Arsenal pick off Fenerbache but squad dangerously stretched as 3 doubts raised…

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Light work my friends. That is what Arsenal made of a very odd Fenerbache side. I thought the only tactical option for them was to turn up all guns blazing. Instead they played the patience game and suffered the consequences.

I’m not going to give a detailed blow by blow account, but there were some notable incidents and performances in the game that merit further chat.

Firstly, the bad news. Our skinny squad really doesn’t take much of a hit to bruise like its been shot with a Metropolitan Police plastic bullet at a protest about school meals. Lukas Podolski pinged his hamstring so badly he had to be stretchered down the tunnel. I know they grade tears… That one looked like it sat in the bad category. Wenger said three weeks, when does he ever say anything different? We had to bring on Kieran Gibbs in his place, which worked out nicely, the concern for me is he’s a crock as well… and Monreal was pretty poor all night long. Against Spurs, he’ll be exposed as a weak link if he plays like that.

The good news on the playing front is we controlled the game with ease. Fenerbache didn’t stretch us at all. So we won’t be tired, and we’ve two days on Spurs who play Europa on Thursday.

Our keeper had a mixed bag. He made two or three superb saves, one at the near post in the first half was particularly excellent, along with the lovely early double save from Merieles. He did mix that in with a couple of needless flaps along with rushing out of his area. He always starts so deep… it’s no wonder he struggles to make it to the ball first.

Ramsey had another top performance. He’s adding goals and clinical passes to his game, which is always the sign a player has turned the corner. He’s playing with confidence and calmness. He’s playing with discipline and he’s throwing himself around like a man. About time… His two goals were well taken. The first came when Cazorla saw Theo’s run across the box, it looked like Theo or the defender edged it into the path of Ramsey who passed it home for the first goal.

The goal in the second half was a bit classier, some nice build up play saw Gibbs cut the ball to the near post with Ramsey steering the ball into the far corner. Cesc started to turn heads when he added goals to his game, it’s a sign of calmness… something that only comes with experience.

Great work. Jack must feel the pressure… which is superb news. The British core is being led by a Welshman, he knows that’s not right and he’ll up his game to compete. Inter-country competition… it’s a beautiful thing.

Cazorla was excellent as always. He’s a genius on the ball. Simple as that. He ferrets his way out of any space, he’s perfect with both feet and his vision is as good as the weighting he gives to each pass. Problem we have is that we only have one of him… which generally leads to overuse and fatigue. That’s why an Ozil would be an excellent move. Especially as Cazorla now has to move out onto the left side of midfield.

We finished the night with a front three of Sanogo, Miyachi and Gibbs. Amusing and Carling Cup like, but a distinct reality we might face as the season goes on. Sanogo, however you paint it is painfully raw. He’s not a ‘now’ player, but he’s out second best striker. Frightening. We don’t have a squad… we have many round pegs that seem the quite effectively slot into square holes. It’s not a sensible way to play and a strategy like that won’t bear fruit.

We need to spend £100m this week if we want to compete for things. £70m if we want top four. We’re in pretty bad shape heading into Spurs. A full back out of form. One adult striker. A left back in left midfield. Scary against a full Spurs squad who boast a bench.

On a separate point, the stadium was embarrassingly empty. Someone was trying to play the ‘people can’t afford it card’… sorry, not buying it. The showing at the ground was about ‘I can’t be bothered’. There’s no excuse this year, if you can’t afford it, sell your ticket or give it away to someone… You can get them a paper ticket, so you don’t even need to worry about giving them your card.

Leaving a spare empty really is poor… (read more about sharing a spare here)


Transfer wise, all the papers are trying to make their money today. The Mirror reckons third parties have offered us Benzema and Ozil, a bit like trying to sell your neighbours house (we’ve all been there after a beer or two)… not that we’re above listening… the Suarez deal a painfully naive example of that. The Telegraph reckons we have a 50% chance of Cabaye which probably means that deal is off. Oh and Arsene is making agitated ‘we’ll see what we can do’ noises.

People complain that I’m being negative, but I’m really not. It’s negative to take the attitude that beating Fulham and Fenerbache somehow means we’ll be ok this season. Positivity is wanting to improve because by doing so we stand a better outcome of a great season. If you believe we’ll compete with our current squad, you’re lying to yourself, because all the laws of reality clearly point to that being a falsehood.

