Embarrassing bid for Cabaye rejected | Moves for Uchida & Kondogbia on cards

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So I’m currently penning this from many feet in the air. I feel almost as high as John Henry thought Ivan Gazidis was when he made that £40m bid a few weeks ago. But I’m not on drugs people, no, I’m being literal.

Anyway, enough of me trying to craft a crap joke out of a sh*t situation. I have no idea what’s going on. We’ve been linked with a few players. Panic central going in at Highbury House. Paul Pogba has been linked again. I can’t for the life of me work out why that story keeps cropping up.

‘Errr, Paul, I know you left United and joined Juve, then won the league. Bold move and everything, glad it worked out and stuff.’

‘Ivan, what’s this about’

‘Well, we’re struggling to field a team Paul. I just wondered if you fancied it popping a shirt on an helping out? We’re preparing a £4m bid as we speak’

Whatever way you spin that idea, it’s not working. Pulling him from a league winning team to put him in a squad that has 13 fit players 2 weeks before the start of the season probably isn’t going to work. This my good friends is the issue. At the start of the summer, we’d have been appealing to big name players. Loads of money, Champions League with plenty of ambition. Now we’re like United, except a million times worse. Every agent in Europe will be looking at us thinking, ‘I can’t put my client there… their manager is losing the f*cking plot and the whole squad is a mess’…

Well, not all agents. But the agents of players we should be looking at. We’re now the least stable, stable club in the world. Wenger is really going to struggle attracting any names at this point. Especially if Ivan continues to let Arsene dictate price. I don’t know the veracity of the Cabaye stories… but if we’ve offered £10m for a French international who is one of the best box to box midfielders in the league, we really need an intervention. Or a pricing guide, you know, like you get from double glazers. We need something, because it seems Wenger is more interested in insulting people with low bids than actually bringing in players.

What’s worse is the amount of people who think that’s a fair bid. One fact for you.


Anyway, I’d be happy with Cabaye. The same way I’d be happy with a loaf of bread in the centre of midfield at the moment. The irritating part about the bid for Cabaye is it’s clearly a reaction to the bad result at the weekend. Cabaye isn’t news. If we’d really wanted him, we should have moved for him in May, then tied the deal up at the first opportunity. It’s embarrassing. Even more so because Pardew has laughed it off as disrespectful…

There has also been talk of Arsenal moving for Kondogbia of Sevilla. £17m he’d cost. We’re also rumoured to be in for Uchida of Schalke. He’s a full back. Superb.

Even if Wenger does land 4 players, it makes no difference. He’s not an elite manager. He’ll only disappioint you somewhere else. Look at the situation we have ourselves in with midfield. Jack Wilshere in gardening terms is a dandelion. He’s delicate. We should be looking after him. Wrapping him in cotton wall, making sure the wind leaves him alone. Instead, because of the pressure Arsene has selfishly put the club under, Jack will likely find himself picked for all the game over the next month. Then he’ll start feeling pain, then we’ll lose him for six months.

Bad management.

Burt  Wenger knows best…

That’s why he can’t compete for trophies on the same wage bill as United. That’s why he’s never won a European Cup. Managers in Europe have been ahead of the curve for years. Now Premiership managers are catching up. Arsene Wenger scrambled 4th last season on the last day. Terrible considering how much more we spend on wages compared to Spurs. This year? Could be different. We’ve stagnated. Spurs have added energy to their midfield and signed a finisher. Liverpool with Suarez, if he doesn’t sulk could overtake us.

Arsene is the only manager arrogant enough to think he can progress without investing. Really poor effort. Really poor from Ivan as well. What does he say to Stan when he rings him? He’s been with us a while, surely he can tell it as it is? The people around Ivan know the score. What do they say to him? Surely the new execs the club have brought in aren’t beholden to Ivan in the same way people like Gerry Peyton are to Wenger?

