Barkley a Rosicky replacement and Ozil understudy.

  7. Klauspoppe


    Having a dig at a player after 1 or 2 games can be questioned but the onus is on the player to prove us wrong.

    Bar Gnarby, majority of the players criticised have been given opportunities but failed.

  8. Dan Ahern

    Can’t question Mourinho’s intelligence (football intelligence at least). He’s proven he knows how to get results. What I would question is the other stuff you mentioned: belittling people, egotistical, etc. It’s maybe even foolish from a long-term view. But so far it works for him.

  9. Keyser

    To send Lukaku on loan, Mourinho must really be in for the long haul ? Unless he’s willing to move on a player they spent what 17 million on ?

  10. Paulinho


    “Mertsacker is far more composed than Koscielny, far better reader of the game, better in the air, more experience at the top level, but again he’s had to be strong in those areas because he lacks pace and mobility.”

    Said this about five hours ago, and yet you still oddly cling onto me admitting he’s slow when I’ve already pointed out it makes a difference to anything.

    And I say relatively because he would outrun me or you in race once he gets going.

  11. Keyser

    Lol you haven’t pointed anything out, it’s like you can state it, but don’t appreciate what you’ve written, relative to me and you ? Fuck me, that’s the give, the slack you’ve given to your own thoughts.

    ‘Yeah well he’s quicker than us isn’t he’.

    We’re a top 4 team, with aspirations for the title, the question becomes can we compensate for Mertesackers lack of pace to the point where we’ll win a title, considering the lack of control and athleticism in our midfield.

    While you’re sitting there saying not an issue at all, we could play a highline if we wanted to wouldn’t matter at all if we sorted other areas.

  12. Paulinho

    Well it had to be pointed because the way you talk about him you invoke visions of the guy in Misery scrambling along the floor trying to get a knife before a Kathy Bates comes home.

    “While you’re sitting there saying not an issue at all, we could play a highline if we wanted to wouldn’t matter at all if we sorted other areas”

    The question is can we compensate for having no defensive athlete in midfield, and having no top class striker or wide options, not whether we can compensate for our best defender’s weaknesses. How about how can we compensate for Koscielny’s calamitious errors?

    See how embarrassingly blinkered you are?

  13. Keyser

    Paulinho – That’s all in your head, are you saying I should cater for the weird rationalisations of your mind, I say Mertesackers lack of pace might be an issue, you see him through the eyes of Kathy Bates..

    Our best defender ? Lol see, mate Kathy fucking Bates, I can just imagine Mertesacker scrambling about on some snow laden hilltop say, trying to keep his legs on skies, while you peer out of your nearby Chalet in awe.

    It was the same with Arteta, and with..

  14. Paulinho

    Mate, I see you bit like John Candy in Cool Runnings, looking at all those athletic men, jaw agape, creaming yourself at the thought of nurturing them to attain to discipline and craft.

    The case with Koscielny, same with Wally Walcott, nothing quite gets you going like a quickie with a guy with lean physique.

  15. I Gunner Believe it


    the mertszacker debate may continue, in the mean while mertz will just get on with the job and continue to be our most consistent defender… whilst popping up with the odd vital goals…

    Terry doesn’t have pace… he was awful for chelsea? oh wait….

  16. Keyser

    Paulinho – I’m sure you do, just waiting until we all come down with our bobsled so you can peer out of your chalet windown again.

    Fuck me, Lol I’m blinkered, Is Mertesacker slow ? Yes, if he was quicker would it make him a better player ? Yes, not to old Kathy because he’d be that bit harder to catch.

  17. I Gunner Believe it

    Merts reading of the game makes up for lack f pace

    All players have potential weakness and all players have to find ways to compensate.

    Koz is the same… great defender but very poor judgement when it comes down to instinctive split second timing

    As fr Mertz lost count of the times his made vital interceptions or stepped crosses coming into the box… above all though he never loses his head he is the rock that stops the defense from crumbling… he along with bouldy are the two main reasons we can maintain a 1.0 or 2.1 advantage.

  18. I Gunner Believe it


    No one is arguing with you over whether he is slow we all know he is?

    But does that make him not good enough for Arsenal.

    It’s a weak argument. Should Jack be sold because he doesn’t score?

    Should walcott be sold because his got pretty lack luster ball control?

    Should Santi be sold because his to short?

    Should Podolski be sold because his too left footed?

    Should Ozil be sold because he can’t finish?

