Arsenal pick off Fenerbache but squad dangerously stretched as 3 doubts raised…

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Light work my friends. That is what Arsenal made of a very odd Fenerbache side. I thought the only tactical option for them was to turn up all guns blazing. Instead they played the patience game and suffered the consequences.

I’m not going to give a detailed blow by blow account, but there were some notable incidents and performances in the game that merit further chat.

Firstly, the bad news. Our skinny squad really doesn’t take much of a hit to bruise like its been shot with a Metropolitan Police plastic bullet at a protest about school meals. Lukas Podolski pinged his hamstring so badly he had to be stretchered down the tunnel. I know they grade tears… That one looked like it sat in the bad category. Wenger said three weeks, when does he ever say anything different? We had to bring on Kieran Gibbs in his place, which worked out nicely, the concern for me is he’s a crock as well… and Monreal was pretty poor all night long. Against Spurs, he’ll be exposed as a weak link if he plays like that.

The good news on the playing front is we controlled the game with ease. Fenerbache didn’t stretch us at all. So we won’t be tired, and we’ve two days on Spurs who play Europa on Thursday.

Our keeper had a mixed bag. He made two or three superb saves, one at the near post in the first half was particularly excellent, along with the lovely early double save from Merieles. He did mix that in with a couple of needless flaps along with rushing out of his area. He always starts so deep… it’s no wonder he struggles to make it to the ball first.

Ramsey had another top performance. He’s adding goals and clinical passes to his game, which is always the sign a player has turned the corner. He’s playing with confidence and calmness. He’s playing with discipline and he’s throwing himself around like a man. About time… His two goals were well taken. The first came when Cazorla saw Theo’s run across the box, it looked like Theo or the defender edged it into the path of Ramsey who passed it home for the first goal.

The goal in the second half was a bit classier, some nice build up play saw Gibbs cut the ball to the near post with Ramsey steering the ball into the far corner. Cesc started to turn heads when he added goals to his game, it’s a sign of calmness… something that only comes with experience.

Great work. Jack must feel the pressure… which is superb news. The British core is being led by a Welshman, he knows that’s not right and he’ll up his game to compete. Inter-country competition… it’s a beautiful thing.

Cazorla was excellent as always. He’s a genius on the ball. Simple as that. He ferrets his way out of any space, he’s perfect with both feet and his vision is as good as the weighting he gives to each pass. Problem we have is that we only have one of him… which generally leads to overuse and fatigue. That’s why an Ozil would be an excellent move. Especially as Cazorla now has to move out onto the left side of midfield.

We finished the night with a front three of Sanogo, Miyachi and Gibbs. Amusing and Carling Cup like, but a distinct reality we might face as the season goes on. Sanogo, however you paint it is painfully raw. He’s not a ‘now’ player, but he’s out second best striker. Frightening. We don’t have a squad… we have many round pegs that seem the quite effectively slot into square holes. It’s not a sensible way to play and a strategy like that won’t bear fruit.

We need to spend £100m this week if we want to compete for things. £70m if we want top four. We’re in pretty bad shape heading into Spurs. A full back out of form. One adult striker. A left back in left midfield. Scary against a full Spurs squad who boast a bench.

On a separate point, the stadium was embarrassingly empty. Someone was trying to play the ‘people can’t afford it card’… sorry, not buying it. The showing at the ground was about ‘I can’t be bothered’. There’s no excuse this year, if you can’t afford it, sell your ticket or give it away to someone… You can get them a paper ticket, so you don’t even need to worry about giving them your card.

Leaving a spare empty really is poor… (read more about sharing a spare here)


Transfer wise, all the papers are trying to make their money today. The Mirror reckons third parties have offered us Benzema and Ozil, a bit like trying to sell your neighbours house (we’ve all been there after a beer or two)… not that we’re above listening… the Suarez deal a painfully naive example of that. The Telegraph reckons we have a 50% chance of Cabaye which probably means that deal is off. Oh and Arsene is making agitated ‘we’ll see what we can do’ noises.

People complain that I’m being negative, but I’m really not. It’s negative to take the attitude that beating Fulham and Fenerbache somehow means we’ll be ok this season. Positivity is wanting to improve because by doing so we stand a better outcome of a great season. If you believe we’ll compete with our current squad, you’re lying to yourself, because all the laws of reality clearly point to that being a falsehood.

