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Gotten morgen meine freuden. Kann ich ihen helfen?

That my friends is how I’d imagine the German Le Grove would speak to you. I’m not German though. So lets keep it real and go English.

What the f*cking hell is going on at Arsenal eh? Is Wenger taking the piss? 5 years after Matty Flamini flipped us the bosman bird, we’re offering him a new deal to help us out with our ‘resourcing’ issue. We’ve taken on our second injury prone French free transfer of the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased. I’d be pleased of we signed Gary Cotteril… but in the grand scheme of WTF moments, this one sits there… errr… actually, it’s not that crazy. I mean, as bad moves go, this one is ok… Be thankful it’s not a Bischoff or Park Chu-dodgy-deal.

So we have another body. He should start on Saturday. We’ll have a tired squad after the long away trip and we need to be fresh for a team who have had a week to prepare for our arrival. That’ll mean they’ll have an actionable game plan, they’ll be focused and they’ll likely give is a game.

Outside Matty, more disappointment rained down. The move for Benzema died a death after his agent denied the move. The story, according to a good source stems from a Spanish based person telling a journo that Arsenal are moving for a big name either Spanish based or Spanish. Basically, Benzema was a Fleet Street guess. An educated one. What with Madrid being in need of Bale money. But a guess. So who could it be? Please not Torres… how Arsenal would that be though? Taking expensive gambles is only marginally more fun than cheap ones.

… news on the wires points to Arsenal bidding £40m for the Frenchman today, along with signing Di Maria. All seems rather rich to me. I’m slightly tired of getting my hopes up, so we’ll see how this pans out. Madrid haven Morata, outside that, they only have Ronaldo for goals. Seems a bit risky to sell him even if they do land Gareth Bale. From an Arsenal perspective, he does fit the mold. He’s tall, has strength, is creative (20 assists last year) and he knows where the net is (23 goals last year). Does he have a good work ethic? I’m not sure… Mourinho used to question him. We’ll see though.

Not sure what’s going on with the keeper stuff but someone messaged me to say we’d bid £4m for the Valencia keeper who has an £18m buyout clause. I know Spain is broke… but it’s not stupid. Arsene is on a world tour of offending football clubs. Someone needs to take him outside and smack his wrists… because his approach to negotiation is appalling. Surely Dick Law should have some balls and tell Arsene to stop being so flippant with his valuations. Does he even have to know what we pay?

‘Hey Dick, what did you pay for this keeper?’
‘£38,000 Arsene, total steal’
‘Oh really? Tell me more?’
‘Yeah, tears everywhere, he was blubbering harder than Senderos after West Ham, they really feel like you’ve done them over’
‘Super, super handbrake off deals Dick, how clever are we?’
‘Real clever Arsene, real damn clever’

That right there is how you placate Arsene. Easy.

… but hey, what do I know about internal politics in a mismanaged organisation? Nothing.

I’m hanging today, so I d0n’t have much else to add to this. However, worth noting that I met a bunch of guys last night who were listening in on my conversation… interested in ‘Arsenal’… turns out they run a cake shop called ‘Piece of Velvet’ in New York. The uniforms were red, obviously… and the staff all had support Arsenal or they were out of a job according to the owner. Great work. Go and buy some cake there if you’re from Brooklyn.

P.S. Jack Wilshere has made some interesting comments in the press about consideration for his future if Arsene left.

Firstly, they’re disappointing comments. I’d expect it from a foreign player, but not a home grown future captain… but we’ve been here before. Ashley Cole showed no loyalty to us and we all loved him. However, putting that to one side, there are a few things to consider here.

> Arsene Wenger leaving could hardly impact our ability to keep top players any more negatively. We’ve lost all our best players over the years. The only reason we didn’t this summer is because we don’t really have that many marquee players left!

> Arsene dishes out the massive deals in return for massive love and loyalty. Of course Jack is going to say Wenger is the best in the business. He owes him a career and he’s only known one way of managing.

> A load of Chelsea players said they’d leave if Mourinho were sacked a few years ago… they all stayed. Players are loyal to one thing and one thing only. Cash money bitches.

> Jack is a kid. Let’s not forget that. There’s always an expectation these guys should speak in the press like seasoned PR pros. They’re just kids. He’d still be in University if he was like your standard 21 year old.

> If Jack did decide to leave us, he’d cite a lack of trophies and ambition. Who does the buck stop with for that?

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  1. Goongoonergone

    Jack Wilshere and his love dad, Wenger can piss off for all I care. I mean, nobody threatens AFC, especially some one who has won squat. There are Wilshere a dime a dozen in other leagues.
    So Wilshere, when Wenger goes, do me a favour son, take you left peg, you moaning minnie and buzz off. You ain’t done anything special for Arsenal yet.
    And while you are at it, tell me how many goals or assists you have contributed!!!

  2. arsenal-flavour

    The story, according to a good source stems from a Spanish based person telling a journo that Arsenal are moving for a big name either Spanish based or Spanish.

