Arsenal have a better 11 than Spurs | Dithering to end of the worst window ever…

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Yeah, it’s a massive, massive day today for Gooners and Spurs fans up and down the land… the biggest and best game on the planet if you ask me. Blood, guts, thunder, goals, sendings off, over passion spilling out all over the place. It’s a crazy match and for me, it makes the season ticket worth levelling out for every year.

So how is going to go?

Well, let’s get the platitudes out right now… Spurs have aced the summer. They’re about to announce the loss of their best player later on this afternoon, but what they’ve already done is spent the incoming money on £110m worth of talent. How that talent gels and beds in is a different question. But the point is, from a fan perspective, they’ve pulled a masterstroke. They’ve injected energy and goals into their team…. and most importantly, they now have a squad. Last season they tailed off during the back end of the season… this year, things might be different.

AVB is a very smart manager. He is ultra prepared, he has a great approach to scouting and he’ll give his players the extra ten percent preparation Arsene Wenger doesn’t give his. A massive a$$hole according to those in game… but he’s a Spurs manager, what do you expect?

So where is our advantage today? After all, we’re the team that’s finished above Spurs for the each of the last 400 seasons. Well, however you look at the starting elevens today, it’s quite clear that Arsenal have the best line up.

Defence – Arsenal

Two France starters, one German starter, England international

Defence – Spurs

England 4th choice, Belgian starter, England nobody x 2

Midfield – Arsenal

Ex-Wales Captain, England starter, Czech Captain

Midfield Spurs

French squad player, Brazilian starter, Brazilian squad player

… and here is the interesting part.

Up top for Arsenal is Theo, Cazorla and Giroud.

For Spurs last  year it was Lennon, Bale and Ade… this year it’ll be Soldado, Chadli and Townsend.

They have a weaker front three today. Which is excellent for us because we’ve a pretty solid defence. I don’t know what the score will be, it’ll be hard to predict how we’ll play. What we do know is Arsenal are in pretty good form. Ramsey is running the midfield like a captain, Jack Wilshere will be fired up and hopefully he’ll raise his game… and Rosicky is a beast. Nice that AVB said he’s been our best player over the past two years… I think he’s bang on. In the spurts of playing time he’s landed, he’s been excellent.

So, point is today, it’s not about the summer. My Spurs pals were saying yesterday that this game doesn’t tell you anything. If they lose, we’ll rip them for spending £100m badly… ignoring the fact it takes a while to bed players in. A select group of Arsenal fans will no doubt tweet me to gloat that Wenger has got his squad prep right this year. If they win, Arsenal fans will just point out the expenditure.

If we lose today… what I do know is this. Arsene Wenger will not have an easy ride. By not spending and showing himself up in the window this summer, he’s effectively cut away any slack he had with the fans. He has nothing in reserve. When it goes wrong, we’ll be on him, straight away. Why? Because he’s shown utter incompetence this summer. Which, really, in the long run, might be a good thing. Why? Because he’s not the man to kick us on to great things. If he’d spent £100m, chances are, he’d have done it badly going on his last 5 seasons work. How he’s operated this summer has been a perfect demonstration of why he’s not the man to take us forward… but remember, Arsene isn’t the right man for more reasons than just the transfers.

3 weeks ago Arsene Wenger came out and said he would sign three of four players (I can’t find the quote, but I’m sure he said maybe four).

Today, on the eve of the transfer window shutting, he’s banging the ‘quality players’ drum. From what I’ve been told, there’s very little noise going on at the training ground with regards to signings. So he’s heading into the final day of the transfer window with an open mind and a blank cheque book. No planning, because you can’t plan when you don’t know who you’re going to buy. This is an interesting window because teams have never been this broke before. This is the point when the accountants at clubs around Europe bang their fists on the CEOs tables and insisting they need to raise XX amount of cash because team buses can’t be paid for… so expect a flurry of movement.

… but don’t expect it to be planned. So don’t expect to be blown away.

