Arsene Wenger and his selfish egotistical ways lead us to car crash defeat

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Empty Seats after third goal

Hit the crisis button because Arsenal just started the season with a lacklustre spanking from Villa. As scripts go this one couldn’t have been anymore perfect if you were amongst the people who look at the current squad and a little bit of your Arsenal soul dies. We’ve lost one of our two centre backs for 2 games, we saw injuries to Sagna, Gibbs and Chamberlian which leaves us desparately short and rumours are that Jack took a knock and could be out. Oh, and we lost to a team nearly relegated last year 3-1.

What an utter shambles. Wenger’s men fell to pieces, no organisation, no spirit… a team kept dangerous by a veteran injury prone Czech… Rosicky really was the only player worth the entrance fee. Villa roughed us up… they also had the benefit of favour with a quite awful ref, but let’s not kid ourselves here… we created very little all game. Our lack of class in the final third was frightening.

Giroud opened the day with a nice left footed finish. Rosicky started things in out half with a quick pass to Chamberlain, he bounded down the park, cut a ball back to Giroud who coolly finished. We controlled possession for large parts after that. Villa didn’t really create much in the way of chances. We tend to sit back and play the long game. Possession football to win a game really needs the right personnel which we don’t have. The cutting ruthless edge of yesteryear really isn’t there. So we don’t keep the ball well and we can’t finish. Bad combo.

Well, our failure to capitalise on our possession bite us on the arse when Agbonlohor waltzed through middle of the park unchallenged, Szczesny wiped him out and the ref pointed to the spot. I thought he managed to land a touch on the ball, I was wrong. To be honest, we were lucky to keep 11 men on the pitch at that point. If any moment summed up our lack of defensive midfielder it was that one. No player should ever have the freedom to dance through the middle of the park unchallenged.

Szczesny rattled the bar prior to Benteke taking the kick like a gorilla. The Belgian struck poorly, Chezzer parried back into the dangerzone, Benteke nodded the ball into the net.

Things got even worse when Gibbs split his cheek open on Benteke’s elbow. It took the ref an age to spot this… When it became apparent he was going off, I was half expecting a tannoy announcement of ‘could anyone with left back experience please report to your nearest steward’… Jenks eventually came on and Sagna moved to left back. Not ideal. What did get me was that Gibbs even went off. Not very manly, I hate to say it, but would John Terry have gone off with a cut cheek? No chance…

There was a real cock up when both Sagna and Jenks ended up on the right, nobody had the left covered at all… culminating with Sagna crumpled in a heap injured. What a mess.

Half time was met by boos. Aimed at Wenger. Talk in the bar was dominated by ‘what the f*ck is he doing?’ chat… Thankfully, no one was blaming anyone else other then the manager. The only criticism the club are getting is of allowing this pathetic debacle continue.

The second half was spent mostly pushing my face into my palms along with slamming my plastic seat… and guffawing. It started with us losing Chambo to injury. He’s done something to his knee. It’ll probably be serious. A tired Cazorla replaced him out wide.

We huffed a bit, our crossing from Theo and Jenks was second rate… when they did make the box, Giroud made sure he put every single header wide. He really can’t cut it under pressure.

Jack Wilshere caused us problems when he lost the ball in the middle of the park, Delph had all the space in the world to fire off a shot that hit the inside of the post. Arsenal ran hawkeye past it 20 minutes laters and thankfully the ball hadn’t crossed the line, a true shocker as we were all sure it went in. It was worrying how many hospital passes he and Ramsey were racking up.

Jack played in Cazorla in the middle of the park, the Spaniard didn’t get a ‘MAN ON’, he turned and was dispossessed on the halfway line… Agbonolohor ran into the box, Koscielny slid in and took the ball… but the ref pointed to the spot. A soft penalty and again, only a yellow card. Benteke made no mistake with his second penalty sending the keeper the wrong way. The crowd started getting angry. How was this happening to us… again?

