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Dust of the good stuff and get cracking!

Arsenal bit…

Morning everyone, it’s the start of the football season!

Give me a woo hoo.

No actually don’t, we’ve made no signings, so we should all sulk.

Actually, think of all the goodness that comes with the football season?

You don’t need to see the family.

You can start drinking beer at 10am (that’s ok, right?)

You can start getting into the swing of ripping Match of the Day

You can start getting into the swing of ripping Sunday Supplement

Sunday Newspapers become interesting

Conversation with friends become meangingful

You can legitimately start talking to the TV again… shouting at Songs Of Praise just never felt right

You can wear your full kit around the house…

Jeez, I’ve missed football. So f*cking much. This post is bringing a small tear to my eye, and an excitement I can’t quite control. You know what I mean.

Anyway, we’ve signed no players. The players playing today didn’t make that happen, so let’s try as hard as we can to go into the ground today with our singing voices attuned to positivity. My concern is that fans are so sick to the back teeth of a manager who is completely incapable of managing a summer period despite have a 9 month run up to plan… that it might get toxic very quickly if a newly invigorated Aston Villa turn it on and pull off a shock result.

That’s Wenger’s fault. He’ll know that. Hence these comments yesterday, where he absolves fault.

“In the example of Suárez and Liverpool, you have to calculate that if they want to get into the Champions League, who are their rivals and do they want to sell to us?

“The issue is that the club sometimes does not want to sell at any price,”

Arsene, when a club doesn’t want to sell… you move on to new targets. The issue with you is you give up and say ‘we have super quality’. That’s not good enough and it shows how unprepared you are.

Here are the breadcrumbs of placation…

“It’s impossible to give you a number. The first request is quality to play for Arsenal Football Club. After the number comes in, yes we would like two or three players, if possible more,”

This is what he had to say on the perception he’s resisting the boards attempts to strengthen.

“Of course, it’s unfair”

“Why should I resist? I just defend the idea that you spend the money you have and not the money you don’t have.”

Henry Winter then yelled from the gallery, ‘Wenger, you’re a greedy mug!’, to which he responded…

“If you want to describe me as greedy and you live with me, you would see that I am not. I am rather generous. I fought my whole life to pay players well. But we had to go through a period when we had to look at the money that we spent.”

Ahh Arsene, taking from the fans, to give the deadwood. Heartstrings stuff right there. I’m so glad we’ve spunked millions up the wall because you’re more interested in making players rich than fielding trophy winning sides. We’re only just coming to the end of that horrible spell of socialism now…

On bringing in players in general… he had this beaut of a quote.

“If you bring me tomorrow players who are better than those we have, I promise you we will look at them,”

“You cannot say that Jack Wilshere is a super player and then ask why we do not buy better players than him. There is a shortage of top, top talent, and many clubs who have money.”

THERE ISN’T A SHORTAGE OF TALENT. 27 of Spain’s best players left this summer. There’s loads of good players around, you just have to have a scouting network that is sharp enough to work outside of Youtube and the Daily Mail Sports feed. This idea that global football talent doesn’t exist is nonsense. The issue is our scouting network hasn’t been upgraded. It’s also that when they do come in with players, Arsene dithers and doesn’t have the same faith in his decision making he once did.

Also, may I point out that Jack Wilshere is super… but we’ve only got one Jack. We can bring in additional players to supplement him.

Wenger is a well of excuses. He has been for years. Trouble is, he used to be able to cover his tracks… now he’s constantly contradicting himself. The window is too slow, then clubs moved to fast, we have bundles of money to compete with Chelsea, then Chelsea are inflating the market… honestly, it never ceases to amaze me how many different excuses you can come up to the fans. When do we just look at the behaviour, the actions and the outcomes and conclude: INEPTITUDE.

Rant over people. Enjoy the game. Give the person to the right of you a massive kiss and a light squeeze, regardless of gender… and enjoy the game.


Aston Villa Stuff courtesy my pal Tom McCann who you can follow here 

Unlike most Gooners, I’d wager most Villa fans are quietly optimistic about the new season, and unlike Arsenal, Villa have actually been busy in the transfer window, bringing in several new players swiftly, cheaply and efficiently. This has lead to a settled pre-season and another fresh crop of younger players keen to step up to the next level (Christian Benteke, Ashley Westwood) or flounce about looking a bit crap (Karim El Ahmadi).