    Wow Is this what the press/media has come to…

    A bloke with a funny accent in the pub told me we are in for a south american striker so Im guessing we are placing bids for messi or cavani…

  3. arsenal-flavour

    Reports are coming in that we are in for a European football player…

    So I guess we are in for messi or ronaldo

    The press have no quality control
    They hear from a bloke who knows a bloke whose cousins with a bloke who works for a bloke that knows a bloke who’s a cleaner at shop across the road from The madrid stadium.. so we are in for a spanish based player oh of course Benzema…

  4. TeddyBare

    Wilshere is just asking for it from the fans who have been patient with him hoping he’ll rediscover his pre-injury form. He hasn’t exactly been lighting up the Emirates lately and now this?!

  5. arsenal-flavour

    Wilshere has been calling for us to sign players all summer

    As soon as the mention of a new manager who would bring in new players and that wilshere would have to compete for his place he gets all pissy.

    Wilshere either was told/coerced into saying this or he has been brainwashed into believing it

  6. The Real Gooner

    Thanks very good post,I laughed out loud. It’s all gone completely Pythonesque, Dali, Milligan…..sad that it’s my beloved Gunners……………………..aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!

  7. Leon

    Spurs and Chelsea battling it out for £30 million Willian and we are chasing Flamini and now we have Jack Wilshere threatening to leave if Wenger leaves. My advice Jack is fuck off – we have struggled for years and you have delivered NOTHING to the club except injuries and inconsistency. Is this Wenger’s tactics to use his “best” players to threaten to quit if he is forced out ? I say best players because lets be honest all of our players are pants and he just sucks slightly less than the others – Lets get Wenger out and if Wilshere wants to go he can fun off as well…

  8. AA23

    Wilshere is a thick cunt
    What does he bring on the pitch as well?
    He doesn’t score, he doesn’t assist he doesn’t have great passing
    He just runs about
    Fuck him

  9. Goongoonergone


    The problem with people like Wilshere is that they are all Wenger’s love children. They have it quite easy at the Colney Creche. They are untouchables. With daddio Wenger they are guaranteed a starting spot no matter how shitty they are.
    A new manager will not stand for crap like that.
    Hence all Wilshere’s barking and bravado.
    In their little world the manager always comes before the fans.

  10. arsenal-flavour

    To be honest Jack can’t exactly come out and say yeah I think arsene’s well shit..

    WE can have are private thoughts about are bosses but we don’t tell them to their face well we try not to 😉

    Im pretty sure he was instructed to do this interview and maybe not explicitly told in exact words what to say but was given a general schooling in what he should say

  11. porkchop

    noone is bigger than the club…Weve lost fabregas and we are still here…who is jack?..i love him but what a silly thing to say…like thats going to cool the heat off wenger # wenger out

  12. Olly

    Although I am frustrated with Wenger like alot of fans…. I like Jack backing Wenger & its about time a player did.

    The bid for the Valencia keeper seems a bit low but far closer than the figure they are banding about.

  13. useroz

    Dannyboy August 23, 2013 16:11:32
    Not good to hear from the ultimate AKB…
    Wilshere, tell you what… just go.

    You have not even earned your right to be arrogant …twat!

    Dont worry we will ask for 40m + a dollar for your transfer… if anyone wanted you of course…………..

    Wenger out …and take your kids with you.

  14. Dan Ahern

    So Benzema was a bunch of second-hand guesswork?

    Yeah, I could see that. We lament the news media but we’re at fault too, always chirping for any bit of news. We’ll talk about it no matter how made up it is.

  15. arsenal-flavour

    the wilshere comments

    Are so obvious i MEAN its so obviously wengers PR team is behind this…

    He realizes fans have or are falling out of love with him so now his using the kids..

    Its like a husband who wants to divorce his wife but the wife says you’ll never see your kids again if you leave me.

    Its pathetic cynical and once again shows the incompetence and are skewed warped sense of priorities we should be out their trying to sign quality players not trying machevillian like to manipulate the Arsenal fans.


  16. Evan

    Instructed my ass, all of Wengers children love him, brainwashed. If Jack left the Arsenal, based on his comments then he can fuck off.

  17. paulie

    Who fucking cares jack. Your totally overrated. Always fucjing injured anyway. You have potential but thats all kid. Id gladly sacrifice you to get rid of wenger

  18. Jimbo

    Pedro. Have I missed something here????

    Flamini hasn’t actually signed for us, so a bit premature to expect him to START the game at Fulham tomorrow???!

  19. Alfygun

    He doesn’t have to say Arsene’s shit but doesn’t need to say any doubters are ridiculous either.
    Just another bit of disrespect for the genuinely concerned fans!!

  20. Orson

    Jack can do one if that’s his attitude. I’m sick to death of this poxy club, it’s half assed management and wanky ego laden “stars” that all want to leave every 30 seconds. Spend some fucking money. And if you want to go, FUCK RIGHT OFF. And do it quickly.

  21. Dawa

    It is becoming clear to us all that “they are smoking something at the Emirate.” Wenger Said after Fener match that we are adequate quality wise but short in number. This is an indicati on that Suarez, Huigain Bender and other bidings were to insult all Football lovers sensibility.

  22. Mask of Zorro

    I remember when one of the main excuse used to be “Our best players would leave if Wenger leaves”! And to think some people actually believed it then!

  23. luke

    Di Maria would be so perfect! He needs to be first team in a world cup year. Argentina have gaitan, lavezzi, aguero, messi, Lamela.