Things went from bad to worse, Arsenal failed to deal with a long ball over the top, Koscielny tried to challenge Wiemann, pulled out and missed him… then Mertesacker made a horrible challenge. The ref blew up, booked Kos and sent him off. What a totally crazy decision. I really felt for Laurent.

After that, things really went down the pan. We lost all composure. We had to drop Rambo into the middle of the defence alongside Per… which was laughable… but we only have two centre backs at the club. Which is also laughable. Especially as we’ve known all summer. Seriously, in the whole of bankrupt Europe, is there not a decent centre back available?

Rosicky was trying to be the one man saviour machine. He played a superb one two with Giroud but blazed his finish over. He combined later with Cazorla, but the Spaniard could only force a superb save from Guzman. An example of the gulf in class between Giroud and Van Persie came when a long ball was fired into the box… Robin would have volleyed it, Giroud barely had the competence to duff it behind him to Wilshere.

Theo won a corner late on. Jenkinson was told by Jack to stay on the halfway line, which he didn’t, he half heartedly moved towards Theo for the short corner… then totally forgot who was in behind him. Villa broke… their left back had a free run on goal, took his time, slotted home. At that point half the stadium emptied. I’ve never seen anything like it. They broke out with a chorus of ‘spend some f*cking money’ that was delivered with a distinctly unArsenal fan like aggression and venom. The fans were disgusted. How was this happening?

Things continued to bomb for Arsenal, Sagna fell horribly on the back of his neck, apparently he’s ok… but I’d expect there to be some sort of whip lash, so we’ll see on that one. He was then replaced by a very unhappy Podolski who was miffed that he’d been asked to warm up, only to be told he wasn’t coming on to chase the game.

The game took an age to finish, most stayed to boo the manager and chant that song at him… the only player who showed any balls at the end was Jack Wilshere who clapped the fans when no one else was on the pitch. The conversation leaving the stadium was ‘how long is he going to put up with this?’… good question. Very good question.


Arsene Wenger is an incredibly selfish man. Once again, he’s made this whole transfer window about himself and his vision of what a football team should be. He has scant regards for the fanbase and the realities of what’s needed to compete at the highest level. There is no excuse for yesterday. The football season started then, not on September 3rd. Aston Villa went quietly about their business. They bought 7 players, of which one played yesterday and scored. The did their business early. Lambert had a plan. He only played one new player because he wanted the new guys to soak up the atmosphere of a game rather than deep end them.

That’s a guy with a plan and a vision. Not even an incredible one. Just an idea of what he wants to do.

What did Arsene do yesterday? Turned up under prepared. No dressing room buzz. A deflated stadium of season ticket holders. A squad depleted through sales and injuries.

That game was the nightmare Wenger should have had a month ago.

Wenger’s inaction heaped pressure on everyone. It’s put immense pressure on the players who at the current moment are facing a season in which they know they have little chance of success, and worse, they know they’re going to get run into the ground in a world cup year. He’s also ruined the first game of the season for the fans. Standing in the bar pregame… we had nothing to talk about. Really sad stuff. The pregame build up was flat. Wenger is sucking the joy out of one of the biggest privileges in football… having a season ticket and a stake in the club you love.

This isn’t even a new issue… for the third summer in a row, Wenger has royally ballsed up the summer in exactly the same way. How can a club give a man with a track record like that so much power? It’s embarrassing. We’re embarrassing. I had 22 text messages from fans of opposition clubs when I left the ground all gloating at our situation. What can I say back? There’s no defence at all.

The only player worth anything yesterday was Thomas Rosicky, who was immense all day. He was supposed to play left wing, but he ended up playing in the hole most of the time. Things really ticked along with him sitting there, trouble is, the players around him lacked class in the final third. Theo Walcott was really poor yesterday, back to his best rarely creating anything along with struggling with control. Giroud just isn’t good enough. He’s far too slow and he isn’t incisive in front of goal. Sure he scored a tap in… but outside that, he really was poor.

