Arsenal have a better 11 than Spurs | Dithering to end of the worst window ever…

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Yeah, it’s a massive, massive day today for Gooners and Spurs fans up and down the land… the biggest and best game on the planet if you ask me. Blood, guts, thunder, goals, sendings off, over passion spilling out all over the place. It’s a crazy match and for me, it makes the season ticket worth levelling out for every year.

So how is going to go?

Well, let’s get the platitudes out right now… Spurs have aced the summer. They’re about to announce the loss of their best player later on this afternoon, but what they’ve already done is spent the incoming money on £110m worth of talent. How that talent gels and beds in is a different question. But the point is, from a fan perspective, they’ve pulled a masterstroke. They’ve injected energy and goals into their team…. and most importantly, they now have a squad. Last season they tailed off during the back end of the season… this year, things might be different.

AVB is a very smart manager. He is ultra prepared, he has a great approach to scouting and he’ll give his players the extra ten percent preparation Arsene Wenger doesn’t give his. A massive a$$hole according to those in game… but he’s a Spurs manager, what do you expect?

So where is our advantage today? After all, we’re the team that’s finished above Spurs for the each of the last 400 seasons. Well, however you look at the starting elevens today, it’s quite clear that Arsenal have the best line up.

Defence – Arsenal

Two France starters, one German starter, England international

Defence – Spurs

England 4th choice, Belgian starter, England nobody x 2

Midfield – Arsenal

Ex-Wales Captain, England starter, Czech Captain

Midfield Spurs

French squad player, Brazilian starter, Brazilian squad player

… and here is the interesting part.

Up top for Arsenal is Theo, Cazorla and Giroud.

For Spurs last  year it was Lennon, Bale and Ade… this year it’ll be Soldado, Chadli and Townsend.

They have a weaker front three today. Which is excellent for us because we’ve a pretty solid defence. I don’t know what the score will be, it’ll be hard to predict how we’ll play. What we do know is Arsenal are in pretty good form. Ramsey is running the midfield like a captain, Jack Wilshere will be fired up and hopefully he’ll raise his game… and Rosicky is a beast. Nice that AVB said he’s been our best player over the past two years… I think he’s bang on. In the spurts of playing time he’s landed, he’s been excellent.

So, point is today, it’s not about the summer. My Spurs pals were saying yesterday that this game doesn’t tell you anything. If they lose, we’ll rip them for spending £100m badly… ignoring the fact it takes a while to bed players in. A select group of Arsenal fans will no doubt tweet me to gloat that Wenger has got his squad prep right this year. If they win, Arsenal fans will just point out the expenditure.

If we lose today… what I do know is this. Arsene Wenger will not have an easy ride. By not spending and showing himself up in the window this summer, he’s effectively cut away any slack he had with the fans. He has nothing in reserve. When it goes wrong, we’ll be on him, straight away. Why? Because he’s shown utter incompetence this summer. Which, really, in the long run, might be a good thing. Why? Because he’s not the man to kick us on to great things. If he’d spent £100m, chances are, he’d have done it badly going on his last 5 seasons work. How he’s operated this summer has been a perfect demonstration of why he’s not the man to take us forward… but remember, Arsene isn’t the right man for more reasons than just the transfers.

3 weeks ago Arsene Wenger came out and said he would sign three of four players (I can’t find the quote, but I’m sure he said maybe four).

Today, on the eve of the transfer window shutting, he’s banging the ‘quality players’ drum. From what I’ve been told, there’s very little noise going on at the training ground with regards to signings. So he’s heading into the final day of the transfer window with an open mind and a blank cheque book. No planning, because you can’t plan when you don’t know who you’re going to buy. This is an interesting window because teams have never been this broke before. This is the point when the accountants at clubs around Europe bang their fists on the CEOs tables and insisting they need to raise XX amount of cash because team buses can’t be paid for… so expect a flurry of movement.

… but don’t expect it to be planned. So don’t expect to be blown away.

I still find it incredible that we’re in the situation. The Lukas story is a nightmare for all involved. I’m not a massive fan of his, but he’s a £100k a week player. He’s out for 10 weeks (£1m in lost wages)… but that was when I thought he was a grade two tear. He’s a grade three, which means 10 weeks is ambitious. Don’t expect to see him until Christmas. Arsene knows this as well. Chambo is out until around Novemeber. We have no one in back up to replace those names. We’re running a serious risk of having to play teenagers. Absolutely mad that Arsene doesn’t want to bring in players. Even madder? That he said this…

“There is a technical risk when you buy more than three players because you unbalance a bit the stability of your squad.”

