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Early post today as I’ll be making my way back to the rain box.

I don’t really have that much to power through, things are quiet, Arsene is supposedly trying to tie down players… who knows what’s going to happen. Stories of Juan Mata seem like a PR plants. The more I understand some elements of certain newspapers, the more you realise it’s just about eyeballs. Chicken and egg… without the eyeballs you go bust… use inaccurate journalism to attain those eyeballs, you lose credibility. Which means return visitors die off outside of the shock and awe stories.

Anyway… Juan Mata to Arsenal? Why? United are after the same sort of player. Rooney / Mata swap? Could be on the cards. The likelihood of Mourinho, regardless of how mad he can be, would sell a player who scored 21 and assisted 29 times, is slim. He even came out and said as much. You always find a place for a Juan Mata. If we’re interested… we should bid £40m. He’s worth it. As for the striker situation… well, I’ve no idea what will happen. But I’d like to have my say on what I’d do. We’ve a week to go, so this is me spending £70m.

Goalkeeper: I’ve never really been convinced by Szeceney. That doesn’t mean we have to bin him, what it means is we have to give him competition. If he accepts the challenge and pushes on, we’ll have two £15m keepers. So my first move this week would be to take on Asmir Begovic. Stoke would sell as they have a replacement, he’d join as he’d probably forfeit a small toe to move out of Stoke… it’s just so damn obvious.

Right Back: Jenks doesn’t look ready to me. He makes too many errors. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m writing him off… It just means we shouldn’t deep end him for 3 years at the expense of success. Whoever comes in needs experience and a top quality edge about their game. Is this Malaga right back an option? How good is the Schalke Japansese guy? I don’t have a good list of names… but I’m sure there is someone with experience looking for a new challenge.

Centre midfield: we need more meat. We’re light here and we’re always an Artera injury away from an issue. We need a midfielder who can move the ball at the pace like Rosicky does… as well as hold the shape. That should have been Gustavo… it is likely to be Flamini… I’m hoping we could see Cabaye. It’s a shame we can’t pick off a tall guy with a presence. I’m not sure if Kondogbia is on the market, but the general rule with bankrupt clubs is everyone has a price. We’ll see with him…

I also think we need some additional creativity outside Cazorla. Ozil is on the market. He’d be an obvious choice and apparently he’s open to the Premier League. Germans are totally hot in London right now and we have a strong Turkish community. He’d be at home whatever nationality he prefers.

Wideman: Arsenal are already missing the presence Gervinho offered during his stint. We need a proper wideman. Like a Jesus Navas… I’d love us to pick off Di Maria, he’d do well over here and he has a good frame for a wideman in our league. It’s amazing that we still don’t have a natural wide player. They all want to play centrally. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Overmars type?

Up top: we’re really having trouble here. I’d be surprised if Benzema moved because he’s Madrid’s only experienced striker. The only possibility there is that Madrid need the fund a £93m Bale somehow. Unless they completely don’t give a rats ass about FFP. Or they’re so revenue laden, they end a 160m summer spending spree still compliant. Outside him, Wayne Rooney could be a solution. Someone has to take him on. Surely United wont carry on with him this year? He’d certainly give our British core an injection of OMFG. Last resort would be Michu, who is a top player, not sure he’d really satisfy my lust for super, super, quality.

So that’s how I’m making big sh*t happen for the Arsenal this year.

How are you spending your cash?

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  1. Sam


    I wish I was his agent
    I wish wenger was awake and tap him up.
    Are you sanogo’s agent?
    Sending him on loan n replacing him with the beast romelu is no brainer

  2. Samir

    I’d take Ba and Lukaku.
    Ba can play on the wing and do quite a good job…(did this for Newcastle)


  3. CJ

    LOOK GOOONERS, Yes in the last two matches we have achieved the results that we required and SHOULD HAVE OBTAINED, a poor turkish & Fulham team.

    We will not compete or win the PL or CL with this team/squad, We could/should (Fingers crossed) compete for a domestic cup??????

