Arsenal move for Spanish based player | champions league trophy won!

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I went out last night with the US office, hoping maybe to sample the NYC scene. Instead, I bumped into a Gooner, ended up spending the whole night chatting about Arsenal. If there’s one common theme to get people talking, it’s the Gooners

Last night we tore a very weak Fenerbache a new one. The first half was dominated by Arsenal without much clinical edge, the second half saw a better Arsenal and a smashing 3 goal mauling. Fenerbache still threatened, Chesney, on the news we’re looking for a new keeper put in a fine performance making two seriously smart saves. One at the feet of a lunging Webo, the second a reaction save from a cross goal shot. Standard work for most keepers, an ‘I’m so grateful’ moment for most Arsenal fans.

People who put in a good shift? Aaron Ramsey was the standout performer. He’s starting to find his rhytmn in midfield. Before his injury, I remember champing his stats in training. He’d cover the most ground, take the most shots, make the most tackles… he’s starting to find his ‘all action’ hero feet again and his performance yesterday indicated he’s ready to make the jump this season. He capped off a terriffic game with a long range effort Fener keeper helped into the back of the net.

I thought Rosicky played well. Quite a few fans don’t rate him on account of his lack of goals. I always disagree. What he brings to every game is high energy and a ‘forward’ attitude. He keeps the ball moving. He turns quickly and sideways / backwards are the only two places you know he’s not going. The opening goal came from some lovely work from Theo. Ramsey slipped him in, instead of shooting for the bottom corner, he cut a call across goal to find Gibbs at the back post. A sweet move.

The third goal came from yet more good work from Theo, he latched onto a ball fired into the box, cutting across the Fener full back, he was clattered and the ref pointed to the spot. Giroud, pretty annonymous most of the game, smashed his penalty into the top corner. Nice work.

What, I’ve already spoken about the second goal? Screw the order…

Anyway, Kozzer busted his head open on Webo’s boot. The cut is deep, hopefully he’s ok, if not, we’re in trouble.

On the transfer front, we’re apparently no longer in for Suarez. We’re going big though. Madrid don’t have the cash for Bale, so they’re looking to raise money. The theory is they sell Benzema, move CR7 to the middle, buy Bale.

I think this is a theory. But an intelligent one. We’re moving for someone in Spain or a Spaniard. So… Torres or Benzema.

… lord say it’s Benzema.

That’s it. Good times. Fulham is the next challenge. It’ll be tough. Tired legs, depleted squad. So keep them crossed that confidence is an adrenaline shot in the arm.

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  1. Bergkamp63

    He said: “I can guarantee you, every player who wants to join us, the first question is, ‘Do you play in the Champions League or not?’ It is as simple as that. The players who want to come, or go somewhere or not, is decided on that. That is the first requirement of the top, top, top level players.”

    Top, top, top, top, top, Top, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, topTop, top, top, top, top leve players.

    Like Park & Gervinho !

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Though I think Mata will be used (for some inexplicable reason) as a carrot to get United to part with Rooney.

    If Anyone at Arsenal had any balls they’d lump a £30 Million offer over for Mata now.

    Mata is a sensational player! Absolute quality and he should be playing in Red and White anyway, but Wenger pulled the plug at the last second…and gave no reason, as always.

    Not keen on Benzema, but would take him certainly.

    Would rather Lamela than Di Maria but again, either of those two is fine by me.

    Adil Rami is available for £5 Million, that’s the price Napoli are being quoted…what is Arsene doing??

    Micah Richards, £10 Million, plays RB and CB, is a gooner and a great solid player at the back.

    I’d still like Pogba as well…I know what Juventus said but what a team says and what they do are two different things…Arsenal fans should WELL know this.

    If i was on that £150 000 a week my shopping list for the end of the season would be, Begovic, Rami, Richards, Pogba, Mata, Di Maria/Lamela and Benzema/Michu

    That’s a shit load of money and really that lot should’ve been bought over the course of a summer.

    Wenger’s missing a lot of French talent or talent from the French leagues these days, use to be his saving grace, but Aubemayang, Pogba, Cabaye, Varane, Hazard, Belhanda…all players that seem to keep slipping through the net now, (you could make the beginnings of a decent team just with that lot!) whilst we end up with Gervinho and Giroud.

    Arsene has lost it all over the place.

  3. Dev_Gooner

    What happened To Geoff? He wrote two posts and disappeared once again? Quality posts they were


    LOOL Just kidding, what would I do during work lunch breaks without your blog and comments!

  4. sam

    We have some fund available………………..

    yes from Gervinho transfer.

