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Early post today as I’ll be making my way back to the rain box.

I don’t really have that much to power through, things are quiet, Arsene is supposedly trying to tie down players… who knows what’s going to happen. Stories of Juan Mata seem like a PR plants. The more I understand some elements of certain newspapers, the more you realise it’s just about eyeballs. Chicken and egg… without the eyeballs you go bust… use inaccurate journalism to attain those eyeballs, you lose credibility. Which means return visitors die off outside of the shock and awe stories.

Anyway… Juan Mata to Arsenal? Why? United are after the same sort of player. Rooney / Mata swap? Could be on the cards. The likelihood of Mourinho, regardless of how mad he can be, would sell a player who scored 21 and assisted 29 times, is slim. He even came out and said as much. You always find a place for a Juan Mata. If we’re interested… we should bid £40m. He’s worth it. As for the striker situation… well, I’ve no idea what will happen. But I’d like to have my say on what I’d do. We’ve a week to go, so this is me spending £70m.

Goalkeeper: I’ve never really been convinced by Szeceney. That doesn’t mean we have to bin him, what it means is we have to give him competition. If he accepts the challenge and pushes on, we’ll have two £15m keepers. So my first move this week would be to take on Asmir Begovic. Stoke would sell as they have a replacement, he’d join as he’d probably forfeit a small toe to move out of Stoke… it’s just so damn obvious.

Right Back: Jenks doesn’t look ready to me. He makes too many errors. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m writing him off… It just means we shouldn’t deep end him for 3 years at the expense of success. Whoever comes in needs experience and a top quality edge about their game. Is this Malaga right back an option? How good is the Schalke Japansese guy? I don’t have a good list of names… but I’m sure there is someone with experience looking for a new challenge.

Centre midfield: we need more meat. We’re light here and we’re always an Artera injury away from an issue. We need a midfielder who can move the ball at the pace like Rosicky does… as well as hold the shape. That should have been Gustavo… it is likely to be Flamini… I’m hoping we could see Cabaye. It’s a shame we can’t pick off a tall guy with a presence. I’m not sure if Kondogbia is on the market, but the general rule with bankrupt clubs is everyone has a price. We’ll see with him…

I also think we need some additional creativity outside Cazorla. Ozil is on the market. He’d be an obvious choice and apparently he’s open to the Premier League. Germans are totally hot in London right now and we have a strong Turkish community. He’d be at home whatever nationality he prefers.

Wideman: Arsenal are already missing the presence Gervinho offered during his stint. We need a proper wideman. Like a Jesus Navas… I’d love us to pick off Di Maria, he’d do well over here and he has a good frame for a wideman in our league. It’s amazing that we still don’t have a natural wide player. They all want to play centrally. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Overmars type?

Up top: we’re really having trouble here. I’d be surprised if Benzema moved because he’s Madrid’s only experienced striker. The only possibility there is that Madrid need the fund a £93m Bale somehow. Unless they completely don’t give a rats ass about FFP. Or they’re so revenue laden, they end a 160m summer spending spree still compliant. Outside him, Wayne Rooney could be a solution. Someone has to take him on. Surely United wont carry on with him this year? He’d certainly give our British core an injection of OMFG. Last resort would be Michu, who is a top player, not sure he’d really satisfy my lust for super, super, quality.

So that’s how I’m making big sh*t happen for the Arsenal this year.

How are you spending your cash?

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  1. I Gunner Believe it

    For all the Spurs are so much better than us….

    NO there not… They suck they have won their 2 games down to penalties they have no creativity and without Bale they have no penetration and menace to their game…

    There honestly on par with Everton

    IF anything liverpool are allot lot better and could really challenge for 4th spot.

    The players they have bought so far are good but their not much better than evertons team of pienar mirelles ect

  2. Sam

    Spuds have been robbed in the summer market
    Still not an excuse for arsenal not to spend
    If we do, we will be better than them thIs season for sure

  3. I Gunner Believe it

    Wenger is the best shittest manager or the shittest best manager.

