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Early post today as I’ll be making my way back to the rain box.

I don’t really have that much to power through, things are quiet, Arsene is supposedly trying to tie down players… who knows what’s going to happen. Stories of Juan Mata seem like a PR plants. The more I understand some elements of certain newspapers, the more you realise it’s just about eyeballs. Chicken and egg… without the eyeballs you go bust… use inaccurate journalism to attain those eyeballs, you lose credibility. Which means return visitors die off outside of the shock and awe stories.

Anyway… Juan Mata to Arsenal? Why? United are after the same sort of player. Rooney / Mata swap? Could be on the cards. The likelihood of Mourinho, regardless of how mad he can be, would sell a player who scored 21 and assisted 29 times, is slim. He even came out and said as much. You always find a place for a Juan Mata. If we’re interested… we should bid £40m. He’s worth it. As for the striker situation… well, I’ve no idea what will happen. But I’d like to have my say on what I’d do. We’ve a week to go, so this is me spending £70m.

Goalkeeper: I’ve never really been convinced by Szeceney. That doesn’t mean we have to bin him, what it means is we have to give him competition. If he accepts the challenge and pushes on, we’ll have two £15m keepers. So my first move this week would be to take on Asmir Begovic. Stoke would sell as they have a replacement, he’d join as he’d probably forfeit a small toe to move out of Stoke… it’s just so damn obvious.

Right Back: Jenks doesn’t look ready to me. He makes too many errors. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m writing him off… It just means we shouldn’t deep end him for 3 years at the expense of success. Whoever comes in needs experience and a top quality edge about their game. Is this Malaga right back an option? How good is the Schalke Japansese guy? I don’t have a good list of names… but I’m sure there is someone with experience looking for a new challenge.

Centre midfield: we need more meat. We’re light here and we’re always an Artera injury away from an issue. We need a midfielder who can move the ball at the pace like Rosicky does… as well as hold the shape. That should have been Gustavo… it is likely to be Flamini… I’m hoping we could see Cabaye. It’s a shame we can’t pick off a tall guy with a presence. I’m not sure if Kondogbia is on the market, but the general rule with bankrupt clubs is everyone has a price. We’ll see with him…

I also think we need some additional creativity outside Cazorla. Ozil is on the market. He’d be an obvious choice and apparently he’s open to the Premier League. Germans are totally hot in London right now and we have a strong Turkish community. He’d be at home whatever nationality he prefers.

Wideman: Arsenal are already missing the presence Gervinho offered during his stint. We need a proper wideman. Like a Jesus Navas… I’d love us to pick off Di Maria, he’d do well over here and he has a good frame for a wideman in our league. It’s amazing that we still don’t have a natural wide player. They all want to play centrally. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Overmars type?

Up top: we’re really having trouble here. I’d be surprised if Benzema moved because he’s Madrid’s only experienced striker. The only possibility there is that Madrid need the fund a £93m Bale somehow. Unless they completely don’t give a rats ass about FFP. Or they’re so revenue laden, they end a 160m summer spending spree still compliant. Outside him, Wayne Rooney could be a solution. Someone has to take him on. Surely United wont carry on with him this year? He’d certainly give our British core an injection of OMFG. Last resort would be Michu, who is a top player, not sure he’d really satisfy my lust for super, super, quality.

So that’s how I’m making big sh*t happen for the Arsenal this year.

How are you spending your cash?

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    What do people think of this Fernando chap from Porto?

    CDM…some of the papers are touting him, you know when they do that ‘5 players Arsenal should sign before the window slams shut’ thing.

    Anyone really watched him?

  2. Sam

    Who need fellaini when you have mighty zelalem

    Just like villa spurs will eat us in midfield look at the size of them ?

    Capoue, paulinho, dembele with sandro on the bench
    We have cazorla, wilshere rosicky/ Ramsey with zelalem and frimpong
    We really have to outpass them to get something

  3. Sam

    Fernando Buy out clause is 30M euros
    Kondogbia’s only 17M and we are shying away
    Wenger will say he’s never heard of him and Porto don’t negotiate

  4. I Gunner Believe it

    Wenger’s complete delusion is visible in the cayabe saga.

    Instead of offering the money for the player getting him now and trying to get him settled in the squd.

    WE offer almost half of what they want and get involved in a media war…

    Fucks sakes… If Cabaye is all we do manager will be severely underwhelmed.

  5. I Gunner Believe it

    Why is at the start of summer Gadzis said we will get signings in early.

    And now Wenger is saying we can’t sign any players till we qualify for the champions league?

    Interresting that…

    He comes out and says don’t expect any signings till after the second leg but why? WE have already qualifed short of miracle where we lose 3-0 to an awful fenerbache at hime.

  6. Gregg

    I’d like to think the reason we’ve waited for CL qualification is that it increases our budget and allows us to get a superior quality of player.

  7. Toli83

    So it looks like we are definitely getting Cabaye.

    I don’t mind that.

    Micah Richards would be quality, he could become a rock for us.

    Still leaves us needing a winger and striker.

    Has anyone seen Siem De Jong at Ajax. Would be top buy, along with Di Maria maybe.

    The lot would cost around £45million and that could put us back up there.

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc Appeal & Gregg

    Sorry to be so negative…

    I’m surprised you are even contemplating Arsene looking to move for Ozil,Di Maria,on deadline day..

    Guys,come on…Wishful thinking there..

    Arsene,will never buy them..


    1)It’s too obvious…Duh…

    2)He can’t take credit,for their overall contribution to the Arsenal cause

    3)Too pricey,even if Real Madrid buy Bale & need to recoup some money.
    They are not going to sell those pair at such a discount..Especially at Arsene’s valuation..

    4)Why would Ozil & Di Maria,even consider coming to Arsenal…?

