Gustavo, you what? | Suarez bid pushing £50m | Arsenal must pay premium

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What a cartoon would say to Gustavo if it were polite.

‘Gustavo, you what?’

Is pretty much the jist of what I’d be saying to him this morning if he were my best friend and confidant. Why? Well, according to reports, he’s kind of happy to move to Wolfsburg. A few reasons, according to Honigstein…

1. Close Bayern – Wolfsburg connection via Audi

2. Agent relationship with buying club

3. Wolfsburg offering equivalent of GBP 115k per week

4. Guaranteed playing time as regular starter

OMFG. We’re really losing out on a Brazilian international to a team not in the Champions League. Lacking in ambition maybe, but it’s a big deal to move to a new league, pick up a new language, move your family over… and earn less money. All during a world cup year in your home town. He’s taken the safe options (maybe). Fair play to him.

Amazing to listen to some of the fan base justify this by stating he cost too much and his wages were too high.

Are you kidding me? We’re supporting a manager who has produced nothing bar sustained stagnation over the past 5 years on £135k a week. We have Theo on £100k a week. We gave Rambo a £60k a week contract. Diaby sits close to £65k.

Tim Payton made a really interesting point yesterday that all these years of banking money have made us less appealing as a club. We can take the mick out of Wolfsburg, but their last trophy was a Bundasliga in 2008. Ours was nearly a decade ago. The longer you go without a trophy, the more you have to pay in wages to attract top talent back in (that’s why City have such a monster wage bill). Back in the day, taking a lower salary was fine for players because they knew there was a great chance of winning something. United keep the lesser players on lesser wages because those players know they can be part of something special.

So now we’re in a predicament again. What’s the plan b? Because let’s be honest, Gustavo wasn’t even a plan A. He was the kebab shop you fly into on the way back from a night out because it’s just open. We are two days from the opening game of the season, and we’re no where near anyone.

What have the guys been doing this summer? I mean, it’s not like you can’t negotiate more than one deal at a time. Making a bid is just a phone call or a fax. If you worked in recruitment and you spent three months working on one job and you didn’t land it, you’d be fired. Where are the other deals?

I’m sure we’ll bring bodies in, but like those words, there’s nothing clever about it… we’ll literally be dragging bodies in. The Telegraph report Arsenal will move for Suarez at £49m. That might push Rodgers into action. He can shift on his sulker and make moves elsewhere, because you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll have a huge list of potential names on his radar. Every manager does, bar Arsene these days.

The worry from my perspective is that if he signs Suarez, that will placate everyone. Even though that’s barely a quarter of the job done. We’ll still be short in midfield which will result in us running players into the ground. We’ll still be a right back and a centre back down and we won’t have addressed the keeping issue for the 5th year running. Total shambles.

Our scouting network needs a serious rethink this summer… we’re being out manoeuvred left right and centre this year. Worst of all, we’re being our gunned by Spurs who don’t have anywhere near the resource we do. I mean, jeez, even Swansea have a smarter set up than us.

If there were any manager that was perfect for Arsenal it would be Laudrup. I know he’s only had one season at Swansea, but he’s had 10 years in the game prior. He’s respected, decisive and he knows the modern game. If Wenger messes this summer up, even the most ardent supporter of the manager has to recognise the game is up.

This summer is getting tense because we didn’t have an intelligent plan… and the board let the manager drag his feet, again. Terrible management all over the place. Failed bids means nothing at the end of the day. No one should take solace when the manager says he ‘tried’. You’re not a 6 year old boy who just failed a maths exam Arsene… you have to do better, and there’s still time. Take that dunce hat off and get back into the transfer playground. You can do it… we all believe.


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  1. Zacharse

    ‘That would’ve been the solution, fuck building a new stadium, we should’ve just moved over to Germany and started playing in the Bundesliga.’

    Thats the most sensible thing you’ve ever said on here Keyzzzz

  2. DanC

    Cant believe we persevered so long with faulty Manuel. He was a number 2 at best. Awful with crosses, terrible decision making and the amount of times he got lobbed was r idiculous. Needed a keeper since Jens was on the slide

  3. kwik fit

    Everyday seems to bring more doom and gloom to Arsenal fans. Is it a coincidence that we have only 11 fit players just 48 hrs before the season start. Wenger’s penny pinching has mean’t that the football gods have turned against him. Crucify the fucker!!!