I still find it incredible that we’re in the situation. The Lukas story is a nightmare for all involved. I’m not a massive fan of his, but he’s a £100k a week player. He’s out for 10 weeks (£1m in lost wages)… but that was when I thought he was a grade two tear. He’s a grade three, which means 10 weeks is ambitious. Don’t expect to see him until Christmas. Arsene knows this as well. Chambo is out until around Novemeber. We have no one in back up to replace those names. We’re running a serious risk of having to play teenagers. Absolutely mad that Arsene doesn’t want to bring in players. Even madder? That he said this…

“There is a technical risk when you buy more than three players because you unbalance a bit the stability of your squad.”

First things first, selling 30 players upsets the stability of the squad. On the face of it, he’s right. Arsenal have a certain style of playing, which, with an additional 6 starters, could be upset. If football is about split second decisions, and you don’t know where to run because you’re not attuned to the synconisastion of the squad, you’re off the pace. However, let’s go back to Arsene Wenger’s two best seasons 1997/98 and 2001/02. I’m pretty sure he signed 5 players in the 1997 summer… Marc Overmars being the major player, Alberto Mendez and Boa Morte being the not so pretty signings. I think Petit and one other, but I can’t remember specifically. Anyway, we smashed the league. Only two of the signed players were main stays in the team. But it didn’t disrupt anything. It gave us extra legs where we’d lost out the season before.

2001/02 summer we signed 5 players, Gio, Wright, Jeffers, Kolo and Tavlaridis… and we went on to win the double. The season before that, we signed a whopping 10 players! So this idea that signing players doesn’t work is a new Arsene Wenger theory that coincides pretty well with him not winning anything. We need legs, bodies and fresh faces in the dressing room.

… anyway, important thing to note is that the players don’t understand the stance, the backroom team know the facts and can’t understand… and Ivan Gazidis is all too aware of the issues.

So why doesn’t something happen? By hanging Arsene out to dry, the club and fans are being hung out to dry. A weird old strategy.

Anyway. Let’s enjoy the game today and hopefully some magic will happen this evening on the transfer front. Rememeber, so far, Arsene has been offered 4500 players (50 a day, pretty much the entirety of the licensed players in Europe) and he hasn’t seen one that takes his fancy… hopefully tonight will be different.

Have a magic day people…

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  1. Daniel

    I bet at least 75% of the posters here want nothing more than for us to sign no one just so that they can continue to bitch about Wenger. Relax guys. If we sign Ozil it will be absolutely amazing but we can still bitch about Wenger for many other things.

  2. Marko

    Surprised somewhat by Madrid letting Ozil go he’s been their unsung hero for a couple years now after Ronaldo. But I suppose with Bale going in and them wanting to give Isco every opportunity to develop then it makes sense. Also would us signing him mean no Fabregas if or when he decided to leave? Or is it a case of just finding a place for Fabregas cause he’s that good? Also please tell me someone got something on Suarez still moving???

  3. vicky

    Yup, I agree regarding SDE.

    He speaks all these bollocks about Mersellle and Bayern more out of frustration than anything. Don’t think he really means those words.

    Same for Cesc Appeal. You talk a little bit about transfers and the guy can’t help himself getting super excited howsoever unlikely it might be.

    Top folks.

  4. DUIFG

    Ozil has over 30 assists in both the last 2 seasons. Fuck me that’s serious figures. He is category A player, lets not fuck around, the guy is the shit.

  5. Paulinho

    We still need a real dribbler. I would actually prefer Di Maria over Ozil just for that reason.

    When we’re under the kosh Cazorla cannot escape the pressure by running with the ball, so he stops and tries to play these little short triangles. More often not he, or the player he passes to, make a hash of it and we lose possession.

    Ozil is another that will stop on the spot if surrounded by players and try to get a little triangle around him, because he can’t really run either.

    Di Maria can actually run with it and keep it under control. He’s a genuine dribbler unlike Walcott.

  6. GUNNER786

    Ben Fairthorne‏@BFairthorne9m
    For those who know who Arsenal’s agent of choice are will know they were not in their box today. Everybody so busy with deals.

    Ben Fairthorne‏@BFairthorne37m
    Ozil not in London yet but his advisors are and have been all day. Waiting game now.
    Ben Fairthorne‏@BFairthorne42m
    One of the finest midfield players in the world arriving in London tonight for talks with Arsenal.
    Ben Fairthorne‏@BFairthorne1h
    Two agents who have a box at Arsenal were not at today’s game because they were in a London hotel finalising a massive deal.

