Arsene, you have a duty to explain your poor management

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Morning champions of the free world. You think this post is late, when in actual fact, it is not. You’re just hanging out in the wrong time zone. I own the time zones. Not you.

Anyway, hung out with a bunch of New Yorkers last night, they were trying to convince me they could binge drink like the Brits. They did well. Though it has to be said, the binge is only a binge if you stop… how many of those guys are eating cornflakes with a Peroni this morning? None of them…. wimps.

Anyway, onto fun times…

Arsenal play away in Fenerbache… playing in Turkey is always fun. We call Turkish grounds passionate… ignoring the fact they’re full of total lunatics who have an uncomfortable fascination with fireworks. How do you get that crazy about football?

Anyway, we’ve had good news on Sagna. He’s back in the fold. The newspapers jumped the gun on Chambo who should be back in 6 weeks. An Arsenal 6 weeks? We know how this ends people… in 7 months time.

Our team should be fairly strong. A full compliment of a back four is always nice in a place where a clean sheet is half way to a victory. Midfield will probably be Thomas, Arteta and Jack… the front line will likely see the introdcution of Lukas along with Giroud and Theo.

That’s enough to take down an experienced Fenerbache… right? Please, say it’s enough?

Regardless of what you think of Arsene, wishing a loss on the team tonight is pathetic. Preseason, maybe. Wishing an excuse  not to buy on the manager is unacceptable. He’s unlikely to get the sack… and come on, we want the next manager to have some cash to spend don’t we.

Wenger is sniffing around a new keeper which is magice. Volcheck dropped a howler for the penalty the other day. Why he was rooted inside his 6 yard box when he was playing against a fast strikers is beyond me. When I play in goal, I act like a sweeper… you can kill the pace of a striker and cut out the long ball that way. I mean, it’s not like Agbonlohor has the skillset to chip the ball from anywhere. That said, when he did act as  sweeper, he hashed that up and nearly found himself beaten from distance before tipping a wide shot wide of the post.

He’s a calamity. So is his deputy… but you knew that two seasons ago, right? Not quite sure why we’re being linked to Cassilas. Seems a bit of a pointless dream there. What would he cost, £30m? Why would they sell so close to the window closing? They wouldn’t…

What’s Wenger got to say on this matter of players?

“I would just like to reiterate to you that in the last 16 years we have been very successful with transfers,

If you look at the players we have, they are top quality and you should never forget that. It is not always to think what is outside is better than what you have. What is important as well is to rate what you have and our fans have to understand that as well. It’s hard but I can understand the impatience.

“I am not happy when our fans are not happy because my job is to make them happy. But I cannot listen every minute to every state of mind. I have to focus on and do what I always do – what is important for this club.”

Arsene, we have an above average starting 11 and nothing behind it. We have no world class striker. We have an average selection of winger who want to play centrally. Our midfield lacks depth and a true holding midfielder… and that was exposed at the weekend. We have poor keepers… and no one cares what your record is like over 16 years. What’s it like over the last five? Dog average my friend… your transfer 11 of misses is more impressive. The reason we miss so many targets is because of your understanding of modern day value. I have it one great authority Wenger was the one who pulled the deal for Mata. Nothing to do with fee or quibbling. What about Hazard? Schwarzer? Cahill. All about fearing a big bold move.

As for this…

“You don’t know what we have done, you don’t know if we did bid. It’s quite amazing that all of the people don’t know and yet they always have opinions about things they don’t know.

“It’s not down to me to explain to you everything I do. It’s impossible. If we do a transfer we will announce it. We don’t want to hurt anybody, not Newcastle, not anybody. You can’t reproach us on one side for not buying and yet on the other side when we try to buy to reproach us as well. That is a bit contradictory.”

Let’s ask ourselves this Arsene… what do we know?

You pulled out of the Higuain deal. You missed out on Bender. You were conned into believing a made up clause existed… and here’s the big one.


That’s what we understand. That’s why we’re angry… and yes Arsene, you do have to explain your inaction. You’re paid by the fans to represent our interests and you’re not doing it well.

Rant over. See you on the other side.

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  1. LeMassiveCoq

    if wenger went tomorrow, who would finish Diaby’s recovery to world class player, in the mould of Patrick Viera/Yaya Toure?