I made the point last night that we ended the night with a front three of Ryo, Sanogo and Gibbs. Many thought this was perfectly acceptable as we were winning. Sure, it was acceptable if those introductions were by choice. They were the only players we could bring on. If players get tired at Spurs (which happens), those are our attacking options. Carling Cup options for a NLD… farcical regardless of the weight you’ve put into Wenger saying Sanogo will be a £50m player in 2 years.

Finally, some majorly exciting news, I have Simon Kuper coming on a podcast to chat about football and data. I can’t tell you how excited about this I am…mainly because its been a hot topic I’ve talked about a lot… because Arsene is behind the times. This guy co-wrote Soccernomics… it’s a great read if you’re a data geek. It goes way beyond Opta and Prozone, so tune in on Tuesday for that.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    What’s the situation with Niang as well? We were in for him when he played for, Caen, was it?

    At the start of the summer there was some stuff that he was unhappy with his role…but I don’t know?

  2. Harry Redknapp

    all these names flyin about on here, so much stress, people have a caramello and chill you know were fucked with the squad we have and thats that.

  3. PhilF

    What Wenger, Kronke and Gazidis fail to realise is that they are custodians of the club. Board of directors, managers and players all come and go. It’s only the fans who make a lifetime commitment and we don’t get paid for the privilege. What I do not appreciate is the contempt Arsenal’s management seem to hold the fans in… And STILL the AKB’s refuse to see it. In fact I would go as far as to say that it’s the AKB’s that are the problem, by supporting this rotten, money grabbing bunch of economists. At least Liverpool fans made it very clear when they wanted the previous owners to go and when they wanted Hodgson out. As long as we have a hard core of AKB’s nothing will change.

  4. samsensible

    RP, man i’m telling ya Kroenke has forbidden an annual loss. That’s the only thing that makes any sense to me.

    Unless Wenger truly is as insane as his most vicious detractors repeatedly state.

  5. DUIFG

    RP I highly doubt we are tracking anybody on that list, this is the man who let jovetic and Willian much more obvious AM candidates leave to rivals without a fight.. I think he has some kind of you against us thing going on, as all despots do after so long in power, the whole thing of not looking like he was forced to spend. Think that is clouding the probably fairly reasoned football brain he has.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    At this rate though it’s going to be a young striker that’s easiest to get, Muriel/Destro or the like.

    Not as massive money as a Benzema and might be tempted by the stage, wouldn’t need the convincing an established star would.

    Obviously we shouldn’t even be in this position.

    But we could spend £70 Million and get in Di Maria, Kroos and Muriel before the end of the window.

    We should right now, after 90 days with £180 Million to spend be sat laughing our tits off!

    The team we could’ve potentially had with not too much effort is horrible to think of. Small fee but solid buys like Cesar £3 Million, Rami £5 Million and Capoue £10 Million, Aubemyang £10 Million would instantly have improved the squad.

    Bigger buys like Di Maria £25, Kroos/Mata/Ozil £25-35 Million and then Jovetic £23 Million.

    We’d have an immense squad and world class starting eleven.

  7. TitsMcgee

    “Why on earth are we letting Spurs get Lamela, he’s far too good for them.”

    Because we only sign “quality” my friend.

  8. SpanishDave

    What Wenger will never get, is how priveledged he is to be Arsenals highest paid manager in the clubs history. Earning more inone year than a fans lifetime.
    He has been a fan for 17 years ,most of us for 2 or three times longer than he knows.
    He will never understand how we feel about this club.
    He knows nothing about the history, most of us are part of that history.
    We are run by morons who have no idea. All it is to them is money nothing more.
    Arsenal is about wining against all odd, passion and pride. They have no idea what this really means.
    Our money, yes our money, is there to line their pockets which are already full.
    Greedy bastards nothing less,selfish pigs are running our club.
    Withdraw the cash stop giving them our hard earnt money, is the only way to get their attention.
    Why do we support this management ?

  9. samsensible

    DUIFG unless of course Champion’s League qualification really was a necessity before we could spend (and that all that talk to the contrary was bull). in which case we couldn’t have signed those players.

    Can’t see how a Club trying to self-sustain with a tight-fisted, risk-averse owner wouldn’t want to secure £40m Champion’s League money before engaging in the annoying, expensive task of buying players.

    It makes perfect sense to have spent big this summer and risked making a loss because next year we would have had a great squad to add only a couple of players to and we would have made massive profits.

