Arsenal pick off Fenerbache but squad dangerously stretched as 3 doubts raised…

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Light work my friends. That is what Arsenal made of a very odd Fenerbache side. I thought the only tactical option for them was to turn up all guns blazing. Instead they played the patience game and suffered the consequences.

I’m not going to give a detailed blow by blow account, but there were some notable incidents and performances in the game that merit further chat.

Firstly, the bad news. Our skinny squad really doesn’t take much of a hit to bruise like its been shot with a Metropolitan Police plastic bullet at a protest about school meals. Lukas Podolski pinged his hamstring so badly he had to be stretchered down the tunnel. I know they grade tears… That one looked like it sat in the bad category. Wenger said three weeks, when does he ever say anything different? We had to bring on Kieran Gibbs in his place, which worked out nicely, the concern for me is he’s a crock as well… and Monreal was pretty poor all night long. Against Spurs, he’ll be exposed as a weak link if he plays like that.

The good news on the playing front is we controlled the game with ease. Fenerbache didn’t stretch us at all. So we won’t be tired, and we’ve two days on Spurs who play Europa on Thursday.

Our keeper had a mixed bag. He made two or three superb saves, one at the near post in the first half was particularly excellent, along with the lovely early double save from Merieles. He did mix that in with a couple of needless flaps along with rushing out of his area. He always starts so deep… it’s no wonder he struggles to make it to the ball first.

Ramsey had another top performance. He’s adding goals and clinical passes to his game, which is always the sign a player has turned the corner. He’s playing with confidence and calmness. He’s playing with discipline and he’s throwing himself around like a man. About time… His two goals were well taken. The first came when Cazorla saw Theo’s run across the box, it looked like Theo or the defender edged it into the path of Ramsey who passed it home for the first goal.

The goal in the second half was a bit classier, some nice build up play saw Gibbs cut the ball to the near post with Ramsey steering the ball into the far corner. Cesc started to turn heads when he added goals to his game, it’s a sign of calmness… something that only comes with experience.

Great work. Jack must feel the pressure… which is superb news. The British core is being led by a Welshman, he knows that’s not right and he’ll up his game to compete. Inter-country competition… it’s a beautiful thing.

Cazorla was excellent as always. He’s a genius on the ball. Simple as that. He ferrets his way out of any space, he’s perfect with both feet and his vision is as good as the weighting he gives to each pass. Problem we have is that we only have one of him… which generally leads to overuse and fatigue. That’s why an Ozil would be an excellent move. Especially as Cazorla now has to move out onto the left side of midfield.

We finished the night with a front three of Sanogo, Miyachi and Gibbs. Amusing and Carling Cup like, but a distinct reality we might face as the season goes on. Sanogo, however you paint it is painfully raw. He’s not a ‘now’ player, but he’s out second best striker. Frightening. We don’t have a squad… we have many round pegs that seem the quite effectively slot into square holes. It’s not a sensible way to play and a strategy like that won’t bear fruit.

We need to spend £100m this week if we want to compete for things. £70m if we want top four. We’re in pretty bad shape heading into Spurs. A full back out of form. One adult striker. A left back in left midfield. Scary against a full Spurs squad who boast a bench.

On a separate point, the stadium was embarrassingly empty. Someone was trying to play the ‘people can’t afford it card’… sorry, not buying it. The showing at the ground was about ‘I can’t be bothered’. There’s no excuse this year, if you can’t afford it, sell your ticket or give it away to someone… You can get them a paper ticket, so you don’t even need to worry about giving them your card.

Leaving a spare empty really is poor… (read more about sharing a spare here)


Transfer wise, all the papers are trying to make their money today. The Mirror reckons third parties have offered us Benzema and Ozil, a bit like trying to sell your neighbours house (we’ve all been there after a beer or two)… not that we’re above listening… the Suarez deal a painfully naive example of that. The Telegraph reckons we have a 50% chance of Cabaye which probably means that deal is off. Oh and Arsene is making agitated ‘we’ll see what we can do’ noises.

People complain that I’m being negative, but I’m really not. It’s negative to take the attitude that beating Fulham and Fenerbache somehow means we’ll be ok this season. Positivity is wanting to improve because by doing so we stand a better outcome of a great season. If you believe we’ll compete with our current squad, you’re lying to yourself, because all the laws of reality clearly point to that being a falsehood.

I made the point last night that we ended the night with a front three of Ryo, Sanogo and Gibbs. Many thought this was perfectly acceptable as we were winning. Sure, it was acceptable if those introductions were by choice. They were the only players we could bring on. If players get tired at Spurs (which happens), those are our attacking options. Carling Cup options for a NLD… farcical regardless of the weight you’ve put into Wenger saying Sanogo will be a £50m player in 2 years.

Finally, some majorly exciting news, I have Simon Kuper coming on a podcast to chat about football and data. I can’t tell you how excited about this I am…mainly because its been a hot topic I’ve talked about a lot… because Arsene is behind the times. This guy co-wrote Soccernomics… it’s a great read if you’re a data geek. It goes way beyond Opta and Prozone, so tune in on Tuesday for that.