    Meaning he will always get 4th if he wasn’t such a stubborn cunt and allowed the club to sign world class players he would be winning trophies.

    One isn’t a fool because they try and fail one is a fool because they fail because they never try.

  4. Donjahzy

    What’s this news about Tim Krul? How better is he than our current number 1, Szcezney? Begovic should be an inspired signing! On the wings, Di Maria, one DM, Felliani to be precise, Mata one right back should do the trick for me honestly!!! Anyone agrees?

  5. Carts

    Wenger can not be trusted.

    The twat finds any excuse not to sign anyone worthy; but finds time to whack on about Madrid signing bale for close to £100m. Simple math can explain how that transfer has become feasible. Quickly:

    Madrid have raised close to £55m by selling: Albiol, Callejon and Higuain, all to Napoli who coicedentally were able to afford all 3 by qualifying for the CL, finishing second in Serie A and selling Cavani to PSG for £55m. Now, With Madrid being the “richest club in the world” , highest revenue etc, why is Wonga so surprised at them signing Bale for £100m?

    Anyway, what Wonga needs to do is shut up and spend some money. Beating Feberbahce and Fulham is a common case of papering over crack as per fucking usual. £70m available for transfers but the fool bring in Sanogo on a boss man. You really couldn’t make this shit up, ffs

  6. chris

    Good post again – but you don’t mention CBs

    Am I mad or do Arsenal need a CB before anything else?

    We’ve already got a RB playing there and nobody seems to think any pairing that doesn’t have Per Mertesacker in is going to work, as far as I can see.

    Saw Sackho mentioned, first even vaguely exciting defensive name I’ve heard all summer despite everyone in the world being linked to Arsenal with no evidence at all.

    I can’t see Ashley Williams (really?) coming anyway but he’s the only other CB I’ve heard being talked about.

  7. Carts

    @ jake

    They didn’t think twice about spending obscene amounts on Zidane, Kaka or Ronaldo…ok, then, we were talking about world class players achieving all kinds of accolades. However, From when some quarters are already calling Bale world class, what does our opinions matter.

    Wenger needs to worry about making us challengers again, not celebrating 4th spot finishes. I can’t stress how much I want him out

  8. SpanishDave

    4th is Wengers goal as he cant do better as a manager any more. Stan doesnt give a shit as long as the profits roll in.
    We are screwed as this shit is not going to change.

  9. Zen Warrior

    Speaking of keepers… David Platt just said that he and Mancini, had planned to replace Hart this year, with Begovic… !!! If he’s good enough for them, he’s good enough for us..!!

  10. Marko

    Watching Atletico and Arda Turan looks class and everytime I see Diego Costa the guy just seems to keep getting better. Maybe get Simeone and have him bring those 2 with him

  11. Marko

    Also like to point out it’s been over a week since the Villa horror show and longer since Arteta and the likes went down with long term injuries and in the transfer market we’ve done what exactly??? All summer we’ve done what exactly??? That’s right nothing absolutely nothing. And that is why someone has to lose their job for this awful summer

  12. Dannyboy

    so it looks like another day is passing without any signings…

    It’s now been about 3 weeks since I said to myself ‘Wenger must have gone absolutely fucking insane if he hasn’t signed anyone by next week…’

  13. Radio Raheem

    It’s now been about 3 weeks since I said to myself ‘Wenger must have gone absolutely fucking insane if he hasn’t signed anyone by next week…’


  14. dialsquare

    Cardiff looked at Man City’s strengths and weaknesses, set out a game plan and got a result, whereas Wenger would go toe to toe with City and get stuffed.

  15. Marko

    No such thing as a perfect keeper even the brilliant ones like Casillas, Neuer and Buffon have made the odd mistake. For me in no particular order the best in the world are the likes of Neuer, Handanovic, Courtois, Ruffier, Ter-Stegen, Adler, Sirigu, Lloris and Cech.

  16. Sam

    You guys still thinking wenger will buy a keeper?