  19. Paulinho

    Keyser – That’s where you don’t get it. If he was quicker he probably wouldn’t read the game as well, or be as composed. Maybe not become as scatty as Koscielny but still, it would change who he is.

    Same way Koscielny’s build and physique means he’ll be very unlikely to becomes any less rash or calamitous, because he’s got where he’s got to by taking risks.

  20. Leedsgunner

    Lukaku is a ship that’s truly sailed. He’s another prospect who should have been captured when he was in Belgium along with Hazard — two players who we scouted ad nauseum only to lose them to Chelsea. Chelsea will never sell to us as long as Maureen is in charge, if ever.

    Sure we need world class players to produce redults nowbut we shouldn’t drop our focus on the need to revamp our whole scouting and youth set-up. We’ve had too much deadwood for far too long with dozens and dozens of youngsters who will never really make it. We all know who they were!

  21. I Gunner Believe it


    is hundred percent correct

    It is merts weakness of lack of pace that has probably emphasized his strongest traits e.g. game understanding and positioning because as a youth and his whole career he hasn’t been able to rely on pace.

    I believe its the same with Walcott because of his amazing pace his never developed great dribbling/ball control because his relied on running into space (walcott says as much in an interview)

  22. Sam

    Barkley as rosicky understudy and replacement, Lol!

    Your obsession with other people’s players is just………… Well!!

    Barkley not fit to lace chambo’s boot, then we have zelalem, aneke and eisfeld all better than him.

  23. Keyser

    Paulinho – Dude, that’s basically bollocks, the point was about options, Mertesackers lack of pace and mobility limit himself and the team, how he works around that and is effective for the team is admirable, you going on like it doesn’t hinder him or us at all is rubbish.

    Why is that soo hard to understand ? Would it be nice to be able to play a highline if we chose to ? Yes, can we do that with Mertesacker in the team ? Maybe if we improve other areas, but even then doubtful.

    Here’s where you start going on about Kathy Bates while deriding Koscielny without a hint of awareness.

    Right now Mertesacker and Koscielny have a good partnership, we sit deeper to pack the midfield and provide better cover for the defence, we sacrifice control because of this.

    It’s something we’ve lived with and are dealing with as we go along. We’re talking about what seperates that from being enough for 4th to challenging for the title.

  24. Sam

    Appreciate what you have first and stop bigging up some overrated twat,
    Aneke can’t even get first team game but he’s more skillful than Barkley

  25. Paulinho

    Koscielny rashness and calamitous ways can undo his and the team’s good work, how he gets over those cocks up and carries is quite admirable, but you’re going on like he makes these mistakes because Paul Sheldon is next to him, trying sedate Kathy Bates.

  26. Sam

    Kwik fit,

    Do you still believe the club loses out when a player is out injured?

    Is there such thing as insurance at all in your village?
    Don’t worry about kaka with that little pr stunt. Trying to win over biancaneri doomers, lol!

  27. Keyser

    Paulinho – Yeah sedation would probably help you.

    Lol like we haven’t seen when Mertesacker goes wrong or that there are no defenders at all that can be relatively quick and read the game aswell, remember when I say relatively I mean quicker than me or you.

  28. Sam

    Lukaku is more gettable than benteke or suarez.
    But we need to start tapping him up now.
    Send pires to have diner with him and explain to him to give up his Chelsea dream and we love him at arsenal.
    He’s gonna ask to be released and we sign him in January

  29. I Gunner Believe it


    Your arguments against Mertzacker are weak.

    You say he hinders the team? But that argument is completely subjective

    Walcott hinders the team because of his poor ball control

    Giroud hinders the team because his lack of pace

    Jack hinders the team because his lack of assists and passes

    Flamini hinders the team because of his poor passing team.

    They all have weakness and this all reflects on the teams formation and tactics to be blinkered and just point out MErtzacker as the only focal point that limits us using certain tactics and styles of play shows how biased you are against the guy.

    It’s like saying we have to play a passing game because Caz and Ozil aren’t physical and tall enough to play long ball football…. and

    We don’t play such a high line because of Mert… Its working though isn’t it?

    TO say its what stops us for challaging for the title is a complete joke as if to say we didn’t win the title last year because of Mertz pace.

  30. Paulinho

    Keyser – Your whole argument is just complete and utter bollocks.

    I’ve seen Mertesacker hold a high line for Germany numerous times, just give it up. You’re literally the only clown that believes that Mertesacker is a big problem.