  7. DUIFG

    Paulinho caz and ozil are cut from the same cloth, I can only imagine the type of football they want to play. Quality stuff, my view the link ups between caz ozil would be better than caz di Maria. Obv would not kick di Maria out if bed though,haha.

  8. WengerEagle

    Ozil would be fucking amazing. If we got in the loan goalie, Ozil, Benzema, a wideman and a CB I would actually regain some respect for Wenger. Big big day tomorrow whatever way you look at it

  9. Jsg

    This is my first comment on this blog after following all your discussions over the summer. A quick couple of points. The anger towards the summers lack of activity I feel was completely justified after the made up bids, transfers that were never going to happen…suirez, Rooney etc when was the last or first time arsenal ever bought a world class player rather than developing one and then selling them… The answer is never. Just because arsenal won a whopping 1-0 against spurs (a team in transition) does not mean we are going to win the league or any cup this season and will again challenge for anything. It’s a sad state of affairs that finishing 4th and beating spurs are now all the club challenges for! No new players? Is this all that we know regard as success? What happened to winning anything in reality ? 4th and beating spurs is not success in my mind. Don’t know about the rest of you?

  10. vicky

    David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david 4m

    Arsenal in advanced talks to sign Ozil from Real Madrid. Other deals being worked on, including Palermo GK Viviano #bbcfootball #afc #rmfc

  11. RCB

    Ornstein also reporting about the Ozil deal

    David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david 5m
    Arsenal in advanced talks to sign Ozil from Real Madrid. Other deals being worked on, including Palermo GK Viviano #bbcfootball #afc #rmfc

  12. follow the money

    love him or hate him, for me it was cool seeing Flamini playing as a DM and acting like a leader on the pitch. That’s exactly what we need to close out games like today without the blunders and panic stations

  13. WengerEagle


    Why is that a ridiculous thing to say? Ozil would never agree to come if we weren’t signing a few other top class players. You really think he wants to add the 4th placed trophy to his cabinet after winning La Liga, The SuperCup and the Copa del Rey?


  14. big jeff

    ive said from the beginning that spurs spending did not impress me.

    they bought a bunch of unproven average players.

  15. Keyser

    Forget SDE, he’s just a bit odd, I’ve even given up pointing it out, because he’ll just see that and go on another spaz out.

    Just don’t like the generalising based on the odd foreign fan comment, like we don’t have enough mentalists on here anyway.

    The globalisation and availability of games to view on television has been relatively short lived, it’s just the natural way of it all, it takes time for fans removed from living in the actual city or neighbouring areas to build up the same connection to the team,

    As a kid all I had of foreign football was Football Italia, always liked Milan, always wanted the Red and Black top, ended up buying 3 Juventus kits, go figure.

  16. bishop

    ozil ozil ozil

    Intresting….seems the wait was necccesary if really we sign him.Cos real had to seal bale.

    ozil, viviano, cabaye, maybe Ba….I will be happy

  17. Carts

    *RIP to the guy who passed away*.

    I’ve been a fierce critic of how Wenger has handled the summer transfer. Yes, he’ll “save some seriou face” by securing Ozil. I’m not sure where that ranks in Wenger’s top ever buys but I could imagine it being high..

    I still have a feeling that a CB is seriously needed. Liverpool aren’t pissing around, presumably anticipating Skrtel to leave – but still, they’re doing what we should do, in regards to the CB situation.

    Early spurs yet; let’s hope Wenger doesn’t fluff his lines and Ozil ends up at Utd, although I strongly feel that means Kagawa will go back to Dortmund or Atletico Madrid on loan

  18. MadeToLoveMagic

    what a difference a a spurs bashing and a rumour makes, everyone here is excited, and almost happy sounding:D

    this joy will only increase the bitterness if we sign nobody tomorrow

    im really trying not to get carried away , but FUUUUUUUUUCK ARE WE REALLY SIGNING OZIL!!!!!

  19. Keyser

    Lol Paulinho’s happy, hah. We’ve got our whole summer’s transfer activity condensed into one day now, glad we’ve got two weeks off before our next game.


  20. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Wasn’t generalising about foreign fans I was pointing out what seems to be a trait amongst some asian fans.

