Striker, keeper and creative coming in – more to come? | Plus big spending Spurs tanked… again

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No one deserves anything in sport or life. But you know what, Arsenal fans deserved a slice of full fat goodness after partaking in a summer of frustration up there with the worst. There’s so much to chat about I can hardly type straight.

Before the game I caught the United game in the pub with a mate, not sure what to make of it. Firstly, United looked lost. Their average squad was exposed yesterday. Ferguson’s masterful skills of management highlighted, it’s like he times his exit perfectly to coincide with the wheels falling off. Moyes looks lost and out of his depth at the moment. Liverpool were marginally better and certainly played with more purpose. A team to watch in the top four tussle this season.

News then started breaking on Twitter, now arguably a better source of news than the newspapers. The rumour was a German, as the afternoon wore on, I found out it was Ozil… with the shocker that was Demba Ba is also a top target, plus this Italian keeper. How am I feeling about this? Well, firstly, 2 of the players are an improvement on the squad, one is a bit of a nothing signing. Ozil is a dream player (20 assists and 9 goals for Madrid last year)… whether many Arsenal fans have sat up late at night tapping F5 thinking, ‘you know what this side needs? A £40m creative player’ is another question’… the replacement for Rosicky? Or the replacement for Cesc? Will he agree terms, as some places are saying he doesn’t fancy it?

Arsene Wenger moves in mysterious ways. Rumours were strong that Di Maria might join the party. Again, super player, not sure he’s a must, but whatever, you don’t say no to top talent.

But, and there are some positive buts…

The Spurs game. What a day. What a game. What a way to sign off the transfer window.

The atmosphere was electric from the off. Our starting eleven was as predicted, or should I say, as forced by the injury gods and their nasty ways. We looked stronger than Spurs and started the game like we were going to own possession and impose our style on a team that was fairly new.

Cazorla had the best chances in the opening 15 minutes. Two free kicks, the first just to the left of the box from a Rosicky foul. Cazorla obviously had a quiet word with Theo and has taken control of the bad freekicks issue. He stepped up, carried his shot over the wall but Lloris matched it and turned wide. His second free kick had a bit of the genius about it… he slid a low driven shot under the jumping wall… it flashed just wide.

Spurs had their chances, Walker ghosted into our area, cut back to Soldado whose shot was blocked by Mertesacker’s chest.

Our goal came on 15 minutes, Rosicky played Theo into the box, his low cross was met at the front post with a smart outside of the boot Giroud finish… what a lovely move. Fast, incisive, devastating.

Rambo showed some serious grit when he battled two spurs players out wide, finished off with a beautifully weighted through ball that Theo rattled at Lloris…

Two other notable incidents from the first half were the Aaron Ramsey spooned shot from 18 yards which was so bad, he cleared 4 seats in club level. There was also the moment Theo was through on goal and he was clearly fouled. Speaking to a mate in the bar later, it was clear everyone in my block was wrong. It was a great save.

Cheers of…

‘He left cause you’re shit, Gareth Bale, he left cause you’re shit!’

… reverberated around the ground…

The  first half didn’t end well, Jack Wilshere plodded off injured. We all feared the worst after his full game in midweek, turns out it was just a precaution. He had the same bout of sh*ts Sagna had. We get that in my office if we share a particularly bad portion of late night deep fried goodness, so I felt his pain.

… on came Flamini. Instant forgiveness for being a beast when he left. He was tearing around the pitch like a lunatic immediately. The passion is still there, the energy is in abundance… he looks like the player we said goodbye to.

Arsenal continued to play their counter attacking style into the second half. I guess the reason we’re allowed to play like this at the moment is because we have a solid defence who can soak up pressure. Mertesacker was excellent all afternoon. He reads the game so well. He’s always in the right place to make a block and his height is such a huge asset to our backline. His partnership with Koscielny really is working well, the Frenchman having another solid game.

The second half was about the saves. The first was from Lloris, Giroud pulled down a long ball with a heavy touch, he rattled off his shot which apparently deflected wide, Lloris scrambled across his goal and turned it wide.

Chezzer continued his good form with a scintillating save from a deflected Townsend shot (you have to forgive me if some of these details are wrong, when stuff goes on down the other end, you can’t see), followed up with the double save moments later. That’s what we haven’t been getting from him over the past few seasons. That’s what we need every week

Giroud looked like he’d picked up an injury at one point, apparently he had a dead leg, Wenger made him stay out. He fought on. Throwing himself in every long ball, shutting down defenders and causing lots of problems. Yesterday really was his best game in an Arsenal shirt. It was capped off by a magical moment down the right when he took on two Spurs players, breezed into the box, cut back to Theo who couldn’t finish.

Something nasty happened to Capoue. Not really sure how much input Cazorla had into it, looked very tame from where we were, but he was stretchered off.

The game was pretty tense in the last five minutes. Every corner was defended as a team, Flamini was barking orders at everyone, that was infectious, Ramsey started shouting at people, it was a real heroes performance in the end. The ref blew up after 90 minutes and everyone stayed behind to cheer the team. I mean seriously, there were more people there after the game than there were at the Fenerbache game. It was even more fun outside the ground. Thousands of people gathered around the Tony Adams statue, singing at it, like he was there with us… so much fun. So nice to see the Gooner community rejoice together, especially heartening as you had tourist fans chanting songs they clearly had no idea about, just joining the fun. Hopefully we’ll have more of that through the year.

So what are my thoughts on the game?

Well, as they were before really. We have the better starting eleven. We had more decisiveness in the final third, our style was more bedded in and we had far more quality in defence. Our counter attacking football really does break fast even though we don’t have a pacey striker. It felt like Spurs controlled the posession, but they never really threatened. I said to a few of the people around me that I don’t fear we’re going to concede these days… I don’t think the team do either. That’s a huge bonus.

Stand out performers for me were Ramsey, Giroud and Mertesacker. They all had tremendous games and they all rose to the challenge of the north London derby.

