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Gotten morgen meine freuden. Kann ich ihen helfen?

That my friends is how I’d imagine the German Le Grove would speak to you. I’m not German though. So lets keep it real and go English.

What the f*cking hell is going on at Arsenal eh? Is Wenger taking the piss? 5 years after Matty Flamini flipped us the bosman bird, we’re offering him a new deal to help us out with our ‘resourcing’ issue. We’ve taken on our second injury prone French free transfer of the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased. I’d be pleased of we signed Gary Cotteril… but in the grand scheme of WTF moments, this one sits there… errr… actually, it’s not that crazy. I mean, as bad moves go, this one is ok… Be thankful it’s not a Bischoff or Park Chu-dodgy-deal.

So we have another body. He should start on Saturday. We’ll have a tired squad after the long away trip and we need to be fresh for a team who have had a week to prepare for our arrival. That’ll mean they’ll have an actionable game plan, they’ll be focused and they’ll likely give is a game.

Outside Matty, more disappointment rained down. The move for Benzema died a death after his agent denied the move. The story, according to a good source stems from a Spanish based person telling a journo that Arsenal are moving for a big name either Spanish based or Spanish. Basically, Benzema was a Fleet Street guess. An educated one. What with Madrid being in need of Bale money. But a guess. So who could it be? Please not Torres… how Arsenal would that be though? Taking expensive gambles is only marginally more fun than cheap ones.

… news on the wires points to Arsenal bidding £40m for the Frenchman today, along with signing Di Maria. All seems rather rich to me. I’m slightly tired of getting my hopes up, so we’ll see how this pans out. Madrid haven Morata, outside that, they only have Ronaldo for goals. Seems a bit risky to sell him even if they do land Gareth Bale. From an Arsenal perspective, he does fit the mold. He’s tall, has strength, is creative (20 assists last year) and he knows where the net is (23 goals last year). Does he have a good work ethic? I’m not sure… Mourinho used to question him. We’ll see though.

Not sure what’s going on with the keeper stuff but someone messaged me to say we’d bid £4m for the Valencia keeper who has an £18m buyout clause. I know Spain is broke… but it’s not stupid. Arsene is on a world tour of offending football clubs. Someone needs to take him outside and smack his wrists… because his approach to negotiation is appalling. Surely Dick Law should have some balls and tell Arsene to stop being so flippant with his valuations. Does he even have to know what we pay?

‘Hey Dick, what did you pay for this keeper?’
‘£38,000 Arsene, total steal’
‘Oh really? Tell me more?’
‘Yeah, tears everywhere, he was blubbering harder than Senderos after West Ham, they really feel like you’ve done them over’
‘Super, super handbrake off deals Dick, how clever are we?’
‘Real clever Arsene, real damn clever’

That right there is how you placate Arsene. Easy.

… but hey, what do I know about internal politics in a mismanaged organisation? Nothing.

I’m hanging today, so I d0n’t have much else to add to this. However, worth noting that I met a bunch of guys last night who were listening in on my conversation… interested in ‘Arsenal’… turns out they run a cake shop called ‘Piece of Velvet’ in New York. The uniforms were red, obviously… and the staff all had support Arsenal or they were out of a job according to the owner. Great work. Go and buy some cake there if you’re from Brooklyn.

P.S. Jack Wilshere has made some interesting comments in the press about consideration for his future if Arsene left.

Firstly, they’re disappointing comments. I’d expect it from a foreign player, but not a home grown future captain… but we’ve been here before. Ashley Cole showed no loyalty to us and we all loved him. However, putting that to one side, there are a few things to consider here.

> Arsene Wenger leaving could hardly impact our ability to keep top players any more negatively. We’ve lost all our best players over the years. The only reason we didn’t this summer is because we don’t really have that many marquee players left!

> Arsene dishes out the massive deals in return for massive love and loyalty. Of course Jack is going to say Wenger is the best in the business. He owes him a career and he’s only known one way of managing.