    If almunia was great in wenger’s eyes how do you think he sees czeszny and fabianski
    And he kept almunia as our number 1 for 6 yrs.
    Stop kidding yourselves

  17. Radio Raheem

    I can see why posters on here were begging for Capoue. His passing isn’t great but he is good at one-on-one duels and is almost unstoppable when running with the ball. Also when running he has got good close control for such a robust player.
    AVB seems to be building a team of cyborgs capable of grinding out 1-0 wins. I’m not sure if its sustainable.

    If Swansea played Leon Britton instead of the stiff jointed Jonjo we might have seen a different game.

  18. Sam

    Villas-boas should have left with bale

    He will be naked this season with his average overpriced squad.
    I wasted my 60 minutes watching boring football
    He will be shown the door this season

  19. Dannyboy

    Miserable Aussie bastards! Waited up an extra half hour to watch the trophy presentation and they ended the show just as it was about to start.

    Bitterness is a nasty thing aint it? 😉

  20. Marko

    To be honest if Spurs got Willian AND Lamela then I think they’d of been a team to fear but Soldado and Paulinho aside I don’t see much improvements from them.

  21. northern gooner

    Why do people on here waste tine and energy talking about di maria and fellani etc. More chance of finding shergar than signing any player of proven quality

  22. AKB Kryptonite

    Sam – giroud is not a top striker. End of. Fact the scum might have overplayed in neither here nor there.

    Against top teams, giroud struggles. Not quick enough, too poncy.

  23. Sam

    It’s time you bitches leave czesney alone.. He played well yesterday and didn’t receive any credit.
    He’s playing for a team that don’t pay attention to proper coaching and as a long keeper it must be hard.
    Hey this team is rubbish at crossing set pieces Walcott is our freekick taker Ffs
    Who do you expect in goal? Rene iguita?

  24. Sam

    Any keeper we bring should be someone very experienced like friedel, someone who can take care of himself and won’t rely on arsenal dodgy coaching

  25. OhtobeaGooner

    Only reason I’m pissed about this Cardiff victory is cause Wenger will not be able to resist not making a point of it. The clowns that believe our team is ‘good enough to challenge’ will feel vindicated as well.

    The reality is the rest of the league is much better than we think and there are almost no easy games so we need to improve our team further..

  26. Pistol Pete

    When is wenger going to wake up. He needs to buy players now!!!! I honestly think he has lost the ability to actually make a signing. He puts to much thought into it and then finds a way out of buying the player, It’s not rocket science wenger!
    He reckons everyone still wants to sign for us , but 3 months of the transfer window gone, who has this clown bought. What a absolute disgrace wenger! Once the window closes you watch the injuries start and we will be down to the bare bones. Then who do we blame. God this man makes me mad!!!!

  27. Radio Raheem

    Napoli playing in a near empty soulless stadium. Playing in the Premier League must be the best feeling.

  28. AKB Kryptonite

    I don’t think will buy anybody. I am glad.

    Because it will mean less than 4th and best chance of him going. No buying will mean tension in the stands, constant criticism in the media and akbs slowly waking up to the mediocrity being displayed before them.

    So,no buys and let the carnival commence!

  29. Emiratesstroller

    There is one important matter, which has not been discussed during this transfer window.

    We have spent in the last two seasons almost £100 million on transfers.

    Despite Gazidis assertion that the club can spend large sums of money on transfers and wages we have yet to spend a penny this summer.

    That should be a real concern about the way the club is being run. It smacks of complacency.

  30. Radio Raheem

    Good point Luke. Though the Premier league pays better.

    Same story, surprising isn’t it especially for a first day of the season.

  31. MarsBar

    If no money gets spent at all…

    Something has to be asked what is happening witht he clubs financies and who’s dealing with it.

    Would stink of lies and corruption!!

  32. kwik fit ‏@Arsenal
    Wenger on Flamini: ‘I don’t say there’s no chance and I don’t say there is a chance of signing him.

