Arsenal have a better 11 than Spurs | Dithering to end of the worst window ever…

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Yeah, it’s a massive, massive day today for Gooners and Spurs fans up and down the land… the biggest and best game on the planet if you ask me. Blood, guts, thunder, goals, sendings off, over passion spilling out all over the place. It’s a crazy match and for me, it makes the season ticket worth levelling out for every year.

So how is going to go?

Well, let’s get the platitudes out right now… Spurs have aced the summer. They’re about to announce the loss of their best player later on this afternoon, but what they’ve already done is spent the incoming money on £110m worth of talent. How that talent gels and beds in is a different question. But the point is, from a fan perspective, they’ve pulled a masterstroke. They’ve injected energy and goals into their team…. and most importantly, they now have a squad. Last season they tailed off during the back end of the season… this year, things might be different.

AVB is a very smart manager. He is ultra prepared, he has a great approach to scouting and he’ll give his players the extra ten percent preparation Arsene Wenger doesn’t give his. A massive a$$hole according to those in game… but he’s a Spurs manager, what do you expect?

So where is our advantage today? After all, we’re the team that’s finished above Spurs for the each of the last 400 seasons. Well, however you look at the starting elevens today, it’s quite clear that Arsenal have the best line up.

Defence – Arsenal

Two France starters, one German starter, England international

Defence – Spurs

England 4th choice, Belgian starter, England nobody x 2

Midfield – Arsenal

Ex-Wales Captain, England starter, Czech Captain

Midfield Spurs

French squad player, Brazilian starter, Brazilian squad player

… and here is the interesting part.

Up top for Arsenal is Theo, Cazorla and Giroud.

For Spurs last  year it was Lennon, Bale and Ade… this year it’ll be Soldado, Chadli and Townsend.

They have a weaker front three today. Which is excellent for us because we’ve a pretty solid defence. I don’t know what the score will be, it’ll be hard to predict how we’ll play. What we do know is Arsenal are in pretty good form. Ramsey is running the midfield like a captain, Jack Wilshere will be fired up and hopefully he’ll raise his game… and Rosicky is a beast. Nice that AVB said he’s been our best player over the past two years… I think he’s bang on. In the spurts of playing time he’s landed, he’s been excellent.

So, point is today, it’s not about the summer. My Spurs pals were saying yesterday that this game doesn’t tell you anything. If they lose, we’ll rip them for spending £100m badly… ignoring the fact it takes a while to bed players in. A select group of Arsenal fans will no doubt tweet me to gloat that Wenger has got his squad prep right this year. If they win, Arsenal fans will just point out the expenditure.

If we lose today… what I do know is this. Arsene Wenger will not have an easy ride. By not spending and showing himself up in the window this summer, he’s effectively cut away any slack he had with the fans. He has nothing in reserve. When it goes wrong, we’ll be on him, straight away. Why? Because he’s shown utter incompetence this summer. Which, really, in the long run, might be a good thing. Why? Because he’s not the man to kick us on to great things. If he’d spent £100m, chances are, he’d have done it badly going on his last 5 seasons work. How he’s operated this summer has been a perfect demonstration of why he’s not the man to take us forward… but remember, Arsene isn’t the right man for more reasons than just the transfers.

3 weeks ago Arsene Wenger came out and said he would sign three of four players (I can’t find the quote, but I’m sure he said maybe four).

Today, on the eve of the transfer window shutting, he’s banging the ‘quality players’ drum. From what I’ve been told, there’s very little noise going on at the training ground with regards to signings. So he’s heading into the final day of the transfer window with an open mind and a blank cheque book. No planning, because you can’t plan when you don’t know who you’re going to buy. This is an interesting window because teams have never been this broke before. This is the point when the accountants at clubs around Europe bang their fists on the CEOs tables and insisting they need to raise XX amount of cash because team buses can’t be paid for… so expect a flurry of movement.

… but don’t expect it to be planned. So don’t expect to be blown away.

I still find it incredible that we’re in the situation. The Lukas story is a nightmare for all involved. I’m not a massive fan of his, but he’s a £100k a week player. He’s out for 10 weeks (£1m in lost wages)… but that was when I thought he was a grade two tear. He’s a grade three, which means 10 weeks is ambitious. Don’t expect to see him until Christmas. Arsene knows this as well. Chambo is out until around Novemeber. We have no one in back up to replace those names. We’re running a serious risk of having to play teenagers. Absolutely mad that Arsene doesn’t want to bring in players. Even madder? That he said this…

“There is a technical risk when you buy more than three players because you unbalance a bit the stability of your squad.”

