Arsenal pick off Fenerbache but squad dangerously stretched as 3 doubts raised…

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Light work my friends. That is what Arsenal made of a very odd Fenerbache side. I thought the only tactical option for them was to turn up all guns blazing. Instead they played the patience game and suffered the consequences.

I’m not going to give a detailed blow by blow account, but there were some notable incidents and performances in the game that merit further chat.

Firstly, the bad news. Our skinny squad really doesn’t take much of a hit to bruise like its been shot with a Metropolitan Police plastic bullet at a protest about school meals. Lukas Podolski pinged his hamstring so badly he had to be stretchered down the tunnel. I know they grade tears… That one looked like it sat in the bad category. Wenger said three weeks, when does he ever say anything different? We had to bring on Kieran Gibbs in his place, which worked out nicely, the concern for me is he’s a crock as well… and Monreal was pretty poor all night long. Against Spurs, he’ll be exposed as a weak link if he plays like that.

The good news on the playing front is we controlled the game with ease. Fenerbache didn’t stretch us at all. So we won’t be tired, and we’ve two days on Spurs who play Europa on Thursday.

Our keeper had a mixed bag. He made two or three superb saves, one at the near post in the first half was particularly excellent, along with the lovely early double save from Merieles. He did mix that in with a couple of needless flaps along with rushing out of his area. He always starts so deep… it’s no wonder he struggles to make it to the ball first.

Ramsey had another top performance. He’s adding goals and clinical passes to his game, which is always the sign a player has turned the corner. He’s playing with confidence and calmness. He’s playing with discipline and he’s throwing himself around like a man. About time… His two goals were well taken. The first came when Cazorla saw Theo’s run across the box, it looked like Theo or the defender edged it into the path of Ramsey who passed it home for the first goal.

The goal in the second half was a bit classier, some nice build up play saw Gibbs cut the ball to the near post with Ramsey steering the ball into the far corner. Cesc started to turn heads when he added goals to his game, it’s a sign of calmness… something that only comes with experience.

Great work. Jack must feel the pressure… which is superb news. The British core is being led by a Welshman, he knows that’s not right and he’ll up his game to compete. Inter-country competition… it’s a beautiful thing.

Cazorla was excellent as always. He’s a genius on the ball. Simple as that. He ferrets his way out of any space, he’s perfect with both feet and his vision is as good as the weighting he gives to each pass. Problem we have is that we only have one of him… which generally leads to overuse and fatigue. That’s why an Ozil would be an excellent move. Especially as Cazorla now has to move out onto the left side of midfield.

We finished the night with a front three of Sanogo, Miyachi and Gibbs. Amusing and Carling Cup like, but a distinct reality we might face as the season goes on. Sanogo, however you paint it is painfully raw. He’s not a ‘now’ player, but he’s out second best striker. Frightening. We don’t have a squad… we have many round pegs that seem the quite effectively slot into square holes. It’s not a sensible way to play and a strategy like that won’t bear fruit.

We need to spend £100m this week if we want to compete for things. £70m if we want top four. We’re in pretty bad shape heading into Spurs. A full back out of form. One adult striker. A left back in left midfield. Scary against a full Spurs squad who boast a bench.

On a separate point, the stadium was embarrassingly empty. Someone was trying to play the ‘people can’t afford it card’… sorry, not buying it. The showing at the ground was about ‘I can’t be bothered’. There’s no excuse this year, if you can’t afford it, sell your ticket or give it away to someone… You can get them a paper ticket, so you don’t even need to worry about giving them your card.

Leaving a spare empty really is poor… (read more about sharing a spare here)


Transfer wise, all the papers are trying to make their money today. The Mirror reckons third parties have offered us Benzema and Ozil, a bit like trying to sell your neighbours house (we’ve all been there after a beer or two)… not that we’re above listening… the Suarez deal a painfully naive example of that. The Telegraph reckons we have a 50% chance of Cabaye which probably means that deal is off. Oh and Arsene is making agitated ‘we’ll see what we can do’ noises.

People complain that I’m being negative, but I’m really not. It’s negative to take the attitude that beating Fulham and Fenerbache somehow means we’ll be ok this season. Positivity is wanting to improve because by doing so we stand a better outcome of a great season. If you believe we’ll compete with our current squad, you’re lying to yourself, because all the laws of reality clearly point to that being a falsehood.