First things first, selling 30 players upsets the stability of the squad. On the face of it, he’s right. Arsenal have a certain style of playing, which, with an additional 6 starters, could be upset. If football is about split second decisions, and you don’t know where to run because you’re not attuned to the synconisastion of the squad, you’re off the pace. However, let’s go back to Arsene Wenger’s two best seasons 1997/98 and 2001/02. I’m pretty sure he signed 5 players in the 1997 summer… Marc Overmars being the major player, Alberto Mendez and Boa Morte being the not so pretty signings. I think Petit and one other, but I can’t remember specifically. Anyway, we smashed the league. Only two of the signed players were main stays in the team. But it didn’t disrupt anything. It gave us extra legs where we’d lost out the season before.

2001/02 summer we signed 5 players, Gio, Wright, Jeffers, Kolo and Tavlaridis… and we went on to win the double. The season before that, we signed a whopping 10 players! So this idea that signing players doesn’t work is a new Arsene Wenger theory that coincides pretty well with him not winning anything. We need legs, bodies and fresh faces in the dressing room.

… anyway, important thing to note is that the players don’t understand the stance, the backroom team know the facts and can’t understand… and Ivan Gazidis is all too aware of the issues.

So why doesn’t something happen? By hanging Arsene out to dry, the club and fans are being hung out to dry. A weird old strategy.

Anyway. Let’s enjoy the game today and hopefully some magic will happen this evening on the transfer front. Rememeber, so far, Arsene has been offered 4500 players (50 a day, pretty much the entirety of the licensed players in Europe) and he hasn’t seen one that takes his fancy… hopefully tonight will be different.

Have a magic day people…

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  1. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicSeptember 1, 2013 22:49:46
    feeling a little more happy tonight ito? i am

    Yes & if WC signings come into tomorrow..Even happier!!

  2. Gunnershabz

    Wenger domino effect

    Sign ozil then others will follow

    Angel di Maria would be excellent

    Wenger wanted both before they joined Real Madrid

    Maybe luis saurez or Torres

    No point having demba ba

  3. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Just happy this place isn’t soo miserable.

    Lol I’m not holding out any hope, it happens, it happens, it doesn’t I’m going to go find a hobby for the next couple of weeks, wasted too much of this summer.

  4. DUIFG

    Striker is a must, Torres is pretty shot though. Surely has to be a better alternative. Hope it’s no more than a loan if we are in for him.

  5. vicky

    Kiyoshi Ito September 1, 2013 22:50:19

    If Ozil comes,does that mean Theo no longer takes corner kicks & free kicks..?

    I hope so…!!

    He should not take them anyway.

  6. Honest Bill

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If he actually signs, then you can all celebrate. We’ve heard all this before with other players that didn’t sign for us in the end.

  7. Phallusaurus

    Kiyoshi ItoSeptember 1, 2013 22:50:19
    If Ozil comes,does that mean Theo no longer takes corner kicks & free kicks..?I hope so…!!


    Exactly what I was thinking, what the fuck’s with Theo taking them nowadays!?

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    DUIFGSeptember 1, 2013 22:54:49
    Striker is a must, Torres is pretty shot though. Surely has to be a better alternative. Hope it’s no more than a loan if we are in for him.
    He might not be the Torres of old…But he still has a few tools in his locker..

    He can link up play,can cross..He just needs to be loved a lot more..

    Either way,he is still far & away better than our current front striker options..

    I would snap your right hand off for him,if Benzema / Suarez fail to materialise..

  9. telarse

    Surely Rooney saw the signs today that Man U are not going to be the force they were?
    If we don’t get him then he could go to Chelsea and free up Mata.
    Suarez in the doghouse for his recent transgressions and Liverpool are finding there is life after Suarez.

    These would be my preferences due to their proven experience and points to prove if dumped.

    Always liked Torres and would love him along with 1 of the above.

    Would Man U, Liverpool or Chelsea would take Theo as part payment?

  10. vicky

    I would prefer Michu to Torres If both come in the same price range.

    Michu is massively underrated in my opinion. He will suit our style of play.

