Nik Bendtner our new signing. No really. | Wenger takes us into the farcical zone…

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Things are getting crazy scary heading into deadline day. Arsene Wenger has  gone into war mode. It’s him versus logic, the fans and the board. It’s the last stand of mad man as far as I’m concerned because no manager in their right mind can look at a squad as desperate as ours and think…

‘We can win the league here’

If he’s not gearing our squad up for that, why is he in charge?

Remember, Dick Law and Ivan Gazidis just do what they’re told on the playing front. He dictates value and he dictates what the salaries are. Obviously that’s been a flawed model for years. Dictatorships tend to work when you have a genius at the helm, but sadly, those days are well behind is. Ivan deserves plenty of stick here. It’s all well and good playing the ‘we trust the manager’ card… but when you can clearly see he’s f*cking up the summer in a big way, it’s your responsibility to step in an make bold decisions. For me, Wenger should have been told in no uncertain terms that if he’d made nothing happen by August, the management team would step in and pay their own valuations for players. Screw hurt feelings… this is business.

Instead, he’s sat about and let Arsene crash and burn… great for him, because he’s absolved responsibility. He has the same lack of accountability Wenger has here. Which is a really rough way to run a football club. Someone should be stepping in and saying, I’m taking control here, if it goes wrong, I’ll move on.

No such luck…

What we now have is a stubborn man more interested in fighting those around him. Because look, whatever angle you take on this… his perceived ‘best interests for the club’ aren’t up to scratch. His summer so far should be enough to earn him the sack. What do we have, 12 fit players for the weekend? That is negligence. Not only that, we have a midfield who averagely only contribute 29 games between them. So this mess, statistically, is likely to get worse.

Podolski is out for a whopping ten weeks, based on my expert fitness knowledge, accrued through years of studying our massive injury record, I’d say Lukas has a grade two tear. Grade three would be a leg explosion, so this is serious. Now, if Giroud picks up an injury… we have Sanogo there to step in. . A player who looks so out of his depth it’s unfair. He looks frightened. That’s our number two striker there. Or, as Wenger has confirmed this morning, Nik B who can’t be shifted could play. Really. Can you believe that. A player he can’t stand, back in contention because of shocking planning. He couldn’t find a striker better than Nik in the whole of Europe.. Shocker.

We’re short everywhere. We signed Flamini yesterday, which is at least a body… but he hasn’t played a competitive game since last season.

You can never tell how well teams are going to do over the course of a year, but what you can immediately tell is whether your side is capable of competing for the league. Right now, we’re 6 players off that.

Spurs don’t have Champions League and they’ve lost their best players. What did they do? Went out and signed £100m worth of talent. Will they all work out? Who knows. What matters to the fans is that they gave this season a good go. They’ve shown huge amounts of ambition, they’ve turned a negative into a positive and they’ve achieved that through smart planning and decisive execution.

Arsene has sat back, watched the world improve and totally ignored all the continuous issues he’s suffered through a lack of spending and planning.

… also, it’s worth noting that when I say spend. I mean improve the playing staff. I don’t care for superstars. Best in category 20+ years old would work for me. Chelsea operate like that at the moment. Look how young their front pack of players are at the moment.

We have two days left, the it’s door shut on another window. Game over until Christmas. We might have snatched a couple of opportune panic buy players but the likelihood is we pick up a maximum of two. That’s not helping us win the league. That’s merely plastering over the cracks in our squad… and hey, we might sneak top four again, but jeez, what a lowly ambition for the most cash rich club on the planet.

Arsene has blown the best opportunity we’ve bad in years. But hey, at least there’s cash for the next manager. Lets hope there’s a new power structure in place that’ll never let us get into a position like we’re in now… the manager isn’t the king in the modern football era, the infrastructure and back room team is. Time to rip up the current blue print and start working on the shape moving forward…. because for me, this should be the last season Arsene remains in charge.