We have a solid looking new centre back in Jores Okore who turned down Chelsea in order to play regular football, a 6ft 5in Danish striker to lump the ball to when plan A (or B for Benteke) doesn’t work out, a new Spanish left back (they’re all good, right?) and a couple of slick-looking midfielders to add a bit of ‘oomph’ to our midfield and wing play where players like Charley N’Somnia and Steven Ireland previously merely provided a ‘hmmph.’

Villa fans are afforded warm, wide-eyed August optimism precisely because of these relatively unknown new signings and what they could potentially bring to the team. Arsenal fans will know only too well the frustration that comes from inertia in the summer months, and in this sense Villa can also count on almost all of our battle-hardened young squad progressing and improving on from last years’ trouser-dirtying campaign of close-shave survival.

However, reality tends to sink in come 5pm on opening day, and Villa’s defence can still be parted like a hipsters’ haircut by the bluntest of forward lines, and our midfield still lacks a definite bite.

It’s in the last 3rd of the pitch where Villa really sparkle, and of course our main threat is, and was Christian Benteke, (his retracting of a transfer request was ‘like a new signing’ ©A.Wenger). Our saviour from last season may yet suffer from 2nd season syndrome as PL defences cotton on to how he plays and how to stop him, and that will go a long way to determining how effective we are. Villa fans will be counting on young Christian to continue to boss opposing backlines, and Arsenal’s defence are up in front of class first to see what they learned from last year. and whilst they’re concentrating on Benteke, hopefully Andreas Weiman can sneak up with another Emirates goal…

PS: Extra insight for the superstitious types – Pedro has had one of my Villa mugs in his room for weeks now. I think he might have cursed it.

P.P.S. I’m doing something for a client a bit later that’s based on the United game… if you see it come from my Twitter account, a retweet would be amazing! Big love xx

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  1. Alfygun

    Definition of madness, to do the same things time and time again and expect a different result!

    The Proffessor needs to think about that or let someone with less arrogance take over

  2. Keyser

    Agbonlahor’s always going down, proper dirty cunt.

    I couldn’t believe Shearer genuinely came out with that, he wouldn’t have scored a single goal in his entire career if that was true, and the nodding freak next to him would’ve got sent off every 5 minutes.

    Weiman dived for the second yellow aswell.

  3. Obum

    It’s painful to see this great club go down. For over 5 seasons we e been asking for the head of wenger. I think it’s being over flogged. We are powerless to that. As it stands only one man can do that, and that is Stan kronke; we’ve deprecitiated as a club since he took over, I doubt if be knew we played yesterday. The man is seeing only one result, he’s account statements from arsenal pay, I’m sure he must hv taken d money from d cooker i deals. Lets push for him to leave. Imagine we had a serious owner, can we imagine to have a senile man still in charge of this football club? An interested owner won’t watch this happen, we’ve passed this stage of wenger, we can’t trust this board to hire a good manager. They don’t understand wat it is to succeed any longer. We need an entire restructure from top to bottom. If I’m Suarez I won’t step a foot to this nasty club. I guess we can’t blame rvp et al that wanted to win. All d buys will be reactionary, no better player will step a foot to this club.

  4. luke

    We need 5 first team players: GK, CB, CF, CM, LW

    Funny, Hugo Lloris and Vertonghen were available just last year Wenger! Think we also had an okay CF at one time recently. Von something. I forget why he left. Seems like Fellaini had a fairly reasonable buy out clause, Gustavo was available, Paulinho was available, and so was Capoue. Oh well, they’re probably not good enough any way! Oh, and Jesus Navas was available just this summer! Lamela looks promising, Nani was available, Jovetic was too, and hmmmm while we’re at it, so was Neymar, Bernard, and Willian currently is. But what do I know!?

  5. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Bottom three..

    Was there a wry smile at one point from wenger during post match interviews?

    He looks directly into the camera an smirks.

    Why ? What’s to smirk at arsenic your master plan ?

  6. Scott

    £140-£ 160m in the bank to spend on strengthening the squad and wenger says there isn’t any talent out there to buy.
    Is that why he bought Shitmackh, Park and Santos 2 windows ago.

