Arsenal signings looking unlikely. Bad times…

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Two days to go before the window shuts on our season and the rumours are getting more and
more desperate. The Telegraph are reporting that we are considering Draxler, who is being priced up at £40m. The same paper is also reckons we’re interested in Kaka… a player who they doubt would be interested in Arsenal. They also say Arsene is happy with his options in goal.

I think we’ve got to face facts here, Arsene, barring a miracle, is done with the summer…

A sad, sad moment… after 90 odd days, he’s resigned himself to maybe picking up a couple of players. Really, really poor. Talk of Benzema, Di Maria and Ozil is PR nonsense to me. I mean, can you imagine any club doing that on the last day of the window?

So basically, we’ll head into derby day barely able to field a starting 11. The club managing to make zero impact on the transfer window despite having £100m at their disposal… Sad times.

I don’t know what to write really… I’m just flattened by the whole debacle. A manager corrupted by power and delusion. A CEO with no balls. An owner who lacks interest.

A recipe for anti-progression…

… who is accountable? No one.

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  1. SUGA3

    you’re probably trolling, but I will still reply:

    we have less than 20 players (no, the fucking shit kids don’t count) in the squad with 50-ish game season to play and our fitness team is absolutely fucking gash, any more observations?

  2. Keyser

    Moray – “I believe Gazidis wants to sign marquee player/s: after all, he works directly with the sponsors and presumably has to answer to them as well as Kroenke”

    It’s not whether there is a disconnect or not, there is literally no reason why there should be.

    24 months before this window we sold 4 teamers, well Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Ebway at stretch, 12 months later we sold Song and Van Persie. How does Gazidis turn around and tell Wenger to buy Marquee players 12 months after that ?

    How did he sit down with Van Persie, which he did alongside Wenger, not being able to match his ambition or give him what he wanted and then a year on say ‘Well now buy Suarez for 50 odd million’, it’s like chopping someone’s arm off, and then complaigning why he won’t lend him a hand.

    Swiss Ramble shows this, after all those years, all we have is 70-100 odd million, that’s less than Citeh have spent in ONE window and we’ve been saving up for years.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Is Wenger on a mission to try to piss the fans off as much as he possibly can…perhaps he and Gazidis have some weird bet, how far he can push before they snap?

    I don’t want a director of football…I couldn’t work under someone like that.

    It’s actually hilarious. Everything the fans want he’s literally telling them to do one.

    Big signings, signs a postman for free and a guy who walked out on us.

    Director of football, says he could never work for someone and he’s in total control of players.

    I’m actually going to miss getting so irritated by him a bit.

  4. Mo

    “Liverpool are the new team for me now.. We have Moses, sacko,illoris. I think well challenge for the league. Hopefully I’ll come back to arsenal when wengers gone but the damage he’s done is unrepairable.”

    Nothing like a true supporter. I hope this is a joke.

  5. PhilF

    Chezzer: Inconsistent, poor distribution, makes rash decisions.
    Jenkinson: Still lacking experience prone to errors.
    Mertersaker: Slow, gets turned way to easily, gets caught out of position.
    Vermalen: Lacks form, injury prone.
    Monreal: gets caught of of position, not top prem quality.
    Arteta: not a true DM, lacks pace and power, can’t play a full season.
    Wilshere: Overplayed, fitness issues , needs protection of a proper DM
    Ramsey: Getting better, but not top, top quality. Some of his passing can be poor.
    Rosicky: Past his best, but still one of our better players. Lightweight.
    All the best teams are built from the back…. Our defensive options are not good enough to compete at the highest level.
    As for offensive…. We’re fucked if Girou gets injured…. That doesn’t sound like a team that’s capable of winning anything. Despite having 100m in the bank gaining interest.
    Have you heard of the expression you have to speculate to accumulate?

  6. Paulinho

    Would RVP have stayed if this summer was last summer in terms of our intentions and public statements? No he wouldn’t have, because he would have got the same shit from Wenger as always. Gazidis might want to spend, but there’s not much he can do when that senile cunt has no intention of doing so.

    Fabregas was always going to leave, RVP as well. The alternative was them both spending their whole careers at Arsenal. How likely was that?

    Wenger was delighted to sell that clown Clichy with Gibbs in reserve, and Eboue doesn’t even deserve a mention.

    Nasri is literally the only player that could’ve stayed a bit longer, but he was in the final year, and is not very good anyway, so meh.

    There is no contradiction. Gazidis came out and said that to out pressure on Wenger and show everyone who was behind our policies, and Wenger cannot come out and disagree, because he knows it’s true.

  7. sam

    Why is Johnty still posting here?
    no one is allowed to post pro-arsenal / anti tottenham messages in spurs forums.

    Pedro please sort it out.
    this man’s

  8. UGooner

    We are all frustrated for one reason. Everyone’s become so obsessed with spending they forget what our support is about- winning. Not spending, WINNING! Now we all mostly feel that since we haven’t spent we dont look like winning at all. Well does it then make sense to hope we lose so tht we spend or the manager gets sacked and some other one comes in and spends? I don’t think so! COYG! Up Arsenal! Up Gunners! Up The Boys! Even Up Arsene! I don’t give a fuck bout yo made up AKB Shit… Down Spuds!

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    Johnty79September 1, 2013 08:22:12

    i like waht u say there. I wish i can become an Arsenal fan till Wenger is gone. Look at the plan the club had. they knew they will get defensive strengths (Toure & Sakho)coming and right wing boost with Moses. Their left wing is anyway a delight to watch (Sterling). ANd they have the most dangerous striker in EPL – Suarez. Talk of Sturridge – he is getting better and better. Knowing all this they remained resolved to not let Suarez go. I think Liverpool is this years team for EPL. I will be genuinely more dissapointed if Liver pool cannot get to top 3 this year, than Arsenal.

    I am hating Arsenal. I am loving Liverpool.

  10. peanuts&monkeys

    MoSeptember 1, 2013 10:25:47

    Whats your problem? You live in Wenger’s false, fake, deluded world? You go on licking Wenger’s ass? You AKB?

    I only feel pity for the Arsenal players. God help them.

    I want Arsenal lose today. and, lose miserably. The objective is to get Wenger out of our system. You take Wenger out now, i tell you the whole lot of fans egg the players to put up a fight today.

  11. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal will do the double this year………………..

    We’ll win the injury league and the bank balance cup.

  12. Mo

    peanuts&monkeysSeptember 1, 2013 11:30:17

    My “problem” is so called supporters even thinking about running to support another club because times are tough at Arsenal. Wenger out? For sure. Arsenal out? You’re kidding.

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    Oh boy:

    “Wenger gestured as if his ticking down contract was a subject that went straight over his head at the moment. He has other priorities. A win against Tottenham Hotspur would, he reckons, establish Arsenal as credible title contenders. Then there is deadline day, and the so-far complicated search to up the squad numbers. His ideal is for 17 or 18 “senior, confirmed, quality players” with youth as back up.”

  14. PhilF

    Ooh I don’t like Arsenal anymore, I think I’ll support Liverpool. Are you 12 years old or something? Or just a fucking muppet!

  15. Moray

    Keyser, we have been haemorrhaging 50+ mill a year on our overpaid and oversized squad and our shit sponsor deals. If not for that we would be in even a better financial state than we are now. They are all to blame at the club, from Kroenke to Wenger to dick law to gazidis. Pigs fighting at the trough…