An Ozil swallow doesn’t make a summer | Wenger new deal chat

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Mesut Ozil continued the love in with Arsene Wenger with more press conference chat.

“I thought: ‘What he is telling me is what I have missed at Real: transparency, trust, respect. He told me exactly how he sees me [as a player], how he wants to use me, what he expects from me and what he hopes I will contribute.”

Wenger has a vision of how this new team is going to be set up, and I’m guessing the German sits at the middle of that vision. Which is magic… because he is the German Cesc I’ve been dreaming of since the real Cesc dumped us.

These glowing comments have caused an issue though… amongst panicked fans.

‘Without Wenger’s stability and ability to attract players, we’re doomed’

Now, I’ve not heard many people say Arsenal can’t attract players. Bar Gustavo and Lewandowski, we’ve been fine on the attraction front. Mainly because we’re based in London, we fill our stadium, have Champions League football, amazing facilities and have the ability to shell out £200k a week these days. We also have a manager with a world class reputation, there’s no denying that. However, Arsenal are bigger than Arsene Wenger. If he goes, you just bring in a manager with a plan, some trophy winning experience and you’re away. Football isn’t rocket science. Attracting star names isn’t a difficult formula. We’ll survive beyond Arsene.

Who was Arsene before Arsenal? A very good manager who’d been sacked by Monaco and carted off to Japan.

What did he do? Came to England with a plan to dominate by exploiting weaknesses in British clubs transfer policy… and a vision of canning the boozing of alcoholic players. Simple stuff now, revolutionary back then.

That’s why earning a new deal should be insentivised, not just dished out because United made two bad decisions… firstly employing someone without a big reputation outside the Premiership. Secondly, changing CEOs at the same time. Ivan should tell Arsene that he’ll happily splash out on a new deal if things are ticking along nicely come March. That gives the manager a bit of a kick up with arse right now. He’ll have to start planning his January window this second. He’ll know he can steam through to November quite possibly with maximum points… but we all know what happens in November and December. A season and a new deal shouldn’t be decided because of a friendly fixtures list. Let’s see where we are in January. If it’s all gone to sh*t, then he has a month to prove his worth and sort it out. If it’s going well and we’re in contention, he has January to recruit the right players and have a charge at the league.

Show us what you’re about Arsene.

If he reverts back to the usual, then we can part ways, we’ll never progress, we’ve seen that over the duration of this deal… if he shows a genuine interest in changing his mindset, let him have his two year deal. If the manager shows ambition and the want to progress, I’m happy to see him stay in charge. One mega signing doesn’t have me convinced though, especially if it was made just to secure a new contract. The rest of the summer was pretty garbage as far as I’m concerned. Even the manner in which we made our major signing was pretty opportunistic.

Anyway, back to Arsene. Signing star names hasn’t been the issue. How could anyone say he’s not capable? He’s never tried! The issue over the past 8 seasons has been keeping them. We’ve lost countless stars down to ambition and team structure. The missing link hasn’t been so much in bringing them in or pulling them through the ranks… it’s keeping them long enough to reap the rewards.

You know how you keep them? Win trophies and bind their association with the club with glory glue. Build a winning machine and players will want to play for free. Or they’ll at least come without a monster premium. Again, this concept isn’t rocket science, but it’s a massive issue the club have avoided addressing.

Just like the ticket situation. When I sat with marketing and PR at Arsenal, they showed me all their amazing wizardry and fluff that was going into getting more people into the ground. The big point they were missing? Big players fill big grounds! Simple. Instead of concentrating on how to help people shift their spares, focus on why the tickets are spare in the first place.

A drab product!

There’s an exciting reason to watch Stoke in the cold on a Tuesday now.

Long may the gold rush continue. Throw a Reus, Gundogan and a Suarez into the mix and you’re eliminating the churn of spares totally. Arsenal tickets become gold dust again.

‘Hey Pedro, you gots me some spares?’

That’s how it’d go everyone. Packed stadiums, all the time.

Right, that’s all I’ve time for this morning. Catch you in the comments!

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  1. Romford Pele

    “We really should be ripping sland apart this weekend, they have so many new players they look like the reincarnation of QPR. Keep it nice and tight at the back and we should have far too much for them.”