First things first, selling 30 players upsets the stability of the squad. On the face of it, he’s right. Arsenal have a certain style of playing, which, with an additional 6 starters, could be upset. If football is about split second decisions, and you don’t know where to run because you’re not attuned to the synconisastion of the squad, you’re off the pace. However, let’s go back to Arsene Wenger’s two best seasons 1997/98 and 2001/02. I’m pretty sure he signed 5 players in the 1997 summer… Marc Overmars being the major player, Alberto Mendez and Boa Morte being the not so pretty signings. I think Petit and one other, but I can’t remember specifically. Anyway, we smashed the league. Only two of the signed players were main stays in the team. But it didn’t disrupt anything. It gave us extra legs where we’d lost out the season before.

2001/02 summer we signed 5 players, Gio, Wright, Jeffers, Kolo and Tavlaridis… and we went on to win the double. The season before that, we signed a whopping 10 players! So this idea that signing players doesn’t work is a new Arsene Wenger theory that coincides pretty well with him not winning anything. We need legs, bodies and fresh faces in the dressing room.

… anyway, important thing to note is that the players don’t understand the stance, the backroom team know the facts and can’t understand… and Ivan Gazidis is all too aware of the issues.

So why doesn’t something happen? By hanging Arsene out to dry, the club and fans are being hung out to dry. A weird old strategy.

Anyway. Let’s enjoy the game today and hopefully some magic will happen this evening on the transfer front. Rememeber, so far, Arsene has been offered 4500 players (50 a day, pretty much the entirety of the licensed players in Europe) and he hasn’t seen one that takes his fancy… hopefully tonight will be different.

Have a magic day people…

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  1. Scott

    Wenger aside today. Lets smash these Stamford Hill cowboys and send them packing back to the shit part of Seven Sisters. E.I.E

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Can’t agree that our staring 11 is stronger.

    You’re sort of adding guys like Townsend when we could see Lamela/Eriksen and the like.

    Townsend ripped Monreal a new one last year for QPR, he made him his bitch all game so I wouldn’t be too confident.

    Could not be less pumped for this, use to love Derby day, but I really want us to lose, and badly as well, a football lesson.

    Don’t care what people think of that to be honest…I’ve been saying Wenger would lead us to ruin for years when the the throngs of AKB’s were still thick so I could care less about abuse.

  3. Sam

    Scott, you are racist!

    Stamford Hill is where religious Jews live. They also where “cowboy” hats albeit black. They are not football fans at all.
    Leave religion out of football

  4. Gunnershabz

    Wenger can’t buy superstars he likes to develop them and when he does buy experience it’s good signing not world class


    The only one he has success is cazorla but we got lucky as Malaga are broke now

    Buying players from Germany will be tough because they are quite financially ok unless a player wants to leave

    Spain is the most trouble one

    Raiding atletico Madrid for Adrian Lopez or Turan

    Valencia for rami banega and fouglihani

  5. Charlie T

    You just really can’t admit it can you ! You lot are a very worried bunch. Yes I’m a yid and for the first time in years looking forward to the game. The future is bright, the future is Lilywhite

  6. azed

    It’s either a win for us or a draw, Wenger would be satisfied and not sign anyone then the window closes and our squad starts to decimate piece by piece

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I’ve just realized!!!

    Any LOTR fans out there???

    Wenger is Denethor!!!

    Sitting up top Minas Tirith this great castle and watching his enemies close in around him and not doing anything about a fate he see’s as inevitable!

    Someone light the beacon!!

  8. ScotchEggsRule

    Cesc Appeal – You want us to lose? What an absolute ***t you are. I’ll be there screamingy lungs out today, ***ts like you will be in your armchair bitching and whining like always.

  9. BriganteZ

    I hate d fact we haven’t bought anyone, but a blogger with consistent late post can be compared to wenger! Ring a bell Pedro?

  10. gazzap

    Lamela and Eriksen would actually be Spurs best two signings of the summer. Paulinho is OK, the rest, Meh.
    But AVB knows its safety in numbers. If you buy 6 players. 3 will bomb and 3 will work well. If you only buy 3, then basically all of them have to work out or you’re in trouble, and the chances of that are remote.

  11. HP

    We will lose today and go 6 points behind spurs

    this is the year they get into the top 4 at our expense

    all thanks to wenger and the board

  12. Cesc Appeal

    It’s incredible how many ‘Arsenal fans’ are still saying:

    Wenger knows we need players, but do you think it’s easy?!