All the concerns are still there though. Having a great starting 11 is nothing without a squad to back it. There’s a lot of smug being shot the way of Spurs. They spent £120m, therefore they should be competing for the league. Look, I don’t want to piss on anyone’s chips, but a season is a long and winding road. Spurs issues over the past 2 season have centred around falling away when it counts. They now have a squad that can cope with a full season. They have depth. Whether it gels is another question, but they have the bodies we don’t. Outside our starting eleven, we’re struggling to bring people on. When Giroud had a dead leg yesterday, he couldn’t defend from the front which led to a good Spurs attack… if he had a Demba Ba on the bench, he’d have brought him on… he had a Sanogo, so he didn’t make the change.

… on Demba Ba, interesting that he was too similar to Giroud in January, now he’s a good fit. Lots of Gooners who said he wasn’t good enough are going to have to suck it up and get behind him now. I think he’s a good player, looking forward to seeing what he’ll bring, if we do land him, because as with all transfers, nothing is set in stone…

Now, this is the issue. Wenger doesn’t trust half the bench he has now. We’re paper thin squad wise. That doesn’t bite you now, it bites you in December. How do I know this? Because it happens to us nearly every year. If we sign Ba, Ozil and Viviano, we’ve made big strides. Throw in Flamini… and you’d have to say, the chances of us signing Cabaye are probably slim to none, but I’d still like another body in there because the stats quite clearly state we can’t rely on our midfielders for more than 29 games a year. Wenger making snipey comments about fans moaning about him not spending money aren’t off… we don’t care about the money, we care about having a squad. We’ll take Cazorla’s and Koscielny’s all day long. Just get them in and give the boys a chance. Vermaelen will be back after the international break, so I think that tells you there won’t be any more defenders. I just hope that if over the next few hours, a chance crops up to bring in a decent body, we take it… because for me, Eriksen and Sakho look like quality players we’ve missed out on.

Anyway, enjoy transfer deadline day, I’ll be on Twitter most of the day, tune in. It should be fun!

Also. enjoy the pictures below. Especially the video.


Nut case girl with her boyfriend walking in from Arsenal station


Where I sit...Celebrating with Big TCelebrating on his shoulders

Celebrating the win


Celebrating with Big T


Celebrating on his shoulders


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  1. Keyser

    Zacharse – don’t be a rude cunt, be nice, blog of love, not sure who we play next, but I know it’s going to be a long wait.

  2. Gunner2301


    I’ll give Ramsey his due he has worked on his game and is improving. However like I said if you start adding up the percentages below optimum that were giving away over an outfit like Chelsea you see the difference experience gives you.

    For me you can afford to have 2 or 3 players learning their tradein the team any more than that you are compromising the team too much. It’s the same argument Arsene gives for not wanting to buy more than 3 players in a window, but nobody picks him up on a team stocked with learners.

  3. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserSeptember 3, 2013 02:29:14

    You’ve given many opinions over the years,that resembles a dog chasing it’s tail..

    So what ‘s your latest point,based on the latest transfer dealings..?

    A summary of the last 6 years,in light of the current Ozil deal…

    If only,you could have been that consistent from Day 1-Not..?!!

    You are a wind-up mate…

    Why I’m even bothering to reply..???!!

    I’ll tell you why…
    I have a few days off & I’m struggling to sleep…

    So bore me to death,with your marathon session..

    The floor is yours…

  4. Guninurback

    “Plus we can look forward to maybe signing Bender and Suarez next summer.”

    Yeah cuz this squad is still only good for 4th.

  5. Guninurback

    So I kind of went out and totally forgot about the window, so could someone answer me if we got Demba ba or not?

    Or was Viviano and Ozil it?

  6. Keyser

    SDE – Whatever mate.

    Ask me a question, I’ll answer, or just stick to your own word for once and we’ll ignore each other.

  7. Kiyoshi Ito

    until we could re-new those deals, so while we’ve reached the point they wanted we’ve also let real talent move on.

    Right now we’ve got more money but we’re also short of the sort of expensive talent that Ozil embodies.Is that clear enough

    So Keyser ..

    Fellaini went for £27.5 million to Man Utd

    Yet we bid £40,000,001 for Suarez

    Yes we got Ozil for £42.5 million

    But we could not get Higuain for £25 million…

    Gustavo went for how much..?
    Speculation -£10 million +

    But we have
    & the GK on loan

    We have the money,plus the £70 million war chest from last season…

    Also taken into account the Commercials,the TV Money& The CL Money from last year…

    What stopped Arsene going the whole hog this season..?

    What was the excuse this year?


    Ozil Ozil Ozil !!!!
    Oi Oi Oi !!!!!!
    Quality buy that will attract future stars to come !!!
    To those who called us a feeder club, stick this up your arse !!!!!
    The only way from here is up my arsenal brothers and sisters !!!!
    We are one quality striker and defender away from matching it with anyone.
    Looking forward to January now and more importantly to my ozil guernsey 😀

  9. Moray

    Couldn;t resist copying this comment from Red Arsenal or one of these sites

    Bernard OnwuchekwaSeptember 2, 2013 at 7:45 am··Reply →

    I am one the football fans that see football as a beautiful game that should be played without bitterness. Some coaches in EPL are SICK e.g Liverpool COACH. One would have thought that Rogers will call his son to play for Liverpool fc, but he shamelessly went to seek a loon deal from a club in England.

    Even when I do not like the Special One, he is a super matured person. He is a complete gentleman to have allowed Moses to move to LFC, not minding LFC is a contender to the EPL trophy.

  10. Gunner2301


    Cheers. It’s true though but nobody bothers to analyse this.

    When Pedro does his match reports and he gives Jenkinson a 5 or 6 this cannot be the same for a player like Arteta. We’re judging all equally and really Jenkinsons performance will be below par for a while until he’s almost the player he should be. Whilst Arteta should already be that player.

    How many performances of 6 or below did we get from Walcott in his first 5 years? The majority because we carried him and the team suffered for his tuition.

