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Billy Beane observed that baseball scouts would write great reports about handsome players.

Good morning sports fans! Just acclimatising to being back in a very sunny England this morning! I hope everyone who is going to the Notting Hill Carnival has a great time. Don’t break anything though, that’s not cool. Unless it’s hearts with some seriously eye catching dance moves…

So, I’ll kick right into this morning with an interview that Jake Humphrey gives to Arsene Wenger. Absolutely top notch because he’s not precious about pleasing Arsene Wenger like some of the sycophants from other media platforms. The interview gears up like a typical ‘eerrrrr, I’ve not done what I said I was going to do, so I’ll preach’…

It tees up perfectly…

‘Somebody says something that is wrong and people want to believe it. Nobody checks if the story was completely right’

‘The supporters are influenced by the negativity, and you feel this affects the players’


He’s such a politician isn’t he? Values is such an intangible here. United have values and they’re the biggest club in the land. What does having values mean in the modern game? Wenger and our fanbase chuck the word ‘values’ around willy nilly without quantifying it. For me it’s a nice way of getting around the truth… we’re not competitive. It reminds me of when you meet someones child and the child is rude… and their parents say, ‘oh, he’s just shy’… err, no he’s not, he’s lazy and cant’ be bothered to speak to anyone.

It’s political double speak…

However, Jake Humphrey has none of it…

‘People think you’re scared of big players and spending the money, paying the big wages’

‘… because we couldn’t afford it’ <- First lie… (We’re the club who paid Thierry £200k pw in 06, we pay the manager £135k pw and we’ve had a visible cash surplus for 4  years)

‘But now you can. Are you happy to pay a player?’

‘All that is done at this club is generate from the transfer market’ <– Hmmm… what about Champions League and TV revenue? Anyway, fair-ish point. But there’s still a surplus we don’t spend.

‘Why would Higuain choose another club?’

‘You don’t know if he has chosen another club. That is the story that has been sold’ (no it wasn’t the story that was sold)

‘It’s not the truth. The truth is he wasn’t a special target’ (the truth is he was, but the price went up £10m)

‘Explain the truth to the fans’

‘The targets didn’t come off’

‘But why, great club, great name, you’ve got money’

‘I cannot clarify that as it would give out some secrets that I would like to not give out. Let’s not forget how good our players are.’

You can watch the rest of the interview here. Even reading the script, you need to see just how well the interviewer does.

See, on the one hand Arsene says the press get it wrong, then on the other, he’s talking about secrets. Where’s the transparency? If you’ve got an issue with misinformation, why not settle it in public? I know you can’t preach incompetence… but come on… most things get out into the media anyway. For me, it’s more political speak. He leaves quotes like that open to interpretation.

Is it Ivan? Is it Dick Law? Is it Stan withholding funds?

It’s outrageous that he does it time and time again. Jose is open with what’s going on.

‘We’re trying for Rooney. United should let him go. We’ll try at third time, what’s there to lose,  the time sending an e-mail?’

Wenger went into that interview to preach his message and it back fired. 

Anyway, a few days to go until the window closes and we’ve signed no one. Stories are bubbling though.

It seems like we’re going hard for Cabaye who is ours for £20m. I think he’d be a solid move, though there are rightly questions over his contribution last season, which was dotted with injuries (and it must be hard playing for Pardew in his second season. He’s probably disgraced himself in the dressing room already and players don’t like him.). He’s a talented box to box player who plays a faster game than Arteta. He can also take a decent freekick which would be nice considering our only option is Podolski, who unbelievably doesn’t get a look in over Theo these days…

The other moves that are being pushed are for Krul and Begovic. It seems we’re more interested in Krul who is an improvement, but come on… it has to be Begovic. Someone said yesterday that David Platt claimed City were going to replace Joe Hart with Begovic this summer… Mancini knows a defence. I think he’s so far out ahead of any other Premiership keeper. I don’t know why we always have to mess around and make the ‘clever move’ which is rarely about talent… it’s about price.

Gareth Bale has apparently agreed to move to Madrid for an eye watering fee of £93m. Quite staggering really. He’s Spurs version of Anelka. That’s one helluva down payment on a new stadium. Or it’s mega investment in the squad… which they’ve already done. I hate to marvel at a Spurs manager, but he’s done all his work early, spent a load of cash and shipped out a load of dross. They’re in very good shape this year if he can make them gel… and foreign players can adapt. Well, he’ll have a good year.

… anyway, point of that was if Bale goes to Madrid, they’ll need cash. Di Maria is being mooted. He’d be a superb addition to the squad. Sparkling skill, a good frame and very young. His skill on the ball in quite incredible. He can play equally well with both feet and he’d slip into the squad being able to play either right or left of the striker. Get him in Arsene…

Flamini will sign for us, I’ve no doubt about that… but if we bring in Cabaye as well, he could be a shrewd move. We’d have some real depth then… bar possibly a creative midfielder. Which, if we’re talking back up to Cazorla, could possibly be Zelalem. Lamela is available… but at £30m, you’d have to say, our priorities probably lie with Di Maria, Cabaye and as striker…

… ahhh, a striker. Who knows what’s going on there? No noise. No links really. We looked doomed on that front.