    One would hope!! Hopefully we can play like we did against Fulham and just hit them on the break continuously.

  2. michael

    For akpom n sanogo to develop properly they need to be handled like welbeck was at man u

    10-15 mins at the end of a match,carling cup games n then a 6 mth loan to a championship side challemging for promotion with a season long loan to a premier league side n then after those two yrs either play them or let them go

  3. tippitappi

    It would be sheer loonacy to give him a contract until at least
    after January, he WILL revert to type if their stupid enough to
    do so before then…….. pure and simple

  4. DUIFG

    you just know if we got this romanian lad his presence would be used as a reason for why we dont need another striker as we have plenty of back up to Giroud, lets hope to god its not true.

  5. samsensible

    DUIFG – Yep, a nice sensible performance at the back and in the withdrawn midfield positions and over 90 minutes we will beat them.

    Ozil will probably be on the bench so we’ll have Ramsey, Jack and TR7 in the middle.

    Can’t let them off the hook like we did last year – that was a hellish match that we could have put to bed a few times on the counter. Ozil will hopefully come on and help us punish them on the break.

    Done. I could be a manager.

  6. sam


    don’t be so cocky mate,
    after international week smaller team are on fire because most of their players are fresh.
    I am worried

  7. DUIFG

    RP ye worked a treat against Fulham and spurs tbh, we look as if we create a genuine goalscoring opportunity every time we do it. Ramzinho got the engine to drive into the box late and get back, set of lungs on the kid.

  8. Romford Pele

    “Can’t let them off the hook like we did last year – that was a hellish match that we could have put to bed a few times on the counter. Ozil will hopefully come on and help us punish them on the break.

    Done. I could be a manager.”

    If only that was reality 😉

  9. DUIFG

    Sam is that actually true though? most prem teams these days have a big batch of internationals, not as if the league is purely english anymore. We really should be flying, Di canio is struggling, his squad got beaten by his under 21’s for god sake!

    It might be a hard game but only 3 points is good enough if we are in any way serious.

  10. sam

    HumAnimal September 9, 2013 14:13:04
    Anyway aslong has hes 3rd or forth choice… hopefully better than park or chamakh…

    Still buzzing for the sunderland game though

    How is he better than Park?
    Vermaelen has a better scoring record than him
    Your obsession with free signing is unbelievable, I hope we don’t sign him.
    Walcott is better

  11. jasongms

    I’m not sure why I’m writing this or whether I even believe it but in defense of Wenger. If the last eight years of stagnation have been the consequence of financial frugality, which was the direct result of the build (Emirates), then everything that has transpired (on and off the field)can be vindicated by the fact that Wenger has been managing at a considerable disadvantage.

    This may be a very simplistic approach, but everything that he is being criticised for, i.e. wage structure , losing out on players , selling players and even down to his tactical nous can be justified ,if we are to believe that he was/has been financially handicapped . If we then take into account the effect that Abramovich has had on the EPL, then the financial constraints and there ramifications are twofold. It can be as unfortunate, as a set of circumstances that have been beyond his control.
    If that is indeed the truth and seeing how we are now entering a “new phase” off financial strength. Then give the man his due and let him build a squad without the fear of financial burden. But only if he buys big this winter 🙂 …

  12. Gunner2301


    From your earlier point about Per Djourou etc. I believe our approach should be to always look for better than we’ve got. That’s the only way you will keep improving.

    Bring in quality players where you can let those that are already here fight for their place and move on if they can’t get ahead of the incumbent. I’m not precious about careers. We see now where Almunia really belonged. Wenger has been shielding many and the team suffers for it.

    Yes we can have a few youngsters to bring through but the first 11 should be seasoned pros competing for a place. We’re not a charity or a crèche.

  13. sam

    Arsene’s team always fail to perform after international week

    Lets hope sunderland will be completely shit and we will walk over them.
    John o’shit is suspended btw

  14. samsensible

    RP – It’s my reality damn it.

    sam – Sunderland are poor. the only way they will get anything out of their game with us will be because of our generosity….

    Or injuries!