I made the point last night that we ended the night with a front three of Ryo, Sanogo and Gibbs. Many thought this was perfectly acceptable as we were winning. Sure, it was acceptable if those introductions were by choice. They were the only players we could bring on. If players get tired at Spurs (which happens), those are our attacking options. Carling Cup options for a NLD… farcical regardless of the weight you’ve put into Wenger saying Sanogo will be a £50m player in 2 years.

Finally, some majorly exciting news, I have Simon Kuper coming on a podcast to chat about football and data. I can’t tell you how excited about this I am…mainly because its been a hot topic I’ve talked about a lot… because Arsene is behind the times. This guy co-wrote Soccernomics… it’s a great read if you’re a data geek. It goes way beyond Opta and Prozone, so tune in on Tuesday for that.

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  1. luke

    N1Goon August 29, 2013 00:39:34

    AVB, Baldini and Levy have perhaps changed Spurs forever this summer. They deserve top 4 with the ambition and business they have made this summer.

    Hmmm. All things Arsenal aside, are you fucking kidding? Bale, who single handedly kept Spurs within a shout of 4th, which they still couldn’t achieve against one of the weakest Arsenal squads of all time, is getting sold and they buy who?

    Capoue – He is 25 and won his first cap for France Nat’l team last year…Uhhh

    Chadli – Had anyone honestly ever head of this bloke before he signed for Spurs?

    Soldado – He is a great poacher no doubt, but offers next to nothing besides that. Last season with Spain and Valencia, he had 6 assists in 52 Games. The year before, 6 assists in 54 games. He is a good goal scorer, but where will his service come from? Lennon?

    Paulinho – Good buy. I would have liked him in our side, I don’t deny. Is a CDM really what they need though?

    Lamela – Transfer still not even complete, but let’s talk about him anyway. He is a very exciting prospect. I don’t deny I am jealous of his signing, but he’s 21, come off a good season in Seria A, which is another world to the EPL. He is a “we’ll see” player for me.

    N1Goon, go jerk off to Lamela and Villas Boas after you finish crying about the Bale sale.

  2. The Hig

    Good comment Luke. Hate it when so called Gooners can slate our team and say Spurs are better just cos they bought a few players. What about the ones that left? What about the dead wood? What about the players from other leagues? At least my team boasts a first 11 of players with Premiership experience. They have depth, but whether the depth is quality is debatable.

  3. ikon

    Although the club has acted horribly this summer, I do not think Spurs are better in player to player comparison.

    Simple thing is we have more internationals than them.. And Wenger is right in pointing this out. Let us not get emotional over Harry Redknap’s views… “Young , forward looking..” are all void words… cannot really replace experience.

    Last year many people were cribbing in exact same way as they are doing now when Spurs signed Hotby, Dembele.

    We made up so much points over them due to our stupid start and not due to their over achievements.

    Spurs are good at signing decent – good players at inflated prices to warm their whatever.

    Our point is simple, the club had a great opportunity to make a statement of intent to the fans and the players around, and it has failed miserably.

    Eriksson is a great replacement for Gervinho… should have definitely gone for him.

    I really doubt anyone from Madrid would join Arsenal. Flamini might prove to be a good cover in midfield.

    But the most worrying is the striker’s position and lack of depth in CB positions.

    Giroud will miss a lot and lot of chances again, and it will prove to be very very costly again like so many times last season.

    We saw similar scoring opportunities missed by him during Fenerbache game.

  4. Jeff

    I think many people miss the bigger picture here. It’s all very well praising players for having good games once in a while and mostly against weaker teams but the underlying problem is still very much there – large as life. Why so many people miss the forest for the tree because they felt a little bit good after a game like the Fener one is beyond me.

    So what is the bigger picture? It is the inexorable inevitability of not being able to compete for major honours without the addition of 3 or 4 ready-made big players including a top class keeper that has many good games and the occasional bad one rather than what we have, which is the complete opposite.

    Without those things in place we are looking once again at best – fourth. Of course we’re going to win many games but we won’t win enough. Of course we’re going to rejoice at the ones we win, but it will be short-lived. Of course we’re going to praise players when they do well, but in the next game they may well flop. Many people on here form an opinion based on the last game we played. You can’t do that.