  10. BillikenGooner

    At least Arsene picked up a new talking point this summer to go with

    “We already have quality.”
    “______ is like a new signing.” and
    “The market is too inflated.”

    He gets to say, “No one would sell to us.”

  11. Romford Pele

    “What’s the situation with Niang as well? We were in for him when he played for, Caen, was it?”

    Can’t see Milan letting him go. He’s only 20. Big futures for him, Balotelli and El Shaarawy.

  12. Romford Pele

    There are so many different theories floating about at the moment. Hard to know what to believe. Once Wenger’s gone though, i’ll definitely be the first to buy his biography!

  13. John L

    That is fantastic youll be having simon kuper on, as i am a big fan!

    It should be interesting as he seems to champion Wenger in his book ‘Soccernomics’. (which i second as being very insightful) I believe that book was written in 2008 or 2009? I will be interested to see if Kuper still regards Wenger as an innovative and transfer savvy manager or out of touch with the modern game….

  14. TitsMcgee

    “Mates, If I can see that Arsenal FC are going nowhere slowly, what do you think the top players are seeing?
    The truth is top players play for the real deal – trophies.
    That sadly is not Wenger’s real deal.”

    That’s why he surrounds himself with the players that he does.

    Player’s that are happy with their cushy wages(wages they couldn’t get anywhere else) and that come running to their meal ticket’s defense every time he’s criticised.

  15. vicky

    Yossi Benayoun ✔ @YossiBenayoun15

    On the way to London,some important meetings..have a nice day everyone.
    12:33 PM – 28 Aug 2013

    Hope its not us. A good player btw but we need better.

  16. Romford Pele

    “Hope its not us. A good player btw but we need better.”

    Lol. Just Lol. I’ll be lost for words if we sign Yossi again. Ambition my arse.

  17. BobWilson'slittlefinger

    I really do believe that no-one will sell to us. I really believe they are trying hard to make some signings but that there is a conspiracy amongst all the clubs to sell to anyone as long as it’s not Arsenal.

  18. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 16:19:51

    I can’t flat out agree Chuba is the answer to all our prayers, but I’ll grant you that certainly we’ve had a number of youth players over the recent years that I think may have come good, had we supplemented their talents with adequate role models, instead of throwing them out in the deep end.

  19. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 16:51:16

    You mean apart from the obvious one, that is that Wenger has managed to piss off virtually all of his peers.

  20. vicky

    Stefan Coerts @StefanCoerts

    De Telegraaf – generally well informed when it comes to Ajax – claim #THFC have opened talks with #Ajax over Christian #Eriksen.

  21. Romford Pele

    “we could do a lot worse as a backup…”

    Yossi would’ve been great when we had Cesc, Nasri, RVP etc.

    We want matchwinners now.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    People tend not to want to sell to you when you insult them with your offers.

    Be like me going to my neighbors house and offering him 8k for his brand new Audi A8 and wondering why I get a door in the face…after a fist.

    We’ve insulted everyone with derisory offers and false interest that’s unsettled their players.

    If I was Newcastle right now I’d go out of my way to sell Cabaye to ANYONE other than Arsenal.

    Same if I was Liverpool with Suarez.

    I’d think Fuck You for being so fucking rude and pig headed you massive bellend.

  23. DUIFG

    Samsensible- There have been suprisingly few genuine insiders who have come out and told the story as it is, loyalty to wenger maybe?vested interests I dont know. Lack of transparency in the club is a massive part of the swell in disengagement of the fans with the club along with obvious on field trouble.

    Ive got a feeling the Wenger being a handbrake on the club theory to be too simplistic, although i want to remove him to see if its correct,ha.

  24. BillikenGooner


    Maybe…. but there is one cure to that (one that Wenger would never do):

    Throw money at them.

    Most anyone will crack if you make it worth it to them.
    We are guilty of telling everyone, fairly smugly, that we are rich and can pay anything.
    People know we are in need of things, even if Wenger is trying to cool that by saying how we have enough quality (that is all that is… an attempt to dampen the market against us).
    If we want someone, we are going to have to pay and not expect to get a deal.

  25. Romford Pele

    “Lack of transparency in the club is a massive part of the swell in disengagement of the fans with the club along with obvious on field trouble.”