    One of the biggest let downs for me with this whole thing Arsene has done is that he gave players like Fabregas and others early opportunities to become good but the team suffered for the good of that player. We don’t get that back. Well we might do in terms of a fee but its a big hit on the team to support the development of that number of players.

    From my perspective there’s no need for the team to suffer if you bring young ones through gradually like they used to behind a pro. That way you get the best of both worlds with minimum compromise on the team quality.

    In a way were like Ajax trying to pretend we’re not.

    On that note I bid you goodnight.

  11. Keyser

    SDE – “so obviously you appreciate we might be after these high profile players but you temper that against how difficult it would be to attract them to the club.”

    Swiss Ramble said somewhere between 70-100 million this year.

    Ozil 42.5 million, from reports his wages are going to be quite hefty aswell.

    Suarez, 3 years left on his contract, at 2 years he can threaten to buy them out, at 1 year he can do the same but also begin talking to other clubs, Liverpool are in a strong position. At what point do you stop bidding ?

    Higween went for 34.5 million, again 3 years on his contract, and Napoli flush with cash from Cavani were prepared to keep bidding.

    Why do you think we’ve signed Ozil and not these other players ?

  12. Dannyboy


    I just ejaculated everywhere.

    Get your ‘Ozil 11’ shirts ordered as soon as possible lads, just set me back $160 but I don’t give a fuck, cos I got in early so I’ll get the two little dots above the O and the rest of you won’t hehehehehe 😀

  13. sam

    Wenger had not strong intention to buy a striker.
    otherwise he wouldn’t go to chelsea knowing mourinho wouldn’t sell to us.
    Demba Ba is not big deal anyway, maybe its time to unleash Walcott now we bought master of assists.
    anyone we have up front will score

  14. Moray

    I feel bad complaining about signing Ozil, but is it only me that thinks we signed in the ONE position we didn;t really need to strengthen? And Ozil replaces our best player there (Cazorla)…only Arsenal can sign a world class player and leave me thinking it is the strong thing to do.

    For a little more signing Fellaini and Higuan would have strengthened us better throughout the team.

  15. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserSeptember 3, 2013 03:07:08
    SDE – “so obviously you appreciate we might be after these high profile players but you temper that against how difficult it would be to attract them to the club.”Swiss Ramble said somewhere between 70-100 million this year.Ozil 42.5 million, from reports his wages are going to be quite hefty aswell.Suarez, 3 years left on his contract, at 2 years he can threaten to buy them out, at 1 year he can do the same but also begin talking to other clubs, Liverpool are in a strong position. At what point do you stop bidding ?Higween went for 34.5 million, again 3 years on his contract, and Napoli flush with cash from Cavani were prepared to keep bidding.Why do you think we’ve signed Ozil and not these other players ?
    So what about Fellaini..£27.5million,as a starting point?

  16. mk

    Still some Wenger out comments on here.. isnt it time for you to eat some humble pie instead? or i guess you could just keep reminding the rest of us how little you know about football if you like!

  17. Moray

    @mk : an opportunistic signing on the last day of the transfer window in a position we least needed to strengthen does not make up for 8 years of underperformance and overpayment, poor tactics and defending, handing out new contracts to poor quality players, favouritism and cronyism in team selection, overplaying our young players to the point of serious injury because of a failure to strengthen effectively, selling our best player severy summer, buying in low quality replacements on the cheap, and a complete lack of understanding of the modern game and the modern transfer market.

    If you think this was a Wenger signing, think again. Left to Wenger, our squad would be 15 and 16 year old kids. Wenger must go for this team to advance.

    And if you think Ozil joined us for the edification of playing under Wenger, think again. He was frozen out at Real and nobody else was in for him (mainly because they had already spent their cash).

    Wenger out!

  18. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserSeptember 3, 2013 03:07:08
    SDE – “so obviously you appreciate we might be after these high profile players but you temper that against how difficult it would be to attract them to the club.”Swiss Ramble said somewhere between 70-100 million this year.Ozil 42.5 million, from reports his wages are going to be quite hefty aswell.

    So as a starting point £27.5 million for Fellaini

    Fee(if we got him) Spread over 5 years say…£5.5 million per year +£4 million wages(@£90 p/w)

    Ozil £42.5million(spread over 5 years).£8.4 million +wages(average £150k p/w)..£7.2 million

    So transfer fees spread over the length of their respective contract’s for those two is estimated at £13.9 million…

    Still leaves us with about £86 million from the transfer kitty..?

    Given Swiss Rambles estimated spend is b/w £70-£100 million..

    & I’m working from the £100 million figure..

    As wages are seen as part of operating costs…

    So keep going..??

  19. Leedsgunner

    Ozil – statement of intent, magnet for other Real Madrid players and/German and world class players to join us. He has to be the the first of many and I hope to Chapman not a shield/excuse to go to if and when we don’t spend going forward.

    In my mind he is finally a replacement for Fabregas… 2 years late. Let’s hope he stays injury free and is played in his strongest position.

    I hope Wenger remembers how Arshavin was destroyed in part due to his poor poor man management. I hope he is not overplayed… and burnt out.

    Viviano – competition for Chesney

    Most of the Deadwood shifted – wages freed up to bring in more stars.

    Three Profiteers still here
    Bendtner, Diaby, Park still here
    No commanding centre back
    No world class striker.

    Does this mean that Walcott will be now used more as a CF? In Ozil we have a WC assist machine but will Giroud/Walcott/Podolski have it in them to finish into goals? If they do I can see us finally winning against the top three – which will keep us in touching distance of the league leaders for once…

  20. Ganesh

    Although we signed one of the best midfielders of Europe, I’m not sold on that Arsenal side yet. Ozil has assists but you also must consider that it was Ronaldo who was mostly converting them. If Giroud gets injured, then it’s Ozil supplying Sanogo or worse Bendtner. OR Wenger is actually considering Theo as our fourth striker.

