Arsenal tank Fulham in the rain | Podolski sends a message to Wenger

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An early kick off this morning meant I had to start watching the game at 745 US time… which is a ball ache if you drink all the beer the night before with a NYC Grover.

Still, I couldn’t complain. At least I wasn’t a drenched away fan. The weather typically rotten for a bank holiday weekend. Usually a bit of slick on the pitch works for Arsenal and they’re quick passing game. Today though, it was less of a slick, more of 6 inch deep swimming pool of water. Crazy to see so much rain on a pitch in August.

Arsenal didn’t let it bother them. The team changes from in the week, Wenger opting to drop Jack Wilshere to the bench. That won’t be a performance issue, that’ll be him treating him with kid gloves. A good move as it turned out. Cazorla moved into the middle of the park with Podolski heading out wide. A chance to prove to Wenger he still has worth? Of course…

Giroud opened the scoring after Aaron Ramsey fired a shot into the back of his legs from 30 yards out, the big Frenchman adjusted his feet and flicked the ball round Stockdale taking his tally for the season to a whopping 3 goals. That 10% of thirty people. Who needs Suarez, Higuain, Benzema or Rooney… when you’ve got Giroooooud!

Us actually…

Our keeper also had a point to prove today. He’s come under fire for a while now because he hasn’t stepped up to the plate. Well, the last two games he’s earned his money. He made a stylish double save early in the game, then he denied Kasami from a freekick that deflected through the wall and skidded up in front of him.

It was a bit alarming that we were allowing Fulham to take pot shots with free will. The lack of two defensive minded midfielders left gaps in front of the goal exposed at times. It did look like Thomas and Santi had been drilled in dropping back and ensuring gaps weren’t exposed like they were against Aston Villa.

Our second goal came from a counter attack. Per did well to block a Riise cross, the ball found its way out of defence, Theo was found in space, he rattled a shot at goal, Stockdale parried it poorly back out into the box, Lukas stepped in and ripped the ball home at 500mph. A solid finish, not quite the miracle some people were making it out to be online… he struck a moving ball into an empty net. He is paid £90k a week to do that.

Lukas scored his second goal in the second half, this finish was far more impressive, Santi Cazorla took the ball into the box, cut the ball behind him to Podolski, he moved forward and smashed a low shot into the bottom corner. Great work. A message to Arsene that he’s ready and able this season.

We didn’t manage to keep the clean sheet which was a bit upsetting. Darren Bent was able to pick up a parried Berbatov shot at the back post. Jenkinson day dreaming again.

The ref blew up. No controversey, no red cards and no injuries. A bit of a boring day at the office. That confidence will do the team the world of good, what with Fener at home and Spurs at home coming up.

Major talking points?

Podolski. I said yesterday my biggest problem with him is that he doesn’t really have any outstanding attributes. His finishing is ok, but he’s not very big, not particularly fast and he doesn’t have an amazing touch. Some might say his finishing is great. I’m not sure I can be on board with ‘great’. He’s very one footed. For me, a great finisher is someone like Robin Van Persie or David Vila. I think the problem with Lukas is Wenger doesn’t seem to rate him too highly. Fitness must be an issue and maybe positionally, Wenger struggles. I think he’s a very handy player to have around the squad. He looks like a character, he will weigh in with the goods… and he’s good for 20 goals. It would seem very odd to deplete the squad yet further without a decent replacement lined up. He played well today and goals are goals…

Bacary Sagna. He seems to have slipped quite uneventfully into the centre back role. He’s a good foil for Mertesacker and he’s a very solid third option. I’m just struggling with us only having 2 actual centre backs heading into a 60 game season. Seems crazy to me.

Ramsey. Another very solid performance from the Welshman. He’s more composed on the ball and his passing and touch really has moved up a notch since last year. Confidence is key. What I don’t understand is now every Arsenal fan backed him through the bad times? I’ve always had a soft spot for him, but simple fact is, up until recently, he hasn’t been good enough. If you want to be a progressive club, you can’t drop players into the side and let them flounder for three years in the hope they come good. Sure, it’s worked out for Rambo. But what have the club achieved? What about the players this approach bombed for. Denilson, Senderos and Nik B spring to mind.

For me, Arsene Wenger shouldn’t put anyone near the team until they’re good enough not to become a figure of fun with 10 games. It’s not fair on the players and it’s not fair on the fans. It’s great to see him playing well, I think bringing in someone really good to join that midfield would really benefit him. Hopefully, something will happen before the window closes. It’s ok basking in the glory of our first win in the league, but important work is still yet to be done. Flamini and Sanogo will not make us competitive. Question is, does that bother Arsene? Or do pet projects coming good mean more to the manager than silverware?

Some good news on the Jack Wilshere front… the cynical Arsenal led PR ploy has kind of been exposed for me. Jack came out with this tweet after his 100th game.

