Does Ozil represent Arsene success this summer?

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Disoriented, I stumble back into the outside world. The shock of sunlight stuns me. As my eyes struggle to adjust, my brain struggles to reconcile reality with the dreamword I just left. Gripping for my senses, I look back at the theatre from which I emerged.

Unreal. Mesut Özil? You couldn’t have written a crazier ending to the annual blockbuster known as the summer transfer window. What a fantastic plot. The promise. The defeat. The controversy. Every moment building up to a sensational last-second climax, like a deftly constructed film. Drama at its finest.

Or was it?

As Arsenal fans, we’re used to things not going to script. But this window wasn’t like any before it. It may have had some vintage AFC hallmarks: missed targets, stubbornness, reactionary moves… but whoa. What a twist ending. A massive victory despite everything. In fact, it was such a turn of events that looking back on it, you question the motives of the writers. Approached cynically, the whole thing actually seems downright formulaic.

Picture this: Arsenal, the stereotypical Hollywood college comedy, starring one Arsène Wenger as the would-be grad who squanders all his time hanging on to the past. He was supposed to graduate eight years ago, but he’s trapped by his own complacency. And he’s happy that way. Arsène’s too cool for school. He’d rather befriend the newest freshmen (Sanogo) or relive his glory years with his old buddy (Flamini) than go out and achieve anything. He’s having a great time, so why be ambitious?

Well, one problem: nobody’s having his shit anymore. Mum and Dad threatened to cut funding (contract on hold), and Dean Gazidis–who’s fed up with him and his free ride–is determined to push Arsène to move on to the next level (compete!). It’s now or never to make something of himself.

Yet old habits die hard. And all summer the precocious Mr. Wenger fucks around and neglects his duties. His marks suffer so badly it looks like expulsion is imminent. But just when it looks like the gig is up, wouldn’t you know it? There’s a loophole! If Arsène can just pass one final test, he’s home free!

A little deus ex machina never hurt, right? No audience can resist The Big Deadline Day Signing.

Cue the montage of studying transfer targets, nonstop SSN, and making phone calls round the clock. And suddenly, it’s deadline day. We’re on the edge of our seats here–what will old Wenger pull out of his bag of tricks? Is it… is it… *gasp*. Mesut Özil!!

Our hero is carried off in celebration amid the legions of the faithful. They knew he could do it! Take a bow, Arsène! We never doubted you! The crowd cheers, and even the super hot girl from French class (Giroud) smiles and gives him a huge kiss.


A magnificent ending to an otherwise absurd comedy. Except, as I’m walking away from the theatre, eyes still adjusting to the harsh sunlight, I start thinking back on what we really learned. True, the film was about redemption in the end. Yes, it definitely had a satisfying climax. But did the prodigal Mr. Wenger actually learn any lesson?

I mean, hasn’t he actually been rewarded for one triumph after months (or years) of sheer neglect? How does one piece of brilliance counteract dozens of daft choices? When the confetti settles, we’re looking at mostly the same squad we all know has a very slim chance of making it through a full season.

What do we do if Giroud goes down? It’s painfully obvious that Sanogo isn’t ready for the Prem or Champions League, so what then? Open our arms again to Nicky B? What happens should Mertesacker pick up an injury? We’ve seen firsthand Vermaelen-Koscielny is a mostly disastrous partnership. So what, we hope Sagna is the centrehalf to carry us through?

I suppose I’m being overly harsh here. To be fair, aside from the pure glory of Özil, grabbing Flamini was a wise signing. Due to our financial strength the move itself came off as a little pathetic, but nonetheless the player addresses a need in the team. One hopes maybe Wenger is biding time until he can go back in for Bender.

Most of all though we have to give credit where it’s due for absolutely annihilating transfer records. Just the willingness to go all-out for a player is huge. It shows we can be serious about playing in the big leagues and it’s encouraging to future targets.