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    The club would only get an insurance pay out if the player had an injury that stopped him from ever playing again. Not the case with Diaby, (despite the jokes) so there will have been no pay out.

    (And you’ve made yourself look a bit of a chump with the attempted sarcasm too)

  32. kwik fit


    Nothing official just the usual twitter stuff


    I might be the only gay in the village but I’m sure the accountant’s at Arsenal would have been unable to insure the wage’s of the perennially injured Diaby.

  33. Paulinho

    “You say he hinders the team? But that argument is completely subjective”

    Exactly, he’s just obsessed with pace.

    Never a word said about Walcott in a real derogatory sense, until of course he looked to be delaying on signing a contract, then he was getting digs every week. Of course as soon as Wally signs a new contract, it’s back to how great he is, and “Theo will surprise”.

  34. Southernpeople


    yeah, I like both Barkley and Lukaku. Barkley as Rosicky replacement is a good point.

    Lukaku loan to Everton is a good thing for Chelsea because there he’s star, can start every match, no pressure of expectations that comes with playing for Chelsea as the main striker. so it’s the right decision.

    If he continued his development at the current rate, then Chelsea would benefit from it at the end of day because they can rely on him next year.

  35. MadeToLoveMagic

    I Gunner Believe itSeptember 30, 2013    21:54:42
    lukaku looks very depressed despite the fact they won the match? Like Ramsey when he gave away a penaltyNot only is the boy skillful but his hardworking

    I thought OZil was looking depressed in every game so far this season, never getting involved in celebrations etc, not smiling, looking frustrated,

    Then today I looked at his twitter account, and it seems he is loving being at arsenal, Tweeting saying how proud he feels as a gunner, Of his 22 followers 9 of them are arsenal players and 3 Madrid, which suggests considering how long he’s been here that he’s made a lot of friends here, and viviano is one of them!

    My rambling point is that you can’t judge a players happiness necessarily by his demeanour on match days, some are just super focused and serious

  36. Paulinho

    Keyser tonight:

    “Those games, were five years ago, and it’s only a couple of games, too small a sample size”

    Oh shit, undermines my stupid argument. I better drop that.

    “I’ve got something to show you, we’ve taken the lead in every game this season…”

    Oh shit, again contradicting my own argument.


  37. Southernpeople


    England produced many talents in the past but the management philosophy let them down.

    I don’t think that current much hyped crop is better than the Beckham, scholes, shearer, A. Cole.

    the old England teams boasted some fantastic real world class talents, Hoddle, waddle, lineker, Barnes etc……

  38. Southernpeople


    England produced many talents in the past but the management philosophy let them down.

    I don’t think that current much hyped crop is better than the Beckham, scholes, shearer, A. Cole.

    the old England teams boasted some fantastic real world class talents, Hoddle, waddle, lineker, Barnes etc……

    the long ball based philosophy didn’t helped those guys who were more technical, ball player types.

  39. I Gunner Believe it


    “We don’t play such a high line because of Mert… Its working though isn’t it?”Thanks mate. Paulinho take heed.

    But are you saying no team can ever win a title without a high line? Wow Manchester United never won any trophies then…

    Look at John terry, rio? Were they well shit?

    Your saying that because we can’t play a high line we don’t win trophies?
    Wow Tony Adams and Keon fuck off you were well shit we didn’t win those trophies give them right back…

  40. Nasri's Mouth


    his celebrations with the other players are muted, but that’s probably down to the fact he’s only known them a couple of weeks, and he might not want to start publicly snogging semi-strangers(*)

    * whilst sober

  41. DUIFG

    Southern agree the sum of the parts hasn’t been there with England. He looks good, will get game time as well. In a position where we are well stocked but good to see from England persoective

  42. I Gunner Believe it


    Great to hear mate I thought the same about Ozil! But I think he will be loving it with the german players we have in the squad once he learns English the bonds and communication between the whole team will be amazing

    My point wasn’t saying lukaku was depressed at everton by the way, I just could see at the end of the match he missed skewed a shot wide and he took it very personally.

    I just think his abit if legend to score two goals and still expect to score a third and then feel bad for not doing so, shows that his passionate and that he just really cares.

  43. sam


    Barkley is better than Ox, do you wanna swap?
    Oooops! I shouldn’t ask that, don’t underestimate grovers, lol!

    so daft

  44. I Gunner Believe it


    I love your passion for the Arsenal team

    But that doesn’t make players like Barkley shit?