I made the point last night that we ended the night with a front three of Ryo, Sanogo and Gibbs. Many thought this was perfectly acceptable as we were winning. Sure, it was acceptable if those introductions were by choice. They were the only players we could bring on. If players get tired at Spurs (which happens), those are our attacking options. Carling Cup options for a NLD… farcical regardless of the weight you’ve put into Wenger saying Sanogo will be a £50m player in 2 years.

Finally, some majorly exciting news, I have Simon Kuper coming on a podcast to chat about football and data. I can’t tell you how excited about this I am…mainly because its been a hot topic I’ve talked about a lot… because Arsene is behind the times. This guy co-wrote Soccernomics… it’s a great read if you’re a data geek. It goes way beyond Opta and Prozone, so tune in on Tuesday for that.

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  1. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 21:58:03

    Someone is bound to remember you said that if those players shine on Sunday.

  2. arsenal-flavour

    Liverpool as it stands

    Suarez Gerrard aspas countinho sturridge mignolet agger sterling borini
    jose enrique sanchey

    Better squad than spurs.. creatively

    Defensively mayb not but that Mignolet is a supreme shot stopper

    I am not some biased fan who wants to rave on about how great spurs are to show how shit we are… especially when there are much better teams than the spuds such as liverpool

    I know we aren’t good enough but be realistic in your opinions

  3. arsenal-flavour

    GuninurbackAugust 28, 2013 22:03:27

    Bruv no offence give the spuds love fest a rest they seriously aren’t that great.
    Everyone’s concentrating on spurs when we should be more worried about Liverpool

  4. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 22:05:24

    Uhm sorry man this spurs team will blitz pool this year.
    But more worryingly once both teams hit their stride they’ll also beat us.

  5. GUNNER786

    GunnershabzAugust 28, 2013 22:02:52
    To be honest if we can’t sign ozil mata them erickson would be a good signing along with his club mate aiderwierld

    Have you ever considered becoming a scout?

  6. Cesc Appeal

    The REAL question/debate is why with £180 Million in the bank are we talking about scrapping it out for 4th?!

  7. arsenal-flavour

    Everton squad is nearly on par with spurs

    Pienar is better than holtby
    Fellani is better than paulinho sandro ect
    Miralles is slightly better than lennon
    Baines is worth about 2 players is better than their whole left wing
    They have a shit keeper and striker that lets them down

  8. Pistol Pete

    Got a real horrible feeling that we wont be able to buy any new players because we have left it to late. I would love to ask wenger why leave it to the last few days, when we had months.Why!

  9. arsenal-flavour

    GuninurbackAugust 28, 2013 22:08:06

    Im lost for words… spurs creative outlet is DEMBELE for fucks sakes….

    They have zero penetration and an average striker…

    They have no good wingers apart from Lamela who will take time to adjust Lennon is consistently awful and Holtby is a man who spends 90 minutes invisible

    Creatively they are one of the poorest sides in the top half of the table…

    As for Liverpool they have super pace creativity and sturridge who is massively underrated… if they keep Suarez will fuck me they will score loads of goals

  10. Guninurback


    Sorry man but you’re not getting through with your arguments, Liverpool is way worse than the Spuds, half their team are filled by pensioners and the other half by talented youngsters, if ever there was a team in transition it is Pool this year. The spuds got a team load of players ready to either make the final step up, after being brooded all last season, or a shit load of new exiting talents oh and to round it off a whole bunch of key players quite simply in their prime.

    I’m sorry flava but you’re wrong about them.

  11. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 22:10:28

    Everton squad is nearly on par with spurs

    Pienar is better than holtby
    Fellani is better than paulinho sandro ect
    Miralles is slightly better than lennon
    Baines is worth about 2 players is better than their whole left wing
    They have a shit keeper and striker that lets them down

    Dude we all hate the fucking spuds but come on!

  12. arsenal-flavour

    We need to spend this week blitzing round targets

    I don’t think Mata would join us but that doesn’t mean we should try… 40 mill on the table
    him and cazorla would be the strongest attacking midfield in the league I think stronger than chelsea’s oscar and hazard and cities yaya and silva

    As for Center back Sakho
    Defensive midfielder are there any left? All if can think of is Morgan Schniderlin
    Would love Di Maria but he doesn”t want to leave I think if we offered over the odds for him Real would apply allot of pressure on Di Maria to leave their pretty ruthless cunts over in Madrid

  13. GUNNER786

    arsenal-flavourAugust 28, 2013 22:10:28
    Everton squad is nearly on par with spurs

    Pienar is better than holtby
    Fellani is better than paulinho sandro ect
    Miralles is slightly better than lennon
    Baines is worth about 2 players is better than their whole left wing
    They have a shit keeper and striker that lets them down


    Stop trying to make yourself feel better. 🙂

  14. arsenal-flavour


    I went to far with the Everton comparison lol.

