Arsenal have a better 11 than Spurs | Dithering to end of the worst window ever…

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Yeah, it’s a massive, massive day today for Gooners and Spurs fans up and down the land… the biggest and best game on the planet if you ask me. Blood, guts, thunder, goals, sendings off, over passion spilling out all over the place. It’s a crazy match and for me, it makes the season ticket worth levelling out for every year.

So how is going to go?

Well, let’s get the platitudes out right now… Spurs have aced the summer. They’re about to announce the loss of their best player later on this afternoon, but what they’ve already done is spent the incoming money on £110m worth of talent. How that talent gels and beds in is a different question. But the point is, from a fan perspective, they’ve pulled a masterstroke. They’ve injected energy and goals into their team…. and most importantly, they now have a squad. Last season they tailed off during the back end of the season… this year, things might be different.

AVB is a very smart manager. He is ultra prepared, he has a great approach to scouting and he’ll give his players the extra ten percent preparation Arsene Wenger doesn’t give his. A massive a$$hole according to those in game… but he’s a Spurs manager, what do you expect?

So where is our advantage today? After all, we’re the team that’s finished above Spurs for the each of the last 400 seasons. Well, however you look at the starting elevens today, it’s quite clear that Arsenal have the best line up.

Defence – Arsenal

Two France starters, one German starter, England international

Defence – Spurs

England 4th choice, Belgian starter, England nobody x 2

Midfield – Arsenal

Ex-Wales Captain, England starter, Czech Captain

Midfield Spurs

French squad player, Brazilian starter, Brazilian squad player

… and here is the interesting part.

Up top for Arsenal is Theo, Cazorla and Giroud.

For Spurs last  year it was Lennon, Bale and Ade… this year it’ll be Soldado, Chadli and Townsend.

They have a weaker front three today. Which is excellent for us because we’ve a pretty solid defence. I don’t know what the score will be, it’ll be hard to predict how we’ll play. What we do know is Arsenal are in pretty good form. Ramsey is running the midfield like a captain, Jack Wilshere will be fired up and hopefully he’ll raise his game… and Rosicky is a beast. Nice that AVB said he’s been our best player over the past two years… I think he’s bang on. In the spurts of playing time he’s landed, he’s been excellent.

So, point is today, it’s not about the summer. My Spurs pals were saying yesterday that this game doesn’t tell you anything. If they lose, we’ll rip them for spending £100m badly… ignoring the fact it takes a while to bed players in. A select group of Arsenal fans will no doubt tweet me to gloat that Wenger has got his squad prep right this year. If they win, Arsenal fans will just point out the expenditure.

If we lose today… what I do know is this. Arsene Wenger will not have an easy ride. By not spending and showing himself up in the window this summer, he’s effectively cut away any slack he had with the fans. He has nothing in reserve. When it goes wrong, we’ll be on him, straight away. Why? Because he’s shown utter incompetence this summer. Which, really, in the long run, might be a good thing. Why? Because he’s not the man to kick us on to great things. If he’d spent £100m, chances are, he’d have done it badly going on his last 5 seasons work. How he’s operated this summer has been a perfect demonstration of why he’s not the man to take us forward… but remember, Arsene isn’t the right man for more reasons than just the transfers.

3 weeks ago Arsene Wenger came out and said he would sign three of four players (I can’t find the quote, but I’m sure he said maybe four).

Today, on the eve of the transfer window shutting, he’s banging the ‘quality players’ drum. From what I’ve been told, there’s very little noise going on at the training ground with regards to signings. So he’s heading into the final day of the transfer window with an open mind and a blank cheque book. No planning, because you can’t plan when you don’t know who you’re going to buy. This is an interesting window because teams have never been this broke before. This is the point when the accountants at clubs around Europe bang their fists on the CEOs tables and insisting they need to raise XX amount of cash because team buses can’t be paid for… so expect a flurry of movement.

… but don’t expect it to be planned. So don’t expect to be blown away.

I still find it incredible that we’re in the situation. The Lukas story is a nightmare for all involved. I’m not a massive fan of his, but he’s a £100k a week player. He’s out for 10 weeks (£1m in lost wages)… but that was when I thought he was a grade two tear. He’s a grade three, which means 10 weeks is ambitious. Don’t expect to see him until Christmas. Arsene knows this as well. Chambo is out until around Novemeber. We have no one in back up to replace those names. We’re running a serious risk of having to play teenagers. Absolutely mad that Arsene doesn’t want to bring in players. Even madder? That he said this…

“There is a technical risk when you buy more than three players because you unbalance a bit the stability of your squad.”

