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Gotten morgen meine freuden. Kann ich ihen helfen?

That my friends is how I’d imagine the German Le Grove would speak to you. I’m not German though. So lets keep it real and go English.

What the f*cking hell is going on at Arsenal eh? Is Wenger taking the piss? 5 years after Matty Flamini flipped us the bosman bird, we’re offering him a new deal to help us out with our ‘resourcing’ issue. We’ve taken on our second injury prone French free transfer of the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased. I’d be pleased of we signed Gary Cotteril… but in the grand scheme of WTF moments, this one sits there… errr… actually, it’s not that crazy. I mean, as bad moves go, this one is ok… Be thankful it’s not a Bischoff or Park Chu-dodgy-deal.

So we have another body. He should start on Saturday. We’ll have a tired squad after the long away trip and we need to be fresh for a team who have had a week to prepare for our arrival. That’ll mean they’ll have an actionable game plan, they’ll be focused and they’ll likely give is a game.

Outside Matty, more disappointment rained down. The move for Benzema died a death after his agent denied the move. The story, according to a good source stems from a Spanish based person telling a journo that Arsenal are moving for a big name either Spanish based or Spanish. Basically, Benzema was a Fleet Street guess. An educated one. What with Madrid being in need of Bale money. But a guess. So who could it be? Please not Torres… how Arsenal would that be though? Taking expensive gambles is only marginally more fun than cheap ones.

… news on the wires points to Arsenal bidding £40m for the Frenchman today, along with signing Di Maria. All seems rather rich to me. I’m slightly tired of getting my hopes up, so we’ll see how this pans out. Madrid haven Morata, outside that, they only have Ronaldo for goals. Seems a bit risky to sell him even if they do land Gareth Bale. From an Arsenal perspective, he does fit the mold. He’s tall, has strength, is creative (20 assists last year) and he knows where the net is (23 goals last year). Does he have a good work ethic? I’m not sure… Mourinho used to question him. We’ll see though.

Not sure what’s going on with the keeper stuff but someone messaged me to say we’d bid £4m for the Valencia keeper who has an £18m buyout clause. I know Spain is broke… but it’s not stupid. Arsene is on a world tour of offending football clubs. Someone needs to take him outside and smack his wrists… because his approach to negotiation is appalling. Surely Dick Law should have some balls and tell Arsene to stop being so flippant with his valuations. Does he even have to know what we pay?

‘Hey Dick, what did you pay for this keeper?’
‘£38,000 Arsene, total steal’
‘Oh really? Tell me more?’
‘Yeah, tears everywhere, he was blubbering harder than Senderos after West Ham, they really feel like you’ve done them over’
‘Super, super handbrake off deals Dick, how clever are we?’
‘Real clever Arsene, real damn clever’

That right there is how you placate Arsene. Easy.

… but hey, what do I know about internal politics in a mismanaged organisation? Nothing.

I’m hanging today, so I d0n’t have much else to add to this. However, worth noting that I met a bunch of guys last night who were listening in on my conversation… interested in ‘Arsenal’… turns out they run a cake shop called ‘Piece of Velvet’ in New York. The uniforms were red, obviously… and the staff all had support Arsenal or they were out of a job according to the owner. Great work. Go and buy some cake there if you’re from Brooklyn.

P.S. Jack Wilshere has made some interesting comments in the press about consideration for his future if Arsene left.

Firstly, they’re disappointing comments. I’d expect it from a foreign player, but not a home grown future captain… but we’ve been here before. Ashley Cole showed no loyalty to us and we all loved him. However, putting that to one side, there are a few things to consider here.

> Arsene Wenger leaving could hardly impact our ability to keep top players any more negatively. We’ve lost all our best players over the years. The only reason we didn’t this summer is because we don’t really have that many marquee players left!

> Arsene dishes out the massive deals in return for massive love and loyalty. Of course Jack is going to say Wenger is the best in the business. He owes him a career and he’s only known one way of managing.

> A load of Chelsea players said they’d leave if Mourinho were sacked a few years ago… they all stayed. Players are loyal to one thing and one thing only. Cash money bitches.

> Jack is a kid. Let’s not forget that. There’s always an expectation these guys should speak in the press like seasoned PR pros. They’re just kids. He’d still be in University if he was like your standard 21 year old.

> If Jack did decide to leave us, he’d cite a lack of trophies and ambition. Who does the buck stop with for that?

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  1. Paulinho

    I wouldn’t bring on Frimpong to see an under 12’s game, nevermind this one.

    We’ve been as sloppy as anything in the second half. One Fulham goal and we’ll fall apart.

  2. Paulinho

    Podolski is limited but I like him. Can’t really beat having someone around with that type of reliability in terms of shooting technique.

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    Bobby 7 August 24, 2013 14:20:39

    Schesneys rubber wrists again.
    Obviously not his wanking hand…

  4. Jake

    Szcz has played well this game and he was very good against Fener. If he’s gonna make a mistake then he may as well do it when we’re 3-0 up. Not that it was even that bad a mistake.

  5. Leedsgunner

    I hope Wenger doesn’t do something silly and sell Poldolski.. he’s been clinical this afternoon. Well done lads!

  6. Paulinho

    Ramsey MOM?

    He’s been decent, nothing more.

    Sagna and Mertesacker for me have been the standouts. Even Giroud.

  7. Jake


    Did you not see Wilshere’s run a couple of minutes ago? Rosicky and Cazorla does work better but a fresh Wilshere does more than a tired Rosicky.

  8. useroz

    Sanogo is a victim of Wenger’s bias. If not French/African, and from a French Ligue, you honestly believe he’d be in the first team?????