  11. Samir


    With them two of:
    Rooney/Suarez/Ba/Torres (All prem proven)
    Di Maria/Draxler/Mata

    Surely we’d compete…No more Wenger out’s. Everyone is happy!

  12. DUIFG

    Ito – still has some quality scored nice one fri, goal against us last yr was good too. He’s Ben hooked off so many times though makes me think he really isn’t anything like the Torres of old. Quite poor that in an entire summer only striker we can find is torred

  13. telarse

    Arsenal 1886-2006September 1, 2013 22:45:46
    Chez and Dave?????????????

  14. DUIFG

    Like Michu as well, agree he would fit our style perfect. Would be a lot more expensive than Torres. Can’t imagine would cost more than about 12 m torres

  15. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickySeptember 1, 2013 23:01:38
    I would prefer Michu to Torres If both come in the same price range.Michu is massively underrated in my opinion. He will suit our style of play.

    Rightly so..& I hear you..

    But you can’t buy that type of experience Torres has..

    WC & Euro Winner..EPL,CL & Europa Cup Winner..

    That kind of experience & mentality we need in the team..

    We need super WC players,with that experience & know-how in the team..

    We can add Michu next season….

    The imperative is ready made players,with know-how in big games..

  16. Ulstersaysarse

    Regardless of our summer frustrations, after today surely any true Arsenal fan will realise how good we have it, 11 Spartans on the pitch & by 2301 tomorrow who knows how much better we might look. Love this club!

  17. Voetstoots

    Ash79 – corresponds with my experience, thanks. Ended up next to the one doctor (fan) at halftime who said it was not looking good… Sad.

    El Tel – indeed. This win is for him.


  18. Arsenal 1886-2006


    He seems to be pretty musical and doesn’t take himself to seriously like bendy did, he also made some good saves today that clinched the points.

  19. Phallusaurus

    Actually DUIFG I think the Chavs will be looking for quite a bit more than a mere £12M return on their £50M bad investment. That’s why a loan makes more sense.

  20. Carts


    Was this always Wenger’s plan?

    Did the reaction after the Villa game play a part?

    Are certain board members finally pushing Wenger’s hand?

    What question best describes the goings on of the last 2 hour a la Ozil

  21. DUIFG

    Ye we need a guy up top, Sangio is not the one!torres on loan as panic buys go isn’t the worst thing in the world I suppose. It’s no santos

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    Wengers Plastic BottleSeptember 1, 2013 22:59:11
    Got a funny feeling Ba be coming on loanI’ll take him.
    I would have taken Ba in the Jan 2013 transfer window ..

    Now with the money we have…We should aim higher!!

    Besides Arsene owes us,after a very poor summer transfer window & so does Gazidis..

  23. Phallusaurus

    Have we got rid of that cunt Bendtner yet by the way? All this talk of a top striker yet that cunt ox is possibly still lerking around the place.

  24. Voetstoots

    Great to experience the positive vibes inside Emirates today.

    Great to see so much positive vibes on this website tonight.

    Great to have a transfer day (and rest of season) to look forward to.

    Great to be alive…

    Good night, fellow Gooners.

  25. LeMassiveCoq

    Fuck it. I’m jizzing my keks about ozil…but we need a striker and a winger too. And another couple of squad players. GK and cb.

    Condolences to the gooner who died today. Went out the best way possible pal.

  26. Kiyoshi Ito

    PhallusaurusSeptember 1, 2013 22:57:06

    Probably had it written into his contract,when signing for £100k in Jan 2013 & Arsene bent over like a bendy stick..

    I suppose,he did not want to kill Theo’s aspirations to be the next Henry??!!

  27. Rockypires

    Torres for me. He is just about to hit form of old imagine theo pace making space for him. Santi and ozil through passes. Ramsey from deep. Bet you see the very best of him plus the form of giroud.

    We would have some squad

  28. vicky


    To be honest,I would be reasonably happy with either of them.

    The thing about Torres is that he has still got all the tools in his box except the most important one for a striker : INSTINCT.

    Whenever I see him play,I think he needs just that one moment which will change everything for him. That one moment of magic,that one moment of self belief which will transform him again. But sadly,that moment never comes. I can’t quite explain it.

    As you said,he has that experience that we need. And also he contributes in other ways than goals. He will be a good addition. But yeah,Michu has more spark in him than Torres albeit less experience. But you also got to consider that for a relatively inexperienced player,Michu is very calm and composed in front of goals and does not look under pressure even in big matches.

