Arsenal pick off Fenerbache but squad dangerously stretched as 3 doubts raised…

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Light work my friends. That is what Arsenal made of a very odd Fenerbache side. I thought the only tactical option for them was to turn up all guns blazing. Instead they played the patience game and suffered the consequences.

I’m not going to give a detailed blow by blow account, but there were some notable incidents and performances in the game that merit further chat.

Firstly, the bad news. Our skinny squad really doesn’t take much of a hit to bruise like its been shot with a Metropolitan Police plastic bullet at a protest about school meals. Lukas Podolski pinged his hamstring so badly he had to be stretchered down the tunnel. I know they grade tears… That one looked like it sat in the bad category. Wenger said three weeks, when does he ever say anything different? We had to bring on Kieran Gibbs in his place, which worked out nicely, the concern for me is he’s a crock as well… and Monreal was pretty poor all night long. Against Spurs, he’ll be exposed as a weak link if he plays like that.

The good news on the playing front is we controlled the game with ease. Fenerbache didn’t stretch us at all. So we won’t be tired, and we’ve two days on Spurs who play Europa on Thursday.

Our keeper had a mixed bag. He made two or three superb saves, one at the near post in the first half was particularly excellent, along with the lovely early double save from Merieles. He did mix that in with a couple of needless flaps along with rushing out of his area. He always starts so deep… it’s no wonder he struggles to make it to the ball first.

Ramsey had another top performance. He’s adding goals and clinical passes to his game, which is always the sign a player has turned the corner. He’s playing with confidence and calmness. He’s playing with discipline and he’s throwing himself around like a man. About time… His two goals were well taken. The first came when Cazorla saw Theo’s run across the box, it looked like Theo or the defender edged it into the path of Ramsey who passed it home for the first goal.

The goal in the second half was a bit classier, some nice build up play saw Gibbs cut the ball to the near post with Ramsey steering the ball into the far corner. Cesc started to turn heads when he added goals to his game, it’s a sign of calmness… something that only comes with experience.

Great work. Jack must feel the pressure… which is superb news. The British core is being led by a Welshman, he knows that’s not right and he’ll up his game to compete. Inter-country competition… it’s a beautiful thing.

Cazorla was excellent as always. He’s a genius on the ball. Simple as that. He ferrets his way out of any space, he’s perfect with both feet and his vision is as good as the weighting he gives to each pass. Problem we have is that we only have one of him… which generally leads to overuse and fatigue. That’s why an Ozil would be an excellent move. Especially as Cazorla now has to move out onto the left side of midfield.

We finished the night with a front three of Sanogo, Miyachi and Gibbs. Amusing and Carling Cup like, but a distinct reality we might face as the season goes on. Sanogo, however you paint it is painfully raw. He’s not a ‘now’ player, but he’s out second best striker. Frightening. We don’t have a squad… we have many round pegs that seem the quite effectively slot into square holes. It’s not a sensible way to play and a strategy like that won’t bear fruit.

We need to spend £100m this week if we want to compete for things. £70m if we want top four. We’re in pretty bad shape heading into Spurs. A full back out of form. One adult striker. A left back in left midfield. Scary against a full Spurs squad who boast a bench.

On a separate point, the stadium was embarrassingly empty. Someone was trying to play the ‘people can’t afford it card’… sorry, not buying it. The showing at the ground was about ‘I can’t be bothered’. There’s no excuse this year, if you can’t afford it, sell your ticket or give it away to someone… You can get them a paper ticket, so you don’t even need to worry about giving them your card.

Leaving a spare empty really is poor… (read more about sharing a spare here)


Transfer wise, all the papers are trying to make their money today. The Mirror reckons third parties have offered us Benzema and Ozil, a bit like trying to sell your neighbours house (we’ve all been there after a beer or two)… not that we’re above listening… the Suarez deal a painfully naive example of that. The Telegraph reckons we have a 50% chance of Cabaye which probably means that deal is off. Oh and Arsene is making agitated ‘we’ll see what we can do’ noises.

People complain that I’m being negative, but I’m really not. It’s negative to take the attitude that beating Fulham and Fenerbache somehow means we’ll be ok this season. Positivity is wanting to improve because by doing so we stand a better outcome of a great season. If you believe we’ll compete with our current squad, you’re lying to yourself, because all the laws of reality clearly point to that being a falsehood.

I made the point last night that we ended the night with a front three of Ryo, Sanogo and Gibbs. Many thought this was perfectly acceptable as we were winning. Sure, it was acceptable if those introductions were by choice. They were the only players we could bring on. If players get tired at Spurs (which happens), those are our attacking options. Carling Cup options for a NLD… farcical regardless of the weight you’ve put into Wenger saying Sanogo will be a £50m player in 2 years.

Finally, some majorly exciting news, I have Simon Kuper coming on a podcast to chat about football and data. I can’t tell you how excited about this I am…mainly because its been a hot topic I’ve talked about a lot… because Arsene is behind the times. This guy co-wrote Soccernomics… it’s a great read if you’re a data geek. It goes way beyond Opta and Prozone, so tune in on Tuesday for that.

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  1. Oh Theo Theo!

    Hig – and this should scare you:-

    The prem league has a net spend of -362m this year. So that basically means a net inflow of talent into the prem. And our spend is £0.

    Premier League 463.434.400 £ 101.210.560 £ -362.223.840 £

  2. salparadisenyc

    I don’t think well be finishing fourth comfortably with Giroud up front leading the line, he’s a ticking time bomb once it goes pear shaped his confidence plummets to the deepest of depths.
    We need another option, Suarez / Benzema / Benteke or a downgrade to someone serviceable as a stop gap. The postman is on the level of that Costner film that tanked his career. Wenger is going to bring a striker, just not sure well know his name.