  2. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 21, 2013 21:57:35



  3. Joe 90

    Well done Arsenal. Now go and spend some fucking money so we don’t have to miss a heart beat every time somebody has to miss a game because of injury or cards

  4. big jeff

    uh oh… someone went fishing and caught a big one!!!!

    you know how simple it is to fish for a fake internet thug?

    haha im dying over here, cuz you think youre smart over there. hahah its too easy with you mug

  5. big jeff

    I knew as soon as you posted if I said something about florida, you would be all over it like a typical dumbass. hahaha its so easy on here. what is the local IQ, 12?

  6. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 21, 2013 22:02:08

    Hi hi hi you are almost one of a kind BJ. You remind me of Keyser.

    Its just so funny fucking with your head I can’t help myself.

  7. Gunnershabz

    Well done good result tonight we should get the job done

    Now we can make a few phone calls and sign some players

    Ring up Valencia for Adil rami or paris for sakho

    Just get the cabaye deal sorted

    Ring up Liverpool and tell them £50m and adds on give us saurez

    Because I think Liverpool argument was we not in champions league and after this result we there

  8. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 21, 2013 22:04:48

    no need for wiki when im conversing with a gent name guninyourass….


    That was a literary smack down of epic proportions that right there!
    “guninyourass” this is the best you can come up with and you say my head is devoid of intelligence.

  9. Bobby

    Shit me, three hours ago and for the previous 72+ hours it was all “Fenerbache are a tough side who will pounce on a weak Arsenal team who don’t even belong in the Sunday league”. Then, that shit Arsenal side turn in a very professional performance and all of a sudden that tough Fenerbache side are the weakest opposition we’ve ever faced.

    Clearly the team and club have along way to go, one swallow doesn’t make a summer (though it makes a good Wednesday night). But fuck me, based on recent postings there must be some really pissed off cunts on here who actually willed the team to lose tonight.

    Plenty to be corrected at the club, but first off we need to bin the “fans” who actually want us to lose. Have a word with yourselves , arseholes.

  10. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 22:09:26

    Yeah I’m sorry to say that was all lies as usual shabz, there will be no Suarez.

  11. Leedsgunner

    “Our players showed mental strength, self belief and demonstrated that they were top top quality…”

    Blah, blah, blah…

    Just forget that we totally humilated ourselves to Aston Villa while our traditional rivals all won their games handsomely in the league. Will that get reflected upon and rectified? Nope. That’s why we will not sign anyone of real quality if anyone.

    The win does not indicate health of the club… as happy as I am I fear for the long term viability of the club.

  12. Arsene's Nurse

    The BBC have announced that David Attenborough is going to be making a new nature documentary. The first episode is to be filmed at Arsenal’s London Colney ground where David is going in search of a very elusive, extremely rare and endangered species: the fit Arsenal centre back.

  13. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 22:11:01

    Yeah I’m done I can’t top “guninyourass”, that was brutal, I’m broken crying rivers here. 😉

  14. Same Story

    I take back my earlier comment about Vermaelen and Vidic being able to have continued, Koscielny might have fractured his skull..

    2nd Frenchman that could have been killed playing for us and we’re only 2 games in.

  15. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 22:14:08

    If we had put 50 on him upfront then he would have started against Villa, but now that Liverpool have decided to make a symbol out of him, we can forget it.

    In fact it seems all the clubs Arsene have been snippy with in negotiations previously (ALL OF THEM) seems intent on cutting him off this season.

  16. Reiss

    I wanted us to win but I can understand fans wanting us to lose when you hear silly arrogant comments from Wenger saying you can’t find much better centre backs then Sagna.

  17. Gunnershabz


    I know what you mean but we always knew this luis saurez would go the wire because he is banned

    Maybe those two stupid bids were to unsettle him

    Now we can work on it in the last 10 days

  18. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 22:22:53

    Those stupid bids weren’t made to unsettle anyone other than the Arsenal fans. Wenger thought he was being clever as usual.

    Look at Suarez career, he’d wrestle his way anywhere if the money and the footballing where appealing. He tried, and he got shut down.

    The Suarez saga is over. Do yourself a favor and accept that.