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  1. Harry Redknapp

    any striker we sign must be proven in the prem or seen as a real dangerman at CL level. not soldado or who from roma? or giroud woops

  2. Harry Redknapp

    stan understands stocks and shares theres no point talkin about him and football at the same time. he dont check newsnow arsenal or le grove.

  3. Inter YourGran

    Evening All,

    So we’ve managed not to kill ourselves then yet. I suppose every arsenal fan will be constantly refreshing every twitter, blog & newsnow link until 11pm on Monday.

    The situation is looking precarious and it is a case of too little to late, but I do hope we sign a couple who are quality.

    There are quite a few players we can hedge bets on;

    Kroos, Muniain, Mata, Oezil, Di Maria, Casillas, Alderweirld, Sakho, Rooney, Suarez, Cabaye, Muriel, Fellaini, Cesar to name a few..

    We’ll have to pay over the odds, but we’ve left ourselves with no choice.

    Still, NLD on Sunday…. Every Gooner should be up for that one….

    Lose (not gonna happen) if we haven’t added outside Flamini and it’ll be panic buy-o-rama mk II

    Right, off again. Until next time 🙂

  4. Inter YourGran

    Also, Just because Di Maria, Oezil and Benzema are begging it to stay, doesn’t mean Madrid don’t want rid.

  5. Inter YourGran

    MTLM – If he says Mata is for sale he goes for a cheaper price. Negotiating tactic…

    Let’s be real here;

    Chelsea have – Schrulle, De Bryne, Ramires, Luiz, Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Mikel, Essien, Lampard, Willian & Moses vying for midfield spots.

    A couple of the attacking ones need to go.

  6. dialsquare

    It’s easier said than done getting rid of the board and Wenger. For a start that would require some sort of supporter movement, but the vast majority that go to the Emirates are there for a nice day out and/or are completely ignorant of the mess Wenger and Gazidis are making.

  7. Guninurback

    Harry Redknapp
    August 28, 2013 18:57:01

    No I’d say player for player they got us beat now.

    Giroud/ Sanogo – Soldado/ Adethewhore / Defoe

    Walcott/ Podolski/ Ox /Santi – Lennon / Holtby / Paulinho / Lamela

    Rosicky/ Wilshire/ Ramsey/ Arteta – Dembele / Sandro / Ericksen/ Capoue

    Bak/Merts / Kos / Gibbs versus are you fucking kidding me….! Now thats options.

    Last year they didn’t but now they have overtaken us up top as well as in defense, They’ve also evened out the odds in midfield, where if they do not beat us on experience and technique they sure do so both in brute strength and numbers. So no now I’d say they’ll win it on form, because our players will truly be knackered by December, and simply put I think they’ll have more left in the tank come the important fixtures at the close of the season.

  8. Harry Redknapp

    guininur time will tell, but our problem is not spurs, their small fry even with fortunes spent. our problem is within.

  9. Guninurback

    Inter YourGran
    August 28, 2013 19:19:05

    The only flaw in your idea of them selling is that Wenger doesn’t manage for them.

  10. Guninurback

    Harry Redknapp
    August 28, 2013 19:23:33

    True true, very true. Even comparing ourselves to them on an even playing field when we all know that with a modicum of effort we could easily blitz them out of the water is not only tragic it is horrendously infuriating.

  11. Sam

    When you are French injury prone you don’t have to take medical
    Le boss will take care of everything
    Arsenal is a fucking banana republic, lol!
    Dictatorship, nepotism , favoritism, corruption, nationalism etc……

  12. Harry Redknapp

    the point im sayin is spurs have just spent huge, forget the bale income . they have just put everything into it that they can. i dont really see them as hugely better than last season, that boy bale frightened the life out of me. if we went out bought a keeper and a striker and a dm they would be back behind us

  13. Harry Redknapp

    but us buying has fuck all to do with the spuds. its not a loss to spurs if we finish behind them, its more like an epic fail from ourselfs

  14. Inter YourGran

    Guninurback – 😆 true, but hope is all we have left at this point.

    I’ll cling to any optimism until the window is closed. It’s most likely to be followed by a cataclysmic breakdown, but you gotta do what you gotta do 🙂

  15. James wood

    Just don,t see Chelsea selling Mata,if Chelsea Are to let any
    Midfielder go it will be someone like Essien or Mikel.
    And I don.t see one of them being of any use to us.

  16. mm

    I am going to be really pissed off if as expected Wenger made an excuse of not able to find any player to sign, as a reason for failing to strengthen squad this summer. In the same summer when Spurs signed Paulinho, Lamela, Soldado.

    whole world would laugh at us!

  17. Guninurback

    Inter YourGran
    August 28, 2013 19:32:06

    Yeah for all our sake lets hope I’m the one to be surprised, and not the other way around. Or I think this season will get tiresome very quick.