  21. Sirchips

    According to a few people the bids are not being done today but started Friday.
    So all that needs doing now is agree terms and get the players over for the shoot.

    So it is highly likely Ozil is already agreed as is the goalie.
    Im sure he will also grab a loan deal for a player with premier league experience, if not find the loose change and buy someone like Ba.

    Rumours about Rooney as well but that is less believable unless Man Utd sign a new striker.

  22. telarse

    Great result.

    Giroud and Walcott just about earned their keep for this week and, thankfully, their wastefulness didn’t cost us.

    Flamini was excellent and was needed more than Wiltshire today. He never stopped running and organising defensive cover.

    I prefer Sagna to Per-shaped alongside Kos but Flamini was a great shield along with Ramsey,

    Cazorla has to be kept in the middle and if we never get a left winger then Gibbs in front of Monreal is the best we have.

    Absolutely shocked they never tried to bully us!

  23. Max85


    We need better than Ba, we need a top class striker to put away chances that Santia and Ozil create (look at me chatting like we already have him…)

    Would love an explosive striker like Martinez, definitely prefer him to Benzema.

  24. Karim


    Villas Boas said it was quite serious , his foot was blocked on the ground and the knee turned, he was rushed to hospital

    Did you see Usain Bolt urging Moyes to bring a creative midfielder on Instagram ?


  25. WengerEagle


    I’m not getting my hopes up unless we sign Ozil but if we do I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more players come in. Bet you would be happy with Ba and Cabaye you ambitionless prick.

  26. Samir


    Good team.

  27. zeus

    vickySeptember 1, 2013 21:52:08
    Can’t believe Citeh have signed Dermichelis. What a shit defender


    Right up there with Heinze as shit defenders for me.

  28. bishop

    I will take him rather than no one cos at this rate there is no striker left if we arent spending over 30million on a striker
    if we buy ozil for 42.5…no way there will be anyone over 20miil bought

  29. follow the money

    If we pull off this Ozil deal I will have to give Wenger a bit of credit. Man Utd and PSG want him too, and it’s absolutely imperative we start winning transfer battles for players. All those years we bid small and lost out on players its no coincidence we never won anything

  30. MadeToLoveMagic

    i can honestly say ive never seen a player look in more pain than capoue did, he looked like he was having his balls dipped acid while having his teeth pulled by a drunk russian with a screwdriver

  31. Keyser

    Flamini looked ok, didn’t deserve the yellow, looked a bit lost at times, we didn’t have the same shape with him on.

  32. Nabby

    Hahaha. SSN muppet describes Bale as the 13th English player to join Real Madrid. He’ll have the Welsh mafia on him now, lol!

    The source of the bod for Ozil is SSN sources. They reckon it’s 50m Euros, so about £42.5m

    No rumours on SSN about other players as yet.

  33. Savage

    If the Flamini free transfer frees up the money for two super players instead of one, then it would be a fantastic signing

  34. Keyser

    WengerEagle – “Bet you would be happy with Ba and Cabaye you ambitionless prick.”

    Why are you getting rude ? Lol mate I didn’t mean much by it, just after all summer, it’s not that likely, I think it’d be weird if we suddenly bid 40 million for Ozil after all that we’ve been through.

    Ba ? Not really, likewise Cabaye, but it’s something.

  35. bazza

    Great battling performance today. Giroud was a revelation, Kozza was a rock and Corzola was a delight. To cap it all my son got Flamini’s shirts at the end of the game.

  36. Ash79

    El Tel, Voosteits. I was in 134 today. The chap collapsed 3 rows in front of me. A steward turned up, few fans were screaming at the steward to get his attention. 2 fans, doctors I presume ran up the stairs and across the row to perform CPR. Paramedics turned up, tried then they got the difribulator, tried to shock him awake. Both rows were cleared around him. He was carried town, every single gooner stood up and applauded him. Conflicting reports after from stewards, 1 said he was breathing, another said he had a weak pulse. Also heard through Chinese whispers that one of the doctors said his pulse was very weak and wouldn’t last the journey to the hospital. No idea what happened in the end. Hope he is ok but if you know for sure he passed, r.i.p old gooner.

    For about 15/20 mins ppl wernt watching the nld, just concern. One guy near me took a picture, sick. The mind boggles when humans do this.