    Our shortcomings, frailties and inadequacies are all still there. Nothing has changed. That’s the bigger picture. If you’re happy with fourth, well done you! But like the majority on this blog if you’re not happy with that and you think we can do better, the pain will continue.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    All the Arsenal fans saying ‘Spurs are strong and fast but they lack a playmaker, some one who’ll create chances.’

    Missed them signing Lamela did you? £30 Million? Breaking their record for a third time in 90 days?

    And now about to close a £10 Million for PLAYMAKER Eriksen.

    Spur’s squad, and starting 11 is better than ours.

    Literally only Cazorla is a player you can count on for a whole season.

    Ramsey? Confidence player, as soon as form drops he’ll go back to his old ways.

    Wilshere? Too young still, and too prone to injury.

    Walcott? Not a chance he’ll ever be a star player you can rely upon.

    The rest? No one really stands out…I think Cazorla is the only player Spurs would take off of us right now.

    But he’d play LW.

    Any Arsenal fan that thinks we’re stronger than Spurs needs to wake up.

    They’ve gone on the spree WE were promised having secured 4th even when they finished 5th!!!

    £100 Million worth of transfers they’ve done having lost Bale when Eriksen comes off!

    What did we do when we lost Fabregas and Nasri? Or Van Persie and Song?

    Something is terribly wrong at Arsenal FC…if it even exists anymore

  6. Gregg

    I thought this was an Arsenal blog. Personally I don’t give a shit who Spurs do or don’t sign. What I care about is us doing what we need to do to make the next step up and close the gap on those that finished above us. So far we’ve made biggest pig’s ear of it imaginable. I think Wenger has had a real shock in discovering how our stock has fallen in regards to attracting top stars. Coupled with our seemingly out of date valuation process, we’ve got to this ridiculous stage where we will play our 5th game of the season with a weaker squad than last year. That needs addressing urgently and regardless of who we may eventually buy in the next two days.

    Forget the window finishing Monday. Players will be on international duty from Monday, we play Sunday so in essence we really only have a couple of days to conduct meaningful business. I’m sick to the back teeth of naming potential in’s as everytime one is mentioned, they immediately come out and say they have no intention of leaving where they are, regardless of Arsene’s bullish “players want to join us” statement 8, yes 8 days ago, when for him his window opened.

  7. The Hig

    Team Work. PL experience. That’s all I can say. Most of Spurs first 11 will probably consist of their new players who must still learn to play the Spurs way and all come from different leagues.

  8. Hitman49

    Jeff. And Cesc.

    You are both 100% right….

    How depressing is that ?,all we want is to be competitive but for some reason and I think it’s the expense our club doesn’t want to do that.
    They are happy to roll along nearly all the time.
    Well I think that will come to an end if spurs start to do better than us then things will change quickly the frenchie has never had pressure from them and has enjoyed dominance over them,
    So lets see how he now fairs when they are on top lets see if the peasants revolt,I have a sneaky feeling people will not like it.
    That is the only way it will happen,sure we will win games but we all know we are very short and in jury’s will happen they always do.
    I will always support arsenal but not this regime !


  9. The Hig

    That emails not gonna change anything. Your opinions don’t matter. The people who own the club will run it the way they want to run it.

  10. Hitman49

    Hey hog

    Didn’t you see the empty seats on Tuesday ?

    It wasn’t the usual one or two it was banks of them !

    If we drop below spuds and we all know we will those banks will get bigger.

    And your voice is important…..

    Never forget that and never think it isn’t .

    I’ve been saying for years on here we should sing him out…they feel the crowd they hear the crowed don’t you worry.

    Any the frenchie has already mentioned blogs twitter eft so he knows we’re on him.

  11. The Hig

    Yeah I saw the empty seats. The thing is this, we all know the club is a business. And the club is doing well as a business. I was also not convinced by the team during pre season and still am upset that Wenger hasn’t bought early. After the Villa game I felt like it was all over and we were doomed. Then we played well and beat the Turks, then Fulham, both away. Then we beat Fener again and we played well. The Villa game to me was just one of those things that was supposed to happen. Everything went wrong, the ref was shit, we had injuries, we were unlucky, off form. But as of late we’ve been playing well. Might as well support the team and stop letting the management cloud our judgement of the team as they will never change. Guys seem to forget that we beat City. Though it was a friendly, they fielded a strong team. Stronger on paper than our team. BUT I will keep saying this. The team work is what matters most. Look how good Basel was when United went out in Group stages. Small name team, Big team work.