  4. Dannyboy

    You know things have gone tits up when the jolliest most funny thinking Arsenal fan kwik fit has turned into a vitriolic son of a bitch! 😉

    I fear for Wenger on saturday… genuinely.

  5. kwik fit

    Hows it hanging Dannyboy 😉

    Its going to be a cauldron of fire alright on Saturday. Arsenal fan pited against Arsenal fan and Barabbas sitting behind Wenger.

  6. WengersSweeties

    Wenger has to go down as the most irritating Arsenal manager in the history of our club.

    Im throwing the biggest party when he fucks off and your all invited.

  7. Dannyboy

    I think if Sanogo plays Saturday the fans should boo his every touch… Nothing against the lad, but would send a message to Wenger that buying some skinny postman for a few 100 k compo when you’ve got £110 million in the bank is basically anti-football.

    Remember when the cunt used to have the gall to accuse teams of being anti-competitive. cos they spent the money they had, where as he just fucking leaves it in the bank. prick.


    who is that person that called me a CUNT for calling wenger a CUNT show yourself
    can you explain that CUNTS actions ?

  9. Gilo

    I’m amazed at al this negativity suddenly. It was patently obvious from day one of the window that the club never had the slightest intention of signing the players that we desperately needed. What’s changed in the last couple of days?

  10. samsensible

    Sanogo shouldn’t be booed. That’s outrageous.

    He’s a young lad trying to play football. This isn’t his fault.

    What we need as a club is for Sanogo to prove Wenger right and become a world class player. Forget how much you hate Wenger and want to see him proved wrong and start hoping the players deliver!

  11. Goona4life

    Some of us wanted the team to get thrashed by Napoli ang higuain…didnt happen some wanted 6-0 vs Citeh it didnt happen but I’m a fighter I wont give up 0-1 to villa is my last wish for Wenger to wake up… IF not, (3-0 Arsenal)the guy will look like a fucking genius or a fucking escape artist either way thats not good for the remainder of the window

  12. Dannyboy

    samsensible, be sensible mate, Sanogo will be injured 90% of his 4 year contract and then join Guingamp on a free transfer. Booing him as I said wouldn’t be a personal attack on the lad, but symbolic of the fact that Wenger has caused the fans to revolt against his pathetic transfer policies.

  13. cj1764

    Thank you Arsene,Gazidis & Kronke


    We are a laughing stock & it hurts, so you deserve all theBoing & venom aimed at you on Saturday and the rest of the season until you turn it around,


  14. vicky

    If Spuds keep Bale,we won’t have to wait for the last game of the season to see whether we have won our customary fourth place trophy.

  15. Kiyoshi Ito

    samsensibleAugust 15, 2013 18:09:52
    Kiyoshi…as important to me as your forgiveness is, I can’t apologise for something I didn’t say.I would like YOU to apologise to ME for accusing me of the kidnapping of Shergar. An outrageous accusation that I am considering seeking legal advice on.
    I did also say apologise on behalf of DanC,your partner in crime..?

    Which part of English,do you fail to understand?

    Here’s my post below from earlier,in case you are dyslexic..??
    Kiyoshi ItoAugust 15, 2013 17:15:48

    Fine,just apologise for calling me a treacherous git,along with your
    partner in crime-DanC,or at least on his behalf..??Then all is forgiven..!!

  16. samsensible

    Kiyoshi…your use of the word “along” implied I had said it.

    There’s my English lesson to you.

    Give it up Princess x

  17. James wood

    Arteta injured .

    And the crime of the century keeping Diaby
    On wages all of this time.
    30 odd injury,s and counting. Laughable
    For someone who is only going to give you
    A handful of games.
    I don,t see the logic.

  18. goonerbone

    Wanker, youre a fucking disgrace to the club. And Ivan, how can you make such a fool out of yourself? PATHETIC! For the long term benefit of the club, we can only hope AV beats us. And that makes me sick. Wenger OUT!

  19. Thomas

    @ WengersSweeties

    Most irritating manager in the history of football. He sure do know how to piss people off. Such a narcissistic cunt. Can’t stand him.

  20. follow the money

    Gunurinblack Almunia was the tipping point for me too. That and persisting with shambolic second rate defenders for years as well. 2006-2011 these two easily fixable problems, even within the budget constraints at the time, cost us between 9-20 points per season in defensive and goalkeeping blunders. It was a crime I cannot forgive

  21. Kiyoshi Ito

    The bare minimum,like Arsene does every season,when topping up his ever depleted qualidee squad..???!!