This is a rant. I know it is. I apologise. I know when I used to read blogs, my Arsenal mood was dictated by what I read. What can you do though? I’m flattened by Arsenal and Arsene. I want the joy of being a fan to come back. Arsene has killed football for me, not because I don’t appreciate 4th… I’m just tired of the club I love floundering unnecessarily. We can be so much better. We don’t even try. Everything is in place to be the best club on the planet. Bar ambition. Which in sport, is unforgivable. If you’re not busting a gut to win, what are you doing? What is your purpose?

P.S. This has been penned after nearly 24 hours awake.

Only Arsene can answer that… when did he become one of football’s losers? An accepting loser. Which makes it all the worse.

See you in the comments.

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  1. TitsMcgee

    “I live in a public job where there are opinions of everybody. I do with full commitment what I believe is important for the club and the team and prepare for the next game.

    “There is nothing to explain [about Cabaye]. First of all, you don’t know what we have done, you don’t know if we did bid and you have come to a conclusion without knowing everything that has happened.

    “It is quite amazing that all of the people don’t know and yet they always have opinions about things they don’t know.

    “I won’t explain to you what happened. It is not down to me to explain to you everything I do. It is impossible.

    “If we do a transfer we will announce it. We always inform you. As for the rest, you have to leave us to do our own things.”

    Wenger added: “We don’t want to hurt anybody, not Newcastle, not anybody.

    “You can’t reproach us on one side for not buying and yet on the other side when we try to buy to reproach us as well. That is a bit contradictory.

    “I would just like to reiterate to you that in the last 16 years we have been very successful with transfers — if you look at the players who play tomorrow, they are top quality players, and you should never forget that.”

    LMAO @ top quality players. He’s paving the way for more excuses.

    Wenger also spoke of his dislike of the transfer window continuing once the competitive season has started, saying that it detracts from the importance of games early in the campaign.

    He said: “I repeated many, many times that the transfer window should be over before the season starts because it is destabilising a little bit once the season has started — to be there talking about what is not really important in football.”

    What? If that were the case why is he trying to sign players now? Hypocrite.

    Like explaining why you have a razor thin squad?

  2. arsenal-flavour

    Wenger talks about sustainability and the ridiculous wages players are paid this is where he loses any last ilk of respect from me… after all a man on 7.5 million a year is a hypocrite.

  3. Reiss

    Wenger is happy to sit their and get £7.5 million a year when he puts in these laughable bids such as £4 million for Guita and £10 million for Cabaye, just another example of a sackable offence.

  4. TitsMcgee

    The fact that he put in those bids shows that he really just does not get it.

    He really is playing by his own rules and come hell or high water all of us are going to have to swallow it.

  5. wenker-wanger

    i see untold have taken off their headline “lord wenger the manager of the decade”. perhaps even they have realised that in the last decade 2003 -2013 wenger has won nothing since 2005 (8 seasons ago). They now proclaim some fantasy philosophy of wenger in the line “”I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.” A Wenger….
    well if the target is fucking up the club, then wenger certainly makes it a thorough and spectacular artform!

  6. Relieable sauce

    The Wenger diciples are all that’s left & they can never, ever admit that Wenger is a fool & his philosophies nonsense. It’s is easier for them to sustain the delusion rather than admit they are gullible morons & accept the part they have played in prolonging his inept reign. They shirk responsibility, as does their master.

  7. Ganesh

    Here’s the worst of what could possibly happen:

    Wenger buys max two players, only additions to the starting XI and not anyone important. The team goes on a predictable poor run of games, languishing in the lower half of the table. Wenger walks away or gets sacked after fans vent their fury towards the manager.

    Steve Bould takes up an interim role with a threadbare squad and may not have the advantage of the January transfer window as the board may allocate funds to a more permanent manager or clubs will hike prices if a desperate club like Arsenal come to sign. Also, not to mention a few important players wanting to leave the club during the winter transfer window itself or agreeing deals to join elsewhere at the end of season.