  15. Romford Pele

    “Still can’t beleive o’shite managed to score that great goal at highbury, joke.”

    I was at that game – honestly couldn’t believe my eyes at how well it was executed.

  16. TitsMcgee

    Has the hallmark of “Chamakh” signing all over it. To think that they baulked at Fellani, a proven Premiership player a £100 000 a week, but they are willing to give deals like this away. They sure know how to throw money away don’t they?”

    It’s all about value for money with Wenger.

    He rather get a dross player for free rather than overpay even slightly(fee and/or wages) for a player that doesn’t match the value he has in his head.

    In his head Marica is worth the “money” because he costs nothing and is deemed a low-risk signing.

  17. TitsMcgee

    That is precisely why I don’t get all the knob-slobbering going on with Wenger for signing Ozil. Good job getting a player of value in(finally) but how many times have we missed out on great players due to Wenger’s arrogance/lackadaisicalness?

    It’s an ABSOLUTE FOOKING JOKE that we are thinking about signing this Romanian player when guys like Benteke were just sitting there all summer almost begging you to sign him.

  18. Barton

    Do we actually believe this about this Romanian lump or does anyone think like me that it suits the agent (as WH are interested) and it suits the daily toilet papers know angry Gooners will flock to read and get angry?

    I may be wrong, I’ll hold my hands up if I am but I’m not biting just yet.

  19. sam

    All our starting 11 are playing 180 minutes, Hopefully they will come with clean bill of health.

    When is Arteta coming back?

  20. TT

    “It’s an ABSOLUTE FOOKING JOKE that we are thinking about signing this Romanian player when guys like Benteke were just sitting there all summer almost begging you to sign him.”

    And how do we know that the club is thinking about signing him? Does it come from the agent or the press? Neither which are trustworthy.

  21. Paulinho

    Tits – Don’t worry mate, Keyser said everything is fine. We’ve got Podolski coming back in three months, and Theo can play there.

  22. Paulinho

    Ozil – Giroud

    Ozil – Sanogo

    Ozil- Marica

    Ozil – Bendtner

    Ozil – Wally.

    Mouth-watering combinations all round I’m sure you would agree.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    reports have claimed that Ozil’s Arsenal shirts are currently outselling those of Bale’s at Madrid.

    “He goes out at night with his many mistresses and does not get enough sleep”

    No wonder he’s bug eyed…

  24. DaleDaGooner

    When we were giving Gervinho away (i say give away), why didn’t we ask for Pablo Osvaldo in return? surely he’s better than Bendtner or Marica….I’d rather stick with Bendtner than Marica on a free or a young Akpom….i’d even go as far as using Park, and at least show us (fans) why he was never given a shot. He played well in the Carling Cup in which he scored ffs.

  25. Moanalisa

    Sunderland are struggling because di canio has upset some people- I don’t know what the guy has done, but it has not gone down well with some people.

    Before the season even started pundits where already tipping sunderland for the drop- even when its very obvious that their squad is good enough to survive and have a better starting 11 than some other teams.

    They bought altidore who was top class last season, and giancherinni who is good enough to play for any top 4 side, and some other average players.

    So their problem is not personnel.

  26. sam

    I just saw a pic of that miss Venezuela

    Wow! we shouldn’t have signed Ozil

    In no time our happily married players like Walcott will become sinners


  27. Romford Pele

    “Is Keisucke Honda not available on a free?”

    I think he’s signed a pre-contract agreement to join Milan in January mate. And while I like him, unless we’re planning to play 4-6-0, we don’t really need him!

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    The Mirror (but not John Cross) are reporting Moyes is looking at Benteke for the January window.

    1st obvious question, why didn’t they sign him in the summer, he’s a player Moyes must have been familiar with ?

    But if there is some truth in it, maybe it opens the door to us signing Rooney. Especially if he hasn’t signed a new deal by then

  29. WengerEagle


    You’re right he’s Milan-bound it seems, bit of a shame would have offered us a nice option for LW or CF even. While he may not be of the highest quality, he would have been an excellent squad player of which we are quite short of right now.