  22. MarsBar

    It gets worse and worse every day.

    We all know though, we will probably put in a good performance against villa, Giroud will probably score, so will podolski. he defence will play well, a youngster will come on look bright blah blah blah.

    Has Wengers luck written all over it. He has that way, that’s what got him here in the first palace after 8 years.

    I never want us to lose. But I fer not due to the lack of talent in some of the players and their determination to achieve, but the squad depth and help they need to be able to seriously mount any challenge in a competition.

    Is actually a laughing stock. Social media is taking the right piss out of us as a club. And it will only get worse down the road with no signings and we start to struggle through injuries.

    If we go the whole window not spending. Wenger and SS have to be held accountable for some sort of private agenda behind closed doors, when publicly IG said what he said just at the right time. It would seem controversial and a down right financial disgrace while renewing for some people for this to happen.

    The longer it goes on, Im thinking its Wengers own stubborn mentality poured with that satan of an owner whispering in his ear backing his every move and doubting the thought to spend!!!

    They both need to go.

  23. Kiyoshi Ito

    TomtomAugust 15, 2013 19:34:42
    Wenger is appearing in the latest carlsberg advert. Carlsberg don’t do shit managers,but if they did!

  24. useroz

    Same Story

    August 15, 2013    16:33:52

    Wenger loves this kid and probably won’t be able to resist.

    Since when wenger isn’t interested in kids…..that fetish alone has brought down our once great FOOTBAL club. Wenger please go to hell.

    And by the way I recall an article reporting SS didn’t need to cough up a cent and acquired the shares…some scare old men gave them to SS on a silver platter, via profits being made in years subsequent to the ‘sale’. Though far fetched it’s not entirely BS given what we see from the outside.

    100K for Fellain too much Wenger? Just kill your puppy Diaby and save 60K+ pw so we’d pay Fellaini 110K. I have not seen any worse financial mismanagement than Wenger paying ridiculous amount of supposedly preciously scarce resources to rubbish players, I mean his puppies. Oh, of course, he may borrow 25K from Bendtner pw too to help fund Fellaini’s wage.

    Wenger doesn’t look at passports ‘cos he already knew what type he wanted. Most dross have been French of some kind. It’s getting sick.

    Perhaps not decent but most of us could count on the law of average…surely we hopefully outlive Wenger…to start with.

  25. eboue

    I urge all the arsenal fans reading this who are going to the game on saturday to scream at the top of your lungs no matter the score line “SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY” it is possibly the only thing that will make arsene listen. If anyone here is wondering if i am going to be there the answer is no i gave up my season ticket as i refuse to pay for the most expensive ticket in world football for the team that spends the least in the transfer market its only fair dont you think guys.

  26. Bobpatdentel

    Conspirisy theory
    Gazidis….I’ve told the press we are going to spend £70 plus so you had better get buying
    Wenger….no one tells me what to do I’m in charge of this club but now you have made that statement I will bid a ridiculous amount for a player I know we will not get and drag out the negotiations until 3 days before the window closes and then buy a couple of unknowns from the French league
    Gazidis …anything you say Arsene

  27. Kiyoshi Ito

    Some right laughs yesterday on Le-Grove..

    Especially from Vintage Gun & Cesc Appeal..

    The one from Cesc Appeal just edges it,for me..

    Absolute classic…

    Cesc AppealAugust 14, 2013 20:53:55

    Wenger would pull up to a petrol station, his car running on vapours, get the nozzle out then look up at the billboard.£1.37 p.l

    ‘Zis is ridiculous, ze fuel is only worth £1 p.l at most!’

    Drives away…car STILL on vapours.

    Cesc AppealAugust 14, 2013 20:58:17
    Car then breaks down halfway home.

    ‘Oh no’ he says.Ivan Gazidis who has been quietly sitting int he passenger seat spreading transfer rumours on Twitter using one of his hundreds of aliases says ‘well now what are we going to do?


    You wouldn’t pay the £10 per month membership tot the AA remember?’‘

    Because zis is ridiculous!!

    £10 per month?!!

    The package they were offering was worth £8.50 at most!’‘


    I phone Abou, he has nothing better to do and owes me a favour or two.’

    Absolute pearler,had me laughing for ages..Cesc Appeal,I love your posts..!!