  29. Zacharse


    ya torres sucks. never scores in big games. never won anything. sold for 50m.
    total nobody. no confidence, no instinct.

  30. Rockypires

    Who have Lyon got. They failed to qualify for champions league so other than Maximo Gonzales who we probably have covered in Ramsey arteta flamini Who else could we sign off them Any good cb s lovers at sothpton looked good

  31. vicky

    Wasn’t RDM sacked because he dared to drop Torres against the wishes of Abrahmovic ??

    Mourinho would be better of not taking a similar risk by selling/loaning him to us 🙂

  32. follow the money

    Ozil has apparently already turned down PSG. Utd are still in the mix. If they steal him away from us I will lose it. That cannot be allowed to happen, especially after RVP. Utd are offloading Kagawa so I could see them sticking their nose in and trying to steal Ozil.

  33. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickySeptember 1, 2013 23:21:36

    True Michu is a talent..A very composed player..

    But I personally want WC players in that team now…

    Guys fit for purpose..Not being eased in & having to adapt..

    I’m looking at CL Games..Michu is rather untested in this area..

    When you have kids like Ramsey ,Theo,Chambo et al..
    Needing an old experienced head to show them the way,or to pull something out of the locker..

    I’d go with Torres,over Michu any day..

    As I said,we can add Michu at a later day..

    Easier to play with WC players in your side,than to play alongside kids..

  34. Phallusaurus

    Probably right Kiyoshi, just the kind of shocking shit Arsene would sanction. You’dve thought Rosicky could at least hit a free kick & Santi the corners but no, he let’s the greyhound take them. Don’t have the stats from set pieces but I dare say they’d be pretty shite as a result.

  35. salparadisenyc

    If Wenger pays the same wage for Ozil I think well pull it over UTD, giving us the German triumvirate. Moyes does not inspire a new generation.

    How about AVB’s presser in the Arsenal pr room; finalizing the Bale move. He looked knackered, not having his planned moment come to fruition off a NLD victory.


  36. Phallusaurus

    follow the moneySeptember 1, 2013 23:26:36
    Utd are offloading Kagawa so I could see them sticking their nose in and trying to steal Ozil.


    Indeed, and after what just happened with Willian you wouldn’t put it past our shower of shite to fuck things up either.

  37. vicky

    Any CAM worth his salt would not want to play under Moyes. That guy does not understand what creativity is.

    He picks Cleverley and Giggs over Kagawa. What an idiot !!!!

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    PhallusaurusSeptember 1, 2013 23:31:56
    Probably right Kiyoshi, just the kind of shocking shit Arsene would sanction. You’dve thought Rosicky could at least hit a free kick & Santi the corners but no, he let’s the greyhound take them. Don’t have the stats from set pieces but I dare say they’d be pretty shite as a result.

    Don’t think,you need the stats for Theo’s corner kicks,or free kicks..

    Just watching them,he is piss poor..To put it politely..

    I bet GK’s in the opposition team,must be shitting & pissing their pants,when Theo steps up to take one of his Beckhamesque/Ronaldinhoesque type free kicks..!!

    “Oh no,it’s Theo stepping up…My underpants are soiled & there’s a lil’ trickle down the side of my leg..”

  39. Sirchips

    So theres two players negotiating terms in London tonight.

    One is Ozil, who is the other?

    It wont be loan deals as they wont take all night, they will be the least of the problems.

    Who is the other player? Must be a big name if it is taking that long?

    Anyone spotted Rooney today? 😉

  40. RayGooner

    Mertesacker & Özil are great palls (after their years together in Werder Bremen), Per would have adviced Mesut to sign for us over Man United!

  41. Sirchips


    Thats a loan deal and would not be done through the night in a hotel, i would imagine that one is already done and dusted. His medical is booked for tomorrow

  42. DaveB666

    Just watched MOTD2 and I have to say Michu looked fantastic – he played behind Bony but was excellent holding the ball up – laying off and being incredibly unselfish for the team.

    Imagine him with Wilshere/Ramsey/Carzola/Ozil

    Cant fathom Wengers reluctance to spend early but if it works then superb!


  43. Kempster

    I am preparing myself a big old pair of bug eyes in the hope this goes thru.

    I’ll be v happy BUT….

