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Early post today as I’ll be making my way back to the rain box.

I don’t really have that much to power through, things are quiet, Arsene is supposedly trying to tie down players… who knows what’s going to happen. Stories of Juan Mata seem like a PR plants. The more I understand some elements of certain newspapers, the more you realise it’s just about eyeballs. Chicken and egg… without the eyeballs you go bust… use inaccurate journalism to attain those eyeballs, you lose credibility. Which means return visitors die off outside of the shock and awe stories.

Anyway… Juan Mata to Arsenal? Why? United are after the same sort of player. Rooney / Mata swap? Could be on the cards. The likelihood of Mourinho, regardless of how mad he can be, would sell a player who scored 21 and assisted 29 times, is slim. He even came out and said as much. You always find a place for a Juan Mata. If we’re interested… we should bid £40m. He’s worth it. As for the striker situation… well, I’ve no idea what will happen. But I’d like to have my say on what I’d do. We’ve a week to go, so this is me spending £70m.

Goalkeeper: I’ve never really been convinced by Szeceney. That doesn’t mean we have to bin him, what it means is we have to give him competition. If he accepts the challenge and pushes on, we’ll have two £15m keepers. So my first move this week would be to take on Asmir Begovic. Stoke would sell as they have a replacement, he’d join as he’d probably forfeit a small toe to move out of Stoke… it’s just so damn obvious.

Right Back: Jenks doesn’t look ready to me. He makes too many errors. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m writing him off… It just means we shouldn’t deep end him for 3 years at the expense of success. Whoever comes in needs experience and a top quality edge about their game. Is this Malaga right back an option? How good is the Schalke Japansese guy? I don’t have a good list of names… but I’m sure there is someone with experience looking for a new challenge.

Centre midfield: we need more meat. We’re light here and we’re always an Artera injury away from an issue. We need a midfielder who can move the ball at the pace like Rosicky does… as well as hold the shape. That should have been Gustavo… it is likely to be Flamini… I’m hoping we could see Cabaye. It’s a shame we can’t pick off a tall guy with a presence. I’m not sure if Kondogbia is on the market, but the general rule with bankrupt clubs is everyone has a price. We’ll see with him…

I also think we need some additional creativity outside Cazorla. Ozil is on the market. He’d be an obvious choice and apparently he’s open to the Premier League. Germans are totally hot in London right now and we have a strong Turkish community. He’d be at home whatever nationality he prefers.

Wideman: Arsenal are already missing the presence Gervinho offered during his stint. We need a proper wideman. Like a Jesus Navas… I’d love us to pick off Di Maria, he’d do well over here and he has a good frame for a wideman in our league. It’s amazing that we still don’t have a natural wide player. They all want to play centrally. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Overmars type?

Up top: we’re really having trouble here. I’d be surprised if Benzema moved because he’s Madrid’s only experienced striker. The only possibility there is that Madrid need the fund a £93m Bale somehow. Unless they completely don’t give a rats ass about FFP. Or they’re so revenue laden, they end a 160m summer spending spree still compliant. Outside him, Wayne Rooney could be a solution. Someone has to take him on. Surely United wont carry on with him this year? He’d certainly give our British core an injection of OMFG. Last resort would be Michu, who is a top player, not sure he’d really satisfy my lust for super, super, quality.

So that’s how I’m making big sh*t happen for the Arsenal this year.

How are you spending your cash?

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  1. Gatsby

    At this point id take Sakho, cabaye, any good striker and any good keeper. We’ve left it too late is my feeling.

  2. Doc

    The Mata story is from the Sunday People (though published on the Mirror’s website). Why plant a story in a paper known to be the least reliable for transfer stories? It’s more likely that it’s just the People being the People and running BS.

  3. Josh oz

    Begovic £15m
    Sahko £10m
    Kondogbia £12m
    Di maria/mata £25-30m
    Rooney/martinez 30m
    Roughly 100m and were title contenders

  4. Yid Army

    I’m spending my money on Paulinho, Soldado, Capoue, Chadli, Chiriches, Lamela, and Hulk… might go for that Erikson lad as well, who knows?

  5. useroz

    At thus stage. I’d take half of Pedro’s suggestions, excluding Flamini. Not sure Wenger would even buy 3 good ones at all. He’s a real bastard.

    Assuming Falmini ‘s free anyway, no problem so long he’s not a one year deal or less than 30K pw. He’s on 20K EUR pw at AC reportedly…

  6. Bade

    Wow Pedro

    That’s two posts read one after the other for me 🙂

    Anyway, my problem with Gooners has been always their bipolar disorder

    We win two games, then it seems we don’t need anyone of note, we lose two games & we’re a relegation side ….