  26. Ash79

    “we tried our best to bring that extra bit of qualidee but the other clubs did not want to sell to us. This is a problem with the transfer window not closing early, clubs do not want to sell to other clubs. We work hard but transfers is only 5% of the game. We must look at the qualidee of the players we have now and I am not worried as I believe they have a good spirit and good mental strength. We have some injuries but they will be fit, Arteta, Diaby and Chamberlain. I think we are quick to look outside for help and we often forget the qualidee and the help internally already here at the club. These are a group of special players and this I believe is my best squad of players I have managed. Suarez? No, we were never in for him. He was not a special target”.

  27. Guninurback

    Cesc Appeal
    August 28, 2013 16:54:54

    Yup and Bob you have to keep in mind for some of these clubs this hurt goes back ages, take for an example Fulham; Do you think they’ll be in a mood to speak to us when they know we have 180 mill in the bank and offer two mill below the rate for their match winning keeper mid season? The examples are virtually countless, over the years I think Wenger has managed to piss off pretty much everyone in Europe. Because even if we fans may not have been granted such information over the years, you can be sure that everyone we’ve dealt with have had a fair idea of how loaded we’ve been.

  28. Romford Pele

    BREAKING: Roma have announced the sale of Erik Lamela for €30 million to Tottenham. #THFC


  29. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 16:58:20



  30. Jamal

    Spurs to sign Lamela for around 30m.

    While Wenger is shopping for bottles of “Spiiiiriiiit”, “Belieeeeeef” and “Mental Strengzz”.

  31. Sam


    I said this the first time I saw sanago and I got laughed at,
    Afobe is far better than sanogo he deserves those little minutes on the pitch more than anyone, 10 yrs in an arsenal shirt scoring at every youth level. You throw him aside then brought a fucking postman who doesn’t give a shit about arsenal. What a fuck? Did sanogo do to earn arsenal first team football?

  32. Romford Pele

    On a serious note now; if we fail to sign AT LEAST ONE marquee player by the time the window closes, all hell will break loose.

  33. salparadisenyc

    Am I missing something?
    Do we have a precise plan thats going to unfold or is Wenger, Gazidas and Arsenal as tired, played out and utterly incompetant as this summer has shown.
    Sad sad days boys.

  34. TitsMcgee

    i’ll definitely be the first to buy his biography!”

    Wrong person’s biography to buy.

    RVPs own should be a classic.

    Wenger will lie to not tarnish his image.

  35. Ash79

    here we were all asking for a big signing to give us that extra lift for the NLD on sunday…..spurs go and do it instead…….

    guys, im telling you, we are doing nothing. Ivan, Arsene and Dick are doing nothing whatsoever related to transfers. Just surfing net, checking email, watching tv or anything else. They are doing nothing when they have us believe they are on their phones speaking to people…

  36. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 17:08:10

    At this point I’m not all that encouraged by the talent left out there, all those that were clearly on the market have already been snapped up, now we’re just angling around players that probably won’t do or that may have ulterior motives as trying to hike up their own wages.

    The marquee signing were to be made at the start of the summer, not in fall. So I’ll still standby what I’ve stated here previously; “if anything at all, it’ll be a Thauvin type and a pensioner”.

  37. Sam

    How did he jump ahead of everyone ?
    Any reserve striker at arsenal is better than sanogo. I did watch olympiakos game last sunday and a battling performance from Joel Campbell I can only say that wenger hates arsenal.

  38. vicky

    Which ever club is in the market is getting their targets swiftly.

    It is pretty much clear that all along we were waiting for the CL qualifiers to get out of our way and then pick up the bargains left in the market.

    I just can not believe that a club like Arsenal can not sign a player in two and half months despite all the efforts. It’s not possible.

  39. TitsMcgee

    So why can Spurs be signing all these talented players and we can’t?

    I was assured late last season by the AKBs that UCL for us and lack of UCL for them would be the difference.

    I need answers from those AKBs or anyone that has an educated guess because this is borderline suicide for a club to be this negligent.

  40. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 17:11:46

    Yup I definitely agree with you man, we’ve had bunch of players I’ve always felt just needed a real role model, Someone like Freddie, Thierry, Pat or Sol to kick them in the backside when needed and to take some pressure off them when it was becoming too much. I mean thats the real reason you keep a Drogba at 35 in a team for a whole year on massive wages, so what if the youngsters steal his place, good! You’re still going to need him when you’re main striker wets himself before the finals.