  12. goona

    Jeff 07:28

    Spot on mate, glaringly obvious to everyone that we are SO SO weak as a squad. How often do we have a first choice XI (and that ain’t great) match fit? We are just TWO games into the season, and we have a whole casualty department full of crocks!
    Is it just me that thinks there must be something fundamentally wrong with Arsenals training regime, why do our players breakdown so easily? Or is it just that they are weak individuals?

    Either way Arsenal need a huge injection of talent!

  13. Hitman49


    I agree mate 100% but we all know its all on a tightrope and we will fall,
    If you look at the away wins fena poor poor cl team,Fulham again a complete team made up of rejects ? No?

    So Sunday we play that lot ! I know we can beat them and I hope we do……but in the long run and it is a long run they will fair better,
    With this thin squadd we will struggle at some point we all know it

  14. gazzap

    Even if Arsenal now get a couple of their targets, there is no question this has been a terrible transfer window for Wenger and he needs to be sacked. He can be sung out of his job. The fans do have that power if they come together and make it clear that he has to go in a couple of home games. But our fans at the matches are too lily livered to make a statement as a group. It’s pathetic and we get the manager we deserve.

    # WE WANT WENGER OUT, SAY WE WANT WENGER OUT! repeat ad infinitum…

  15. Oh Theo Theo!

    Hitman – don’t apologize to Hig, he’s a crazy AKB on a day out from Untold.

    He’s wrong – our opinions do matter. Especially in the modern world of social media and the internet.

    Fan power is the way forward, they rely on the matchday revenues for d2d cashflow. Stop giving it to them is a powerful way forward.

    Stopping buying merchandise (profits and sponsorship rely on this) and even a 5-10% drop will be seen, will be felt at the club.

    Display your displeasure! This regime is about money, deny them that and they will take notice.

    My personal contribution to the club is zero this year! No renewals, no kit, no merchandise.

    If only I could find a way to ask Sky to withhold my individual portion that goes to the clubs I would be “contribution to the stingy wankers neutral”…

  16. gazzap

    It’s not even as if Arteta, Vermaelen, Podolski, and the Ox are first team players. They are all from the second string, but their injuries have forced the first 11 to play every game. If we rotate now we have to bring in young players like Miyaichi and Sanogo. The squad isn’t 2 or 3 players away it’s at least 4-5 top players. You cannot sign 4-5 good players in 3 days. You can sign 4 terrible cast-offs in that time though.

  17. andy1886

    The BBC have us linked to St Etienne midfielder Josuha Guilavogui.

    Now tbh I don’t know anything about the guy, but my initial thought is here we go again going down the list of available players from France. I’m sure someone will come on and say how great he is and Arsene has spotted another gem (what a genius!) but I’d bet that the poster had never heard of him until he read this post either.

    It seems anyone in France (good/bad, injured/fit,) is a target for Arsene. It would be easier if he cleared off back there and then he could manage a whole squad of Frenchmen.

  18. Oh Theo Theo!

    andy1886 – I think this is indicative of the pressure that’s starting to build on him, for the first time in years. The fans are neutral/trending negative the press is openly questioning and becoming a little hostile.

    He look pretty grey and terrible in the interviews, eyes always red rimmed like a lack of sleep….

    He’s a man starting to feel pressure and he doesn’t like it. Point is, when you’re stressed you revert to instinct and your options/vision narrows to a tunnel.

    He’s in that phase now. I can’t see him lasting this season tbh, as when the bad results come when the squad is injured he will cop 10x the flak he’s getting now. I don’t think he’s a “coper”.

  19. Doublegooner

    Oh Theo Theo;

    I think I touched a nerve about not buying merchandise & ‘we will boycott all the club’s sponsors’ when I wrote to Gazidis early this month & received replies from his PA & himself all within 2 days.

    Have you dropped a line to ??

    Please do.

    Come on Grovers. Moan here as much as you want but you may get your voice heard elsewhere too.

  20. Oh Theo Theo!

    Doublegooner – think that we can take it a step further. Somebody was on the other day asking for all the club’s sponsors.

    Great idea – if we could find out the CEO/Marketing Director of each sponsor and ALL write them letters saying how we’ll boycott their products it will make life a little spicy, no?

    As a personal aside I actually did NOT actively choose an indesit machine when I replaced my washing machine as they’re an arsenal sponsor.

    LOL – doing my bit!