  3. Romford Pele


    You’re forgetting Isco mate. He’s the one who’ll be starting in the 10 position.

    I’d have been tempted to blow half my budget on him this summer. Beautiful player.

  4. arsenal-flavour

    Mata is a 40 mill purchase he was the best attacking midfield in the league.

    Of course Barca Real and Bayern are to full for attacking mids to take him on but I can see PSG Monaco taking him for that price.

  5. Romford Pele

    “I can see PSG Monaco taking him for that price.”

    I may be wrong but I can see him wanting to play in a good league. Plus, Monaco don’t have CL this season.

  6. Guninurback

    The Hig August 28, 2013 13:22:24

    “OTT, I just said we playing better than Spurs with their new signings. MEANING, we will always play better than Spurs. MEANING they will never pip us to CL. MEANING we will beat them this weekend with or without signings. Guys, Wenger is going NOWHERE. Might as well embrace him.”

    I’m hanging this on my wall of stupid.

  7. arsenal-flavour

    Romford Pele

    I dunno your right about Monaco

    But I think the lure of playing for PSG is strong huge wages and superstar players in Paris…. It’s a nice scene.

    I think if he wouldn’t consider us as tbh we are the shit london side compared to chelsea

  8. Guninurback

    The Hig
    August 28, 2013 12:58:57

    “Every player bought is a gamble.”

    Ha ha hig u on fire, another one for the wall right here!

  9. Romford Pele

    “But I think the lure of playing for PSG is strong huge wages and superstar players in Paris…. It’s a nice scene.I think if he wouldn’t consider us as tbh we are the shit london side compared to chelsea”

    Maybe but they have a lot of forward options while Pastore is the playmaker there so it’d be hard to see where he fits in. They don’t really have a need for him. Unless he’s motivated by money, I don’t think he’ll end up in France.

  10. Charlie Boy

    Hate to be negative and rain on anyone’s parade – but these are the only realistic signings Arsene will get:

    Diaby (he’ll be like a new signing when he’s fit)
    Vermaelen (he’ll be like a new signing when he’s fit)
    Flamini (he’ll be a re-signing)

    We won’t get:

    Mata (Chelsea wouldn’t sell him to us)
    Ozil (too greedy and doesn’t want to leave Madrid)
    Di Maria (doesn’t want to leave Madrid)
    Benzema (doesn’t want to leave Madrid)
    Rooney (doesn’t want to leave ManU)
    Cabaye (we won’t pay £20m)

    Just off to slit my wrists!

  11. El Tel

    Goalkeeper. Any Keeper but the Clown Mark 2 I would prefer Bergovich but reckon it will be Cesar.

    CB. Richards or Alderwierald or Gareth Barry (CB come DM)

    Midfield. Cabaye, Mata, Ozil and Flamini ( LB cover)

    Strikers. De Maria, Rooney, Lewandowski, Etoo, Torres, Suarez ( still think He is gettable), Benzema, Michu, Benteke, Falcao, Hulk.Dzecko

  12. arsenal-flavour

    The Hig August 28, 2013 13:22:24

    “OTT, I just said we playing better than Spurs with their new signings. MEANING, we will always play better than Spurs. MEANING they will never pip us to CL. MEANING we will beat them this weekend with or without signings. Guys, Wenger is going NOWHERE. Might as well embrace him.”

    You have to be a troll no one says anything this dumb…

    So because we had a few decent games against fenerbache and fulham spurs are never going to pip us to the title… I and you don’t no what they are capable or not capable of yet.

    So I am not saying they will get 4th spot but I am not naive like you to think we will automatically get the 4th spot

    if you look at are threadbare squad and contemplate what happens with a few more injuries we don’t even have a first team… so hows 4th spot looking then.

    use your brain for fucks sakes

  13. nuudles

    So the Willian deal is confirmed by Chelsea. He is likely to be played on the one wing with Hazard on the other and Oscar in the hole. Thus far Jose seem to be favouring all of Hazard, Oscar, De Bruyne & Schurrle over Mata. Now they add Willian to the mix. Surely Mata is gettable (dont think they see us as serious contenders so they might be willing to sell us him).

  14. Biggles

    Well I’ve refreshed BBC Sport every 15 minutes today expecting a breaking story about signing some super, world-class, qwalidee.

    So far zilch.

    But, I had another idea.

    Maybe – like Rangers and Hearts for instance – we’re just under a transfer embargo until the 1st of September. Would explain a lot.

  15. arsenal-flavour


    Mata is far better than pastore and they seem to be more stacked with wingers then world class central attacking mids…

    as for PSG its not just about wages is it? There guaranteed trophies living in one of the best cities in europe…

    Its a dream come true tbh.

    I can’t see him joining Arsenal unless we put him on astronomical wages which we would never do.

  16. Guninurback

    @ the Hig
    “And what are the Non-AKB’s gonna say if wenger spends 150m on 4 World Class players and still doesn’t win anything?”

    Oh an this gem right here was just the tip of the iceberg I see…

    Well Hig; for one I’m going to say the same thing I’ve been saying for years already… ; “He’s not very good is he…?”, or something in the lines of “See you fucking AKB!!!! Not even with 150 god damn million does this nincompoop fucking ….. (expletives into infinity) !!!!!!

  17. nuudles

    @Romford, true, think they might play him right wing over Di Maria as that is where he was primarily deployed for Malaga. The bottom line is this: CR & Bale both prefer the left wing, and I think given their squad (with Bale in it) their strongest attacking combo is this:

  18. Romford Pele

    “Mata is far better than pastore and they seem to be more stacked with wingers then world class central attacking mids…”

    You’re vastly underrating Pastore mate. Before he went to PSG, most top clubs in Europe were chasing him. He’s gone under the radar a bit because French footie isn’t shown much in Europe so nobody knows how he’s getting on specifically.