    When Giroud scored, ppl momentarily cheered and concern straight back to the chap.

    An incident that refocuses the mind.

    Can’t really chat footie tonight. Hopefully we get some good news tomorrow in the player front.

  37. Phallusaurus

    I can’t see Moureen giving us Mata but I could see him off loading Torres to us. Whether or not that would be as a loan I’m not sure, better for us but The Chavs hold the cards.

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    Got to say,I could not tear myself away from watching the NLD today..

    Great atmosphere,it appeared…The fans behind Arsenal…

    Lots of energy & commitment from Arsenal..

    I wish we could play like that consistently..Not just when it suits us..

    That’s down to the manager,no doubt..

    It seemed, we put all our frustrations & woes behind us..

    Carzola is class..I could not help,but think if we had another orchestrator helping out Carzola in games going forward,plus additional quality signings,we could really fulfill our potential..

    Ramsey showed energy..But too many times,he was running down blind alleys,or delayed the final ball..
    Against better quality teams,Ramsey needs to break up play & release the ball quicker..

    & his shooting is woeful..Should have buried that shot,that fell into his path in the box,courtesy of Theo..

    Great save from Szech to palm away defoe’s shot..

    As for Theo…I’m so totally underwhelmed by him..
    Pffttt…I’m sorry apart from the assist for Giroud..

    He’s lightweight..He’s a passenger…The man should be benched..
    I hope we get Di Maria..

    He has no business taking corners,or free kicks..

    Why he pulled out of the challenger against Lloris when through on goal…Beats me..

    & the pass from Giroud on the byline..Theo should have done better with his shot..It looked like Lloris made a good save..

    But Theo,should have buried that in the bottom corner..

    Rosicky was immense,even though he tired towards the end..

    Over the past two seasons,he’s shown great energy & forward movement..
    Creating chances,initiating attacks & generally getting the ball forward.

    Kosc was excellent..Mert had a good game..

    Gibbs has talent,he just needs to stay injury free & be more defensive minded first & foremost..It seemed,too many times he was bombing forward,caught in possession..& instead of tracking back,he was busy still stuck in the oppositions half..

    Giroud,apart from the goal,definitely needs a quality striker with him..He is a back up striker at best for me…

    That said,brilliantly taken goal..Nice deft of touch with his left peg..

    Good to see Flamini back..Liked his crunching tackle,that earned him a yellow..

    We’ve missed that kind of bite in his position..

    Now 1 day left…The only thing that is going to re-ignite my interest further in the next 24 hours is if the following arrive…

    Ozil ,Di Maria & Suarez..-As a starting point..!!

    & then we are in business..

    Still want Arsene gone…

    But we can build on this momentum,both for the fans & the players,by getting in WC quality players..

    Spuds must be feeling absolutely sick,after spanking £100 million on all those players..

    To be fair,I expected a lot more from them today..
    Was a bit underwhelmed by the quality of there football,given the players they’ve bought..

  39. Marko

    Ha Bale’s agents on SSN are doing their utmost not to burse into laughter and hug each other. Who knows what they’re getting paid for the deal

  40. samsensible

    If United don’t come in for Ozil I would be amazed. He is just what they are looking for.

    I won’t accept we have him until I see him with the shirt…this is just too big…fantastic player….oh God…


  41. Keyser

    Paulinho – Think you don’t give him enough credit, dribbling wise, at least for Germany he’s not the sort of workaholic Muller is, but hovers around the pitch quite effortlessly linking up and creating.

    It’s hard to judge with players at Madrid, you look at how efficient Barca are, or Ozil was for Germany and then what they do playing for Real.

    Cazorla is ridiculous for the talent and size he has, he must get every ounce out of his ability, not sure Ozil has the same intelligence or tenacity.

    On the break I think he’s quick enough to make a difference.

  42. Nabby

    Mata will only come onto the market if he forces the move himself.
    Torres does seem a little more likely, although Ba and/or Lukaku might also be on their way out, IMO.