    Off topic, Sunderland cannot come quick enough! International week is an absolute ball-breaker

  30. Romford Pele

    “Anyone else watching Djokovic-Nadal tonight? My money’s on the Djoker but my heart says Rafa! :D”

    I’ll be tuned in. Gonna be close I reckon. Rafa going out in the first round may have been a blessing in disguise – he’s looked imperious so far this tournament. I’m a big Rafa fan, despite his dodgy knees!

  31. WengerEagle


    Agree, he’s playing the best hardcourts tennis of his career, if he keeps this level up he will definitely surpass Federers 17 Grand Slams. Physically he is an absolute phenomenon in tennis and his power is unrivalled, but Djokovic is the best defender of points I have ever seen and is also the fittest player I have ever seen, so I worry for Rafa if it’s an epic 5- setter with lots of long rallies.

    Psychologically it’s of vital importance that Nadal wins tonight, as Djokovic has been nearly as dominant on hardcourts in the last 3 years as Nadal has on clay. Should be a fascinating match

  32. gonsterous

    If we signed landrup wouldn’t we be making the same mistake as man utd and signing someone not known outside the elp.. how would he attract big players outside the pl

  33. Nee

    Wenger achieved UCL qualification with less funds than Laudrup spent,

    I don’t know why people blame Wenger for not signing players, Ozil signing took the support of Silent Stan.

    Something is wrong with Arsenal fans; Wenger included. This guy is our majority shareholder, if you have issues take it up with the owner of the business.

    What did Stan do when we needed to show ambition & spend money to keep RVP & Nasri? Nada

    The financial power we are all happy about; UCL qualification, Emirates Deal is all thanks to the effort of Arsene Wenger to keep the club at the top.

    Let’s be fair, why didn’t spend big money before securing UCL qualification?

    Last year when there was no emirates deal, after signing Cazorla, Podolski & Giroud, why did we need to sell RVP & song to balance the books?

    I remember Wenger being the one guy who didn’t want Arsenal in the hands of a sole owner when we were all screaming; sell the club.

    After selling the club, we are still operating the same; self-sustaining model but now we have an owner who doesn’t care about the club.

    What exactly is Stan’s intention with Arsenal?

    Wenger is yet to finish under a team that spent less than Arsenal in the league, infact he finished above Chelsea two seasons ago & two points behind them last season.

    If you think Klopp or Laudrup can achieve that; sack Wenger. Klopp lost the title to Bayern with over 20 points last season; Why? Because they had more money.

    Arsenal and Bayern operate the same model; major difference – Stan Kroenke

  34. Oh Theo Theo!

    Nadal is a PED muncher. Take away the power and he would be middle of the pack. No coincedence that his body can’t handle his physical bulk and keeps breaking down…

  35. Romford Pele


    You mean Laudrup right?

    Laudrup is a million times different to Moyes. He’s already managed in Russia and Spain despite him being relatively young. And he’s quite decent in the market as transfers like Michu and Pablo Hernandez have proved. I’d have complete faith in him if he was appointed Arsenal manager.

  36. Romford Pele

    “Laudrup is one of the best players to play the game. Everyone knows him and hes already managed in Spain.”


  37. DUIFG

    Laudrup ticks all the boxes, unreal playing career, very tidy managerial career, outperforming at modest clubs. significant trophies and cup runs with small teams. Worked magic on a small budget down at swansea, set up a good scouting network. AND plays lovcely football, It looks ideal, maybe this season and next from weng and transition to Laudrup, perfect.

  38. jwl

    I think Wenger could be keeping the top players from joining Arsenal. Wenger thinks 4th is a trophy, remember how excited Arsenal were to finish fourth last season, world class players would not be impressed with that mentality. World class players would want Wenger to prove he’s going to try and win titles again.

    Also, Wenger has to be top dog at club. Wenger has largest salary at club until this summer, the most important person at Arsenal is Wenger. Our top players should be on higher salaries than our manager, as pedro points out world class players are the ones who bring in the crowds and create winning teams. It is ridiculous that our manager thinks he’s the most important person at club because players are way more valuable.