  24. N5

    Fuck me what a silly comment for Jack to come out with, he must understand the frustration that fans are feeling and really put himself in the firing line. I hope he scores tomorrow or he may find he comes under a bit of stick! silly idiot.

  25. arsenal-flavour

    wilshere doesn’t scor

    e doesn’t assist in goals…

    doesn’t tackle…

    can only side pass

    can dribble but always takes on more than he can handle

    loses possesion

    disspears in games until he makes a needless foul

    I am no Ramsey lover but the boy actually contributes

    I get not all midfilders need to score or create goal scoring opportunities… some need to defend/act as holding midfielder Jack does none of this


  26. Tony C.

    Wilshere is a perfect example of Wenger bringing a young player through. Where do we play him? Promising ? Not with us. We have no idea of what to do with promising lads. Can Ramsay continue his good form vs. Fenerbache and become a midfield general for much of the E.P.L. season? I hope so, but there is no holding my breath. Good luck Arsenal, but Wenger must go!!

  27. Goongoonergone

    @ Arsenal Flavour who said:”Im pretty sure he was instructed to do this interview and maybe not explicitly told in exact words what to say but was given a general schooling in what he should say.”

    I hear you mate. Wilshere, however, can go about praising Wenger until kingdom come but what’s all this crap threats that he may consider quitting Arsenal? And who is he going to sign for then? It’s not like any team is tripping over itself to sign him. Not a squeak from any other team even whispering his name.
    Who the hell does he think he is? When he reaches the level of a Bale or Suarez, then he can open his damned gob.
    In the meantime, he should knuckle down and actually start contributing to AFC.
    All he does is blow his mouth in the press.

  28. N5

    He’s another one of those twitter warriors like Frimpongball was. Get of the social network and practice scoring you jumped up little fucker.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Jack Wilshere can fuck right off.

    How low is that, Arsene has come to blackmailing us with a fan favourite…

    If he goes, I go…did you want to send for your things or pack them now Jack?

    Because right now Aaron fucking Ramsey is showing you up!

  30. Jeff

    We are chasing Flamini because notbody else is after him. That’s how we like it. We want to be the only football club on the planet, Wenger wants to be the manager of it and that way we can buy anyone we like without being outbid. That would be his utopia. The problem is that he is behaving as if that was the reality. That thing he does with his mouth, very, very bad; he should take a vow of silence for the rest of his life.

    I listened to him today with every hair on my body stood up. More gibberish, more lies, more deceit, more evidence of incompetence, mismanagement and further proof that he is in fact mad as a mongoose.

  31. Richard walker

    Too funny that any person on here thinks they know more about football than Wilshere and Wenger. Pretty damn presumptuous. Be a fan, but look in the mirror and be honest with yourselves. You have know idea how the inner workings of a club go on. Anybody that says Wilshere is a dime a dozen footballer is just being ridiculous.

  32. arsenal-flavour

    fuck it I’d make a better striker than giroud

    only problem is if I was an Arsenal player we might actually win the league…

    be a bit akward for wenger because then the fans would expect a trophy every year

  33. Hitman

    Jack, ahh bless.

    If he had any intelligence he’d be at university not a footballer.

    Listen lad… let him go. He’s getting on a bit , senility has kicked in. He’ll be gone next year. Accept it.

    You’ve got to think about what’s good for numero uno.

    The old man doesn’t care about you. He’s run you into the ground for last 3 years. Almost destroyed your career before it even started. Wont buy a couple of world class bouncers to give you some protection in the middle.

    We’ll get a Klopp in to look after you. A change can do wonders. Life goes on.

  34. useroz

    wilshere… “Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies.

    “OK we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.

    jacky boy, did you learn to use a dictionary… naughty aren’t yo.u?

    check out ‘always’ before you try suck up to wenger…

    btw, look up ‘little’ and ‘dip’ too while you are at it…

    how about finding out who help pay your wages before talking about ‘ridiculous’?

    let us know what you learn mate

  35. big jeff

    I don’t get the hate for flamini. I get he isn’t great, but he is a decent squad filler who will go out and get stuck in. he is like 3 signings in 1. CM, LB, RB and he will go out and do the job. he is better than the players we let go. as long as he isn’t on 75k/week like I keep reading, then he is a decent squaddie. if he is over 50k, then fucking hell…

    he was our starting LB for our champions league run of 10 consecutive clean sheets, then cole comes back and wegner sits him on the bench for the final, when cole did fuckall to get us there. so im not upset at him leaving on a free at all.

  36. Goongoonergone

    Jack Wilshere threatening to leave if Wenger goes is like Almunia telling us he would leave if Wenger goes.
    Wilshere, understand this very carefully. We have had enough of your love dad, Wenger, insulting our level of intelligence for years.
    We are up to our ears in it.
    So when you start sprouting crap against die-hard fans like us, you are crossing a line you shouldn’t.
    We are done with Wenger, so for you to say that fans’ criticisms are”ridiculous”, you are perhaps one of those John Henry alluded to when he famously asked:”What are they smoking at the Emirates?”