And I can’t overstate how insanely good Özil really is. If you’re going to cap off a summer of idle mediocrity with a coup de grace, you really can’t pick a better one. I don’t always agree with Wenger’s decisions, but the fact is he was able to make the richest transfer in football history the second biggest signing of the day. Özil might be half Bale’s price, but he’s twice the player.

So maybe, just maybe, Wenger has learned some lessons after all. Objectively, he did only part of the work he needed to, even if he did do it in stunning fashion. But maybe we can take it as a sign of encouragement. Maybe he’s turned over a new leaf. Time will tell if it was an anomaly or the start of something beautiful.

For now, we sit back and enjoy the show.

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  1. Gunner2301


    Can’t see Wenger going anywhere soon. Like the guy said in the post, he’s the biggest dosser at Uni and the parents just keep pumping money into his account no matter how shit his results are. You think he’s going to walk away from this?

    Is he fuck. Not for now anyway. He feels he has bought enough credit with Ozil so will have no problem announcing that contract next month. Believe me. It’ll be 2 years extension at least because he won’t win anything this season and the deluded fool probably wants to go out on a high.

  2. BacaryisGod

    It’s probably fair to say that out of our 29 player squad, we have 19 players who will be expected to contribute to the greatest degree this season.

    The other 10 (Viviano, Fabianski, Diaby, Frimpong, Miyaichi, Gnabry, Zelalem, Sanogo, Park and Bendtner) will either be emergency players or Capital One Cup players. Park might get released still-not quite sure of his status.

    Only the keepers (in the event of injury or loss of form for Chezzer), Diaby and Bendtner have a shot at decent playing time.

    Regardless, of the 19 main players in the squad, we now have an average age of exactly 26 years old. Interestingly, the average age of the 13 key foreign players is 28 and the average age of the 6 key British players is 22. Interesting to me anyway!

  3. Keyser

    CA – Lol there’s a massive gaping chasm between those viewpoints. It’s just sheer stupidity.

    No, the club needed money, lots of it, that’s all really, Wenger’s worked through any lean period, we should finally have some decent money to spend, in doing so he’s leaving the club able to pick a top class manager because it wants one, not because it needs one.

    Fresh idea’s, a change might work wonders in league’s where it still matters, the Premiership is about cold hard cash.

  4. Gunner2301


    I agree with you that it’s time for change and I wouldn’t want Wenger moving upstairs or even next door, but I honestly don’t believe it will be a clean break. Not unless he is driven out but that’s not likely to happen now. Judge him in May again.

  5. Sam

    Flamini was a good choice because of experience but capoue is also immense don’t judge him after few games. Getting them both would have been great as capoue can also play CB.
    Anyway he’s playing for the scum now let’s hope he does a bale and abandon the sinking ship as soon as he shines.

  6. BacaryisGod

    I would be curious to know if there’s any team out there that has a stronger core of under 25 players than we do right now.

    Chezzer, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Walcott, Frimpong, Miyaichi, Gnabry
    Zelalem, Sanogo

    The one major change that we’ve seen from Arsene over the last couple of years is that he’s no longer interested in taking risks on young centre backs (teens or early twenties) either through acquisition or development (as in Senderos, Upson, Djourou). Because if a young midfielder or striker makes a mistake it is usually recoverable but not so much in central defence.

  7. Sam


    Remember man utd were also desperate to sign someone but we made the biggest signing.
    Now the knives are out against arsenal and we signed mesut ozil they are all shocked. Please ignore bitter reports and give them time to get used to it.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    If we were smart we’d have put a massive release clause in his contract, £80 Million or something.

    However the impetus is on us to make him happy with life at Arsenal, we do that buy making the squad stronger and winning things.

    I’d love to be inside RVP’s head at this moment on that note. He won the prem last year but since now plays under Moyes for a United outfit that are a bit at sea at the moment with Woodward.