    No-one give it the “we told you so” please if there’s some mega-impressive spree tmrw. Arsene could sign Jesus H Christ on a Fucking Bike himself (97 assists last season, parted the defence like the Red Sea) and you’d still have to point out the lack of planning and foresight involved. It’s panic buying whichever way you look at it, the mad fucker doth protest waaaaay too much on that score.

    Still, I love old bug eyes.

    Have to agree, I think we could make Torres look good again.

  44. RayGooner

    I hurt my back today when i jumped up from the sofa cheering when Arsenal scored, so i have to stay in bed all day tomorrow….

    It doesn’t matter that much as i would have probably just stayed home anyway and listen to “TalkSport” all day…..

    It will be interesting to say the least…..

    My hopes is Viviano (on loan), Özil, Williams, Torres (on loan) and Mata!

  45. vicky

    WengerEagle September 1, 2013 23:57:41

    El Shaarawry anyone?

    Don’t think we can get a better Left winger than him and we need one at the moment. Reportedly,he was not in the Milan squad yesterday.

  46. DaveB666

    Mata is a strange one – lets face it last year a lot of people had him as player of the Prem but for whatever reason it is obvious that Jose does not like him.

    Whether that convertd into him being allowed to leave for a rival is yet to be seen.

    Nevertheless I am sure he would be welcomed at London Colney with open arms – maybe even a parking space

  47. Gunnershabz

    El sharawy was in the squad for today game with Cagliari apparently the coach excuse was he did not find in the Milan system in today’s game

    Don’t know if he came on though as a sub

  48. WengerEagle


    Agree, would only put Draxler on par with him for wingers we could buy at the minute. He would probably go for cheaper than Draxler as well. Either would be orgasmic as they are only 19 and 20 respectively. They will be on Gotze/Hazard/Isco/Neymar’s level within the next year IMO. Now is the time to act

  49. Tomtom

    Watched Ozil play in dublin for Germany a few months back and I remember thinking during the game that this guy is a fantastic player that moves the ball with great intelligence and speed. I’d love if we signed him but we need three other additions or else I’d feel sorry for Ozil playing in our current side.

  50. WengerEagle

    City have bought no-where near as well as PSG have it must be said.

    Negredo(looks average)
    Fernandinho(looks average)
    Santa Cruz

    All disappointed for City

  51. Telarse

    Haven’t ever had a player’s name on a jersey, fave jerseys are the late 70s Liam Brady ones cos that’s when It became an illness for me. which I get off retro sites.

    Anyway, if we sign Ozil I need advice – should I go with just “BIGALOW” or get the full DEUCE BIGALOW”?

    That would look amazing on a jersey and confusing for the young and stupid into the bargain.

  52. Moray

    “I’m ready to pay what we can afford, even if it’s a bit over the mark, as long as it’s not crazy,” Wenger said.
    “I’m not against spending but I want to add super quality to our squad. With 24 more hours maybe we can surprise you, maybe not.

    Looks like a 1.2m offer for Gareth Barry is about to be put on the table!

  53. Cujo

    We will buy Ozil and Rooney and no defender, we will win the league without buying a defender, Flamini would have been player of the season and Sagna will go into the sunset with the premier league as a centre back..have you noticed how Arsene Wenger plants a seed into the players heads in interviews?…he’s going to prove us all wrong.

  54. Dannyboy

    Fucking hell if we sign Ozil I think my dick will explode!!!

    Can see Le Grove absolutely erupting tomorrow if we make some big moves.

    I’m predicting 5k+ comments easily! Pedro must be rubbing his hands together with glee! 😉

  55. ikon

    Whoever has the slightest misconception of Ozil not being one of the best talents in the world right now, needs to get his mind checked.

    Dribbling and so called “explosiveness” is so normalized in the premier league, owing to tough tackling and close marking, that is the sole reason why players like Santi and Wilshere will always be a joy to watch but will fade out in stats compared to Cesc.

    Vision is the most valued attribute here in the premier league and in Europe also where stakes are high. And Ozil has vision in plenty. His intelligence in using possession is superb and his estimates of gaps and runs is amazing.

    45 million for this guy, even though a little inflated, I would not mind paying.

    Much much much more value for money than Soldado at 28 million, Higuain at 34 million.

    Btw Spurs assembled team looked mediocre. Except the two last signings, Lamela and Erikson, rest of the chaps are completely mid table types.

    Suarez deal i do not see happening now at any cost, but we still need a striker, and Torres might be a good option.