  19. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 22:25:03

    Giroud will score many goals for us this season

    He damn well better have to.

  20. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 22:27:55

    Yeah well maybe we shouldn’t have been so quick to let go of RVP then.

    Because it sure does look like the rest of the world values proven goal machines a hell of a lot more than Arsenal does.

  21. big jeff


    see what im dealing with here.

    if we would have bid 50 mil up front, suarez would have started against villa!!?!?

    if that before or after he serves the rest of his ban? suarez isn’t playing in the premier league until October, doesn’t matter what day we sign him up, he wouldn’t be playing until after the window is closed moron

  22. big jeff

    Guninurback August 21, 2013 22:19:48
    August 21, 2013 22:14:08

    If we had put 50 on him upfront then he would have started against Villa, but now that Liverpool have decided to make a symbol out of him, we can forget it.

    In fact it seems all the clubs Arsene have been snippy with in negotiations previously (ALL OF THEM) seems intent on cutting him off this season.


    hows those florida pirates doin

  23. big jeff

    do you even know what sport youre watching? this isn’t hill billy tree chucking time….

    willian, the 30 goal wonder (oh shit, that not his season tally? that his entire career? and hes 25? and an attacker? you sure?)

    sign him up!!!! totenham are taking over!!!! OMG!!!!

  24. big jeff

    yeah… RVP = suarez, bale…. cuz he was on 4 years..

    stupid, he would have gone for free 6 months after we refused to sell him

  25. Guninurback

    big jeff
    August 21, 2013 22:31:42

    I know man we all know, it was just poor figure of speech, why do you have to be so fucking abrasive, you have done nothing but spill your bile and moronic arguments on here all day, you haven’t even attempted to engage anyone in conversation.

    I’m about to go to bed soon, will you still be here spewing filth at “no one in particular” once I’m gone?

  26. GUNNER786


    Have you heard of a player called Ivan Monee?

    Apparently he’s banged in a hundred goals in as many games.

    Wengers after him.

  27. Guninurback

    Oh shit… You where busy while I was writing. Apparently that question had been answered.

    Ok good night wanker.

  28. LeMassiveCoq

    I slag Wenger off loads…..but……

    I have a sneaky suspicion he may be right, about Sagna

    Hooray. We have got two fit centre backs and two fit full backs and Pod can always fill in.

  29. sam

    Hey, with the world cup coming Wenger is going to pay 50M for a Uruguain and drop Giroud. grovers leave in cuckooland.
    Its not that I don’t want us to sign a new striker, I just don’t see it happening this summer

  30. Guninurback


    big jeff
    August 21, 2013 22:34:52

    do you even know what sport youre watching? this isn’t hill billy tree chucking time….

    Said the redneck with family in Florida.

  31. sylvain

    Can’t wait for the end of this season.
    PL=====> beetween 5th and 8th;
    CL=====> out in the 1/8, or at the end of the group stages;
    CUP===> out in 1/8 or in 1/4;
    LC=====> who gives a fuck (except Arsene) ??

    =============== >>>> WENGER OUT (at last…)!!

  32. rollen

    “Our players showed mental strength, self belief and demonstrated that they were top top quality…”

    lol ofc but that should be known second we step on the grass

    3 profiteers out!

    have some dignity AW

    thousands of ppl dying from hunger 7.5M/year and talk about morals GTFO

  33. sam

    Exactly Big Jeff,

    this Willian is so overpriced,
    Lets spend money for other positions in the squad, Gnabry will score more goals than Willian.
    Theo doesn’t have brazilian tricks but he can score.

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    ……..they looked ok moving the ball about like they did. Imagine how good they’d be if Old Frenchie splashed some cash 🙂

  35. rollen

    ……..they looked ok moving the ball about like they did. Imagine how good they’d be if Old Frenchie splashed some cash 🙂

    true, we do not dominate games anymore

  36. PK

    This is a classic wenger: We get run over by Villa and the next game he gets a result and he talks about “ze mental strenght” and so on. We will have a draw with Fulham and he will talk about “we played a little bit with ze handbreak in the first half, but showed great character coming back from 0-2”. Then he will get a result against a spuds that has´t geled yet and suddenly the squad is once again “the greatest he ever had”. Tranfer window get closed down and we are sitting there with Sanogo and two more “almost world class” players and he will come out saying “judge me in may” and “we did not find the top top top top quality on the market, but we will have a go again in jan”.