    If you have watched every match he has been in this season and flashes of the matches last season his been brilliant.

  45. Southernpeople

    It’s really getting ridiculous here. I am having difficulties to understand some of the bloggers here; they over-hype OX (remember all the verbal diarrhea against Wenger when he substituted Ox in ManU match some 20 years or something ago), they now some are claiming he’s shit, technically average and Barkley is better.

    The Wenger-should-get-that-player brigade never stops.

    by the way one of the players that Wenger was blamed to miss out on is Cheikh Tiote who was superb this season and today, Lol.

  46. MadeToLoveMagic

    Gunner , yep that’s true, always a sign of a good player to score a shit load and be pissed for missing one chance,

    Be does look the fucking business, I hope Maureen continues on his decline to madness and sells him to us next season :>

    Yeah OZil will be loving the germans!! He follows eisfeld on twitter as well, so hopefully they have formed a one and OZil will inspire him, I. So happy about the OZil signing in a million different levels :). I don’t give a fuck if he doesnt score much, his assists , skills and general presence seems to be bringing the best out of everyone, even merte has seemed happier and enter on the pitch, can’t wait for santi and him to play!! Is santi even training yet, add pod, and ox and we are in business this season, oh and hopefully sick note can stay fit

    OZil Ramsey Wilshere cazorla Rosicky, that is some creativity right there! Best In the league for sure

  47. DUIFG

    He was quite close I rejoining WBA. Was no need I give your best player from him. Would he disappointed if Chelsea bought him to probably fuck him up.

  48. MadeToLoveMagic

    I know kwik, u could be right, I heard that at 8.30 on deadline day that lukaku was on his way to WBA,, So some last minute shananigans definitely happened, do you think they would promise to give Barkley away and pay 5 mil for the services of a 20 year old for a year?

    Maybe as you say they have offered first refusal IF they decide to sell him

  49. Cesc Appeal

    The loan of Lukaku just get’s weirder and weirder from a Chelsea viewpoint.

    No chance of us signing him though, Jose wouldn’t sanction a loan move for Ba to us…

  50. Southernpeople

    Why all this cruelty to Diaby? why this heartless pleasure of making fun of people’s plight? Diaby didn’t kill anybody, he didn’t commit a crime, certainly didn’t force Arsenal to sign him on long contracts, he didn’t injure himself deliberately. He was a victim of deliberate violence that has ruined his career, so the last thing to expect is our fans taking pleasure in his plight.

  51. I Gunner Believe it

    by the way just because I said barkley is good doesn’t mean I am saying we should buy him or swap him for ox or jack…

    southernpeople you are overreacting can a person not say that a player is good who plays for another team?

  52. DUIFG

    Nobody dislikes diaby personally, just that management have let him milk interact after contract when we know he can only play about 7 matches a season

  53. I Gunner Believe it

    Jose is clueless and especially clueless abut youth players one of the reason he can never last more than a few years at clubs…

    He saw lukaku thought his not a big name lets loan him out… Must be kicking himself now. Imagine lukaku in that spurs chelsea game

  54. Cesc Appeal


    No one takes pleasure.

    People get annoyed that Wenger continuously uses him as an excuse not to sign anyone, that he takes up a spot and is never going to realize his potential because if he drives over 30mph he tears a hamstring.

    Sad, he’s got the potential to be brilliant, but he’ll never get there.

    And that’s sport. Look over at America, the amount of stories of college ‘footballers’ who get an injury and that’s their lot…flying high, tear a muscle, boom, coach for a High School team.

    Diaby is lucky he’s amassed millions, will never have to work again playing only a handful of games a year.

  55. Southernpeople


    i’m not over-reacting to people saying that certain player is good, I was reacting to those who says that any informed kid player is better than ours, and would take us to another level.

  56. MadeToLoveMagic

    Southern, don’t worry we are all becoming fluent in apple mis-spellings

    I actually just seen the biggest spider I ever ever saw inmy kitchen, It was the site of a fucking tea saucer seriously it was, I didn’t know they could get so. Fucking big in the country , No way Im sleeping for atleast an hour, fuuuck

  57. christine aserwa

    when you watch the team Arsenal playing de-masselle in champion expect to get good feed back I am sure Arsenal is the team that many ruled it out for Cup this year and has weaker side but we have to understand in all the great buyers they have not delivered like Arsenal so it is matter of discipline and indeed they can make to semi-final when they qualify for round 16 that is how I have observed Arsenal what we hope for today is a win to add on our points