  39. WengerEagle

    He’s won 12 Grand Slams at the age of 27 with a career dogged by injuries and has won a Grand Slam on every surface. Added to the fact that he’s playing in the the toughest era of male single players of all time(Federer the G.O.A.T,Djokovic and Murray) to achieve what he has achieved is reliant on more than just power

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Nee: Wenger achieved UCL qualification with less funds than Laudrup spent,

    Now add wages and see who’s spent more.

    We spend more than Swansea, and have done for quite some time.

    Laudrup might be one for the future, but I wouldn’t want to push him for the job too hard. Moyes was quite good with transfers at Everton, he might be finding it hard shopping at the next level up. Laudrup might have the same problem.

  41. Barton

    jwlSeptember 9, 2013 16:41:20
    I think Wenger could be keeping the top players from joining Arsenal. Wenger thinks 4th is a trophy, remember how excited Arsenal were to finish fourth last season, world class players would not be impressed with that mentality. World class players would want Wenger to prove he’s going to try and win titles again.

    What utter shit, we bid for 2 ‘world class’ players this window, one was Suarez the other was Ozil. We got one and the other agitated to come.

    The other player we made serious moves for was Higuain, not a world class player but from what was said, the personal side of the deal wasn’t a problem.

    Its this kinda shit that annoys me about the anti-Wenger bilge, when its backed up with 0% fact and can easily be discounted.

    I can understand you being pissed with Wenger for tactical stuff or bodged transfers but this is just waffle.

    Have any of the WC players that left said anything to backup what your saying? No.

  42. WengerEagle

    And what Nadal takes PED’s because he actually hits the gym and is in shape? Yeah sure I suppose you’re right, just look players like Balotelli, Ronaldo and Bale. All have similar builds to Nadal so the must be roid-monkeys as well…


  43. Moanalisa

    Their is a strong possibility that remi garde would be arsenal’s next manager.

    And maybe wenger moving upstairs as DOF.

  44. sixx pac

    Its not quite far fetched to think that Nadal has taken some sort of PED when you consider the drug culture in Spain and the Spanish government’s efforts to supress evidence (destroying the blood evidence in the Operación Puerto case.)

  45. DUIFG

    Wally should be hitting that shout he made a while back of being a 20 goal 20 assist man. he is pretty key to the make up of this side know we have 2 class bullet feeders and a striker with more movement than pace.

    He could go big time this season figures wise

  46. Romford Pele

    Walcott got 21 goals and 15 assists last season right. He should be using that as a benchmark and hoping to better it.

  47. Sam

    It’s arsenal tradition that number 14 should be in charge of all the freekicks.
    Ozil can have all the corners if he wants
    Theomario is our only freekick expert.

  48. DUIFG

    Ye it was a nice return, Just hope somebody is telling him to not compare his figures to other right mids so he gets complacent, he is pretty much a second striker most of the time so he needs to be looking at top of Pl charts, maybe not 30 but I think he could hit 25 in our set up.

  49. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Romford PeleSeptember 9, 2013 16:03:30
    “Big shout out to Serena williams.G*O*A*T”Easily the best mate. Hope she breaks Court’s record.’

    You do realise her renaissance was due to shagging the arse off her French coach, after the Russian blonde pinched her gypsy boyfriend??

    It makes you wonder whether West Ham would win the FA Cup if Karren Brady started shagging the arse off her first team squad??

    Probably not, me thinks……the gypsy hasn’t done it on the pitch despite screwing the top two women in world tennis, after all.

  50. Sam

    At least project winning on the cheap Is scrapped.
    Now project sanogo is the problem, signing him was pointless and trying to make him a 50M player is so vain and naive

  51. Barton

    Chief commercial officer Tom Fox maintains it is an ethos which will mean when some silverware finally arrives, it will be all the sweeter.
    In an interview with Marketing Week, Fox said: “When we win, we will win on the back of our own effort, on the back of our own hard work and revenue that we as a club generate based on our power as a global brand.
    “We won’t win on the back of a wealthy benefactor reaching into his pocket and solving the problem that way.”
    Fox continued: “We believe, and I think our fans believe, that success earned in the way that we are going about it, in a very difficult landscape and a very challenging business, is the sweeter victory.
    “We don’t exist for commercial purposes, we exist as a football club, to play football matches, to win and to make our fans feel proud.”


