Staggering midfield statistic | Arsenal on alert for deals, with no clear plan

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Good morning sports fans!

How goes it?

Feel that itch?

Yeah you do.

We all do.

That’s transfer fever.


  • Agitation
  • Concentration breakdown
  • Constant F5ing on newsnow
  • Occasional outbursts of ‘for fucks sake Arsene’

Yeah, we’ve all got it bad…

What’s going on?

Who knows. Not even people who work at the club know. But here is the educated inside line.

Gareth Bale is going to Madrid unless United step in. Would David Moyes or United be mental enough to match the most ridiculous transfer fee of all time? I think they’d be better off waiting for him to bomb… then pick him off in 2 years at 25% of the price.

Anyway, that deal drops and Madrid have to fire sell. If they don’t, I’m not sure how they can remain FFP compliant. £170m is a lot of cash spunking. Craziest thing is they’re not even finished. Apparently they’re sniffing around Suarez. That deal might not be totally dead. Suarez wants Madrid and out of Liverpool, if Madrid offer £50m over 26 years, Arsenal might offer the same but straight cash. Which is more appealing to Liverpool? We’ll see… but it’s a pure speculation play. That’s from Arsenal as well… they’re monitoring it though because things be happening there…

Back to Arsenal… we’re looking at Di Maria, Ozil and Benzema. All of which will be up for sale. Much in the same way Madrid sold Van Der Vaart (A player who was adamant he wouldn’t move to Spurs) and Sneijder when they bought Ronaldo and Kaka a few years back. The players can squeal all they like about wanting to stay… but here’s the thing… if Madrid want to sell you and you say no, you’ll be castigated to the pig farm down the road in world cup year. They’re brutalists. The players know this.

So that’s the Madrid situation. We’re hovering and there won’t be many suiters with as much cash as us.

We’re also looking at the Mata deal as well. Mourinho can’t keep buying players in his position and keep hold of him. Chelsea will need to do some cheque book balancing. He certainly won’t sell him to United, but he might deem Arsenal as inconsequential. The same could be said of Rooney for United. They won’t sell to their biggest rival… but they might sell to little old Arsenal who sit down the pecking order.

All big ifs…

We’ll also be looking at the rest of Europe. Clubs have wage bills to settle and debts to level. There’s panic buying, which we’re world class at… but there’s also panic selling. Arsenal will be on red alert hoping to snaffle out last minute deals. Well, that’s the hope… and the vibe. So we’ll see. Whether they deliver on any of this is a different story.

One thing I do know is Arsenal like to deal when they’re in a market of their own. We’re kind of in that situation cash wise.

Let’s look at reasons we should buy, as if they weren’t obvious. Let’s take raw data to paint a picture.

Our midfield trio is…

Arteta: 31 years old, previously quite injury prone. Incapable of recovering quick enough to play 3 games in a week. Averages 38 games a season.(all averages are over last three years)

Rosicky: 32 years old, injury prone. Averages 23 games a season

Jack: 21 years old, injury prone, very delicate. Averages 25 games a season.

Aaron: 22 years old, strong last two seasons. Averages 30 games a season.

Cazorla: 28 years old, a machine, been playing to the max for 3 season. Averages a whopping 49 games a season.

Diaby: 27 years old, crock. Averages 13 games a season.

So all the above are the main stay of our squad. Chamberlain doesn’t have enough data, needless to say he’s already out long term. Here is the staggering stat.

Combined, the average availability of our midfield is 29 games.

Now, if Arsene Wenger is the data master so many people are convinced he is, shouldn’t that statistic be pinned to Dick Laws forehead as he heads out to Europe over the next few days?

That statistic would be scary enough with a big squad. We have a tiny squad with no depth. So we’re taking fragile foundations and we’re piling pressure on top. We’re taking injury prone players and we’re fatiguing them. Which we all know leads to injuries. Then what do we have behind those guys? Zelalem… Vermaelen in midfield? We have literally no cover of any experience or quality. Which is why we simply have to purchase. I’m not even talking major purchases… just bodies.