    Tell me that is not exactly what will happen…

  37. Radio Raheem

    Haha you’ve got to laugh at Wenger’s comment, “You’ll have to travel very far to find a better CB than Bacary Sagna” Lol I’ll miss his interviews when he’s gone. Ah but there’s youtube

  38. big jeff

    nope guns… ill only talk shit to you and Cj as you are the two to start talking shit to me first. but I guess you forgot about that.

    you can give it, then you cry like a fake internet thug when someone says something back to you. what a vagina

  39. MadeToLoveMagic

    wenger to his wife,

    “i believe i lacked sharpness in the first half and maybe the handbrake was on a little bit. but ofcourse it is never easy, especially after a mid week romp with a french rapper.
    despite this i felt i showed commitment, tremendous character and mental strength throughout, “

  40. sam

    rollen August 21, 2013 22:51:10

    Gnabry will score more goals than Willian.

    Willian will score more goals than Gnabry will play full games
    Gnabry on the champions league bench is better than Sergio Rebrov.
    A 30M player who wouldn’t even make the brazilian world cup team.
    what have they been smoking there at spuddyville?
    cockerel cigar for sure

  41. big jeff … et-2202731

    benzema, ozil, kondogbia, cabaye

    I have faith that 2-4 players are coming in and I feel 2 of them will be great players, but that’s just me.

    I think wenger knows his job is on the line this season and he may not get offered an extension without showing some ambition for once

  42. Kiyoshi Ito

    Having caught a glimpse of the game,behind the couch,peering over every half-hour…

    My Pre-Ordered Take-Away & Pepsi did not go down to well…

    Ended up on all fours,crawling to the bathroom,spewing all my insides out..

    Aaarghhh…The senile one,lives to fight another day..

    Where are the cyanide pills…??!!

    Where the heck is Dr Jekyll when you need him…??

    2011 all over again(The 8-2 Resurrection)..!!

  43. flo

    GUNNER786 August 21, 2013 22:11:01
    Stop squabbling amongst yourselves
    Save the abuse for Wenger when Fulham do us over

    hey mr negative, do you sit behind me at the grove? he’s an incessant moaner. no idea why he’s there. Is is impossible for you to support the team? yeah we all want players in. less abuse. more love. oh and stop saying “guys” makes you sound like an idiot.

  44. PK

    Hahaha so true gnarleygeorge9.

    The sad thing is that the old senile will in som miraculus way get 4:th and parade with his top 4 trophy saying “nobody belived in us when the season started but look at us now”. Then all the AKB´s will be singing “it´s only one wanker” again and he gets a massive bonus from silent stan.

    Only problem with that is that we want a real effing trophy and that is never going to happend with him in charge and not as long as this kroenke is the owner. just take a look at his other clubs in sport and you can see for yourself. It´s kind of a:

    Silent Stan to the Board:
    – Ok, i will not touch the cash (yet…) but niether will you”. Make shore that you guys always has a team that have a 100-1 chanse of actually winning something every 10 year or so.

    He has done it so many times with others clubs, the most obvius is the colorado ave (NHL team). Thay had a massive team and i mean i really really massive team when he took over the club (moved them to colorado) and they actually won the cup. After that he traded away the stars one by one except sakic (club captian an legend in colorado = untouchable, not like RVP maybetouchable). Today they are really strugeling to make it to playoff, but the fans becomes crazy when it happens and that is scary how dumb the american hockey fans really are… With Arsenal it is a different piece og cake and instead of playoff you have top 4 and CL that can represent the same as a playoff in the NHL. So that is and will always be the KPI for wenger and every manager that follows him and belive me when i say that no manager will ever be sacked at the club as that is expensive. Have to give it to him that it is a smart piece of bussiness. But pls not at my club, just get the fuck out of there! I am so lucky that i am a Vancouver fan in the NHL…

    It is also a masterstroke that he manages to get 90 % of the attention on wenger instead of himself and the key to that is IG. I can almost bet my left nut (thats my favorit one) that Ivan has special instructions to spin it that way and he does it really good really really good. I am not saying here that wenger is good enough to manage gunners anymore as he is past his prime and have lost it. But make no mistake when i say that STAN is the one and only reason he has lost it.