First things first, selling 30 players upsets the stability of the squad. On the face of it, he’s right. Arsenal have a certain style of playing, which, with an additional 6 starters, could be upset. If football is about split second decisions, and you don’t know where to run because you’re not attuned to the synconisastion of the squad, you’re off the pace. However, let’s go back to Arsene Wenger’s two best seasons 1997/98 and 2001/02. I’m pretty sure he signed 5 players in the 1997 summer… Marc Overmars being the major player, Alberto Mendez and Boa Morte being the not so pretty signings. I think Petit and one other, but I can’t remember specifically. Anyway, we smashed the league. Only two of the signed players were main stays in the team. But it didn’t disrupt anything. It gave us extra legs where we’d lost out the season before.

2001/02 summer we signed 5 players, Gio, Wright, Jeffers, Kolo and Tavlaridis… and we went on to win the double. The season before that, we signed a whopping 10 players! So this idea that signing players doesn’t work is a new Arsene Wenger theory that coincides pretty well with him not winning anything. We need legs, bodies and fresh faces in the dressing room.

… anyway, important thing to note is that the players don’t understand the stance, the backroom team know the facts and can’t understand… and Ivan Gazidis is all too aware of the issues.

So why doesn’t something happen? By hanging Arsene out to dry, the club and fans are being hung out to dry. A weird old strategy.

Anyway. Let’s enjoy the game today and hopefully some magic will happen this evening on the transfer front. Rememeber, so far, Arsene has been offered 4500 players (50 a day, pretty much the entirety of the licensed players in Europe) and he hasn’t seen one that takes his fancy… hopefully tonight will be different.

Have a magic day people…

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  1. El Tel

    Wenger Eagle.

    I would like to see a great striker up top with Giroud.

    He won lots of flick ons yesterday which Poldi might have made something from.

    Theo though had no idea where to run off him.

    Yes Mate a great striker is what we need

  2. WengerEagle

    Tom Ince looks to be heading to Spuds… makes no sense as they already have Lamela, Chadli, Lennon, Holtby and Townsend on the wings. They could do with another player like Eriksen. Ironically if I was the Spuds I would have taken Ozil off Madrid as part of the Bale deal 😀

  3. Evan

    “Tottenham got a lot of money for Bale, they have to invest it – I understand that,” Wenger said. “The need is different for us, we need one or two super players and we will try to add that.

    “It is a little bit like a domino game. Maybe something will happen in the last 24 hours, maybe not. It is very difficult to predict, but maybe we can surprise you.”


  4. WengerEagle

    El Tel

    Yeah a WC striker is so important. A LW is nearly as important though, we desperately need to sign one. We currently do not have one natural LW in the whole squad as Poldi isn’t a natural winger and Chamberlain is much better in the middle. And even they are both out till virtually Christmas!

    That Griezmann fella off Soiceadad looks a real player, would cost less than 20 million as well

  5. Figoxor


    To have a great striker doesn’t guarantee a team trophies. Look at Liverpool. As well as having a midfielder that scores plenty of goals means nothing, take Bale and the scummers as a laughable example, player of the year and all that.

    HOWEVER, having a solid midfield and wings that support it, composed of very technical and creative players, allows a team to dispose of a super striker. The best example: Barcelona (not a fan, actually). They play with 1 central midfielder, 1 attacking midfielder, wingers, and only one real striker, sometimes they even choose not to use a striker. We can relatively be compared to Barcelona in the following ways: We have a cohesive team, we use wingers, we have a smaller version of Messi (Cazorla), we play with plenty of passes.

    If Ozil arrives, we get another WC player, and add 2 more squad players, and Wenger does his job, we might end up winning something. The great contenders of this League have all dropped points, that includes us dropping 3, but none of them is playing in their typical style as us and maybe Chelsea (with some Mou touch, of course). I am confident we can take the lead if the magic happens today.

    PS: That is due to the team, maybe Wenger has very little to do with it, “very very very” little, but that doesn’t change the fact he is a delusional c*nt.