    Fuck Chamakh must of left over some of that moroccan weed .

  33. TitsMcgee

    Two wins over mediocre opponents and Wenger is back to his usual I told you so smugness.

    When we get overpowered by the big clubs he’ll say bad luck, patience, that’s football etc etc.

    This cunt has no grip on reality and he knows that as poor and cheaply put together as we are we are still better than 13 other clubs so he’ll rub it in all our faces every time we beatso mediocre dross.

    Now we’re brainwashed. Are we brainwashed when we havent won in 8 years?

    This smug SOB needs a wake up call.

  34. TitsMcgee

    Because Wenger has too much pride to spend money.

    Any man that goes into the new season with the exact same team that failed the previous year clearly is stuck in his own world.

  35. arsenal-flavour

    we should sign lamela

    1 his utter quality
    2 his young and would make good cover and competition with walcott on the right wing
    3 wouldn’t stifle wengers faviourtes e.g british core as ramsey and wilshere play central… and ox can play central or left wing.
    4 by depriving spurs of lamela it would make one of are key rivals significantly weaker
    5 and most obvious of all we don’t actually have an out winger.. walcot his more a wide forward and ox wants to play central…

    It makes sense on so many levels… but wenger scouting network is dire we got sanago when we should be getting lamela’s

  36. useroz

    Two wins against average teams Wenger started his annual parade of why “internal solutions” and not spending …

    This Man city defeat is bad timing for us. Wenger will make the most of it to suit HIMSELF.

    Need an inquiry into Arsenal finance and corporate governance. Big issues there.

  37. Doublegooner

    I’m led to believe both the AST & BSM will be making a lot of noise if we haven’t spent on quality come this time next week.

    Many of you have emailed here at

    A letter with all the fans who’ve made contact will ( if they choose) have their names on a letter/etition to Gazidis. If anyone wants their names added to any other mass supporter petitions then they can do so.

  38. Gunner2301


    Add my name to anything you like you got my contact details from before. Tell Gazidis we want a meeting so he can explain himself.

    There should be a plan in waiting. The way things are we are just acting like Wenger all noise no action not even a plan B.

    The way things are panning out its like 2 wins and all is forgotten. The cunt knows all he has to do is ride the storm because there is never a concerted campaign just a lot of grumbling and he’s grown immune to it.


  39. Pistol Pete

    Why the hell would you leave it till the last week to buy new players! Something is terribly wrong in the club. Whether it is penny pinching or what, why wait till the last week of the transfer window.I hear wenger saying that we would be surprised how early we started transfer dealing, hello! we have no one and the window is about to shut, what has gone wrong then? The way wenger is treating us fans will only come back to bite him on the arse. Mark my words, he will fall on his sword sooner or later.
    I would really like the transfer job at arsenal , because I would be getting paid to do fuck all!!

  40. Gunner2301


    Who says we’re getting anyone? Wenger will see it as we’re now in our stride after the opening day blip.

    He will wait till the final day to bring in Flamini for Arteta he’s got nowhere else to go and no offers but Arsene will want to save on wages.

    We will bring in a CB because we’re short, up to 10mill nothing earth shattering. I don’t even think it will be anyone as good as Sakho otherwise TV will be gone by next season so it most likely be someone who isn’t going to compete with the 3 we have.

    That will be it

    All in all we will make a profit again this window and Wenger will be sat with his smug grin. If this is the case Gazidis should never be allowed to show his face at the Club again.

  41. rollen


    Add my name to anything you like you got my contact details from before. Tell Gazidis we want a meeting so he can explain himself.

    There should be a plan in waiting. The way things are we are just acting like Wenger all noise no action not even a plan B.

    The way things are panning out its like 2 wins and all is forgotten. The cunt knows all he has to do is ride the storm because there is never a concerted campaign just a lot of grumbling and he’s grown immune to it.