    I can write a bit (copy writer back in the day!). Would be good to start to get the arrogant fucker in charge of Arsenal to take real notice!

  21. The Hig

    OTT, i’m not an AKB. I just look at the glass as half full. I am pissed with Wenger for not buying early but I believe he will buy before the window closes. I am pissed that he will not buy the quality we crave cos it’s too late but he might surprise us. He’s too coy on transfers. And Wenger hardly discusses who he’s gonna sign. Don’t lable me an AKB for slating the guys that are slating the players.

    Double, we have been complaining for years and nothing has changed. I’ll drop a line though cos I want to see new faces. We really need 5-6 players at the moment. I just cannot fathom the opinions that Spurs are a better TEAM than us. It’s madness coming from guys who follow football so dearly.

  22. The Hig

    Very disappointed in our link to a French dude from a bottom team in France. Kos turned out great so lets hope if we sign this Joshua or something guy that he turns out great cos that’s the most believable rumour so far this silly season.

  23. Yippee Kai Yay

    andy1886, Just a technical point, but a slight correction, you said ‘anyone good in france is a target for arsene’ surely other clubs have bought players from french leagues already this window.

    Some, without wanting to turn over old ground, formerly linked with us.

    Sooo, I think you can remove the word ‘good’ and replace it with ‘a pulse’.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah but Wenger’s ability to find gems from Ligue 1 or French gems is diminishing almost as quickly as his grip on reality.

    Just look at Lille for example, went there for Gervinho, missed Debuchy, Cabaye and Hazard.

    Missed Aubemyang. Kondogbia, Pogba, Varane.

    I know they’re not alll plying their trade in Ligue 1 but Wenger use to watch the French market.

    If Wenger had jumped on these sorts of buys (like he use to) you could add some serious talent to our team!

    Add Lloris to that as well and you’ve sold a lot of our problems.

    Varane, solves the CB problem. Wenger said ‘I don’t know how he slipped through the net.’

    Pogba solves the CDM problem, Wenger reportedly tried to get him when eh left United…obviously not hard enough. He chose to not go with a guy with a record of bringing through French talent, a Frenchman at a club in a country he’d grown to know for Italy!

    Lloris solves a problem we’ve had since Lehmann left.

    Cabaye adds a bit if class to the middle, upgrade on Arteta.

    Aubemyang I really like, much, much better option than Giroud, cost £10 Million.

    Hazard at one point we could’ve signed for £15 Million.

    Pogba was peanuts, Cabaye was £3 Million, Lloris £13 Million, Aubemyang £10 Million, Hazard should’ve been bought for £15 Million in August 2010 when we could’ve. Varane £8 Million from Lens.

    Sagna, Varane, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Cabaye, Pogba, Wilshere
    Hazard, Aubemyang, Cazorla

    All missed buys that Wenger EASILY could’ve made. That side isn’t half bad even with no ‘star’ buys!!

    All from a league Wenger is very, very comfortable with, most of them French with the exception of Hazard who’s Belgian and Aubemyang who is French African.

  25. Yippee Kai Yay

    also, if Iker Cassilas is really looking for a move away from Barca, why are we not looking at a piece of that action?

    32 years old is hardly over the hill for keepers. But no, PSG are apparently looking at him, so we’ve been scared off already.

    Grow some balls AFC, have a little ambition ffs.

  26. The Hig

    Hitman. We all agree that the squad is thin. But a thin squad doesn’t make our current players bad players. All the players are saying they confident we will sign someone. So they know something we don’t. Keeping the faith.

  27. Hitman49


    I have never and never will condem our players but they have to realise that we would give our right arm to be out there,
    So they have a duty to perform they’re not my choice but its my team.

    Most pro footballers have little to no sense so I don’t believe a thing they say as its said for them most of the time.

    Until I see a pic of that frenchie with a player holding up a shirt I don’t believe a thing all bull !

    I have faith but only in my own ability to spot a con when I see one.

  28. andy1886

    Cesc, good analysis.

    I think maybe with all of the responsibilities that Wenger has taken on at the club he has taken his eye off the ball regards new players, i.e. he has forgotten that his focus should be on the playing side. He relies on Grimatube, who if results are anything to go on is a either lazy or incompetent.

    Fingers crossed that this is his last season. I think in the next 12 months either he or Ivan will go, they clearly do not sing from the same hymn sheet. If Ivan gets another decent offer I think he will be off, unless Arsene goes first (please God).