I can’t find the quote, but Mourinho was asked about his squad of 22 players and whether it was too big. He said that it wasn’t and the focus of pressure for a squad is always in November… when actually, people should be looking at September. You have a pile up of cup matches, the Champions League starts… there’s a pointless international break. He’s right, September is a horrible month. If you’re not prepared, you can be out of the league by the end of it. We’re not prepared. Which is why it’s so important we make the last few days of the window work…

The click is ticking… the itch is getting stronger… come on Arsenal, put us out of our misery.


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  1. Kiyoshi Ito

    R.S..P.C.ArsenalAugust 29, 2013 23:56:48
    Has Ivan lost his tounge recently ?Or is he haunted by his words ?

    No Ivan is busy beavering away,preparing his next “Winston Churchill” speech…

    “We can become Kings of Europa”

    “We will fight for 3rd place in the CL Group Stages”

    “We shall go on to the end(To rip the sucker fans off). ”

    “We shall fight in Europe(For the KO Stages) & the EPL(for top 4).”

    “We shall fight on the seas and oceans(whilst Arsene is busy swimming in the French Riveira,courtesy of Dein’s chartered Boat-during the summer transfer window).”

    “We shall fight with growing confidence and growing mental strength in the air.”
    (Courtesy of Emirates)

    “We shall defend our bank accounts, whatever the cost to the sucker fans may be. ”

    “We shall fight on the beaches(Summer Summer Time in the Cayman Islands).”

    “We shall fight on the landing grounds(Yeah the plane to Norwich last season,when they beat us).”

    ” We shall fight in the fields and in the streets(Yeah those AAA’s that oppose us).”

    ” We shall fight in the hills(Blackburn saw to that)”

    “We shall never surrender(What our power& glory,especially to the Usmanov’s of this world)..”

    There you go..Ivan’s & Arsene’s war speech..

  2. LeMassiveCoq

    ok PM, sorry Gunner2301. You argue a good point.

    He would get the thing a lot of airtime, more so than it has already. Which is a lot.

    God I’m starting to sound like James May.

    Does he support Arsenal? Thoroughly nice chap.

  3. Guninurback

    My one comment today; I’ll be brief.

    Piers Morgan is a lying sack of shit that never should have affiliated himself with Rupert fucking (Will be briefed by NSA about who writes this ) Murdoch. The lesson is simply that you could save the pope and a toddler from a burning building, but people’s spit would still hit you if you’re standing next to that guy.

    Wenger out!

  4. Kiyoshi Ito

    Alex JamesAugust 30, 2013 00:01:20

    I’d rather slit my wrists,than have Piers mounting a campaign for Arsene out..

    A vile man,if ever I saw one..

    Sorry,will not be supporting any campaign Piers mounts for Arsene out..

    Yep I’ve had enough of Arsene,but heck no will I stand behind Piers,for wanting Arsene out..


  5. DaveB666

    Sorry for bringing Neasden into things 🙂

    …could have been Cricklewood

    Who knows how Flamini will fit this time – he was great for us first time.

    Now who wonders how the guaranteed purchase of Fellaini for £22Million we could have had at the start of the summer would stack up against the might of Dortmund, Napoli and Marseille?

    Dortmund despite selling Goetze have spent the best part of £5 million this window.

    Napoli despite selling Cavani have spent £15.5 million.

    Marseille have apparently spent £20 million

    Arsenal have spent f**k all and are now scraping to find 11 fit players after 4 games of the season – genius

  6. Kiyoshi Ito

    LeMassiveCoqAugust 30, 2013 00:47:01

    When was the last time Piers was spotted at the Emirates?

    He’s no more credible,than Ahemmm “Lady” Nina-Bracewill Smith,crying into her Diamond-Encrusted Goblet..
    Ooh how she wished,she never sold to SS..?

    Where is the sick bucket..?

    & now we have a blogger,stating”Protesting is not the way forward..”

    What has become of Arsenal FC??

  7. Gunner2301


    Who are you suggesting?