    Stan out now pls!!!

  45. Thomas

    Wenger: “A lot will happen in the last ten days. People have to understand that it’s really starting now.”

    It’s not like he had the whole summer. What a fucking twat.

  46. Kiyoshi Ito

    ThomasAugust 21, 2013 23:34:48
    Wenger: “A lot will happen in the last ten days. People have to understand that it’s really starting now.”
    Yeah,let’s watch the car crash,finally come to a shuddering halt this season,the disrespectful,arrogant,contemptuous prick..

    Like to see him,crumble into a heap on the touchline,come the end of the season,when we finally don’t reach the Holy Grail of CL…

    I’ll pay top money for that…

    Finally money well worth spent, after all those years of constant b/s from Le-Prick…

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    Shameless F**kers…

    Now on top of being linked with Casillas,it’s now Benzema..??!!

    Out of words…There’s no end to there incredulous shame…!!

  48. Kiyoshi Ito

    £100 million to spend,a week into the season..Still no signings & yet we are still being linked with a whole host of top players..

    Could not make it up…A Greek Tragedy..!!

  49. big jeff


    I posted the link to the benzema story. its all over the back pages tomorrow.

    I believe we will sign a couple good players. it makes logical sense. we offload a ton of deadwood, clear wages, wait until we qualify for champs league, then sign our players.

    we are never going to sign early, we tried that with higuain. all we do is start bidding wars when we try to sign early.

  50. Kiyoshi Ito

    big jeffAugust 22, 2013 00:01:30

    we are never going to sign early, we tried that with higuain. all we do is start bidding wars when we try to sign early.
    & Spurs with their early buying of players,I guess also start bidding wars..?

    I suppose Man City with their early purchases,too start bidding wars?

    & mind you Liverpool,Swansea also..?

  51. PK

    Reading the mirror article and is it just me or could this actually be a masterpeice from Arsenal? I know iknow iknow it´s pobably not but one can dream…

    IG and AW has spent all summer trying to start bidding wars for Real targets to get them to overspend, knowing they will bring in Bale no mather what and then need to sell to balance a bit.

    Just think of it with a couple pinches of salt:

    Isco: Arsenal have the connection with malaga and could have made a call to them and said “hey we want Isco, we bid 50 quid”, Malaga gets pissed of and calls Real and says “hey, arsenal want Isco but they fucked us on Cazorla and we rather sell to you”, Real gets the deal done.

    The Hig: This is complicated and far off but, just think about it. Real has been after Rooney or Suarez as they really need to sell some massive shirts. So Arsenal makes a call “-hey we really do not want the Hig but we can ensure you that you get him of your books and as a bonus we will do our best to unsettle your targets (Rooney and Suarez) so you can grab them as it will be hard to get them (true yes yes), the only thing we demand in return is a promise to have a sitdown at the end of the window discussing Ozil”. They then go out and bid quite public for the Hig and gets the price up on him when some other big club come in for him when arsenal stall the deal (Napoli was not planned, more like chelski, PSG, Monaco).

    Ronney/Suarez: Arsenal gets attention to them and makes shore that they will probably not play for their shirts again, but they make it in a fashion that the clubs gets pissed of at Arsenal and will rather sell them for less money to other teams in europe than to Arsenal. Real stated early in the summer that 2 new forwards would be coming in, just saying…

    The keeper: Arsenal knows that Real are looking for a replacement for Casillas and that they are looking at that keeper we made a 50 quid bid for this week. Same story as the isco one here (activating reals hunt). This is the only one that to my knowledge has not been linked with real this summer, but hey i do not read everything so could be true.

    So to the mastestroke: From the start of the window wenger wanted Benzema, Casilla and Ozil.


    Casillas: Well if they manage to activate real on the keeper casillas will be surplus and willing to go down i wage as it´s a world cup years and he needs to play. And they will get him on the cheap (10 m for casillas is cheap all day long) wenger style.