    The bit about wingers is a valid point. And with them having so many widemen and strikers, it probably indicates that they play a formation which doesn’t accommodate a number 10 as such. When I saw Pastore play in the CL last season, he was wide left for most of the time. Not the way to get the best out of him IMO, but hey-ho, i’m not the manager.

  19. Romford Pele


    Think there’s been a bit of a mix-up there mate. Isco is a number 10, that’s always where he has played. He tends to drift about the pitch but primarily starts in the 10 position. When Cazorla was there, it was him who had to be versatile (playing left and right and sometimes in the pivot).

    Also, Madrid play more a of a 4-2-3-1 rather than a 4-3-3. Isco has played in the 10 in both Madrid’s league games thus far.

    Personally I see them lining up like this:

    Alonso Modric
    Bale Isco Ronaldo

    That is why the rumours about Ozil’s and Di Maria’s futures has surfaced.

    Interestingly, Bale, while left-footed, spent most of last season in a free role before AVB moved to a 4-3-3 for the last 10 games and started playing on the right. Bale is adaptable and I think it makes sense having both him and Ronaldo on opposite wings so that they can cut in onto their stronger foot to shoot.

    Can’t see Benzema going unless Suarez is bought in. He is one of Perez’s favourites. And Zidane now being a coach at RM, has also stressed the importance of keeping him.

  20. El Tel

    Chelsea Flavour

    Your team are the biggest in London are they. Righty O.

    Charlie Boy. shall I call for the Samaritans? Pronto.

    Sal. giroud a ticking time bomb? How did you get to this conclusion?. I think Giroud is mentally strong. He had an average season last year and compared himself to RVP. Not someone weak in the mind in my opinion.

    Bale is going to RM no matter what is said and written and the demi god Levy can do Jack shit about this.

    Believe it or not we are actually on the up. The good comments are coming from those who say the squad has no depth not those saying it is shit.

    We have a decent 15 players Goalkeepers apart but the back up is so thin after this that going on past experience we all know it is doomed.

    Now we have to get another striker in no matter what. So expect all our dreams to come true or a total panic buy.

    The defence looked all over the place last night but we did have no Kosser,TV5 or Gibbs in the team.

    Sagna for me looks better as a CB than he did at RB. Maybe a new RB is what we need too.

    Of course we need new players and it is looking like this is not going to happen.

    Wenger must also not be given a new contract, even if we do well this season. If we do win something then give him a year by year contract. A contract he likes to give the over thirties. Lets see how much he loves the Arsenal then.

  21. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 14:04:39

    Well you know there nuudles most of these here other clubs do a little thing called rotating…. I know its unheard of in these parts, but its apparently some new revolutionary approach where you use ALL the players at your disposal….
    Willingly, and not by virtue of elimination.

  22. WDF


    My intention was not to be arrogant I should have read back what I wrote i’m definitely not football elitist.

    I agree with your assesment of him a lot of room for improvement, my point was just many people don’t drill down into the detail and more go with the current mood to evaluate a player.

  23. Ganesh

    Haha! I like that bit of giving Wenger a one-year extension if he wins anything this season. Let’s see how he likes it when the shoe’s on the other foot.

    Only one person is immune to the ‘shoe on the other foot’ rule – Santi Cazorla.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    “If the club wants to keep me, then they must come to me and not the other way around. I have a two year contract. Those familiar with football, know that nothing lasts forever.”

    The Words of Toni Kroos.

    What a buy that would be, only 2 years left on his current deal, Gotze AND Thiago have been brought in and play a similar role.

    I think Kroos is fantastic, a really strong, bulky CAM, what we need in that middle.

    I think £25-30 Million might sway them to deal.

    With Munich it’s less about the money and more about what the player wants to do I feel, I don’t mean they’re push overs like us but I don’t think Munich would play silly buggers the way others might. If the player says he wants to leave Munich will deal, if the price is right.

    Kroos would be a statement buy. Still young, energetic, powerful, creative, shoots from distance and sets up attacks. Complete midfielder in my opinion.

    We should already have had one of his team mates playing for us (Gustavo) but hey ho!

    If we could get in Kroos and Di Maria that would be your attacking sorted out.

    I still think if we’re going to get a striker it’ll be Michu. Don’t know why I just do.

    I wouldn’t exactly be disappointed though if the last week saw us get Kroos, Michu and Di Maria though.

    Aubemyang was a miss though. £10 Million, real miss.

    Kroos though was a name bandied about at the start of the summer when it became apparent Munich were adding Thiago to their ranks.

    Arsene Wenger should get his German tongue on and pick up the phone NOW after reading that!!

  25. MadeToLoveMagic

    TBF I thiunk wenger puts players on the wing sometimes to increase certain elements of their game that they are lacking, , seems to work with some and not with others

    it worked with henry , it could be working with rambo, it didnt with bendy

    haha imagine if rambo keeps getter better, wengers ballon d’or prediction could come true 😉

    seriously the quality of the finish last night was world class, messi would have been proud of it

  26. Romford Pele

    I think most people would blow their load if Toni Kroos rocked up at Arsenal.

    For that reason alone, it won’t happen.

  27. Guninurback

    El Tel
    August 28, 2013 14:17:14

    The only sentence there worth noting was “Believe it or not we are actually on the up”, the fact that you are willing to deceive yourself is all fine, but don’t expect us to join in on your delusion.

    We are experiencing a phenomenon known as “the stillness before the storm”
    Wenger’s tenure is going to end this season. The majority of fans have already abandoned him, a fact made visible by the vast number of empty seats for an important CL fixture last night.

    Its not that these fans all thought we’d lose last night, no quite the opposite, they all assumed we’d win, but it just doesn’t matter.