    The PROBLEM IS that we have been fed “LIES & BULL SHIT AGAIN” as fans we are kept in the dark (as we are not important enough) on who is the PROBLEM
    is it Kronke ???? or is it Wenger ???? neither will ever come out with the truth so we are going to have to put up with what we have,until there is a change either with wenger Fucking Off or Kronke selling out to hopefully to the russian/dein team. Yes there is Money but why it is not spent on the 3 or 4 quality players thats required is obviously not important enough for them to do,they rather look at the bank statements & then pay corporation tax.

  4. sylvain

    Arsene said that a qualification for the CL is much more important than winning the FA Cup.

    2013/14 ========= >>>>> 9th trophylesss season.

  5. N5

    Dave, Arsenal is a plaything for Stan, he’s giving us to his son when he wants to take over. Stan has never sold on any of his sports franchises and most have been mediocre so that doesn’t frighten him. His wife owns Wallmart (or a huge percentage) and he owns a £80 million pound ranch, he is here for the long run I’m very sorry/afraid to say.

  6. Bergkamp63

    Radio RaheemAugust 25, 2013 12:43:58
    “I won’t be surprised if our only signings are Cabaye and di Maria”

    I tip my hat to you for your optimism !

    FlimFlam & Sanogo a go go and that’s it, maybe one other cheapie.

  7. jack

    first it was project youth now its called britsh core players. only reason wenger got britsh players its coz to get the britsh media off hes back. ramsay wilshere and rest off the crap would never get in to a man city,chelsea or any other top team in the world.

  8. Dan Ahern

    Mata? Özil?
    Right, now that we’ve got some clicks for our papers, let’s talk about real possibilities.

    1. Cabaye. Looks near certain to come now. An experienced all-arounder in midfield that can step right in for Arteta. Good signing.
    Estimated cost: £17m

    2. Kondogbia. There must be little doubt Wenger admires him, and as Pedro says, like 90% of players in La Liga he’s very much for sale when a proper bid comes. Our only hurdle would be lying to him convincingly enough about playing time.
    Estimated cost: £15m

    3. Di Maria. Unlike just about anybody else on Madrid, di Maria–as good as he is–is surplus to requirements. He’s a very skilled player who actually likes being on the wing. Only problem is he has 5 more years on his deal. And other clubs (with money) will be interested. We could land him but it will cost us.
    Estimated cost: £26m

    4. Ochoa. The Mexican keeper is currently stuck at Ajaccio in Ligue 1, so he likely knows enough French to get Wenger interested. His contract expires in 2014 and he’s not a big name, but he’d definitely give Szczesny a run for his money. Most fans will go “Who??” but it’d be a clever move that rights the goalkeeping ship.
    Estimated cost: £3m

    Total estimated spend: £61m.

    Hm. That’s most of it, and we haven’t found a striker. But what we have done is gotten the squad back into solid shape, and added a very talented forward to the mix. Striker may have to wait until January, as we’ve basically run out of options by dawdling. I’m not on the Benteke bandwagon but I’ll concede he’d be a quality addition. I feel about the same about Jackson Martinez. He just doesn’t interest me much.

    Well, there is one more potential solution…

    5. Michu. He’s much more skilled and clever than people want to give him credit for. Michu is a consistently dangerous goalscorer. And despite his size, unlike Giroud he’s terrific with the ball on his feet. Michu’s strength is versatility. He’s good enough to create his own chances AND finish them, so I say go for it. The big issue is Swans will have very little motivation to sell, especially this late in the window. In fact, for my “realistic signing” list, amazingly, Michu just may be the most unrealistic. See what happens when you twiddle your thumbs all summer?
    Estimated cost: £18m

    Recalibrated total estimated spend: £79m

    Oof. So much for being real.

  9. MadeToLoveMagic

    its funny how suddenly wilshere is shite, because he said he might leave if wenger left , ,

    you guys are LAME, , yes it was a strange thing to say but you lot making out he is shite now just look stupid

  10. N5

    MTLM you only had to see that run he made with Theo yesterday at Fulham to see how good he is! he was an idiot coming out and saying stuff when fans were already annoyed. But that is what it’s like now the players all have access to twatter, but lets not kid ourselves, Jack is far from shite. Its laughable the way some were turning because they were angry.