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

I hope we’ll never have to dig out that Tweet because we’re using it as ammo to convince him to stay…

I thought this quote from Arsene was pretty funny…

‘You’ve certainly tried to go out with a girl and find she has chosen someone else. You don’t commit suicide.’

I think the problem is that we’re trying with all the girls and they’re all saying no. If in doubt… pay for it though. Right? Is that a good counter analogy? If you can’t get sex. Just pay for it? We’re not paying enough for sex? That’s what I’m hearing and I’m disgusted.

On that note. Cheerio!

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  1. Toli83


    I think you’ve forgot your own point here, you said it worked ‘all of the time’ . I provided an example which proved it doesn’t. Check your previous comments.

    Sharpen up.

  2. Dan not Stan

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I believe opts have Podolski down as having a better shot convertion rate (37%) than Messi(35%). I think we can say that the pod is a decent finisher.

  3. Toli83

    Also lets take our frustrations out on our players . We will become a joke of a club for worse reasons than what we are now.

    We will get rid of Wenger hopefully soon and start again. The side affects of attacking our own players would stick with us for years beyond Wenger.

    Plus it’s not what we do Dial, you been to a game before, or just read about it in the papers on a Monday?

  4. kwik fit

    Pardew: “If Arsenal want to sign Cabaye they’re going to need to sign him soon because at some point we’re just going to say no.”

    Pardew and Wenger have something in common….they both talk shit!

  5. N5

    Toli, don’t continue with this discussion mate, he is playing with you. Dial will wind you up until you want to kill him or yourself even if he knows he is wrong he won’t back down.

  6. themightykarim

    Thanx N5

    Cabella coming on changed it too
    but how many teams do you know conceding goals 10 secs before the end of both halves ?

    I know only one of them lol
    Is your woman from Montpellier or did you just fancy watching them ?

  7. N5

    I just fancied watching them Karim, I wanted to see what Giroud’s old team was like. My wife is from Dijon.

    I don’t really know much about French football and wanted to give it ago as I know a lot of Grovers watch it and enjoy it, I normally watch the Spanish league, but want to watch more French and German.

    The last minute goal was so unlucky, did you see the defender miss kicked it, he’ll be angry with himself now I imagine.


    I think the problem with Lukas is Wenger doesn’t seem to rate him too highly.

    really? and he’s on 90k a week? get rid of your hangover mate!

  9. themightykarim

    yeah I know his 2nd pro game and he makes a joke of himself

    Dijon is quite close to my place mate i suppose you re a fan of their mustard by now
    French league slowly getting better but this game wasn t the best to watch
    Have a look at Marseille Monaco a few hours after we thrash the seven sister punks next Sunday it should be better

  10. N5

    I will my friend, I will keep watching now and I must admit I really enjoyed Sochaux so I’m going to definitely tune into more of their games.

    Lol about the mustard, I’m not a fan which really annoys my wife.

    How did you end up following Arsenal Karim?


    wenger did o.k today given the resources available, he’s responsible for the depleted team though, the team’s attitude and spirit is excellent but we can’t fool ourself into believing that they can continue that way.
    Wenger needs to bring good players, just look at our last substitution where Giroud was replaced by Sanogo, that is unacceptable from a team that has 70M available for transfer.
    more importantly defensively we are short of personnel, jekinson went AWOL when Bent strike.
    bottomline – Wenger need to spend and spend big

  12. bishop

    wenger just likes acting too smart and cheap

    just bid 14mill for cabaye and have this rate newcastle will have to accept as he doesnt wanna play for them again.

  13. N5

    Naija, Giroud was replaced by Nacho and Sanogo was for Poldi. I know that’s splitting hairs because your point is still valid.

  14. themightykarim


    I discovered them when they got rid of PSG in that semi final almost 20 years ago I hated Dixon for the way he handled Ginola but the team and the crowd really caught my attention then
    Then I had the opportunity to go to England as a French assistant in 2002, I was supposed to land in Birmingham but got that phone call just a week before I had to leave from Miss Davies head of language depatment in Islington Green secondary school asking me if I d like to join them instead,which I did

    I was already a fan by then as all these French players had joined the club and I was so happy when I realised it was Arsenal area

    Then I spent 2 great years living in Lordship Park around all those Gooners and even managed to go to Highbury about 10 times during that spell

    Nice story isnt it ?

    I suppose you were born a Gooner,
    weren t ya ?

  15. N5

    That is a really nice story Karim. I love hearing about people from other countries and how they found Arsenal.

    My story is so much duller, my dad was born and raised around Arsenal and just to spend time with him I started going, I’ve been a season ticket holder for near on 20 years but going for 31. I’ve been to Lens, PSG and Lyon to watch Arsenal and always really enjoyed the French games. The stadiums are electric, I wonder if that is usual or just because it was cup games I was at?

  16. Matt

    Now wengers saying he won’t be nothing involving transfers till after the fenerbache match. I’ve got a nasty feeling we ain’t going to sign anybody. last Wednesday the transfers start now said wenger. Just leave the old fool to destroy his self. I give him till October when were mid table and he won’t have not one excuse .