    But after watching Liverpool and Spuds play
    I can see that Liverpool have a creative intensity mingled with pace
    Whilst Spurs just seemed laboursum and benefit of ideas…
    All pace no brains and lacking in real technical quality

  15. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 22:19:09

    Yeah a lot of people have bandied Di Maria name around lately, I’ve refrained to comment so far as I just see it as another “pr bluster thing”, but taking it seriously for a moment… doesn’t he have like some serious mental issues or something? Terrified of open spaces or crowds or something?

  16. Same Story

    Guninurback Liverpool are better than you are giving them credit for.

    What they need though is a proper left winger and a CB, they get that and they’ll get top 4.

  17. HerveDeNerve

    Telegraph Sport ‏@TelegraphSport 15m
    #THFC have agreed an 11m euro fee for Ajax midfielder Christian Eriksen. The Dane is negotiating terms in Amsterdam tonight…

  18. arsenal-flavour


    Look Do I think are squad is pathetically thin? Yes

    DO I think Spurs will come ahead of us? Probably

    Why do I think this? Because they have depth

    Is there first team amazing, fantastic or very very good? no

    Do I think Ramsey Sagna Kos Jack Rosiscky Arteta Walcott and Podolski Cazorla Gibbs monreal is better than their first team? YES

    There fullbacks are shite, they have one great center back and keeper

    There wingers bar Lamela are shite.. There central attacking mid and attacking mid players are shite, Dembele and holtby I would take Cazorla and Rosiscky over them any day of the week

    Soldado is better than giroud though but I can’t see him getting much service

  19. arsenal-flavour

    GuninurbackAugust 28, 2013 22:24:44

    fuckin hell he must be a mentalist… He hates crowds and open spaces so he signs for real madrid looool. He must of been tripping out in his debut match.

  20. Dan Ahern

    Spurs don’t seem amazing but they are punching above their weight with these transfers. They have filled out their entire squad with quality. Not super, super quality, but quality. Our first XI is still better than them. But that’s it. You don’t win the league by having a good first XI. And you sure as hell don’t win cups. You need a full squad to compete. You can’t play 60 games with the same guys over and over. It’s madness.

  21. vicky

    I think we have a slightly better starting eleven than Tottenham but they have a better overall squad than us which means If we do not sign players,they should finish above us.

  22. arsenal-flavour

    Gervinho is so sad and bitter

    To be honest his done very well to land the Roma Gig not a bad team has plenty of history no offence to the lad but his performances he could of ended up at a much lesser team

  23. arsenal-flavour

    Dan Ahern

    I agree with what you said.
    I think are squad is suicidal thin and if we don’t get the additions in we will no doubt get injuries at the worst times possible.

    imagine having a half injured squad at the second match against spurs or in the last make or break matches at the end of the season..

  24. andy1886

    So West Brom away eh? This will be our first chance to see if Wenger has changed. Put out an under strength side and go out at the first hurdle and we will know it’s the same old story.

  25. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 22:21:32

    He he, but yeah I agree thats how they look now, but those players are not bad, and they are bound to gel eventually, I doubt it’ll be before Sunday, but they will go on to take more points than last year.

    PS. I have seen the scousers, yes they look better than last year, but as I’ve said thats probably more of a fright to us than it is the spuds. The Totts will need a few months to sort their shit out no matter what, but when they do they’ll pick up pace. Currently we look like the only top four side that has regressed, we beat the spuds by one point last year, if they do slightly better this year then they’re top four. Those 100 mill will ensure that, Bale or no Bale. Its the Scousers and the top three team that first looses to the us or the spuds I assume we’re competing with. It will probably Moyes that will bite that bullet. So I actually expect to see us fight it out for fourth with Manure and Liverpool this year, with the spuds fairly secure at third.

    Face it we’re Europa League class right now.

  26. vicky

    In hindsight, I think we would have been better off with Gervinho than having nobody.

    He offered something different from other players.

    Clumsy,unbalanced, not clinical but he did create scoring opportunities.