  11. Doublegooner

    There’s no doubting we can play some decent football at times.


    No one in their right mind believes this depleted squad has enough to see the season through without falling away.

    Time & time again we always come unstuck because lack of resources, injuries & Wenger’s inability to compete & buy the quality players to take the squad to the next level.

    Repeated seasons as a supposed big thinking club we have more shock results against us than our rivals.

    Why wont he buy what we need ?

    Is he actually scared or his principles won’t allow it ?

    Or perhaps the top players don’t take him seriously & have no urge to play for him.

  12. Sam

    Any club will be happy if their striker already scored 3 goals this time of the season. Our 2 strikers scored 5 goals between and you still not happy and you think a Swansea is the answer.
    How about finding a system that will help Podolski and giroud score goals for us this season?
    I have no problem with them I only think that our third choice striker is not ready for the premiership wenger is putting pressure on him for no reason he should be sent back to auxerre to develop

  13. RayGooner

    Players In:
    Asmir Begovic
    Stephan Lichtsteiner
    Ashley Williams
    Mathieu Flamini
    Yohan Cabaye
    Ángel Di Maria
    Wayne Rooney

    Players Out (that aren’t already gone):
    Nicklas Bendtner (Hamburg)
    Lukas Podolski (Schalke 04)
    Park Chu-Young (I don’t care, he’s gone by January anyway)

    Players Out on loan:
    Carl Jenkinson
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Serge Gnabry
    Thomas Eisfeld
    Kristoffer Olsson

    That’s how it should be….

  14. BobbyDigital

    Not so sure we need another RB as desperately as we need another CB for cover (despite Sagna’s ability to rather seamlessly slide over) so I’d make a push for Sakho from PSG. He’s rated around 8mil, is only 22, and is desperate for playing time.
    CM–Kondogbia (He has a minimum release fee of 17.8 or something close to that. Sevilla has come out publicly and said that if anyone meets that, they’d be powerless to keep him. Thus, if Wenger meets the release, he’s ours. “If”, as we all know, always being the operative word with Wenger)
    CAM–Ozil is about as realistic as Benzema (the latter’s agent saying yesterday that there would be no move to Arsenal even if they made a bid. In other words, no shot in hell) Instead of dithering, I’d just sign Cabaye and plug him in where ever he is needed. He’s versatile enough to play up behind the striker, or even in a holding role. He’s deadly on set pieces and would give us instant creativity from whatever role he’s playing.
    LW–I’d love Di Maria–don’t get me wrong. With that being said, 26 mil is a lot to throw at a guy when we so sorely need to get another striker.
    Striker–I feel we have a couple of options left: Michu, Rooney, Hulk wants out of Zenit, and I think we could pry Reus away from Dortmund with the right bid…. (he’s currently coming off of the bench, which confuses me beyond belief unless he’s injured) Additionally, for all of Pool’s puffing, I think that if we went back and actually tabled a bid around 50mil, they’d sell him to us. That way they don’t lose face by accepting an appropriate bid for a player who clearly will be out next season, only for a lot less money. (because we all know that that team isn’t qualifying for the CL next season and Suarez will again want out)

  15. wenker-wanger

    of course its going to be a trophyless season, the cups will be sacrificed for 4th place efforts which will not achieve the target.
    Wengers target has always been 4th place or above 5-10 years ago, but now he sees a minimum spend to achieve 4th as the most prudent way to manage the teams ambitions. Its the economist in him…why spend spend spend to get 2nd place when a modest outlay and a few top player sales can get you 4th and a sizeable profit as well. Its not bust a gut to win a cup anymore, just a strategic method of selecting teams based on accumulating the cash rewards.

  16. Sam

    Well I said before

    Podolski is arsenal’s el pistollero new hristo stoijkov. I hope we use his bullet left foot well

    Him and theomario will terrorise defenses this season we just need creative midfielders

  17. Bergkamp63

    dialsquareAugust 25, 2013 14:20:01
    You judge a Team after 10 games not 2

    Would that be the same team that played 38 games in the PL last season as well ?