    Benzema: If real gets Bale and Suarez/Rooney (replacement for Benzema) they will land on a 200 big ones tranfer window and that is just 100 big ones to much for them. So a bid at 40 big ones will make him a arsenal player.

    Ozil: They already made shore that real have a new player in his position (Isco) and they need the cash to, so just as with Benzema a bid at 40 will make him an arsenal player.

    There you go, Arsenal have three world class players and the traditional young, talented and crocked one in sanogo (always come early in the window), and they also managed to unsettle Spuds (not arsenal work but shore thing anyway), Liverpool and United in the same move. They also deliver what has been promised and can put that in our face all year long to defend the new contract of wanker.

    I know its a long shot but i am bored….

  52. Kiyoshi Ito

    Let’s not forget Chelski,also,bidding early for Oscar,Hazard & Co…

    Nah..they left it too the last minute..-right..??

  53. big jeff


    no, that’s how you know the players they are buying are crap…. because they didn’t start a bidding war.

    we genuinely went for good players, suarez & higgy… higgy started a bidding war, did he not?

    who did Liverpool sign that’s going to start a war? Aspas?

    how about Swansea? bony?

    sorry but those are top level players and not better than what we already have

  54. big jeff


    hazard had a buyout clause of 30 mil. we met it, along with man city and man u. so yes, there was a bidding war, but it was over wages.

    and Oscar was a massive gamble that paid off. he wasn’t like neymar where everyone wanted him.

    anyone else?

  55. big jeff

    and that’s exactly what im saying. you are talking about Chelsea. they are oil money club. they don’t need to have bidding wars, they spend 100 mil every single season.

    we have 100 mil saved up, its not replenishable if we flop on 4 players.

    I would suggest you look at comparable teams. man u for instance, Milan, etc.

    those are the teams we can compete with financially. there hasn’t been any major moves this summer that don’t involve oil clubs.

    the only players who have moved outside of the oil clubs are average.

    villa, gomez are the only 2 that I can think of that would improve our starting 11. and giroud is not much worse than gomez while villa is 32

  56. Kiyoshi Ito

    big jeffAugust 22, 2013 00:15:31
    actuallyhazard had a buyout clause of 30 mil. we met it, along with man city and man u. so yes, there was a bidding war, but it was over wages.

    and Oscar was a massive gamble that paid off. he wasn’t like neymar where everyone wanted him.

    anyone else?

    Hmmmm yes actually..Be interesting to here your take for every player I’m about to list over the last 6 years…


    I think,that’s about 14 players,over the years…So fill your boots & I’m all eyes..??

  57. Kiyoshi Ito

    big jeff

    Sorry also forgot Lloris & Vertoghen,from last season,could also add Cesar..

    Let me add that to the list…


  58. Kiyoshi Ito

    I’m all eyes for your reasons,why those 18 players,over 6 years slipped through our hands..?

    Back every one of those players,& then I might,just might concede some points..

  59. V for Victor

    am i banned again coz i tell the truth about what fucking liars u n geoff are? so be fucking it – notice how none of the old skool arsenal fans comment anymore – dya think thats anything to do with ure lukewarm fagoot anti arsenal stance?

    You pair of fucking gimps.

  60. Kiyoshi Ito

    big jeff
    F*ck it,we had Jovetic,this season.. Constantly linked with him,prior to the end of last season..

    So make that 19 players…I’ll add that to the list also..

    I should add Hazard..But you’ve given an excuse for him already,despite the fact,we could have had him the season before,when Nasri & Cesc left..

    But we opted for the “Great Gervinho”,instead..

    I should make it 20 players..But,for arguments sake,I’ll keep it to 19 players..

    Just think 2 player’s a season to add to the team we had..Not much to ask is it..

    Anyway,I digress..Still waiting for your thesis on the 19 players below…

    All eyes are on you..???


  61. V for Victor

    Gunnershabz August 21, 2013 22:18:10

    Thinking about it we should of signed David villa


    Absolutely fucking typical.