  28. unhappy gunner

    Anyone read his comments regarding Gervinho? That kind of comment is reason I hate him so much. Always placing blame on others, for once in your fucking life you senile idiot just hold your hands up and say “sorry I was wrong, I thought gervinho would of been good for the club but unfortunately for us and him it didn’t work out and I take some responsibility for it”…… trust me le senile, people will respect you more for your honesty.

  29. Hitman

    Wenger treats Arsenal fans with contempt.

    Blaming the fans for flop Gervinho.

    How about admitting he messed up by buying a dud from Lille when I could have bought Eden Hazard instead,

    He went for the cheap option and look what happened. He sold for a loss.

  30. Gunnershabz

    Never thought we be in this position when we beat Newcastle I actually thought he has learnt his lesson and we scrap through with hard work and effort

    Most arsenal felt this was a change and we approaching the new season with Aston villa and this is the lightest squad we have a free transfer player who is injury prone and well with 5 long term first team players still injured now arteta is injured

    We have a lot of money behind us and we can still do nothing and entering the closing stages of the transfer window with nothing

    Wenger has made dig at us fans saying we expect £50m players and we judging yaya sanago because he free

    Firstly he played in ligue 2 of France and injured what do we expect you keep telling us you want super world class players

    Secondly was today comment with gervinho he sold him because he lost confidence especially when playing at emirates

    The fans get frustrated because he has o end product and you bought him

    I have given up and just expecting the worse

  31. arsenal-flavour

    ito and samsensible

    you boys play nice! Lol Ito you don’t need to pick fights with people on le-grove the majority are on your side, the minority disagree

    but its not because there arseholes its because there desperate, there desperate to see the best out of Wenger and a desperate situation

    there desperate to explain the in-explainable

    they are going/will go through the motions first comes denial…then comes acceptance and then comes the wenger hatred.. its taking them longer but eventually near all of them will be on are side of the fence.

    History favours the winners infact the winners write the history books… another 3 years of wengers failure and his history his legacy will be dust in the wind…

  32. afturburn

    The most frustrating thing about all this is, for all the fuckups that Arsenal continue to commit, it’s not like I can stop supporting the club. I can’t follow any other Prem team. I can’t suddenly decide I’m going to stop watching the PL, either. And with all the fuckwits still supporting Wenger to a certain extent, the fans’ voice is too divisive to instigate any changes at the club.

    Seriously. We are stuck.

  33. arsenal-flavour

    Wenger has tainted his legacy, he will be remembered as a failure

    its like the rise and falls of celebrities/famous people historical figures/leaders/kings/politicians

    The fall is always remembered over the rise.

    You can be the glorious king one day but if you fall from your power if you completely fail that will be remembered first and foremost

  34. Kiyoshi Ito

    To the Le-Grover’s out there..I might come across,as a bit too mad/senile like our nemesis-Arsene Wenger at times..

    Honestly,I would love to talk football & talk about positives about the current state of the club,when in actuality,there is nothing to right home about..

    We’ve had 3 months of absolute inaction in the transfer market,whilst sitting on a warchest..

    Potential signings,have come & gone,within a blink of an eye..

    Every season this happens,without fail…

    Yet,certain posters,are of the blind belief,every season is different & unique..

    For the past 6-7 years,we’ve been linked with top players,none arrive..

    & yet we hear every season, from r*e*t*a*r*d*e*d fans,

    “The selling club moved the goal posts..”

    “The Stadium Debt”


    “The wages are too high for supposed player”

    “Why bankrupt the club,it’s all about sustainability”

    “Look at Rangers & Leeds”

    “We can’t compete with the Oligarchs”

    “Deals take time”

    “CL,is where is at”

    “Wenger knows”

    “There’s no money”

    “The commercials & renewed sponsorships,should see us,buy some big players?

    “We will sign players & big players people”

    “We were unlucky”

    “RVP the traitor”

    “Nasri,the fat lesbian”

    “Next season,Arsene will make changes”

    “He has to,or there will be uproar by the fans”

    When does the blame game end,& the actual accountability of the club begin in earnest..

    When does the likes of Tim Payton & his AST farm society,actually stop drinking Gin & Juice,with the powers that be,& actually rip them a new one?

    & earn their corn?

    Instead of going on media blogs,& radio stations,passing us information from the powers that be,like sad lackeys?

    If you are going to act like a b*tch,then at least,make yourself a high class one…

    What’s the price…?

    To say,we are classy & rub shoulders,with racketeers??