  9. Sam

    Wenger is a big clown he spends 43M on a midfielder then plans to loan a striker from snakey mourinho
    Now we have to put up with bendtner again

  10. Gunner2301

    I think Wenger has to follow up the Ozil signing with quality players that will improve us and make us challengers again. If he can’t do that Koz (who has already said he might leave) Ozil and Cazorla could leave. That would be a disaster. Much worse than when we lost Fabregas and Nasri.

  11. Kjafc

    Kwik fit
    To the contrary, I think this could be the start of us buying top players from the likes of City/Chelsea and Auxerre
    Absolutely. Jesus, I think some people must have an intravenous drip to the Samaritans.

    I would suspect that teams like Chelsea will now be looking over their shoulders. Perhaps we should get our own back and make offers in January for some of Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd’s players, just to unsettle them and get those alarm bells sounding.

  12. Gunner2301

    I think we need a massive lessons learned session for this transfer window.

    We have not handled ourselves well at all apart from Ozil. And if you go back to other windows there are similar fuck ups. We’re a big club but not a well oiled machine. We need to do much better and conduct our business in a more professional manner.

  13. Keyser

    Not really, all it shows is we can get things done if we want to, thing is almost everyone and their dog has mentioned Ozil is one player, yet we paid premium for him.

    We’re stuck between what we can afford to pay and what we must pay.

    Our budget’s bigger, but there’s still a budget.

  14. Gunner2301


    I hadnt heard about that before I was just talking to a Man U mate and we were both saying for the 3mill he went for that’s a steal and maybe both clubs should have been in there.

    Is there any other confirmation of the story?

  15. Honest Bill

    Bendtner should be nowhere near the field. Leave him at home to dream aboutbeing the best player in the world. Don’t want him playing for us.

  16. Kjafc

    Things like the Villa/Ozil incidents happen. Heat of the moment, they would get over it. David Villa was a steel though, that boy is a real finisher.

    Ps: Could you imagine Evra and Suarez in the same team. That would be interesting, not sure hat would work!

  17. Dan Ahern

    Hey guys,
    I’ve been busy and haven’t got to keep up with the comments section, but thanks everyone for reading and commenting on the post today. And big up to Pedro for making the mistake of letting me on here again. What a melt.

  18. Kjafc

    Man Utd had no chance of getting Cesc. I suspect that was just spin to placate the fans, Arsenal had first option and he would have come back home. He was chuffed after the NLD result, the boys hooked.

  19. Kjafc

    Dan Ahern
    Özil might be half Bale’s price, but he’s twice the player
    Yes, I agree. And Flamini was a wise signing Dan and a smart move.

    Enjoy the show.

  20. Kjafc

    Be interesting to see what develops at Man Utd. Moyes is another of those overhyped by the media, in my opinion. Let us hope the days of Man Utd bullying the rest of football are over, they are actually getting bad press for a change.

  21. sam

    Let’s hope Wenger has a plan for that Gobby twat.
    We don’t have enough strikers in reserves, he can stay there to keep fit till january

    then put Apkom on the bench.

    we don’t need bendtner

  22. R.S..P.C.Arsenal


    If u look at history
    After busby resigned an went upstairs he kept interfering , hence united had good managers but won jack all?

    Not saying that’s the case this time but moyes is fergies choice,
    Not nessecarily the right man for the job,
    Like any human fergie was scared a new man would get plaudits wotlwdwide specially if the man was rfrom Spain , Italy etc,,,

  23. Gunner2301

    Honest Bill

    😆 actions speak louder than words. Fabregas was very clever in the way he played it. For me there’s enough circumstancial evidence out there to convict him.

  24. sam

    This is the time Dialsquare stares at his cristal ball

    after getting stoned
    please tell us what else are you seeing?
    Gambon will find a world class husband before kwismas.

  25. Sam

    Fabregas just doesn’t to lose his arsenal twitter followers

    He hates us

    I am sure he’s gonna come back when barca dumps him
    He will tell us he has an unfinished business n we will buy it

  26. Sam

    Flamini wants to go to the world cup the best way to get there is to go train for fitness so he can be noticed by the man who cannot resit freebies.