    I’ll think you’ll find it’s “Thinking about it we should HAVE signed David villa”

    No wonder xxxLord WungyaAAAh (that’s actually the name written on his birth cert…I say birth cert – its actually just a Mongooses flap scratched with the blood of a freshly rap*ed otters c*unt – and it says “ere was born a right lanky satanic cunt – his name be – ” xxxLord WungyaAAAh”)

    Anyway – theres no point in continuing – Ive told you all for years how bad it would get – and all we have to show for it is the bloating fu*ckisms of Pedro and his Retro Fitted Gimp Mask Geoff,,,

    I’ll love Arsenal again when Wenger is gone – in the meantime – realise anyone who wa*nks off about future signings with that French Fuck in charge – is just a spineless gimp…

  62. Kiyoshi Ito

    big jeff

    F*ck it again,I swear names keep coming back to me,like heavens knows what..

    Let’s make it a nice round 20 players…I forgot Phil Jones(Manc)..Hmm…I know,nice round number,to sink your teeth into …

    Seems,it’s going to be a nice long night for you mate,explaining this away…

    So let’s also add that to the list…

    Phil Jones?

  63. Relieable sauce

    Big team cast offs is the best we can hope for sadly, probably the worst possible result tonight. Just glad Villa got nothing from the chavs, the Wengerites would have been in dreamland…
    At least they won’t be picking the shit out of their keyboards in the morning : /




  64. V for Victor

    V for Victor –

    Youre a fuckin Paddy cu*nt – Pedro has done his best to slag Wenger off over the last number of years you just dont realise how hard it is to slag people off sometimes…

    Of course – you say “Slag him off, slag him off good” – but I say you .

    All good.

  65. AA23

    He did alright with Adebayor
    No cunt got a tune out of him
    Before or since
    Van Persie
    I know we all hate the cunt but saying he’s never improved a player?
    Come on now

  66. Kiyoshi Ito

    big jeff

    Let’s not also forget we also had talk last season of signing:-


    But that’s a side issue…right..?Let’s not deviate from the nice round 20 player list..-right?

    Still waiting for your excuses,(sorry reasons) why we did not sign@ least half of the above 20 name list,over the years..?

  67. Same Story

    Were Henry and Viera not big team ‘cast offs’, cause there was no way were getting them players if Milan and Juventus wanted to keep them.

    Also so was Sneijder and Robben and more recently David Villa.

  68. Kiyoshi Ito

    Dial Square/big jeff

    Yeah I remember Reus,more so Dial Sqaure…

    So that makes it 21 players…Let’s also add that…Oh,boy big jeff,you’ve suddenly gone AWOL…

    Anyhow,here’s the list,for your perusal…You’ve got your work cut out tonight..

    I’ll be nice,I’ll leave out Draxler…..

    Oops,no wait…I remember we were heavily linked with Schweinsteiger at some point..I swear prior to the 2010 WC & Post WC..

    Correct me,if I’m wrong?Hmmm,I think,I ‘ll add that to the list also..
    So 22 players..Scratch Draxler,in comes Schweinsteiger..

    Phil Jones?

  69. Kiyoshi Ito

    Same StoryAugust 22, 2013 01:01:28
    I’d be delighted if we got Benzema.

    As if…!!!Will never happen,under Arsene anyway..!!

  70. follow the money

    PK nice theory, but its dependent on Arsenal’s transfer negotiators having some forethought, planning and balls, and nothing I’ve seen in years leads me to believe Wenger/they have any. I think the Arsenal transfer strategy is to place low bids on lots of targets and see who bites and who is cheapest. The spaghetti method. If Dein was still with us we would have locked up Bender, Gundogan, Begovic and Suarez (or their equivalent, because these are the positions we need) a long time ago. Wenger claims to be some kind of psychology guru, but he is blind to the negative affect his dithering and losing out in the transfer market has on the entire organization, including the team on the pitch. I see he trotted out the mental strength crap again. I wish he would shut up about that. When we beat Chelsea/Man U/City/Barca in a big game, or when we destroy a lower league team in a cup final, instead of playing down to the opposition, then he can talk about mental strength. There have been too many horror shows against crap teams in cup competitions, too many instances of Arsenal falling apart under pressure during title run ins for him to be trotting out the mental strength crap after one game against Fener

  71. Kiyoshi Ito

    bishopAugust 22, 2013 01:06:08
    So after the whole shambles…who wouldnt want benzema.
    Di maria will be the signing of the season.
    We would love them both..Just not with Arsene,IG & SS in charge..