No talk of a defender doing the rounds. We really need a right back and a centre back. It’s worrying there are no names and no kids coming through who could deputise. Problem with sticking with three centre backs is when it comes to the crunch… they’ll fatigue… and you know what fatigue brings? THE RED ZONE.

All the talk above feels a little more around our level. My biggest worry is a season of Giroud. He’s getting better, but really, at the highest level, does he cut it? Even if he does… does he cut it as one person? Because Sanogo and Akpom are not suitable candidates to support him this year.

I mean, read that post… we’re a week away from the start of the year and we’re at the very least, 6 players off having a competitive squad.

I’ve been reading through a few really interesting books that I’ll talk about at a later date… one quote I found was quite pertinent. It’s for both Stan Kroenke and Arsene Wenger. It’s from Billy Beane… you know, your hero Stan…

‘You have to always be upgrading. Otherwise you’re fu*ked’

… and here is one from Clough.

‘Son, the first time we can replace you with a better player, we’ll do it without blinking an eyelid. That’s what we’re paid to do – to produce the best side and win as many trophies as possible. If we see a better player and don’t sign him, then we’re frauds. But we’re not frauds’

Brian Clough, not only defied the footballing world by snapping up bargains, he also defied the premise that the teams who pay the most in wages do the best. So his words are wise as are those of Billy Beane (incidentally he is good friends with John Henry and Commolli)…

Right, have that people. See you in the comments.

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  1. I Gunner Believe it

    Negative doom and gloomers get you head round this

    Man city great team manager is poor defensively they will suffer this season, it will take me at least a season to adapt to premier league

    Chelsea Great manager great squad but will play pretty negative football now, may not come of this season with Mourinho needing to get the swing of things

    Moyes solid manager but man united are weak on the wings and midfield isn’t stellar, also me thinks it will take moyes A while to adjust to top of the league football

    Arsenal, Wenger the mad in charge but he can get the team playing good football, we probably have the most goals in this team, with koz back will have one of the strongest defenses are midfield is one of the strongest under wengers attacking football they will score goals a plenty, are wingers will get loads of goals and giroud though not good enough will still help out… Also Ramsey is showing real potential can imagine him being in the top 2 midfielders this season… expect Mata like performances

    The season could be ours boys!!!

  2. BT

    What a load of crap Wonga has given us AGAIN in this transfer window, fuckin fed up of his bullshit day in day out, the guy is a complete brown nose to that stan twattin kronke. Bollox to em all.

    We’ll get flamini in on a free an that’s your lot. Fact!

  3. sam

    arshavin and gervinho both being waste of space
    no need for replacement

    I guess Gnabry and miyaichi could be the answer
    they will do better as squad players


  4. I Gunner Believe it

    Wenger wont buy ozil because we have cazorla and certainly wont want to stifle the overrated Jack and the underrate aaron.

    Wenger wont buy Di Maria because it will stifle Walcot and it will cause headaches when ox comes back.

    If podolski is sold then Di Maria may be bought but otherwise no.

  5. dialsquare

    Todor Nedelev must be a new character created by Sacha Cohen for his new up and coming Comedy series.
    Wenger must have believed the spoof interview to be genuine and so offered the player a contract

  6. I Gunner Believe it

    We will win the title this season if we miraculously don’t have any more injuries.

    Are first team is good enough no doubt about that…. but damnnn we need some back up…

    WE should spend all are money on the youngest best players in europe not saying Sanago types

    But Lamela Muriel Draxler Types.

    We have the first team we just need some young blood to cover the gaps when they arise

  7. MadeToLoveMagic


    unfair, , i was posed with a choice, style or winning, i chose style. both is best ofcourse

    i was comparing two sides off a coin, i wasnt saying i dont like winning, just saying i would chose the truly beautiful style and losing, over playing ugly to win, doesnt reflect my level of support imo

  8. Munitionsman

    Maureen says

    He added: “If you look at a manager like me, a club like us and the people who work at the club with me, we are not silly enough to try and get a player from a big club that doesn’t want to sell.

    Then you have wenger the 40000001 man. What an idiot. What an embarrassment we have become

  9. azed

    I Gunner believe It

    Pull your head out of the sand will ya? The moment we start playing two games in a week, this team would crumble. Heck we only have 2 centre backs.

  10. I Gunner Believe it


    zero trolling when I say this…

    Aarron Ramsey for most assists or second most assists this season, also a place in team of the season…

    I have called it now… I live and die by these words… Judge me in may

  11. I Gunner Believe it


    For all the Sagna haters guy is class as a center back give him a few games in that position and he will be one of the best cb’s in the league…

    I am very happy about this as Sagna is no spring chicken once he loses his pace to be a center back he can become a center back.

    Also those who critize him for his size e.g. being only 5.9 THE GUY WINS EVERY AERIAL DUEL HE HAS INSANNNNNNNEEEEE JUMP ON HIM

    Trust me go through every match his played as center back he A never loses an aerial duel and B never gets overpowered he is a strong cunt.