> A load of Chelsea players said they’d leave if Mourinho were sacked a few years ago… they all stayed. Players are loyal to one thing and one thing only. Cash money bitches.

> Jack is a kid. Let’s not forget that. There’s always an expectation these guys should speak in the press like seasoned PR pros. They’re just kids. He’d still be in University if he was like your standard 21 year old.

> If Jack did decide to leave us, he’d cite a lack of trophies and ambition. Who does the buck stop with for that?

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  1. Dannyboy

    Are we going 4-4-2 today???

    Jenks, Sagna, Mert, Gibbs
    Ramsey, Rosicky, Santi, Walcott
    Podolski Giroud

    ?? Cant work out how our midfield would operate as a 3 with the players starting?

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Dealing first with comment attributed to Wilshire. I am not disappointed if a
    player is loyal to his manager albeit that it is time for Wenger to go.

    Wilshire went on to say that he might be minded to leave as well. I would suggest that would also depend on which manager comes in and of course the club policy at the time.

    Under Wenger it has been ‘easy’ for players to leave. That may not be the case
    in the future.

    Looking at the rumours, which have been floating around I suspect that there
    could be some grain of truth in Di Maria coming to the club. He is a left winger and his arrival would mean that Cazorla reverts back to a central midfield role.

    I agree with Pedro’s comment that Benzema is less likely to come. His sale would depend on a replacement being found by Real. Suarez is the only option
    and I think that it is now too late in this transfer window.

    On the other hand Real might still acquire Suarez in January as he would not
    be Champions League Cup tied. The question then might be would Arsenal
    want to bring in Benzema who would be cup tied.

    I am not really keen on bringing back Flamini, but so long as we sort out other positions in squad I could digest a short-term contract providing we spend
    money elsewhere.

    Any suggestion to offload Podolski in this transfer window is utter madness.
    We are thin on the ground as it is. We have to date offloaded 9 first team squad players in last two transfer windows and replaced just 2. Podolski may
    now struggle to be regular starter in first team, but he is a useful player AND
    scored last season 16 goals.

  3. Karim

    Tiote is Ivorian french african

    Ivory Coast is independent man, wake the f..k up !

    When talking about Sol Campbell, do you say :
    Campbell is Jamaican English Caribbean ??!!

  4. Bri

    Wenger inherited a great goalie, great back four plus Keown.
    When you add to that Bergkamp, Wright and Parlour, just maybe for our golden years he was more lucky than brilliant and maybe what we have seen for the last 8 years is as good as he gets.
    As it stands our next manager aint gonna be so lucky with Mr Wenger`s legacy,
    for sure!!

  5. GunnerliciousTB

    Today’s prediction : Arsenal 2-0 down at half time and Sanogo to come on and score a match winning hattrick

  6. N5

    Yeah its on the first row site, a desktop app for watching in hd, I’m just wondering if I download it if it is going to be full of viruses.

  7. GunnerliciousTB

    Why are the Fulham forwards the only reason Arsenal play the ball forward? I bet Mertesacker Sagna and Szczesny could play keep ball the whole day if they wanted to

  8. MadeToLoveMagic

    all wilshere haters fuck off, its taken rambo ages to get over injury , ,

    people slag off wenger for over playing him, then slag off wilshere for not being able to play 2 games in a week, , ridic

  9. bishop

    Made to love

    Wilshere asked for it…we covered our faces for his lapses cos of the love…cos his dad made him god..he calls us ridiculous…who d fuck is he? No one questions the fucking one

  10. WengerEagle

    The fact that a 24 year old Theo Walcott still can’t beat his man is reason enough that he will never be the class winger that we need. We’re stuck with his mediocrity until he loses his pace

  11. N5

    This is what worries me, Fulham are getting more and more into the game and Wenger does nothing to the shape of play, the tactics employed or the personnel, I think sometimes he just sits there vacant hoping the ground swallows him!

  12. Jake

    I wish Walcott would just square it sometimes. I don’t mind that he cuts in because he can score them but just square in early every now and then.