    Sorry, I love Ramsey & Arteta but we won’t be winning the EPL or the CL with them being our CM/DM options

    This amazes me time & time again how much deluded fans we have. Rambo still the same player he’s been last year. He’s added a bit of end product against teams that gave him 10 full minutes to manage the ball. This won’t be the case against the better teams, surely not the top teams. So we need a better option than him. Arteta is a very good player but he’s 32+ & injuries started to take the better side out of him & he can’t be relied on

    We have Arteta, Jack & Rambo for 2 positions for 60 games people. It’s nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen. I know Rosa can slip in there, but again, even against a very average Fulham midfield we were exposed yesterday. Rosa & Santi as 2 of our 3 midfield set up won’t hold the stream of attack against us & we will get slaughtered against the better teams.

    We not only need a cover RB, we need a cover CB as well. I’m not sure what are the conditions of Vermaelen or his state of mind regarding his Arsenal career. I like him & he still has enough quality to be in the side for me, but dropping him from starting line up (Which was a justified move given his performances) & stripping him of captaincy must be very bitter to swallow. I hope he finds the fighting spirit in him & fights for his place. If he’s fiit for the coming 2 weeks, then maybe this is why Arsene isn’t looking at another CB. Sagna can slot in as our 4th CB, but then we need a better RB option than Jenko. Micah Richards would be the obvious option & he’s a Gooner as well, but I’m not sure he’s relish a move to us when he’s not assured a regular place inn the starting XI. He won’t replace the City bench for ours I guess

    As for creativity, I agree we need another body. I don’t think we need both AM & winger. Rosa can step in the AM position & he seems to revived every time & write him off. The time seems to be having opposite impact on him, he seems younger & fresher as time goes by, which is amazing. So for me bringing in another winger who can play centrally is enough there. No need for two, especially with Jack on the side & I feel he’d have his fair bite of our creativity cake this season. He seems more determined & direct this season & I’m expecting more end product from him as from Rambo.

    CF. I love Giroud, but let’s not fall for that again, shall we? We need a top CF out there. End of. Remember, Real had Higuain & Benzema (& CR7) for years even when they played a 1 CF set up like us.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m so happy for the wins over Fener & Fulham. Two decisive away victories where we scored 3 goals each game is assuring we have a good core to build on. But let’s not fool ourselves those are the sides that should reflect our landmark for this season. If we’re after a big trophies this season those wins should be a the order of the day nothing more.

    What we have in the squad & in the starting XI is enough to beat a depleted Fener & an average Fulham, but it won’t win us CL or EPL, even if by any miraculous ways we could keep our best XI fit for the whole season (It’s not the matter already with the Arteta lay off though).

    this should be our aim, to get players who can slot in to our starting XI & improve it. Then we might have a shout on one of the biggest prizes. If not, it’s another season where we’re going to fight Spuds, Everton & Liverpool for 4th while watching Chelsea walk the league ….

  7. useroz

    Not going to repeat what Bade’s analysis especially around wot I’d call a wafer thin MF. Those 3 should not be, for a club like ArsenaLLL, regular first 11… one experienced head (Arteta) and two with potential (Ramsey, Wilshere) to learn from top talent that is still missing.

    GK should be a no brainer- Begovic. But this is wenger.

    Put it this way, we either buy 2 top forward/striker if not strengthening the back so the team will continue to employ Wenger’s patented, proven 50,000 times tactics called “I score more than you”. I can accept that if they score 20 more than we did last season. But you need serious striking force for that.

    And Yaya is a ‘no-go’….

  8. James Smith

    Di Maria, a good frame for a wideman in the premier league? that sarcasm I hope?! In all seriousness its painstakingly obvious we need a new spine, Begovic, Williams, Bender and a top drawer striker (Saurez, pay what they want, or Lewandowski, why go to Bayern on a free next year) and a versatile squad player alongside Flamini such as Sakho, Richards, Howedes! That would bulk up our squad and create competition for places in key positions! Being greedy I realise that


    Pedro,you missed the most important position on the ground. Yes,defense !!!
    To win silverware, you need to start building from the back line. I’m not convinced with mertesaker, kosi is good but not brilliant, vermulen can’t get on the pitch,Sagna is no central defender,jenkinson is a squad player.
    Mangala from Porto would be a perfect start but there’s no way Wenger would spend more than £20 mill on a defender, he hasn’t even spent that for a midfielder or striker !!!
    There’s been rumours of Williams from Swansea but he’s not world class
    Let put it plain and simple, you pay peanuts,you end up with monkeys !!!!!!