    Because we all know the limitations of this squad, well all except the one man that matters. And thats the crux of it right there, there will be no more full stadiums until Wenger is gone. Why pay (expensively)to see someone take your money and not invest it in order to compete, you don’t feel apart of that sphere, you feel like a mug.

  28. Dick Law

    Has anyone heard anything about us moving for Christian Eriksson?

    I was at the Emirates last night and there was a lot of chat about us going in for him / a bid being made last night!

  29. Romford Pele

    “Aubemyang was a miss though. £10 Million, real miss.”

    When I mentioned him on here in June, most were against it.

    Typical reaction: “Same old Wenger buying an unproven French-speaking African.”

  30. El Tel

    Chelski Flavour

    Spuds had Palace away and Swansea Home.

    I would suggest beating Fulham away is harder than either of their games. As for Swansea, they played in Europe for the first time ever so would not be used to having two games in such a short time.

    Fenebarche away was a terrific result no matter how you want to dumb this down and Fulham away was also a good resultin attrocious conditions.

    Villa at home was tougher than many on here think. They may have been close to the drop last season but Palace were second rate second division cannon fodder.

    If you really went to the Villa game you would have seen how much influence the Ref had on that game. Dont watch the edited MOTD and decide it was not the case.

    The Ref was as dodgy as any I have seen for years and I have seen some fucking bent Refs in my time.

    I am usually at every home game so I see and hear what is going on.

    There were more people boooing the Officials that day then the Arsenal team and Wenger. Yes we were below average but when you make a tackle and get booked almost every time then the opposition players run through you without punishment, it really is unplayable no matter who you are.

    I dont want to keep going back to the Villa match but can tell you it was not all about Arsenal being shit. We were fucked over by a Ref so fucking crooked that he got bombed from the PL list the next day.

    Lets see how we do on Sunday against that lot down the road. If we win then lets not have this total doom and gloom childish bollocks on here. If we lose then lets see.

    The Spuds have spent a few quid in the window. I say it again, if Wenger signed the players they got, I would still feel as I do now. They are not marquee signings. They might be good/great signings but they are not saying. Look what we have done to me.

    They would be decent squad players for us.

    For those having a pop about them only being 1 point behind and strengthening.

    Think it through.

    They were one point behind because of one man. Gareth Bale.

    They have lost him this season.

    Have they really strengthened?

    I have doubts.

  31. El Tel

    Losing one game since March is on the up in my books.

    I am as unhappy as all of you about our current situation. However statistically we are on the up. The Villa game which we lost in this time was a farce.

  32. Guninurback

    Okay again just to reiterate…


    And if in the slight off hand chance that we do, then its going to be a “oooh maybe in three years time” type of buy.

    Becuase get this into your head, no big name signing would come to Wenger at this point, it’ll be and obvious step in the wrong direction.

  33. salparadisenyc


    Aubemyang seemed like steerage at the time as we were linked to Higuian, Jovetic etc. Looking back you may be right, but in all honesty would you of been pleased at the time if we brought him in?

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I certainly would, what a buy that would be, a more physical Fabregas in my mind, perhaps not QUITE as skillful.

    I do hear what you’re saying with regards to Aubemyang.

    But my theory way back in June was Jovetic AND Aubemyang, £33 Million, with Giroud, Jovetic and Aubemyang you have a little bit of everything up front.

    If I was the Arsenal boys as soon as i heard about solid interest from BvB that would’ve sold it for me!!

    Can play RW as well, probably better than Theo as it happens.

    See you get deals like that done early, we’d have a net spend of £23 Million right now, not the Earth.

    Then a guy like Kroos suddenly becomes doable close to the end. As does Di Maria.

    You spend the full £70 Million you have (we have more but…) and your summer is Jovetic, Aubemyang, Kroos and Di Maria…happy, happy gooners.


  35. Guninurback

    El Tel
    August 28, 2013 14:34:00

    How can you be so long winded and still write absolutely nothing?
    I know you think you are motivating people but that shit is just stupid spam.

  36. El Tel


    Do you attend Matches?

    If you do then fair play to your comment.

    If you dont or never have then why are you talking for the real fans.

    If Arsenal had turned last nights game into a General sale like the Carling Cup games. It would have sold out.

  37. Romford Pele


    I guess in hindsight, he would not have been my first choice due to who else we were being linked with. Without meaning to sound patronising or condescending though, I watch a lot of European footie and I said at the time that he would’ve been an improvement on what we have. Many disagreed. Ah well, the beauty of football is that there are always players available. Even now at this late stage of the window.

  38. Guninurback

    El Tel
    August 28, 2013 14:41:18

    You are entitled to your opinion its just, that after seeing you on here for the past three years I would have thought that at some point you would catch a clue.

  39. ben

    Pastore struggled last season and wasn’t an automatic starter at PSG.
    He’s been poor in their first two games.

  40. sam

    Chelsea are signing a Ghanian winger from porto.
    Jose Mourinho is a liar, he just doesn’t want to sell mata to a premiership club
    But he clearly wants him out.

  41. Romford Pele

    “with Giroud, Jovetic and Aubemyang you have a little bit of everything up front.”

    Agree – shame the board/Wenger don’t have the same forward thinking.

  42. TitsMcgee

    Audabeyang or however you spell it thrives at Dortmund because he’s got a pretty good supporting cast.

    I don’t think he’d be as effective here under Wenger. Call me a cynic.

    I’m sorry but I see this behaviour from Wenger as quite egotistical and it sickens me to my core that he’s putting his ego before AFC.

  43. Guninurback

    El Tel
    August 28, 2013 14:41:18

    Besides, who the fuck said you could speak for us? I certainly wouldn’t.

  44. nuudles

    @GuninurbackAugust 28, 2013 14:18:05
    snarky much?