    At the moment, we have no one on the left wing.

  27. arsenal-flavour


    agree and disagree

    I think are 1st 11 is significantly better at the moment spurs have zero creativity there attacking mids are dembele and holtby who are bog average

    There wingers Lennon and townsend… lets just say even are very flawed Walcot is a huge step up on them as is podolski

    Defensive midfields and goal keeper and 1 center back vertongen very very solid.

    Fullbacks are awful, walker is a complete defensive liability and there left winger can’t spell his name is really crap his much worse than gibbs or monreal (not saying there great either)

  28. GUNNER786

    Didn’t Bergkamp recommend Eriksen to Wenger a few years ago?

    Why is Wenger not following Bergys advice?

    Oh sorry I forgot…

    EGOMAN doesn’t listen to anybody

  29. Dan Ahern

    arsenal-flavour — We are already in an injury crisis. Think about how fucking absurd that is for a moment.

  30. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 22:36:37

    Yup that the fear for me as well, not the game on sunday but the re-match.
    By that time they’ll just have found their flow and our wheels would just have come off.

  31. vicky


    Lamela is a terrific player. Do not forget him.

    Prior to his signing,I was not much fussed about their top 4 credentials.

    That guy is creative,scores wonderful goals and is just a treat to watch.

    He will make the difference as the season goes on.

    So it is gonna be Lennon and Lamela on the wings. Not really bad.

    You are right about Dembele. He does not create much.

  32. Alfygun

    Theo is saying Spurs are not stronger than us. I can understand why he is saying this, he is obviously not going to say “yes they are better than us” but to say that after the Villa result ” we proved a lot of people wrong by bouncing back” is ridiculous. We haven’t proved anything by beating Fenerbache and Fulham!! they were good results but hardly surprising, is this how low we have dropped, bragging about results against teams that are average at best.

    And also how many times last season did we hear from various players before playing the TOP teams ” we can beat them or them” only to be put in our place by all of them.
    I am sick and tired of some of the players and especially Mr Wenger speaking to us like we are saps and started following football last week!!
    The squad is not “very very strong” Theo, it is very very depleted and in desperate need of some more quality players and some back up players.
    So shut the fuck up and prove yourself on Sunday instead of talking a great game.
    You are the one who is brainwashed not us, if you can’t see what is needed.

  33. Thomas

    An injury prone french african from ligue 2 and a washed up former player. Hahahahahahaha you just couldn’t make this up. Fucking joke this club has become.

  34. vicky

    And who knows Spurs could buy one more player after Erikson.

    Their net spend is still close to nothing.

    Another outlay of 20-25m can not be completely ruled out.

  35. arsenal-flavour


    You overestimation of a bog standard Spurs side is bizarre

    you realize Man united have RVP Vidic De Gea and Rooney… there fullback evra is also better than any of there fullbacks and Carrick is much better than all of their midfielder

    Also mate I watched everyone of spurs games last season they were a point behind us because of Bale… He scored a huge amount there goals… often in the last minute of games… and the other player who scored vital goals was dempsey…

    I think there was some crazy period where he scored from a freekick 3 weeks in a row.

    I know you can’t call a team a one man team but What Bale did for them was insane he scored goals when there was virtually no chance, Spurs really suffered from having a lack of creativity and penetration and a winger who can cross…

    They still haven’t strengthened there weakness cast point there creative outlet position and they now they wont have those long distance Bale shots to Bail them out…

  36. arsenal-flavour


    I am sure Lamela will be a pain in the arse to play against to seasons to come

    But players often take at least a season to hit full stride Cazorla being a notable exception.

    I think if we bought 2 players who could fill in the gaps 4th place would be guaranteed but of course we should be signing 4 quality players to compete for the title

  37. Cesc Appeal

    So we could be looking at

    Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose/Assou
    Eriksen, Paulinho, Dembele
    Lamela, Soldado, Chadli/Lennon

  38. andy1886

    Even if the Spuds don’t improve without additions we will have regressed by at least the point we pipped them by. Only Arsenal could have a £100m war chest and start the season worse of than when they finished the last one. We have four days effectively to put it right, and it will probably go down to Monday evening. This club needs to take a serious look at the way it does business.

  39. Guninurback

    Same Story
    August 28, 2013 22:54:18


    Those would start for us.

    Honestly I’d take that Essou Ekotto over Monreal as well, but thats just me.