  9. Doo Woop

    wilshere’s not in his best but its very clear what wilshere offers: he offers bite when we have the flood of side passes and back passes, he makes things happen

  10. Jake

    Wenger has better scouts and connections in France, that’s why he signs the french players so often. It’s the same with Laudrup for Spain and with Porto for Colombia. You sign players from the area’s you know best, not because they’re from that area.

  11. Jake

    Rosicky should be voted MOTM, you lot robbed it from him after the Aston Villa game and gave it to Podolski. Podolski was MOTM today so you should vote for Rosicky. Even things out.

  12. ikon

    Sagna gives so much for this team, no one comes even close.

    Outstanding at center back..
    Over all Mertesacker good game, and Szczesny also.

    This was a joy to watch… quick passing even in horrible conditions.

  13. Craigy

    Ikon…. I agree m8, Sagna is such an important player, someone with his his quality and commitment deserves a trophy, that’s what wenger don’t understand, he should be rewarding his top players with the chance to win things, and the only way is to bring in quality, rant over, but yea I agree haaa

  14. N5

    This firstrowsports website if fucking awesome. Whoever gave the link earlier thanks a lot. I can watch nearly every game (even the Norwegian Vikings) and most other sports I like. My wife is going to love it 😀

  15. TitsMcgee

    Flat track bullies like last year?

    Remains to be seen but when we beat a quality club I’ll feel better. We all know we are better than at least 14 clubs by default.

    Frighteningly thin at all positions. Cant afford injuries anywhere and we all know injuries will mount.

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 August 24, 2013 14:48:14

    This firstrowsports website if fucking awesome. Whoever gave the link earlier thanks a lot. I can watch nearly every game (even the Norwegian Vikings) and most other sports I like. My wife is going to love it 😀
    wiziwig is another one – if the cricket hadn’t been rained off I’d have had F1 on the telly and Arse and Ashes on the PC which can be watched on the projector!

    I need more eyes!

  17. Gregg

    Word of warning with that website mate. I know a couple of people that have been watching stuff on there, both their pc’s got what is known as the “ukash virus” – which is a bastard.

  18. N5

    Its criminal Sagna isn’t on a long contract. He always gives his all for us, he had a few matches where he lost form, but he deserves to be rewarded for his ability.

  19. Reiss

    Tits Mcghee I’m afraid that’s what we could be we could beat all the bottom 14 home and away but against the top 6 we will struggle especially with this current squad.Good win though!

  20. Relieable sauce

    Like the rain brings out the worms, a win brings out the AKB. HAHAHAAH

    I’m here all day so bring it on fuckwits, i’ve missed you & your deluded & idiotic arguments.
    : /

  21. Relieable sauce

    Jake August 24, 2013 14:39:37

    Rosicky should be voted MOTM, you lot robbed it from him after the Aston Villa game and gave it to Podolski. Podolski was MOTM today so you should vote for Rosicky. Even things out.

    I used to have a dog called Jake.

    He was more intelligent than you.

    He was a welsh border collie so don’t feel too bad.

  22. ikon

    The overall play was almost perfect today… the angles, the calmness in defense, no one hiding from taking the ball at feet… Giroud had a good game with his touches and awareness… Rosicky needs to add end product to his game.

    Eto would do a world of good to this team, he was good last year.

    If we do not have choices to buy, for me Eto,Zapata/Sakho and Di Maria/Ozil/Benzema.

    Should be wrapped up within 80 million.

    Halilovic is another one I would love us to get.

  23. Sam

    Anything to wind you up,
    Isn’t Podolski already CL cup tied?
    Why should he go on loan he just started his second season who’s replacing him? Sanogo

    Wenger is mean and tight no stupid

  24. Relieable sauce


    Thats like Keyser calling me arrogant. lol : /
    Twat! Stop being such a try hard & quit trying to get people banned when you are offended & act like a fucking grown up.
    Your little hissy fit with berkamp63 the other day was embarrassing, people have been humouring you for too long, Shame i think your ok but christ don’t be so reactive, you swing like a pendulem.

  25. Sam

    Sanogo should go on loan
    Why did we sign him ? Honestly those minutes he had on the pitch should have been given to Gnabry or Akpom

  26. Gregg


    Re Podolski

    The qualifying CL games don’t count. You can play for another team when the group stages and competition starts proper.

  27. N5

    My hissy fit sauce was based on a racist comment, I have a French wife and took exception to that comment! I’m not at any point trying to get you banned I just said you’ve obviously come on here for an argument and if you carry on someone will bite. Which you have to admit sauce is pathetic.

    It’s amazing you know so much about my character, because I’ve not paid you any attention at all.

  28. Relieable sauce

    Oh Jesus Jake



  29. Sam

    I said it before and said it again
    Benik afobe Is far better than sanogo
    Maybe he should switch allegiance to la France before he even get 2 minutes on the pitch

  30. Jake

    Using spellcheck isn’t the sign of a genius, however the inability to use it is the sign of an idiot. Case in point, “pendulem”. Now if there’s anything that you want to say to me regarding my point and not a baseless insult about my intelligence then go ahead, I doubt it though.

  31. Relieable sauce


    Yes you have my number, i was trying to get a bite.
    The AKB would be rampant on here though if i hadn’t sent them to their mummies teet with that statement of intent, even Keyser fears me & he’s the smartest of them all 😉

  32. Josip Skoblar

    Slowly coming back to North London from Craven Cottage. I watched the game under a pouring rain, but I don’t care . This was an excellent win against a very average team. I was surprised to read on my iphone that Ramsey was MOTM. IMO Sagna was the best performer today.

  33. N5

    Well just so you know sauce I wasn’t calling you pathetic I was saying trying to start an AKB argument was pathetic. You know they are all loonies.

    And I know the other night was embarrassing you were right there but I did apologise to B63 I shouldn’t have overreacted like that, but I don’t recall “swinging like a pendulum” on anything else?