  18. N5

    B63, I honestly have no idea why he made that comment to me anyway. I only spoke about Jack W and Arsenal bidding on Krol. I think he’s been at the funny fags again.

  19. Alex James

    There are only two reasons wealthy people buy football clubs. The first is to play at cock of the walk. The other is to make money. One guess into which category our ‘owner’ falls. On a separate note, who are all these players Wenger says want to rejoin us? Flamini, Hleb,Eboue, Bentley and Overmars? RVP? As far as I am concerned, anyone who walks out on us, including Flamini, should never get anywhere near playing for us again? Flamini left us in the lurch, having had his career saved. Let him go to Bastia or somewhere like that.

  20. Bergkamp63

    Well, can’t put it off any longer, it’s 45mins on the exercise bike & 600 cals to burn off before watching the Spud game.

    Damn it !

  21. wenker-wanger

    I would say that it was the time that abramavitch took hold of chelsea that wenger felt that it wasn’t worth trying to match chelseas ambitions in the transfer market. Wenger was always cautious, but this new level of serious finance was too scary for wenger to contemplate matching. Instead he settled on a modest ambition of 4th place, knowing that the players in the squad were always going to good enough to maintain that position. However his inactivity has reached way past break-even point for 4th place on quality/spend., now the spuds will push wengers thin squad into 5th and we could finish lower.
    As for players rejoining us….its happened before and it will happen again…..i think most fans are past caring whilst the madman is in charge.

  22. Sam


    How many goals did van pussy score in his first 6 seasons at arsenal?

    I am sure you are one of the those guys who wanted him sold

    Please shut up
    Podolski, giroud and Walcott will score many goals this season

  23. Sam

    If wenger was clever will beef our midfield.
    Ramsey is getting better but
    If 40M for a striker could be spent on 2 dynamic midfielders let say Juan mata and axel witsel plus a DM we will compete. Any donkey we have up front will score.

  24. Same Story

    How many of you people who put Williams’ name on here as someone we should sign, have actually watched him play?

    Average player made to look good by the media.

  25. sabeel

    A week so so is left…dont think we will be able to buy any big signings inspite of the money we have….

    This transfer window is a step up from previous summers…..simply because we tried maybe to sign some big players….

    next summer we could really buy a big signings….

    for me…this season has ended before its started…a carling cup will do for me….atleast something to rejoice….

  26. kwik fit

    The news about Cabaye going on strike in order to force a transfer through to Arsenal is very interesting. Do we really want a player who openly defies Alan Pardew and refuses to play?………Hell Yes 🙂

  27. Emiratesstroller

    My main concern at the moment is not so much the quality of our 1st X1 if the
    players are fully fit, but overall the size of the squad.

    We are not going to buy a top rank striker in this transfer window, because frankly there are none left to buy and spending silly money on lower calibre
    players is a waste of space.

    What continues to concern me about Wenger and our so-called transfer negotiating team is the lack of decisiveness and pace at which transfer business
    is conducted.

    Why is it that virtually every other club in Europe manage to complete transfers and we do not? You need to look at how quickly Chelsea have completed deal for Willian and perhaps more importantly the transfers to Spurs who are not even in Champions League.

    Arsenal appear to be plodders and there is always reluctance on part of selling
    club and/or prospective player to do business with us.

    The questions I am beginning to ask are as follows:

    1. Are we always haggling about transfer fee which pisses off selling club?
    2.Are the wages we offer too low?
    3.Are agents trying to cut deals for themselves which Arsenal are unwilling
    to pay?
    4. Are Arsenal or Wenger despite the assertions to contrary no longer
    considered to be a top club or manager, which impacts on decisions?

    Anyway our squad is at moment wafer thin particularly when you factor in
    that there are three players with long term injuries and we have failed to replace several members of squad who have been offloaded.

    We need to bring in a minimum of three extra players before window closes.
    Discussing Mata is moonshine. Mourinho is not going to sell him to Arsenal
    even if we were to offer £40 million.

