Arsene excuses pile up as fans get serious with the pen…

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Not enough is made of the class Arsenal fans regularly show. The club is in a full blown crisis after one game, the culmination of 5 years bad management… and what do we do?

Send an open letter…

… two of them.

Black Scarf Movement AST (the site is down)

Not just that, we also voted Lukas Podolski man of the match on the club website. He only played 2 minutes. Well and truly sticking it to the man. Have that Ivan…

Just jokes of course. I get to write an open letter to the club every single day. I’m not an action group. I’m just a blog. Action should always come from democratic fan groups. The AST are a powerful voice representing many shareholders… Black Scarf represent anybody, but I’d say they’re quite grass roots, despite their rather swanky website. It’s serious that both have been called into action so early on. People have criticised both groups for their inaction this summer. A bit rich if you ask me. You can’t protest to a club that state times are a changing… you have to see what happens. Nothing in this case… but for me, that’s down to ineptitude over a pure ignorance of the issues.

I find it quite incredible that the AST have to suggest that it might be a bad idea to offer a manager who has overseen the stagnation of the first team for 8 years, a new contract.If you look at his record in the transfer market, it’s been dodgy at best. How many teams have £500k of waste salary at their club? Arsenal don’t now, but it’s a hugely important point. Stack up Arsene’s signings over the past few years, who would you say has been the best? I’d say Arteta… hardly spectacular. Look at the duds, and the list is long, very long for a manager who is among the highest paid in the world. Mourinho said yesterday he’d leave a club if he hadn’t won a trophy for three years. Like him or loathe him, when you have all the resources in the world at your disposal and you head into a Champions League game against Fenerbache with only 13 fit first team players… you really should be questioning whether you need a fresh challenge.

… and jeez, what about Arsene’s comments yesterday? Totally f*cking mental.

 “Even if you go on the Eiffel Tower and you throw the money away, you play with the players you have.”

He really is a man on the edge. He’s been like this for a few years, totally out of touch with the realities of business and life in general. The excuses just never end…

“The big players have gone to Monaco. I think Arsenal are still more attractive than Monaco on a European level, but it doesn’t stop the players going there. It is the money. You cannot say they go to play in the Champions League, because they don’t. But I believe we are still a very attractive club for players.”

When have we ever batted in the same leagues as the super, mega, totally against FFP clubs with transfers. We’d never have been in for Falcao or Moutinho. Never. Not in a million years. Crazy, because if you look at where the Suarez bid has gone price wise, we could have been in for him and Cavani. Looking at Falcao and seeing he was in the same school year as Obafembi Martins and Kanu makes me glad we didn’t go there… but the above comments are another example of Wenger liberalising the truth. He’s a politician… a bad one these days. He can’t massage the realities of what is going on now. Other clubs have done their business early, there are hundreds of players out there who could improve our squad… and we’ve squandered plenty of chances.

Paul Lambert, a very good young manager put it quite simply…

‘I’m not one of those who likes to relax after a season and then scramble around for players.’

‘I like to get new players integrated into the group from the first day of pre-season, and that seems to be going OK.’

Not rocket science is it? Where was 24/7 Arsene? Jollying it up on Al Jazeera TV at the Confederations Cup.

Telling journalists they got what they wanted was also embarrassing. Having a go at people for predicting the train wreck… isn’t it a managers job to predict the problems and address them before they happen?

Even worse was the admittance that the club have been working on transfers 24/7 but they haven’t been able to find the players. Shame on your scouting network if that’s the case. Spurs started the season with 4 new players having spent £60m. They don’t even have the Champions League. There’s no excuse… it’s negligence.

All the negativity at the camp has been created by one man who controls who we buy, what we pay and what contracts he’s going to offer. Ivan has gone on record numerous occasions and said as much. The mess that was Saturday wasn’t hard to predict, I said as much in the preview. We’re a light weight squad with injury prone players. That the realisation occurred so soon is probably a huge long term benefit. How bad is that? Losing to Villa is a good thing. It’s terrible but it’s the truth. How bad is it that our £2m a year CEO hasn’t stepped in to take control of what’s going on? You don’t need to be a football coach who’s made 50,000 substitutions to see that our squad is in poor health. You don’t need to be an expert to see that if you don’t invest in your side, you’ll never improve.