    Are defense wont crumble of course Jenks is the weaker link but we can manage

  12. Sam

    I Gunner believe it,

    If grovers believe wilshere is crap what chance does miyaichi have ?
    Let them talk, they don’t know how stupid they sound.

  13. jack

    jack wilshere beside bein injured hes not reali done anything for arsenal i mean he got 1goal and 3goal asst last season

  14. Relieable sauce


    Yeah sorry, don’t know what i was on about there : /
    I guunner

    Judge me in May. LOL. Good one 😉

  15. Sam


    How many goal did xavi score last season?
    Do you even know that Ramsey can score freekicks? Frimpong has powerful long distance shots
    This is arsenal my friend, young players careers are marred with long term injuries , same with miyaichi.

  16. Ganesh

    Just saw the highlights of the Cardiff-Citeh game. I think it would be safe to say Cardiff’s owner has done more in a few months than Stan in two years.

  17. ikon

    I think when Arsene says he is afraid of letting out secrets, he is afraid to let out the overhyped capabilities of Gazidis to walk the talk.. We all know that is not a secret that Gazidis is 80% talks and 20% luck.

    I will be ecstatic if we get both Ozil and DiMaria. Even 70 million is not big enough for these two super quality players…

    But worryingly, we need one more striker at least, and a defender.

    I think midfield will be covered okayish types if Frimpong gets to his best.

    Like I have said before, Frimpong is not as bad as people make him out to be…. he has impressed me with his energy in the middle everytime I have seen him play.

  18. sam

    Same Story,

    I know I supposed to go along with the theory that every arsenal player is crap.
    sorry I am not that stupid, please help yourself say what you want

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Levy recalls Bale after getting a annoyed with Real’s tactics! That’s how you do it, ‘what you suddenly don’t want to pay £86 Million? That’s fine, come home Gareth.’

    Apperently now Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema have been made up for grabs, or so clubs are being told.

    Ozil and Di Maria for sure, not totally sure about Benzema as a player.

    Though I’d rather have Mata and Di Maria.

    Wouldn’t mind a gamble on a young striker like Muriel or that AS Roma kid then.

  20. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dick Law is, apparently, only now in his office at the training ground ready for the week of “massive spending”. Phew. Thought he was made up. Still, no picture of him, so you never know.

    This in the Daily Mail (I know, but still!) – “One of Law’s main objectives was to rubber-stamp a deal for Mathieu Flamini, who trained with the Arsenal squad yesterday.” Ahahahahahahahahahaha LMFAO!

    Then goes on to talk about Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema.

    Clearly club PR to emphasize how important Flamini is and we’re “after big targets”.

    So you just know that it’s Flamini and nobody else. “We tried”.

    What a pile of donkey shit. I’ll believe Ozil, Di Maria and Benezema when they’re wearing Arsenal shirts and playing their first game. Bullshitters.

  21. peanuts&monkeys

    someone wrote above that Wenger doesn’t want to spend his 70 million and end up in a situation he still has not won anything. Soooo true…

    What a loser of a club we have become. It would have been so mush better if Wenger did not get to his fourth. He could have left by now. We could have got a new manager by now whom all fans could have supported wholeheartedly. Win/ Lose, we would have been back at the best spirits of competing.

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    Why would Real Madrid,sell the following,in addition to Higuain being sold:

    Di Maria

    That’s just absolute madness..No club in it’s right mind,would sell it’s front 4,boasting that line up,all at once..

    So what,if RM are bidding £86 million for Bale?Given that in certain quarters all the money they are supposedly spending on Bale,they need to recoup some of it back..??Says who..?…

    When they bought Ronaldo for £80 million,don’t recall a massive clear out by them??!!

    It does not make sense to clear two-three more super-talented players ,to finance the Bale deal..

    Let’s be fair,Bale might be a decent player,but you cannot tell me he is better than Ozil/ Di Maria,or Ozil & Di Maria combined..No way..

    Arsene,IG & SS,should just f**k off…Shameless human beings..

    They are still persisting with this b/s machine,that’s been in overdrive prior to the end of last season,with Jovetic…

    These guys,have no moral compass..

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger will spend only as much as he thinks is required for a 4th place. last two years’ of success at aiming at this mediocrity and succeeding has given him more confidence this year. This year he is challenging himself again. Hos last two years’ challenge were : remain transfer positive and get 40 Million. His challenge this year to the board: spend NOTHING at all in transfer market and yet get the board 40 million.

    The board are a fucking bunch of money-minting bastards who think all Arsenal followers are as stupid and losers like the AKBs.

    AKBs out!!!

  24. PistolPete

    Although I am willing to judge wenger when the transfer window closes. All he has to do to get the fans off his back is to buy some players, thats all, not a great deal really. All we want is a few new faces. If wenger would have done this early, no one would give hi any grief,It’s so simple. Football can only be about the fans, keep them on side and all is well.

  25. Gregg

    When they made their last splurge, didn’t Madrid off set it by selling Van Der Vaart, Schneider and Robben. It’s gonna be a week of overhyped media hysteria, culminating in Jim White self combusting on Monday