  41. BillikenGooner

    Bendtner is 10 times better than Sanogo. We should just keep his sorry ass if we are planning on Sanogo to be our 2nd choice.

    Yeah, I said it.

  42. TitsMcgee

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 5m
    SPURS transfer window activity: Lamela= £30m Soldado= £26m Paulinho= £17m Capoue= £9m Chadli= £7m ARSENAL transfer window activity: £0.

  43. charlesbronson

    We have to sign someone. I just can’t see us NOT signing anyone. The squad is too thin, and lacking in certain areas.

    Every fucking club has strengthened. Look at Spurs, the cunts. Liverpool too. Fuck, even Norwich, Cardiff etc have.

    If we don’t, then Wenger is orf next year. I can’t see him staying because there will be revolt.

  44. SpanishDave

    Wenger is mentally gone. Otherclubs are getting their own back. His arrogance in the past is finally catching up on him, to our detriment.
    Downward we go, the spiral pulls us in.

  45. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 17:17:30

    I honestly don’t believe Wenger buys the “Galindo’s and J Campbells” for the team at all, its just a part of his talent academy profit margin scheme.
    These players are “produced” for profit nothing more.

  46. TitsMcgee

    Spud or not Levy is a fcuking BOSS for essentially replacing Bale with Lamela oh and he’ll recoup about 80m with Bale’s sale as well.

  47. the_real_andy

    I´m afraid we will get real problems this year. we´ve done nothing so far, the better team than us which is man city, mancs and chavs didn´t do anything of note too but they were better than us and still are (I know they´ve bought some players but for me they didn´t buy anyone who really improves their starting line ups in navas, negredo and schurrle respectively)

    the only team really strengthening this year are spuds. they will miss bale for sure, they won´t be that good on the wings again but they´ve bought really well and they are going to dominate midfields in more or less every game this season. they needed an awful lot of luck last game to win it but they look far better than last year. if AVB is able to help them gel fast I can see us opening a gap of similar difference like two years ago until we can buy new players again in january.

    we can cross our fingers and hope for no injuries – we may well end up snapping 4th place again but we are one or two injuries away from playing kids. although AW hasn´t signed players yet I´m optimistic he will sing 2 or 3 – but I´m afraid they won´t be as good as I and many others hoped they will be

  48. TitsMcgee

    OFFICIAL: Roma sign Ljajic on a four year deal. 11 million to Fior, 4 mill possible in bonuses.

    Moves happening all over the place.

  49. Arsenal 1886-2006

    The sight of all those empty seat’s could be a sign of thing’s to come if no progress is made this season.
    And on that subject, have they stopped announcing the attendance? I cannot remember hearing it during the 2 home games.

  50. Guninurback

    Dick Law
    August 28, 2013 17:24:30

    We are not spending cos Usmanov is about to launch a takeover. Announcement to be made 3rd Sept 8am

    I’ve never seen a troll I wanted more to believe in 😉

  51. Jamal


    Yeah exactly, Wenger had the chance to buy Suarez and Higuain but offered stupid amounts and refused to budge and now he’s stuck really. He doesnt want to upset his babies by having competition for places.

    I wanted the likes of Arshavin, Gervinho and Chamakh gone but atleast we had a “2nd team” with them around but now we barely have a bench.

  52. Dogtanian

    No Charles – it would be by accident rather than design but in any event there is no chance it will happen.

    Flamini and one other panic nobody but perhaps. That is our lot.

  53. Same Story

    It was supposed to be:

    Di Maria>Arsenal

    But Di Maria has said the he will stay to fight for his place.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    So who was it i was saying to last night that I was certain you’d see Lamela in a Spurs shirt…can’t remember who it was but they said not a chance!

    24 hours later…

  55. vicky

    There should be a statue of Bale outside WHL.

    Did wonderful things while he was around and has possibly changed the fortunes of the club by leaving.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs side to play Arsenal:

    Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose
    Paulinho, Capoue/Sandro, Dembele
    Lamela, Soldado, Lennon/Chadli


    They’ll shut our middle down and with the pace of Lamela and Chadli/Lennon they’ll run riot…target Mert with that sort of pace and he’ll suffer all afternoon.