    I know they rotate. Just seems like even if Chelsea rotate Mata will not feature nearly as much as a player of his calibre deserves. He started against Villa (played 65 mins) but he did not feature at all in the Hull or ManU games. Therefore my point was thus far Hazard & Oscar are the two certain picks with De Bruyne & Schurrle each featuring twice and Mata only once. With Willian coming in Mata is unlikely to play more than he would have if they did not get Willian…

    Last season started 31 PL games and was subbed on another 4 games, therefore featuring a very high 35 out of 38 league games in a season where Chelsea played a ton of games. Mata started an incredible 60 games and was subbed on another 15 games for Spain and Chelsea last season. To go from that to playing 65 minutes over three games shows Jose does not think nearly as highly of him as he does of say Hazard or Oscar…

    Also: Chelsea bought Willian (£32m), van Ginkel (£8m), Schurrle (£18m) & Cuevas (£1.7) with no the only sale being Bruma (£2.5m). I know they have tons of money to burn but that is a net spend close to £50m and they are still chasing Rooney/looking for a CF.

  45. Romford Pele

    Ben, haven’t watched him this season so i’ll take your word. Still, my point stands, he’s a quality player.

  46. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 14:44:53

    Agreed, “sickening” is truly an apt word to describe the shenanigans at Afc at the moment.

  47. Romford Pele

    “Jose Mourinho is a liar, he just doesn’t want to sell mata to a premiership club
    But he clearly wants him out.”

    Agree. Problem being:

    A) Most of the top clubs don’t need him.
    B) The ones that do want/need him can’t afford him.

  48. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 14:45:50

    Or it just means Jose was brooding his youngest players ahead of the long season…..?

  49. sam

    Was Wenger going to pay 18M for Aubemeyang?

    how about the fans? another french african dross, not world class enough.
    maybe no one wants to sign for a club where both manager and supporters are pathetic losers.

    enjoy your yaya samosa!

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it’s one of those annoying things isn’t it…a question with no possible answer now.

    What I like about Aubemyang is how strong and fast he is, 6ft 1, perfect height, really gets at defences and has a good finish…the type of buy Wenger use to find from Ligue 1!!

    Jovetic and Aubemyang would’ve been my buys in ST. £33 Million, sorted.

    Jovetic will regret his City move I feel.

    But the main thing getting me hard at the moment is that Kroos statement…Wenger could instantly change the feel of the club with that signing.

    Say you get Kroos and Di Maria for £50-55 Million. You’d still need a striker, but they’d make us much more potent. Kroos would improve our physicality in the middle as well.

  51. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 14:46:31

    Why not sign addythewhore from shirt hart lane ?

    I know we are desperate, but Flamini, Adethewhore… has it really come to this? Why not just bring the whole invincible side back? Henry is still playing… I’m sure Freddie could be convinced to pick up his boot again…

  52. Karim

    We had a good night yesterday !

    Regardless of what the wankers / haters / cowards on here have been expressing so far ( those who haven’t will know who they are )

    Our keeper made a few WC saves ( ok he cannot jump but then, how many goals did we concede ? )

    Sagna was BRILLIANT once again, that MUST be his future position and you know he loves the club enough to sign AN extension to his contract

    Rambo was excellent, as usual in 2013 + superb 2nd goal

    Jack the lad should have been subbed but had his best game in 2013, showed real class

    Santi was Santi

    As for Sanogo, I may be a bit impartial (French Solidarity) but had he scored when he had that shot, his overall performance would have been decent as you must admit he gradually looked like a real footballer as the game went on + I know what he can do, having ” scouted ” him since he started playing for Auxerre

    Flamini ? Look at the end of his AC MILAN spell and realise how people thinking he can’t play any longer at high-level are STUPID

    How ’bout Higuain and Luis Gustavo ? Not the perfect start of the season, ain’t it ?

    Conclusion : Bring a few decent guys in and the season now looks promising, doesn’t it ?

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Our middle would be Ramsey 23, Wilshere 21 and Kroos 23.

    If Ramsey keeps going at the rate he is he stays in the side, but competition should be brought in…should’ve been Gustavo or Capoue.

    But that’s a middle triangle with potential, all three are engines, work horses will work and work and work.

    Even if we had to part with £30 Million for Kroos with the rest of this season and next season on his deal he’d be worth it.

    World Cup year for him, and his competition Mario Gotze could get his place in the team as well as Thiago or again his compatriot Muller.

  54. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 14:52:22

    How the AKB having always enjoyed the safety of having the majority opinion even has the temerity to call someone actually willing to stand up for what they believe in a coward is beyond me.

    But you’ve certainly opened yourself up for this one: You’re a fucking cunt!

  55. salparadisenyc

    I remember Cesc Appeal calling for him as well, must say I was not keen on Aubemyang and that could of been oversight, was freshly wounded from Giroud’s ineptitude and snowed into thinking we had much bigger fish to fry (again). He will flourish under Klopp where as could flounder with Wenger; we’ll see.

  56. nuudles

    @Guninurback, yes it might be the reason, but still: they just spent > £30m on another winger. Hazard & Oscar looks to be permanent starters. Mata senior was invited by Arsenal and attended the game last night, if he was not interested in leaving Chelsea at all then surely he would have said so. I maintain Mata would be gettable for £35m ish, dont think Chelsea see us as serious competition.

  57. charlesbronson

    I don’ t think there’s any real issue about players wanting to sign for us. The problem is years of not spending and weakening our squad made us qualify for CL. Now whoever wants to sign for us will want champions league football. If its not there, will any big name player want to come?

  58. El Tel


    Explain your position Mate.

    Many on here know about my Arsenal history and even a bit more.

    Tell us about YOU.