  7. Yellow

    R.S..P.C.Arsenal August 18, 2013 10:19:27

    Haha, I was also infuriated by this…

    but then I thought, whats not to smile about though le senile plan of world domination is finally taking shape

  8. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe his plan is to push up our price for being champions?

    Lose to Fulham we will shift to 20-1 currently 14-1 from 10s.

    Then he will lump on massively an buy some players to win,

  9. Alfygun

    Obum. 10:16:44

    Absolutely spot on mate!

    But surley we could still try to do something to get The (mad) Proffessor out!

  10. Jeff

    This man is a pathological liar and tries to be clever about it. It’s all about word play. Being able to say things which strictly speaking and taken literally lead you where he wants to go while hiding the real truth behind it.

    Take for example: “If we find a top quality player (or anyone better than we already have) we will look at him”. The predicate “if” absolves him of inaction because it says the players that would suit Arsene’s high standards are simply not there. The real truth that he doesn’t want to reveal is that they are there but he doesn’t think they are worth the asking price – but for cowardice and self-preservation he will not say that.

    The second bit of the statement is “we will look at him”. So even if you mention anybody, he can say either that player is not good enough or is being looked at. There is NEVER, EVER any cast iron commitment from him to say YES we will BUY. It’s always phrases like “we are working hard” or “we will be very active”. Neither of those means a purchase will happen.

    The truth that is being masked is that he does not want to buy anybody because he thinks the last undefeated 10 games of the previous season coupled with a few wins in pre-season games mean we can just walk into this season with more or less the same first team and all will be well.

    As proven by yesterday’s dismal performance, the above attitude is one of a madman in the last throes of an iron grip he’s held for so long. It is time to let go and walk away. This will not do – we cannot have the club commit suicide just because one man cannot be challenged or changed. It is wanton destruction, nothing less.

  11. Johnty79

    David dean was ok at his job not not a genius…

    He keeps kissing wengers arse when he talks about him but I don’t remember wenger sticking up for dean when he left….

    Remember people when David dean left wengers salary increased by 2m a year shortly after.

    David dean was the highest paid director in English football at the time on……u guest it 2m a year……

    Wenger tells everyone he was sorry to see dean go but Ill let you decide if you believe it.

    The crying shame is wenger could have won numerous titles and trophies if he just spent the the profit we made each year but unfortunately he was to much of a coward to compete.

    If you can’t get the top tier players you go for the second tier players…like spurs have.

    All the players spurs have signed over the last 4 years would have improved us massively.

  12. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    El tel

    Read most of your points some good comment esp the one bout peyton …

    I’m all for relegation for the club if it means we the suit terms Greg our arsenal back .

    No wenger
    No elite sections only for the wealthy
    Affordable season tickets
    No Yankee owners

  13. N1Goon

    Pedro’s post is going to send shockwaves out across the Arsenal world, I can feel it.

    Time for the ‘killing blow’. Wenger is a dead man walking.

  14. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Effi predict text

    Wealthy elite club level has distanced the club further from the working fan.

    I am a true arsenal fan who now hates the regime we have . Want to see it collapse an start zgain.

  15. Evan

    Johnty got the wrong Dean. Think he’s won more tho lol

    David Dean is the football coach of Valdosta State University. Dean’s teams won the NCAA Division II Football Championship in 2007 and in 2012.

  16. MadeToLoveMagic

    Keyser, look at jenks reaction at 0.22 of the vid u just posted!!

    Fucking nasty nasty fall, he was lucky, I expect him to be out a while though,

    Even though yesterday was horrendous, I think that as far as The perfect doom scenario to get us signing players, it couldne have been a more perfect day fucked up to say but true

  17. Scott

    Jonty spot on mate. Dein was great at certain things but I don’t see him as the messiah as some do either.

    We need a Geoff post today!!!!!

  18. Gregg

    The trouble with yesterday is instead of trying to get super quality, we’ll now have to get 5 or so middle of the roaders as injuries are decimating an already threadbare squad

  19. Gregg

    Dein was no messiah. Dein sold Vieira and then lied about the replacement being the Beast, Julio Baptista. He knew there was zero chance of him getting a work permit and that he was Madrid bound anyway. The deception started from that moment and Dein was at the heart of it.