Aaron Ramsey was irritating. He doesn’t have the passing game to play with the trio of Rosicky, Jack and Cazorla. He should have sat deep and been the outlet for those guys. Instead we had to watch him giving it away and slowing down play. Where was the leader telling him to sit back? In the stands watching. Where is the leader in the team when Arteta is out? Where is the leader from the bench changing things up? As soon as things start to go wrong, the whole team falls apart.

I can’t blame the players though, it’s not really their fault. They need help. They need an injection of quality and depth. We have 13 fit first team players. This has been coming all summer. Things could really get bad this week as well. I don’t want to raise the alarm but we have Fenerbache away this Wednesday, then we have a Fulham on an early kick off on Saturday. Last season, we had Fulham off the back of a busy week and we barely scraped a win in a terrible game. A tired decimated squad could easily lose there. Then we play Fener again on the Tuesday followed by Spurs at him in a massive, massive game against a side who will have a buzz because they’ve bought really well.

This could be an absolute car crash season opener.

#WengerOut was trending on Twitter yesterday. I’m not surprised. It’s totally deserved. This summer so far has been a sackable offence. The worry I have is that Wenger will now go into panic mode and ship in a load of unplanned dross. The Suarez deal is now looking dead, don’t be surprised to see us move for Rooney again.

He sulked during the United game yesterday. United are far more likely to sell to us over Chelsea because obviously, we’re not competitors. Outside that, Gustavo had a blinder for Wolfsburg yesterday, I heard we didn’t even move for him. Crazy. Just crazy.

I’m expecting moves though… regardless of what happens, this summer has been a total failure start to finish. That sits with Arsene, but it also sits with Ivan and Stan Kroenke for allowing a manager to run a football club without accountability. He’s either enjoying this process in the hope he’ll one year be proved right, or he’s lost it. Either way, he shouldn’t be given a new deal at the end of the year. Don’t fear change, there are plenty of ambitious young managers out there who could take us to the next level. I’d be looking at Laudrup, I’d be looking at Klopp and I’d be making contingency plans right now, because this dictatorship has run its course.

Do the people in charge have the balls or the power to make the biggest football decision of their careers?

I just hope Wenger’s legacy isn’t a heap of sh*t panic buys on massive salaries, no cash reserves and a club outside the Champions League.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Youknowho

    My concerns are manifold, but primarily it is directed at the person behind Arsenal’s current failings. Let’s not forget that the process of criticising Arsene, only began last year (on other blogs), though within certain limits. I find it astounding as anyone else that we’ve gone into the new season without any significant additions. The football world must be in turmoil, if Arsene thinks, that Sonogo was the only worthy addition that ‘improves our current squad’. He’s really not cut out for the way football world operates now. Given how much money and football politics is involved. To me it was clear indication on part of Liverpool to increase the offer, since Rodgers claimed, it would take a bid as much as £55M (Cavani) for it to be worthy of any consideration. That’s a fair price for a player, not in his last year of contract, and two years younger than Robin, yet one could argue he competes with him as far as talent is concerned.

    That’s a fair price, to me at least, we’re not the big club anymore, where players would take salary cuts and leave their boyhood clubs for. We’re the club where our best players and unfortunately the captains have taken salary cuts or increases to leave, or to meet their ambition if you will. While some might question Robin’s intentions, it’s clear now that he chose well, he moved onto a bigger club that competes for trophies and doesn’t compete for the largest cash reserves or for that matter, balancing the books. Rather, financially, it makes more sense for clubs to increase their revenue streams by having star players playing in their team. Hence the reluctance to let go off Rooney. I think Moyes has pointed out well that it’s difficult to have ‘star’ signings every year, and we’ve sold most of our stars in the past few years. While we might still attract the odd player or two, in case of Suarez, I am surprised we’re not willing to deal with the reality of the situation, i.e we need to pay big money to acquire him, as every other club is doing.