    Ze 70M is for ze board not for new players

  5. Bergkamp63

    I said a month ago Flamini would be signed, I still see no reason to feel I was wrong.

    Flamini Freebie + Cesar Freebie ? + Benzema or Di Maria (not both) and there is your 36m in savings this year.

  6. Bergkamp63

    Same StoryAugust 23, 2013 16:03:39
    Flamoney can fuck off back to Milan’s reserves

    He doesn’t belong to Milan any more, he is a free agent.

  7. Inter YourGran

    Flamster, adm, roondog and some bloke who can play rb or cb is the very best we can hope for. A GK in the class of guita, emiliano or casilla (not casillas) means it ain’t worth it.

    This benzema story fucks me off, the blokes a slight quicker giroud. Better, granted but Nowhere near worth 46m euros and I can’t see liverpool selling suarez to anyone now.

    Still, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Is that romanian bloke released from schalke still looking for a club?

  8. mystic

    “Don’t be surprised if we add the 10m in player sales to that 26m wage saving that we don’t spend more than 36m total on players so we balance the books again !”
    You’re being optimistic, you think Wenger will spend as much as £36m! Mind you the unwanted players left now he will probably get a buy 2 get 1 free from somewhere.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I felt sure at the start of the summer we’d have Cesar, Williams, Gonalons and Jovetic in.

    Just looked nailed on, £3 Million, £10 Million, £15 Million and £23 Million.

    I thought, decent-ish, hardly Earth shattering but better than fuck all…and fuck all was what I got.

    Now Wenger has pained everyone so much that the same lot who came out after the Fener victory and said #InWengerWeTrust, will be satisfied with one signing now before the end of the window.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Yep another good player at a low price Wenger is ignoring.

    With the £123 Million (AST say we have for transfers) we could’ve had a field day this summer.

    Literally we could be sitting on the strongest squad in the league.

    Cesar £3 Million
    Rami £5 Million
    Richards £10 Million
    Pogba/Capoue £15-20 Million/£10 Million
    Cabaye/Turan £15 Million/£25 Million
    Aubemayang £10 Million
    Jovetic £23 Million
    Sinclair £10 Million (People may laugh, winger, decent, has potential)

    That squad…wow

  11. mystic

    “Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies.

    “OK we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.”
    Oh Jack – ‘always delivered’, ‘little dip’. I hope the paper paid you a fortune to say that!

  12. kc

    LMFAO Are we supposed to be worried Wilshire might take his talents elsewhere if Wenger goes? Hilarious. After losing real star players like Cesc and RVP, that threat doesn’t change my opinion in the least. I’d dump Wilshire today if it meant Wenger was gone tomorrow

  13. DaleDaGooner

    I like how ozrus handled some of you, bunch of whiny tits! You’ve effectually killed what this blog used to be, with your utter trash, senseless rants, it’s like bored kids with a match and paper, absolute garbbage and a trend to join the whiney brigade, it’s not cute guys, change your tune and add something interesting, cause it’s a bit boring tuning in here seeing senseless anti-Arsenal sh1t spewed on here, Pedro tries to balance this place out, but y’all are some mo fuckers dragging the quality down. All the usual posters of back then with some rationale are no more even visiting.

    ozrus, kill these suckers off.

    Oh and Gambon, isn’t it wise to dial down the Gazidis f#ck up? I mean why would anyone announce to potential sellers we’ve got so much money to spend? I agree with Wenger saying we don’t have as much, maybe we can get the players you want by doing so…and on Gnabry being 5 years away, stp being a hypocrite, you want the Hazards and Matas, well they started showing off at an early age, not when they turned 24/25.

  14. Barton

    If Jack wan’t to leave with Wenger, I’ll take that if it meant Wenger actually went.

    Your a decent player man but Cesc, RVP or Nasri you aint.

  15. g0tch34ted

    Nice list Cesc …

    Me and my mate came up with a list last night of bargains which give strength, depth and potential … so how about …

    Cesar – £3m
    Rami – £5m
    Alderweireld – £10m
    Strootman – £15m
    Fellaini – £22m
    Joaquin – £2m
    Villa – £3m
    Llorente – Free

    £60m …

  16. DaleDaGooner

    LOL, so now the beloved Jack Wilshere is a self confessed AKB…good one for the whiney brigae to struggle with.

  17. kc

    So Wilshire will leave if he has competition at his position. Wow, Just Wow. Thought he was a competitor. This is not the type of attitude you want in a player.

  18. DaleDaGooner

    By the way, if Cesc, RvP or Nasri were to come back, it would not be to a new manager, it would be this same wonka to bring them back, IF that chance were possible.