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  1. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 11:02:57
    dont you think wenger’s “valuation” of players could actually turn out to be right, when the era of stupid spending from rich kings and barons looking for political protection comes to an end?i believe it could be, BUT that doesnt excuse leaving the squad threadbare, and never spending more than 15 mil on a playerits like this year he has lost any sense of reality,

    i dont believe it is coming from a selfish place i believe he is doing what he thinks is RiGHt, its not to do with personal financial gain for him or satan


    With fans like you,no wonder the club,is where it’s currently at..!!

  2. Reiss

    Wenger has had three months to improve the squad and find top top top quality which he hasn’t and this shows he isn’t a football manager but a businessman something I figured out a long time ago.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    So dream scenario, Spurs stuff us tomorrow, Wenger walks a few hours after the game.

    What do we think would happen? Bould takes over?

    Someone like Heyneckes is brought in?

    Would the board start sanctioning deals even devoid of a manager?

    Or do you think they’d just panic and go ‘uh….uh….uhhhhh….shit….dunno…’

  4. GUNNER786

    Grovers ask yourself…….

    ‘How many times am I going to say Wenger Out’

    ‘What am I going to do about it?’

    People say they want Wenger out but are prepared to do absolutely NOTHING about it.

    Infact they are happy to go and cheer the shower of shite Wenger puts out on display.


  5. Cesc Appeal


    He’s not a businessmen.

    Because he’d get the sack there as well.

    Dortmund are behaving like a business, really. Haven’t overstrecthed expenditure, but have replaced what they lost.

    Sold one thing, and bought three with it.

    Capitalism, capitalism is a farmer having a cow, gets a loan to buy a bull to produce more cows, sells some for meat and milks others.

    Speculate to accumulate, run up a bill to then reap the rewards.

    What Wenger has done is sell his prize cows and steal some vagrant ropy ones that were wondering around confused.

    He now has a field full of skinny, unappetizing, sour milked cows.

    A large bank balance as well, but that will slowly diminish as he covers the losses from his poor decisions.

  6. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 11:21:07

    I’ll keep banging on about this point until it hits home…

    How have the Oligarchs & whatever screwed up the following signings over the years..

    Di Maria
    Hazard(the year Arsene opted for Gervinho)
    Suarez(Post 2010 WCup)

    A player a season,as far back as almost 6 years ago..A top up,to bolster the team,that remains competitive,filled with quality..

    That does not bankrupt the club in any shape or form..

    Keep making excuses…& you have the temerity to question me as an Arsenal fan..??!!

  7. Dannyboy

    I really don’t know what to think of the game tomorrow… Here’s my two-cents anwyway..

    On the one hand, it’s the NLD and I should be wanting us to kill those Spud cunts, but on the other hand it would only give Wenger 100% validation on his decision to not spend a penny… you can just see his sickening child snatcher grin and his ‘I told you zat we could win wizz ze squad we ‘ave… we do not need to sign any playerzz’

    But then on the other hand (I’m from Norfolk) if we lost, then you can bet your bottom dollar that he would go out and sign 3/4 lumps of shit that will eat up the wage bill and will need deadwood chopping in 12/24 months…

    Also, anyone notice the anger in Mourinho’s eyes yesterday? call him mad, but he genuinely believed that they deserved to win. Not because he is crazy, but because he is a born winner and will do anything to make himself look victorious.

    Wenger however, feels happy every week, as we have 70% possession, therefore deserve to win every game. It doesn’t matter to him if we lose, as morally, we won.

    If I could chose now, I would take us winning, but if Spurs are to win, I would rather it be 6-0 than a 2-1 defeat with a dodgy penalty and an offside goal, so Wenger could then say ‘ze referee cost us ze game, we ‘ad more shots zerefore deserved to ween eet..’