    5)They will be other clubs in Europe,far bigger & more ambitious than Arsenal,that will more than match their ambitions,salary expectations, the player’s valuation etc,etc..

    Apologies for being a bit pessimistic…
    But you guys should know Arsene by now..?

    You guys need a slap on the wrist..Tut,tut,tut..

    Would not surprise if the Cabaye deal,caves in..Or grinds to a screeching halt..??

    To be fair,I can’t see it happening..Ashley (Mike)is a greedy stubborn bloke..

    & Arsene,is a stingy stubborn bloke..

    Stalemate..&Arsene walks away from the deal..

  9. Gregg

    Cabaye will be sold. That club appears in turmoil. Pardew on the road to getting sacked and Kinnear needs to do something by way of recruitment to justify his position. They will sell Cabaye, nothing surer. Whether it’s to us or not remains to be seen. Hopefully so People also shouldn’t be hoodwinked by the hacks and ex pro’s/pundits that have never managed a football club, never constructed a team, saying that it’s a panic signing, because it isn’t. If an important component of your team is going to be out for a long time, then it makes perfect sense to replace with a like for like player. Precisely the reason that a Fellaini type was a no-go from the outset. Wenger has a clear vision of how he wants his team to play and will stick to that, like for like competition for places. It’s really not about what we may or may not agree on.

  10. Kiyoshi Ito

    GreggAugust 26, 2013 12:15:42
    I’d like to think the reason we’ve waited for CL qualification is that it increases our budget and allows us to get a superior quality of player.
    Oh come on man….

    What are you smoking..?

    We wait to CL Qual????

    Come on…I can’t be arsed to go into the details,as I’m stepping out soon..

    But surely the logic,would be to get in the top quality players beforehand,so as to ensure CL Qual.

    Not the other way around..Go into CL with a far weakened squad & pray to the heaven’s,that you s-c-r-a-p-e through..

    That is just risky,kamikaze behaviour,by Arsene& the Club..

    They rolled the dice & so far have got lucky,again..!!

    How can your only transfer to date,be a free transfer in the way of Sanogo,having released almost 17 players & go into CL Qualification, under strength & under resourced..?

    Did you wake up,on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

    Usually,you have your finger on the pulse..

    Did you have a funny turn?

  11. Toli83

    Ashley bought Kinnear in to force Pardew out, they can’t sack him as he’s on a ridiculously long contract.

    It is a mess up there. Cabaye would be a welcome buy.

    Trouble is that he needs to do this deal and at least three others before the window closes.

    He shouldn’t have time to be thinking about anything else, let alone talking nonsense in these conferences.

  12. Gregg


    I guess I’ve drunk way too much this weekend mate.

    I’m not saying I agree with the strategy of waiting for CL qualification, we had the money anyway. To be honest mate theres a week to go so it really doesn’t make a difference if we get someone tomorrow or on deadline day. Their impact will be the same either way.

  13. Gregg

    Modern day contracts are full of clauses. Yes they gave him an 8 year contract but you can bet your life that there’s an agreed severance package included and it certainly will not be full payment of contract on years remaining. That changed long ago.

  14. Carts

    Brainwashed? Is Wenger actually being serious?

    This is a culmination of years at being at the helm, not needing to answer to anyone but Stan the Mute, and selling players in the name of profit. Now because we’ve all finally had enough and are demanding he spends, what we’ve all essentially contributed toward this club, we’re all victim of a media brainwash. I would’ve actually half believe the fool if he were talking about Syria, Iraqi Invasion and 9/11; not football though.


  15. TitsMcgee

    Yep, we’re brainwashed.

    8 soon to be 9 years of not winning a thing and we’re brainwashed lol

    This is the downside of beating the mediocre Fenerbache and Fulham. You just knew he’d come out beating his drums about “i told you so”.

    Problem is when we get beat by the teams that matter he’s quick to blame the refs and cry patience, bad luck etc.

    City losing didn’t help either.

  16. Toli83


    Bang on about city result.

    Wenger will be saying you can spend loads but these results still happen etc.

    Good game yesterday by the way.

  17. Ozrus

    Tits, the logical way forward then is to hope Arsenal lose badly enough and often enough to turn the club on its head. Say, AW stays another 10 years in charge, you keep wishing we lose till the point is made? That’s a fairly insane stance

  18. telarse

    What’s this Sky Sports News Alert flashing across my TV? “Arsene Wenger Coming Up”?
    Gonna announce his retirement??
    Gonna announce signing Rooney and Mata??
    Gonna announce Diaby close to fitness??
    Gonna announce tried but failed to sign Flamini who wants trophies??

  19. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffAugust 26, 2013 12:04:27

    Tits McGee & The Rest

    Arsene is not as stupid,or deluded as one thinks..

    He is aware,that the fans & the media have cottoned onto him,SS & IG’s Ponzi Scheme..

    He’s simply being manipulative & scheming..

    Indulging in a bit of reverse psychology..

    You see,he’s acknowledging there is brainwashing going on..

    Problem is,it’s not him,or the club..but the media…

    Classic spin..

    It’s what arch dictators,do trying to cling onto power..

    Who remembers Gadaffi,in the days,before his own Arab Spring?

    He went on TV,trying to assure the nation,that the few malcontents,are just what they are..

    Outside invaders,trying to destabilise his great country..

    You see he knew,what was coming,but tried too deflect,too spin..

    To say the problems,were others interfering,when in actual fact,the malcontents were many & were within..

    & look at the aftermath..
    He was overthrown(to put it politely)

  20. Relieable sauce

    I think AW will have lost some of his support in the media with that remark, they took it very easy on him last season & now the fool thinks they’re out to get him.
    Maybe we’ll get some super quality, objective journalism now & someone will expose him for the greedy lying hypocrite he is.