  35. sunny

    When ever I remember all the promises they made to us at the begining of the summer,and I look at the current squad, I cry… I mean I shed tears… All these CUNTS are ripping my heart apart… Can’t even have a decent argument with footie fans here in LAGOS… They all rub it in my face… I so desperately wish the worst for these evil men ruining my beloved arsenal

  36. arsenal-flavour


    I just commentated to you but I will repeat what I said..

    Most of us on Le-grove are on your side your preaching to the choir.

    Your coming from the right place just maybe don’t attack the semi AKB’s they will join the ranks of the realists/ non deludes eventually, till then disagree and prove them wrong but no point getting personal mate.

  37. Bert

    Have to say that the I’ve come round to the idea that to move us on we need to move Le Prof on….we need a change….Wenger was the ideal manager for a club that had no money and needed to pull a few rabbits out of the hat to finish in the top 4 year after year on a shoe-string.

    But we’ve moved on as a club (as has football in general but lets leave that there)…we’ve now got new needs / demands which in itself need a different skill set….other managers have now moved the game on and we are being left behind

    But please lets not forget his achievements…this transition should (in the spirit of our clubs tradition) be handled in a respectful and dignified manner….and not as a result of an angry mob baying for blood


  38. Matt

    Can you believe spurs have already spent 58m. Broke our transfer record twice and there still not finished. It looks like there keeping the finances for the team separate from the building of there new stadium. If arsenal sold bale only 15m of it would be spent on players. I’m sorry to say this I envy spurs have fresh thinking manger and a CEO who won’t be bullied by other clubs.

  39. Jamal

    Reporter after we lose to Villa:
    ” Arsene you just managed to get 11 players for the match today.. surely you need to spend some money”

    ” Why do you look at me???, Diabeeee and Sanogo will be like new signings in 6 months”

    ” How many times will Diaby be a new signing Arsene?… The supporters are getting restless and some even booing you”

    ” I have made 50’000 signings in my career so i dont have to explain to you each one

  40. vicky

    Why was SDE ever banned?

    The guy is pure gold.
    His heart is in the right place but AW has made him a bit peevish.

  41. vicky

    A 5 year old kid prepares himself better for his exam than does AW for a new season in the toughest league in the world.

    And he is worth 7.5m a year.

  42. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Lads cover yourselves…
    Stick a tenner on spurs winning the league,,, odds vary ;40 to 50 to one ,,, if the win u get 400 or 500 to ease the pain ,

    If the don’t you have spent a cockle on ensuring they don’t,
    It’s win win .

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Haha, cheers.

    You can imagine it happening though.

    Wenger HAS to be doing this on purpose, no one goes into a season with that depleted a squad with injuries coming thick and fast before anyone has competitively touched a ball.

    You’ve got to be a moron. And Wenger isn’t. He’s getting £150 000 a week to do nothing, smartest man I know.

    He’s just a stubborn old coot. Refusing to move with the world.

    And like all relics he’ll be lost to the world sooner or later, placed on a shelf and occasionally looked at or remarked about.

  44. Moanalisa

    This arsenal team trashed a star studded man city team.

    The squad is not as bad as the tabloids want you to believe.

  45. zeus

    Capoue signs for Spurs officially. They are an unknown quantity now.

    Holtby, Capoue, Soldado, Paulinho added to Bale Dembele and co………….

    If they click and get a lead on us, there will be no epic collapse on their part.

  46. azed

    For those of you contemplating booing Sanogo, the dude is already fulfilling the mission Wenger have him when he signed.

    Sanogo’s mission to be Diaby’s companion in the treatment center.

  47. Thomas

    Wenger must have the best job in the world. Has absolutely no pressure to perform and collects £140k every week.

  48. Jeff

    Notice again the wordplay. He says he will “work on signing new players until the deadline”. It isn’t the same as saying he “will” actually signing players. One can pretend to work on something till the cows come home and still not finish.

    Not long to go until he’s in front of the microphones telling the press how hard it all is and how close we were. It’s an act, a play that is performed in the same way year in year out.

  49. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe we should treat this season as wenger has died? And in s Hollywood style spoof it’s his twin brother who has taken over and he will spend an get results?

    Worked for Norman wisdom … Bless his soul.

  50. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc AppealAugust 15, 2013 21:33:47

    I love your posts,along with many other Le-Grover’s on here.

    They know who they are..