  18. Sam

    When you are yaya sanogo you don’t need a trial to prove your skill, come on you are French

    I don’t think Mugabe favors his own tribesmen so arsenal is officially worse than Zimbabwe

  19. Inter YourGran

    At this point in time i’d take flamoney, kebab & kroos.

    In regards to a striker, we’ve left it too late unless we take a risk (not of the sanogo proportion)… Either it’s an unfinished article or we just pay Madrid/united/bindippers what they want.

    Rooney’s recent comments pretty much rule him out. Again though, Moyes’ after the game interview (Vs. Chelsea) seemed to suggest there’s something still in it…

    I reckon the last 48hrs of the window are going to be glorious, but I suspect the ssn reporter being sent to the emirates isn’t too happy about it 😆

  20. Craigy

    Well well well, still no signings, when all of the big clubs are showing real intent, I wish we had a manager with ambition, someome who ain’t fucking scared to spend big, he’s a joke and not fit to run our club,

  21. Mike adamski

    Cannot believe that Jose does not rate mata

    Absolutely fantastic player we should’ve broken the bank for when we had the chance

    Fuck you wenger you DICK

  22. Guninurback

    Yup I really do feel like it was the Lars Bender offer that put all this shit in motion, almost as if that really was the one substantial transfer we had going this summer. 18 mill for CL finalist ten years after that was a fair price for CL finalist sure do sound like a Wenger move to me. After failing to land his man with a bid of 3 mill more than our record, I think Wenger just gave up. He’s been chasing shadows ever since. The hig offer just baffled him, in his mind 23 mill is still very much money , and actually having to pay the going rate is something other clubs do.

    Its almost as if Arsene never checked his account since he started working here, he’s just been living off his weekly 100 pound note that the missus withdraws for him once a week since 96. Because I’m sure if he had he’d see that he himself could have paid for most of the top talents out there on his own with all the money we’ve pissed at him over the years.

  23. Sam

    Mata’s dad was at emirates so what?
    Do you really trust arsene wenger to complete any deal without fucking up?

    Hahaha they probably served him coffee with salt , put chewing gum on his seat, was chauffeur driven by the most annoying driver in the world , a nigerian cabbie who never shut up etc…..
    For Juan mata sr it was the worse evening ever

  24. Mike adamski

    I’d highly recommend the latest arsecast podcast available on arseblog .
    If you want to have a great laugh then go for it .
    The guy gives a great analogy of our transfer balls up about buying a car
    It’s good stuff 🙂

  25. Guninurback

    Mike adamski
    August 28, 2013 19:54:42

    How do they know what a podcast needs! I’ve made thousands of podcast!


  26. TitsMcgee

    “Absolutely fantastic player we should’ve broken the bank for when we had the chance”

    3m more and we could have had him.

  27. tippitappi

    FFP is already being blown out the water no surprise there , it was
    really only Arsenal who were willingly sucked in stupid tossers it was only ever about the money and bonuses

  28. Inter YourGran

    To be fair Mata Snr is an agent and his stable represents a few players;

    It isn’t just about Juan Mata I reckon…..

    Have a look below;

    Lionel Messi (no)
    Juan Mata (maybe)
    Serge Ramos (no)
    Kun Aguero (no)
    Luka Modric (no)
    Ilkay Gundogan (I wish)
    Edin Dzeko (no)
    Chicharito (maybe)
    Iker Muniain (maybe)
    Nicolas N’Koulou (maybe)
    Capoue (no)
    Zaha (no)
    Vito Mannone (no)
    M’Baye Niang

  29. Harry Redknapp

    mourinho wont sell essien, he knows all the dirty break up play tricks and refs love giving him chance after chance to foul.

  30. BacaryisGod

    The smart money right now is on us signing the following:

    Cabaye, Flamini

    Outside of that, the betting money is showing very little signs of hope. With a few days to go, if Arsenal had a serious chance of signing some of the players we’ve been linked with, would the sites really offer the following odds below?

    Di Maria (5-2 odds to come to Arsenal. Put it this way, the sites are encouraging you to bet $200 in order to win $500 at a $300 profit. If you think he’s staying, then you would have to bet $566 in order to get a $200 profit. Basically, he’s a massive favourite to stay at Real).

    The worst of it is that Benzema and Ozil are much longer odds to join us or essentially dead in the water (like Suarez, Fellaini, Rooney and all the other top players we’ve been linked with).

    In short, the only player we are favoured to sign vs. staying at his current club is Cabaye, and even that is close.

    So now we’re left with hoping that Arsene will pull something out of his hat. Based on recent late moves in the window (Santos, Park etc), I would argue that the odds of signing star quality are slim to none at this point.

    The window will close with us having probably added Flamini and Cabaye and possibly adding one or more of the following:

    Keeper: Cesar, Begovic, Guaita, Krul etc
    Defender: Ashley Williams, Micah Richards
    Forward/Winger: Di Maria (as above, highly unlikely), God knows who else is available now….

