Arsene, you have a duty to explain your poor management

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Morning champions of the free world. You think this post is late, when in actual fact, it is not. You’re just hanging out in the wrong time zone. I own the time zones. Not you.

Anyway, hung out with a bunch of New Yorkers last night, they were trying to convince me they could binge drink like the Brits. They did well. Though it has to be said, the binge is only a binge if you stop… how many of those guys are eating cornflakes with a Peroni this morning? None of them…. wimps.

Anyway, onto fun times…

Arsenal play away in Fenerbache… playing in Turkey is always fun. We call Turkish grounds passionate… ignoring the fact they’re full of total lunatics who have an uncomfortable fascination with fireworks. How do you get that crazy about football?

Anyway, we’ve had good news on Sagna. He’s back in the fold. The newspapers jumped the gun on Chambo who should be back in 6 weeks. An Arsenal 6 weeks? We know how this ends people… in 7 months time.

Our team should be fairly strong. A full compliment of a back four is always nice in a place where a clean sheet is half way to a victory. Midfield will probably be Thomas, Arteta and Jack… the front line will likely see the introdcution of Lukas along with Giroud and Theo.

That’s enough to take down an experienced Fenerbache… right? Please, say it’s enough?

Regardless of what you think of Arsene, wishing a loss on the team tonight is pathetic. Preseason, maybe. Wishing an excuse  not to buy on the manager is unacceptable. He’s unlikely to get the sack… and come on, we want the next manager to have some cash to spend don’t we.

Wenger is sniffing around a new keeper which is magice. Volcheck dropped a howler for the penalty the other day. Why he was rooted inside his 6 yard box when he was playing against a fast strikers is beyond me. When I play in goal, I act like a sweeper… you can kill the pace of a striker and cut out the long ball that way. I mean, it’s not like Agbonlohor has the skillset to chip the ball from anywhere. That said, when he did act as  sweeper, he hashed that up and nearly found himself beaten from distance before tipping a wide shot wide of the post.

He’s a calamity. So is his deputy… but you knew that two seasons ago, right? Not quite sure why we’re being linked to Cassilas. Seems a bit of a pointless dream there. What would he cost, £30m? Why would they sell so close to the window closing? They wouldn’t…

What’s Wenger got to say on this matter of players?

“I would just like to reiterate to you that in the last 16 years we have been very successful with transfers,

If you look at the players we have, they are top quality and you should never forget that. It is not always to think what is outside is better than what you have. What is important as well is to rate what you have and our fans have to understand that as well. It’s hard but I can understand the impatience.

“I am not happy when our fans are not happy because my job is to make them happy. But I cannot listen every minute to every state of mind. I have to focus on and do what I always do – what is important for this club.”

Arsene, we have an above average starting 11 and nothing behind it. We have no world class striker. We have an average selection of winger who want to play centrally. Our midfield lacks depth and a true holding midfielder… and that was exposed at the weekend. We have poor keepers… and no one cares what your record is like over 16 years. What’s it like over the last five? Dog average my friend… your transfer 11 of misses is more impressive. The reason we miss so many targets is because of your understanding of modern day value. I have it one great authority Wenger was the one who pulled the deal for Mata. Nothing to do with fee or quibbling. What about Hazard? Schwarzer? Cahill. All about fearing a big bold move.

As for this…

“You don’t know what we have done, you don’t know if we did bid. It’s quite amazing that all of the people don’t know and yet they always have opinions about things they don’t know.

“It’s not down to me to explain to you everything I do. It’s impossible. If we do a transfer we will announce it. We don’t want to hurt anybody, not Newcastle, not anybody. You can’t reproach us on one side for not buying and yet on the other side when we try to buy to reproach us as well. That is a bit contradictory.”

Let’s ask ourselves this Arsene… what do we know?

You pulled out of the Higuain deal. You missed out on Bender. You were conned into believing a made up clause existed… and here’s the big one.


That’s what we understand. That’s why we’re angry… and yes Arsene, you do have to explain your inaction. You’re paid by the fans to represent our interests and you’re not doing it well.

Rant over. See you on the other side.

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  1. Bergkamp63

    We need to move on from the Suarez bid, we made it, it failed.

    It’s irrelevant now.

    There are bigger things to worry about, like who’s Managing Arsenal, Who owns Arsenal & who the BOD’s are !

  2. Biggles


    “MAte no offence but get your facts buy out causes don’t actually exist that much in England they primarily exist in other european leagues such as the La liga but there very rare in the epl, google it if you don’t believe me.”

    Hang on a minute, you’ve just told me to get my facts straight and then presented absolutely none of your own. Google is just a search engine that points to a bunch of websites of varying degrees of uselessness. So unless you’ve seen more than 50% of all professional football player contracts, you have no idea if they are rare or not.

    “But thats the thing we believe wrongly… why because of incompetent we didn’t do are research we either didn’t get are legal team to read through Suarez’s copy of the contract or they did a very poor job of it.”

    All of this is supposition. We don’t know what went on behind closed doors, we don’t know what was written in emails or said in taped phone conversations, we don’t know if Suarez had a release that he then signed away or what.

    “But they didn’t…. And we should of known better there were many other ways to find out if Suarez release clause was bogus or not we could of taken it to the fifa/epl Lawyers who wouldn’t be able to tell the press because of confidentiality agreements, thus we would no in advance whether a 40.1 mill offer would either be a masterstroke maneuver or a completely r3tarded idea that would completely piss of Liverpool we achieved the later…”

    You make contract law sound so easy. Have you considered that maybe there was a clause but it just wasn’t legally sound and had to be struck from the contract? You know, like the bit in every contract that says something like “if any term or condition is determined by authority to be invalid, unlawful or uneforceable to any extent, such term will be severed from the contract and all remaining terms and conditions will remain valid to the fullest extent”. Liverpool pulled a fast one on Suarez and I doubt he’s going to be giving 100% if he stays there this year.

    “Incompetence anyone???

    Incompetent negligence anyone?”

    Undoubtedly. But the Suarez deal not working out isn’t the worst part of this transfer window. I don’t think he’s a £45-50m striker, so I think walking away at £40m is perfectly reasonable – on the proviso that you do actually have another target to go to, be it Lewandowski, Rooney, Hulk, Benzema or whoever else.

  3. arsenal-flavour


    Contract law isn’t simple but when your the 5th richest team in the world you need to hire the lawyer to make it simple.

    As for the facts I just coudln’t be bothered providing links out of laziness here you go .

    Head of sports international law firm

    So yeah…. I do know there are various other links but Like I said I really can’t be fucked to prove it to one guy I don’t even know.

    But here is another one

    PFA union chief says Saurez contact does not say liverpool have to say

    You say its supposition but what we do know is we were wrong with the 40.1 buyout clause that is enough proof of incompetence as it is turned out we utterly incorrect in presuming that was the case.

    There is enough proof so enough with the excuses my friend.

  4. arsenal-flavour


    I suggest you watch the full youtube video from Graham shear head of sports international firm… Very enlightening… His an expert with other 15 years of experience or along those lines…

    So I imagine if you don’t believe me maybe you should believe him.