  40. arsenal-flavour

    Paulinho or Ramsey….. Ramsey
    Sandro or rosiscky or arteta both the arsenal boys

    lloris fair point
    vertongen fair point
    lamela first season…. Most probably take time to adjust

    soldado fair point but his not great… and walcott and cazorla individually are a better scoring force even podolski is

  41. arsenal-flavour


    Bale scored like 80 percent of their goals…

    They still have not addressed there key weakness of a creative midfielder
    Hence why Bale so important as they needed his long range shots as know one could thread the ball into the box often enough or consistently enough

  42. HerveDeNerve

    Cesc AppealAugust 28, 2013 22:55:31

    Walker Vertonghen Chiriches Rose
    Paulhino Capoue Dembele
    Lamela Eriksen

    Subs: Kaboul, Sandro, Lennon, Holtby, Defoe,

  43. arsenal-flavour


    lucky monreal is are second choice… and tbh his still betterr than essoue

    Essoue does nothing but fill up space, Monreal has had 2 bad games for us when he was brand new to the club and recently when he came back from injury and wasn’t played match fit

    Cazorla Walcot Podolski and Ramsey are attack is superior

  44. vicky

    IMO we should still make a move for Berbatov If we do not get any other striker.

    The guy has got insane skills. Even at his age, he is an upgrade over Giroud.

  45. arsenal-flavour

    herve de nerve

    Walker Vertonghen Chiriches Rose
    Paulhino Capoue Dembele
    Lamela Eriksen

    weak squad striker not great, eriksen may have potential but is an unknown quantity

    Paulinho capoue and dembele aka creative black hole, all bluster no brain muster

    back 4 incredible weak except the exceptional vertongen

    LLoris good keeper massively overrated Begoivch and Mingolet are far better don’t get why they don’t get the same press

  46. andy1886

    A-F, I get your drift, but overall we’re not looking too great either. Soldado may not be top notch but is an improvement over Defoe the other lanky piece of piss. What they will have is more depth. Our big advantage is Santi, but let’s be honest, Wenger is going to play him into the ground and one day he is gonna break. Take him out of the equation and we don’t look too hot in the midfield either.

  47. arsenal-flavour

    Wenger plastic bottle

    I have though capoue was shit for a long time..

    He would make a great rugby player though! Strong good at running into people shame he will just carded for it in the premier league

  48. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 22:59:55

    but again you have to look at the team as a whole, Soldado complements Adethewhore nicely, Ericksen – Dembele, Lamela – Lennon etc.

    PS. I think its a shame we rely upon Rosicky, I know he’s done great over the last season, but come on. Who would have ever taken one look at this team five years ago and assumed Thomas would ever make it back to becoming integral for us? The only reason he’s even been allowed to is because he’s happy here, he’s relatively cheap, won’t make a fuss, we’ve could never recoup the money spent on him, and because we sold off everyone that ever threatened him for competition.

    If any player is symbolic for what has happened to Arsenal under Wenger, well then look at the career of Thomas Rosicky.
    First he got injured, then he wasn’t good enough, then we sold all his competition, now he’s captain material.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  49. Marko

    He must be sacked must be. To sit on a pile of cash for nearly 3 months and then try to spend it in the last 6 days is mental. For me it doesn’t matter if he brings in the sun the moon and the stars the nutjob has to go. Alright I’ll give him a free pass for a lot if the shit he’s done but not for this summer. This was supposed to be the summer we kicked on but he still holds us back. Oh to be an Arsenal fan

  50. arsenal-flavour


    Mate I expect we have quite different views on Ramsey.
    i think he was going to be class before his injury and I think his coming back to his early potential, facts is facts he had a horrible season being played as a winger as soon as he was moved to the center he improved massively his no longer ramsey his not as shit as he used to be but ramsey his playing some quality football.

    i also expect we have different opinions on Walcot the headless one he is massively flawed but so very useful and important its weird his technically crap but he is such a danger on the field he drags there defense all over the place, if you see everyone of his goals or assists its because they have crumbled under his lighting pace…
    He also has an eye for goal…

    He was one of the best winger last season and no he didn’t pad his stats against lower league teams he scored against chelsea man united ect

  51. HerveDeNerve

    arsenal-flavourAugust 28, 2013 23:01:48

    Bale scored 21 out of Spurs’ 66 league goals…..

    Yes, that calculates to 80% doesn’t it

    You talk about a lack of creativity from a midfield of Capoue, Paulhino and Dembele?