    Who said Melvyn Bragg? Maybe on the surface but will he do what’s required? He seems too much of a nice man is he not a lord? Not sure if protests would be his gig. Probably not many more intelligent than him around.

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    Gunner2301August 30, 2013 01:48:49

    But given all the arguments that you have put forward for Piers..

    What exactly has he done,till date?

    Apart from,castigating Arsene in recent times..(i.e. last 6 months)

    How far forward has he progressed,with his protests,apart from increasing the number of followers on his twitter account..??!!

    When was Piers,last cited at the emirates?

    What proposals till date has he put forward,for change?

    DoubleG,seems to be making more of a concerted effort over the years,to get something going..

    Where was Piers 2 years ago..?

    Busy slating Nasri,along with the rest of the AKB’s,calling him a traitor & waging a £5k bet,as to which club,would be the first to win a trophy?

    He’s a fickle,opportunistic,self-serving narcissistic,slippery SOB…

    Melvyn Bragg,might not want to rock the boat..Given he is a Lord..

    But when your ship has capsized,& you need saving..

    Who would you trust your life too?


    Or Melvyn Bragg?

    I know who I would opt for…!!

  9. Kiyoshi Ito

    R.S..P.C.ArsenalAugust 29, 2013 23:59:29
    Maybe the club will put the saeson tickets back to 2008 prices next season as going retro is all the rage.

  10. Kiyoshi Ito

    Kiyoshi ItoAugust 30, 2013 02:14:44
    R.S..P.C.ArsenalAugust 29, 2013 23:59:29
    Maybe the club will put the saeson tickets back to 2008 prices next season as going retro is all the rage.
    Maybe Arsene,should discount his wages to 2001 prices…

    Since,he uses the same model to measure current day players valuations by..??!!

  11. Simonlevert

    I know you guys all want to target the manager but this quote from Gazidis in August 2011 shows that it’s not just Wenger with a rusty wallet.

    “We need to think how do we responsibly grow revenues and then we have to think on the other side how do we spend the money we generate as efficiently as we can knowing that every football club, including us, makes mistakes on players as they go along.
    “We’re not going to get those decisions all right. But how do we do it as efficiently as we can?
    “In any graph that you see, any analysis you see about efficiency of spend, we are at the top of the pile. We do it very well.
    “That doesn’t mean we do it as well as we can and it doesn’t mean we don’t have to do it better, we clearly do because we haven’t won a trophy in the past few years. So we’re not achieving our objectives.
    “We need to be better at efficiency of spend.”

  12. Tomtom

    Haha so we have now bid 8 million on some unknown midfielder from crap French club st Ethienne. We have given up on cabaye. You couldn’t make this shit up. The club are pathetic and I’ve had enough of this shit

  13. Johnty79

    Said getting in champs league was worth thing in world 3 years ago how right I was. The only time kronke will react is when profits start getting hit. Don’t watch games, don’t buy merchandise.

    I hope to god that spurs hammer us!

  14. Hitman49

    The issue is we are more than good enough to beat them with our starting 11, then we struggle.

    And that is the problem we have nothing else,nothing,

    We will win he buy nothing and we will struggle.

    And hopefully he will be hounded out !

  15. The Hig

    It kinda seems like Spurs are fucking up our transfer window. Seems like they stalling on the Bale deal probably knowing that the Di Maria/Ozil/Benzema (Really? lol) signings depends on Bale moving to Real. Spurs have our fate in their hands. What if they decide to sell Bale at 23.55 on Monday? lol.

  16. The Hig

    This is gonna be the best DD ever!!!!! Better than the Arteta one. Cannot wait to see whether Arsene impresses us or fucks up our season.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    The Hig

    Over 90 days are Real the only team you can buy from or something?

    Seems Spurs have their house bang in order…just us who don’t…can’t blame them. Levy wants the maximum out of Madrid he can get.

    I’m just waiting for the ‘we tried to get deals done but clubs do not always want to sell their best players’ line.