    Ermmm, yes, he managed to buy 6 in 48 hours once.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    He left coz your shit, Cesc Fabregas, he left coz your shit

    He left coz your shit, Samir Nasri, he left coz your shit

    He left coz your shit, Alex Song, he left coz your shit

    He left coz your shit, Robin Van Persie, he left coz your shit

    Yeah mate I wouldn’t open that box.

  14. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Morning chums! 😛

    I’m sickened by the outcome of this window so far.. Yeah we might get a few bodies over the line tomorrow before 23.00.. Drexler if it happens would be tasty.. Or Mata.. Em Centre Forward Arsene? You got any plans there?

    But there is only one result I want today.. And that is to smash those spuds. It’s rally behind the flag day today and unite against those muppets.

    Good upbeat post Pedro. Good effort under the circumstances.

    Personally I detest that smarmy gravelly voiced prick AVB! but that’s just my irrational with nothing to back it up view!!

  15. arsenal-steve

    Arsenal at the moment have the stability of having played together for some time. So short term this Arsenal team would usually have the advantage over a new Tottenham team. The biggest worry is long term. Even if we beat Tottenham, without a few signings, the future looks extremely dodgy for our skeleton of a squad. The long-term for Tottenham looks a lot healthier. If we can beat Tottenham today, and that will not be easy, and then Wenger sees sanity and buys four or so ”good-uns’, we can maintain our lead over Tottenham and even challenge for the Premiership. If not everybody knows we are ‘Donald Ducked’ for some time.

  16. El Tel

    Cesc is. Yiddo Cesc is a Yidoo La La La Laaaaaaaaaa.

    Your team have been selling their best since God was a Boy. Funny how this gets swept under the carpet.

    We are turning into them rather than the other way round.

  17. vicky

    Just have a look at our bench:

    Fabaisnki,Jenkinson,Monreal,Flamini,Sanogo,Gnabry,Frimpong and Ryo.

    Newcastle have a better bench than us.


  18. 1 happy yid

    in goal for spurs, FRENCH CAPTAIN
    in goal for the muppets,CLASS CLOWN


    muppets defence, Sagna who i like and is the best right back in the league, kosielny who i cant be bothered to even spell his name right or even say if he is any good cos we all think the same thing about him!! mertferfuckesaker the quick mobile not to be laughed at “much” german!! and Clichy who i would say is as good maybe a little better than Rose

    so far we have a better keeper in Hugo and in defence it is 2-2 so we are 3-2 up now for the midfield

    in the muppets they have Wiltunderpressureshire and thats about it so we win that one 3-1!! capoue is coming to get you!!!!

    up front is too close to call so lets see who wins later muppets!!!


  19. Doublegooner

    I personally want a win & nothing else will do.

    If Wenger loses today.

    6pm inside & outside the ground should be historical.

    Grovers…Irrespective of today. See you tomorrow night at the Ground.

  20. Party pooper

    Lets see what you’ll be saying if you lose today. At the moment your brainwashed with what Wenger has come out with, but don’t you think if he could add to his squad he would, but Arsenal wont spend your money. Not theirs yours. Going by Wengers reconing he can only bring in one more player to make up his three otherwise it will ruin your squad. What a load of tosh you have the whole season to go do you really think you have enough players?

  21. Party pooper

    Lets see what you’ll be saying if you lose today. At the moment your brainwashed with what Wenger has come out with, but don’t you think if he could add to his squad he would, but Arsenal wont spend your money. Not theirs yours. Going by Wengers reconing he can only bring in one more player to make up his three otherwise it will ruin your squad. What a load of tosh you have the whole season to go do you really think you have enough players?

  22. Cesc Appeal


    He’s had over 90 days with £180 Million. he openly admits he finds the market ‘hard’ but then also says he ‘would never work under a director of football like Tottenham’…or any other top club in Europe.

    I don’t think he’s going to do anything now, if he found it hard for 90 days, what’s he going to manage in 24 hours? The guy is a fucking moron. An egotistical, stubborn, self serving twat of the highest order.

    A win today is disastrous, all the AKB’s will be crowing and think that we’re sorted for the season. Come November, after an injury to JW or Santi and we look like a mid table side they’ll blame anyone and anything aside from Wenger.

    A big, big loss today please.