    Having said that, the injury list is significant: Vermaelen, Arteta, Diaby, Podolski, Ox. This makes quite a decent bench, although there are some who would still start.

    How Arsenal shape up with Ozil is also yet to be seen. Would they play him out of position? Or play someone else out of position to accommodate him?

    Wenger has acquitted himself after putting all his eggs into the Bale transfer happening, but this is only one important step before many more till we win something. Previously, when we looked good, we were unable to cope with the run-in. So the jury’s still out on the side.

    One thing’s for sure – 4th place is surely not good enough anymore.


  21. Leedsgunner

    As for humble pie toward Wenger – no way…. this was all about Wenger saving his own skin. He knew that without a signing like Ozil he would have been hung out to dry. I hope for his sake that he plays Ozil wisely and not f*** him like Arshavin. Ozil has to be the first of many otherwise he is the world’s most expensive sticking plaster…

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    LeedsgunnerSeptember 3, 2013 03:54:56
    As for humble pie toward Wenger – no way…. this was all about Wenger saving his own skin.

    He knew that without a signing like Ozil he would have been hung out to dry.

    I hope for his sake that he plays Ozil wisely and not f*** him like Arshavin. Ozil has to be the first of many otherwise he is the world’s most expensive sticking plaster…
    “As for humble pie toward Wenger – no way…. this was all about Wenger saving his own skin.

    He knew that without a signing like Ozil he would have been hung out to dry.
    Ozil has to be the first of many otherwise he is the world’s most expensive sticking plaster”

    Summed in your post…

    It is & was all about Arsene..

    The whole SS/IG & AW OUT..!!

  23. mk


    Exactly my point, built stadium, Wenger kept us going for years with younger cheaper players, having to sell top players to pay off our debts and build up enough cash to start competing when new commercial deals and ffp came in.

    He realised we couldn’t compete with Chelsea and City both spending so much over this period and started building a team to begin challenging now, unfortunately rvp wasn’t patient enough but otherwise we now have the best midfield in england and a solid defence along with a core group of young british players who should be around for years to come.

    And Giroud to score 20+ this season.. better player than you seem to think.

    Ozil chose to join us over PSG at least, if you think that part of the reason for that isn’t Wenger and his signings of Mertesacker and Podolski talking us up to him then you need to think a bit more yourself.

  24. Xrysto

    I think we will see Rosicky play RW and Walcott through the middle as plan B. Some if his best games when he first came to us were played there. The 2-1 win at Old Trafford in 08 comes to mind.

  25. Leedsgunner

    On paper we have a good midfield but as long as they avoid the treatment table. A solid defence? Excuse me? Did you see the Aston Villa game? What about Bayern game at him

    We still lack a strong experienced keeper. Begovic or Reina should have been ideal. Case in point? Look at Liverpool – Mignolet has won them all three games as much as Sturridge’s goals. In this I hope Napoli don’t punish us when we play them in Europe. Higuain and Reina should have been Gunners if Wenger was less up his own arse. Now THAT would have been a successful window…

    I hope Giroud comes good because we have no choice. The fact we have no choice is Wenger’s fault. But every title winning team has four recognised strikers – we have one. That is bad management.

    I reckon if Ozil was signed last year with Cazorla RvP would have stayed. What it could have been!

  26. luke

    Think of how much better our chances are at signing other world class players including but not limited to

    Jurgen Klopp
    Joachim Low
    Kroos (if he doesnt get playing time)
    Luis Suarez
    Alexis Sanchez
    El Sharaawy

  27. Leedsgunner

    Has Mata gone to PSG? If so, completely mad – their best player…

    Luke, exactly right. My point exactly. In that list I would love to see Hummels and Suarez… that would be a title contending team IMO.

  28. mk

    Our defence is pretty solid and Villa game was a one off not helped by some terrible refereeing, not just the big decisions but one sided calling of fouls all over the park. It wasn’t a fluke we conceded the second/third? least number of goals last season.

    chez is a decent keeper though not yet as good as mignolet but better than reina was in his last season for Liverpool (and having Italy’s number 2 as backup isn’t bad).

    Yes it would have been nice if we could have got higuain, but there haven’t been all that many available top quality striker options otherwise, and we should certainly look for one in the January window..

  29. Sensible old man

    To the AKBs – it’s still wenger out, we had over two months to get a striker in, and now we have ONE ! I don’t even acknowledge sanogo or bendtner as they are utter shit. I’m
    Pretty sure come January we won’t sign anyone either

  30. Johnty79

    Otzil good player suits our style of play, but why we or man utd didn’t sign Feilani when he was available for 23m united or us didn’t sign him good only knows.

  31. RayGooner

    I’m still confused about Chelsea’s squad of 19 foreign players over the age of 21….
    Can anyone share some light about that?

    I thought you could only register 17 players in that category?

  32. mk

    youv’e seen sanogo play what.. 20 minutes and he is apparently crap? lucky henry got a bit more of a chance than you have given this guy cause he didnt look great when he started either (not that i am saying he will become that good.. just that it is too early to tell)

    just like you were sure we wouldnt sign anyone this transfer window? time to quit it with the wenger out rubbish and get behind the team.. at least wait to see how we go this season with the brilliant ozil, then you can get back to the booing and abusing our own team.

  33. Gregg

    Best signing since Bergkamp. It’s essential now that as a club we move forward and continue investing in quality. Ozil’s words were significant, he joined because of the huge ambition. Well then Arsene & co need to make sure that if that’s what they told him then they deliver on that promise. We needed an extra Striker and so in January we must get one.

  34. luke

    RayGoonerSeptember 3, 2013 06:25:27
    I’m still confused about Chelsea’s squad of 19 foreign players over the age of 21….
    Can anyone share some light about that?I thought you could only register 17 players in that category?

    Pretty sure that if a player is at a club for a specific period of time (I think 4-6 years), he becomes “homegrown”. So, Cech, Mikel, Essein, probably qualify for that.