  8. MadeToLoveMagic


    mate if you actually read any of my posts i say multiple times that i cant understand why wenger wont spend over a certain amount
    i said multiple times that he needs to change and that he could still compete spending half of what they do, but he insists on doing it on a quarter

    any way your missing the point that all those players you listed prices would have been lower if it wasnt for the influence of outside money

    i dont really get what point you are trying to make

    what i was doing though was looking at things through a slightly less blinkered view than you lot, you arent even a real fan anyway kiyoshi, wenger is the reason you support arsenal, you have it written all over your posts

  9. Monkeyjeffrey

    I think we’ll win as the new spuds won’t have settled yet……..but I do fear the return fixture
    By then the spuds will be a force to be recond with and week be playing the groundsman and tea lady to make up the numbers

  10. Confidentgoner


    Of course its clear we are not signing anyone. Folks forget that Wenger typically signs early once he assesses his team. His assessment is that we need only reinforcement in front and he brought Sanogo. Since that assessment, his calculation on Arteta’s fitness has meant he bought a DM who can be used at the back – Flamini. He believes he has done his business, and can secure 4th, which to be fair to him is all the board wants from him. 4th place trophy. Why would he want more?

    He will go with what he has till December and would only buy in January. All those bids were for us fans to think they genuinely want to get players in. The bids have one thing in common, an unwillingness to pay the going rate. False bids, from a fake manager, supported by a fake board.Wants

    419, just got a home at the Emirates

  11. john

    It’s not just about the money we have to spend on players that isn’t being’s about trying to convince a world class talent who wants sucess to come to a club with no ambition to win anything. wtf would you leave rm Dortmund or any other top team for team that will be in fighting just to maintain its top 4 credentials
    Btw I doubt Wenger will get sacked. He will be the board and will apoint a young unknown frenchie who thinks hes the best thing since sliced bread and will do whatever wenger says

  12. Catford

    Even if we get well beaten tomorrow, there’s no way he’ll walk and there’s no way he will be sacked. It is utter lunacy!
    Unless we get rid of Kronke, Wenger will be given a new contract and the madness will continue!

  13. Kiyoshi Ito


    I remember when Houllier was the manager of L’pol…

    How I used to think he was a mad man & a shit manager..

    When he took Anelka on-loan,promised him,he would sign him & then got the hilly-billy’s & u-turned on him..

    Because he was scared of Anelka,unsurping him..

    I remember when he bought Jari Litmanen,said he was the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle..How now,with Litmanen on board,he will win the CL & the EPL..

    & then proceeded to dump Jari,on the bench,when he complained how he was being benched & played out of position..

    I remember how Houllier,filled his squad with utter crap..


    & killed them..Sold them off & replaced them with more utter tripe..

    I remember when Houllier used to boast how he won 5 trophies..(he included the Community Shield),every season..

    Like he was dining on the UEFA,FAC & CC victories for ever & a day..

    I remember,whenever L’pool lost,Houllier would reel out some statistics,about how L’pool was the most attacking team in the EPL,had the most shots on goal..& how the referee cost them games..

    Always excuses towards the latter part of Houllier’s reign…

    How,I used to think back then & thank the heavens we had Arsene & not Houllier in charge..

    I used to think if we had Houllier,he would destroy this club..

    How I championed Dein,for having the vision & foresight for snaring Arsene..

    Now,I look at Arsene,& the wanton destruction he is heaping on the club in present times..

    Now,I see,he is no different to Houllier towards the end of his reign @Liverpool..

    At least Rick Parry,had the good grace,to literally walk Houllier out of the Anfield Gates..

    Despite offering Houllier a seat upstairs,which he turned down..
    He refused to go..

    Houllier said,he would rather die,on the job,than leave the managerial role..

    The parallels b/w Wenger & Houllier’s last days at Anfield,are too similar..

    Wenger won’t walk& Gazidis,won’t walk him out of the Emirates..

    There you have it,draw your own conclusions..!!

  14. Reiss

    Wenger will never learn still complaining about how other teams spend their money and attacking Monaco for buying Falcao and this is just another example of Wenger not being a winner.

  15. Kiyoshi Ito


    wenger is the reason you support arsenal, you have it written all over your posts

    LMFAO…..You are obviously new…& a complete twat..

    Kindly dig out the post,where I’ve said I only started supporting Arsenal,when Arsene rocked up..

    Please,please,please…!!If you do,I’ll promise never to post on here ever again..