    I think Arsenal minus Arsene, creates the opportunity for us to start afresh, with a new manager with new ideas. I don’t have any doubts anymore that he can unite the fans. As long as he’s here, we’re always divided. And judging from my own experience, I think there are a lot more people on the side that wants him out and want immediate change. Still, I think, it’s a good statement on part of the AST to give him an ultimatum for May. I personally think we won’t be competing this year as well, you can’t go into a new season, with such preparations. New players take time to adjust, pre-seasons are important, fans are to be united. We fail on all counts.

    For now, we can only hope he doesn’t spend the money, because clearly, judging from his buys in the last few years, I really wouldn’t trust him to spend the money wisely. Moreover, with all this Suarez saga, let us not forget that, some really good players made switches this year, even in the striking department, we had the likes of Cavani, Falcao (for the more adventorous minded) and Gomez, Villa, Higuain, Salgado, Jovetic (for those who are yet to adjust to our football reality). I see four five players in the striker position who can improve our first team significantly. And were our management sleeping, we should have made bids and come to a decision by July, given how we fared last season. No ambition at all. None. He might buy one world class player (though that looks unlikely now), he still wouldn’t spend enough to make a squad that is capable of competing with the big European clubs.

  2. Guninurback

    Relieable sauce
    August 19, 2013 00:54:36

    Very fair point!

    And yeah man I know, it really is like standing at the edge of a Dimensional vortex, only you really didn’t need a TARDIS to figure this one out. It was being said constantly all the way through, its just that the majority chose not to listen. Wenger could have left amicably if we only hadn’t offered him the last contract.

  3. sam


    What about Graham Rix?
    where is he now? Great coach
    he should be brought to arsenal, even the current arsenal youth coach is crap

  4. Pistol Pete

    Only one man to take over from wenger and that is Klopp. Do the deal now for next season. He wants to come to us!

  5. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Rumour is of Bale to stay at spurs, Real want him to push to leave but he is refusing and Levy says he is not for sale this year.
    If that rumour is from the same sources as our star buy’s then he is off, if it is true then surely that makes wengers stay untenable due to his incompetence in the transfer market this and previous season’s.

  6. ikon

    Arsene had a chance to feast upon this new found financial power the club had in the last few years. Instead he tried to do a lot more with a lot less, almost trying to get that dopey thrill of getting the impossible done.

    In the last few years after the Hleb, Flamini, Cesc era, Arsenal’s top four credentials have been bailed out by Arshavin, RVP and even Koscielny twice now.

    Koscielny will be sold next season and so will be Walcott, I have little doubt. Rosicky will not be offered new contract unless he really smokes it up this season.

    Now looking at this, not a good player in Europe will think about coming to Arsenal. Only when a manegerial change is done, will players start to think about a move to Arsenal.

  7. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Relieable sauceAugust 19, 2013 00:54:36
    I wouldn’t want Martin Keown near the club tbh, great player for us but his continuous irrational defence of Wenger has brought his judgement into question (same with many ex gunners) he has insulted the fans as well on several occasions.’

    There are many ways of delivering criticism and my interpretation of much of what Keown has said over the years is that he is criticising whilst showing his loyalty to the club.

    How you criticise measures your loyalty.

    He also has media contracts and to retain them, he must continue to act with respect, dignity and caution.

    People should study what kind of criticism gets what done.

    If you want Keown to really go all guns blazing, you walk in to work and tell your CEO what YOU really think. Bugger the mortgage, bugger what your wife thinks, bugger your career prospects.

    Go on: try it.

    Alternatively, go in there and say: ‘I enjoy working here, I like many of my colleagues, however I would appreciate it if you would consider the following things from my position, Mr CEO….’

    If you have to call the CEO at cunt, best to just resign, move on and stay silent. That way your career prospects remain.

    If by simply trying to leave, your career prospects are dead, well, then you must consider your next move. It does involve realising that this country does not believe in free markets, it believes in mafias. But at least then you are operating from the truth………

  8. unhappy gunner

    People have been saying on here for a while that give wenger enough rope and he will hang himself. Well that day seems to have come, mr wenger is balancing on a stool with rope round his neck and the stools wobbling like crszy. For the first time in years I have actually woken up today seeing light at the end of the tunnel. A heavy defeat to fenerbache tomorrow night and its good bye mr wanker.