    Yeah they call it unfinished business

  27. Hunter

    I really hope Viviano can take over as our number 1. Szcz is an excellent shot stopper but is really terrible is every other aspect. The worrying thing is that he’s not improved on that from last year. Hopefully the rest of the squad can survive until we can shore up a bit in January.

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    vicky September 4, 2013 23:50:52

    Bendtner is not that bad.
    I have to agree to that. If I invited him over to a mine for a BBQ he’d make a pretty good coat and hat stand.

  29. Oh Theo Theo!

    Ganesh – I would pay zero attention to the nutters on Untold. Mad as a box of frogs most of them.

    This utter shite is written by some crazy Belgian who thinks that there’s a high level conspiracy between the PL and referees to ensure that Arsenal never win anything.

    It’s borderline psychotic.

    Go ask him what actual qualifications he has for writing this, what referees associations he’s a member of and how he models his statistics.


  30. Gunner2301


    There could be something in it. We have small players who aren’t physical or aggressive with no obvious leader. Other teams who are the opposite tend to get in the refs faces we don’t tend to. In this sense we could be seen as a soft touch.

    It would be interesting to see the same stats against a Viera team for instance when Arsenal were more physical and aggressive using the same statistical model of course.

  31. Gregg

    We have Flamini back. He’ll be getting in the Ref’s face, don’t worry about that. Wilshere’s never far from the Ref either, not quite in Gigg’s league for man-marking the ref and keeping touch-tight at all times, but no shrinking violet either.

  32. gambon

    “On a slightly unrelated note, this is quite worrying – ”


    How is it worrying?

    Its worrying that there are so many mentally ill Arsenal fans!

    That site is utter utter bollocks.

  33. gambon

    Exactly like Oh Theo Theo says.

    A referee review panel, run by a load of mentally ill, cult member like Wenger fan boys, saying that every single ref, UEFA, Sky, BBC are all against Arsenal.

    Thats right, not all pro-Man Utd or Pro-Chelsea……..they are all against exactly one team in the UK……you guessed it Arsenal.

    Theres another website that tracks refereeing decisions, run by fans of all clubs, and they ranked that Arsenal were helped most by decisions last season.

  34. Gunnershabz

    If flamini plays like he did against spuds

    All this season he will be signing of the season and get into the France team

    I love flamini such a animal in midfield I think he loves arsenal and when he left I think wenger fucked up by not paying what he should of earned like the cole situation

    Flamini was a no brainer and I would prefer him then cabaye

  35. Gunnershabz

    I really want diaby to come back and prove himself he is in the last chance salon

    If he can pick up form we could win the league because he is like yaya toure but a glass version

  36. N5

    Gunnershabz, I didn’t originally want him back, but I agree with you if he plays every game like he did against the spuds then we have done a great bit of business there. He was a beast against them and no one wants to play against that type of player for 90 minutes.

  37. Oh Theo Theo!

    Shabz – Diaby needs to be shipped out. He’s been sucking up 60K p/w sat on the treatment table.

    He’s never going to play 40-50 games a year in midfield. Needs to leave, not have his contract extended again.

  38. The Hig

    Sorry for my lat late post. It’s been hectic, never had a chance to comment on the signing of the fucking decade! Ozil was a fucking bargain. I almost came in my PJ’s when they announced it as official. 40somethingm for a player who assists goals with his big eyes closed and the quality, age, potential, experience, rep, etc. of Ozil undoubtedly requires a fee in the 60m range. Masterstroke.

  39. Gunnershabz


    Trust me I think it was good business and it sets up extra money for other areas hopefully in jan


    I think diaby is good he just a glass wenger won’t let him go unless he convince he can’t do it don’t know how long he got on his contract

  40. Gunnershabz

    If we can get all our players fit we have a strong side

    Maybe we light up front but this is where bendtner comes in he has 3 months to prove himself to us and wenger

  41. N5

    God I’m sick of reading on other sites about how Ozil is too good to be joining Arsenal, I don’t expect he had a gun to his head when he joined us. I think now we have Ozil we can build on that, other good players will want to join!