  23. Gunnershabz

    Angel di Maria has started for Real Madrid

    The question is where they going to play bale because he was playing centrally for spurs

    But kaka is going for sure I think on loan

  24. spursman79

    you underestimate our team at your peril, you wont be seeing Eriksen play today but possibly Lamela, to say that Ramsey is a good player based on the fact that he used to captain Wales is a joke, he is not on the same planet as the likes of Paulinho ,Capoue , Sandro, Dembele or Chadli and as for Townsend well i’m not going with the hype around him as he has a lot of proving to do, our defense is solid and i notice you didn’t mention goalkeepers as we clearly win that battle, i personally think the guy that wrote saying he hope Arsenal lose although being a fan is spot on, if you win it will paper over the cracks and possibly stop you in the transfer market but if you lose the board will be forced into action before its too late.

    good luck and lets hope for a great game.


  25. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    You’re an idiot sir.

    I’m more of a gunner than you because I see the deficiencies .

    I see other a season Spurs’ squad will trounce us.

    You’re like one of those disgusting parents that takes their fat child who can’t sing to BGT and then has a go at Simon Cowell for saying they’re crap.

  26. El Tel


    We have five Internationals out injured.

    Any team would suffer u der thease circumstances.

    Podolski, Vermaelen, Chamberlain,Diaby (Yes Him) Arteta.

    Come on now.

  27. neil

    The reason Wenger has not spent any money is that he is going next summer, this is his last season at AFC the money will be kept for the new manager next season

    best news I had in 8 years

  28. El Tel


    Bring on the insults.

    Children always revert to this method.

    Come and see me at the game today. Ask around you will find me.

    Ooops sorry you have never been there.

    I have been going to Arsenal for 42 years and have missed only about a dozen home games in the past 20.

    More Arsenal than me.

    Ok if you think so.

    I have and never will want us to lose.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Vermaelen’s been injured for a month or more so Wenger knew.

    Diaby has been injured forever, Wenger knew.

    Arteta was injured before the season started, Wenger knew.

    So we’ve had two injuries, both to players who weren’t starters last year.

    You were saying?

  30. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    don’t embarrass yourself with calling people Yiddos, it’s fucking pathetic…

    can you honestly, hand on heart, say that in the situation where both teams are gelled, our first XI is that much better?

    of course you can’t, because it’s bollocks, as it is, we are pretty much on par, we have a standout player in Cazorla, but the moment he is injured we are royally screwed, there is no one to do something out of the ordinary, bunch of fucking Wenger altar boys from the temple of crab football, the lot of them, no one to take any responsibility, perfect reflection of the nearly man cunt we have for manager…

    come on you Reds, but whatever the result, Wenger shold be sacked on the grounds of gross negligence!

  31. BriganteZ

    I wish we had won our first two league games and then lose this one, that way we put Wenger into ‘panic buying’ mode. Truth is I hate to see us lose, so I don’t care what happens tomorrow in d transfer deadline. I just would keep supporting my Arsenal, and hope for the best

  32. yido

    to all you gooners who think your a better team than us this season will prove a lot diff and yes you may get cl football each season but lets be totally honest you flop every year so y bother

  33. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    You’re mistaking insults for logic i feel.

    I didn’t insult you, saying you’re an idiot was factually accurate.

    You have no arguments, no basis in fact, no substance, no nothing really, you just spout crap you think you should about yiddos, and how we’re so much better than them, how injuries are to blame, blah blah.

    So when I get in the ground should I just ask for a bloke that spews utter nonsense for 90 minutes, is rather unintelligible and has only a modicum of knowledge about football?

    ‘Oh who El Tel? He’s other there mate.’

  34. ikon

    About 20-30% players transfered represent 70-80% of the actual fees paid.

    Last season supposed big misses for Arsenal – Demba Ba, Dembele, Hotby, Dempsey, Moses, all have flopped in their first season.

    I was happy when we tried to sign Suarez for 40 million, but frankly 40 million is too much money for anyone else in the world right now.

    Would rather have Halilovic, Sakho, Cesc, Eto.

    Would have come in within 70 million, all these players

  35. andy1886

    Cesc, the Riders of Rohan aren’t coming (we might see of few of the undead though!). Wenger is more Treebeard – maybe capable of doing something if he can rouse himself but will take an eternity to make a decision by which time it’s too late.

  36. gonnerram

    At last a positive post….I believe Wenger will buy 3 players before the windows closes, not the ones which will make a statement but the ones which will cover for the players who are out with injury.

  37. Cesc Appeal



    Perhaps Tolkien saw the future suffering of Arsenal fans!

    I might start calling Wenger the Steward of the Emirates.