  42. Wengerites be damned !

    Two wins against shite teams and the AKBs are out again praising Wenger and his ‘wisdom’. And many of them are using the City defeat as an excuse to not buy any player. Pathetic!
    When I see AKBs I can’t stop thinking Arsenal should really go down the shitter fast just to see how strong is their support to ‘lord Wenger’.
    It’s a pity we have to put up with this AKB lot.

  43. The Hig

    Maybe Wenger doesn’t want the other clubs to know who he’s buying or they might wanna buy more players to beat him 😉

  44. bishop

    Wenger has completely run mad for his brainwashing comments when he and his fraudulent team keep lying to fans.

  45. Gregg

    Pretty Insulting comments really. If he really thinks the Fan’s are daft enough to be ‘brainwashed’ then he clearly has a low opinion of the intelligence of Arsenal fans.

  46. PistolPete

    You know what, I am going to give wenger the benefit of the doubt and wait till the transfer window is shut, then I can judge him. Looking back he has bought in players in all other windows, so now we have a very thin squad I am sure he will buy.

  47. gilo

    “But being responsible in life means doing things in life you think are right, and not to react to things people say. If you listen always to what people say you go in five minutes one way and then, 10 minutes later, you go the other way. When you have responsibility you have to just focus on making the right decisions and if they are not right you say: ‘Sorry, I’m wrong.’ When we lose a game, I’m wrong. This is not a personal trip. This is about doing things well for the club I love and I am happy we are back on track.”

  48. Gregg

    Pistol Pete
    I’m inclined to agree mate. I think it’s clear we are dealing with Madrid on a couple of things, dependent on Bale’s signing getting the ball rolling.

  49. AKB Kryptonite

    How insulting is arsene? So we have been brainwashed and the trophy cabinet actually is bulging with trophies from last 8 years? The evil press has brainwashed me into believing that we have sold all our top talent? Phew! Glad its not true!

  50. AKB Kryptonite

    So let’s get this straight, we have to wait for spuds to sell before we strengthen? Wow, fantastic management.

  51. Gregg

    AKB K

    Ironic eh ? I think the players they’re going to make available is central to our signings. One of Ozil / Di maria is needed to improve us and i’d be more than happy to get either. Either improves us considerably. If Benzema is still in the equation then fair enough although i’m sort of beginning to accept that Wenger may just stick with Giroud and Podolski for that central role. Hope i’m wrong. Then again It wouldn’t surprise me if we get Adebayor back on deadline day

  52. Evan

    The fans lack the mental strength we’ve being brainwashed. Another shameful interview by le senile Ivan and Stan allow this car crash.

  53. Doublegooner

    I’ve been asleep for the last 6 hours.

    I wake up & everything seems perfect.

    Seems like I’ve been ‘brainwashed’ by the media including those naughty bad pair Pedro & Geoff of LG. Stupidly I thought we went 8 years trophyless, selling all our best assets & amassing a vast cash mountain and the manager believes we could win the league.

    Phew, who needs LG & a mind of my own when it’s all lies, lies & damm lies.

    Have a nice day Grovers.

    and remember.

    Arsene Knows Best

  54. gilo

    If we’re not signing anyone until after Fenebache its highly unlikely that they will be available for the spurs game, which means Wenger is basically arrogant enough to play a 35 game season where everyone else plays 38 games. Its all part of his strategy to make life as difficult as possible for himself to get the 4th place trophy.

  55. Sam

    I keep saying I have never seen an AKB I think I saw one yesterday. Someone saying how much wenger loves arsenal huh ?
    This like dumb wife claiming her brute wifebeating husband Loves her so much and she speaking with massive black eye.
    Wenger doesnt want arsenal to win anything how can anyone claim he loves arsenal fc

  56. Evan

    I agree on the Bale comment I think that Wenger is stalking Real Madrid,. I expect Arsene will be stressing the importance of game time with the World Cup looming. I also think its criminal we didnt snap up Felliani whilst the clause was open

  57. Figoxor

    kwik, you fucking King! hahhahahahaha
    You’ve made this summer window a lot less depressing.