  57. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 17:32:14

    Yeah I mean this summer has been so unprofessional its farcical, first we got rid off all our dross, BEFORE FINDING REPLACEMENTS!!!! Then we publicly state we got loads off money ready to spend on new players. Shortly followed by us sending derisory offers (probably by FAX) for every player we’d have the slightest interest in. Only to be discreetly told to shove our offers where the sun don’t shine. Lessons seemingly learned we go with intent for one of Europe’s top targets, but when the selling club holds out for more, we choose to drop our interest and send a derisory bid for one of our main rivals star players. Only for them to very publicly tell us to shove our offer where the sun don’t shine, and by that time when we return to our initial target, his interest has cooled, especially after another top club has come in and shoved him how they actually value his talent far more than we do.

    Not counting what has happened since this, you still have to shake your head in disbelief of what has transpired earlier this summer. The fucking state of it.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I said the same thing!

    In leaving he’ll do for the team what the supporters hoped he’d do playing for them!

  59. Guninurback

    Dick Law
    August 28, 2013 17:40:49

    Guninurback August 28, 2013 17:30:00

    you heard it here first. check the share buying trend.

    Marked down and noted Dick, its in the calendar. 😉

  60. gilo

    Its a good job that we’re playing Spurs relatively early on, before they really hit their straps – they should still win easily but maybe not quite as comfortably as they would after a few weeks of integration.

    they’ve had an utterly fabulous window and we’ve had a pitiful one. What’s happening at our club is gross misconduct on an epic scale. Even the pathetic AST is waking up to this now.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    SPURS is what happens when you have a young, hungry, astute manager and you ACTUALLY have a director of football.

    Look at the difference this summer since Levy got Baldini!

  62. Guninurback

    So Dick if “you’re in the know” could you tell us whether or not Kroenke anticipating this has suspended transfer activity?

    If so, then Wenger is still a talentless has been, but we couldn’t necessarily blame him for the summer.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    How would we not blame him?

    What kind of manager allows his hands to be tied whilst watching everyone around them strengthen??

    No, wouldn’t excuse him.

    Nothing excuses him.

  64. Doublegooner


    If we’ve not made any quality signings & our paltry squad is still a paltry squad at midnight next tuesday .

    How are you going to vent your frustration ?

    Will you be fuming because anyone with more than an ‘Untold Brain ‘ will see this squad will be left so short it’ll be an injustice to fans & players

    How are you going to vent your frustration ?

    Join other Grovers & Let’s USE OUR VOICE.


  65. Harry Redknapp

    personally id rather face this spurs with a new bunch of players no top team wanted than last seasons team with that fucker bale shredding everything

  66. Guninurback

    Cesc Appeal
    August 28, 2013 17:56:23

    No I agree for my sake I lost all confidence in him years ago, these shenanigans of his where there long before Kroenke, but if such a story should eventually come out by september 3. then I anticipate the short sighed AKB will forgive Arsene for all his failings, and give him another clean sheet to empty his bowels onto.

  67. Guninurback

    Harry Redknapp
    August 28, 2013 18:01:51

    Yup until they’ve “gelled”, that team is there for the taking by any of the upper half teams. But afterwards…..

  68. Harry Redknapp

    they can gel but their still a bunch of potential. their still our level. and were yet to spend, if we do. i doubt. look what happened when tottenhams famous 5 gelled. their club has seriously poor dna, im confident of that.

  69. Jeff

    Wenger doesn’t have it in him to sign ready made big players. Never has, never will. Did you listen to his interview after the qualification game last night? He got asked: what chance of 3 big signings in the next week? About 40s in.

  70. Karim


    “belle comme ses pieds” doesn’t mean shit in my language, maybe you meant
    “con comme ses pieds” : now that makes sense

    As for the ” coward ” argument, It wasn’t directed to you or El Tel… pretty paranoid, amigo !

    If this person was proud about the way he handled fans who were protesting, then I can only agree with you.

    Happy now ?

    Stop insulting people every other comment even if they’re die-hard AKB’s
    but show them they’re wrong with an articulate explanation or else you’re as much of a dictator as the one you loathe (Wenger)

    Last but not least, you said (15.58) that our team was good but basically wafer thin, which approximately is what I said in the comment that infuriated you !

    I disagree with the ” season already wrecked ” theory anyway

    OF COURSE our business should have been done and dusted far earlier but IF the people we bring in are ” quality “, it won’t take them long to deliver, that’s all

    Look at Cazorla last year, it took us maybe 15 mns to see he was already our best player


  71. Guninurback

    Fucking hell if the sums being bandied around about Ericksen are true then they’re getting the deal of the summer.