    What are Lamela and Eriksen going to do then? Pick their noses?

    Eriksen:OptaJoe ‏@OptaJoe 3h
    138 – The 138 chances that Eriksen created in the Eredivisie last season were more than any player in the top 5 European leagues. Pedigree.

    Yeh, he’s really crap ain’t he

  52. vicky

    “I think its a shame we rely upon Rosicky”

    That’s pure BS.

    You can raise questions about his injury issues but what shame in relying on him.

    He is still better than Wilshere. Leave Cazorla out,he is the best midfielder we have.

  53. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    If we get any injuries we’ll be royally f*****

    Its the unknown that worries me

    Wenger only sends his team out to play their ‘own game’

    Soldado to me will come good. he has an apettite for goal and I dont see him struggling.

  54. arsenal-flavour


    I don’t really understand your comments about Rosicky he was an amazing player verging on world class he got severe injuries so coudldn’t play he can now he is better than all of spurs midfielder.

    His ball control, his turning on the ball his acceleration his passing his flicks, the fact he so ever rarely gets tackled and speeds up are play how he always pass forwards and starts of alot of are goals from counter attacks…

    yeah shite player??? narrrrrr allot better than what spurs have

  55. vicky

    Same Story August 28, 2013 23:13:02

    LOL Ramsey over Paulinho.
    Come back when Ramsey would start for Brazil.

    Spot On !!!! Two decent performances and he becomes a top qualidee player.

  56. Dan Ahern

    “kwik fit August 28, 2013 23:00:42
    I know Caughtoffside are running the Leandro Damiao to Arsenal story. But I won’t believe anything till it’s on”


    You know what they say. It’s not official until it’s on

  57. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:05:01

    Okiiiii if you say so…. I’ll agree Gibbs is better than both, but how many games will he finish this season? 30 – 40 max? Ekotto takes it on both experience and style for me, but to each his own. In any case Monreal is barely a footballer in my mind, he gets shoved off the ball against championship sides FFS!

    Sorry bro but I got more love for Jenks than Monreal.

    But by all means keep telling yourself we’ll beat them this year, and that they are poor, I have about as much faith in what you are saying as Wenger right now; and I’m sure you’ll feel the same once the anger of their transfer day has subsided.

  58. arsenal-flavour

    Herve de nerve

    Erikson created so many chances… Yeah in what league???

    Lool those stats don’t mean much to me Bony scored in every single match he played in so is he going to be the best striker in the premier league?

  59. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:19:02

    yeah it was just two years of him playing shit before finding his feet again, and yeah he was just blitzing records in all that time…

    FFS! There is no defense of the Diaby, Rosicky situation. Neither should have been allowed to “try” as many times as they did, because that was solely for their benefit and our detriment.

    The fact Rosicky is now one of our better players is partly by proxy lets not forget that. We’ve had ample opportunity to replace him over the years and the only reason we haven’t is because he’s rarely worth mentioning once a transfer window opens.

  60. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:22:43

    Okay then what are you saying? We’ll beat them with a worse side?

  61. arsenal-flavour

    I dunno speak to any BVB player they all say Rosiscky is amazing…

    His fuckin Goetze and Reus Idol…

    His a far better player than your giving him credit he played with injuries for two years…

    RvP was fairly awful for allot of his times does that make him a shit player now?







  62. vicky


    Ramsey is a fighter,tenacious,hard working.

    But I think he needs to work on many more aspects before he can become top class.

    As far as the last season is concerned,we just managed to eke out results by being solid and organized. Nothing spectacular about that.

  63. andy1886

    A-F you wont find any posts from me slagging off Ramsey or Walcott (feel free to check). But with our lack of depth and AW’s lack of tactical ability we could be in for a long hard season. Other than Santi we have Tomas to create for us. That’s hardly encoraging going in to a 60 game season.

  64. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:24:06

    Uhm Ramsey can’t be said to have had a particularly great last season I think, but thats the last I’ll disagree with you about tonight…

    Good night people.

  65. arsenal-flavour


    I think you have missed what I have been trying to say

    I dont think we will beat them i think they will come ahead of us

    But I think are first 11 is much better but we will have inevitable injuries that will ruin are season

    I think if we puchased 2 players who could fill in the gaps we would see spurs off

    BUT I WANT US TO SIGN at least 4 QUALITY players so we can compete for the title

  66. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:34:24

    To this I will answer simply ” Possibly, but not for long”.