    7 days left. I really can’t see a way out of this! Wenger said he won’t panic buy, then why the fuck would he wait until last week? How is it possible that no one at the board notices he went too fucking mental? “you’ll be surprised how early we hit the market” (with Adebanogo?) “We have worked 24\7 on transfers” (what transfers? how come even broke spanish clubs already signed and added to their squad and we haven’t?) “Players want to come to Arsenal” (of course they do, it’s you who doesn’t want to spend)

    What a selfish cunt and a delusional character. We have to get rid of him. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  58. Munitionsman

    Wenger says we are thin but we will not panic buy.

    Maureen says
    ‘In this moment it looks like we have a lot but when we get to September — and I am not talking October, November, December, January, I am talking about September — we have the Premier League, the Champions League, the Capital One Cup, a double national team fixture. ‘When this time arrives, 22 players is not a big squad and when you can add more quality it is not a problem.
    It’s a solution.
    ‘A problem is for the managers without enough quality in their team.’

    But of course it’s only a problem if you want to win….. Which is not an issue for wenger

  59. Toli83

    Even at games there are more akb’s than you think hanging around .

    At Fulham I was in the queue for a beer and I was banging on about signings. This cunt behind said we do things the Arsenal way and he’s happy we’re not a Chelsea or City.

    Most of them are brainwashed by Wenger .

  60. Sam

    Even without new signing he will still deliberately mismadage arsenal with the players we have. What’s Campbell doing in Greece? Why is yaya sanogo ahead of him? Why isn’t he here getting few minutes on the pitch to get used to premiership instead of sanogo

  61. Gregg


    We’ll see how it turns out and who he ends up with. For arguments sake if we sign Ozil, then it’s evident that it couldn’t be concluded until Madrid get Bale. All hypertheticol but I for one would rather wait until such time and sign Ozil, then get an alternative a couple of weeks earlier. If this type of class is available then its worth waiting for.

    However if he doesn’t go for this type of players then it’s difficult to se what his excuse will be. Fact is we are in the last week now so it doesn’t really matter whether we sign someone today or next Monday

  62. Evan
    “Arsenal Football Club is nothing without its fans and this section is dedicated to our loyal supporters across the globe”.

    Notice how they don’t include the brainwashed interview. Wouldn’t want to offend the loyal Arsene Knows brigade

  63. Figoxor

    Gregg, thing is we don’t need one player to compete. Even if we get Messi, we still need a DM, a GK, a defensive player (either a CB or a RB), and we are in urgent need of a striker. I would understand if we waited this late for one or two WC players and the rest of the reinforcements were added before, but 7 days for signing 4 “qualidee” players (at least)?

    On the +, if we get Benzema and Ozil, then Cabaye, Williams and a GK, all the wait and pain would be justified. If by the end of Sept 2nd we’ve only signed 2 squad players (Gervinho like), wenger has to go! The latter most likely (and sadly).

  64. Gregg

    Yeah I agree mate, the only thing that justifies him is if he brings in the top shelf signings that are required from sides that getting their replacements in prior to releasing players.

    But it’s seeing it from Wengers eyes. There will be no DM. He will see Cabaye & Arteta as able to carry out the role, similar to Carrick at Utd & who Wenger said was his player of the year last year. I don’t think he sees the destroying DM as a vital component anymore. I think he’s also convinced himself that he has CB cover now (I know, I know) and may just get a loan on deadline day if req.

  65. sylvain

    With the current squad + one or two “good” (ah ah!!) players added, the only thing we can expect this season is,,,[SUSPENSE MUSIC]… finish 4th (ok, with a “little” bit of luck, ah ah!!).
    And that’s really perfect, because it will be exactly the main target of Arsene (yes I agree, hold habbits die hard) this season again!!
    What a wonderful world!! But remember fellow Gooners : playing the CL (even if you are ridiculous playing it) is MUCH MORE IMP0RTANT THAN WINNING OF FIRST TROPHY IN A DECADE ===>>Wenger knows.
    Of course, finishing 4th demand some sacrifices, and so I guess we can say goodbye (again) to those lovely trophies whicvh are the FA Cup,the CL and the LC (even if I honestly don’t care about this one).