    No, just us who don’t mind selling our best then Arsene?

  18. Doublegooner

    Seems like Levy is also controlling our late transfer shopping too.

    Never mind how old hat Wenger is, Kroenke is a disease within our club.

  19. Gregg

    Given that last week he was bragging about how players are queing up to sign for us, it makes it even more incredible. I’ll stick to what I said in May when Ivan was sounding off; Actions speak louder than words.

  20. ste

    Trouble is we should never have got to the stage where spuds may fcuk up our transfers. If we had gone in early like Munich did with Gotze we wouldnt be in this shit mess 🙁

    The Hig August 30, 2013 07:12:52
    It kinda seems like Spurs are fucking up our transfer window. Seems like they stalling on the Bale deal probably knowing that the Di Maria/Ozil/Benzema (Really? lol) signings depends on Bale moving to Real. Spurs have our fate in their hands. What if they decide to sell Bale at 23.55 on Monday? lol.

  21. Jeff


    He won’t be hounded out. It is more a case of him being hounded in. For him, losing to Tottenham is not the end of the world. When we lost 8:2 to Man-U in 2011, it was exactly the same situation. Panic stricken and terrified of what might happen he did a complete U turn in the window and bought half a dozen players on the last day. Was it beyond him to see that we were woefully short in the three months leading up to that moment? Most of them turned out to be an absolute waste of time. He basically bought or borrowed just about anyone who was willing to come.

    But even then, even with the situation as dire as it was, one eye was on the money, not the ball. He spent £55m but the sales came to £72m. He was in fact happy to bank the £72m and let the team go into the season just as it was if we hadn’t lost so badly.

    Who does that? Only a club that is so desperately short of money and resources would behave in such a lunatic way. We have to question and get our heads around the fact that we are behaving like paupers when there is absolutely no need. If we have been misinformed and there really is no money, why are we being fed mixed messages from different quarters?

    The only viable explanation is just simple bloody minded intransigence or just super arrogance. What other explanation is there?

  22. Cesc Appeal

    The worst is reading all the sycophants comments around the web…thinking Wenger’s some sort of genius, with £180 Million to spend he’s brought in two FREE transfers, a crock with the touch of a rapist and a guy who decided we weren’t good enough when he was in his prime.

    The value financially of the club might go up every season, but Wenger is insuring the value morally is plummeting with each passing transfer window.

  23. The Hig

    Spurs have to sell Bale now after their spending. And Madrid might be in the driving seat on price. And then if the rumours are true we’ll be in the driving seat for the Real trio’s price. Fuck I don’t care who we sign, we need bodies.

  24. Gregg

    We’ll see where we are come 24:00 on Monday. What it will prove is whether Wenger is able to take us forward. If he lands no stellar signings then clearly he isn’t able to operate with the elite. This will be strikingly obvious to the board, whether they wish to accept it or not. If, although unlikely, he is able to tempt 2or three of the Madrid targets or Mata, then possibly it could be argued that he still has sway and that he had to play the long game because of other situations. He himself is not a stupid man, he will know exactly where he is at on Tuesday morning.

  25. Gregg

    The Hig
    Spurs do have to and are desperate to sell Bale. They need to be careful because if they think they can drag it until Monday, The Madrid chairman well may tell them to fuck off and keep Ozil / Di Maria.

  26. The Hig

    That’s just the thing, it’s all too weird. Why the hell is he not buying when he keeps admitting that he needs players. He really isn’t a stupid man. Just frustrating. But we all know Wenger doesn’t like revealing his plans, he wants to be hailed as a genius if it comes off and if it doesn’t, nobody knew what it was.

  27. peanuts&monkeys

    We are to blame as well. All fans have to take some responsibility of this decay. Anything and everything for Arsenal, About Arsenal has to take blame. Because we are allowing this utter ruining of Arsenal happen in-front of our eyes, below our noses. This board, This Manager, This owner has taken one of your most adorable possessions of your life, and you simply CRIB? Thats it??? No protest. I tell you guys, Arsenal fans are like impotents. Face it!