Sadly, the weekend brought down the curtain on Chambo’s season  for at least 6 months. Gnabry isn’t ready for the first team… we’re really thin on the ground now. What’s worse is that we’re panicking over losing a player who started 17 games in total last year. That’s less than Gervinho.

That only means one thing… Snap buys straight from the bargain basement. Which will mean a 50% success ratio at best. Expect Flamini to sign on the dotted line to start the ball rolling.

We have very experienced Fener on Wednesday night. We’re blitzed for players. Sagna will have to play in the middle with Mertesacker. Jenkinson at right back, hopefully Gibbs will have stopped crying by then and will slot in at left back. Midfield should be Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey with Rosicky in the hole. Outwide, I’m thinking Cazorla left, right Theo… with Giroud up front. It’s a good side that should be capable of turning anyone over. Trouble is, if we end up having to chase the game, we really are up sh*t creek, with a massive hole in our boat, and no paddle, or life jackets.

We have to win that game… because if we lose, the spiral of negativity will start for us and it could get our of control very quickly. Our season simply cannot be over by mid-September again.

No positivity from me today. Arsene needs to jump start that right away. Pay clubs what they want. Pay the players what they want. Do your damn job.

See you in the comments.


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  1. Relieable sauce

    Without competition mankind would never have survived let alone strive to achieve such incredible feats & understand so much of the world. To question failure, to want to improve & learn, to challenge yourself against the best, this is human nature & Wenger is scared of it, he’s a dinosaur, a dying empire, obsolete & out of touch & out of time.

    Competition is what has driven life forward & upward from the moment it existed & that hasn’t changed… even during 16 years of failure to win the ECL (how many is that including Monaco?) & 50 million, zillion substitutions you have made around the magical(£££) 70 min mark monseur Wonga.

    You have turned a shark into a bottom feeding catfish.

    Fucking Usain Bolt analogy??? What a cunt & a really pathetic example as well, we see Bolt so therefore we must smash our ankles with a sledgehammer.

  2. arsenal-flavour

    We should start a blog where the people who hate each other on this blog meet up and fight it out… whilst being filmed via webcam…

    We could even organise team fights where the pro wengers fight the anti wengers it would be like that movie gangs of new york where the irish fight the natives.

    I used to do bare knuckle boxing(dagenham and romford against pikeys lol) so i’d be well up for venting frustration on a willing AKB competitor .

  3. Marko

    Arsenal-flavour if he is balls deep in anything right now well fuck him is right. If I’m not banging a bird right this second then no else should be allowed. Bloody cheek

  4. V for Victor

    Arsenal-Flavour –

    No probs – Id pick N5 up and batter those cunts Bacary and AA23 with him – and id even buy him a new pair of leg braces whn Im finished…run N5, RUN!!!!!!

  5. N5

    Victor, its a real shame you’ve been banned before because you are really funny! I would love to come on this blog everyday if you was on it!

    If you do get banned again lets trade numbers so I can at least talk to you still as you’ve really won me over.

    Fucking idiot.

  6. AA23

    You should be more careful with the Jew comments
    I’m in fight mode
    I’m lashing out at any cunt and you attacked me.

  7. arsenal-flavour

    Violence doesn’t solve anything but for 5 minutes after you feel great till you get that sinking feeling and you realize your probably going to prison….

    TBH I think how bloggers interact is bizarre we would never speak to a stranger the way we do when we are anonymous, obviously if your a man of principle whether your online or speaking to some one in person you stay firm on your principles and ideals and you disagree with what you see as incorrect but you don’t start calling some a wanking cunt right of the bat…

  8. V for Victor

    N5 –

    As for Lurch – fuck him – hes another AKB that was saying how good Walcott/Ramsey/Sczesny were/are…

    All you fucking AKBs are the MAIN reason we’re in the shit – Wenger is only the manifestation of your combined wet dream.