  16. Cesc Appeal

    I am surprised that the lights don’t instantly shut off when the final whistle blows at The Emirates.

    That way Wenger can pocket the money saved on the bill at the end of the year.

    With profit share and that, Wenger must be on well over £10 Million a year.

  17. useroz

    Someonne takes the cunt out like a movie script. This is beyond ridiculous

    Buying players is such a basic expectation and this french cunt does not know how to do it anyway, except doing garbage collectection each season.

    Fuck those wEnger fans and fuck ivan and Stan the biggest walmart cunt.

  18. Craigy

    Kiyoshi Ito……. He also said I’m in it for the long haul, when he said that I pissed myself, Liverpool tried everything to end his tenure amicably, but he was having none of it haaaaa, “I’m in it for the long haul” classic

  19. Gunner2301


    Great post I hadn’t realised the parallels with Houllier, i was thinking as far back as Clough to find a similar fall from grace, but yeah you’re right. Nothing will happen at the Emirates no matter how bad it gets that’s the sad thing.

  20. Johnty79

    As some said earlier much better to lose 6:1 then 2:1 as wenger will make excuses. Even with 10 men the spurs team will beat us. If Walcott and cazorla were out for the season I’m pretty sure we’d have a relegation battle.

    The last days of clough this spells of but but to be fair to clough he only had one night mare year 1992-93. Previously they were winning league cups or getting to members cup finals.. Wenger has had 6 nightmare seasons on the trot with total incompedance in the transfer market. He has gone from the best operator to the worst. Him and Steve Rowley have a lot to answer for.

    Cmon you spurs get this **** out of our club! A Walcott and cazorla mild injuries( no long term damage I hope) just to really put the pressure on and show him what a delusional fool hes been.

    We want wenger out say we want wenger out!

  21. Johnty79

    Does anyone agree with the theory that wenger is deliberately trying to get sacked as he has a compensation clause of 25m. Gasidas hands are tied because if he signs players on wengers behalf he can say constructive dismissal and walk away with 25m. If he leaves by mutual consent he only gets 7m or rest of his contract.

    What do you think?

  22. PhilF

    Some sentences you’ll never hear from Mr Wenger….

    I got it tactically wrong.

    You have to pay the market value for a player

    We were beaten by the better team…

  23. Hunter

    IF its true and WENGER dosen’t sign anyone before 11pm Monday,he will have achieved his aim.He believes that HE and ONLY HE really matter as far as decisions are made at AFC.HE believes HE is bigger than the club,bigger than the owner and in fact thinks he is the owner.No-ONE dares argue with him,discipline him,gag him or questions him.Who on earth allowed this maniac to have so much power?Arsenal greats of the past,managers and players must be turning in their graves with what is going on.All this crap about what WENGER has done for this club shouldn’t allow him to continue as he does regardless of the past.Sure we owed him loyalty but he has now abused that support and is basically calling the fans imbeciles,idiots or words to those effects.WE,the fans are the only ones capable of removing him and we simply MUST find a way of doing it.WE need the help of the Media,ex-players AND Managers to do this and put down any arguement the AKB’s such as BOB(lick my arse)Wilson and Martin(Lick arsenes arse)Keown have to offer.Yes you could argue that that dick head Piers Morgan is a slimy toad BUT at least he is giving them some grief we should get behind those guys not run them down in order to achieve our goal!
    WENGER and the LOT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Arsenal 1886-2006

    MadeToLoveMagic August 31, 2013 11:21:07

    Agree with a lot you said there, Scudamore and Co. have a lot to answer for in my opinion.
    But it seem’s to late to put the genie back in the bottle and we have to play ball or get left behind.

  25. Kiyoshi Ito


    Even a heart attack,did not stop Houllier,from leaving..

    He was stubborn as a goat…

    Wenger is not going anywhere,anytime soon..

    History has a habit of repeating itself..

    & so do human beings..We are creatures of habit..

    Wenger,has become the epitome of all the things that were wrong about Houllier..

    Any signings,Arsene makes,will not make one iota of a difference,in the long run..