  35. RayGooner

    It was great to hear all the disappointed United fans calling in to “TalkSport”…..
    All i can say is, that’s how all the Arsenal fans have felt in the last 8 years….

  36. RayGooner


    The player has to play in a british team for 3 years before the year he turns 21 to be called “homegrown” and none of the 19 Chelsea players has done that…

  37. RayGooner

    For example, Diaby, who has played for Arsenal since 2006, still isn’t “homegrown” cause he was 20 when he came to Arsenal.

    Szczesny, on the other hand, who came to Arsenal the same year was only 16, so he is regarded as “homegrown”.

  38. RayGooner

    Not 100% sure about Mikel, cause i think he belonged to Man United before he came to Chelsea, so he might be “homegrown” but that still leaves 1 player too much….

    Though, of course Chelsea must know who is “homegrown” and who is not, otherwise it’s really something to investigate….

  39. Gregg

    Ray Gooner

    This is what I’ve been harping on about all summer in regards to Chelsea & Man City. They are both sailing close to the wind to meet the criteria. I guess we’ll have to see what squads they submit. Mikel would qualify as HG for sure.

  40. luke

    @Ray, somehow Oscar, Eden Hazard, De Bruyne, are U21, and if you subtract all the English CFC players (Terry, Bertrand, Lampard, Cahill, Cole) you get 17 non-homegrown.

  41. bishop

    over 2000 comments
    I said that will surely happen..Thanks to pedro for this platform..The best place to relate with gunners all over the world.

  42. Gregg


    Oscar certainly U-21 still. The other two would have been U-21 at beginning of this year ? I think that’s why they meet it. Still, it gives them a problem in January when you have to re-register your squads, so they won’t get away with it then !

  43. luke

    Is that true Gregg!? That’s brilliant! Looks like English Core isn’t so bad after all. Wtf are Chelski going to do?

    Van Ginkel
    De Bruyne

    3 must go!

  44. Gregg

    Sure is Luke.

    Chelsea just ride from one window to another at the best of times. Mourhino already knows that many of those won’t get much game time so I’m sure he’ll be loaning out De-Bruyne and will be looking to off-load other areas where there over covered.

  45. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘MoraySeptember 3, 2013 03:17:01
    I feel bad complaining about signing Ozil, but is it only me that thinks we signed in the ONE position we didn;t really need to strengthen? And Ozil replaces our best player there (Cazorla)…only Arsenal can sign a world class player and leave me thinking it is the strong thing to do.For a little more signing Fellaini and Higuan would have strengthened us better throughout the team.’

    It’s one way of looking at it certainly.

    Perhaps a more wholesome way is to say that we can have a top talent playing for us, fresh, every game of the season?? Ozil or Cazorla, sometimes both, sometimes one coming on to replace the other?

    Agree with you about where further additions can add to the squad, but this isn’t all bad, you know.

  46. Jeff

    I am absolutely over the moon about Ozil. Can’t jump high enough! We are a force to contend with now even though we are still short one or two but the important thing is that we have changed our philosophy. No longer will we be able to say Arsenal won’t buy big players. That monkey has dramatically been hoisted off our backs and dumped into the nearest skip. Wonderful!

    For me it was always about the ability to compete and though we had the finances, we didn’t have the will. I myself did not think for one minute that we would sign anyone big and I am delighted to have been proven wrong. There are good days ahead of us whatever happens. It took many years but finally we are there!

    As for Wenger, whether he’s been cajoled into this or changed his own mind, I couldn’t give two hoots. The important thing is that it has happened and therefore it will happen again when we need major reinforcements. Excellent news!

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Brilliant signing, only Messi can boast the same amount of assists as Mesut Ozil…

    I do however feel we needed more than that.

    As I said, try to get someone like Blaise Matuidi yesterday, and then even if it was a loan deal for Ba, would be feeling a lot better about the side.

    Obviously if we could have our time again then we could/should have got Ozil, Capoue and Aubemyang.

  48. PhilF

    We still have Nik B in our squad… He says he could be the World’s greatest striker…. So no worries about Giroud getting injured!

  49. Gregg

    It’s phase one of our reinvention.
    I think we do want and need a world class striker, which is why, with no time left, we tried for Ba on loan. There’s no point signing decent player and giving them a 4 year contract if it’s not what you want, so the Ba loan made sense to me.

    The thing is he’s clearly sold the project to Ozil, so he now has to deliver in the upcoming windows.

    Bergkamp-esque signing for me is what Ozil is.

  50. Jeff

    Yes, it all feels like a rebirth of the Arsenal after so many years of repressive, regressive ideology. It’s definitely a major turning point in the club’s history after so many years of yearning and longing for ready-made players.

    Nobody can deny that up and coming players are also part of the whole thing but to completely starve ourselves of big players and even worse selling any that reached that status was criminal. So it is really that change that makes me overjoyed. What a player to start our revolution with! We will quickly run out of superlatives.

  51. Dale de Ruig

    As much as we have Cazorla and Rosicky, Arsene’s football philosophy is based around Technically amazing players expressing themselves. This side is so short of that. Oezil will help get the fluidity back A. when he plays with Caz and B. Too keep consistency when he is out.

  52. Gunnershabz

    It’s brilliant we got ozil but we did need that striker

    Maybe he is going in for luis saurez in jan

    So we need bendtner now he better step up and get his fitness and get some form in

  53. sam

    Exactly dale,

    I wish we added juan mata but chelsea wasn’t going to sell to us
    I also wish we buy striker in january, suarez and benteke won’t be CL tied.

  54. Charlie Boy

    The signing of Ozil is awesome, without doubt – but I can’t help feeling that we should’ve bolstered the squad with at least two more players. Hopefully Arsene has a plan for January with at least one more world-class player (preferably not cup-tied). COYG!