  10. Maldives Gunner

    Can’t believe that Wenger left Sonogo out to dry as CF on debut. Could have easily played him out wide and brought Walcott central. CF is a hard position, even Walcott and Podolski don’t play it to the level we need. So why on earth would you play a kid there on debut like that. He looked timid and like he didn’t know what he was doing. Felt sorry for the kid.

  11. luke

    I’m probably not going to have many agree, but I see Sagna as our new 2nd choice right back and third choice center back (in front of Vermaelen). Sagna looks like a natural in center defense and he has the perfect qualities to be a cb for arsenal: good on the ball, quick enough, good at last ditch tackles, covers a lot of ground, good distribution. I think I’d rather have a first choice right back then get another central defender in. Our problems leaking goals has rarely been due to central defense IMO. Usually it’s a GK howler, Gibbo’s positioning, or central midfielders how to position themselves properly to defend.

  12. Evan

    Le Senile
    “I can understand the interest in these types of signings, but it’s five per cent of the game,” Wenger added.

    “For 95 per cent of the time it’s something more – the spirit inside the club, the values of the club. But today you feel that it is only about that. I’m not against splashing out, but football is not only about that

  13. Evan

    “We are not in need of numbers like we were at the time. We have our targets, we will try to achieve that and I am confident we will get there.

    Hate him

  14. 9jagunner


  15. goonerbone

    DM, CB, S, GK,
    Flamini, ?, ?, Buzz Lightyear/Bego
    Ie. 50 perc of the Job Wenger should have done this summer could have been done in June

  16. tippitappi

    You have to be pleased they won It should always be that way but you also know its all wenger needed not to spend, after all he’s brought in two freebies what more do you want , I dislike their callous nasty disinformation to keep the fans quiet so now they have their first win and CL football secured for another season plus the wrong result next week will be too late for signings……..happy financial days for wenger and co. No one coming in business as usual up and down results as usual

  17. Wallace

    I think we need a dm, striker, winger & keeper in that order of priority. Sagna, to me, looks a natural at centre back. Kondogbia would be my preference, butif Flamini’s still got it then i’d be fine with us snapping him up, as long as we then go for broke on the striker and winger. Benzema would be incredible but is looking very unlikely. i wish we’d just bid 25m for Benteke back in June. if Chelsea get Rooney then Lukaku or Torres might come in to play. I’d take either.

  18. Damilarey

    All the suggested palyers are wold beaters and will improve our team considerably. But I never for once believe we’ll sign anyone of those players, as they’re well above AW’s reasoning of player valuation.

    Do you think Wanker will buy a £15m keeper?, £26m Ozil?, £30m Rooney & pay his wages?
    Pls stop day dreaming, these type of deals can never happen with Wanker still our manager.
    Well, be expecting his usual type of signings. “Unknown junkies”

  19. Ian

    Sagna is a great option at CB but we shouldn’t rely on the BFG, Kos the boss, and the Verminator to stay fit and suspension free all year. We need a good CB with some premier league experience like Williams or Jagielka. Midfield is crying out for a strong midfielder. Not exactly a DM, but a powerful box to box. That’s what I’m sure Wenger is looking for. As for a striker, I love how Giroud has started but there’s no chance he can keep that up all year long. Podolski isn’t/shouldn’t play CF even though I love that dude. Walcott thinks he is Henry but isn’t, but we do need someone like Henry that held the ball well and drifted about the pitch, so other players could come inside. Villa would have been decent, but if I was Wenger, I would make this phone call. “Hello David Moyes. No I’m not calling about Rooney, there’s that other striker I like. What’s his name…. Oh yeah, Hernandez. Don’t forget we sold you van Judas, so you owe me one!”

  20. Lou

    If Wenger buys nobody, which is looking a distinct possibility now, it would be like signing his own resignation. Imagine the home crowd when the team started to lose. It would be totally unfair on the players we have and far from showing confidence in them , would really be an act of supreme hypocricy by him but, hopefully, the final act of his reign.

  21. Wee Geordie Armstrong

    its too late to buy players that will impact on our position this year. Trying to integrate the players into the team takes time which equals points. It will go to the wire again if we are even in the running for 4th. That’s why we need a change of management we are talking about Arsenal here a club with a tradition to match any, and we are being mismanaged, to be in this position of wondering who we should buy at this stage is unforgiveable . We had strategists when we needed to move from highbury surly we should have have known we had 100m in the bank to spend on players and that the season started last week. WHY did villa beat us at home and WHY have we not got 4 new players already filling the very obvious positions that we are lacking in. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE have a look at Spurs they knew the season was starting

  22. Gee

    Please God not Mitchu. He isn’t even a centre forward as he prefers to play in the hole. Benteke’s new contract is bound to have a get out clause. 25 – 30 mil would be enough I reckon

  23. Paddy got up

    Look stop moaning everyone. Just 36 games to go, then next summer we can use our firepower in the transfer market and blow our rivals away.
    Arsene with all that cash will be amazing…. Ivan said so..