    This morning is the first time all summer that despair has set in for me. We really are going to miss out on every major target despite our massive financial spending power. We’re like the middle distance runner who has got completely boxed in coming around the final bend.

    So once again we’re down to a huge gamble that our team chemistry and ‘mental strength’ will be enough to keep on to 4th place. Don’t even think about a title challenge at this point.

    Arsene-can you at least give Bacary another two years?

  31. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 20:02:10

    Me too man, its shocking, but still I have so much disdain for Flamini that I’d rather have a chesea player, and I mean at least Essien has won something.

  32. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 20:05:48

    And last week you where lambasting us feeling all safe and snuggly…

    But I hear you bak. i think we all do.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Damiao would be bad, a player Spurs wanted then dropped interest in for better…then we pick up the crumbs after the big boys of Europe have eaten.

  34. BacaryisGod

    Guninurback August 28, 2013 20:05:48

    “And last week you where lambasting us feeling all safe and snuggly…

    But I hear you bak. i think we all do”.


    I’m an eternal optimist, what can I say? I still am holding on to the slightest hope we’ll pull off a blockbuster deal, but right now my expectations have dropped so low that I’ll happily take Cabaye and Di Maria as our two major signings with Poldi as the back-up CF to Giroud.

    Just to think it was only a month ago when it looked like Higuain was in the bag and we could move on to other targets…

  35. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 20:25:29

    I’ve had a few grammar mistakes today as well, you wouldn’t be a doll and point them all out to me would you?

  36. GUNNER786

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 5m
    SPURS transfer window activity: Lamela= £30m Soldado= £26m Paulinho= £17m Capoue= £9m Chadli= £7m ARSENAL transfer window activity: £0.


  37. Cesc Appeal

    So many Arsenal fans out there are just idiots!

    We beat Fenerbache and Fulham and suddenly everything’s alright??

    Spurs could do us a favour on Sunday, embarrass Wenger

  38. Guninurback

    So Flamini has proved once and for all that if your talented you can just leave Arsenal for a bigger club, fail and we’ll still be desperate to have you back.

    Is it just me that feels like a scorned and beaten wife overjoyed her abusive adulterous husband is back?

  39. big jeff

    Guninurback August 28, 2013 20:28:16
    August 28, 2013 20:25:29

    I’ve had a few grammar mistakes today as well, you wouldn’t be a doll and point them all out to me would you?

    I agree with what you are saying to an extent.

    but its nothing to do with grammar, its the fact you are talking about a player who was in champions league final…. when this guy wasn’t even in the champions league was he?

    I don’t think Leverkusen wanted to sell another player. they lost 2-3 good ones if I remember correctly…. would love to be corrected if im wrong though

    having said that, lars is actually better than sven. so he should be a 20 mil player in this market.

    good news is wenger has 2 options. spend and get renewal or don’t and get fired. in the long run, its a win/win. worst case is this season is shit and we start all over next year.

  40. Harry Redknapp

    im not blowing our trumpet saying were the shit, i just dont think spurs are good enough to embarass wenger, chelsea or united maybe.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    And now it looks like Spurs will get Eriksen as well.

    Their Summer.

    Budget: Bale sale, £80 odd Million

    Paulinho £17 Million
    Chadli £7 Million
    Capoue £10 Million
    Soldado £26 Million
    Lamela £30 Million
    Eriksen £10 Million

    Spend: £100 Million


    Budget £180 Million

    Sanogo Free
    Flamini Free

    Spend £0.00p

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Will £100 Million buy them that ONE…SOLITARY…FUCKING…POINT they finished behind us last year…dunno let’s ask an AKB…

    Apparently not! Hahahaahahaha

  43. big jeff

    Guninurback August 28, 2013 20:34:49
    So Flamini has proved once and for all that if your talented you can just leave Arsenal for a bigger club, fail and we’ll still be desperate to have you back.

    Is it just me that feels like a scorned and beaten wife overjoyed her abusive adulterous husband is back?

    that’s not fair. we abused the shit out of him first. he can fill 3 spots so fuck it, ill take it for now. need 1 world class, 1 very good and 2 more squaddies.

    at least you know if someone kicks us like how fener did yesterday, we have someone who will kick someone in the throat if necessary. should have thrown frimmy on yesterday and told him to get sent off

  44. big jeff

    AKB Kryptonite August 28, 2013 20:36:14
    Big Jeff/Keyser – flamini is the start and end!

    I seriously doubt that. he knows we are short, he is just trying to get a deal last minute.

    I think bale is whats holding everything up with Madrid.

    doesn’t matter if players want to stay, when the club tells you to leave or sit on the bench in world cup year, then you leave.

    lamella was crying when he left roma, he didn’t want to leave but they needed the money.

    and if wenger doesn’t spend, he is done and the new guy gets a ton of cash. win/win

  45. TitsMcgee

    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal 17m
    Not what you wanted but Matthieu Flamini has resigned for Arsenal.

    Joke of a club.