  55. Gunnershabz


    We need to start being amazing am sure this signing would lift the whole place imagine cazorla ozil wilshire Walcott and the improving Ramsey

    We can do damage and we need to speak to bendtner and sort him out make him earn his wage

    I think it made sense he was at palace for 15 mins because he must of got a call we need him

    Nicklaus bendtner does have some potential he needs to sort his attitude out

  56. Dale de Ruig

    As much as everyone, including Wenger, would have wanted a striker. Arsenal have turned the corner with this transfer. The like of Suarez, Rooney etc will be clamouring to play ahead of Cazorla and Oezil. We just need Giroud to hang on until Jan. A gamble, but, Arsenal need more than one window to be right up there squad wise anyway. What we need now, is an often lacking, slice of luck.

  57. Gregg

    Charlie Boy
    To be honest mate it doesn’t matter if anyone we’re in for in January is cup-tied. We can’t win that competition this year. This season is and was always for me, about setting foundations so that next season, with a couple of top class signings, we can really compete. I’m hoping we build on the Ozil signing. I believe he will be the catalyst that will attract others to join. It’s about showing you’re serious about it all and that’s why we must follow it up. We’re clearly interested in the German market so who better to sign than their country’s best player.

  58. Gunnershabz

    The summer is done we just need to support the boys now even including bendtner let’s face it we need him to step up

    Bendtner you got a chance to sort yourself out do a flamini and prove everyone wrong

    Sort your attitude and play some football

  59. andy1886

    Sam, Suarez may not be cup tied for the CL in January but we would still have to be in it….

    Anyway, Liverpool will not sell this season, they have stated as such. Maybe next summer if they don’t make the top 4.

    Arsene has repeatedly said that there is no value in the January window, I don’t believe he will buy a top striker then. The problem is that we brought in Sanogo as our second striker and we should have been aiming higher. If things go well this season we will be playing 60 games, no striker plays 60 games a season, so who will stand in for OG when we need them?

  60. Figoxor

    Some people just need to have a beer and relax. How come you take an outstanding signing as something negative? You don’t deserve to be Arsenal fans. We all thought from the very beginning Arsene was going to sign only Squad players. We, actually got more than what we expected. Ozil serves goals, plenty of them. Any striker would shine with the german wizard assisting him. Any striker would love to play with Cazorla and Ozil.

    What I think, and if I am right, then Wenger moves are starting to make some sense, is that he was not able to bring a better striker than Giroud, atm. Did you really want Demba Ba? Come on, people, hit the f*cking ground. That would’ve been a waste.

    Ozil means hope. And this hope means that we as fans of the best club in the world have to stop playing the God game need to reunite, give away our selfish wishes and start suporting our team in unity.

    Flamini has been praised by few (including me), Sanogo has been taken as a useless piece, and now this about Ozil. Do you really care about this club? Things didn’t go as bad as we thought. We needed a striker, certainly (we do need one). We also needed a decent backup defender, yes. But we weren’t going to get anything better than Giroud. Some of those who said no will change their mind with Ozil as a Gunner. I will give Wenger a chance to compliment his signings in January. As much as I hate him, this time he did a right move. Think it over in a possitive way and you’ll agree.

    Stop complaining, things won’t change and now the the cards are on the table we need to smile and bet. Move on. Good things will happen.

  61. Gunnershabz

    Now if we perform and prove doubters wrong at least till January see where we are then I think we can buy luis saurez

    Liverpool will sell especially if we smash it in the champions league and premiership

    It make his head turn and take notice especially we got mesut ozil

  62. Gregg

    There are several options up front. Podolski and Walcott. Ok they may not have convinced but then you have to see that with the Ozil signing it gives us a new dimension. Opposition defenders will think they’re on a merry-go-round that they cannot get off. I can see Walcott having a field day in front of goal this season with Ozil & Cazorla & Rosicky moving the ball about at pace, slipping through balls in to him. Don’t be surprised to see him used centrally more this year.

  63. El Tel

    Although Flamini is no Fellaini I think you will agree Flamini as DM with Ozil orchestrating the midfield is far better. Also if inengets injured the other component is still in place.

    I was a bit fed up with the Flamini signing but seeing his agression and leadership qualities in the NLD opened my eyes of what to expect.

    I also noted Flamini integrating with his old Pal Rosicky and getting it on with Cazorla and Ramsey.

    Things can only get better.

  64. Hitman49

    I wish I shared all this positivity,

    So frenchie gets another 4 yrs contract,and you all think we’ve turned a corner ! Really ! Really !

    I’m sure we’ll see as this paper thin piss take is about to be put to the test….a 4 yr test I do hope your all happy I’m not


  65. Gunnershabz

    Flamini could be a difference maker this season

    Lets just get our injured players back the verminator back fit and in form

    Midfield we are covered

    We will see wenger closing games out with our full backs


    Park chu young

    All these guys need to step up

  66. Figoxor

    You’re becoming the haters you hate… Things won’t last forever, this is a step up. Wanna take it badly? Go and support the scums…

    Back to bussiness. Ramsey made some great tackles in the NLD. I’m sure he’ll learn a lot from the flam. We have the best midfield in the EPL, including the bench. Giroud and Walcott will bang them, I am sure. Walcott is taking his game more seriously, you can notice his commitment in the last matches. Things will only get better. All we need is luck. I mean, love.

  67. Paddy got up

    God some of you people are so easy to mug off.
    Ozil good player and all that but bought to save Wengers arse that’s all. And why did he choose us? I’ll tell you .. Because its piss easy to leave when you want to and London life, and the medical staff are muppets if you want to throw a sucky for a month or 2.

    Even the announcement was drip fed and included all the stooges names in it. Even The Syrip!!

    Changes nothing
    The lot out

  68. wenker-wanger

    @mk….can you enlighten us as to what wenger has done right in the past 5 years?. WENGER OUT….and i do know a lot about football. Humble pie! ha after 1 game where the players motivated themselves for the biggest match of the season (in many respects). WENGER OUT…

  69. Moray

    I wonder what the terms of the Ozil payment are? Perhaps we could pay the bastards in one cent pieces?