    To be honest Mr Fox, I think most fans no longer give a shit, we wan’t something, anything! A cup won against a championship on penalty’s after the opposition were reduced to 9 men would do it.

  52. Bacaryisgod

    Marica is a non-conversation. He doesn’t score, he prefers to play in Ozil’s position and he can’t lead the line. So what if he played for Schalke? So did Holtby, who a bunch of posters were anguishing about missing out on.

    A back-up for Giroud doesn’t need to be a prolific scorer as we should have goals coming from everywhere. What he needs to do is pull the defense around to create openings for Theo, Ox (when healthy) and Podolski (when healthy) to receive through balls from Ozil, Santi, JW and Ramsey. He also needs to be strong in the air which helps in defending set-pieces too. For me, a fit Bendtner might surprise a few people in this role. For a big guy, he’s also pretty mobile.

  53. WengerEagle

    ‘For me, a fit Bendtner might surprise a few people in this role. For a big guy, he’s also pretty mobile.’

    I’ve seen oil tankers turn quicker than that prick, what a piss-take. He’s made 157 appearances for us and has been consistently poor. How many more games is it going to take for you to realise he’s complete gash? And he’s an arrogant little twat to boot

  54. Bacaryisgod

    He’s arrogant but otherwise you’re talking nonsense. His record for us is decent particularly as he’s frequently been played out of position. When you look at other alternatives RIGHT NOW (Sanogo, Park, Marica, Akpom) I would take my chances with him as an emergency back-up.

  55. WengerEagle

    Show me a clip where he displays the slightest bit of pace/agility then.

    And yes the other options right now are horrendous but that’s Wenger’s fault for not buying a ST. Instead after Giroud we have a postman and Park. Akpom’s 17 and he’s on loan. Tbh I’d sooner start Park than Bendtner, at least he’s got decent pace and agility, whereas Bendtner is just a homeless man’s Giroud, absolute rubbish

  56. MadeToLoveMagic

    This whole arsenal were excited to finish 4th last season is out of context bullshit,

    The reason we celebrated is because it went to the wire, if we had secured it two weeks before you think they would have celebrated like that? No, they wouldn’t

    They celebrated because it was a nervy finish and we almost fucked it up,

    Yeah it’s not great to see us going crazy for fourth , ,but a little perspective is needed

  57. KJafc

    If the last eight years of stagnation have been the consequence of financial frugality, which was the direct result of the build (Emirates), then everything that has transpired (on and off the field)can be vindicated by the fact that Wenger has been managing at a considerable disadvantage.
    Very well put. I also agree with Tom Fox, Remember, we had to find land, build a stadium AND redevelop Highbury, we didn’t get any lovely little handouts. As you say, this was also when the Russian came to town.

    He is either a brilliant manager or a lucky manager to get us 3rds and 4ths after selling his best players. Whats more, we have done it with what many on here claim are rubbish players, with a rubbish defence and a rubbish manager. Yep, it would appear he has certainly over achieved.

    I suspect that within 5 years we will be dominating and looking back at this period of time as a necessary blip.

  58. Sam

    Bendtner is a step backward, let’s hope ozil won’t regret swapping Ronaldo with the Danish best player in the world.
    Wenger brought him back out of panic, we don’t need him, he hates us and he’s shit.
    We still have option up front better than him.
    1. Walcott
    2. Park chu young
    3. Afobe( when fit)
    4. Akpom

    Bring bendtner back to arsenal was a dumb decision

  59. Bade

    Have you seen the pathetic dive of Joel Campbell?

    The Mancs scouting network must be all over him by now

    Ashley Young feels the pressure, so expect a mega dive from him this coming weekend

  60. Bero

    Bendtner is a piece of shit. I’ve hated him for years. Can’t believe he’s back. Both parties said on numerous occasions he would never where the shirt again. Does no one remember some of the shit he was coming out with when he left?

    …I’d rather play park than that prick….well almost.

    Does anyone find Sanogo’s name ironic?