  46. Hitman

    A few observations:
    -Spurs panic buying spree continues after losing to out AFC for Champions League spot.
    -Cant play them all.
    -Doesn’t FFP apply to the Spuds? Is it just us?
    -WTF is Erik Lamela? Is he the Latino one from CHiPs. Must admit I’d never heard of until recently.

  47. AKB Kryptonite

    BJ/Keyser – like what you’ve done with your alter ego.

    Afraid of the dross he may pack into the last minute trolley dash…

    Dross out,followed by dross in lol

  48. salparadisenyc


    Quit cunting on about Lars Bender in CL final. His brother Sven plays for Dortmund and was in the final.

    Easy mistake. Both operate at a high level, but Lars just what the Arsenal doctor ordered. Shame we did not land him.

  49. Paulinho


    Stumpy legs is back. A player that needs to run around like a headcase to have even a modicum of an impact against decent teams.

    ‘Special, special quality’. indeed.

  50. arsenal-flavour

    Why is everyone getting a raging boner over spurs squad

    Its average no better than evertons

    Paulinho decent player world class? no, very good player? no, good player? yes

    Capoue Decent player world class? no, very good player? no, good player? yes

    Soldaldo Decent player world class? no, very good player? Yes

    Holtby, Shit version of Jack wilshere and I don’t even rate jack

    Lennon much worse than flawed Walcott he is basically walcott without goals and assists

    Chadil? No idea?

    Vertongen and lorris real class world class players yeah… would say so.

    Dembele decent player, world class? no, very good player? no, good player? yes

  51. TitsMcgee

    -“Cant play them all.”

    At once? No.

    Over the course of a 40+ game season(EPL,Europa League, FA CUP, Carling Cup)? Yes.

    It’s called depth.

  52. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 28, 2013 20:35:23

    Thanks jeff, yeah it was an honest mistake and I did have something like that in the back of my head as well.

    PS. I agree about your estimate, I’ve been saying all summer how Wenger really had to buy to protect his job. If for just once he’d have broken his habit and actually just paid up when the he was put on the spot then the ball would have started rolling by itself. If we’d have gotten Bender for 25 or less and then Hig at 30 or just below. Then I’m sure the optimism around these parts would be equal to the two weeks before RVP left. And that optimism would have infected the entire propaganda machine. Piers Morgan would be hailing our new additions on twitter, John Cross would be emptying his load all over the sport pages. Etc.

    And that optimism right there would have been more than enough to convince any other player out there that we want to do something this season. But as things stand any player we go for will have an agent screaming at him to ask for more money, because our current track record of brooding new players is nothing short of dismal.

  53. arsenal-flavour

    Look I am no fan of what Wenger is doing and his lack on inaction

    But lets be honest about the spurs squad its really not that great

    Liverpool have players like coutinho and sturridge and mingolet class goal keeper

    Even everton have Baines and Fellaini

    Aston villa have benteke and agablhore

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t even bother.

    For a lot of people being an Arsenal fan means being unable to look at Spurs objectively.

  55. Toli83

    We are fucked.


    Can’t believe it – Bernard, Higuain, Rooney, Suarez, Bender, Gustavo, Fellaini, Cesar, Benzema….

    Oh but no..

    Sonogo – who looks like he’s never played before
    Flamini- left on bad terms

    Sign on free. Gazidis has vanished and Dick Law was only in London from his home in the States to complete nonsense deals. The only deal a parasite like him could control.

    Are our only signings. Lets be honest Wenger is making money out of every transfer window, bonus made on club profits for him. Disgusting man who is rotting our team to the last penny.

    Wanted us to lose to Tottenham means you hate as Wenger more than you love Arsenal which is a shame.

    It’s not the 11 players who pull on a red and white and walk onto the pitch fault the manager is fraud.

  56. Reiss

    People attack Piers Morgan but most of the things he says about Arsenal are true and some of our ex players are scared to attack Wenger e.g Winterburn and Keown. Why Winterburn and Keown still back Wenger I don’t know.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Next few days

    Benayoun Free and Gallas Free…I don’t even get paid by the Daily Mirror…watch this space


  58. arsenal-flavour


    Have or going to buy

    Paulinho £17 Million Average, decent player… world class no…
    Chadli £7 Million meh
    Capoue £10 Million average decent player.,,
    Soldado £26 Million quite good striker on level with defoe
    Lamela £30 Million will be snapped up by a big club as soon as he has 1 gd season
    Eriksen £10 Million will be snapped up by big club (see Lamela above)

  59. GUNNER786

    August 28, 2013 20:46:59

    ‘Or, something with a much bigger agenda is going on behind the scenes’


    Thats exactly what I’ve been thinking for a while.

    Theres something very big going on behind the scenes(And I dont mean transfers)

    Wenger,Gazidis,Kroenke,Hill-Wood and Law are all upto something very dodgy.

  60. arsenal-flavour

    WHAT a Royale fuck up,,

    When your chief negotiator is based in America… the cunt has been out of the loop all summer..