    Like when all the dudes from Ghostbusters combined their “proton guns” – all you faggot fucks cobine your 1cm shrivelled cocks and spunk out “Lord Wenger”…no wonder he cant zip his jacket up – its jammed with all your gaylord jizz…

  9. N5

    Lol I’m an AKB because I think you’re a coward for slagging off Pedro when he won’t read it. Great reasoning you fucking maggot!

    I hate Wenger you stupid fuck, read my posts and find me one pro-wenger one and I’ll suck your obviously huge cock!

    Now crawl back under your rock you fucking degenerate bellend.

  10. arsenal-flavour


    Jew comments? You cant do any fighting on a blog fighting is done in the street my friend.

    I did not attack you once? and if you read my earlier comment I was asking people to lay of pedro and stop slagging him off? so why are we arguing when we have nothing to argue about?

    As for jews I have many jewish friends who often make hitler/racial jokes references I did not mean any offence?

    Can we debate as grown up adults?

  11. Guninurback

    V for Victor
    August 20, 2013 01:39:49

    Fucking’eye! We’re going AKB hunting….

    Running around London with bats asking people who their favorite manager is;

    Oy who you like!!! WHo you like as manager!

    … Mourinho…?

    Oy… thats not bad that wish our lot would have thought of that…

    OY YOU! WHO YOU LIKE!??!!!

    Uhm… uhmm,,, so going by your shirts I’d say you’re Arsenal fans so then… Uhm Wenger? ???

    badom ba smack thumpp….. thump followed by …… ……. ….. thump.

  12. AA23

    V for victory is a two bob Irish cunt
    He’s been banned for being a mong on here
    He hasn’t been funny under any of his names
    He’s admitted that he doesn’t go to games, has NEVER been to the Emirates ( remember that Tiernan?)
    He’s a cunt
    He gets banned because he’s a cunt
    He comes back, behaves for a while then gets drunk and has a go at Pedro when he knows he isn’t about then gets banned again
    He’s a coward like most on here tonight giving it the large one.

  13. Guninurback

    August 20, 2013 01:43:37

    So maybe you should think before you go; hey I’m a jew, I’m a jew! What you gonna do now! Are my arguments suddenly better now because my people where persecuted through a fucking desert for a few millenia!

    …. NO!

  14. V for Victor

    arsenal-flavour August 20, 2013 01:49:08


    Can we debate as grown up adults?


    What the fuck? Now youre slagging off dwarves? What next? Afro American Arabic Alcoholic Albinos? Ive got millions of Dwarven Afro American Arabic Alcoholic Albinos or as I like to call them….DAAAAAAA;s. Millions of em. Racist.

  15. AA23


    Fair play
    I apologise. I’m up to my neck in cunts tonight and I took a swing at you as part of a crowd.
    I just can’t stand cowards and there’s a few on here tonight giving it knowing that Pedro won’t be around
    I hate that.
    But you aren’t one of them so I’m sorry.

  16. arsenal-flavour


    Its not a problem tbh Mate there is no need to get so worked up.. I know your defending Pedro out of loyalty which is noble but there’s no point taking it so personally.

  17. Guninurback

    V for Victor
    August 20, 2013 01:45:59

    That may be true for the AKB Vic but you’ve not been on here for a long time, the winds have changed, all the outcasts have flocked here, so we’re in the majority now.

    By a rather large margin I should say….

    And most of these commenters don’t know you.

  18. V for Victor

    AA23 August 20, 2013 01:51:11

    V for victory is a two bob Irish cunt

    That was a little harsh – oh fuck…think Im welling up here….wahhh….

    Haha youre such a gimp trying to stick up for people as if it means anything – I come for an hour once a year just for a laff…like those rituals you perform with roadkill…you only do it once a year – but you know its wrong and it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth…

  19. arsenal-flavour

    I think there is this feeling among some that Pedro has duped us and lied to us possible to get new hits on this blog or keep the old bloggers continued attention..