    @Rhys, It will be the Marti Feldman AND Keith Harris show…I think Cazorla will have to shift out to the left, so they can definitely both play together. Just not sure who is going to be knocking in all these assists…I don;t rate Giroud, Sanogo or Theo to fill that position.

    And if Theo continues to take our free kicks now we have Cazorla and Ozil there, I will kill someone.

  70. Figoxor

    Ozil a good player? hilarious…

    We bought the 2nd best player from Madrid. That is not a usual thing. It’s useless to try to make a point when people are deceived by their very own and selfish expectations. Time will tell. I won’t post anymore as there seems to be a war between AKBs and Wenger haters, and you are just forgetting the most important thing: ARSENAL

    Victoria Concordia Crescit!

  71. Zacharse

    i am rarely one to defend arsene, but this signing was him and him alone

    read what ozil has to say about it

    let’s see what happens, any more players on the quality of ozil coming into the squad in jan/summer will have a quick bed-in. our squad is primed. other squads are trying to decide who their starters are. sure i’d rather have a whole wardrobe of big names to choose from but then i’d be a man city fan wouldn’t i

  72. Zacharse

    hopefully wenger will keep buying players like ozil if its all it takes to save his ass


    really? really? let’s make life as hard as possible for arsene until he buys someone like Ozil.

    Oh wait. we did.

  73. MarsBar


    What a signing. Big positive signing. Whoever it was Wenger or IG doing that. What a statement to make. Massive positive.

    As someone said on the Bergkamp esque statement signing.

    Slightly hoped we may have had maybe a striker or a winger due to the Injuries we have.

    But that team does look stronger with his name in it u unreal.

    Once this intnational bollocks is over hopefully we can kick on. Maybe the idea of more sales in Jan were thrown in and also who may be in charge next year also depending how Wenger does.

    Our first 11 I believe will rival anyone this year…. Just our bench with injuries I hope will not fuck us up!

  74. wenker-wanger

    ozil for me is a great player….its probably a shame that we havent a great striker to finish off the likely hatful of half chances that he and cazorla will make.
    A striker was the most needed player and for me another defender.
    Ozil may be just enough to win wenger his 4th place trophy…..if things are looking shaky by january, wenger will buy again to secure that spot……thats what the money is for…insurance for 4th, and no need to overspend to get 3rd or 2nd…..what would that reap financially?

  75. MarsBar

    That looks quality. If we can keep em all fit then were solid in the middle a nice mixture of pace,flair technique and the tenacity of Ramsey and Flamini.

    Row icky on the wing, Walcott through the middle on away games.

    Arteta/Wilshere/Flamini. Ramsey.

    Walcott. Cazorla


    Finally positive for a long time what a fucking week football can do!!

  76. Gregg

    Lets hope everyone comes back un-scathed from International duty. Nice baptism of fire for Ozil, away to Sunderland !

    Vermalen should be fit after the International break and Arteta a couple of weeks after that.

  77. andy1886

    Fig, Demba Bar would have been a loan, not a replacement but a back up for one year. Instead we now have Sanogo and possibly Bendtner if he can be bothered. In those circumstances, yes, I would have taken Ba.

    Great to have Ozil on board but OG will not play 60 games a season, Theo is not best suited to playing up front on his own and Sanogo is clearly no where near ready. So Ba would have been an excellent stop gap.

  78. Jeff

    Rich, it’s me. Not frapped. You see, whatever happens now, with or without Wenger and whatever other shortcomings we have, the club has made a complete U turn from a road that was leading us to hell. That’s why I’m happy.

    Does it mean we’ll win the league? No, of course not! Does it mean we’ll win the CL? No it doesn’t! But what it means is that the future is bright and above all we can now compete not only in the market but also on the pitch.

    You have no idea how dark was the road we were on and therefore any deviation from it is welcomed. I’m not naive enough to think all our problems are solved but it is a start. From acorns, huge oak trees grow!

  79. samsensible

    Morning all. What a lovely day. Brightened even more by Jeff’s comments. That was very big of you sir.

    I do love some of the more stubborn Haters though…

    “We will never ever ever sign a big players, we won’t spend a penny”

    Arsenal sign Ozil, one of the very best players in the world.

    “That was just to save Wenger’s skin!!!! It doesn’t count!”

    True insanity.

  80. Northbanker

    shame we didnt get a striker too but give me Ozil anyday to Ba. We may already be vstocked with midfielders but this releases Cazorla and Rosicky to play wide Walcott as another central striker
    Imagine Ozil and Cazorla stroking the ball to each other!!

  81. miki dora

    Don’t get me wrong the signing is amazing. But we backed it up with what? A backup keeper.

    And what if Giroud is injured?
    Mert? Kos?

    We should of been in there pre season for Bergovic and Martinez. It’s so fucking annoying.

  82. MadeToLoveMagic

    ozil said “it is clear from our negotiations this club have ambition”

    ok so either we are bullshitting him, or we have turned a corner and will start to spend it up in the coming transfer windows,

    shame we didnt say this to Van persie, , , ,

  83. Barton

    I wonder if we had spent £10m on Flamini people would still be bitching?

    We’ve signed a WC ACM, Now have a proper DM to compliment the 2 holders.

    We have cover for the wings in Carzola (being his natural position).

    I’ve been critical of the club this summer but fact is its time to support the club or fuck off basically.

    Form club of the calender year, won 4 in a row, signed WC player. Things are looking up imo.

  84. samsensible

    Jeff’s overall point is significant. It’s not just the quality of the player we signed, it’s what it signifies. This is probably the most un-Kroenke thing that has ever happened at any of his sports clubs. My great fear was that Stan would stifle us and that we would not be allowed to spend to compete…as per his other clubs…

    Well this is a huge huge signal that Arsenal are serious about competing. In that regard Pedro was right.

    WE could and should have done more this window, i am worried that we didn’t recruit a striker but the very fact that we have spent this much money on one player is massively significant and suggests the club has been working towards this summer for years.

    We would not have paid £42.5m for Messi last summer. The recent increase in the club’s revenues are being put to good use.