  72. Harry Redknapp

    to be a top team you gotta have at least one super player. spurs have sold the that player. replaced him with good players but thats all they are good players. good players dont make the difference at the top, if wenger had the balls he would buy two top men and one or two good players and that would be that wait till we gel.

  73. HerveDeNerve

    Fabrizio Romano ‏@FabRomano21 59s
    Mark Overmars confirmed permission to Eriksen for talks with Spurs. What-a-Tottenham… #THFC

  74. kwik fit

    I think its becoming more and more obvious with every passing hour that Wenger has no intention of spending any money on new players. He is posturing and going through the motions but has no intentions of making any investment . Just qualified for the champions league proper and we are all in a state of depressions thanks to Wenger and his mates. To make matters worse Spurs have put themselves in a position that we could only dream about. Erickson for 10m is a no brainer yet Wenger sits on his hands. A Wanker of the highest order. The Rope awaits!

  75. gilo

    We desperately need a new manager a new director of football a new owner a new chief executive and about 7 first team players.

    We dont have a hope in hell of finishing in the top 4 this season and frankly there’s no point in us doing so as this summer has demonstrated

    This club is in a disastrous state and it will take years and years to recover from this summer

  76. Ganesh

    I still have the feeling we’ll sign one player before the window closes; however, it won’t be anyone top, top quality.

    That said, I also have the feeling that we’ll win the North London Derby. And that’ll prove to be the lie of the season.

  77. Guninurback

    And why the fuck did we grant a special tour of the stadium to Mata’s father?

    As if you think either Mourinho or Roman are dumb enough to sell to us, get it into your head Arsene, you’re the only manager dumb enough to sell star players to rivals.

    AVB has already said he’s not allowed to move to another London club and honestly I trust the Spud managers words over our own.

    Besides we all know if he was on the market this summer and AVB’s interest was genuine then he’d be a spurs player by now.

  78. Ganesh

    @Harry Redknapp:
    Spurs may not be good enough this year, but give them a young, ambitious, forward thinking manager which in my opinion, they already have and they’ll challenge better than Arsenal for years to come, as it stands.

    Arsenal don’t even fare player-to-player with Tottenham.

  79. Guninurback

    Harry Redknapp
    August 28, 2013 18:16:25

    I am sorry but I can’t see one player they can’t match us for.

  80. sylvain

    After this desastrous summer (even if for me it was already the case before this “INfamous” summer, but’s that’s only my opinion), Arsenal is officially no longer part of the top clubs in europe.

    Thanks Arsene, great job.

  81. Ganesh

    Agree with Guinurback, we’re the only ones to indulge in the ‘sell players to your rivals’ model. Although we did not strengthen our rivals in all such transfers, we were definitely weakened as a result of them not being adequately replaced. It may have started with the Ashley Cole transfer itself despite that being a cheeky swap deal.

    Nasri, for that matter, may yet have a good season with Manchester City after two seasons of being a bench-player.

  82. Guninurback

    Fuck the spuds even have a better layout on their homepage than we do….

    Okay so HP; remove Bale and add Lamela and Ericksen to that lot, and you got a frighteningly complete team. I’m not saying they’re guaranteed to beat us on the day, but if we played ten on trot then I’d bet that lot take at least six victories, some of which are simply because we have to field the reserves.

  83. kwik fit

    I am also confident that he has no intention of going back to Newcastle with a second bid for Cabaye as he is frightened that a second bid may be accepted.

  84. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 18:26:24

    Yeah I loathe Nasri, but in any case he’s sure to compete for something without having to be run ragged this season. And I think thats what its all about for a good footballer, sure you’d like to be the star and start every game, but you also want to win, and no one can start every game, thats why you need several similar level players, and the competition that fosters.
    It ensures everyone is carrying his weight, I mean look at Diaby, we’ll soon have to give him a testimonial, but we all know he has never carried his weight. And at the same time there are a number of these players in the current squad. Bendtner the one that really stands out, but Flamini was of the same ilk, he produced very little but valued himself above the club.
    And the only way these players are even able to put themselves into such positions is because Wenger doesn’t like competition, which means that as soon as that transfer window is shut, then our players can hold our club to ransom knowing full well we are completely dependent on them for results.

    This has been obvious for so long its ridiculous but has it been addressed? No we’ve only gone as far as admit that the socialist wage structure may have not been the best of ideas. Yeah well go figure!