  43. Gunnershabz

    If we can pull of saurez and ozil tomorrow

    We can seriously start doing damage maybe one defensive player but I think flamini is going to be that one

    We got four full backs

  44. MadeToLoveMagic

    Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague 15m
    Cadena Ser: Madrid and Arsenal have reached a deal for Ozil, 45+5m euros pending agreement with the player who is desperate to leave…………………………………………………

    what does pending agreement with the player?? imagine if he says no, id rather paris

    surly he’d chose london and the prem over paris and league 1, pleeeeeeeeeease

    i am expecting the worst, a defense mechanism vital for being a gooner and retaining sanity:D

  45. Kiyoshi Ito

    I would not say no to Torres..I’ll snap him up..Certainly far better than what we currently have upfront…Mata would be awesome..

    That signing,although 2 years too late,is still better than waving him away..

    Di Maria

    4 from the above 6 would be awesome..But it’s all just a pipe dream..

  46. Gunnershabz

    I don’t think wenger will spend more then £50m he did say only a few players are worth that much

    If we can afford ozil for £42.5m then am sure we can do business for saurez for £49m lol

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    Ozil has supreme game intelligence,link-up play & can score goals..

    He would be an awesome signing…

    If we get Ozil & Di Maria,they can sprinkle some of that winners mentality over the Arsenal squad..

    It’s about time,we get in some super, super qualidee signings..
    It’s long overdue..

  48. follow the money

    BBC Transfer News ‏@BBCTransferNews 41m

    BREAKING – Madrid accept Arsenals bid for Ozil. Personal terms and medical set to be completed tomorrow #AFC

  49. Phallusaurus

    Think Gunnershabz has it right regarding Flamini, he’ll do it for Wenger.
    I reckon Torres is more likely than either Suarez or Benzema and if I’m honest I’d take him right now.

  50. follow the money

    Ben Fairthorne ‏@BFairthorne 19m

    Negotiations for two players going on in London hotel now and will go well into the night. #Arsenal

  51. vicky

    Radio Raheem September 1, 2013 22:23:46

    BUt will you bench Rosicky for Ozil????

    I am a massive Rosicky fan…….I wouldn’t. To be honest, I think we need a winger more than a CAM. Nothing against Ozil. A top top player but If we were to sign one top player,for me it has to be either a top striker (Suarez) or a top winger (Di Maria). Cazorla,Rosicky and OX are enough for the CAM position imo.

  52. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I reckon Pedro is sweating on these deals more than Wenger.
    He is probably at the foot of his bed as we speak praying to Buddah, Jesus, Mohhamed, Jehovah and the Flying Spaghetti Monster that we will sign player’s so he doesn’t look like a mug.

  53. Kiyoshi Ito

    Radio RaheemSeptember 1, 2013 22:23:46
    BUt will you bench Rosicky for Ozil????

    Yes..Rosicky is getting old…I would use Rosicky sparingly..Or bring him on,when we need to lock up shop,if the game is already won..

    Or if we have a fixture congestion & play him in games of lesser importance..That said,his experience is valuable..

    So Arsene,if he knows what he is doing,can pick & chose his games well,like SAF used to do with Park Sung,as an example..

  54. leon

    although arsenal won this game it terms of squad totenham have far far better squad they have more and better strikers they have invested in good attacking midfielders and strong physical dm players and two realy good keepers.its all about squads and arsenal squad is a least totenham have tried make the team stronger what has wenger done talk. now aparently arsenal are advanced talks with ozil wornt thier in advanced talks with hinguim. no keeper,defender,no strikers,no midfielders just talk,i am huge fan of old arsenal club with david dien the club is run by people who are just there line there pockets and that includes wenger

  55. Karim


    I heard Christophe Dugarry on Canal + say :
    ” Ozil, what a player, such a shame he’s not coming to the Ligue 1 ”

    French sport sites all agree as well that he’s on his way To North London after refusing PSG

  56. paulie

    WWho is Ben fairthorne and his does he know these things please someone tell me. Also mire importantly my condolences to the mans family who passed away at the game today. Rip sir.

  57. bishop


    tears are rolling down my eyes I swear..we have suffered for long in the past years. telegraph reporting ozil dimaria and abel hernerdez as priority

  58. BillikenGooner

    When Sanogo, Gnabry, and Zelalem are on the bench for an early season big match… it should tell us something.

    Of course, Wenger probably sees it as how great his youth system is.