  29. The Hig

    Hitman, it wasn’t you slating the players. Some guys on here yesterday were slating Sanogo and Ryo. I mean really. Some guys were even saying Ramsey sin’t good. To be honest I have never heard players being vocal over signing players. Besides RVP. Correct me if i’m wrong.

  30. Scorpion reporting that Falmini will be earning 50K/Wk. Although they are far from reliable but extremely outrageous if that is the case.

  31. El Tel


    Frenchie this Frenchie that. Fucking homophobic bollocks. Have a go at Wenger but dont be a steriotyped Engerlander.

    I bet the Frenchie was great for you when we were winning things.

    I am English born and bred but this Country was sold down the shitter years back.

    Onto my next point. The Arsenal having a bad time as some would have you believe and you want to destroy them by boycotting thte Club.

    Dont buy this and dont buy that. Well I hope you carry on your anti Arsenal crusade when we Get back to the top because we will get back there.

    I hope you show your true colours when this Club are fighting for honours like we have in the past because it really isnt that fr away.

    I remember going to Highbury in the 70’s and 80’s when we were nothing but a cup side. We lost two from three FA cup finals back in the late seventies.

    I never whinged and cried. The Spuds were better then than they are today too.

    They signed the two Argies in the late seventies and the whole league adored them for this.

    If you want to try to destroy Arsenal because you have the hump with those running the Club then thank fuck we have many thousands who feel the opposite.

    I am not asking you to put any of your hard earned into the Directors deep pockets but wanting to se the Club fucked is ludicrous.

    We may never recover if this were to happen.

    How much will you be wailing then?

    Thats if you actually support the Arsenal that is.

  32. The Hig

    Yeah El Tel is right. Boycotting the Club or it’s Sponsors wont help. Once the Sponsors pull out, the shareholders will sell, Gazidis will leave, Wenger will leave and then we’ll have a club with no major sponsors, new broke owners and a new cheap manager.

  33. The Hig

    Porkchop, the guys have hardly played how can you write them off? Plus they still very young. Not all players are Messi, some need more time to develop.

  34. WengerEagle

    This summer has been feeble and I can’t believe Wenger’s going to get away with it again. Those wins against Fenerbache( Who are fucking awful beyond belief) and Fulham bought him the time he needed and now all he needs to do is not get hammered by Spurs to spout the usual shit about the squad and how he ‘tried’ to sign players.

    The sad reality is even if we do get hammered by Spurs on Sunday it will be too late to do shit about it. I hope to fuck that Wenger gets sacked now as unfortunately that is the best we can hope for. We need a new manager, fresh tactics, new ideas and most of all a manager that can actually motivate average players to play to their absolute maximum week-in week-out( Simeone, Laudrop, Klopp, Bergkamp)

    Fair fucking play to Spurs I have to say whilst gritting my teeth. They are the definition of ambitious and frankly have done outstanding business this summer. Same muppets on here last year criticising monkey boy Bale and labelling him as overrated and limited technically are now saying Spurs are no better than last year even though they have bought Soldado, Paulinho, Capoue, Lamela, Chadli and Eriksen(imminent). I’ve been reading through some of the comments over the last hour and I was actually cringing reading them. The fact that some people on here still think man-for-man we are on-par or even better than the Spuds now is frightening.

    Lastly, Wenger saying it is hard to find quality players on the market nowadays. Delusional to say the least. I could literally name 20 players right now we could buy across Europe for under 25 million(hardly a fortune in the modern game) that would drastically improve us.

    Eriksen(could pull a Chelsea if we had a pair)
    Arda Turan
    Fischer(Ajax winger wonderful player with monster potential)
    Draxler(we could do a Podolski+cash swap if we had a pair)
    Bender(pay 25-30 million they wouldn’t turn that down)
    M’vila(bit of a prick but a very good CDM who I highly doubt is happy in Russia)
    Salah(Basle winger)
    Fabian Frei

    That’s 22 players right there and I could easily go on. Now if I your average fan can identify 22 players who would drastically improve us for very realistic money, then what the fuck are Wenger and our scouting network being paid for?

  35. michael

    If walcotts on 100k a week how come no ones putting in a 90 m pound bid

    Oh wait sorry its because hes crap n over rated

    Funny how him n bale both left southampton around the same time I no which player wed all take now

  36. Cesc Appeal


    I think you’re right.