    9th trophyless season, but something tell me that Arsene will still be in charge in the future. There is only ONE club when you stay in charge, as a manager, even if you don’t win a thing in 9 years, guess which club it is LOL ??
    Another hapyless season for all the Gooners…

    (message to the spuds for the next game : PLEASE trash us!!Thanks)

  66. Sam

    We won’t benzema or benteke, they are not available unless you are happy with fake bids.
    The person we could snatch now is lukaku if we are serious. If Chelsea sign both Eto’o and Rooney we should bid 30M while taping him with text msgs ala vieira with promise of first team football

  67. Sam

    Get someone to sweet talk lukaku that he will our superstar, project youth leader not a benchwarmer while twisting mourinho arm to sell
    He shouldn’t accept loan to stupid club. Get afobe to put him a number 11 shirt on camera with lukaku name on it.
    Let’s get ruthless , come on dick law stop being a dick

  68. Dannyboy

    nmbrown • 36 minutes ago
    I’d rather we didn’t sign anyone than waste money on Wazza

    James nmbrown • 23 minutes ago −
    I agree with you there. Our very own OG has started pretty well for us this season and I dont think Wazza is better than him. The only thing that Wazza can bring to Arsenal is shirt sale to kids. I may be wrong but he is too expensive and very unreliable.

    Fucking hell… some people!

  69. Brainwashed

    Arsene Wenger: ‘Media has brainwashed Arsenal fans’

    No we are not brainwashed. This is a REVOLUTION. It is not the Press as in one write or paper conning a million fans . It is blog after blog of 1,000s of fans seeking to have you guillotined. We want you out. Thanks. All good things come to an end. And take the despicables and Gazides and Kronke with you.

    No You French Clousseau you are jealous because your brainwashing of Arsenal fans is now wearing thin and everyone can see through it and someone else has taken your brainwashing powers away.

    A win against Fulham and everything is back on track for a Treble or at least the Premiership? We are no like an unstoppable Bayern ready to roll United and Barca over and play with them and score whenever we want.

    You are insane.

    How dare Wenger criticise the Arsenal fans. He thinks he is better than us becuase he has coached Arsenal for a long time. well when he was in Japan we were with Arsenal and the only reason he is at Arsenal is because he is on 8 million quid a year. God, Give me that for following my football team. Talk about heaven on earth.

    I tell you half of me wants to annihilate Spurs but the other half would love to see Spurs slaughter Arsenal.

    Because this insanity cannot go on for too much longer.

    How dare he say we believe the press. It is not the press anymore. It is the Blogs. Written by fans who suffer your bullshit week in week out. Who are hoodwinked by you into thinking that coming fourth in England is better than winning the Champions League and the World Cup put together. Show some courage and go for it. Oh no I can’t he says. I only have a young team. For effs sake how many years do we wait for this so called youth team to mature??? Scxeny the arrogant shit will make mistakes for the next five years until he matures. How much does a top class keeper cost you miserly wanker? 80 million?

    If you cannot deal with the reality of the multi-millions flying around in the modern game then go and coach a third division side. You greedy bitch. That way you will never have to spend more than 150,000 pounds.

    We have home grown talent. Bullshit. Poor jack and you have run him into the ground. He is 21 and already needs to be rested. Because you do not have a team.

    Vee showed mental strenz. We need to be more consistent. We need to focus on next week. I was happy with the way the team responded. There is no crisis. That’s why we have teenagers on the bench!

    Only because he was lucky to inherit the Invincibles and because he is a CFO miser is he still there. I have been here for nearly 1,000 games. So he is superior to millions of Arsenal fans. We are stupid and he is smart. Eff off you French idiot. A con man of the greatest proportions. All you have done is secure your 7.8 million pounds a year salary. And you make sure no player gets more than you! That is your con. Of course let RvP go. Why should he get more than me?