    I personally don’t think that’s the case.. I think he just like allot of us has been duped my only criticism is that he should of been a tad more skeptical when Ivan was delivering his spin but I’m very grateful for his blog and the fellow le-grove commentators When ever I go on this site I always learn something new and see a different angle/perspective to mine which is interesting.

    There are some absolute nutters on this blog but even they contribute to some hilarious arguments.

    Night all

  20. N5

    Guninurback, I remember him and have no problem with him whatsoever, but I’m not AKB for saying he should say directly to Pedro what he is saying tonight! I’ve never ever been an AKB and like I said go over my posts for the last 3 years (my other names V o K z i i or ISCO) and you will never see a pro-wenger post.

  21. Guninurback

    So AA23 pretends to be a Jew, racist or wengerite in order to feed his fetish for online fights, that is just genuinely sad.

    I mean at least we all genuinely support the team… that that is just sad.

  22. AA23

    Tiernan/V is for Valerie
    Your mum leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth!
    Like a good old fashioned kneecapping eh? You mick twat!
    Just kidding
    I’m Irish myself So I am!

  23. Guninurback

    August 20, 2013 02:02:42

    Hey man you don’t call me coward the last time I was banned was primetime Le grove Hours and I even prepared everyone including Pedders of my coming message… “instaban” naturally. But if I tell you who it’ll ruin it. After all you where so kind to call for my return/unban.

  24. N5

    Guninurback I was never calling you a coward, only Victor and Ito. I didn’t even see you post a comment calling Pedro a cunt so at no point was I directing any of my comments at you.

  25. N5

    Guninurback if you are GoH you were always one of my favourite posters, funny as fuck but you just started posting anti wenger comments and not a lot else. We just wanted the old GoH back. If you are him! welcome back man you were missed, if you are not GoH forget everything I just said 😀

  26. AA23

    N5 didn’t call you a coward
    I did though you cowardly prick
    Go and read back
    You called Pedro and Geoff all sorts tonight.
    Plus you pretend to be black when you clearly are not
    Why do that?

  27. Guninurback

    August 20, 2013 02:02:42

    PS I don’t know where AA23 gets it from that I have somehow offended the great Fuhrer. I have not mentioned “the one that shall not be named” at all, it was all Vic. And a bit Sayonara Ito. But nowhere have I offended the unholy one.

  28. Guninurback

    August 20, 2013 02:15:25

    Because my dick is longer than your leg and the cops keep chasing me off your woman. Oh and you read back moron where have I mentioned them?

  29. Guninurback

    To you others lets just say that tonight a few of us found out that there are many familiar faces hiding under new names and leave it at that.

  30. Guninurback

    And back to you AA23 I assume you’re reading comments as fast as you can looking for dirt so I guess I have until the morning then,

    As for my opinion of Pedro? Much better now we’re on the same side, I’m just glad he stopped copying my posts 😉

    Good night people.

  31. Relieable sauce


    Later 🙂 you can sleep well tonight knowing Wenger odds for leaving his post are now 14-1 (if not shorter). 50-1 a few days ago.

  32. Guninurback

    Relieable sauce
    August 20, 2013 02:34:3

    The keyboard warrior puts down his weapon and prepares him self for a well earned nights sleep safe in the knowledge he is one day closer to his goal.

    😉 Ok cigarette down I’m out.

  33. Charlie Nick

    Just about sums it up:

    Wenger’s toxic mixture of arrogance, cowardice, petulance and intellectual blindness have led us to this point.
    The equally damning fact is that as long as the P&L is prioritised over the EPL Stan and Ivan will do approximately nothing.
    We can now add Cabaye to the list of “targets” we have missed, even more than Gervinho!

    For Wenger’s answer to who we are linked with and who will we actually buy -See below.