  6. Figoxor


    I am hoping (begging to the old and new Gods, actually) that LW will be Draxler. I watched the Germany friendly against Ecuador and he combined pretty well with Poldi, yes. He’s like an enhanced version of Lamela.

  7. WengerEagle


    We are NOT Barcelona and Cazorla is certainly NOT Messi, c’mon mate get your head out of your ass. A top class goalscorer is vital to winning trophies. Only Mourinho’s Chelsea team of 2004-06 bucked that trend and that’s a huge ask of this current Arsenal team

  8. Figoxor

    Expect the following hours to be full of crap about bids, signings, turns down, loan deals and crazy rumours. Bullshit is for sale all over. Only trust Off to sleep, I hope santa comes tonight 🙂

    ps: any replies will be answered later, mates. Have a blast.

  9. Emiratesstroller


    I have just looked at Marca Website and Twitter and there is absolutely no such story that Ozil has turned us down.

    Having been to yesterday’s game it was clear to me that Spurs were apart from
    their two wingers pretty ‘pedestrian’ and that overall Arsenal were the better
    team apart from last 15 minutes of game when they were clearly very tired.

    However, what should be of concern was our bench not least that both Wilshire played and Sagna sat on bench despite being ill with a virus and more importantly we had Sanogo, Zelalem and Gnabry sitting there.

    With Diaby,Podolski,Vermaelen, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Arteta all long term absentees we are totally depleted of resources.

    It is absolutely imperative that we bring in at least 3 outfield players in this transfer window which includes one who is world class and the other two good enough not just to sit on bench but play on a regular basis if and when required.

    Every supporter at the club must and do understand this.

  10. Gregg

    3 outfield players minimum and maximum for the squad. It’s about building the squad. Not sure we can expect to challenge this season for the Prem or the CL. However what we can do is secure a strong foundation so that all we need next year is a WC Centre forward and from there on in you just need to add 1 or 2 top class players every year.

  11. ikon

    Mesut Özil has decided to stay at Real Madrid. The German did not want to leave the club despite Florentino Perez has reached an agreement with Arsenal to transfer it for 45 million euros.

    Except sudden change last minute, Özil Real Madrid remain in the workforce. Tonight closes the transfer market and the Madrid wants to leave, but the player and his father are not representative for the work.

  12. samsensible

    hopefully Ozil is angling for an extra £15k per week so is playing hard to get.

    I’m not expecting this one to go through though.

  13. ikon

    Cant blame him though. He is one of the most sought after talents, and will always try to hold out for a club who have shown trophies and ambition.

    That way, I think he might just go t o Chelsea.

  14. Moray

    Why would Ozil want to come to Arsenal? We don’t sign world class and haven’t done for years. We should be aiming realistically at second tier, particularly now that it is so late in the window with no wriggle room.

    Also, we haven’t won a trophy in 8 years and are never going to be able to attract him by a juicy salary.

    I’m not sure what everyone thinks we have to offer any more? Even if he did come, he would be miserable when he saw the limits of the club’s ambition.

  15. samsensible

    Moray – sold out 60k seater stadium, London, Champion’s League Football, 2 Germans + a fluent German-speaking manager and Money in the bank that COULD be used to spend on players like him.

    The very fact that we want him for £50m would suggest that Arsenal are looking to build towards competing again. He would be the first BIG signing and would be a main man.

    Of course, it might all be hogwash…

  16. Moray

    Sam, the club is riven by infighting and the players/agents/other clubs know it.

    All of these Ozil can get at Real.

    Only question is, does the club have to sell him? If so, then I guess he will go to France. Despite the money, it seems the prem is not such a draw for top top players this year. Maybe they know something we don’t.

    Main point for me is that this is all too late to be signing top drawer players.

  17. RockyPires


    Subs; Vivano,Verm,Nacho,Flamini,Wilshere,Oxo,Pod

    thats a decent first team squad with all members fit but as we know that rarely happens. I think we still need a ST .
    CB/RB we can live without . Jenks,Sagna and Flamini have RB covered . Kos,Mert Verm and Sgan have CB covered .

    A ST with Ozil would be class lets see .

  18. Ash79

    ok lads here we go……..