    The underlying problems will still remain,will still be ever present..

    & the fact we have a gutless,slippery Gazidis as CEO, an owner in the form of SS makes the whole business,an absolute cesspit..

    Read into Rick Parry,Houllier & Moores as owner at that time(that sold to Hicks & Gill)

    2013 A la Arsenal…Gazidis,Arsene & SS..

  26. tenerife gooner

    Don,t understand this 25 million if we sack him.Surely we only have to pay up his contract .Is that correct,put him out Gardening Leave.

  27. Craigy

    Johnty…… It wouldn’t surprise me m8 if wenger wanted the sack, he is a greedy cunt, and what damage would gettin the sack do to his competence as a manager now, he’s clearly shown none over the past 6-7 years, and he obviously only cares about himself. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that thought has crossed his mind

  28. sam

    Our new defensive signing could be a trialist called OLUWASEMILOGO AJAYI
    No joke, he’s a 19 years british born nigerian. big like sanogo and he scored in the reserves last night.
    We are nicking him from charlton so he’s gonna be very cheap.
    There go the 10M for Willaims or whatever da fuck CB we were buying.
    back to the bank.
    Don’t worry folks, oluwasemilogo will be a 50M player in no time

  29. Kiyoshi Ito

    PhilFAugust 31, 2013 12:28:02

    Some sentences you’ll never hear from Mr Wenger….

    I got it tactically wrong.

    You have to pay the market value for a player

    We were beaten by the better team…


    How about:

    “I’ve taken this club as far as I can go.

    It’s time for me to step down & hand the reigns over to a young manager,that can move this club forward to the next level”

  30. Craigy

    Kiyoshi…. Stubourn is an understatement for him haaa, and wenger even tried to get him at arsenal a while back, funny stuff

  31. sam

    Fernandinho is a dirty player

    City defense playing arsenal

    bring back mancini…………………………………….. to arsenal

  32. Rhys Jaggar

    To all Grovers wondering why Arsenal won’t spend any fucking money, go buy today’s Times and read an ‘article’ by ‘world guru’ Billy Beane, who knows more about making money in football than anyone; He also believes that everything is about maths.

    His thesis is that the way to success is not to buy at the top but to cut at the bottom. Your team will improve by sacking the worst each year, not by buying the best each year.

    There is one little fallacy in the God’s argument.

    Arsenal were Champions League finalists in 2006, not some Swansea City in 2001. They were charging the highest matchday prices per seat in the country (£1500 – £1670 depending on year, this being calculated using ‘matchday revenue/60,000 seats). They were also selling the top talent, not just eliminating the bottom.

    But just so you know: Billy Beane is now running Arsenal.

    The man wasn’t a footballer, has never lived in Britain, but ‘just knows’ that football is exactly the same as baseball in the USA.

    1. We don’t have franchises.
    2. We have multiple competitions.
    3. We compete with other leagues in Europe, whereas baseball competes with nothing.
    4. Our sports clubs have traditions rooted in communities, the american ones have always been money printing exercises for marketing men.

    But Billy Beane knows all that, doesn’t he??

    Because he’s American, and Americans know so much more than everyone else.

    That’s why they buy European clubs to bleed them dry of 100 years of expertise before transferring all that to the MLS.

    Such a special relationship isn’t it??

    ‘You’re a whore and if I want to fuck you I fuck you’.

    That’s about it, so far as I can see.

  33. Kiyoshi Ito

    PhilFAugust 31, 2013 12:10:33
    I wonder where we will be in 3 years time? Any ideas?
    Top 10,if Arsene ,IG & SS are still in charge..

    Carzola gone,Walcott gone,Wilshere gone,Sagna gone,Szech gone,Chambo gone,Podolski gone,Vermalen gone

    Rosicky retired,or maybe in Germany,for one last hurrah..

    Arteta retired,through to injury

    Diaby still at the club,on a payrise,sitting in the medical room on match days,watching the match on HD Screen from the physios treatment table..

    Djourou recalled back-Now Captain..
    The voice of Arsene FC

    SS in absentia..On some ranch,hunting game..