    Do you go to games?
    Where you live?
    How long you have been an Arsenal fan?
    Your age group?
    Again do you attend games or how many have you been to?
    Do you watch us live on TV or edited highlights?
    Do you play Arsenal on your PC?

    I don’t pretend to know everything. I don’t dream that we can have whoever we want in the team.

    I see the weaknesses you all see but I also see the strengths that many do not see.m

    I see Wenger as an egomaniac tacticless prick but also see the good things he does and has done.

    I not only see the fans reaction at almost all home games I actually talk to many of them as I am a Steward. I have even been blamed for some of this teams crap performances in the past.

    I read some on here bashing stewards because the Arsenal were inept and they wanted someone to take it out on. Just like the Guys in the 70’s and 80’s blamed the Police for stopping them doing whatever they wanted to do.

    Anyway. I see and fear the problems we have at Arsenal and I listen when seasoned regulars have had enough.

    I really get the hump though when people who rarely if ever have attended start spouting off about ticket prices.

    If you are never going to attend then it is not your problem. If you want to buy the shirt or merchandise to support the Club then good for you. It is not like you don’t see what the Club are doing.

    If you do not want to put a pound in the Directors pockets then good for you also. I do understand.

    If you watch all our games from TV and have no intention of getting more involved than this then comment on what you see or more to the ooint what the Liverpool loving commentators are telling you.

    I can see the reason why Wenger mentioned brainwashing. Many people I know read the papers and listen to these experts with an agenda.

    Look at BT Sport. All the pundits are fucking Northern shit bags. They all hate Arsenal. In fact they hate London.

    I travel a lot and I can tell you London is detested oop North by more people than can be imagined.

    I have worked on away sections at Highbury. The hatred is unreal, the bias is shocking.

    This is my only reason for wanting more English players or British at the Club. Not because they are better because they clearly are not, but because it gets those anti Arsenal Engerland loving neanderthals who support Stoke City and fucking Rotherham to thinking differently about the Arsenal.

    I fucking hate Rooney, however I would love him st the Arsenal. I want to see if he gets sent off week in week out for the way he plays and behaves.

    I want to see that he got away with being a cunt when playing for those Northern cunts.

    I want to see the Refs letting him off when he elbows an opponent in the face.

    I am fed up with watching us get beat up by teams who are far inferior than ours without any protection.

    Willshere is English but you wouldn’t think so would you. The Refs are watching him get stamped on, done from behind etc. some on here having a pop at him waving his arms about. I think He has total control seeing as he is getting ambushed almost every game.

    Jack is not injury prone, he just gets whacked every game. There was blatant rotational fouls in him against Villa.

    These are the things you don’t see on MOTD.

    Lineker and Hansen and Shearer will not show you this. Oh no they will only show you how good Villa were.

    Honestly Villa were shite. bentike was shite. Agbonthewhore had a couple of runs when we commited to trying to salvage the match and he gets MOTM.

    To finish. Please go on slagging the Club if that suits you but do not dig me out for supporting the Club I love.

    My Marriage is not always rosy but it is everlasting for good or for bad.

    Come on you Gunners.

  59. kc

    God there are a shit ton of deluded Arsenal fans. I swear I just read on another site how we don’t need anymore additions because this could be Wenger’s best squad yet?! WTF? Yeah all fucking 13 of them.

  60. El Tel

    Guninurback (Says it all)

    I have been on Le Grove since it started. More than three years back I would suggest.

    I would not want to talk for you as I support the Arsenal.

    I will always support the Arsenal just like my Father and Grandfather. My Children also support the Arsenal.

    I didn’t supportmthem because we won something, they are our Families Club.

    Chavski were a little team from West London. In fact they still are. They won the Lotto. Well done to them.

    Our great Club have a long long history. I embrace this.

    I love lots of things the Club do and almost all the former players love this Club.

  61. Guninurback

    El Tel
    August 28, 2013 15:04:03


    You don’t know me and I don’t know you, all do know about you is that you are the same prick that was enjoying and bragging about how you threw out the initial protesters in the stadium two years ago.

    You’re a fucking cunt, and if you think I’ll waste any of my time reading any more of you long winded piece of shit fluff pieces about Arsene, then you can shove that keyboard your writing on so far down your throat that you choke on it and die.

    You don’t take a seat of high morality against me, I know enough about you to know you are a do nothing, worth for nothing piece of shit, that has just enough self esteem to think he’s better than other people.

    Well you are not. You sir are a panderer, I bet you beat up the smaller kids in school, not to feel tough, just so the bigger kids wouldn’t think you’re a pussy, well that too you are. You’re a piece of human filth, and thats all you’ll ever be.

  62. SpanishDave

    Its getting to the point I cant be arsed anymore, no excitment, no plan, average players, no vision, nothing but crap.
    I dont want to suscribe to Wengers world anymore, 55 years supporting this club ,I have never been so deflated.

  63. Cesc Appeal



    I remember before the City game last year people saying…even pundits (because they’re experts don’t you know!!)…this is Wenger’s most complete squad.

    It’s like, sorry, did you have your fucking eyes shut when the invincibles were playing?! Or when we had Fabregas and Nasri AND Van Persie in the side??!!

  64. Dick Law

    Anyone considered the possibility that Arsene Wenger and Dick Law are the SAME person?!

    I’ve never even seen a picture of this Dick Law character!!

  65. Guninurback

    So to reiterate…

    Again: El TEL Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    And good riddance.

  66. Karim


    Ha Ha Ha My first insult in here, thanks !

    BTW You are the one representing the majority in here, don’t you forget !

    as far as I’m concerned, my only motivation was to look at the bright side of things, and certainly not agreeing with people who certainly never kicked a foot ball in their life, given the way they comment on football things

    PS : I’m a KKB, not an AKB , don’t give a fuck about our manager !