  13. Jake


    The players have talked about this before and at length, we do it sort of on purpose. We don’t mean to give them chances but we do sit back after 10-20 minutes and especially if we have scored. There are very few teams in the world that can just attack, attack, attack. Obviously it makes me a bit edgy but I do understand why. Also, PODOLSKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

  14. Keyser

    Why we are the only team where the yellow card foul ratio is 4:!.

    Berbatov’s elbowed Sagna in the head, gone in late, will probably get a final warning, then a yellow

    Ramsey first foul yellow.

  15. bishop

    This team plays better without wilshere..forget the present beef…we just need a strong DM…poldoski does nothing then scores

  16. N5

    Jake, my issue isn’t the fact they sit back, I get that, its how gormless Wenger can look at times and in instances like Villa even when it becomes 1-1 then 1-2 he still just sits there not knowing what to do.

  17. Jeff

    Not bad, not bad. Why o why couldn’t we do that against Villa. No handbrake today, that’s for sure. I reckon we could get a few more today.

  18. GUNNER786


    We’re winning 2 zip against a shit Fulham side and all of a sudden we’re WORLD BEATERS.




  19. useroz

    With a lethal LEFT foot how could you not shooting sight at 7.22 yard out for god sake….

    Wheres the ruthless streak…pre season already over guys…

  20. WengerEagle

    This result and Fenerbache (two poor sides let’s face it) will save Wenger’s bacon.
    You’d swear last Saturday didn’t even happen listening to some AKB’s on BBC and idiots like Keown

  21. useroz

    Played ok…against FULLHAM not disrespect.

    You cannot say this is a squad to compete for the PL title?? And it is wafer thin…

    Just a thought… if Gerard like wilshere so much let’s swap him with Suarez….

  22. ikon

    Nice display first half…

    Walcott is making life miserable for Riise.

    Get Samuel Eto, a defender and Fellaini.. we would be safe at least number wise.

  23. Jeff


    I agree with the sentiment you convey but I really don’t think how we as fans feel at this point in time will have any effect on the future of Wenger. We have to be grateful for small mercies like scoring a couple against a team that we ought really to be not too worried about but Arsenal fan complacency is a thing of the past.

  24. WengerEagle

    Andy Gray on Giroud ‘The way he finished last season with 12 goals in 12 games I think he is good enough to win them the league but maybe not the Champions League’

    Erm Andy he only scored 11 League goals all season…

  25. GUNNER786

    I wonder how ‘Prince Poldi’ and Giroud will perform against the big boys?
    Oh and not to forget Spurs, a team who are getting better and better.

  26. arsenal-flavour

    LADIES I AM GOING TO GET A lot of hate for saying this.

    But we play better without Jack wilshere… I mean right now Im not saying this will forever be the case. i just don’t think his performances warrant first team football At the MOMENT and his struggling with fitness anyway.

    Last season we played better without him and so far this season it looks the same.

    Jack loses possession and slows down play with needless tackles.. he also isn’t that great at counter attacking he never passes the ball up the field on the counter he just side passes and then runs up the field (which is good sometimes but its all he does)

    Ramsey Rosiscky and Cazorla are so much more deadly on the counter, Rosiscky has this insane acceleration and always always finds a forward pass, cazorla is just hyper aware and dances/glides up the pitch and he find those key passes into the box, walcott is obviously are pace whore who draws there defenders and then either shoots or supplies the simple squared pass, Ramsey though not fast at the moment seems to have some really good vision that heps on the counter but also he seems to be staying back and putting in a decent defensive coverage (not saying we don’t need a DM though)

    WE play better without Jack right now at the moment… I am not saying his shit so chill boys!

  27. N5

    Gunner you show me the comment that shows anyone saying Arsenal are now world beaters! we’re just enjoying a game, go get some joy in your life as Arsenal obviously isn’t giving you any.

  28. WengerEagle

    Some nutbag on BBC Football Live text:

    Mic Medeska 13:35
    ‘Walcott on the right is frighteningly good. So frustrating that he wants to be a lone striker, just do what you’re good at!’