    Viva till next season!!

  24. stanlee

    Honestly, I don’t think we need Mata.
    I’ll say Begovic, Ashely Williams, Cabaye, Flamini (since he’s on free) and one sharp striker.

  25. Gunnershabz

    To be honest guys we don’t know who is coming in this wenger plays a poker face all the time

    All we know he has made bids for saurez and cabaye

    I actually don’t think he made a bid for gustavo when he made perfect sense

    If you read gustavo comments he was saying how difficult it was to leave bayern nothing about us

    But my prediction we see some action from weds onwards but I love to be wrong

    I got a feeling we might sign cabaye on Monday

  26. northern gooner

    Good post.
    Cant think of anything else that I can add.
    Cant wait for the window to shut.
    Sick of wengers bullshit

  27. Gunnershabz

    I love lukas podolski he actually looks like the joker in the pack and he loves arsenal already

    We need players like this

  28. PAUL

    To me i tink wenger will strengthen the team as he can’t be stupid enough to tink that the players he’s got will last for a whole season with option,i tink most people here are just waiting for the team to lose so as to have any reason and say i told u so he ain’t gonna sign no one,we shud just support the team and see what mr wenger does before sept 2….

  29. Gunnershabz

    Chelsea sign both willian and eto I can see that but with lukaku am sure they will only loan

    But I don’t mind if we sign him or maybe is Torres coming

    Maybe wenger is confident he can sort out Torres

  30. Gunnershabz

    Guys I think I know which Spanish placed striker we going to get

    Adrian of atletico Madrid

    Also angel di Maria too be heavily linked with

  31. Gunnershabz

    Just with this space

    Adrian Lopez
    Angel di Maria
    Yohan cabaye
    Micah Richards

    That’s going to be our spending spree

  32. 15 year Fan

    Il reserve my final judgement til The Window is Closed… But honestly Wenger is a Lunatic to leave it this Late…
    I live for the day …Wenger leaves!

  33. Leedsgunner

    “People are so much focused on the players coming in that they forget how good our players are,” Wenger said.

    Yep, these are the same players:

    – who lost limply to teams like Swansea, Norwich, and Wigan in the League.
    -who was shown a football masterclass by the eventual European champions Bayern Munich at HOME!
    -who got humbled over TWO legs by League 2 opposition Bradford to get knocked out of the League Cup
    -who got outmuscled by last years worst team Blackburn to be eliminated out of the FA Cup
    -who were out of the league title race by November?
    -who came out with nothing?

    Yep. Really good.

    No wonder there is no direction. We lurch from game to game.

    When we win, we’re the greatest. When we lose, it’s everyone else’s fault.

    No accountability. Wenger out!

    A good manager would bring in two or three players to maintain the team’s momentum but we all know he won’t./

  34. Roaaary

    I’d spend the cash on rewarding the board members hard work and give them dividends. You have to realise that if there’s a player out there who is available and better than wilshere then wenger would be all over it.

  35. bc

    I read someone moaning about our CB options and demanding world class even calling our current options monkeys. Let’s look at the 2 moneybags options chelsea and man city. Chelsea terry cahill luiz then they use their right back ivanovic as 4th choice. Man city – kompany nastasic lescott then they use their right back richards as 4th choice are either club in a much different position to mertesacker koscielny vermaelen and sagna? Its no better at spurs or liverpool either. I would say only united have more options but I am still not sure I would swap ferdinand vidic smalling and evans for our 4.

    I think there is a dearth of defenders in the game today. You only have to look at barcelona where they are turning to mascherano and song to play understudy to 2 very average centre backs in pique and pikey.

    When u look at our options
    3 GK – szczesney fabianski martinez
    7 defenders – jenkinson sagna mertesacker koscielny vermaelen gibbs monreal
    7 midfielders – arteta ramsey wilshire diaby rosicky cazorla frimpong
    7 forwards – walcott giroud podolski chamberlain sanogo ryo gnabry
    Then compare them with our rivals it isn’t the quality that is so different it is the quantity and the experience. I would say if we can just add 1 top player to each area we will be in a position to compete but ideally the 7’s need to become 9’s.

  36. AFC53


    Ditch 433 formation and zonal marking go back to two up top

    Sagna Kos Jagielka/Agger Gibbs

    Theo Jack Fellaini Cazorla

    Giroud Podolski

  37. salparadisenyc

    This £70m outlay is just a number thats been bandied about, confusing as it suppose to include wages. I’d say we need six signings to compete and they’d surely add up to more.