  85. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 18:33:16

    Metro reporting that we are in for el nino ?

    HA ha ha that one cracked me right up!

  86. Arsenal 1886-2006

    If that spurs squad are still in the mix come the new year and they have started to gel then the title could be coming back to north london, just the wrong end of the Seven Sister’s.
    They now have a fairly solid bench and a pretty decent starting XI, if AVB doesn’t f**k up then they will be fairly exciting to watch as well as challenging.

    Can’t believe I am saying this as I hate them with a passion, but they do look pretty good, I guess time will tell.

  87. TitsMcgee

    Since we sold RVP and Song last year summer we have spent a grand total of about 8m on Monreal in the following Winter window. That’s it and that was only done out of extreme desperation due to Gibb’s injury(and from a club that needed the money).

    The idea that this IDIOT is going to go into the season with the EXACT SAME TEAM he had last season blows my mind. You can even make the case we are weaker this year because whereas we had 24 mediocre players last year, now we have about 14.

    Like I’ve said before there has to be a financial reason for this lunacy. No way he’s looking at the squad and GENUINELY thinks it’ll compete for honors.

    What’s the difference between a 50m player and Sanogo?


  88. Karim


    ETOO to Chelsea reported all over the net as imminent
    Forehead blaming Wenger for not trusting him enough, I think he trusted him too much but then …
    Barton refusing Crystal Palace
    OZIL denies being on the move : ” I want to triumph in here ”
    Piss Off Man U

  89. Doubledutch

    How the fuck can we stand by and watch every other team add players? We might not even have 15 fit players for Sundays and the spuds have just added Lamela. Never been so worried or gutted. 101 days and nothing. Feel sick to my stomach. Empty.

  90. Harry Redknapp

    it was all said last season about man for man they had us. well theyve lost a super player and gained none. juts good players. their in our boat.

  91. goldiniho

    Guninurback fair play mate it makes me fucking sick what those 3 parasites are doing to the club.But iv got to agree with Harry when he says none of the signings are world class.It makes me livid that this season,with the managerial merry go round at the top clubs we have missed out on the oppotunity to go for the title. THey want fucking shooting.

  92. Harry Redknapp

    im only speaking about spurs, i havent mentioned our lack of ambition, spurs are just tryin to get to where we are. thats not the ambition im looking for i wanna but top players.

  93. Harry Redknapp

    if we just signed a striker who scored 15 in italy would i be thinkin thats ambitious? no, just more potential

  94. arsenal-flavour

    El tel

    been out just got back

    Chelsea flavour??

    Let me get this straight I hate chelsea fans there as bad maybe even worse than Man u fans….

    But I am not deluded and I can understand why Chelsea is more of a draw for top players right now… The fact is a young player will choose a club that has one lots of trophies in the last 8 years and will offer higher wages its just common sense.

    As for the spuds comments what are you tring to get at? I think the Arsenal first team is superior to the Spuds first team? What I was saying is we are a few injuries away from a disaster.. I think are first 11 is better than spuds but when are first 11 get injured we have no back up..

    except miyachi gnarby ect… Thats the worry.

    I actually think are 1st team has some real real quality in it but facts are facts an injury to sagna and a center back and we will be in a complete mess at the back.

  95. Harry Redknapp

    fabio borini scored ten goals in 26 one season for roma. i suppose i best get a shiver down my spine should he play against us for lfc this season

  96. SpanishDave

    Our owner does not understand football aka soccer. He will not spend , Wenger will never spend, so we are stuck in hell.
    What the hell is going on. Gazidis is hiding, Stans milking cows on the ranch, Wengers day dreaming about the good old days
    Out of all the top clubs we are pathetic, a laughing stock.

  97. Paolo

    Cannot believe they signed Lamela aswell now? this is depressing….

    The french cunt must realise his life will be hell if god forbid we don’t beat spuds & not a penny has been spent on ‘top quality’ players??

    I know he is a mug but surely surely he cannot be that stupid!?

    What about his quote when asked about signings he said he was confident because of the ‘players desire to join us’…

    Every quality player linked Ozil, Benzema, Di Maria has said they don’t want to leave their club!!!?

    Why weren’t we in for Ljajic? he only cost £11m & is a top young talent!

    How the fuck have we missed out on every single player on the market!

    So fucking frustrating being a Gooner!!!!!!