    Fuck me he can’t even beat his man!

  29. arsenal-flavour

    We are far from a title winning team but for fucks guys enjoy this football match otherwise you might as well switch it off.

    I don’t like Wenger I want him out.
    But the team I support, its not the players who are in control of transfers its the manager

  30. Gunner2301

    I don’t expect any world class signings. Yet again Wenger is going to get away with it we will go into the season with what we have a few freebies and maybe one quality signing to keep the fans quiet. It won’t address the problems it’s doing the bare minimum as usual. The fans will quieten down the club will announce a new contract for Wenger in a month or two.


  31. WengerEagle


    I Love watching Arsenal play 99.9% of the time don’t get me wrong, but if we win this comfortably we are looking at Wenger signing Flamini and Gourcuff on a loan

  32. sam

    useroz August 24, 2013 13:36:09

    Played ok…against FULLHAM not disrespect.

    You cannot say this is a squad to compete for the PL title?? And it is wafer thin…

    Just a thought… if Gerard like wilshere so much let’s swap him with Suarez….

    Yeah lets swap Wilshere with a fucking nutter

    you fucking genius!

  33. arsenal-flavour

    The irony of critizing Walcott is his are most dangerous football player

    Great football player? No

    Useful football player? Yes

    His full of flaws but his direct and we eally need that, if we didn’t have him no doubt Wenger would have some tip tappy side pass player instead.

    Would I prefer Reus? Yes
    But does that mean we shouldn’t play Walcot because there are other players out there who play for different teams? No

    Without walcotts goals and assists we would be fucked… and as for people claiming he pads his stats against relegation teams not really true when he scored against 3 of the top teams…

    I get your frustration but be realistic in it

  34. Gunner2301

    Sagna a CB at 5′ 9″? Just because Arsene wants to save money and can’t abide having 2 players in the same position? This will come back on us at some point.

  35. Relieable sauce

    Playing Berba & Taraabt was always a huge gamble, a calculated risk i’m not sure Jol will try against many teams. We adapted to the conditions better as well.

    Papering over the cracks again & Wenger & his cultists will have us down as contenders again no doubt. The silver lining could be that he doesn’t spend on a mad trolley dash & we don’t restock the deadwood. Anyone that thinks squad has what it takes to make top four this season needs to take a step back & assess the facts. Not a snowballs chance…

    Still no reply from IG/owner/BOD to the AST letter???
    Maybe that will come today, or after Tuesdays game : /

  36. Jake

    Someone just shot Taarabt. How long are people going to be allowed to bring guns into stadiums, it’s a disgrace.

  37. Guninurback

    So maybe we should just state publicly that Wenger will be off at the end of the season no matter what, unless this team wins a treble, because it sure looks like his butt bandits won’t play for jack shit else.

    Or maybe we should just say we’re firing the manager ahead of every game from now until the end of the season.

  38. arsenal-flavour

    Walcot is to selfish fair criticism… Its because his got this bizarre target of 22 goals this season last years was 18…

    Yet he doesn’t seem to understand an assist is just as good…

  39. arsenal-flavour

    Why do people want Wenger to sign players

    i don’t get some of you guys logic we lose the match so we sign players

    WAIT DO YOU guys still trust Wenger to sign the right players???? LOOOL

    Nar guys if he does sign its going to be deadwood or completely bog average players.

    I hope he signs no one.

  40. Gunner2301

    We need quality

    Now we need quantity

    I see he’s teeing up the Flamini return – All players want to come back

    Yeah of course they do Arsene because they know they cannot achieve anything here. They fuck off achieve what they want elsewhere then ask you to come back when their career starts going downhill because they know you’re a soft touch and you pay stupid money for average players. What The Fuck do you expect?


  41. Jake

    Flamini won two trophies (1 major) at Arsenal, then he won two trophies (1 major) at Milan. What exactly was it that he “fucked off to achieve”?