  28. The Hig

    Yeah, Real will probably give Levy a deadline and his plan will be fucked, cos only Real will pay 60m+ for Bale. NOBODY ELSE.

  29. Poldipoldi

    You would think this guy (Wenger) has picked up some lessons on the challenges of clearing dead wood huh! Flamini now?

  30. The Hig

    So peanuts, what are you doing about it? Not all of us on here live in and around London. Kinda difficult to protest if you don’t live in England don’t you think? Hence, there is the AST. They are the ones who should be stirring shit.

  31. The Hig

    In all honesty, The Flamster is better than the deadwood we cleared. Denilson? Djourou? Arshavin? And besides, we need his type of player. Not saying he’s gonna win us the league, but he might surprise us. And for free, I think he’s a decent squad player.

  32. The Hig

    OTBAG – It’s a player buddy. A DM. We all been wanting a DM. We didn’t want Flamini but he’s there now so suck it up. What are u gonna do about it huh? Are u gonna go to Arsenal and tell them that we don’t want Mathieu and send him packing? No? So then….

  33. OhtobeaGooner

    ‘We didn’t want Flamini but he’s there now so suck it up’ ‘What are u gonna do about it huh’ ‘Are u gonna go to Arsenal and tell them that we don’t want Mathieu and send him packing’

    First off, What? Is that what you really have to say? Your reasoning is, because we as fans can’t do anything, we should accept below par signings. Arsenal fans….

  34. The Hig

    Not accept it, deal with it. He’s our player now and we have to support him so he can perform well for the club. Mug.

  35. Doublegooner


    The football world must know Wenger is yesterday’s man, the club too. He is not seen as the future or even the present in the game.

    Kroenke is a lazy, ineffective owner.

    The scrooge like running is more in keeping with a club in administration than one with the largest cash mountain of any other sporting venture in the world.

    Asset sales from quality players & property development have been the main reason for the cash mountain.

    We’re now running out of players to sell & the property days are over.

    With a weakened team without massive investment how does the owner expect to increase the club value. How will Puma maximise their investment over the next few years ?

    Myles Palmer posted that he hears the morale with ordinary staff is at an all time low. He also wrote a story about Kroenke which didn’t cover him in glory as a decent individual.

    OUR Club is losing it’s unique class. The Arsenal is now Arsenal.

  36. The Hig

    No, you a Mug cos u choose to be. All I did was state my opinion that Flam is the kind of player we need, a DM. And I did say he’s not what we want but he might surprise us. U say I have blind optimism. HA! You clearly cannot read mate.

  37. Oh Theo Theo!

    Boys, boys place nicely!

    Have to say Hig, you need to shake the last vestiges of the AKB virus – Flamini is a 30 year-old AC reject.

    He’s really going to surprise with how cack he is. If he can’t cut it in the slower, technical Italian league how an earth is he going to excel in the faster prem??

    I think you being a tad optimistic my friend. This is – another – bad signing.

  38. Doublegooner


    Perhaps Darren Dein should be employed by Stan. He’d be able to get rid of every player we have, increase the cash mountain then Stan can turn the stadium into what turns him on….a Wallmart Retail Park

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    BREAKING NEWS – Arsene Wenger has been arrested on suspicion of shop lifting.

    Reports are coming in that Wenger walked out of a Lidl with 2 450g packs of cheddar cheese without paying. The police were called and Wenger explained why he had taken the items without paying, saying, “well they had a “free one, get one free” offer”. Staff and officers reasoned with Wenger saying that it’s actually “buy one, get one free”. Wenger refused to make the purchase stating he’d always got things for free and was subsequently arrested for being a twat.

  40. The Hig

    Okay Okay, apologies Ohtobeagooner. Maybe this Transfer window is blinding my judgement and making me desperate to see a silver lining. BUT I just said we needed a DM and we got one. He’s not what we want, but we need bodies. And he is a body.

  41. The Hig

    Also OTT, I am in no way an AKB. I certainly don’t support Wenger in his dithering this summer and his smart comments.