    . I can imagine the transfer office at highbury house or colney I bet its a darkened room with cob webs.. an errry creaky floorboards

  61. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 28, 2013 20:38:03

    Man I agree he’d be a good squad player had we gotten him as an epitaph to a successful summer. But as is he’s clearly bought as a first team regular, now I was amongst the bunch that originally defended him and was sad to see him leave when he did. But we can’t pretend he’s back because he was fantastically successful abroad, if anything this transfer makes me feel less of us as a club, and a brand for that matter. Its like an open statement from Wenger of how we are so long past our glory days, that we have to resort to bringing back all our has beens to protect our place in the now.

  62. sam

    Flamini rumours are just stories coming from Italy
    I think we have so called agreed terms with many players that didn’t sign for us
    lets hope he goes to west brom or somewhere they need him most.

  63. big jeff

    salparadisenyc August 28, 2013 20:46:51

    Quit cunting on about Lars Bender in CL final. His brother Sven plays for Dortmund and was in the final.

    Easy mistake. Both operate at a high level, but Lars just what the Arsenal doctor ordered. Shame we did not land him.

    even the guy who made the mistake understands where im coming from. get over it….

  64. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 20:51:58

    “Why Winterburn and Keown still back Wenger I don’t know.”

    Maybe because they still think they can get into this side?

  65. Doubledutch

    Gunner786, have thought for a while that our inactivity this year stinks of more than just incompetent management. Have to say though that it is off the scale worrying. It is either a hostile takeover bid, current board closing ranks or complete meltdown. Just know that 45 years of being a gunner has never been so traumatic.

  66. mm

    So i see people here trying their best to make Tottenham signings bad…lol

    I see it this way:

    Lloris will start over Szczesny
    Vethongen over Vermaelen
    Paulinho over Arteta
    Lamela over Podolski
    Soldado over Giroud

    thats 5 spurs players who can walk into our team, and people here trying to slate their recent signings.

  67. TitsMcgee

    Spurs Have or going to buyPaulinho £17 Million Average, decent player… world class no…
    Chadli £7 Million meh
    Capoue £10 Million average decent player.,,
    Soldado £26 Million quite good striker on level with defoe
    Lamela £30 Million will be snapped up by a big club as soon as he has 1 gd season
    Eriksen £10 Million will be snapped up by big club (see Lamela above)

    …and if we signed them would you feel the same way?

    I’m not going to see you lauding Flamini and Cabaye then right? Lest you just expose yourself as being a hypocrite.

  68. HerveDeNerve

    arsenal-flavourAugust 28, 2013 20:54:34

    Levy is signing Lamela to a 6 year contract, he’s not stupid, he will be the next player Madrid will be banging on their door for, which will strengthen them again.

  69. Radio Raheem

    “Why Winterburn and Keown still back Wenger I don’t know.”Maybe because they still think they can get into this side?


  70. HerveDeNerve

    TitsMcgeeAugust 28, 2013 21:09:41

    You’d be wanking your ball bag bone dry if we signed those players, get real

  71. Toli83

    Erikson would be their best signing if made, a class player. Similar to our Cazorla.

    This could be a summer of Arsenals worst ever deals.

    Sonogo, Flamini and Wenger re-signing.

  72. TitsMcgee

    “So i see people here trying their best to make Tottenham signings bad…lol”


    We’d all be jizzing our pants if we signed the players they have signed/going to sign.

    Especially considering they brought in Dembele, Vertonghen, Lloris etc last year as well.

    I wish it were us but I’m not going to be an un-objective child and not give credit where it’s due.

    Will they win the league? Don’t think so.

    Do they have a very good chance of finishing ahead of us for 4th? Yes.

    Our squad will be competitive as long as we have no injuries but by November we will be a MASH unit.

  73. Radio Raheem

    Of all the signing the spuds have made Paulinho and Lamela are the only ones worth getting excited about.

    Does signing Flamini kill Cabaye but more importantly could it be both or one of Wilshere and Ramsey is injured?

  74. TitsMcgee

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 1m
    And his lunch, dinner, bedtime cocoa > @RyanRundle1: Danny Levy is eating Dick Law’s breakfast right now. Get Piersy in there. @piersmorgan

  75. TitsMcgee

    The amazing thing too is Chelsea came in and hijacked their bid for Wilian and what did Spurs do? Go out and get one more extremely good player like Lamela and now potentially Eriksen too.

    Wenger takes months to move then dithers for a few more weeks while he makes up his mind as the football world passes him by.

    We are seeing a shift in the way Arsenal is viewed by players across the world and it’s a very dangerous game we’re playing with.

    The next chapter looks almost certainly to be “NO UCL” where things will be even more difficult.

    Very dangerous game, very dangerous.