    Sakho / Williams
    Kondogbia / Fellaini
    Di Maria
    Benzema, Benteke

    Realistically well end up with Williams, Di Maria and Michu and compete for fourth spot with Spuds or United. Makes little sense to be treading water at this point but thats exactly what were doing with Wenger and his manifesto against money in modern football. His player valuations are from 2002 along with his valuation on his contribution to the Arsenal. As if 2007-20013 did not happen. This summer has been a catastrophe, sackable offense at any other club.

  38. trikky

    Nice post, agree with your most of spending plan except for Michu. Michu isn’t top quality, no control, no skill, just luck which will soon run out. He will be worse than Chamhak and Bendtner. We really do need an imposing DM, we lacked that against Fulham too.

  39. kc

    That’s a good wish list for players Pedro. Although I’d have Jackson Martinez up top over anyone still available. Rooney is a pipe dream, and an over priced one at that.

  40. Gunnershabz

    Guys lets face it we not going to buy big

    The world class players don’t believe in this project

    We can get those good internationals who can turn world class like


    So players like Adrian Lopez, angel di Maria, yohan cabaye are good players good internationals they will improve the team

  41. sam

    Villa should be bottom of the table with 0 point., fuck wenger! He always start the season with a half-assed team. this with only one recognised CB, fucking joke!
    Time to send Sanogo back to france and buy a new striker.
    Fuck Suarez and Fuck benteke, Romelu Lukaka is the real beast.

  42. TBat

    Rooney (£40m)
    Williams (£8m)
    Adler (£7)
    Di Maria (£25m)

    Total £80m

    There are players still available, but Arsene won’t see them!

  43. Gunnershabz

    These will be our signings my standards have been lowered

    Adrian Lopez
    Angel di Maria
    Yohan cabaye
    Matthieu flamini

    We be lucky to buy a defender

  44. salman

    I am going to be realistic and not include players like rooney, benzema and mata in my list:
    Di maria

  45. Paul

    We have core of a good team but it is far to thin to go a 50 game plus season. Aw needs to spend not only to strengthen the team but to keep both the players and the fan onside or face a full on dressing room and fan revolt. We have missed opertunities to buy, Higuaín, fellaini,Gustavo, the list is to long for me we should do the following business:
    1) gk – begovic
    2) cb – Williams a more likly stop gap or a season or two
    3) rb – Richards if he can be convinced or van der Weil
    4) dm – Kondogbia or now aw low cost yann m’villa
    5) cm – Cabaye
    6) cf – roony statement of intent or – Jackson Martínez

    Come on man step up and spend

  46. GoonerGaunty73

    Benteke for £40m. Can Villa refuse? He doesn’t look a one season wonder to me. He’s a beast and will only get stronger.
    We need to address the spine, so that’s Benteke + DM + CD + GK minimum


    Someone on arseblog said

    “buying superstars would affect the balance of the team,we just need good players”.

    This lots are the reason wenger would never win anything at arsenal.

    We had a good squad in 2008 but couldnt win a shit and yet they think this team has balance.meh we are fcuked for the next 4 years

  48. Dplanet

    Would love…
    – Benzema
    – Di Maria
    – Fallaini
    – Ozil
    – Begovic
    – A new Ferrari 458
    – A villa in Tuscany
    – Mila Kunis
    – Eternal life
    – The ability to fly
    – Omnipresence


  49. goonerbone

    Why go for an RFB? We got sagna while jenks improves! Its a cb we need. I am really sad we missed the hig as striker. That should alsso have been done deal in June. Fuck Wenger

  50. N5

    DPlanet I would even take a used Ferrari 458 but I would insist on a new Mila Kunis.

    I can’t help doing an open mouth drool like Homer Simpson when saying Millllaaa Kuuuuuunnnnniiiiiiissssssssuuuuuuggghhhhhhhh.

  51. leon

    Inmy mind its a matter of trust,right now there is alreadya great deal of mistrust and after hyping things up and not backing it up how can the fans trust them.

    With all funds wenger has he made a complete mess outvof all of it but in my view this needed to happen wenger is being exposed and now he has no excuces the players have been there and the funds he dug his own grave when he started running mouth getting the fans hopes up.THis has been bowling up for a while now i think fans have had enough now.