    Truth be told, Wenger has put us in this position where we’re looking at shambles whether he stays or goes.

    If Wenger stays, then we’re looking at probably an insignificant run in 4 competitions and a league finish in the upper half of the table, if we get lucky. That’s not what we want, but financially it is more advantageous to Kroenke and hence Wenger’s sacking is quite unlikely.

    If the owner had the stones, he would take the risk of ridding the club of Wenger. The more he stays, the more the club will deteriorate. Fight this season for all its worth and line up a forward looking manager with no bullshit baggage like an Economics degree.

    It may not go all bad as I have written here, but with Wenger at the helm we’ll never get better long-term.

  8. N5

    Sensible old man, why don’t you try living up to your username and stop being a tit. A-F has people on this site he talks to. It is an Arsenal blog yeah, but yesterday people were mainly talking about Spurs and their signings, should they stop? What about England matches? or rugby and tennis which I’ve seen on here. Or is sport OK? why don’t you stop trying to police the blog and ignore comments you don’t approve of, being a “sensible” old man I would have thought you would be a bit more mature about things.

  9. MadeToLoveMagic

    i think all top four managers should be on 150 a week and the players 100 maximum,

    is it right rooney earned 2 times what fergie did??

    who has the most pressure, not wayne thats for sure,

    a great manager is like a great conductor, even the best musicians will falter without one, especially in terms of unity

    the conductor should be paid the most imo, then the flash git doing the flute solo can get almost as much, the goon playing 3rd bassoon in the back should get the least

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    Sensible old man August 21, 2013 11:53:44

    After our twelfth defeat of the season wenger should be sent to Peru, blindfolded and dealt with by the firing squad
    Going by your moniker I’m going to bet that you remember Dave Allen and his hilarious firing squad sketches.

    My favourite was the one where the prisoner to be executed is given his last cigarette by a cross-eyed/boss eyed captain. He’s then blindfolded and the order to fire is given. All the shots miss the target and the camera pans to the line of men in the firing squad who are all cross-eyed as well!

  11. Relieable sauce

    Fair play to all the former Wenger supporters who have come out in the last few days & remarked that they can no longer support or justify his actions.

    Your “Certificate of Sanity” is in the post : /

  12. N5

    Sal the thing with Wenger is there are keepers out there who are much better but he goes for a 2nd choice keeper who has only (bar one loan season) ever played for the same team. It just screams of quality seconds. Why the fuck won’t he ever buy the best available and always go for the Tesco Value items.

  13. Guninurback

    August 21, 2013 13:10:55

    It will be as bad as you describe if Wenger gets another free pass.

    I have long said this is the only probable eventuality, if people had listened at any point before the sale of RVP then this ship could have turned around in a heartbeat. But at this point, face it people, We are Fucked!!

  14. Jim Lahey

    If Wenger wanted either Lamela or Pjanic why didn’t he offer money + Gervinho when we were dealing with them??

    It will be another case of us selling a player to a club, then trying to buy one of theirs, only to be told where to shove it.

  15. Ganesh

    Also, I can’t get my head around the fact that Marouane Chamakh was paid around 75000 pounds per week in wages for the duration of his Arsenal career; that comes to how much? An investment of around 15-16 million pounds right? A player like Lewandowski I heard is getting paid less than a third of that.

    Then I shudder to compare their respective contributions to their teams.

  16. Ganesh

    The point is no longer about a victory over Fenerbahce. Surely, a win would make us favourites to qualify for the Champions League and hence be in a position to attract players. But with Wenger at the helm, I seriously doubt both the quantity and the quality of players coming in. Even if they surpass that doubt, they’ll be playing under a tactically clueless manager. The club sold its soul long ago and I am coming to realise that only recently.

    And I will be burned at the stake for this, but it may be good for Arsenal to try for the Champions League under a different manager. Victory at Fenerbahce will only mean he stays longer.