  76. big jeff

    lamella is only spud signing that would genuinely improve our first team.

    capuo and paulinho would have been great squad players. soldado is the same as giroud. big guy, decent finish, not a great touch. giroud makes better runs.

    other than that, could care less about who spurs bought. they’ve lost bale, that’s 15 points right there. their signings are not going to make up for that. they haven’t even scored in open play yet.

    our squad is extremely short, but spurs are not better than they were last year IMO

  77. Guninurback

    As for you conspiracy theorist;

    Dick Law (Troll!)
    August 28, 2013 17:24:30

    We are not spending cos Usmanov is about to launch a takeover. Announcement to be made 3rd Sept 8am

    I’m most def this dude is a troll, but I’ve charted it off in the calendar nonetheless, I sincerely doubt it is the case, but if Kroenke has frozen the clubs assets in anticipation of a hostile takeover bid, then that would explain our summer. It would be a ludicrous thing to do, even more so seeing as the bid is not public, but if the Americans are hard at work asset stripping the entire franchise before selling the leftover as expensive as they can possibly manage then all I could say is. Bravo! You’ve done your nation proud.
    I always said Kroenke was a robberbaron and this is just one of the many reason’s his type of Americans has their own place reserved for them in hell.

    My god we’re owned by FUCKING WAL MART PEOPLE!

    Do any of you know how shitty a company Wal Mart is? They’re right below Monsanto and right above XE (Blackwater) on the list of most hated companies world wide, and they just sell fucking furniture, tools & groceries FFS!

  78. Emiratesstroller

    If there is any conclusion to be drawn from this transfer window it is that the
    management of Arsenal ARE INCOMPETENT even if they manage to bring a
    couple of half decent players.

    Wenger keeps on telling everybody how difficult it is to buy players. Yet Spurs, Manchester City and Chelsea seem to have no difficulty in completing deals.

    Indeed Spurs appear to be able to do it despite not being in Champions league.
    Perhaps the message being sent out is that they + AVB are a better bet for the
    future than we are.

    Frankly I feel that there is a growing sense that Arsenal are a ‘sleeping giant’ and top players will not come to us unless and until the management of the
    club is revitalised including departure of Wenger.

    Whatever the sentiment it is quite clear that Arsenal are struggling to buy players. One senses there is almost a conspiracy of clubs particularly in England not to sell to us.

    Whenever we show interest in any player our offer falls far below what the other club is asking. This does not appear to be case with Spurs. My suspicion
    is that we will land up with a squad which will fall far short of what will be required to finish this season in top 4 let alone win trophies.

    If we lose on Sunday we will be already 6-7 points behind several other teams.

  79. Guninurback

    Radio Raheem
    August 28, 2013 21:17:56

    Sorry man but I’ve seen Ericksen both for Denmark and Ajax and I’d doubt there’s any league or team you’d be able to throw him into and not see him get games. This kid will find his stride, he’s like a cross between Cesc and Wilshire, maybe too similar to a few of our players, but I’d have relished seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.

  80. big jeff

    erikson is almost identical to holtby.

    levy is spending just to spend right now. wish we would spend the cash too.

    but what if usmanov really is doing a hostile takeover? kronke would want to keep income high with a nice balance sheet. he could step in after the window closes and kill it in Jan. hmmm wheres the tin foil?

  81. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 28, 2013 21:24:41

    Not true. Ericksen would have forced both Ramsey and Wilshire to up their game a bit, and we simply don’t have a player to compare to Capoue at the moment, you can say he’s not world class, but rather him than Flamini as the one and only option at DM. As for Lamela and Soldado, both could easily have gotten the nod ahead of a few of our options.

    And thats not even considering their GK and defensive options.

    I’m not saying they’re faaaaaaaaar better than us, but to think they will fear us this season is ludicrous, in fact I’m quite sure of the opposite.

  82. big jeff

    Guninurback August 28, 2013 21:31:12
    Radio Raheem
    August 28, 2013 21:17:56

    Sorry man but I’ve seen Ericksen both for Denmark and Ajax and I’d doubt there’s any league or team you’d be able to throw him into and not see him get games. This kid will find his stride, he’s like a cross between Cesc and Wilshire, maybe too similar to a few of our players, but I’d have relished seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.

    bendtner is the shit for Denmark. looks like a world class finisher on occasion.

    eriksen needs a lot of work. he is 2-3 years off still. hes no cesc, put it that way.

  83. vicky

    I think Spurs could have done better with the kind of money they have invested.

    Soldado : I am not quite convinced about him. I have seen enough of Soldado and Negredo and I think both are average players. For 26m, one can do better.

    Also, they would have been better served by having a solid CB than having so many DMs. Capoue signing does not make much sense to me. For the same price,they could have got a CB.

  84. Cesc Appeal

    I think this whole Usmanov rumour is Arsenal fans desperately trying to cling to some silver lining having given up any hope of seeing any big players arrive.

  85. Radio Raheem

    GuninurbackAugust 28, 2013 21:31:12

    I’ve got to admit I haven’t seen a lot of him for Ajax so you might be on to something there. But the times I have watched him for Denmark, i.e. in international comps., he hasn’t done much considering all the hype that’s been around him for years. Saying that I wouldn’t mind if we signed a player like him since we are pretty thin in numbers.

  86. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 28, 2013 21:34:44

    Also not true and I expect that one will bite you in the ass as soon as you see them lined up.