    Any other manager you want in Arsenal would be building his own team.

  19. Barton


    Its all over the AFC PLC blogs man, I’d say many fans have had enough of #patience, be positive, keep the faith.

    Only so many times you can say it ‘will happen soon’ before people actually start to say ‘when’.

    How long is soon, tell me that and I’ll come back then.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Hey?! Whiney tits, have this and maul this…new toy foy you to play with…here boy, here boy!

    “Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies.

    “OK we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.

    “He’s qualified for the Champions’ League for 16 years so I think he’s the right man for the job.”
    – Jack Wilshere

  21. Ash79


    I thought it was Arsenal 4 life NOT Arsene 4 life?

    Nice bit of PR manipulation by the club i.e. To stop jack leaving we must all be nice and support Wenger… FUCK OFF. Jack if you’re serious, then you can fuck off too mate. Want you to stay but …. ah well

  22. DaleDaGooner

    Hi Suga, so you laying in the cut? In the few times i’ve popped in, i haven’t seen you post as much..

  23. Honest Bill

    Haha. Are they genuinely trying to scare us in to wanting Wenger to stay by saying we would lose Wilshere?

    FFS. Don’t get me wrong, i like Wilshere, he’s a quality player, but sorry Jack, you are not so good that you can hold that kind of sway… You would think about your future? Lol. Well you do that Jack. We wouldn’t really give a shit because we’d have a competitive squad. Perhaps that’s the real issue Jack, perhaps you are just afraid you’ll lose your place?

  24. Sam

    You guys get wound up at anything you read you know how footballers are. Wilshere will be the first to praise the new boss if wenger leaves.
    Do you really believe he’s going to sacrifice his arsenal career over a man who runs him to the ground?
    This article is just spin from the arsenal camp to clean arsene wenger’s image. Pure Bs!

  25. Honest Bill


    realise it’s just PR. But it’s an idiot thing to say at this juncture. Sure you can praise Wenger and tell us all the usual Champion’s league qualification for a million years in a row shtick, but saying you’d reconsider your future if he left, right at a time when many fans are calling for his head, calling them all ‘ridiculous’

    Get a new PR guy Jack, because you are only sounding like a bell-end.

    He needn’t kiss Wenger’s arse to retain his place anyway. Who else do we have? Scared of Cabaye comng in maybe?

  26. WengerEagle

    Jack can fuck off with AKB comments like ‘Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies’. He justifies that by saying we have had a ‘little dip over the last 5 or 6 years’. 2005-2013 trophyless Jack get your fucking facts straight

  27. Ash79

    Sam’s right.

    My reaction was knee jerk. The club have made him do this. What cunts. Jack’s a fan, and you can see his frustrations on the pitch, he’s like us.

    To be honest, if he left us, i wouldnt blame him.

  28. Dannyboy

    Does anyone else get really fucked off when people say shit like ‘ooh that’s a bit much for him… he won’t have much of a re-sale value either’

    WHO GIVES A FUCK!!! sign players that will win us trophies and retire with us! Bergkamp didn’t have any re-sale value but he’s one of our best ever players.

  29. Sam

    Jack will leave arsenal for the tightest wanker in the history of football, lol!
    Wenger will retire as lonely old man who will follow him?
    This is actually good news, he knows that fans want him out. Now he’s blackmailing us with wilshere

  30. Ash79

    Dannyboy – i agree. Been syaing it for ages. Isnt OUR concern how much a player is or his resale value. Annoys me when i hear ppl talking as if they are the ones that need to price and buy a player. Thing is we’ve been conditioned like this, isnt their fault. It’s wenger’s.

  31. WengerEagle

    Can’t believe people wouldn’t be happy if we got Benzema, the lad is absolutely world-class and miles better than anything we currently have at the club. He contributed 20 goals and 20 assists last season which was considered poor. 40 goals directly involved in in 50 apps what more do you want?

    People seem to forget on here that Real are completely built around Ronaldo. Players like Benzema, Di Maria and Ozil set up virtually all of Ronaldo’s goals explaining how they each get so many assists.

    Benzema would be the most significant signing this club have made since Bergkamp if it were to happen. Admittedly there’s not a Russian’s chance in the Premier League that this transfer will actually happen but I am still bemused reading comments on here calling him fat and past it.