  85. Leedsgunner

    One man doesn’t make a team… and I really hope we don’t become a one man team like we were under Henry, Fabregas, and RvP. But there is no denying it, this is a statement of intent… and puts AFC on the map for all the right reasons.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who found last year intensely painful as a Gooner but if there is a “positive” to bring out of last year and the past three games it is this. It is the fact that the boys seem to be pulling together and playing as a team. This team ethic is going to be crucial if we are going to challenge for a trophy this season.

    Let’s bring in a similar quality defender and a striker in January, and things will become really interesting.

  86. samsensible

    great article by Amy Lawrence in The Guardian today.

    Even Myles Palmer is readable.

    the overriding feeling among mentally stable Arsenal fans is joy…mixed with a hint of concern…

    I wonder how many fans all over Europe are waking up without that feeling of concern…not many I wager…

  87. Mo

    Obviously delighted, but as others have said, I think further additions in January will really make the difference to us being genuine contenders or not. Regardless, the signing of Ozil is a huge change in Arsenal’s stance and and does at least show some serious ambition for the future.

  88. sam

    Matt September 3, 2013 09:18:29

    Does anyone know any good strikers who are free agents

    Chuba akpom!

    Wenger needs to stop wasting time with Sanogo and Bendtner
    age doesn’t matter to him anyway.
    with cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere feeding him he will find the net.

  89. samsensible

    Cheers Barton. Good read. United coming in for him was my big fear.

    Can’t believe they let us have him. I think they are in trouble this season.

  90. Barton


    I do too, Fergie was worth 10-15 points a year imo.

    Obvious issues at old trafford, RVP’s attitude shows that and Fellaini isn’t the player they need imo,

    If we finish in the top 2 and above Utd it would be a real building block for next season.

  91. Carts

    Can’t help but think Wenger decided to cut a massive corner but not signing a forward, and now have us think that Podolski, Theo, Sanogo and Bendtner will suffice.

    Ozil is a big player, and a massive signing. However, not bring in another established forward is nothing more than criminal; inexcusable; and very very naive.

    Lets hope this international break doesn’t cripple our squad even further.

    Ahead with the season it is.


  92. kc

    All the Akb’s out looking for vindication for their Lord and Savior. But I thought we made stars, not bought them?! I’m over the moon about Ozil, but we still didn’t strengthen in the positions that needed it most. Honestly stunned we didn’t sign a Striker.

  93. LeMassiveCoq


    Your right mate one man doesnt make a team. But this one man makes the team better. Much better.

    With an attack of:




    We should do ok (Top4, Last 8 of CL? Maybe, Domestic cup?), but we wont be challenging for major honours.

    The one glaring weak link is YS. Sorry Arsene, but even you know he’s not ready, by a mile.

    If we can hold out till Jan with Giroud or Walcott/Podolski, holding the front line, we need to be in the market for a top qualidee striker.

    Why this bunch of incompetent cunts couldn’t buy a striker in 3 months is beyond all of us, but fuck it I’m willing to get behind this team.

    We have a glimmer of hope with Ozil, the money we spent on him, and a potential change in the archaic wage structure, that things may be on the up.

  94. TightArseNal

    I am hopping back on the fence. #WengerInForNow. Like many here, I have been convinced that we need a change of manager (would still love new owners and a new board). But the main problem I have was with the overall policy of not willing to pay market prices for player transfers and salaries. Is it too little too late? Yes for this year. No trophy for sure. But this move for Ozil gives me hope that Arsenal have finally sling shot past the dark side and are on our way back. I love Wenger’s style of play and with a better squad I have belief that he can deliver us trophies. The ingredients still need improvement, but the recipe is good. I have always felt getting rid of Wenger is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But he seemed to be leaving us with no other choice. I had joined the #WengerOut crowd since we started selling to Man City and then buying from the discount isle. But, now I am back on the fence. On condition that we continue to strengthen our squad with top players (I mean Suarez/Bender/Rues, and NOT Soldado), then I would like to see if this once great manager can take us back to regular fighters for BPL/FA cup and regular semi finalists/finalists of UCL. Have a great day fellow Gooners. Hoping for many more like today.

  95. KJafc

    “I do love some of the more stubborn Haters though… “We will never ever ever sign a big players, we won’t spend a penny”

    Arsenal sign Ozil, one of the very best players in the world. “That was just to save Wenger’s skin!!!! It doesn’t count!”

    True insanity.”

    You are absolutely spot on. However, not everyone is what they appear to be on here. Lots of ‘pretend’ Gooners that have been caught out but still come back to gee the haters up. Others are plastic fans, only the other day we heard from one disgruntled fan who claimed he could no longer support Arsenal and was off to follow Liverpool. Another couple said they hoped we lost the NLD to send a message? Seriously, these people call themselves fans? Now we have those unhappy to have been proved wrong picking holes in the Ozil deal, a player who PSG offered far more money for but joined us because he wanted to play for Wenger. Be happy for heavens sake, this is what you have been screaming for a major, major signing but when it happens, you still moan. What kind of a fan are you? More concerned about being wrong then what has happened for Arsenal. Utterly selfish, not interested in the club or fellow fans, it is all about you.

    Look, up until now the only clubs paying obscene amounts of money on players were those financially doped by Oligarchs or those up to their eyes in debt. Like it or not, we built the stadium and built for the future. We have just shown that we can not only attract the top players, like Ozil, but can compete with anyone.

    This is the start of the rise of the Arsenal into the dominant force. I believe this is a massive statement of intent and will have ramifications. Whether you believe this or not is open to debate of course.

    Let stop the hate. Stop this ridiculous AKB name calling. Stop calling fellow fans the ‘c’ word for daring to disagree with your repetitive slagging off of the club. Stop booing players and club officials.

    Get behind this club. It is time we stuck it up the media and stop feeding them. Stick together, buckle up and enjoy the ride. The next few years will be pay back time. And we may not just be signing stars, we may be collecting them on the front of our shirts.