  52. sam

    To be fair on Sanogo, its not his fault.
    its mr kwik save thats using him to avoid spending and the boy is not ready

  53. MadeToLoveMagic

    That’s a pretty big list for 70 mil lol:)

    We WILL get Cabaye, as Pardew is makin it obvious, he looks pissed

    We will get Flamini,

    TBH WIlshere Arteta Cazorla Ramsey Rosicky Cabaye and Flamini I am happy with

    We need a utility defender,, d go for micah richards , as we are likely to often need cover in various positions, plus I don’t think we should sack jenks off as 2nd choice yet,, he deserves his chance after last year, , plus hes English.

    then we need a striker, , tis is where the “Big” name is required,,
    suarez not happening,, rooney not happening , , as both the glaziers and john henry have made a pact allegedly. . No one wants to do an arsenal and se their best players to rivals, they will let him rot, im convinced, they are trying to put an en to player power,
    so what we gonna do? Eto? never, too big wages

    Tbh if we dont sign a striker but do get a GREAT AM (to go with flamii and cabaye)
    Id be happy,

    if we got mata, we could rotate giroud and pod as cF and have plenty options behind.

    but what is clear is the players and the fans need the BUZZ of an exciting name,

    SO My summe now would be

    Flamini FRee

    CAbaye 16 mil

    Mata 35 mil, there must be some truth to jose not wanting him as it keeps re surfacing

    Micah Richards 12 mil

    that’s 63 million total

    I think would be enough to see us challenging the top until jan when we could re asses

  54. leon

    Evon if this team manegers to finish 4th i dont think will save wenger particually after they hyped i things no less than at least major signing. As i saidvbefore because there has been so many promisis made over years and none of them of come to fluision it will be very difficult to trust both wenger and the board ever again.

  55. sam


    When was the last time you saw Flamini play?
    Milan cut his salary to 20K don’t you wanna know why?
    Wenger knows this but he’s desperate to present new signing to the fans and we will quickly fall for it.
    is he going to pass medical? is he going to get any competitive game?

    Signing Flamini will be pure scam! the club will save money and he will get his salary and we probably won’t see him play. if he does he won’t be the same player.

  56. The Pooh

    No, I cannot give you any names, says the deluded blind old bat. We have an important match on Tuesday. After that, we’ll see. Ah… we have a match against Tottenham coming up. Very important. Must prepare. Cannot think of buying anybody. After that…..ah it’s 2 September. Too late to buy. Anyhow, we have a squad full of top, top, top quality already. We are going to win the League with that.

    That guy is stringing us along, just like he has been during last two summers.

    Wenger OUT, OUT, OUT

  57. useroz

    Wenger getting away looks like….no wonder passionate fans called for not winning games to force this twat out or at least buy something hopefully useful.

    Our ok quality (ie average) team is fucking wafer thin…and this twat is sprouting crap every media opportunity…get OUT.

    No more than 3 buys; cheap ones too. That’s my take AFTER the last 2 wins, unfortunate situation.

  58. Gunnershabz

    Just watching wenger interview on bt sport pre Fulham game

    It’s quite interesting

    Did we even bid on gonzalo higunain he was not a target

  59. rollen

    Bade August 25, 2013 05:24:13

    top post

    70M – new young ambitious manager + Fellaini///top DM , CB ,real winger – to save this season

    push on from next one

  60. useroz

    Of course it’d well be the case wenger is indeed playing games with ivan-the-how-dare-you leaked our financial fire power and talked about buying…did you get my approval situation. Either way, if left unattended we’d be unofficially out of the PL title race, if we’re ever in it, by Oct end. And if we got into CL group stage; would probably out quickly too depending on the draw… So by Jan, despite how sorry the club becomes there’s no need to strengthen.

  61. Gunnershabz

    Trust me guys

    Benzema is not a target

    He wantss like a complete forward who can play on channels and centre like

    Luis saurez
    Adrian Lopez
    Alexis Sanchez
    Ezequiel lavezzi
    Wayne Rooney

    Like I said before giroud is our target man and son ago is the same

    Midfield he likes the pivot type of players similar to what he has like arteta and the ox

    Yohan cabaye is a younger version of arteta

    Wingers I think it depends on what complete forward we get

    If he gets one of those forwards I mentioned I don’t think he will sign a winger attacker type

    So maybe angel di Maria has some truth in it but its either a complete forward or winger not both

    Defender I think I right sided defender he is looking at

    Micah Richards
    Toby alderweireld

    Now a free flamini is worth taking a gamble as long he is coming in to make numbers but that’s it

  62. SpanishDave

    Wenger will not spend until Stan gets his CL money.
    In the US they dont have transfer fees so Stan doesnt like it.
    Wengers total belief is that he won ten games on the run in against lower half teams and this justifies his way of doing things. He will never splash out big money as Stan and Wenger have not got the balls to do it. Wengers on top of the pay pile and thats what he wants.