  61. Clive Hill

    It makes me laugh how one badly organised signing has everyone in the media saying how Wenger has earned his new contract. I do not understand this love-in the press have with our bumbling buffon of a manager. Yes, it was exactly what a club like ours should do when talent like Ozil becomes available, but where are the other three key players we needed and the 3-4 extra bodies? As far as I can tell, if the pressure hadn’t mounted and Ozil hadn’t become available we would not have made a single significant signing in what was billed in May as Arsenal’s biggest summer ever.

    As Pedro says, there are still so many issues to be addressed and I don’t think they will be, so long as Arsene Wenger stays. He has proven his stubborness over the past 6-7 years and if he were to be ‘forced’ to change I can’t see that working out too well either. All this BS about “I came” or “I’ll stay” because of Wenger is absolute CRAP. I don’t remember Liverpool players saying that about Shankley when they were building a dynasty or Barcelona players saying they wanted out when Guardiola left.

    To my mind Ozil was too little (no pun intended) too late. Yes, its got us all excited – one of the best players on the planet, no doubt – but let’s see how it works out when he’s setting up Sanogo because Giroud is out injured. If Arsenal fail to build a team that includes Ozil and gives him the chance to express himself and seriously compete for trophies (and I’m not talking the Carling Cup) then see how quickly he discovers his heat always belonged to (…fill in name of current team dominating Europe…)

  62. WengerEagle


    Ok he’s only 17 though we can’t expect much of him.

    Same Story

    Would love Pato in January, he’s got so much talent it’s ridiculous. Injuries are obviously a concern but look at how well RVP has overcome his injury problems for example. Arjen Robben too. For the amount of talent he possesses it is worth the risk and he would offer us a very different option to Giroud(He’s lightning fast, extremely skilful and a very good finisher,can also lead the line).

    I reckon we could snare him for 15 million in January

  63. Bacaryisgod

    I’m not going to go trawling for Bendtner’s clips but there have been plenty. Not my point. Of course we should have got another striker-no-one disputes that. But right now, he’s the best of an average bunch.

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    @Sixx pacc

    For an already split fan base (the doomers and the AKBs), Ozil is another great divider.

    Other the keeper and DM issues (which we kinda sorted) we really needed another striker, either a top top player to replace Giroud, or someone who could provide back up to him.

    And so we signed Ozil, possibly the top player in his position in Europe, a player who hasn’t yet reached his peak.

    So on one hand you get fans like Clive Hill who with some justification complain about a lack of a new striker and on the other you get people who say… But it’s Ozil… OZIL…O.Z.I.L!!!

  65. Nasri's Mouth

    Bendtner would be a definite decent back up if he could get physically and mentally fit.

    Pointless discussing him though, because we have no idea whether his statement is just a PR lie, whether he only believes it until the next time someone puts a cocktail in front of his nose, or whether he really does believe it.

  66. Sam

    Akpom cannot be promoted as he’s only 17?

    Whats Is a lightweight 16 years old zelalem doing in the first team?
    Let be honest, playing akpom will scrap project sanogo and there is little time left for the world cup as the french fa is waiting to see if the impostor professor will clone the new anelka, more like new kaba diawara.

  67. Same Story

    Sam usually talks shit, but he’s right, Akpom should be ahead of Sanogo.

    Sanogo’s first touch is Bendtner-esque, has Adebayor’s offside awareness and Giroud’s finishing.

  68. Nasri's Mouth


    Assuming he gets some minutes in the league cup, Zelalem will be older than Fabregas when he made his debut.

    Of course I have no idea whether he’ll turn out to be as good as Fabregas, but the boy has a great eye for a pass.

  69. WengerEagle

    Zelalem looks a talent alright but the boy’s 16 ffs, he needs 2-3 years to mature and strengthen physically before even being considered to start. He could well turn out to be the next Cesc but right now he’s far too young

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    @Same Story

    Yeah, quite possibly, I only compared him to Cesc because of the similar age.


    I think we need to see a little more of him really. I watched him in a couple of the U21 games last season, when he’d been chucked into the group, and given he was about 5 years younger than the average age of the opposition, he didn’t look out of place at all. In the pre-season games, he showed exactly why we signed him.