    One site said about Jose blocking Ba because Arsenal are now a title contending team and the comments were saying what is different about Ozil to when we had RVP, Fabregas, Nasri, they were WC players that didn’t win us anything.

    The fella hasn’t even kicked a ball for us yet and we coping shit about him!

  42. Leedsgunner

    Only losers look for excuses in the face of defeat. Winners learn from them. Yes, the ref during the Aston Villa was awful but it cannot be denied our defence during that match were all over the place. Please will the AKBs ever man up?

  43. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Ganesh September 5, 2013 08:22:21

    I remember the first and probably only time I went to that site, I thought I had stumbled across long lost scripts for the X-Files.

  44. Moray

    N5, they are just jealous. But we have made the rod for our own back by selling off our best players every year.

    Let’s hope these comments rile the Board and the Manager to use Ozil to kick on to better things.

  45. samsensible

    Ozil is not too good to join the Arsenal that is now starting to earn proper Commercial revenues befitting a top side, and paying £42.5m for a player.

    People are freaked out by this signing. People are genuinely scared. I was chatting to a Liverpool fan (a sober one) and he was determined to press home that this was a lucky accident….that there was no plan in place. I explained to him that everyone knew that Real would shed some players because of Bale and that we would have picked up any of them and when it turned out Ozil was available we got him…

    But hw wanted to keep coming back to the point (like some of the dumber people that post here do) that he wasn’t a “proper” target all summer…

    Well, so what? He’s our player now. He is an Arsenal man. And he is going to hurt you.

  46. samsensible

    i’m sure the Untold guys are nice…but their site isn’t very good.

    But you know what they say: Where there is Untold there is Myles Palmer

  47. WengerEagle

    Woke up this morning and it just hit me what an unbelievable coup Ozil is, we have arguably the best no.10 in world football signed on a 5 year contract! It’s quite difficult to find a quality no.10 these days as all the best are virtually ungettable:

    Cesc- looks to be staying with Barca for another couple of years
    Mata- No way Mourinho would sell Mata to a premiership club
    Hamsik- Fiercely loyal to Napoli
    Silva- City would never sell him
    Isco- Real’s new no.10
    Gotze- Bayern’s new no.10
    Kagawa- Man U would never sell him to us
    Oscar- Chelsea’s new no.10

    Draxler is the only absolute World-class CAM that is still available to buy.

    And we went and signed the best no.10 of the lot! 😀

    Can you imagine if Cesc came home next year though?


    *drools all over keyboard*

  48. samsensible

    Ozil is unquestionably better than Hamsik, Silva, Draxler, Kagawa and Oscar (who is playing more of a CM role these days).

    I would say he is better than Mata and that Isco and Gotze have not reached his heights yet.

    Does Cesc still have it in him to match Ozil??

  49. Oh Theo Theo!

    We need to surround him with quality now. Playing him behind the postman is like combining a lovingly handcrafted, tailored, saville row jacket suit costing £1,000 with a pair of primark jeans costing £2.99 or a pair of paddy power pants (NB)

    We need to show our new superstar that he is among equals, and we have real ambition to kick on.

    Or he will engineer a move as he would basically walk into any team in Europe.

  50. Gunner2301

    For me signing Ozil makes us more likely to secure 4th anything else is a bonus. Had we not got him I doubt we would be competing for 4th. I think Wenger knows this as well.

  51. Gregg


    I guess what your Liverpool mate is struggling to deal with is; Suarez wanted to Join us, Ozil was happy to Join us.

    I love the Sky conspiracy theories, so desperate for Man U to be seen in a good light. They were reporting How Ozil’s camp were hanging on and hanging on for a deal. Then they have an Interview with Khedira who says Ozil told him 3 days earlier where he was going and why.