  38. El Tel


    So every time a player gets injured we have to buy a new one.

    I understand your frustration but wanting them to cane us is not on.

    SUGA. Much worse been said on this site Pal. Are you going today too?

    If you honestly think only Cazorla is better than what they have well what can I say.

    Apart from Bale. Nobody queuing up for their players this year is there.

    Fuck I know we have problems with Bendtner and Park but they have Ade and Defoe hanging on to the lolly.

    I would take Lloris from their side at the moment.

    Thats my opinion.

    Get behind the fucking team fellas

  39. shad

    His latest presser just proves how off the boil the old coot is. It’s been a summer of oxymorons and self contradictions, not to mention the power games in the management and board.

    I have come to the point where I am watching the game as a neutral. I am numb to us losing and if we win my cheer will not be as loud as it should be. Simply because as much as I hate the scum, there is no trophy being dished out for beating them and the long term outlook is they have a better/deeper squad than us.

    It get’s worse before it gets better.


  40. MadeToLoveMagic

    double ender, all you gonna do is make your cause look weaker, or at least its a big risk

    unless there’s a decent amount of you, you end up making yourself look like a nutter minority, purely because the people who do agree with you, would rather be at home watching eastenders on a monday night, than down the armoury protesting,

    not because they dont care, but because maybe things aren’t as bad as you think they are

    i think most will let wenger fall on his own sword rather than protest

  41. vicky

    El Tel

    Agreed !!! But the fact remains that we are going in to the biggest match of our season with those players on the bench.

    What If we are a goal or two behind ?? We don’t have a player to come in and change the match.

    The moment Poldi and the OX got injured,we should have signed a left winger.

    No back up striker,If Giroud gets injured or fails to make an impact.

    Wenger is a joke.

  42. andy1886

    Ikon, Cesc isn’t interested, he’s staying at Barca. Eto’o? are you having a laugh? He’s 32, has zero sell on value and would cost a fortune in wages, Wenger wouldn’t go near him (quite right too).

    We did have some realistic targets but failed to seal the deal. That’s the most shocking thing.

  43. rollen

    Cesc Appeal September 1, 2013 10:50:20

    I’ve just realized!!!

    Any LOTR fans out there???

    Wenger is Denethor!!!

    Sitting up top Minas Tirith this great castle and watching his enemies close in around him and not doing anything about a fate he see’s as inevitable!

    Someone light the beacon!!

    hehe n1 but Wenger is Saruman and Satan kroenke is Sauron

    3-1 to the good guys and later Wenger out!

  44. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Yes, but the squad is thin as it is.

    Diaby should’ve been replaced years ago, that’s negligence.

    When Arteta was injured a replacement should’ve been bought.

    How often do Arsenal get their return dates wrong? Look at Jack Wilshere, or Diaby…ends up being months longer.

    What it creates as well is competition when that player comes back.

    Spurs’ squad is full on competition for places now.

    We can just about field a starting 11!!

  45. BriganteZ

    The problem with Arsenal fans is how easy it is to hoodwink us. Newspaper put out their perceived targets and we start acting like managers and start saying those players are quality. I have watched how fans on here keep commenting on supposed transfer Targets and as soon as other teams get them move on to the next!

    Truth is the names out there aren’t neccesarily the names Wenger and co. Are looking at.

  46. Rhys Jaggar

    Spurs’ squad will mean that they won’t suffer post-Thursday-itis so much. Arsenal’s squad says that they probably will suffer post-European travels.

    I stil think that Arsenal are absolutely one central defender down, one defensive midfielder down and one striker down. You can argue about a goalkeeper.

    What I absolutely dispute is that we need another creative midfielder. Arsene’s always had a fetish about his midfield Harem. Never enough pretty wives at home for Arsene. In 2001, the Press was titillating about another pretty boy and I told the fuckers to ‘break the bank and sign Sol Campbell’ instead. Maybe 1 million other Gooners did too. But David Dein ran off and signed him up and Arsenal won the Double. Why doesn’t Dick Law fuck off and sign a 27 year old experienced international centre back tomorrow, eh??

  47. Gregg

    There will be a couple of un-inspiring signings tomorrow. Kalou is probably likely. Oh Gazidiz how I bet you regret saying “what we’re about to do should excite fans” – What a complete tool of a man.

  48. andy1886

    For all the interest in midfield we are still an injury away from Sanogo leading the charge. Utter madness. I would love to hear AW’s excuse for that, but I wont be holding my breath.