  71. WengerEagle

    Slightly off-topic but was just marvelling the other day at what a host of talent the German National Team has in it’s ranks and it begs the question of what their best XI is:

    Their midfielders alone include-
    -Lars Bender
    -Sven Bender

    And their forwards:

    Unbelievable options, they will be a force to be reckoned with in Rio next year

    My Germany XI would be:


    Boateng Hummels Howedes Lahm

    Schweinsteiger Gundogan
    Reus Muller Gotze

    Subs: Stegen, Mertersacker, Badstuber, Schmelzer, Kroos, L Bender, S Bender, Draxler, Schurrle, Gomez.

    What would be your XI?

  72. WengerEagle

    Spains midfield is the absolute business though:

    -Mario Suarez(very very underrated)

    Quite literally an embarrassment of riches there

  73. sam

    Germany has everything we need,

    they have the real Boateng and we have the shit one in reserves
    I am surprised he wasn’t shown the door.
    maybe next summer

  74. sam

    This Ciprian Marica story seems to be building up

    is he already in London doing trial or something?

    Oh God no!

    Sam Alardyce please do something

  75. GoonerDave

    Off topic-
    There are Pool fans on a blog discussing who is better – Ozil or Coutinho.
    I kid you not!
    And there are dozens of LFC fans declaring Coutinho the better player…
    You can only laugh.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    Idiots at every club unfortunately, blinded.

    A few months back myself and others were having an argument with some on here who were arguing Walcott was better than Bale…sigh

  77. BacaryisGod

    The only national publication pushing the story is the Express but they are basing it on his agent’s comments.

    There is no logical reason for us to sign Marica. I can’t see it happening.

  78. Sam

    I’d rather we play vermaelen up front he can score more than this marica dude.
    It will be nice to wake up in the morning and read west ham has beaten us to his signature.

    Fuck off wenger, don’t even think about it

  79. N1Goon

    The Spanish press has reported that the sale of Özil will be used to buy Cavani or Suarez if Benzema doesn’t perform well.

    Think Benzema is destined for Arsenal to be honest.

    If we can get Benzema and one of Bender/Gundogan next summer we are looking at;


    Which is pretty shit-hot

  80. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger’s not getting Benteke was more a crime than a mistake. Its only pardonable if the counterlogic was about signing a far bigger striker like Suarez, and manage the overall costs. Even if that was so, Podolski could have been loaned out and Benteke brought in. i’m sure Wenger’s inflated ego dod not allow him to do that.

  81. Jeff

    Romford Pele,

    Thank you for the comprehensive video on Ozil. It was truly inspiring. I feel a ray of light is emerging from the darkness as we head into the season. For eight long years we were kept locked up in a dungeon by the wicked king and now it feels like the door is opening and our freedom from tyranny is about to become reality.

    Of course a few more players of the same calibre and it will guarantee that every seat in the stadium is occupied and every available ticket sold whatever the match. When people said “we want our Arsenal back”, this must be what they meant.

    Never in the last eight years have I looked forward to the next game as I do now – cannot wait to see the interplay between Ozil and Cazorla. My only worry is that Giroud will miss a lot of goals and might de-motivate the midfield but hopefully he will raise his game and not embarrass himself as he so often does. The same goes for Walcott. I expect all the players on the pitch to be galvanised and playing their absolute best for the club, for themselves and for their manager.

  82. ikon

    Benteke is not perfect…. his first touch is questionable, and he gets a lot of lucky goals. Doubt if he can carry on his scoring form for more than 2 seasons.

    Maruo Zarate for me is a better choice…

  83. Dark Hei

    It’s not rocket science you say. I agree, it is rocket art science.

    Because real life is about real people and when it comes to working with people, it is not just about how stats translate to statistics which define how a player would work, like in a computer game.

    I think you downplay Wenger on how good he is at managing a team. I agree that the he did make some rubbish decisions with the younglings with no backbone coming up to 2010. But this current Arsenal side is one that is carefully built up and we are approaching the finished article.

    Once again I reiterate, getting where we are now is no happy accident. It is something Wenger and his coaching staff carefully calibrated and worked hard to arrive at.

    Do we beat teams like S*purs, Newcastle or Liverpool on paper, looking at their names versus ours? No, I do not think so. We just consistently beat them in the table rankings and that has a lot to do with the coach and his staff.