  37. James fanning

    At least jack makes an effort,our problem is the slow German,my granny could move faster than that cunt,we need a keeper,there both proper shit,oh fuck it there all shit,we’re get beaten at the weekend and hopefully that French twat will have the good grace too go,whoever he buys is going too be shit anyway

  38. Alfygun

    I can just imagine Wenger sitting around a fire toasting out of date sausages and talking to all his young boys about how to protect him, what FAGIN needs is Bill Sykes to come in and kick his arse and tell him what he needs to hear.

    We want you out, regardless of the increasingly distant past achievements.

  39. Marko

    Those Lamela stories seem to of gone very quite. I’d love it if we were trying to pinch him. I’d love it if we were trying anything at the moment

  40. useroz

    wilshere… “Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies.
    “OK we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.
    jacky boy, did you learn to use a dictionary… naughty aren’t yo.u?
    check out the word ‘always’ before you try suck up to wenger…
    btw, look up ‘little’ and ‘dip’ too while you are at it…
    how about finding out who help pay your wages before talking about ‘ridiculous’?
    let us know what you learn mate, or fuck right off

  41. James fanning

    Could someone please tell me what they are smoking at the emirates,ill probably need a big bag of it after the weekend

  42. big jeff

    now let me get this straight too…

    jack is shit who cant score or do anything else but just had his first beer like 6 months ago….

    his stats are the same as willian, but willian is 4 years older and worth 30 mil…. and everyone here is crying to sign the guy.

    please, explain…. anyone…. logical…

    I get wenger has made massive mistakes, I just don’t get the fans reactions when it comes to buying players. you don’t want deadwood, you don’t want youngsters, spend spend spend….but don’t spend too much, cuz we don’t want more deadwood….but gotze, hazard and the other 20 years olds are awesome, but we don’t want youth, we want experience….

    why did we buy arteta….. arteta gets hurts…. what are we going to do without arteta… lol

    arsenal fans are too much. take your meds and try to enjoy the season.

  43. big jeff

    logic would suggest that we are going to be buying some very good players if we are loaning out poldi. he put up decent numbers last year and we would not loan him out without bringing someone else in. when poldi plays RB, then you know the squad is too small.

    no chance poldi is gone without bringing in someone of di maria quality IMO

  44. SpanishDave

    So right Jeff I find it hard to watch him on tv, his remarks are embarrasing and sometimes you just cannot follow his drift at all.
    7 mil a year for this and he fails constantly to do his job. Other managers must laugh behind his back now and their respect for him is now all but disappeared.
    Scrapping wins now will only keep him in a job and the worse senario he gets a new contract, god help us.
    The whole club needs a kick up the arse, and we do need a new owner bacause Stan is using us to prop up his empire, nothing more. The excess money will be quietly syphoned off to some holding company into Stans pocket.

  45. Jeff

    To be perfectly honest, what the players say is of little consequence. Wilshere knows which side his bread is buttered so if he finds himself in a situation where the manager is called into question and he needs to comment he’s not going to rubbish the coach and call on him to resign.

    Whilst this charade lasts, the players have to go along with it; they have no choice. If Wenger does leave I can guarantee you Wilshere won’t be going anywhere because the new manager (who’s almost bound to have a few more living brain cells than Wenger) will have something to say about it. So, we can pretty much ignore anything that the players say – they don’t alter the situation one bit.

  46. Goongoonergone

    @ Richard Walker who said: “Anybody that says Wilshere is a dime a dozen footballer is just being ridiculous.”

    Mate, you are alluding to my comment.
    In what way am I being ridiculous? Do I need to understand the inner workings of a club to know that Wenger is messing up the club. It’s all there to see in broad daylight.
    What’s this inner working you are referring to? Is Arsenal F C now a part of the Illuminati or what?
    So what does Wilshere bring to Arsenal that players like Diame, Parker, and tons of midfielders don’t bring to the respective teams?
    How exactly has Wilshere lit up Arsenal FC last season and this? For me, his contribution is nothing to get excited about.
    So cut out all this crap conspiracy theory about inner workings. Jack Wilshere is a footballer and what I see of him and Wenger on the field is proof enough for me.
    Respectfully mate, if you wish to blow smoke up somebody’s arse, you can begin with your own.

  47. Marko

    Doubt we’d let Podolski go that’d mean we’d need to bring in at least 2 wide men what with Gervinho going and Chamberlain being injured. Like I said the only way Schalke should get Podolski is if we give them him and money for Julian Draxler.

  48. Paulinho

    It’s quite clear Wenger doesn’t fancy Podolski. However, the fact that needed to see Podolski up close for 12+ months to see how limited he was in terms of mobility and dribbling is another indictment of how clueless he’s become.

  49. Dan Ahern

    Let’s relax about Jack Wilshere.

    This is his quote:

    “I want to win things with Arsenal and I want to be there in the future, but if the boss leaves then things could change.”

    He’s just publicly sticking his neck out for his boss there–the guy who has managed him his entire professional career. In fact, for about his his entire time playing football from age 8 or 9, Wenger has been in charge of Arsenal. Wilshere’s just being loyal, it’s totally understandable.

    A lot of people are upset that he’d place loyalty to the manager above loyalty to the club. But are they really that different in Wilshere’s mind? Wenger took over at Arsenal when Jack was 4 years old.