    I think there is a bit of a power struggle at Arsenal and what results is a quality vacuum.

    Wenger’s almost saying ‘I’m in charge here, you’ve told the world we’re going to spend £100 Million and I’ll spend nothing to make you look a lair and an idiot.’

    I hope with all my heart that there’s some credence behind these ideas that Usmanov is getting ready to take over, shares have been traded recently…but I doubt it.

    Kroenke has a £1.2 Billion sports ‘franchise’ on his hands, makes incredible levels of income now, placid fanbase and £180 Million in cash in the bank, the value of his asset is increasing year on year without winning anything or even TRYING to win anything…he must be laughing.

    He’s American, an NFL nut, probably couldn’t name our starting 11 and even if he could he wouldn’t be able to contextualize it if you get me, if he compared ours with BvB for example would he know the difference between a Marco Reus and a Podolski?

    I doubt it.

    We’re up shit creek, and Wenger is just hoping the flow carries him to the finish, Chelsea, City and United are sailing in Galleons and Spurs have fitted an outboard motor to their craft…we’re just floating along hoping they break down.

  37. Hitman49

    Hey ELTeL

    Here’s a finger go swivel !

    You don’t know me don’t judge me !

    What is he then if he ain’t frenchie ?

    Sorry you prob think he’s a GOD !

    If he was Spanish I’d call him a spainyard !
    Dutch Hollander ,ect

    Get a f@#kin life dick,I’ve seen your comments your a troll.

  38. andy1886

    Cesc, let’s hope this is his last year. That would have to be a positive right? Well, this is Arsenal, specifically Stan’s Arsenal. Would you bet against Stan moving Arsene ‘upstairs’ to run the business side (player trading) thereby killing the chance of us getting a decent manager in? Who would accept AW telling them who they could buy and for how much?

    It’s a nightmare scenario, but based on recent form I wouldn’t be surprised.

  39. Oh Theo Theo!

    El Tel – it’s not homophobic (that’s hating gay people). It’s Xenophobic (hating people from a different country). Apply a brain cell.

    Generally – fuck you dude. Protest is the only way to mandate change (remember keegan on the steps of St James Park?? He at least talked to the fans!!). ManUtd fans protested the Glazers en-mass, and they started reinvesting in the club. They’ve fucking taken the club to court to stop them being able to sell Old Toilet for fucks sake.

    Stop being a brainwashed sheep/lemming. We can do what we like – and also I didn’t say boycott, I said write to them, make some noise. Make them take notice.

    Otherwise there will be years of this shit. Why will silent stan even care if his profits rise every year, even without CL football????

  40. Sam

    It’s not longer about wenger spotting French talents. It’s about the French avoiding him like a plague yes he could have bought hazard but he ended up with Gervinho for refusing to pay extra. Even this year he could have bought grenier from Lyon but he would end with gourcouf . He could have signed benzema but signed chamakh instead.

    The cheaper the better

  41. Paddy got up

    El Tel so you used to go in the 70s and 80s? Then you will remember how the fans got together to get Terry Neill out.

    Talking bolloxks mate. And complaining that the fool in charge is being called a Frenchie!!!
    I would say that’s a compliment compared to what most people would call him.

  42. Oh Theo Theo!

    Paddy – and ironically Terry Neil, very nice man! Got drunk with him once in his bar. Stories he had on his time in football were legendary. Charlie George was in the same night – cracking night!

  43. Doublegooner

    Paddy got up:

    I’m in touch with the guys who organised the protest demo that led to Neill going. In fact I believe he mentioned the guy in his book.

    There are 000’s of fans now unhappy with the footballing mis management & priorities of this club. Fans DO have a voice. LETS USE IT.

    Please drop a line to

  44. andy1886

    Paddy – true, and Don Howe got the same treatment. What did it? Crowds of 20k for starters.

    Stay away people, it’s the only thing that they will take notice of.

  45. goonerboy

    Too few players, too few stars, not enough experience,poor defence, too many injuries, erratic keepers, selling our best players, not buying replacements? Loaning out players in key positions when there is no cover? Refusing to spend money availableJust how much longer can you watch the same mistakes being made year after year after year by the same people?
    How many times does it have to be repeated?
    The club appears to be paralysed at the top.
    Arsene Wenger is not part of the problem- he is the problem. He must go.