  17. themightykarim

    Lens has to be the best fans shame they re in Ligue 2 now
    European games bring the best atmospheres, I must concede

    Thing is we re less attached to our clubs than you guys it s not that obvious to love footie in here
    + fans can be very harsh on their own players different scene really but having seen at least a million games in Sochaux stadium we had a lot of great times too

    Would you believe Rosicky s Borussia Dortmund got battered 4 0 in our place lol ?

  18. N5

    Well the Lens game and Lyon game was amazing but the game at PSGs ground was vs Real Zaragoza when Nayim scored that infamous goal from the halfway line, that was awful, but the day in Paris was amazing.

    I’m hoping that if we get through this year into the group stages that we draw a French club because its always good fun to come over to watch Arsenal.

  19. Jamal

    I dont we’ll sign anyone of note. Cabaye is looking unlikely at the moment.

    How Wenger thinks this squad can manage 50-60 games this season is fucking beyond me.

  20. Marko

    You know I think I’d forgive him for not buying a striker if it meant he brought in Di Maria and Mata. Now I’m not saying that cause Giroud has 3 in 3 or Podolski scored 2 today but simply cause of the Mata link from the Mirror. Oh and who needs world class strikers when you’d have Di Maria, Cazorla and Mata creating chances. Anyone would look amazing with those buggers

  21. rollen

    NAIJA GREAT August 24, 2013 22:00:07

    I think the problem with Lukas is Wenger doesn’t seem to rate him too highly.

    really? and he’s on 90k a week? get rid of your hangover mate!

    Podolski is better suited to fast counters
    + got a bit of character not arsene style anymore

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    LeedsgunnerAugust 24, 2013 19:27:22
    It’s just not fair, they choose to eat! Why can’t they survive on one meal every three years like him!

    Sounds like Keyser & Nasri’s Mouth…

  23. Kiyoshi Ito

    rollenAugust 24, 2013 23:49:50
    NAIJA GREAT August 24, 2013 22:00:07I think the problem with Lukas is Wenger doesn’t seem to rate him too highly.really? and he’s on 90k a week? get rid of your hangover mate!
    Sorry to sound pedantic..But Podolski,is on a reputed £110k p/w,not £90k p/w..

  24. Kiyoshi Ito

    Fed up with Arsene& Arsenal…Do the bare minimum,every season..

    Bargain base hunt,whilst promising heaven & earth every season,to the fans…

    Pull off a few victories,here & there…

    Hail the mental strength,whilst diluting the quality of the squad every season & charging you an arm & leg..

    Talk in double speak,never honest & straightforward with the fans..

    Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat,when fans have their collective legs pressed on his throat..

    Does a Houdini,then smirks & sticks a big 2 fingers to the fans..

    Then Gazidis,rolls up behind him,with his r*e*t*a*r*d*e*d “Churchillian” Victory Speech..

    & the bandwagon rolls into another season..

    Absolutely jokers…& so are the fans,that put up with this joke of a club..

    So what,we beat Fulham,woopee dee doo…

    Just watch the same shite,happen over the coming months,like every season…

    Dec/Jan/Feb,pressure mounts & we fold like a pack of cards,in all competitions…

    It never ends…I hope Mourinho,shows him a clean pair of heels & sends this guy into virtual retirement..

    I await the overdue meltdown from Arsene,this season..

    Arsene has gone too far,for too long…

  25. sam

    Fuck Benteke! Lukaku is a better player.
    Aston Villa is a shit relegation club and they beat us.
    Wenger should be ashamed of himself

  26. follow the money

    Frimpong has posted some ridiculous video on Instagram of his ride. Apparently it projects a video onto the ground of him choking Nasri. Strange dude that one

  27. Kiyoshi Ito

    When does the b/s ever end…???!!

    Every other day,for 3 months..& till date..

    Only Sanogo,to show for our”Escalation in Financial Power “bollocks



    Now more incessant b/s

    Cabaye..?? (X)
    Mata..?? (X)

    2 wins & already some fans are jizzing in their pants..

    I feel for you…It’s nothing short of a freak show at AFC..

    Let’s keep jizzing till the close of the transfer window..

    By the time December/Jan comes,some of you guys will have emptied your sack & have rendered yourselves impotent & infertile..

    Bettered off getting neutered & castrated..

    Your bark,is worse than your bite..

    The AKB’s are a bunch of fornicating eunuchs..

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    I wish the whole BoD,including Arsene,will just simply fornicate off,for good..

    So,I can get back to enjoying Arsenal,without the incessant bullshite..

    We need major intervention,on those 3 stooges…

  29. Josip Skoblar

    Cardiff victory made my day.
    I’m not convinced that AVB is building such a strong competitive team. Without Bale, they’ll be quite good, not super good.
    No team has caught my attention so far. If only AW could spend…