  50. ben

    So now that Wilshire is not a massive WOB he’s a shitty player.
    He’s missed like 2 years of football due to injury FFS!!!

  51. azed

    It’s my birthday and my gift from Pedro is a late post!!!!!
    Anyway fellow moaners go have a drink on me and send the tab to Pedro.

  52. arsenal-flavour

    I actually have more respect and less contempt for wenger than the AKB horde

    Wenger at least has a reason for being such a cunt e.g. a huge pay packet of 7.5 million a a year and an even bigger ego to satisfy

    We call him a fool and idiot tactically he is, but in some departments his a complete evil genius… I mean who manages to create a situation whereby they are paid 7.5 a year to basically fail or do the bare minimum

    His like one of those Roman who are sly and cunning they plot and scheme there way to top but there actually hopeless at being the emperor.. They all seem to meet a violent end abit like Wenger when his chased out of town.

    The AKB on the other hand are complete naive moronic fools who smile and drawl with slacked drawed experessions to every lie from wengers mouth they march to his drum and have none of their own opinion are expressions every argument they have every point they make is a direct replicated quote of the arsenal proganda machine, AKBs are so vacant wouldn’t smell bullshit if it landed on their face.. #patience

  53. DaleDaGooner

    Hey arse-flavor, you hear bro? or busy sipping toilet water like a special one? “cool story” how old are ya?

  54. Kevin Weaver

    No player should speak out like this, if Arsenal fail to qualify for the CL, Jack wouldnt think twice about joining a bigger club. If I were a Spurs fan I would be happy Bale is leaving, because they have used the money to rebuild the team. If Jack Wilshere has to leave for Arsenal to get a manager who has some ambition then I for one wold be happy enough.

  55. johnjensenscurler

    ” They’re just kids. He’d still be in University if he was like your standard 21 year old.”

    ha ha, I have to say that made me laugh out loud. If he was not a footballer he would be nothing more than a common lout, poncing off the state.

  56. Ramsey's backpass

    Jack wilshere “The fans who want wenger out are ridiculous”

    he can take his bag with wenger and leave.
    Ramsey actually offers more than him.

    P.s changing my name to BACKPASS

  57. arsenal-flavour


    Mate Im not like that sorry Im not gay so don’t know why your asking for my age…

    As for toilet water comment bruv what goes on your mind? Its a pretty weird place…

  58. big jeff

    Kevin weaver

    so you are happy to be a spud cuz they sold Bale and bought no one of real note. paulinho? soldado?

    so then you must be thrilled when we sold RVP and bought santi, grioud and podolski correct?


  59. Goongoonergone

    @ Luke who asked: “Why the hell is Fellaini not an AFC player!!!???”

    Mate, Fellaini would kill Wilshere.

  60. Relieable sauce

    Jack would do well to remember its the fans that pay his wages next time he calls them ridiculous. Not a good road for a player to be going down at all!… lets hope one of the PR guys who post on here pick it up & an apology is released by the faceless & nameless club spokesperson asap.

    Zelalems favourite all time player was Brian Laudrup, the kids got smarts as well as skills.
    Lose LJW & Wonga & get Laudrup & keep Zelalem?

    Where do we sign!!!

  61. arsenal-flavour

    bigg jeff

    I get what your saying us fans do seem to have a habit of criticizing any player who is linked with the club.. and it goes to far some times.

    I think its because Wenger has signed so many duds in recent years every ones worried whoever we sign isn;t going to work out.

    But i totally agree with you that we take it wayyyy to far when we start saying benzema isn’t good enough.. and shizz like that.

  62. arsenal-steve

    Wilshire is a wonderful player. What he isn’t, is a wise man, and supporters are not being critical of Wenger without a reason. Lack of competitiveness of recent Arsenal teams, lack of quality signings to complement players already here, a multitude of promises then lies, mean Wenger has a lot to answer to. Wenger is in the supporters spotlight and if he fails to produce then reality will take over and the patience of even the club directors will show it’s face. Jack sit back and let the battle commence. We all hope Wenger produces, many are doubtful at the moment. Jack you are a wonderful footballer, but it is to the fans your loyalty really needs to go, they pay you a lot of money.

  63. DaleDaGooner

    Like i said, some of you go on and on about nothing, it’s become the “in thing” spend corpious amounts of time on here stating fantasy stories about what’s going on in Arsene’s life, meanwhile, the old git is making 7+ million still in his job and still running things, wanna be bitter about that? do something about it, buy up some shares or make yourself useful journos or something, people like arse-flavor sit on his daddy’s computer/iPad all day slapping his fat fingers on the keyboard talking out of his arse all day….

  64. AA23

    Wilshere is so overated it’s untrue
    Useless player
    Twitter cunt
    And more interested in licking England players arses than learning how to play football
    Fuck off you midget cunt

  65. Ughelligooner

    See all the fans on legrove contradicting themselves. “if no player/manager is bigger than the club” and can fuck off with their opinion, who the hell are you a fan to jugde? You can also fuckoff and no body will care about you too. There are more than 10 clubs in london choose one.. You see telling a player to go because he supports the manager and you dont so you stay. Lets see who Kronke listen to.