    We should try to bring in Di Maria who is a top quality player of the right age
    and by doing so Cazorla can focus on playing Attacking central midfield which is the postion to which he is best suited.

    What we saw yesterday is that Podolski is a very valuable member of squad and he can play just as well the ‘second striker’ role as on left. If we cannot buy
    a striker he will still provide 16-20 goals a season.

    I believe still that Arsenal need a physically powerful defensive minded player
    in midfield. I don’t agree with most of what Alan Hansen says, but his observation that Arsenal struggle against teams, which are ‘in our face’ is valid.

    We need also to bring in at least one more defender. There are currently just
    seven on our books with one out with long term injury. That is not enough.

    Pedro makes a valid point about goalkeeper. Personally I am dubious that Arsenal will bring in a new goalkeeper. If he does then Fabianski would leave.
    We are not going to keep 3 goalkeepers on books all vying for first team spot
    and Wenger is not going to spend £10 million for such a player. I believe still
    that Martinez will be brought into squad as third string and bench warmer.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Messrs Ramsey,Rosicky and Arteta are bench players at best. Cabaye is not what
    we need. A physically strong and disciplined defensive midfielder or box to box
    player is what we need to buy.

  29. Dannyboy

    Someone from Arsenal should send a dossier to Ashley Williams, saying we will give him his dream move to Arsenal, on the understanding that in todays match he A) Keeps a clean sheet
    B) Scores a last minute winner
    C) Cripples at least 3 of Spurs players… Preferably 4.
    D) Cock slaps Daniel Levy..

    Get to work Ash son!

  30. PhilF

    Players in: Cabaye, Flamini, that RB from Malaga, Krul (possibly), unknown Striker

    He won’t spend more than he has recouped in transfer fees and saving from clearing out the deadwood, I believe the net spend will be in the region of 20m if that…. He was obviously waiting until we all but qualified for the CL before committing to new purchases. All this talk of a 70m war chest was just that, all talk. AFC have a lot to answer for… but fool me once etc…

  31. Sam

    Wenger hasn’t learned anything from mourinho
    You don’t just build a good squad you build the best squad.
    Chelsea will have Samuel Eto’o on their bench( a matchwinner) and we will have yaya sanogo

  32. Bergkamp63

    SamAugust 25, 2013 15:07:33
    Ramsey, rosicky and Arteta won’t win you nothing

    kwik fitAugust 25, 2013 15:09:51
    I like the old double negative sam

    Like he has the foggiest of idea of what you are talking about ! LOL !

  33. SpanishDave

    Why should top players come to us? We are not going to win, our manager is no
    longer top notch. Our team is full of average joes and the excitement has gone.
    Wengers management is now Woolworth level, hanging onto past glories, while others are now streets ahead.
    He will never spend big bucks he is stuck in the past.

  34. N5

    SamAugust 25, 2013 15:07:33
    Ramsey, rosicky and Arteta won’t win you nothing

    kwik fitAugust 25, 2013 15:09:51
    I like the old double negative sam

    Bergkamp63 August 25, 2013 15:47:38
    Like he has the foggiest of idea of what you are talking about ! LOL !

    Loooooooooooooool 😆

  35. kwik fit

    N5August 25, 2013 15:59:25

    SamAugust 25, 2013 15:07:33
    Ramsey, rosicky and Arteta won’t win you nothingkwik fitAugust 25, 2013 15:09:51
    I like the old double negative samBergkamp63 August 25, 2013 15:47:38
    Like he has the foggiest of idea of what you are talking about ! LOL !Loooooooooooooool 😆

    Looooooooooooooooool 🙂

  36. Kiyoshi Ito

    Almost a week left & still no movement by Arsene,or Arsenal…..

    Wenger’s transfer spree,begins at 23.59.59secs before the close of the summer transfer window..

    Next day…

    Reporter:Wenger no transfers in..???Why ?

    Arsene: Not enough time…(smirking)

  37. Bergkamp63

    I have seen Michu a fair bit and I quite like him, he is technically very good. Hard to believe (or not !) that Wenger didn’t spot him for peanuts.