  59. DUIFG

    Could just bin off Walcott and have ozil caz on the flanks and tr7 in the middle. Fuck me that’s a ball playing team.

  60. Savage

    Regarding rejecting PSG, don’t forget Wenger said that Ozil had to choose between Arsenal and Madrid and chose Madrid, for a 17mil (?) fee, when he left Dortmund. Wenger will be annoyed at now paying the odds, but maybe Ozil still has some attachment to Arsenal from that time?

  61. Carts

    @ Keyser,

    Ozil and Santi are cut from the same cloth. Tenaciously – could be argued that Santi proves more of that. Where as Ozil matches him for intelligence and probably betters him in the physicality column

  62. Radio Raheem

    Lol I was joking with that question. Rosicky is playing well at the moment but I’ll expect Ozil to replace him in the side as soon as his got his feet under the table.
    Vicky I get what you’re saying in the need for a winger. Theo is the closest to that. I feel Theo’s deliveries are underrated but I do recognise his shortcomings too. Spuds played to his strength today with their high line.

    Ozil isn’t quite as zippy as Theo but he is no slouch he does possess some pace and the close control only two other players have in our side. He might not be a winger but he’ll add a lot to the side. I think he has sometimes played wide for RM with licence to move inwards.

  63. gilo

    amazing atmosphere today – and to be fair I didn’t see any anti wenger sentiment.

    But….. we were on the ropes for much of the second half and Giroud – as well as he played for large parts, is simply not cut out for a counter attacking game.

    Kos and Mert were excellent, but i think we were lucky to play spurs before they’ve integrated their new players properly!

    If we do sign Ozil and another player then that would be amazing, we are so short of both quality and quantity

  64. Savage

    Fact: Theo struggles against deep bus-type defenses. We could bench him for those games and use Ozil or TR7 on the right.

    A lot of the YouTube clips show Ozil flying down the right with genuine trickery.

  65. northern gooner

    Didnt think u would of watched the NLD today thought u would’ve been watching your bayerns greatest wins dvd 😉

  66. Karim

    Arsene’s latest

    Reporter : ” what about transfers ? ”
    Arsene ( angry and determined )” we’ll go for top quality or nothing”
    Reporter : ” Are you interested in Mata and Ozil ? ”
    Arsene ( clearly smiling ) : ” The players you’re talking about are top quality ”

    5 mns ago on French TV

  67. Radio Raheem

    I think there’ll be blood on the streets if Ozil or any other top player isn’t signed by tomorrow. The excitement is already of the scale. I can tell even Kiyoshi is bubbling. Keyser is excited two. No one is calling any one a cunt on here. Imagine if all this collapsed. It’ll be pure mayhem I tell ya!

  68. DUIFG

    Ozil is a lot nippier than people are making out. We have looked better recently playing a fairly counter attacking game, inevitably will get parked buses and having a caz tr7 ozil axis would go along way to blowing the parked bus up.

  69. Keyser

    Carts – Ozil’s taller, I think maybe quicker, decent dribbler, no way is he smarter than Cazorla, Ozil could learn from him, players like Rosicky to, it might just be experience, but I think for someone soo small, Cazorla always had to find ways to deal with bigger, stronger, quicker players and he’s still top class.

  70. Kiyoshi Ito

    Radio RaheemSeptember 1, 2013 22:42:05

    I’ll be f**king fizzing with either excitement,or f**king venom tomorrow..

    But if the Ozil’s transfer rumours are to be believed..I’m creaming my pants already..

    What a player…!!

    Come on Arsene..Don’t butcher this transfer window for the umpteenth year..



  71. Kiyoshi Ito

    BillikenGoonerSeptember 1, 2013 22:42:05
    Walcott looks to pass… he is a winner in my book now. His goal/assist numbers last year mark him up.

    There’s nothing else he can do…
    He can’t dribble,has no game intelligence..All he has is pace..

    So the next best thing,he can do is pass..& he has no confidence in taking on a man,other than using his athletic pace..

  72. vicky

    Ozil,Rosicky,Cazorla,Wilshere,Arteta,Ramsey …………….Ohhhh that’s sexy.

    But we would still need a quality striker to complement this great midfield.

    Otherwise,there would be loads of chances but nobody to convert them.