  66. Goner Joe

    Player says he may leave if Wenger leaves this said player now becomes a target for the idiots not good enough, fuck off you cunt and always injured waste. I see Tom who has always hated jack has a lot more supporters today because jack feels the need to pledge he’s loyalty to his manager.

  67. luke

    Who gives a rats ass about Wilshere’s quotes, as long as he gives 110% on the pitch. Let’s not forget who the real arse is at this club: Wenger.

  68. big jeff

    im 30/60 wenger other 10 is just mass confusion. WTF is really going on?

    I understand he has zero tactical know how in certain situations.

    I understand a high defensive line + slow defeders + zero pressure on the ball = suicide.

    I understand he dithers in the market. misses out on class players for 2-3 mil at times.

    I understand he has no plan other than clearing the deadwood (although perhaps he has a surprise up his sleeve in the next 10 days)

    But I don’t understand why people cant approach what other teams are doing in this transfer market with any logical thought. its like you all cant think or form an opinion yourself. you all just repeat whatever the media tells you.

    totenham haven’t signed anyone who is remotely close to world class. you all cried last year about Dempsey and holtby FFS.

    the players spuds signed would keep us at the same level, they would improve our bench, not our starting 11.

  69. themightykarim


    I agree but

    when talking about loyalty to the club

    you mean fans,dont you ? Cos obviously some people on here think they have a divine right to judge whats acceptable or not re Flamini for ex

  70. arsenal-flavour


    My friend I don’t leave with my dad… I don’t have an Ipad and I don’t have fat fingers

    Lol this is like 21 questions… Im 23 I just got my degree from manchester universality I muscle from brussels and Im a good looking chap so come at me bro..,

    Dale my man your the overly aggressive chap who comes on here and starts being instantly rude to everyone in your first comment and throws a tantrum instead of acting like an adult

    And you call me a kid…. Dale my man grow up 😉

  71. DaleDaGooner

    I said also earlier, Jack Wilshere would be mauled on here…lol, did i hear Zelalem? He’d come out and say Wenger for President, and the usuals would back track and turn on him….it’s really not hard, don’t like what Arsenal is, follow another sports or take another team and follow them, so bad that even if the team you claim you support wins, you are still on here moaning and talking arsed-flavour type of talks…lol

  72. reality check

    I agree with those that say jack at this point has to play along and keep himself in wengers good books…..


    Its about loyalty, managers come and go but the fans will never leave..

    Generation after generation the fans remain…

    Tbh, I didn’t know how evaluate jack because of his injuries ect. If he doesn’t at least fulfill 60-70% of this so called potential this season, he can piss off.

    Just another overrated english footballer.
    I agree with the comment above. Ramsey is showing wilshere up big time.

  73. AA23

    Arsenal Steve
    Fair play to your opinion
    But how is he a wonderful player?
    Serious question mate
    What does he actually bring us?
    I keep hearing how great he is but he’s done absolutely nothing for us
    He’s a waste of a place in our 11

  74. DaleDaGooner

    big jeff, top man, speaking a balanced, rational Arsenal fan….it’s not all gravy, but it aint all bad, in real life that is.

  75. Samir

    Wilshere is very very over rated…He hasn’t done much at all for us!

    Even Ramsey is outshining him !!

    When Wenger goes at the end of the season…Feel free to go with him Jack.

  76. AA23

    Arsenal flavour
    I can’t remember if it was you but did you talk about being a bare knuckle fighter over dagenham way?
    How did that work?

  77. DaleDaGooner

    arse-flav don’t want to debate, it’s pointless on here, pointless if you have to exchange comments with someone who throws around terms like “AKB” and cunt

  78. big jeff

    I can only imagine some of you in a work place environment. would be class to see a company full of le grove posters

    do you walk up to your boss and tell him hes a cunt and needs to leave after he got you the job and gave you a massive paycheck each week? do you tell him about every single mistake he has made and how he is a fucking moron for not hiring the right guy?

  79. Xrysto

    Arsenal PR machine in subtle pictographic manuever:

    Check out the up close and personal approach from Wenger. (he is human after all, honest.) Normally shows just one shot of Le Senile looking distant, but there are at least five pics of him talking to players WITH HIS HANDS EVEN!

    Is he trying to convince Podolski that he is a TOP, TOP, TOP player? Nah, He is gesticulating about the dirty little head cheese he had in Munich in March.

  80. big jeff


    why sign players for 30 mil aka willian just so he can sit on our bench?

    flamini on a free will do the same thing and will cover 3 positions at once and is free.

    I want us to splash the cash. we should spend money, but not on shit. we should spend big on 2 world class players, then 3 squaddies, promote 2 youngsters.

  81. arsenal-flavour


    not very well

    I was introduced to it by a ukrainen friend it wasn’t a career move just an odd fight here and there for money when I was really skint, my mate would of destroyed me if i ever fought him he was one of those guys you could break a wooden plank on his head and he would shrug it off

    Lol its a mugs game no one wins just one person gets less hurt

  82. DaleDaGooner

    Everyone wants Jack to be “loyal” to the fans, and not the club…..sorry, he’s loyal to the manager that has given him opportunities……Funny how yesterday there was another blog where the author pretty much stated how shyte Jack really is, he got so much abuse, a hand full of rational Gooners defended him…i wonder how they feel today after JW’s comments.