  49. gilo

    El Tel

    you do realise that Arteta isn’t an international don’t you – just because he’s Spanish doesn’t mean that he’s played for Spain.

  50. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    if you honestly think that us still having Bendtner and Park parasiting on the club is a comparable problem to them having two actually useful players in Adebayor and Defoe, then I seriously don’t think there is much to add to this ‘discussion’ 😆

    no, I am not going, they called me about a month ago offering me a ST and I told them to get fucked, not going to spend a penny on the tickets and merch for as long as this farce continues, even without buying the ST that’s a cool few hundred in my pocket…

  51. Nee

    The main advantage Arsenal has this season is Stability. Long Term Manager & two new signings. Maybe Wenger doesn’t want to loose that. We have a squad similar to that of Manchester United; not exciting but deadly.

    On the Transfer Window, my only surprise is the fact that we haven’t got a World Class Striker, Giroud just isn’t enough.

    We got a DM; Flamini but we need an experienced Goal Keeper, Sczensny needs to learn from someone (Casillas on loan would be perfect, we can even send Sczensny there on loan as we did with Reyes & J. Baptista)

  52. El Tel


    If you can get out of the away end. Come and see me.

    While your on about talking bollocks. Tell the Goo ers you will be going with how you feel about wanting us to lose 5-0.

    I wont insult you as you seem good enough doing this yourself.

    I respect everyone on this site no matter how they try to abuse me.

    You dont like what I write then just ignore and dont reply.

    All I ever want to see is proper reasonable debate. Not telling people how they think it is in Arsenes world.

    Do you honestly think He likes losing?


    FFS. Most blokes would have fucked off long ago £7 million or not.

    By the way. I want him to go too. I just dont hate him as much as you Guys.

    Is this OK or am I a moron and idiot, a know nothing or whatever else you want to throw in.

    Got to go as I have to be at the Home of Football very soon.

    Enjoy the game. Cheer on the Arsenal and lets beat them scummy bastards.

    If we lose then vent your spleenas I am sure I will.

    Thats football.

    Come on you Gunners.

  53. kwik fit

    Emiliano Viviano having a medical at Arsenal today apparently. Quick, upload a “Welcome to Arsenal Viviano” video and jinx it lol.

    Sorry Wenger too little too late. Your a Goner!

  54. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Ummm, I don’t think he likes to lose, but he doesn’t care about winning.

    Would you sit on £180 Million over the summer? Not buy a sausage and then look around confused at the vitriol coming your way?

    Value for money he always says?

    Do Arsenal fans get value for money? Nope.

    Do we get Value for money out of the highest paid manager in the league? Nope.

    Time for changes, unfortunately that comes with birthing pains. It won’t be easy or pleasant, will probably involve a torrid season listening to that French prick spouting his usual shit all the way through.

  55. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    Wenger is a cunt without an ounce of integrity, happy to pocket the large sum of money to keep schtum, it’s only just that it catches up with him and manifests itself in the frankly cuckoo moments…

    karma is a bitch, you can’t ‘disappoint the love’ so many times and not get it back in the neck…

  56. shad

    It’s amazingly and myopic how many players we have been linked with yet signed in absolutely ZERO.

    Given the injuries and lack of depth (heck, even the reserves are stretched but somehow are winning), we will be royally fucked by end of November.

    At the very least we are 5 signings away from being properly competitive and 6 if we are looking at Europe.

    Will Wenger do a last minute trolly dash for 6? Maybe. But we all know of those only 2 will be worth it, the rest toilet.

    That alone should see him gone in January.

    ION, my predo for today is a lively 2 -2 draw

  57. El Tel

    Agree Vicky. Wenger has fucked up.

    Agree SUGA. Re Bendtner and Park. Just making a point about having hangers on at the Club who wont go.

    Still think we put our players down to much.

    Agree re Arteta, not International but would walk into their side.

  58. BriganteZ

    Nicely said EL TEL

    I always wonder why some people enjoy insulting others here. We must disagree on issues as humans but the insults to others are highly uncalled for!

    I don’t see another 5 – 2 results today. But my prediction is a 3-1 win for the guys in red

  59. Matt

    CAnt argue with anything cesc appeal says. Anyone calling him a spud are the same people who would be happy if we got relegated as long as we beat spurs. Wake the fuck up people. For the greater good and all that……

    It’s all posturing for the sake of the crowd anyway. Deep down in your own mind you know it makes sense but your tribal loyalism won’t let you admit it publicly!