  63. Sam

    Do you guys even pay attention?
    Do we need to buy a right back?
    I doubt we will sign Micah Richard if we do we will mostly use him as CB

  64. Gunnershabz

    Willian been confirmed by Chelsea

    At least the spuds been done over by mourinho

    Well the spuds will now go for erickson and lamela

  65. Gunnershabz

    Mourinho has said he is willing to let players go to rivals if they unhappy

    Maybe there some truth in the mata story

    I can only dream if we signed mata

  66. Sam

    Wow! I will stop talking
    Free is not exactly free in football we will pay his salary while he will spend most of the season in the treatment room.
    Flamini is not worth it, I am surprised he’s even training at arsenal, Lol!

  67. Gunnershabz


    Flamini is here to prove himself to arsenal

    Wenger loves to trail players

    So I think he has arrived to prove fitness etc

  68. Arsenal2174

    BERGOVIC $15 mil
    ROONEY $40 mil
    RICHARDS $12 mil
    CAHBEY $17mil or over spend on Di Maria $25 mil
    That’s 84 mil – the $10 mil profit from sold players + $2-4 mil from the sale of Betdner that’s $72 mill and a good squad that should be challenging

  69. Sam

    Anybody that thinks we should sign flamini needs his head examined.
    Arsenal football club can do better than a free backstabbing injury prone.


  70. I Gunner Believe it

    yohan cabaye good player….. But why does Wenger always have to go for the french option?

    We are obviously in for him as Pardrew keeps repeating and Cabaye refused to play against West Ham.

    Wenger in his pre match interview after fulham said we are in for a big name… Hope that big name isn’t Cabaye

  71. I Gunner Believe it

    Ladies Ive been on the AC Milan forums and apparently Flamini is average at best…

    The say his not good enough (for a shite milan) and they would only keep him as a squad player on reduced wages.

    They also call him a one season wonder and that was the season with Arsenal, despite the years his been at Ac Milan his never impressed.

  72. N5

    I’ve got to agree with Sam here, I don’t want Flamini back either, regardless of our paperthin squad. He is just another Squid that will be getting a wage and used for nothing.

  73. Sam


    He should have stay there in Italy to prove himself why come here?
    Flamini will be useless signing just like sanogo
    Wenger knows it well, he signed players in the past without playing them anyway so welcome home Matthieu! Here is your free money and rehabilitation room. But I can’t even walk I wouldn’t be able to play.
    Dont worry about it, ze fans are stupid I will telling them you need adaptation and rehabilitation period to play once the season starts they will forget about you. I am ze master of illusions I did it with amaury bischoff, junichi inamoto, park chu young, mendez and now Thomas eisfeld.

    Signe Matthieu tu m’emmerdes avec de questions

  74. bishop


    Wenger never confirmed we are after a big name.He doesnt even talk that way..Only said he knows his targets.

  75. Marc

    Why are we not in for Fellaini? Our midfield needs a physical presence for when we play the top 6- 8 teams in the league plus the shit kickers like Stoke. We can afford him, he’s supposedly great mates with Arteta and if we were to bid £25 million I think Everton would sell just to piss off Moyes and ManU.

  76. Gregg

    I think you need to be realistic and look at it from Wengers perspective in terms of who he will get. Firstly there will be no destructive midfielder. His player of last year was Carrick and the first name on his team sheet is Arteta. His favourite player was Guardiola. He thinks the days of a Vieira type have gone. That’s why he wants Cabaye. He will share the load with Arteta. In fact there will be a lot of chopping and Changing. Arteta/Cabaye for the anchor role and Ramsey / Wilshere for the more industrious role along side. Rosicky and Cazorla will share the more advanced role between them until the retun of the kingAbou. So forget Fellainis, Kondogbia, Pogba or any of that type of player. Wenger feels they are extinct in todays game.

  77. MadeToLoveMagic

    Sam , we need numbers, flamini is that, an added body, , he will add experience, character, and maybe a new challenge is what he needs,

    if we get Cabaye to, then we have a stocked quality mid, albeit injury prone

    then as I said, we need a cf OR a quality attacking mid like Mata, as we can rotate pod and giroud and Walcott as CF

    then we need a Utility type like Richards we can play at CB and right back,

    we can get all that for 70, and would challenge I think

    its not ideal, but that’s the sit we are in

  78. N5

    Marc, from reading various bits coming from Moyes and Everton it seems Fellaini is setting his hopes on going to ManUre. I think we could lure him, but if Wonga was going to do it, I think he would have by now.

  79. Toli83

    Funny Wenger think there isn’t the place for the big ‘hard men’ in football anymore where as Mourinho thinks the opposite.

    Wonder who will fare better this year.

    We could have competed hard with Chelsea this year if we spent our budget.