    Gazidis spouting about FFP & heaven knows what in double speak..

    Arsene,regaling us with tales about foreign affairs,politics,doping(financial,as well as drugs),clubs,The Arts(Possibly the Dark Arts)..

    Whilst being pushed out in an a wheelchair,for match day games..

    Instead of kicking water bottles Johnny Wilkinson style,he will be chucking them at match officials..

    Probably will have an oxygen cylinder,attached to his wheelchair,along with a mask..

    Having to take deep breaths,every time a team scores..

    Bouldy will be the one to wheel him out for match day games..

    Poor Bouldy..His remit would be to increase/decrease the oxygen intake for Wenger,dependent on the outcome of the match..

  34. Kiyoshi Ito

    Rhys JaggarAugust 31, 2013 13:11:59

    Good to see you back Rhys..Love your posts..
    Always provide quality posts…

    Are you based in the UK?

  35. PhilF

    Wenger, Gazidis & Kronke have ripped the heart out of this club. It’s now only fit for ‘consumers’ of soccer. The passion, integrity and history mean nothing to these people. Wenger thinks the fans can be ‘brainwashed’ by the media… If that doesn’t tell you the contempt he holds us in nothing will. I hate what they’ve done to our club.
    The football club died when we left Highbury. If they could turn AFC into a franchise they would. And what is really upsetting are the AKB’s, they are complicit in the dismantling of our club. We are now in the business of football. We are not a football club.

  36. 1st Gooner

    I take it there is no player coming in. No one has a clue. Everyone just talking Wenger.

    I wish the transfer window shut this afternoon. We need a closure of a sort.

  37. MadeToLoveMagic


    i been posting on lg longer than your punk ass

    never said you admitted to only being an arsenal fan because of wenger,

    just the fact you can go support another team because of wenger, suggests you could have easily and most likely supported us because of him, you posts smack of that

    when did you start supporting us by the way?

  38. salparadisenyc

    Rhys JaggarAugust 31, 2013 13:11:59

    Nice post but i’m going to take issue with a few points.

    The only person at fault for Arsenal’s current business plan is Arsene Wenger. Implementing the Oakland As ‘moneyball’ mantra is his doing. The model can be applied to any team sport. He chose it and were suffering for it cause as the Oakland A proved you don’t necessarily win with it.

    To say American baseball is not rooted in communities is not only naive but false. American baseball is the definition of a community based organization. With more leagues and teams than anyone can keep up with in towns like Missoula, Greenville, Pittsfield etc. Each team the pride of there little patch in whichever area you choose. Games are daily with supporters attending every night, supporting the same team their great grandfathers did.

    Having an english dad and an American mother has given me the affordability experiencing living trans Atlantic, not a fan of baseball but its its the closest thing to European Football in terms of structure and fan support there is.

    Wenger is the elephant in the room and the sooner we cut shot of him the better off we are. The relief will be immense.

  39. Doubledutch

    They’ve taken the soul out of the club, sold off all of the assets, dragged us through the mud, humiliated the fans, made us a global laughing stock and lost any shred of credibility. Just need to sell the stadium and job done.

  40. MadeToLoveMagic

    are we supporting city in here today?? LOLOL

    IM sure a lot of you are, they cant lose!! , because wenger might look a little itty bit right

    so we’ll support the citeh scum instead, right kiyoshi?

  41. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 11:37:34

    wenger is the reason you support arsenal, you have it written all over your posts

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 13:44:30

    never said you admitted to only being an arsenal fan because of wenger,

    when did you start supporting us by the way?
    Kiyoshi ItoAugust 31, 2013 12:03:12

    Kindly dig out the post,where I’ve said I only started supporting Arsenal,when Arsene rocked up..

    Please,please,please…!!If you do,I’ll promise never to post on here ever again..

    So MadetoLoveMagic,could not find the post,where I said,I only started supporting Arsenal,when Arsene jumped on board..

    HAHAHAHAHA f**king HA..

    Now,you are backtracking..