  9. The Hig

    Arda Turan

    Thats what we need right now and possibly can happen if the cunt decides to spend the fucking money he’s got. Really like the supporter after the game who revealed that there is 180m in the bank. Also, liked how he had a dig at the AST. Another week, lets hope we get ALL these boys in.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    The Hig

    I want him to buy no one.

    This might be our crash and burn season and Kroenke is being sheltered over the pond from the supporters anger at the moment.

    As soon as revenues start to drop from match days and offer from Usmanov might look appealing. Or even inviting the Uzbek on board to plow money in might seem a good idea.

    Buying players now would be like your missus forgetting you birthday then running out in the evening to the Co Op or something to hurriedly put something together…you’d just rather she didn’t and be hurt.

    Wenger would see it as him doing us all a favour and that we should be grateful for a couple of last minute arrivals…sadly a lot of supporters would be and forget the last 8 years of negligence.

  11. Paolo

    If Spuds sign Willian I may have to hit the bottle & hard….

    Vertonghen, Lloris, Paulinho, Soldado, Willian compared to our bunch of crap!

    Somebody sober me up once that senile old deluded french fucking cunt is on a boat back to France!!!


  12. PhilF

    Really sad to see the demise of our once great club….. Arsenal are dysfunctional from top to bottom…. It’s a business not a football club. I can’t see an end to this.

  13. Doublegooner

    John Cross on Talksport this morning with Alan Brazil & Neil Walnut (Walnock).

    Other than a gentle Arsene should have made some signings Cross still can’t bring himself to condemn him for lack of signings.

    Walnock said he has a lot of time for Wenger & then came out & showed what a mug he is with ” fans have to be careful what we wished for” !!

    Yea, Warnock. We all wished that we have a squad like the one we have, with a team in chaos.

    I ask you this. Imagine the Buying Director of Selfridges/Harvey Nics doesn’t sanction any buying of new season’s stock and all that remains is last years dated old stock.

    They then realise the mistake & buy some quick off the shelf and totally unsuitable products at the last minute.

    The sales would plummet. The reputation and brand value of these high end institutions plummets too.

    Imagine this happening more than once.

    The buying Director & CEO would be FIRED.

  14. Brian the scout

    Arsene: I’m not the only one to work on that. We are a team who work on that. We are ready to buy the players if we find that the players are good enough for us. That’s all we can tell you……Could we win the game with the players we have? I say yes. That is my answer. After, we are out to buy players. People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’

    well arsene here are the players: fellaini, rooney, ashley williams, suarez,bender, muniain,popoudoulous,nemanja matic

    atleast dont av done my job, now do yours

    regards, arsenal scout.

  15. Brian the scout

    Could we win the game with the players we have? I say yes. That is my answer. After, we are out to buy players. People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’ it becomes much more problematic.

    problematic to who??maybe its high time u fired all your scouts if they find answering that “problematic”….

  16. Brian the scout

    Could we win the game with the players we have? I say yes. That is my answer. After, we are out to buy players. People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’ it becomes much more problematic.

    so according to arsene, when the current squad gets injured…we might as well be relegated since there is no one else to sign….#Wengerout

  17. Evan

    What the fuck does the Eiffel tower quote mean? Throwing stuff of the Eiffel Tower??

    Galileo’s law of free fall. That it’s not an object’s mass that determines how fast it falls, but its shape and the amount of air resistance it encounters.

  18. N5

    It’s OK Gooners, our season is saved.

    “Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are all attempting to bring 17-year-old PSV Eindhoven winger Zakaria Bakkali to the Premier League. ” – Daily Express

  19. Paolo

    Any serious ‘football’ club with a owner that gave a shit about the club would sack manager for Eiffel tower quote alone!

    French c**t is a disgrace to Arsenal FC. But who is Arsenal FC now???