  32. WengerEagle

    And for all the people who say the Champions League is the pinnacle of the sport(which it most certainly is) Benzema’s record:


    46 Goals/Assists in 53 apperances and people DON’T want him??

    No they would much rather we got Gonzalo ‘8 goals in 48 champions league games’ Higuain

  33. Ash79

    Zacharse August 23, 2013 17:24:50
    jack’s trying to be as good captain.
    even though he’s not the captain technically

    who is the captain? Vermaelen? Arteta? Merts? Jack? Theo?

    oh hang on, it doesnt matter. They are all “leaders”

  34. Dannyboy

    what worries me most about Wenger is that he’s seen all these players join Chelsea/Spurs and now when he’s looking at players, he would still rather walk away from a deal and stick with what he has at the moment, rather than pay the extra £5-10 million it might take to secure a deal.

    He’s the most stubborn person on the planet!

  35. Zacharse

    Tiote- 25m
    barton 5m
    w schneider – 8m
    suarez 55m
    rooney 40m
    benzema 42m
    higuain – 38m
    etoo – 800m
    mourinhio – 6m
    jhefjhbklasdf – 15m (he scored 4 times in ligue 2)
    campbell – free
    DEBUCHY -1m

    how much to get arsine out though>?

    no new gk Kenny Chesney is ok by me

  36. WengerEagle

    And i can’t stand people who bring up his International record, these are the same idiots who say Podolski is useless and his International record alone saves him from being crucified.

    Yes Benzema’s international record is shit but so is Cavani’s, Lewandowski’s, and Falcao’s, and you don’t here anyone whinging about them

  37. Marko

    I think he’ll do ok over there but ultimately I think Bale will be a disappointment for Madrid cause for that kind of Messi/Ronaldo money you’d expect the kind of goals per season that they get and I don’t think he has it in him. Every time he plays at the bernabeu they’ll expect goals all the time

  38. Zacharse

    i really can’t believe anyone can be serious about bale being a flop anywhere, my god
    what do these people have to say about theo – other than quoting his stats which happen to be padded by playing against relegation teams

  39. arsenal-flavour


    completely agree with you.

    I didn’t know much about benzema when I first heard we were linked with him… all I had heard was that he was overrated and fat

    After watching some clips of him play I was like wow this guy is class but I thought anyone can look great with nicely edited clips…

    SO after chatting to a real madrid mate and going on some Real madrid fan forums and reading up on his stats I was educated into what a great player he should and can be.

    His development and potential has been held back at Real Madrid because the whole team is designed around Ronaldo in a sense the team is their to serve him…

    Benzema I think in our squad would be are superstar striker who could and should be the spear point in are attack.

    I also think he would be great for the fact he suits are style so well with his great one touch passing, link up skills and fancy knock ons….

    As you said 20 goals and 20 assists… Imagine what he could do if he was at the focal point of a teams attack….

  40. WengerEagle

    Why are Chelsea in for Willian? They already have Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Schurrle, De Bruyne, and Moses competing for 3 available starting spots. Waste of 30 million as he is no better than the first 5. Why there are not throwing that money at United for Rooney instead is mind-boggling

  41. Sam

    Here is the idea,
    We sign flamony then send him immediately on loan to palace. Collect a fee for him at the end of the season. That judas is not fit to wear the shirt

  42. WengerEagle


    Exactly mate, don’t think theres a chance of it happening but if it did I would be over the moon. Better than Rooney or anyone else available in Europe imo

  43. Marko

    Last season he got 26 goals all comps his best season yet. He’ll be expected to get way more at Madrid. He’ll do well in the games against Barca cause they shit themselves against counter attacking teams but most teams sit back against Madrid and that can hinder him I think. That and his face looks weird

  44. arsenal-flavour

    whoever said Benzema is a slightly better slightly faster version of GIROUD!!!


    No offence whoever you are but that is an embarrassing comment….

    Benzema is in another class to Giroud, sure I would prefer Suarez but aint happening.

    Its also Bizarre saying Benzema is like giroud when they play a completely different game of football Giroud is an average poacher like striker and Benzema drops deep and scores allot of goals from counter attacks…

    Also Benzema has more pace than higuain so….

  45. Dan Ahern

    “WengerEagle August 23, 2013 17:46:09
    Why are Chelsea in for Willian?”

    Because they are ambitious and know deep squads win cups.

  46. Radio Raheem

    Sorry guys but I think Bale will do well in any league. It isn’t just his pace, shooting and power, in my opinion, he is more of a team player than Ronaldo. I won’t be surprised to see Real sell Ronaldo in a year or two with Bale on board. Bale might never deliver tbe figures Ronaldo does but be is less of a tactical liability.

  47. Danish Gooner

    Wenger wants Clement Grenier of Lyon he is just waiting for Lyon to be jacked out of the CL qualifiers so he can hand over a lowball bid.

  48. TitsMcgee

    Put me down in the camp that believes that the Benzema story is just another ruse to placate the fans until TWDD.