    A win today is not in the best long term interests of the club. A loss on the other hand might start to turn things in the right direction.

    I hope we get smashed!!

  60. El Tel

    Cesc and SUGA

    Agree with you both but I am talking Arsenal not just Wenger.

    You wouldn’t believe how mant time sover six years I have called for his head.

    Still dont think he is happy about losing.

    Its up to you if you dont wantto go and dont take this personally but supporting Arsenal is i. Hte blood.

    No matter how bad it gets being a true Gooner should mean always wanting to be there unless not possible.

    Anyone not wanting to be there today would be astonishing.

    Got to go Geezers.

  61. Gooner S

    Gazidis’s strategy is simple…….

    If Wenger doesn’t succeed, whether buying or not, he can say either “we gave him the money and he didn’t spend it” or “we gave him the money and he spent it badly”…… “Sorry Arsene, no contract renewal”


    If Wenger succeeds, whether buying or not, it doesn’t reflect badly on him. Reflected glory.

    Gazidis said what he said back in June to put pressure into the system. It worked. Behind the scenes Arsenal are not working as a team. You take Wenger out of the equation and you still have Gazidis and his team there! And of course Kronke, who seems not to give a rats arse……

  62. kc

    Great post Pedro! Glad you mentioned Le Senile’s comment on receiving 50 offers per day for new players. You can check his phone if you doubt him. LOL What a Loon.

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    @ Pedro. I hate that post you have put up today. Its fake. you are pumping up fake hopes like the deluded cunt. You could have taken some other line. You could have simply skipped putting up anything at all, than writing this fake article that Wenger’s team is better than the Spurs.

    Go Tottenham Go! Beat Wenga’s boys tonight. Take them to cleaners. Go Spurs go!!!

  64. El Tel


    Come on.

    You hope we get smashed.

    Will it make a difference if we do.

    Think about it.

    I never want us to lose even in friendlies so to say I would take relegation. You are wrong Mate.

    Would I still support Arsenal?of course I would.

    4 generations of Gooners do not jump ship.

  65. dave

    Whatever you want, I will never understand anyone wanting us to lose, let alone saying that they hope we get smashed. Just leaving for game. Have a sick sick sick feeling today

  66. Arsene Wenger

    GK = Casillas / Sczesny

    RB = Sagna / Jenkinson

    RCB = Ginter / Mertesacker

    LCB = Koscienly / Sakho

    LB = Gibbs / Monreal

    RDM = Ramsey / Wilshere

    LDM = Arteta / Witsel

    CAM = Rosicky / Cazorla

    RF = Walcott / Chamberlain

    CF = Suarez / Giroud

    LF = Mata / Podolski

  67. BriganteZ

    SUGA3September 1, 2013    11:30:53

    I have heard this arguement abt Wenger making profits for himself by not signing a player. Its sad to see people commenting and saying things like that. Do you really think he makes money for not spending his transfer kitty?
    Managers get more bonuses for winning trophies and I beg to disagree that the Arsenal board is any different.
    Yes they have let a manager stay too long without winning trophies, but it bothers on criminality to say he gets paid bonuses for not spending!

  68. El Tel


    Pedro Pedro do your job Pedro do your job.

    Infested with Spuds today.

    I am worried for the future of our Club with support like this.

    Wanting that lot to smash us is bollocks.

    If you Sir are at the match today, make it be known what you feel.

    In house fighting will make the papers tomorrow.

  69. SpanishDave

    It makes sense that Wenger is not getting a new contract so he is hell bent on destroying the set up he created, so he can say “told you so “.
    Childish arrogant ars he is. He cannot use our supporters hard earnt cash for his own devises, but he will.
    Expect panic cheap deals tomorrow as usual in an feable attempt to placate fans, but I think not this time only the hardened AKBs (high priests) will follow him.

  70. N5

    El Tel you keep saying come see you, I’m there today, in a stadium of 60k+ I just ask for El Tel do I? you said to Cesc just ask around people know me! I’ve been going for 31 years and the only El Tel I’ve heard of at the Arsenal was when Very Terrible used to manage the Spuds.

  71. SUGA3


    no, what I am getting at is if he had ANY integrity, he would walk, instead of being the front for these pocketing the larger money behind the scenes…

    who said he is getting direct bonuses for not spending?

    but would you say that making the club significant profits might have put him in better position to negotiate his extension with more money to be paid to him annually?