    HAHAHAHA f**king HA..

    Now you are saying”never said you admitted to only being an arsenal fan because of wenger”

    HAHAHAHA f**king HA

    Now,you asking me when I started supporting Arsenal…??

    HAHAHHA f**king HA…

    You are a joke…!!

    HAHAA f**king HA

    Took you 2 hours to respond,as you were vigorously trying to find a post,where I said ,I only started supporting Arsenal when Wenger rocked up…

    Could not find anything,so you backtrack…

    HAHAHAHAA,f**king HAHA

    I’ll give you a tip,talk to El Tel,go as far back as 2010/11..He will tell you when I first started supporting Arsenal..

    You prick…

  42. MadeToLoveMagic

    mate llok at your post , that is the joke

    i took two hours to respond, because i have i life and a girlfriend, you should try it, its fun,

    from the beginning i said it was written all over your posts, not that you directly admitted it, it is just obvious to me that’s all,

    haha desperately trying to find a post LOOOOOL!! for what ?? to prove something i never said, ,learn to read inrgate

    if sticking with the same thing you said from the start is back tracking in your mind, then arguing with you is pointless

    are you a bit special?, if so i’m sorry

    btw , you never answered, when did you start supporting arsene, sorry i mean arsenal?

  43. MadeToLoveMagic

    plus the fact you are now a munich fan kiyoshi, by your own admission

    if you can change because of wenger, then you can start supporting us because of him, that’s what i said, but of course you “failed” to aknowledge that

  44. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 14:09:54

    learn to read inrgate
    How about you learn how to spell,as a starting point..??!!


  45. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 14:12:20
    plus the fact you are now a munich fan kiyoshi, by your own admissionif you can change because of wenger, then you can start supporting us because of him, that’s what i said, but of course you “failed” to aknowledge that

    Whilst you are at it..How about you insert a few capitals & some punctuation in your posts..


  46. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 11:37:34wenger is the reason you support arsenal, you have it written all over your posts
    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 13:44:30

    never said you admitted to only being an arsenal fan because of wenger,

    when did you start supporting us by the way?

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadetoLoveOn Arsene’sJuices

    Let me guess….
    You started supporting Arsenal during Herbert Chapman’s reign?

  48. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 11:37:34wenger is the reason you support arsenal, you have it written all over your posts
    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 13:44:30

    never said you admitted to only being an arsenal fan because of wenger,when did you start supporting us by the way?
    You f**ked up royally & your response is…

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 14:35:29
    you are text book go back to doom school, you suck (gambons knob)
    Could not find one post,where according to you..”I only started supporting Arsenal,because of Arsene”..

    HAHAHAHA f**king HA

    Let’s leave it out that..I don’t want to bore the posters on here,with inane nonsense..

    You are quite frankly a massive joker..

  49. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 14:47:09
    kiyoshi, i supported arsenal all my lifei was born in 1986
    So really all you’ve know in your lifetime is Arsene..

    So you were probably too young to recall the GG YEARS..As a starting point,or a benchmark…

    You can’t tell me,you remember the L’pool vs Arsenal league win at Anfield with vivid recollection..??!!

  50. Kiyoshi Ito

    MadeToLoveMagicAugust 31, 2013 14:48:22
    off to play squash, just in case you bitch about me not responding,
    You play Squash…

    Me too…Are you good..?

    Or do you have Arsene’s winning mentality..?

    Finishing 4th is a trophy..?

    Do you play at club/county/national level..

    I used to play at county level..

    Or do you just play to lose?LOL

  51. MadeToLoveMagic

    hahha blame me for my age then kiyoshi, still you haven’t countered any of my points with actual reasoned argument, so i’ll leave it there.

    btw i play squash for fun , and no i’m not that good

  52. SpanishDave

    Ask yourself, why is the russian being frozen out.
    Why is the board hiding
    Why is our ceo silenced
    Why are we leaving it so late
    Why is Wenger behaving strange.
    Something is going on, I think there is a plan to get rid of Stan.
    Failure, loss of revenue, and fan anger is a start.