  56. Dannyboy

    Does anyone else find it a little strange that Senor Fabregas hasn’t tweeted something NLD related today?He’s usually pretty vocal on twitter in supporting us for this game. Maybe he doesn’t wanna give anything away, as he’s en route to London for a medical??



    I’ve heard all this crap for 3 months now so I’m not getting excited.
    Thank fk the window closes soon cause all these rumours have done my head in. I still can’t see him splashing that kind of money but ozil is super special and he did say he would add if there’s someone out there better than what we have.
    Lets see if he sticks by his word for once.

  58. ikon

    Lousy work but from our negotiations team… personal terms and transfer fees could have been agreed in principle even if Bale transfer got delayed.

    Should have needed to just sign.

  59. gnarleygeorge9

    Sounds like a good many Gooners are jaded from the constant tranfer rumour mill. Me? I had the off season off thanks to other footy distractions & feel fresh for another season of Arsenal F C.

    Most enjoyable win over the Spuds again, It had Steve Bould/George Graham writen all over it 🙂

    IMO, in the time left for transfers I reckon old Frenchie will have a few tricks up his sleeve, coz hae can afford to, as I spose Spuds do now as well. If Old Froggie doesn’t buy he is just a a miserable old fart IMO

  60. Moray

    Not sure what all the excitement is about. We’ve been down this road 100 times.

    If we really wanted these players, we would have signed them already.

    Wenger is just trying to find bargains, and it doesn’t even matter what position.

    I don;t think Ozil wants to go to Arsenal. And I don;t think they will allow us him for half price. I would be shocked if we bought him, particulalry at this late stage. Expect instead a high profile loan deal for Kaka or someone similar.

  61. Henry root

    So how is £42-5 million half price? Poor old Wenger can’t win. Even if he brings in top,top quailidee people are giving him stick. Oil would tick every box we could possibly put together

  62. Alfygun

    For some reason, don’t ask me why I think Ozil is on his way.
    He would be perfect for us. This one is going to happen, surely this can’t get fucked up as well?

  63. Dannyboy

    There literally isn’t any level, no matter which way you look at it, that it makes any sense whatsoever to spend £90 million on Gareth Bale and then sell Ozil and Di Maria for £70 million…

    Basically would have been like us spending £60 million on Juan Mata, to pre-empt the sale of Fabregas and Nasri for £50 million… Sure we’d get a great player, but the combined contribution of the two players sold, is higher than the player being bought to replace them.

  64. Gregg

    Believe it when I see it but what a signing it would be.
    Back in May after the infamous ‘escalation of firepower’ statement, I posted Ozil (aswell as Alex Witsel)being top of the wish list, not thinking for a minute it’d happen. So yes this would be great if it were to happen. Ozil & Cazorla would be breath taking.

  65. WengerEagle

    Top tier strikers we could sign:
    Suarez(looks extremely unlikely though)

    2nd tier strikers we could sign:
    Muriel(will be first tier in a year or two)
    Yilmaz(hasn’t joined Lazio as previously thought)

    3rd tier strikers Wenger would love to sign:
    Torres(arguably 2nd tier but is 29 and looks like he will never regain his pace)
    Adrian Lopez

  66. WengerEagle

    Cazorla and Ozil threading through balls for Giroud and Ba would be a real ball-breaker. It is imperative today that we sign a top class striker.

    At this late stage I would take:

    1 Winger

  67. Figoxor


    I agree. He was more than enough to be a starter. We should play Flamini and Ramsey in the center midfield and save Wilshre for second time as he is always an injury risk, Jack the lad plays greatly when he comes from the bench and definitely gives the team a boost.

  68. WengerEagle

    El Tel

    Back-up striker to who?

    If we are talking about back up to Giroud we are still only looking at 4th at best, but if we are talking about back up to Benzema or Martinez then we could sustain a title challenge, that’s how important having a top class striker is. Anyone that disagrees needs to have a word with a United fan about RVP’s impact last season…

    Benzema/Martinez and
    Ba on loan would be phenomenal but too good to be true

  69. Evan

    GARETH BARRY will complete a loan move to Everton today in a bid to keep his World Cup dream alive. (Arsene will be sniffing around)

    Well done Flamini, I was gutted when he left, glad to have him back

    Ozil would be a super signing, but I ain’t getting sucked in on that one 😉