  42. ste

    The Hig. with you on this one. and as he can play anywhere along the back half he will be handy on the bench! one player 6ish positions.

    Well it works on my “football manager handheld 2013” then again i only payed £25m for naymer, £19m for cavani 🙂 oh happy days

  43. Cesc Appeal

    The Hig

    ‘And I did say he’s not what we want but he might surprise us.’

    With £180 Million in the bank we shouldn’t need to be ‘surprised’.

    The incompetence that has been this Flamingo summer is utterly baffling and it’s no good trying to get your head round it, because most of us have common sense and as such would be unable to understand the reasoning of Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke.

  44. RockyPires

    Morning all,
    I’m quiet happy with the Champions League draw. No point making quarterfinals only to go out.
    The draw was quiet tough but the way the fixtures were laid out suits us.
    Marseilles should be win home and away, Napoli at home we should win , then Dortmund home and away we should get at least a point of them fixtures .

    Thankfully Napoi away is last fixture and by then shouldnt count.

    Can t wait for this transfer window to be over , black cloud hanging over everybody. Flamini is welcome as far as I am concerned . Simple as good addition, nothing more or less.

    Cant see us signing Cabye no though where would he play?
    Putting on Wengers hat for a moment, this probably how he thinks….
    Flam is cover for Arteta , then we have JAck Aaron, Rosicky and Diaby for CM.
    No need for Kebab .

    I dunno roll on Sunday I say ,
    I think we will beat Spurs . We can exploit their weaknesses such as Walker,Dawsons pace, Rose defensively and Soldado as lone striker.

    I think Per and Sagn/Kos will have no bother with Soldado .

    Midfield will be swamped with players so I would start Ramsey-Wilshere and Rosicky . Spurs are physically strong but we need to move the ball fast .

    Up top I would play Theo Giroud and Santi.
    I would give Santi the freedom of the park as if he plays in CAM, Spurs will crowd him out with Dembele, Capoue and Pauilinho .

    Theo need to get closer to Giroud . He should have no bother with Danny Rose but I would like to see Theo shift over to Left too and attack Walker and Dawson. Dawsons lack of pace should see us run straight line at him and allow Santi to create over laps for Gibbs/Monreal on his side.

    I m going for a 3-0 Arsenal. Come on you gooners .

  45. Oh Theo Theo!

    Hig – I understand. But by looking for silver linings in the car crash of a summer we’re in, you make yourself sound like an AKB.

    Unless this last minute, dependent on spuds, high-risk, desperate gamble to sign 3 RM players actually pays off (not holding my breath!) – there is not silver lining.

    People will still claim that our squad is better than most. And Spuds in particular.

    That’s missing the point. This was the year that we could have taken the next step that was promised when we were sold the emirates myth. “Competing with the elite”.

    With a judicious use of the £70m, early and decisively in the summer window we could have made a statement, strengthened the squad and sailed into this year on waves of positivity.

    What did we get? Dithering. Derisory bids. Embarrassing transfer sagas. An opening day defeat. A ton of injuries. A postman. The return of a player who fucked us over. And an absolute Tsunami of negativity, with fans now (nearly physically) fighting with each other. The only statement we’ve made so far is one of incompetence and complacency. Wenger does not want to compete. 4th for him is the target, is the trophy.

    All of it completely unnecessary, avoidable and easy to prevent.

  46. The Hig

    True True, Wenger shoulda taken the Transfer window by the scruff of the neck because when Fergie resigned I saw it as the perfect opportunity to dominate the Premiership. When Gazidi’s said we have money and will buy this summer I was getting ready to buy me a bottle of JW Blue to celebrate our trophies. But Wenger didn’t do what we thought, instead he fucked up by leaving it too late and now if we don’t get 6 quality players who will make a difference this season i’m afraid we have another 8 years coming.

  47. The Hig

    Bendtner? The same guy who fluffed our fucking chance to kick the Catalans outa the CL on their home turf? Fuck it!