    Does anyone other than us Gooners care we were humiliated at home by Villa? Does anyone care we have missed out on all the talent available on market this summer?

    We are now the laughing stock of English football.

    It seems nobody at AFC has any reason to question our joke of a manager….?

    Worse thing is like PhilF said “I can’t see an end to this.”

    Sad times…..


  20. Paolo

    Michu for 25m???? really? Jesus Christ… I hope cunt manager keeps our cash tucked away in pockets of his stupid sleeping bag coat….

    Save it for the next manager that has to try & save our club!!!


  21. Jay20h

    I was asked yesterday at mates BBQ the following…

    If you had to beaten by the Turks over two legs, lose the first 10 league games, but Arsene leave straight away following this, would you take it.

    My reply? “It’s most likely going to happen anyway, and 1000% yes!!!”

    Whatever it takes… Get the lying, deluded, arrogant, ignorant, self obsessed, selfish cunt out.

    Oh and take Gazidis and the scum with you.

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    Southampton equal Arsenal’s transfer record with a fee of £15m for Osvaldo. That’s how far we’ve fallen.

  23. V for Victor

    Im glad everyone is saying that they want Arsenal to lose just to get rid of that cunt – there used to be people like Valerie Gooner and Tiarnan that used to call for that all the time….and everyone said they were a cunt (even tho theyre the same person)….

  24. Ash79

    Shambles. Negligence – 3 months to strengthen squad. Should be fired. Its almost like he does it on purpose. Has the gall to say afterwards “Which players should i buy? show me players better than we have?”….er Arsene you pr1ck, where do we begin? More so its not our job to identify targets for you!! That’s why you get £7.5m a year you French c*nt!

  25. Leedsgunner

    Double @810

    “People should be careful for what they wish for…” Neil Warnock.

    I suppose you’re right Neil… we could do worse. We could end up with you.

  26. Brian the scout

    Wenger, since u wont get suarez, here are the other alternatives i have for you

    Jackson martinez(porto)-strong finisher and aerial ball winner-typical epl guy
    Wayne Rooney-top top qualidee as u say
    Leandro damiao (internacional) hes a top quality brazilian!
    Luis Muriel (Udinese) fast, skilled, athletic guy.

    there again arsene is my scouting report

  27. UmBongo

    Arsenal Football Club doesn’t give a shit about its fans. I am completely indifferent to any bullshit they come out with now: the club is toxic from the top down. The false hope promised by the club has left everyone completely deflated.

    So much joy has been sucked out of the club and the game has become so sterile, that I wonder why I bother at all.

  28. Goongoonergone

    “Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has been sighted on a UFO. He is said to be on a search for players out of this world after he realised nobody is better than the current crop he has at Arsenal.”
    CEO Ivan Gazidis said that he expects Wenger to land in Turkey on Wednesdaywith a bunch of aliens. Wenger is expected to bid one water bottle and an oxygen tank because these are precious things that cannot be found in outer space.
    Mates, it’s time we smiled through our sadness together.

  29. Goongoonergone

    @ Evan who wrote:
    “What the fuck does the Eiffel tower quote mean? Throwing stuff of the Eiffel Tower?? ”
    Mate, the only stuff throwing itself off the Eiffel Tower is a stuffed stuff called ARSENE WENGER.

  30. HerveDeNerve

    Wenger is a dead man walking. Players pre season publicly stated that they were looking forward to top signings and he has not delivered. After that mauling on Saturday, as a player, why would you have any more belief in anything that he says.

    Anyone see JW’s reaction after the 3rd? He was fucking livid and he will go the same way as all the others before him.

    Wenger needs to be sacked now, I know it’s a cliche, but a leopard will never change it’s spots, he is now going to waste valuable transfer funds that would be available to a new manager to rebuild Arsenal. Forget about this season, sack him, and do it now, and let someone else come in and start to unravel the crap that the club is in. Then in January a few good signings can be made and then more in the summer, time to move on.