  49. WengerEagle

    Benzema is a younger, better version of Wayne Rooney. He’s faster, a better dribbler, and a better finisher. Both are extremely similar players in similar situations as they are both second-fiddle to RVP and Ronaldo and for that reason their contribution to the team is underappreciated.

    As for the Benzema-Giroud comparisons, completely ridiculous and frankly embarrassing

  50. Goondawg

    Lol lack of pedros post coupled with Keysers untimely disappearance..


    Bored of waiting for transfer news from AFC.

  51. Honest Bill

    What you have to understand, is that people saying they don’t really want Benzema because he is overrated etc, are simply using a preemptive defense mechanism. They know full well we won’t get him, and so to avoid the inevitable disappointment, they are convincing themselves they don’t want even want him and that Giroud is just as good.

  52. AJ

    “But now we’ve got a good crop of young English players coming through and if we stay together and build something then we can win a trophy in the next few years.”

    haha, whatever that means.

  53. Marko

    I think he’ll do well but he’s gonna cost more than Ronaldo and since Ronaldo’s joined Madrid he’s scored something like 200 goals in 200 games a goal a game ratio it’s bloody sick the stats for him. Bale wont get anywhere near those kind of stats. Ronaldo and Messi are on different planets

  54. Radio Raheem

    Griezmann plays for Sociedad that have a comfortable 2 goal lead over Lyon going into the second leg in Spain. So, chances are Sociedad will make the group stages making Griezmann cuptied and unable to play the CL for any other side this season.

  55. arsenal-flavour

    The thing about wilshere is he is technically good but has zero vision

    A player like Ramsey isn’t as technically good but he has the vision to supply those through balls because his imaginative he spots the pass because he doesn’t have the greatest technique it doesn’t always come off.

    Jack never does though he never sees the pass… If you see him play he gets caught up in the moment to much he focuses on passing the opponent in front of him or focuses on side passing to a team mate next to him before running on.

    His no xavi pirlo alonso who suveys the scene in a second or 2 before pulling off a sniper like pass… The way he plays is centred around him he has to tackle he has to try and run past half the team he has to side pass only so he can run into the box and try and score… It’s why he gets so few assists… His quite a selfish player and he gets mad when people don’t pass to him

  56. goonerboy

    One of the problems with Wenger- people who meet him are massively impressed with him- Is it what he says? Or the way he says it? Its an an enormous pity that a manager is not judged by what his team does on the field in relation to the resources at his disposal.
    If you listen to Wenger long enough he may be able to convince you black is white- but he can’t explain why Spurs with less money than us can buy players we need , but we can’t.
    If Wenger was judged on the basis of money available -anyone could see he has underachieved.

  57. Evan

     Wenger is confident of making additions in the next 10 days but says the Club will conclude deals differently to two years ago.“At that time it was linked with injuries, we had unexpected long-term injuries and you cannot sit there and do nothing at all,” Wenger said. “If you have unexpected injuries you have to do something about it.“We are not in need of numbers like we were at the time.

    We have our targets, we will try to achieve that and I am confident we will get there.“I am confident [of new signings]. The desire of the players to join us [makes me confident] and the fact that we have – maybe not as much as everyone writes – but we have some funds available to do the transfers.“Ideally I would rather have the squad in place at the start of the season and I am a big fan to cancel the transfer window at the start of the season anyway.“Once the season has started you should be capable to focus on the quality of your play and have everybody with the same players for the whole season – it makes sense.

    “We work very hard on it and it didn’t come off as quickly or as well as we wanted, but in football you have to deal with any situation and be patient. So as long as the transfer [window] is open, until the last minute anything can happen on many fronts.

  58. wenker-wanger

    jack must be so thick if he relies om wankger to manage his career…….he will be going backwards after wankger has fcked up his development by over=playing him and offering him no tactical advice.
    WENGER OUT…..before he has a breakdown and takes the team down with him.

  59. wenker-wanger

    can someone tell those sickening AKBs that this is not the site for them and to go to untold arse, where they can write about their glorious leader under the control of the 2 paedos that run that joke site.

  60. Guninurback


    What are you waiting for you cunt? Take your butt buddy with you.

    I had expected more from you but its good to know how much you fear competition. Pussy. And not the good kind.

  61. wenker-wanger

    wankger cah take the whole poxy team with him if he wants….i would be so happy just to get rid of the crazy senile fool. Any player that believes in Wankger isnt good enough to play for arsenal. Conversely cesc, RVP, nasri etc didnt hang around this losers team. All have won trophies since leaving wankgers sinking ship. Sounds like jack has been brainwashed.