  83. arsenal-flavour


    I never called you an AKB or Cunt I said cool story bro and you got butt hurt.

    Perhaps I said cool story bro because your first comment was getting rude to everyone on and everyone without even trying to reason or engage with them…

    You have your opinion I have mine but we don’t need shouting at each other because we disagree

  84. DaleDaGooner

    big jeffAugust 23, 2013 19:59:05
    I can only imagine some of you in a work place environment. would be class to see a company full of le grove posters

    Again, this man talks sense….lol

  85. dave

    Big jeff

    I don’t know anything about Willian. In my opinion we both squad players and top quality signings. Flamini for me would be a good signing. My point was that you said that the signings that the Spuds have made would only improve our bench and I think that is not a bad thing.

  86. big jeff

    Walcott is class. stop giving him shit. its not his fault he was picked for the WC when he was 17. best winger in the prem last season. stats don’t lie. he shat all over hazard.

    his runs are improving, his final ball is improving and his touch is fantastic now. just look at the touch he took to win the PK against fener. class

    and arsenal flavor….. at 23, you are a kid son. sorry, no disrespect, but you are straight out of college and have no clue what life is about. when all you can say is your muscles and good looking, you’ve proven yourself to be a kid. your brain isn’t even fully developed yet. perhaps youre one of those genius college kids, but then, if you were, you wouldn’t be sitting on your ipad all day chatting on le grove….

  87. arsenal-flavour

    Plus you know a girl like her would have plenty of stamina 😉


  88. big jeff


    agree 100% mate. we needs 2 starters and 3 subs.

    but what im saying is spurs have signed 4 subs and are losing their game winner. us standing still is the same as spuds buying 6 players. we are still better than they are assuming bale is gone.

    so if we can sign 1 world class player and 2-3 subs, we will get 4th no problem

    to challenge the top 3, we need to spend 100 mil this window and then have no injuries for a long period of the season

  89. bishop


    Can you guys check the trainning pictures..poldoski dick getting hard while talking to wenger…Now you see why they all wanna go down with him..

  90. arsenal-flavour

    bigg jeff

    Can I ask you a question do you honestly feel Wenger is the right man for the job? no swashbuckling with your words straight to the point my fella!

    Look lets be honest people aren’t nitpicking at Wenger his made numerous serious errors and poor decisions and shown on many circumstances incompetence at least maybe even negligence.

    Do I need to really go through the list of atrocious mistakes…

    Come on man wake and smell the humus

  91. salman

    Wilshere is not over rated, he is one of the very few players in our midfield(infact just three; jack,santi,rosicky) who pass the ball forward most of the times and pass it quickly. He makes excellent penetrative runs with good dribbling skills and is not afraid to tackle. Take his never give up attitude into account and you have got yourself a quality player. He is not a genuine game changer at the moment due to lack of goals but you cannot say he is overrated. Ramsey’s stats have been pretty good but he is so frustrating at times,slowing everything down and wasting counter attacking opportunities frequently.

  92. DaleDaGooner

    dave, interesting…Di Maria stat wise, has nothing on Podolski last season, and Podolksi has nothing on Walcott…but i respect that Theo doesn’t do it for you…I mean if Theo was in the Spuds team and got massive print play, Real Madrid wanted him for 94milli, you’d probably state how Arsene Wanker didn’t sign him…or how much of a melt he is that he chose Bale, a crap LB over Theo….maybe not you, pardon me, but a lot on here have very good hind sight.

  93. DaleDaGooner

    Salman, my man, as soon as Wilshere follows Arsene out the door, you’d be telling me how shit he is anyway…some are already saying that here.

  94. arsenal-flavour

    bigg jeff

    I don’t have an ipad I’m afraid

    You can call me a kid but that’s bullshit when you don’t know what I’ve lived through.

    Its extremely disrespectful to say that as you don’t know me I was on the wind up when I was saying good looking and muscles you took it seriously its called a joke…

    I can tell I am more of a man than you, you sniveling sycophant .

    If your such a wise elder why are you being played the fool and making excuses for a man who doesn’t care for you and is using and abusing your support

  95. dave


    It’s all about opinion. I would love Theo to succeed. Maybe he will, after all he’s only 23. He does do some good things but more often than not disappears. I don’t know about Di Maria, I admit. I just watch the Arsenal and, personally, I’m more surprised when he does well than when he doesn’t.

  96. arsenal-flavour

    big jeff

    Also if your such a mature well balanced person why are you getting involved in a conversation that was between me and Dale

    I am sure his grown up enough to fight his own battles,

    Instead you have cheap shots about my age and level of intelligence.. My friend that is both pathetic and profoundly immature… perhaps you should act your age before passing out judgement.

  97. N5

    Dale you seem very well versed in what “most” people on here would do/say/think! stop acting like the superior poster and realise the contradiction you are making by insulting people for insulting people.

  98. big jeff

    see what im saying AF

    quick to go through the “you have no idea what ive been through, blah blah blah…”

    something a child would say. all men go through struggles in life, that’s what makes you a man. at 23, you are a child, as are all the other 23 year olds. suffering and pain is just life. when you are older, you will understand that…

    and I will give wenger this year to decide whether he is the man for the job or not. he got us to where we are and set us up nicely for the future. fantastic stadium, great football for the most part.

    im not of the opinion that the FA cup or the Carling cup are trophies. they mean nothing to me. 4th place is more important for the club than either of those cups.

    for me its this order

    champs league

    wigan are champs, hows that going for them?