  72. Gunnershabz

    If and this if

    Wenger is seriously interested in mata or ozil

    Both will be similar prices and similar wages

    Which one has he got a better chance of buying

    But angel di Maria has been unplayable is he trying to send out a message to Real Madrid

  73. Kiyoshi Ito

    El Tel

    “Instead of fucking off home 15 minutes before the end why not stay behind and chant and boo the cunt for 15 minutes after the game.

    Call him out onto the pitch and ask him to explain what he is up to.

    Do something positive instead of talking on this forum about destroying this great Club.”

    So El Tel,does that mean,you will be joining the masses,for 15 mins, booing Arsene & calling him out onto the pitch also..?

    Or will you be the Arsenal Steward,ejecting the protesting fans out of the stadium,safe-guarding your position as a custodian of Arsene FC?

    You do talk,the talk..!!

    Can you walk the talk?

  74. arsenal-flavour


    stop harping on about the spurs squad its average at best… There weak at attacking… their defense isn’t as good as ours.. all they have is a bunch of defensive midfielders…

    Lamela good buy… but there is no telling if he will be good as you want him to be for spurs

    as for erikson he had one great season a few years ago since then he has been average… ask any ajax fan

  75. Jimmy

    I am a Spurs fan but I believe the Arsenal first 11 is a match for anyone in the Premiership. We will have to play extremely well to get a result today as this is a strong Arsenal side. The main question about Arsenal is what happens when players lose form or are injured (and Arsenal suffer more than most with injuries) – do they have the squad to hold off the likes of Spurs and Liverpool for the top 4 over 38 games?
    Strange as it seems, I would be happy to see Arsenal in 4th and us 3rd as long as it is Chelski that miss out.

  76. BriganteZ

    El Tel,
    The only reason I wouldn’t mind us losing today, is because its the last game before deadline day, just to put pressure on Wenger to improve the squad tomorrow.

    Notice how he changed from agreeing we needed players after d Villa defeat to how he now goes on about notneeding players since we have had three wins in a row?
    A win today and goodbye to new signings!

  77. Brutal Man

    Fuck all the spurs supporters on this blog, you absolute turn coats… how does spurs usurping are place as one of the top teams in the league supposed to help Arsenal?

  78. Cesc Appeal


    Grima can be played by Gazidis.

    Gandalf can be David Dein, Aragon can be Jurgen Klopp and Legolas can be played by Marko Reus, swooooooooon

  79. Arsenalone

    We can’t lose today because of driving nails in to the managers not today.proper gooners would of had that funny stomach feeling as they opened there eyes this morning,bit like meeting a bird for the first time.
    My grandad and family would all call them the “enemy”.

    I notice a lot of modern day gooners don’t like Utd or Chelsea.

    No no no not me this is the real enemy the pikeys,inbreeds from up the roadhorrible horrible people of the human race,if I could i would nuke em.

    We have been treated bad by the club and manager and he deserves to lose he’s job.

    But don’t forgot this is the enemy the dirty sheeny yids from up the road
    Been in our shadow since 1961,still looking up at us and hopefully always will be
    Get behind the team not the manager the team.

    Our war with the manager can start after this game today,and if it takes losing to go forward then I’m all up for that.but please please god don’t let us lose today.

    Come on you reds

  80. N5

    Cesc, to your comment about win battle, lose the war, I wouldn’t mind if we lost to anyone bar the Spuds, I could never cheer them on regardless!

  81. Honest Bill

    Losing today would not accomplish what so many of you are wishing for. All it will really do is put us further behind Spurs. Let’s get real, Wenger is not going to get sacked, and he won’t feel pressure to panic buy unless we concede 8 goals or something ludicrous like that.

    Seriously, i know you all think that you are supporting Spurs for the greater good etc, but in actual fact all you’re doing is supporting Spurs… And what do you call someone who supports Spurs?

  82. Matt

    El tel

    What will a win do other than paper over the huge gaping cracks. You know the score, we win and Wenger comes out with his smug ugly face saying I told you so and all is well!

    I don’t want that so a loss is the better result. I won’t enjoy it, but Wenger is taking the enjoyment out of arsenal for me anyway these days.

  83. N5

    GUNNER786 Embarrassing! no matter what happens in the future you can never remove the fact you wrote a comment cheering on the Spuds! you sir are a cunt! a huge soppy cunt!

  84. SpanishDave

    Wenger lives in his own world of 1998.
    He thinks that he will be able to say ‘I was right’, but when we are 3rd from bottom it will be difficult. But then he will say we can win our last 20 games to get 4th again.
    Totally deluded .
    he has to go and we must apply pressure, the media will love it.