  67. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 15:16:45

    Nice one El Tel.
    May not agree with all your opinions but nobody can fault your love of the Arsenal.

    OH YEAH!!!

    Well remember then that that’s the same prick that was advocating violence against the anti-wenger lot barely two years ago.

    The cunt!

  68. salparadisenyc

    El Tel
    That said.

    “Tell us about YOU.Do you go to games?
    Where you live?
    How long you have been an Arsenal fan?
    Your age group?
    Again do you attend games or how many have you been to?
    Do you watch us live on TV or edited highlights?
    Do you play Arsenal on your PC?”

    What the fuck is this, am I applying for membership into the Gestapo?

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Ozil, Mata and Kroos as potentially available CAM’s to buy.

    Di Maria and Lamela as available RW/LW to buy.

    Rami and Richards as available CB’s to buy.

    Costa, Damiao, Martinez, Michu, Benzema as ST’s who could be persuaded to move.

    The list was MASSIVE at the start of the summer, and you look at the deals done NONE save the potential Bale deal was beyond us (financially we could’ve pulled of Bale but…never, ever, ever, ever even remotely seeable).

    We’ve missed out on SO, so many targets, or players that would’ve improved us.

    City and Spurs took Jovetic, Negredo and Soldado. All under £30 Million. Gomez has moved, Aubemyang, Higuain, Rooney was ripe as was Suarez. Lewandowski at one point looked as though it could’ve been done…


  70. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 15:19:33

    Man say whatever the fuck you want but iff you are going to throw around the word “coward” to describe the people that went up against El Tel and co last year, then expect shit to come flying your way.

    PS. how did you notice I haven’t played professional football? Was it the fact that I can read and write above a third grade level?

  71. Romford Pele

    Honestly, people don’t know how much the Jovetic move hurts me.

    You guys would’ve been creaming yourself seeing him and Santi together! Lord have mercy.

  72. BillikenGooner

    I predict a few more days of big names being bandied about… but in the end:

    Sanogo, Flamini, bargain bin barely known striker, bargain bin barely known CB as filler. The last 2 brought at 11p on deadline day.

    When Wenger talks about the quality in the squad, he includes Vermaelen and Diaby, who he won’t want to discourage by bringing in players who might ‘take their place’.

  73. northern gooner

    El Tel.

    Your a fucking moron.
    I live up north with all the other shit bags.
    However I get down to watch arsenal. And I attend most away games aswell.
    My son also supports arsenal even though we have won fuck all and it would be easy for him to support united or city.
    Your small minded rant stinks of if u dont live within a cunt hair of Holloway Road your not allowed to support arsenal.

  74. TitsMcgee

    “Reports say Lamela due in London tonight to complete Spurs move.”

    Somewhere Keyser is repeating “Spurs don’t have more ambition than us” out loud in his room.

  75. Guninurback

    I’m actually frightful of a good result against spurs, and before you akb go into overdrive, let me explain the rationale:

    We are in better form than spurs, they have a bunch of new players, we don’t and at this point in the season, the fact our team is still relatively fresh and “gelled” means we should be the better side, simply based on experience and not talent.

    However even if we win in convincing fashion, such a win will be enormously deceptive. Why? Well because they will continue to “gell” throughout the season and we will deteriorate through injuries etc. Its the next meeting that is more or less bound to be devastating, as I sincerely doubt “we’ll spend money in January” ;-).

    Although a win would really mean little more than three points, having said all that, you also have to keep in mind a loss against them at this point in the season would put the entire campaign in jeopardy.

    Nice one Arsene.

  76. Danny

    That’s why no one has signed for us yet coz that might happen which could mean Thursday night crap from February.
    Everything depends on tomorrows draw and the Scum match.

    And as I’ve said before:Wenger still hasn’t signed a new contract…….

  77. Romford Pele

    Atletico and PSG in pot 2.
    Juve and Dortmund in pot 3.
    Napoli in pot 4.

    It could turn very nasty for us lol.



  78. Romford Pele

    “Romford – it’s the CL. Not supposed to be an easy cake walk is it??”

    Lol, OTT, I personally like it. That’s the excitement of the CL. And you’d have a real outlook of how strong Arsenal are after those clashes.

  79. PhilF

    You see what the mis management of Arsenal has done? Got us slagging each other off via the keyboard. Wenger/Gazidis/Kronke should be the targets of our ire. It’s not the players fault, I’m sure they can see the dysfunctional way the club is run first hand…. no wonder anyone with any ambition at all wants to leave. Who can blame them?

  80. Romford Pele

    Wouldn’t trust Sky Bet mate – they’ve gotten so many wrong this summer. Do think they’re right in this case though.

  81. Guninurback

    Romford Pele
    August 28, 2013 15:55:20

    The sad part is that despite all my negativity, I still feel that on the day eleven of our players could hold their own against most of the teams out there.

    But those eleven can’t be expected to play every damn game.

  82. Romford Pele

    “The sad part is that despite all my negativity, I still feel that on the day eleven of our players could hold their own against most of the teams out there. But those eleven can’t be expected to play every damn game.”

    I think so too. Which is why it’s very upsetting that we’re yet to strengthen. There’s a good core to build from. It just needs 5 top players to become a real competitor.

  83. Oh Theo Theo!

    Gunin – you need to vent your ire against the hierarchy – and go and troll in Untold Arsenal – they are an unbelievably AKB-ish. Lunatic fringe.

    I’ve been banned 3 times for causing trouble LOL. It’s great sport!

  84. DUIFG

    There is either going to be a huge flurry of activity or precicely fuck all, im pretty much 50/50 as to which is more likely. Im thinking one big signing and a 1o mil player we havent even been linked with at this stage could be a possibel outcome. so frustrating, we need 4 not 1 player.