  48. Ash79

    Wenger has no shame at all. No fuckin shame at all. Doesnt even care how he comes across now. Use NB52?? you utter disgrace of a man.

    Imagine the crowd when NB comes on…what a fuckin dick

  49. miki dora

    “We will not panic buy, that is for sure.”

    So why are we doing the same shit season after season trying to do business in the last few days you poor deluded old man? Meanwhile Manchester City, Chelski and the Spuds have been signing all summer.

    This whole situation IS panic buying you fucking idiot.

  50. Dplanet

    “we are an extraordinarily ambitious club. ”


    “We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich.”


    “We can look at some options that weren’t really in our financial capability.”


    “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that. We have a certain amount which we’ve held in reserve. We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you.”


    “We think about what’s going to excite them (the fans) when we start playing in August and hopefully when we’re in March and April and competing.”


    “He (Wenger) has new tools available to him financially and I think he’ll make good use of them.”


    You have to admire Gazidis’ sense of humour.

  51. Oh Theo Theo!

    Ganesh – with the “world’s best striker” back in the fold, premier league and champions league glory beckons doesn’t it?

    Nope. More booing I suspect. Oh dear, le senile is certainly living up to his new nickname….

    It’s like he’s completely forgotten what Bendy’s like. As he clearly forgot what Flamini did to us… Yep, that must be it – advanced Alzheimer’s – he’s forgotten what being a manager is like!

  52. Ganesh

    Sol Campbell says that Arsenal’s transfer window has been nothing short of embarrassing. Guess, we’ve lost the chance to sign him up in the winter transfer window when arguably the shit will have hit the fan.

  53. Ganesh

    What’s Wenger’s problem really? He was the one penny-pinching and holding out contract talks for decent squad players like Flamini , who then left for a mere case of 5k extra per week, only to see him then go on and blow massive wages on toilet grade players like Chamakh, Nikky B and Diaby.

    And now he gets Flamini back?

    I think when Nikki B finally leaves at the end of season, he’ll find his way back to Arsenal another 4 years down the line.

  54. Ash79

    Just when you think the club and Arsene couldnt sink any lower. Arsene never ceases to amaze you with his level of unprofessionalism and contradictaory attitude. Has has no respect for the club to allow players who shaft us and leave to come back and for those who disgrace the badge to allow them a way back in. I have simply run out of words to sum up this character. To say he must leave is an understatement of epic proportions. I am so so angry with him, he has ruined the club, the reputation, we are a laughing stock now in this game.

    Im just speechless.

  55. Craigy

    Dplanet…… That’s some funny gazidis quotes their m8, and wenger has the fucking cheek to say the media have brainwashed us fans haaa, wenger

  56. Ganesh

    After going out at the group stages, Wenger’s likely reply –

    We played with the handbrake on. Sometimes, the other teams are a bit too motivated to beat you. We were also carrying a bit of fatigue (from playing the same team since August) because of the international break and also because of away games in the Premier League. There should really be a winter break in the fixtures. But I do not doubt the mental strength and the qualidee of this team.

  57. Craigy

    Ash79….. Your bang on m8, I said the same thing on here yesterday, wenger for me has well and truly fucked his legacy royally up in my opinion, the cunt needs to go

  58. Moray

    Bendtner will not get national team football until he is playing regularly.

    The only way we get rid of the cunt is by refusing point blank to play him, even if we need to play Dick Law (who he?) up front. Wenger’s idiotic comment is only encouraging Bendy to stay on his 60 quid a week.

    After all the shameful inaction with transfers in over the summer, at least we were getting outs right, until now.

  59. Samir masri

    It’s obvious that we are lacking funds. Why didn’t they just say we can’t afford paying high prises for players? What the f*ck was all that bollocks of us competing with bayern? FUCK YOU GAZADIS AND YOU WENGER

  60. Arsene nose best

    ReissAugust 30, 2013    10:17:17
    The sooner Wenger leaves the better for all Arsenal fans.