    Then again, he wasn’t playing in in league 2 in France !

  38. Dannyboy

    that WayneGooney chap is really fucking with peoples heads..

    He’s got Rooney down to 8/1 from 16/1 and Cesc down from 25/1 to 10/1 overnight on skybet with his made up shite..

  39. Bergkamp63


    It’s Swansea’s own making as much as Spurs good playing at the moment. Spuds look a lot better than last week that’s for sure.

    Shelvey is a clogger though !

  40. Bergkamp63

    If Laudrup has any sense, he will bring him off at half time ?

    How the ref & lino haven’t got that right is beyond me ?

  41. N5

    Yeah, the was a spud penalty wasn’t it! The ref and the lino are on different pages completely. Oh well it couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

  42. Dan Ahern

    Michu is suffering from having the biggest liability in top-flight football behind him.

    Jonjo is so bad that I’m flying to Swansea tomorrow. If he can get a starting spot, I’m absolutely certain I can make the team after a 1-week trial.

  43. SpanishDave

    Wenger thinks when you say Maria its about a musical.
    A big buy from him is 2p this TW.
    He is such an embarassment to our club. As the owner is never here he gets away with it. Perfect for him.

  44. Rohan

    Guy Medel ain’t half bad is he. Reminds me of the Flamini of old.

    Speaking of which, I heard that Flamini was back to his best in the second half of last season and I went back and managed to catch a game and he was indeed running around like a maniac. Maybe AW has seen something in training.

  45. Rohan

    Always liked De Guzman as well.

    Also think Spurs have pretty much stayed about the same as last season. Not much creativity.

    Looking forward to the big man Wilfried Bony coming on and creating some havoc. 1-0 Swansea is what I’m going for.

  46. El Tel

    I still think Rooney is a possibility.

    Like someone wrote earlier. It doesnt take the chavs long to sign a player.

    They have had months to sign Rooney and are now apparently going for Etoo.

  47. Dannyboy

    WTF is Laudrup doing keeping Bony on the bench? Not doing his chances of getting the Arsenal job any good letting the Spurs cunts win!

  48. Sam

    I think I read somewhere like 2 yrs ago that jonjo shelvey is a Merseyside English wonderkid future England star blah blah blah what happened?

  49. Dannyboy

    Rohan don’t say that on here… Soldado is miles better than all our strikers.

    It’s a bit like how Walcott is shit because he pads his stats out against weaker teams… (That logic doesn’t really explain why the other wingers can’t also pad their stats against weaker opposition)

    I’ve never rated Soldado, or Negredo for that matter. Jovetic at City is a big miss for me though, wonderful player!

    If Spurs get Lamela though, I will be worried!!!

  50. Bergkamp63

    DannyboyAugust 25, 2013 17:21:10
    WTF is Laudrup doing keeping Bony on the bench? Not doing his chances of getting the Arsenal job any good letting the Spurs cunts win!

    Oh contraire ! That’s just the type of Manager Wenger will choose for his successor !

  51. ikon

    Soldado is so over rated…
    So many teams have bought over rated players for so much in this window…

    At least we are getting linked with quality players….. Michu for 25 million would be the stupidest way to do transfers, and so would have been Higuain for 35 million.

  52. Dannyboy

    haha hoping for Spurs to concede so we don’t get left behind in the 2nd game of the season…

    We are so pathetic it’s untrue! 🙁

  53. Bergkamp63

    You can just hear Wenger saying, “look at Man City, spent all that money and still get beat by Cardiff”

  54. Dannyboy

    Joe Hart is even worse than Szczesny… and the media would have you believe this cunt is the best England keeper of all time!! mugs.

  55. Dannyboy

    Can see Spurs winning at least 15 games 1-0 this season.. Simple really, grab a lucky goal, then throw all their DM’s on and keep the ball.

  56. bishop

    Wenger will be creaming his dick now watching sure he loves results like that to back his invalid non spending rubbish points forgeting its all about a whole season..thanks to cardiff though