  85. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 15:55:48

    Spot on!

    It’ll be a hard nut to swallow for the AKB but it will have to be them that swallows it, because once the doubts have been raised, they won’t go away.
    Eventually Wenger will be forced to leave, it really is inevitable at this point.
    If he was to turn thing around then he should have listened and tried two years ago, at this point he’s lost all his credibility. People don’t want him to succeed because they see him as an incompetent liar.

    Is this sad and unfair for AFC and the players, yes for the players certainly, but the fault lies with the manager and not with the paying fans. If he did hold love for anyone other than himself he’d see that his continued tenure is hurting us, but he doesn’t and he won’t.

  86. andy1886

    This first X1 or possibly squad of 13 or so could do okay against most teams true, but that’s just a rehash of last year. Against the best sides we don’t have either the cutting edge to score enough or the cohesion and steel to keep a clean sheet. We don’t just need squad players/bodies we need players who can actually make a difference against the top sides. Unless that happens I can’t see us getting much if anything from ManU or Chelsea, maybe a point or three against City, and the Spuds games will be a lottery.

    It will be interesting to see what Sunday brings. A draw would be my guess, low scoring 0-0 or 1-1. Can’t see many goals in it.

  87. Romford Pele

    “0-0 or 1-1. Can’t see many goals in it.”

    This is Arsenal-Spurs we’re talking about! There’s always at least 3 goals in games between the team. I’m pretty sure tactics and formation go out of the window when we play them. Same on there part too.

  88. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 16:07:21

    Yup its sad to think that the figures Pedders bandied around in the article is actually rather conservative. 70 mill to compete, 100 to win something.

  89. samsensible

    I too remember the disgust when Aubergine’s name was mentioned on these boards back in June.

    Kroos, Mata, Ozil, Di Maria

    If we somehow got 2 of them you’d have to say that we’d look good. I don’t think the selling clubs would mind too much should we offer £35m for them (£25m for Di Maria) it’s about whether the players would be interested in us after so many years of flop flop flopping.

    I think Chelsea would consider selling Mata to us for £40m. Okay, they’d prefer he went abroad but having spent so much and with the clear desire to still get another striker they will want to recoup some money.

    Maybe Jose is teaching the player a harsh lesson because he hasn’t liked what he’s seen….but i do wonder whether Mata is too much of a dreamy Arsenal player, all tippy tappy prettiness whereas Jose prefers players that cut through you at pace on the counter attack. I expected Mata to be his Sjneider but there is clearly something not right there.

    It would be stupid of them to sell him to us but they are a stupid club.

  90. Guninurback

    August 28, 2013 16:15:31

    Or for all we know, the major clubs of Europe might all be circling him, based on last season and he’s just angling for more money on a new contract?

  91. Sam

    Money could be spend on let’s say di Maria and ozil or any 2 top players then throw in Chuba akpom.
    When we many chances and feed him he will score. Age doesn’t matter, I bet you he would have scored last night. Unlike strikers we have he has better movements and striker’s instinct .

  92. Romford Pele

    “Why on earth are we letting Spurs get Lamela, he’s far too good for them.”

    I was just thinking this. The dude is an outrageously talent.

  93. Dony

    Love the club but no longer give these jokers my money.

    The club is run as a business focused on Revenue and Profits. It’s no longer focused on doing the maximum to be a competitive football team, one that has a chance of winning.

    If we (the club) were serious about football and winning, we would already have made the 4-6 quality signings that were needed. Instead, Wenger, on his personal crusade to show the world how clever he is at spotting top talent, spends time courting Yaya Sanogo.

    Yes, we’ll have some highs this season and we’ll play some good football and it’ll be a really exciting race to see who wins the 4th place trophy this year…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  94. DUIFG

    If we had a solid CB and Gustavo in the bag by now we could just sit and pick off an xfactor player probably for not mad money. The fact everybody knows we are desperate will drive prices up and make us less appealing to the superstars. Its truly awful management, only reaoning could be he is genuinley happy with his squad and he is happy to bargain basement hunt on the last day seeing whats available.

    why doesnt he want to take the team on to the next level?i cant understand it, he is blowing a massive opportunity with this inactivity, he really need to bring in 2 BIG players to restore any kind of face this window.

  95. andy1886

    Romford – we will see, without Ade being a pillock at least one of the 5-2’s would never have happened. I think that we’re better at the back and poorer at the front than at some of the recent games so we’ll see. Would be nice if AW could get them to play cleverly and notg like headless chickens though.

  96. Romford Pele

    But as I said; the following still available from an attacking point of view:

    Grenier (he’s growing on me a lot)

  97. Romford Pele

    “why doesnt he want to take the team on to the next level?”

    I think we will find out when he eventually leaves. I don’t like Wenger and I want him out. But while he is outrageously stubborn, he isn’t stupid. I maintain this despite my vendetta against him.

  98. Goongoonergone

    Mates, If I can see that Arsenal FC are going nowhere slowly, what do you think the top players are seeing?
    The truth is top players play for the real deal – trophies.
    That sadly is not Wenger’s real deal.
    His only real deal is his 7.5 million smackeroos.

  99. Gunner-Mac

    Ffs, Wenger’s Ragtag and Bobtail Stutter-Gun strategy is really doing my head in this summer.
    I know i should be used to it by now but Ffs.

  100. samsensible

    Guninurback, but why isn’t he making the team or even coming off the bench? The game at Old Trafford was crying out for Mata to come on and win it for Chelsea with a bit of intelligence and class but Jose doesn’t seem to fancy him in his system.

    Based upon that, and Jose’s commitment to efficient squads I could see the desire to cash in on Mata to help balance the books. A nice £40m would make up for the lack of massive Champion’s League TV money that they got following their win the previous year…