    Yeah I understand you can’t pay 100 million for a player. OK. But what have you done in the last 3 months other than count your salary. You want Pogba, Higuain or Suarez well put in a good offer in June and July and you have your player. The fact that you still have brought no one means you never intended to in the first place. The old empty shell that is Kronke is happy with that. I am a multi-Billionaire and my wife is a multi-Billionaire heir to Wal-Mart and all I want for you is to look after my investment. Don’t overspend. Yes Kronke says Clousseau. I have a cunning plan my Lord. I have home grown talent and we play beautiful football. So, see how good I am. I will not take any more of your money by spending on lavish players. We can get 4th again. Sustain your business. It is stable no luxurious buys…except for my salary. Kronke and Wenger two misers who have found each other in love.

    Oh no I cannot buy because it upsets the balance of my squad. What balance you fool. You mean the balance with Miyachi, Vela, Senderos, Stepanovs, Sxcsnxy, Jenkinson, Denilson, Park, Chamakh and Bendtner just to name a few. That harmony, brilliance and balance. You are a buffoon. Who would buy these players. You are an idiot and you were just lucky to have Viera, Henry and Bergkamp. Because all you have brought in is shit. Oh sorry I forgot Diaby. Still paying him are you? And what youth policy? It is a lie. In over ten years one or two have come through. Jack and I can’t think of anymore. The Ox, Walcott and others were brought in young from other clubs. Another lie. Manchester United have produced more club youth than you but they don’t talk about it. Evra was right. Arsenal are lightweight. Now Zelalem is going to save us.

    Yes I love this team and yes they are sometimes great to watch and yes there are some good players in there but imagine if you brought in 3 super world class players as well in the likes of Henry, Bergkamp and Viera. Don’t you think Santi, Jack, the Ox, Ramsay, Koscielni would all improve even more and therefore have an even stronger as well as deeper team. Wouldn’t that be a better balance?

  70. MadeToLoveMagic

    to say we don’t need roon caus of OG is silly

    OG and roon could easily replace eachother OR play in the same team.

    Rooney is perfect for us, too perfect for it to ever happen imo

  71. Gooner63

    Anyone else fast getting the worrying feeling that all these big names mentioned – and low bids on players is a smokescreen for us not buying anyone of any quality

    do we really think we can compete for

    gustavo – already decided what he was doing

    stinks once again of a conspiracy to not spend

    if anyone can explain the logic of risking Champions league position and having to pay corporation tax on our money in the bank compared to investing in quality players

    please feel free – im beyond belief anymore

  72. Ozrus

    I don’t think it’s a case of the fans being brainwashed so much as them believing their own hype. Bigger than Jesus I tells ya haha!

  73. Cesc Appeal

    What’s the betting at some point this week Wenger will contradict himself again after the ‘70% of deals get done in the last week’ comment and say something like:

    ‘We work hard but it’s not easy to get deals done at realistic prices so close to the end of the window…but our squad is full of quality, if we can add good if not it’s not a crisis.’

    Bet you.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    One of Di Maria or Ozil will probably be on the move, as well as that however unlikely Arsenal should be watching the Mata saga carefully. As well as Lamela looking likely to move,

    If you had a director of football one of those three should be set as coming in before the end of the window.

    Looking back now there were a fair few people calling for Aubemyang before he went to BvB, not as a star striker but as a decent squad addition…we look to have missed a trick there.

    I said Jovetic and Aubemyang for a combined £33 Million with Giroud as well gives you a bit of everything in attack. As well Jovetic can play wide and CAM and Aubemyang can play RW as well as ST.

    I like Cabaye, I thought we should have got him last January when there were rumours about either him or Tiote coming in for £18 Million.

    Rami and Richards £15 Million, with Cesar at £3 Million as well.


    Summer could’ve been wrapped up before the Asia tour and Arsene could then go off and scout all the children and freebies of Europe until his heart was content.