  80. I Gunner Believe it


    Mate I heard the interview I know what I heard…

    It was the post match interview… It kind of slipped out of his mouth Imagine its just spin but doesn’t change the fact he said we are in for a big target

  81. Moanalisa

    Maureen on search for striker-

    ” I don’t understand that because its normal that we want to strengthen our squad in every position”

    “We did it from the goalkeeper, we did it in the midfield, we did it in creative positions, we didn’t in the striker’s position where we have kept the players we had last year”

    “I think it is basic and normal that we want to give more quality to the whole structure. It is obvious that the striker’s position was a position where we would improve”.

    Sigh… Only if…

  82. nepGunner


    Agree with your assessment and the additions (a little suspicious of Flamini).

    But, the first addition to this squad must be a Central Defender. Period. We went to the Fulham game with ONE central defender for christ’s sake!!!! That’s ridiculous for a club of Arsenal’s stature with the resources we have.

    Sort it our Arsene and sharpish!

  83. Kayode

    The best solution:

    – Di Maria first on the list – £30m
    – Striker -I dont really know because I don’t really rate Benzema. Maybe Martinez would be a better option at – £30m. We really should have signed Hig!
    – Cabaye – £12m
    – Sakho – £10m
    – Cesar – £3m
    – Kondogbia – £15m

    I’m dreaming hun??

  84. gilo

    Di Maria is a fine player but if we’re only to sign one player – it shouldn’t be him, we desperately need a new goalkeeper and a strong defensive midfielder, not to mention another centre half.

    I’d love us to sign a prolific world class striker and a winger but given the lack of time, and the fact that no cunt wants to play for us, priority has to be elsewhere. Of course it shouldn’t have come to this in the first place.

  85. Karim

    I agree with Bishop, he just said he knew exactly what he wanted to do and would not change his plans, which leads to different interpretations

    AW the mastermind of bullshit PR spin

    We’re 1 week away from a competitive team !
    or not…..

    Please tell me ETOO isn’t part of the deal

  86. Sam

    Flamini and cabaye?
    Are we building the tiniest midfield in the premiership?
    We beat a team of premiership rejects yesterday it doesn’t mean we can now compete
    Spend some money and add some height in our midfield Ffs

  87. Marko

    Viviano or Guaita (prefer Adler)
    Sakho or Alderwereld
    Kondogbia or Gonalons
    Di Maria and if Podolski goes then another.
    The striker position is tricky. Do we try for Rooney knowing it won’t happen? Or 55million for Suarez know it probably won’t happen? Or maybe meet Jackson Martinez/Lamela/Damiao release clause? I said yesterday I’d be willing to forget a new striker (till Jan at least) if it meant we got Di Maria and Mata 2 stunning wingers/AM and it’d compensate the lack of a world class striker.

  88. Toli83

    Wonder if he will buy a CB and put Tommy V in at DM when he returns, alternating with Arteta.

    Bad idea in my book but Wenger has played him there before and has no faith in him and the back anymore it seems.

  89. Sam

    Flamini vs gourcouf
    Both injury prone but I will pick gourcouf coz he’s a gooner he’s desperate to play for arsenal
    Judas is back because he failed in Italy

  90. Bergkamp63

    Wenger would get the biggest bonar of his life if he could get 4th place without spending a penny.

    “you can’t buy team spirit” You can almost hear the words already !

  91. gilo

    Gourcouf not as good as Rosicky or Cazorla and not a priority. We’ve got 1 week to sign a keeper a centre half a defensive midfielder and hopefully a striker.

  92. petrovic

    there will be no major signings,the lunatic is obsessed with proving everyone else wrong so he can give that smug smile and say `i told you so`,the thing is we are right and he`s wrong and it seems he `s going to find out the hard way!good luck wenger your going to need it!

  93. Radio Raheem

    Vermaelen is running again. That means we are not signing a CB. I won’t be surprised if our only signings are Cabaye and di Maria.

  94. Sam

    Someone please tell lukaku that mourinho doesn’t trust young strikers, he should join arsenal and chill with his mate Benik afobe. Mourinho will buy rooney and Eto’o. It’s time to escape romelu!

  95. S Asoa

    So will Wonkie spend the 70 million ? On condoms at 10 p . And probably go and f-k his own Arse. At end of season boss here is your 69.99999998 million. What is my cut ?
    Wenger is not taken seriously by even trifling clubs who mark up ridiculous prices to any players we are interested in . It has become a sick joke . Dammit AWKB there are a couple of managers who can make AFC a success and they are available

  96. Sam


    Flamini was,

    Stop living in the past like wenger, at the moment coquelin is better squad player and we loaned him out , madness of king arsene