    Round of applause for you

    Wenger is finished

  61. sam

    ” We can’t sign players because tottenham are delaying bale transfer to Madrid to the last minute.”

    So tottenham are dictating our transfers now?

    more crap from AKBs

  62. Gregg

    I think it’s extremely sad the way his legacy is turning out. He is becoming more and more removed, more stubborn and is now at a position at a football club where he is very much a loner. He cannot have one ally in that club other than silly Stan. Every player, board member and fellow coaches must be all thinking he’s wrong & WTF is he doing. There isn’t anyone there singing from his hymn sheet and I would bet 100% there is a resounding no confidence in his methods. That’s the sad part of it all.

  63. Gregg

    Yeah he cant tell us that if that’s the only thing holding it all up, that there isn’t deals agreed in principle for those players.

  64. Ash79

    For fucks sake, get rid of this charlatan and get a proper coach in who wants to compete, who wants to win, who wants the best players, who demands the very best of his team, who uses all the resources available to him to make a real fist of an dmore importantly get someone in who makes me proud to be a gooner once again.

    fuckin sham(/bles)

  65. tomb

    This is all your worst nightmares come true. I can just see Nikki B and Fishface trotting out against Napoli on the must win last match against Napoli.

  66. michael

    Jus looked at the mail online
    They put ozil dimaria n benzema in a first team squad with santi its only wen u see the names on paper that u realise we really could have a great team if not for all the dithering

    Give madrid 86m for all three n technically we buy bale for madrid n help the spuds put a downpayment on a new shithole

    Thatd top the£40m+1 for suarez

  67. Craigy

    Wenger insists he will not be making any panic buys, well ain’t that fucking brilliant, all this guy is interested in is offending teams with ridiculously low bids, unsettling players, and playing mind fuck with us fans, the man is a fucking disgrace, he has disgraced this great club for the last time, wenger out

  68. Craigy

    Sol Campbell have called arsenal an embarrassment, can’t folt him, finally an ex player not scared to air an opinion, unlike the akb Dixon, only Ian wrighty and sol Campbell have gone against the grain, it’s almost players who played under wenger don’t want to oppose him in the hope out of getting a job out of the senile fuck

  69. Relieable sauce

    Wenger’s recruiting gooner hate figures to share the burden. He does not have “zee mental strentsz” to cope alone, lol.

    IG & SS have been stalling & are just waiting for him to have a breakdown so they don’t have to take any responsibility or commit to anti or pro groups. They know AW has been a dead man walking for some time & this summers comments from IG were all about self preservation, not sure they can survive this though, even with IG’s talent for spin.

  70. Ganesh

    Arsenal will strengthen simply by letting Nikky B go. Having him in the team will devalue the club, no one will want to sign for the club in order to play alongside this joker.

  71. Ganesh

    Kaka wants to leave. And he’s twice as skilled as our most skilled player.

    IF Wenger again comes up with an excuse that no player was available who will improve the team, that’s the last lie Arsenal fans would tolerate.

  72. Ash79

    does this mean, we have ALREADY bought and we are just waiting to announce pre-NLD for a massive boost?

    Arsene Wenger this morning: “I am confident [of bringing players in]. We will not panic buy, that is for sure

  73. jules

    Comments on Bentner should be the last straw . Enough his enough. It went beyond the joke a while ago. This is now just an insult to us fans.

    Buffoon of a man Wenger. No doubt Bentner will be like a “new signing”!


  74. PhilF

    Bendtner cover for Pod, Sanogo on the bench, Flamini DM or defensive cover. That’s our business done… 10m in player sales, 400k a week from clearing the deadwood AND 70m in the bank gaining interest.
    Excellent business. Well done Mr Wenger.

  75. PhilF

    Yep . We are no longer a football club. Just a business, if ‘customers’ don’t like it then they are free to take their ‘custom’ elsewhere.
    It really is a sad day for AFC

  76. The Clay Farm

    So what you saying is if Messi was bought he would be less because he hasn’t played in the PL? World class players are world class players no matter what they do, where they come from or what their aunties look like.