    The Daily Star have reported that Arsenal could be looking at making a £6m move for Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder only joined Galatasaray in an £8m deal in January but is now reportedly available again for a cut down fee.

  19. DUIFG

    Ozil or di maria are gone, no matter how much either want to stay, if RM want to balance the books then it will happen.

  20. Ash79

    oh and….

    Jan Aage Fjortoft ‏@JanAageFjortoft 32m Just got this confirm from person close to Özil-family:Talks right now with Arsenal about player’s deal. 5/6 yrs deal.
    Bild report too

    fuckin crazy day this could be

  21. Dannyboy

    Fjortoft is the same guy who claimed the other day we had offered £30 million + Podolski for Draxler, swiftly before Schalke rubbished it.. So wouldn’t believe him mate. Still it’s early on in deadline day so plenty of time for the rumours to stretch out.

  22. bishop

    how can you be referring to a rumour from daiky star…do you live in pluto not to know you dont even need to open any rumour from them to read.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    If Real Madrid have agreed to sell Ozil then he will go whatever Marca or anyone else have to say.

    Their squad is overloaded particularly in department where Ozil plays and I
    am pretty sure that Real Madrid need now money to cover at least part of cost
    of Bale. Departure of Kaka and one or two other fringe players is not going to
    cover this.

    The major risk is that another club will come in with offer. However, Arsenal
    is one of the very few clubs in market to spend a sizeable chunk of cash to finance this transfer or any other players whom Real want to offload.

    Clubs like PSG and Man City may be able to access large sums of money but
    they have already spent large chunks and have to factor in the UEFA fair play

  24. Dannyboy

    United now in pole position to get Ozil… What a shame that a player like that would choose to go to United, despite them having a shite manager, just because he doesn’t want to work under Wenger.

  25. Gregg

    Ralph Honigstein a very respected journalist says that the twitter rumour is gospel, a 5/6 year deal being muted, however it’ll come down to wages and we know that Man U will blow us out of the water over wages. £200k a week is nothing for them, will we dare match that ?

  26. bishop

    is viviano in coma? cos medical was for yesterday night.
    atleast they can start the day by announcing one..right now I will take anything..I am desperate.
    My hope for ozil is gradually fading cos I remember sahin…Real madrid arent always straight forward to deal with.
    Though sahin is shit

  27. Dannyboy

    Eagle, it’s on the skysports transfer clockwatch mate, they’ve also now gone from 10/1 this morning to 4/9 odds on to nab him.

  28. WengerEagle

    Ok Sky Sources say Utd have made contact with Ozil’s people, whereas BBC say Ozil will NOT be going to Utd and that they are working very hard on deals for Fellaini and Herrera.

    It’s gonna be a crazy day

  29. samsensible

    United need him, United are a bigger draw than us and Ozil can claim it’s a step sideways from Real, not a step down.

    I would back United to sign him over us. the only thing that might stop it happening is – bizarrely – the transfer fee…..they were only prepared to go to £30m for Cesc so £45 -50m for Ozil is a massive ask…..

    United were poor yesterday and Ozil is precisely the player they lack; they would be crazy to let us buy him.

  30. Gregg

    Wenger Eagle

    Sod dear old Jim. It’s the gorgeous Natalie Sawyer that i’m looking forward too. Imagine, Ozil being announced as an Arsenal player by Natalie Sawyer. That’s basically porn my friend.

  31. Dannyboy

    Lol I’ll be so gutted if we sign Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema, then at 10:59pm United unveil Cesc and I have to stop supporting Arsenal… 🙁

  32. ste

    Moray September 2, 2013 10:08:00
    @ste, first Welch player AND first simian to play in the spanish league (all divisions)

    They are meant to have spelt it Welsh not Welch

  33. ste

    Moray September 2, 2013 10:08:00
    @ste, first Welch player AND first simian to play in the spanish league (all divisions)

    Cant believe they spend all that money on him but have a crap translator and spell it Welch instead or Welsh!

    RM will end up like Palnet of the apes!!!lol

  34. sam

    Soldonkey is a real panic buy

    Ignore spuds, they are having a fucking nightmare.
    they lost to a injury plagued arsenal team, lost their best player
    as a result we got mesut ozil.
    Things changed in less than 24 hours when they thought they were better than arsenal.
    all of their signings looked shit overnight…………