  67. andy1886

    v.Persie was never crap. Injured a lot maybe, crap no way. Even in the early stages of his career you could see he was a good player. Check out some old DVD’s, and compare to Sanogo. Chalk and cheese.

  68. vicky

    I have always maintained that Wenger needs to go but many people here mix up their hate towards Wenger with Rosicky.

    If one can look objectively at Rosicky, then he would have only good things to say about him.

    Pace,creativity,vision,control of the ball and a great understanding of the game.

    I feel so sorry for him. If he had an injury free career,people would have adored him but here we are trying to put up a case for him.

    Well,I may be a novice but certainly Marco Reus is not.

  69. arsenal-flavour


    lol not for long… guy hasn’t lost any pace seems faster than ever… and is seems to off got other his injuries

    as for demebele I don’t expect anything of him and as for Holtby would be good player for crystal palace could provide some good crosses to Chamakh

  70. Jamal

    Eriksen is a fucking steal at 12m and right up Wengers street.

    Wenger will offer 10m and say “We tried” when Bergkamp tells him to shove the money up his ass.

  71. arsenal-flavour


    for fucks sakes I was saying RVP had some crap performances injury and fitness wise.
    as did Rosiscky.

    Rosicky also had loads of potential if you look at his old vids…

    Its no joke that the BVB think his absolute quality

  72. Cesc Appeal


    Eden Hazard once said Gervinho was the best player he’s ever played with…doesn’t mean it’s true.

    However, I do agree Rosicky is a useful player, never going to be a player you can rely on.

  73. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:37:38

    The shame of it is I agree full heartedly I just think, those players the spuds just wrapped up was pretty much the entire market right there.

    As far as 4 quality players, I would have been more than satisfied with:


    and for an example Williams or Sakho.

    That for me was a good summer, but instead we got Yaya Sanogo and Fucking flamini. And sorry bro but I’m not sure just 4 quality players are enough at this point I still feel we need more bodies.

    The 70 mill to beat spurs and 100 mill to compete estimate seems conservative to my mind. But thats it now I got a cramp in mi figgin fingers.

  74. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    Rosicky could of won us the game against villa to make it 2-0 if he showed a bit more composure with that poor shot

    For me this season i expect more assists and more goals. doubt it though!

  75. vicky


    Mate,I mentioned Reus to just sight an example. I rated him even before that.

    Yup,he can not be relied upon but only due to injury problems,not because of a lack of ability.

  76. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 23:41:22

    Yes he is a good player, but not physically threatening, now I’ll admit he can have a commanding presence on the pitch, but usually not for two halfs.

    But in any case my case against him wasn’t for the lack of skill, if we had had a 25 man team in some of the years he was out, as with Diaby’s absence then it wouldn’t have mattered as much. However we’ve gone into season past relying on both only to be disappointed, and that fault lies with the manager.
    But again I say Rosicky is only captains material by proxy and if his body shuts down this time around then I’d simply shake my head and laugh.

    now bed…

  77. Sam

    Hmmm paulino is better than wilshere
    Soldado, who? Is better than giroud

    I will just sit back and read more stupidities from spud loving haters
    Playing For brazil doesnt mean you are the best, they also have deadwoods like Fred and Jo, they rely on neymar to look good.

  78. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Diaby has been with us seven nigh 8 years….

    His contract must have been extended twice!

    He was a crock earlier in his career !

    So whyvdidvthevsqme warrant bigger longer contracts ?

  79. Danish Gooner

    Let the Spuds have Eriksen he is major cack,goes missing when it gets roughhouse,where have we seen that before(Hleb,reyes,Helder etc) even tough he is a steal at 10 mil he is not very good.Mata is a pipe dream the hipocrite maureen would never ever sell to the voyeur.The madrid pair would rather cut off both their legs then join a sub standard club like Arsenal.Kondogbia is going to Monaco.Cabaye is cack and should not demand more then 10 mil transfer fee he regressed seriously since Pardew took him on.Draxler,50 mil Yeah right, are they fucking crazy ???? So that leaves Flamini and his dog,nice one Arsene.

  80. Sam

    Don’t forget that real Madrid didn’t believe paulinho is worth 17M so spurs jumped in to buy him.
    Nice to see them strengthening but they paid over the odds and among all of their signings spurs were never their prefer destination.
    Paulinho—– real Madrid
    Capoue——- arsenal

    At the end of the day it’s only spurs and villas boas is not better than jol, Christian gross and all the fuckers that got sacked in the past.