    Holtby is an out and out Winger or Inside forward, Ericksen is a straight up CAM. So in truth they’re not even competing for spaces.


    I trust AW will do the right thing in the next few days when he signs no-one that’s why I am sharpening this double edged sword for him to fall on.

  88. Gunnershabz

    Spuds are really going for it

    Erickson and lamela would be good signings

    They also got Lewis holtby as well

    Well wenger sitting on his ass having faith in this team

  89. Radio Raheem

    Paulinho I have watched for both Brazil and Corinthians so I am pretty sure he is a good buy. Watching spuds last week I was thinking if they had Cazorla then Arsenal can forget top 4. What they need is a player to harness all that athleticism they have accumulated in their squad. I’m not sure Erikson is the man.

  90. vicky

    Erikson is totally a different player than Holtby.

    Erkson is more like a quality passer who can sit behind a striker and score goals as well.

    Holtby is more about movement and pace.

    Erikson has a better vision than Holtby.

  91. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 28, 2013 21:37:21

    Well I won’t say he’s guaranteed to stand out this year, but he does have that tendency that great players have of finding something extra when you need it.
    And although I too have seen him somewhat reduced to nothing for large portions of games, I’ve also seen him do some impressive things for that one moment of the game that mattered.

    He’s that type of player.

  92. arsenal-flavour

    Sorry Tits and Cesc

    I am not happy about are transfers or lack of them.

    But my opinion is the players spurs have brought in are mid table quality…

    And to be honest I was saying from day one I wouldn’t want capoue and Soldado and Paulinho I just don’t think there that great… its my opinion and its based on seeing them play.

    I think spurs are deffo in for a shot at 4th place but not because they have fantastic players but because they have depth… We don’t a few injuries and its game over Arsenal boys.

    But still think Spurs squad is not that great

  93. Radio Raheem

    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal 10m
    Not what you wanted but Sol Campbell has resigned for Arsenal.

  94. arsenal-flavour


    Great point mate Im just going to repost it.

    “I think Spurs could have done better with the kind of money they have invested.Soldado : I am not quite convinced about him. I have seen enough of Soldado and Negredo and I think both are average players. For 26m, one can do better.Also, they would have been better served by having a solid CB than having so many DMs. Capoue signing does not make much sense to me. For the same price,they could have got a CB.”

    They have far to many DM’s they should of bought a quality Center back to match with vertongen, Sakho if they could of got him…

    Also Dembele and Holtby I know they were brought last season but lets just say though not bad players we really have failed to deliver… There good but not exceptionally gifted at anything

  95. Radio Raheem

    David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david 30m
    Arsenal close to re-signing Sol Campbell, flying in for medical. #Afc also working on deal for Lehman, not finalised #bbcfootball

  96. Gunnershabz

    This is getting disturbing we moving onto Thursday and nothing has happened

    Please don’t tell me he waiting till Monday

    We needs some new players for Sunday


    Reading the few comments about Spurs signings not being that great is like listening to AW commenting about the quality of our side.

  98. arsenal-flavour

    Spuds have bought some decent players but have sold Bale

    To be honest they should of bought 2 or 3 super quality players if they could.

    three 30 million pound players and they would be a force

    instead they wasted most of their money on to many Defensive midfielders…

    and yes I know lamela but the point stands he will be sold at some point

    and as for eriksen no where near the level yet even if there is potential

  99. Gunnershabz

    Spuds losing their best player but I actually think they are stronger because they got strength in depth too

  100. HerveDeNerve

    OptaJoe ‏@OptaJoe 2h
    138 – The 138 chances that Eriksen created in the Eredivisie last season were more than any player in the top 5 European leagues. Pedigree.

    Yeh, couldn’t agree more, he’s proper shit he is

  101. LeMassiveCoq

    To all the good non-AKB folks out there (I’m sure non-AKB has got a proper name, but hey-ho).

    Don’t fret. If Wenger thinks that he can get away with Sanogo, Cabaye and Flamini, then he is doomed. Doomed I tells ya.

    We’ll finish 6th (behind the Skids and Pool) and he’ll be out on his ear next summer. Unfortunately we’ll probably stuck with Satan, sorry Stan for a lot longer.

    Bad times.

  102. Gilo

    The way I see it, there are 3 possible scenarios behind this cluster fuck of a summer:

    1) Wenger is in the final grips of a severe mental illness and he’s out to destroy the club. No-one else can stand up to him and stop him.

    2) kronke’s issued an edict not to spend any money at all and demanded that Wenger fronts this decision by talking up transfers and ultimately doing noting. Wenger is at heart a good man so will do what asked even though it makes him look stupid

    3) they were genuinely tryin to do things differently this summer but are a) so incompetent that they couldn’t complete a deal and b) we’ve pissed off every club in the world so much over the last few years that no-one will sell to us.

  103. Gunnershabz

    To be honest if we can’t sign ozil mata them erickson would be a good signing along with his club mate aiderwierld