  99. The Pooh

    No fewer than SIX mistakes in that little German opening blurb of 8 words.
    Stick to English mate. Horses for courses.

    Anyway, it seems the boss is finally adding to the squad.

    Flamini !!!!! Top, top, top quality.

    Costs nothing, zylch, zero, nix, null.

    He is mending his ways at last.

    Now we are definitely winning the League.

    Chelsea snapped up Willian !!! See how quickly it can be done if you want to do it? No more than 24 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wenger OUT

  100. James

    Ha, so Wilshere is loyal to his manager and not the club? Can fuck off then – club comes first. His comments are absurd and ill-thought out, Wenger will not make his career he will destroy it.

  101. DaleDaGooner

    Hey Arsenal-flavor….you want us to treat you like an adult, and how much i came on here to abuse, should i copy and past the name you typed out in reference to me, your first response to what my opinion was about folks on here?

    I haven’t posted here in a while, haven’t had time and frankly, bored when i do read the drivel some usual folks paste on here,

    It’ll be interesting to read if people just didn’t all troll the blog and constantly call for Wenger life (not just his head), and wish the team fails miserably so you can enjoy your hindsights.

    It doesn’t help the team when there’s so much negative crap posted constantly, the team plays at the Emirates like they are playing in Manchester or something…yes maybe it’s time for Wenger to go, but some of you have no clue, just towing the line of what’s in vogue.

  102. dave

    Big Jeff

    CL only means something if we use it to invest in the squad or attract better players. At the moment we’re doing neither.

  103. big jeff


    CL means great games against barca, Bayern, Inter, Madrid, juve, Milan, Dortmund, etc….

    look, im not an arsenal fan so that I can brag about being the best team in the world, London, etc. im an arsenal fan because I love football, I think we do things the correct way and I love the game. football is entertainment, that’s all.

    you aren’t winning a trophy, so why does it matter to you? does it make you feel good to brag to your friends about a stranger that you don’t know has a shiny medal hanging on their wall?


    its obvious we all should expect that from jack such an idiot, can b played by wenger like said some1 up there he should understand how do we(fans ) we and mayb try to b on our side but this mother fucker jack can kiss my black ass and go hell

  105. Leedsgunner

    Bad luck?

    It’s never you is it Arsene?

    You couldn’t make it up.

    PS: Hey Jack… Are you threatening the club, you little s***? You do you think you are? No man is bigger than the Arsenal. Not Stan Kronke, Ivan Gazidas, or even Arsene Wenger (although he thinks he is.) Definitely not you.

    Next time you wear the red and white have a closer look. It says ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. Not Arsene anywhere. You show a bit more respect to the shirt and to the fans. You would be nothing without the shirt. Remember that.

  106. N5

    “does it make you feel good to brag to your friends about a stranger that you don’t know has a shiny medal hanging on their wall?”

    Yes 😀

  107. dave

    Big Jeff

    Believe me, I’m no glory hunter. Been ST holder for 40 years. I would like to compete though. If not, I’d rather had stayed at Highbury, had our cup run every now and then and paid reasonable prices. No, I’m not one of “them” longing for the old days but at this moment in time I do think I enjoyed it more back in the day. Maybe it’s me, maybe I need to stop going. At the moment I do feel that the club treat it’ s supporters poorly. It feels to me more of a money making organisation, less of a football club.

  108. AA23

    Arsenal Flavour
    Nice one mate
    I love all that.
    Very honest answer too.
    Don’t suppose you could chin some sense into Arsene could you?

  109. arsenal-flavour

    big jeff DaleDagooner

    Age is an abstract number its the experiences people have that make them who they are.
    I haven’t lived with my mothet for quite a few years.
    I have funded my own university
    I have worked on a building site 12 hours a day to fund uni in fact, all the older workers would turn up late or leave early for the pub I was the first to arrive and the last to leave.
    I have seen many people in my life die
    I have seen friends stabbed in the street
    I have a friend who was paralyzed
    I have grown up without a father
    I have had to support emotionally and financial a mother who was suffering from depression, a sister who was out of work after being knocked of her bike by a van
    I have been involved in all that petty child shit crime violence ect
    Maybe I could of lived on the doll and lived of other tax payers money
    But I had ambition my old friends are in prison or on their way I have excelled through adversity

    Some of us grow up young, if I appear immature on this blog I couddnt care less I have never had the luxury to be so in my real life.

    An-way’s lets not distract from the point here the fact it you have constructed a straw man argument you don’t ague the points instead you attack the character of the person who raises them that is a formal fallacy.

  110. Johnty79

    Everyone slags walcott earning 100k aweek but no one slags off wilshere for earning 80k aweek. Walcott has contributed more to arsenal then wilshere. Not entirely wilsheres fault as wenger has ruined him the same as Denison, song, arteta. Wenger let’s his midfield 3 do what the fuck they like. Ferguson would have turned him into the greatest english midfielder in a generation.