    Suarez – It s’a’nogo
    Higuain – It s’ a’nogo
    Rooney – It s’ a’nogo
    Bender – It s’a’ nogo

    Etc Etc

  34. Relieable sauce

    If Laudrup became our manager tomorrow, i wonder if he would bring Williams & Michu?
    Personally i don’t think he would. Williams was stood next to Ferdinand the other day & he looked a good 3/4 inches shorter, Michu has surprised me & is deceptively fast but we should be aiming higher.
    Same with Cesar, i thought he would be ok like many others as an economical yet essential signing in the Great splurge but the splurge hasn’t come & after another poor display from sir cheesy Wonga thinks we might need a GK??? but he will buy 2nd rate or unproven ones over Mignolet & Begovic.
    Either of these 2 would have been our best signing in a very, very long time imo.

    How many substitutions & European campaigns do you need to oversee before you understand that a GK is crucial position in the team.

    £154 million or whatever it is (does it really matter?) & wenger won’t spend 12-15 million on one of the best keepers in the EPL over the last few years???????

    Not only is he frightened of competition, he instills it in the players he grooms.

  35. Dannyboy

    Romford PeleAugust 19, 2013 14:50:47
    People are trolling Arsenal so badly on Twitter today.
    Sky sources: Arsenal make bid for Miami Heat forward LeBron James

    Sky sources: Arsenal make a bid for the Holy Spirit.Sky sources: Kanye West rejects £32.75 bid for experienced playmaker Kim Kardashian

    Sky sources: Vince McMahon rejects a £10m bid from Arsenal for new WWE champion Randy Orton.

    LOOOOOOOOOL apart from making me piss myself, I’m fucking mad at you for ruining that storyline… I’d paid $35 for that PPV and hadn’t watched it yet! 😉

  36. Cesc Appeal

    It’s so fucking funny though that we’re suddenly getting stories about Pogba and Rami etc when people like me (and many others) on here called for these guys months ago!

    Perhaps we should all have the scouts (some of the highest paid in Europe) wages divvied up amongst us…because we seem to do a better job!

    Rami is being touted to Napoli for £5 Million…£5 Million!!!

    He’s French, he’s a veteran, he’s a bargain, apparently even THAT doesn’t turn Wenger on anymore.

    Utter joke.

    £15 Million for Richards AND Rami.

    £35-40 Million for Pogba AND Cabaye.

    £50-55 Million and the team already looks much, much stronger.

    That leaves £45-50 Million still to spend on a goalie (Cesar/Begovic) and then a striker (Michu/Rooney/Suarez/Martinez etc)…I’d go with Rooney in this instance.

    Richards, Rami, Kozz, Gibbs
    Cabaye, Pogba, Wilshere
    Walcott/Ox, Rooney, Cazorla

    So much better it hurts my face…because it’s easily achievable!

    But Wenger will sit around and do nothing, offer derisory sums and then say ‘we tried but you can’t visit Niagara Falls and through your money off and now I have to play the players I have.’

  37. Gregg

    If he was to bid £10m at the beginning of the window and negotiate, then fine. But to bid that now, when we don’t have time to play poker, is a fucking joke. Signings need to be made now and players straight in the side on Saturday.

    If Wenger and his sidekick are kept on then a sporting director is necessary so that we don’t find ourselves here again. If Wenger is against this, when every major club in Europe adopts this model, then he clearly isn’t the man for modern day footie. The much lauded Bayern Munich have Matthias Sammer doing it for them & he didn’t even play for the club.

  38. kc

    So Wenger is now lying to the fans on the length of Chambos injury in an effort to stave off even more pressure to spend. I wonder what Oxlade’s intentions were when he tweeted the truth 3 hours later? It would appear the players want Wenger out as much as we do.

  39. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I hope Chelsea go through the season unbeaten …
    The we will have nothing over them .

    We are not londons top club have not been for 8 years,

    We have never won the CL .
    Never will under this arsenic clown .

    Spurs have bern bold an brave good luck to them .
    They will win league an CL before us .