  81. Samir

    AVB is a top manager Sam….What are you talking about?
    Not better than Jol? Haha, you talk some shit!

    The guy that led Porto to an unbeaten season?

    Also, I’d take Soldado over Giroud any day of the week…

  82. N1Goon

    AVB, Baldini and Levy have perhaps changed Spurs forever this summer. They deserve top 4 with the ambition and business they have made this summer.

  83. N1Goon

    Likewise, if Arsene had cleverly invested £100m into the squad this summer I genuinely think we’d be the team to beat.

    The top players are off the market now, though.

  84. Goondawg

    Shambolic this transfer window has been. Names being touted but fuck all names on the dotted line. Who the fuck is yaya sanago. Lack of Squad depth rearing it’s ugly head and we’ve only played three of the 60 odd games we bound to play. Already squad looks weak and decimated.

    Gut feeling says we will end up with egg on our faces come tuesday morn. Disgraceful. Have a niggling fear Bale will play his last game for them before he fucks off too.

  85. sam

    This spurs delaying the sale of Bale to prevent arsenal from signing real madrid players is utter crap, Lol!
    This theory is straight out of twitter and Wenger might use it as an excuse.
    Real Madrid are not the only club with players for sale.

  86. sam

    yes samir, Its you that will take donkey Soldado over Giroud.
    managing Porto is not the greatest achievement in football, its the only club in portuguese league even Pat rice can win with Porto.
    is Villas Boas better than Harry Rednapp?
    I won’t waste my time talking about tottenham, We will still do better than them season.

  87. sam

    Adebayor is better than Soldado,
    Villas Boas is stupid just like some spurs loving idiots i see here.
    I fear more adebayor playing against us than the boring soldado, Sagna will have him in the pocket.
    And Villas Boas will be out of work at the end of season

  88. Wengerites be damned !

    Besides, when was the last time Wonga has won an UEFA trophy?

    Hmmmm…I can’t really remember.

  89. Wengerites be damned !

    ‘And Villas Boas will be out of work at the end of season.’

    Heaven please, Wonga deserves the boot more than AVB.

  90. Harry Redknapp

    starting for brazil these days equuates to a big summer move to ermm spurs. no one else interested. dunno why people are knocking ramsey. he is playing well lets see how it goes.

  91. sam

    Sanogo will fail trial, that bad touch will immediately get him sent home.
    Flamini will fail medical.
    Both will wear arsenal shirts through favouritism not merit.
    all our summer signings are dodgy and most likely to offer nothing to team this team.
    because he had no intention to anyone he will use them as scapecoats to get the fans off his back.

  92. sam

    If i was admin here all spuds loving cunts will be kicked out of the site.
    Wengerites please get your oyster out and jump on number 29.

    and fuck off to shit hart lane

  93. dialsquare

    I’m scratching my head wondering how the dickhead managed to put 7 Cups in the Trophy Cabinet, it must have been down to Bergkamp i can’t think of any other plausible explanation.

  94. Carts

    Paulinho was initially touted as a potential Chelsea signing back in December when Chelsea were beaten in the World Club Cup final by Corinthians…that didn’t materialise, however. Agreed, he’s never worth £17m – Spuds overpaid by at least £5m. Guess it’ll all be worth it if they make top 4.

    Wondering whether Wenger thinks putting in 11th hour bids for players, on dead line day, is going to work in Arsenal’s favour.

  95. zeus

    So glad that in the week since his “for me the window opens now” comments, we’ve yet to even mkae a bid for a single player willing to leave their club.

  96. The Hig

    There we go again, slating the good players we have. Rosicky has been doing well and has tons of pace and skill for a guy his age and a wonderful mentality and great vision. Ramsey has been doing well since last season and is in my team all day long. Why look at how it was? They doing well now so support them. And just looking at the debates, our team work is far better than Spurs team work. And like I said before, they might have individual new good players but we play better as a team. We will beat Spurs this weekend whether we make signings or not. And believe me Wenger will bring in players to add depth to the squad. He’d have to be dead to not do this as anyone can see we need players and if he doesn’t then we fucked and he must go. Slate Wenger all you want he’s frustrating me too by not buying early and leaving it late, but leave the players alone cos they playing well and giving 110% for the club. When a player has a bad game criticize constructively but support them so they can come back stronger.