    You are succint & clear in your posts…

    Make a point & stand steadfast…

    But f**k me,that post last night had me in totally raptures,even till today..

    A classic,up there with Arsenal’s 1886-2006,post sometime during the season,about Arsene,being afraid to spend..

    As much,as I would love to leave Arsenal & Le-Grove,posters like you always keep me coming back…

    “F**ck it,I’ll call Diaby,he owes me a favour or two…”To paraphrase your post last night..

    LOL,LMFAO..Has made my day,& the shite we put up with …

  51. Cesc Appeal


    I think all we have is each other on Le Grove.

    Even Nasri’s Mouth and Keyser seem to have backed down a bit recently.

    In the dark, turgid times that engulf Arsenal right now this is a small reprieve in a storm, a maelstrom of deceit, lies and greed.

  52. arsenal-flavour

    I feel sorry for wengers family at christmas

    he probably buys him self a nice rolex watch

    whilst he says to his family, I amm working at getting you zee gifts

    just the quality is not out zhere at the moment.

  53. HerveDeNerve

    Spurs have offered 47million Euros to Roma for both Erik Lamela & Miralem Pjanic.

    Franco Baldini taking advantage of his Roma connect and knowledge of their contracts.

  54. arsenal-flavour

    koz will be gone next season to a bigger club

    arteta is already past it

    rosiscky is past it

    sagna is still very good(had one poor season and everyone thinks his shite) but he will be off next season

    We will miss sagna and Kos the most!

  55. Kiyoshi Ito

    arsenal-flavourAugust 15, 2013 20:52:24

    Hi Arsenal Flavour,I popped out,returned back..

    Just posted to Cesc Appeal..

    Sorry missed your post earlier,I hear you…& I’m with you..

    Keep the faith..

    Thanks for the back-up..

    Points duly noted either way..

    On another note,quite interesting Nasri’s Mouth is suddenly scarce these days…?

    Having read his inane b/s for months…

    “Arsenal put in a serious bid for Saurez,the intent was serious”

    “We will sign big players”

    & his 7 point plan for us spending big this summer?

    What about the question,I put to him,that Rosicky was on £80k”..??

  56. arsenal-flavour


    Can’t stand Nasri’s mouth

    If’s and maybe’s, well we dont knows ect, never a solid opinion never a solid answer

    His like a religious nut who goes we can’t prove god doesn’t exist so he must exist…

  57. arsenal-flavour


    You have made some very intelligent comments today that cut to the heart of the matter, I like your one sentence comments, you cut the waffle and get straight to it.

  58. HerveDeNerve

    arsenal-flavour August 15, 2013 22:11:31

    They have to build a £450M stadium, success on the pitch guarantees maximum commercial revenue for it. It’s the reason why they got rid of a manager who in 3 years got them 4th twice and 5th the other. Could not be trusted to spend £100M.

    £45M spent on a new state of the art training centre, now comes investment into the team, they need guaranteed top 4, not hoping they will get it.

    They are the only premier league team not to have been purchased by American or Middle East Money. Joe Lewis’s options were to either sell the club or to invest.

    They want Spurs to become a £1Billion Football Club and as we can see, they are going about it.

  59. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc AppealAugust 15, 2013 22:02:30
    KiyoshiI think all we have is each other on Le Grove.Even Nasri’s Mouth and Keyser seem to have backed down a bit recently.

    I think,if they had any substance about them,they would hold their hands up,collectively & say “You know what guys.we called it wrong”…

    No,what do they do?
    Scarper,like squirrels up a tree,having insulted,abused posters alike & grabbed their nuts for the day to feast on..

    At best,pretend as if nothing as happened & indulge in subterfuge like their Grand Masters,(SS,IG&AW)…

    At worst behave like sniveling cowards..!

    Typical,with fans like them,no wonder we find ourselves in such a
    perilous state on the pitch..!!

  60. arsenal-flavour

    I hate Wenger and i think we are a laughing stock

    and that are squad is woefully short of talent.

    But people saying we will lose to a piss poor villa side are way of the mark.

    We have enough talent even in are injured squad to beat most teams in the pl just not the top 6.

  61. Alfygun

    You’ve got to give it to the Mr Wenger, I have never seen anyone disregard so many people’s opinions and defy logic itself and not give a shit what anyone says or thinks.

    He is even blaming us the “fans” for Gervinho now, how disgusting is that.
    No other fans in the country would put up with this shit.
    Look at the treatment Benitez got at Chelsea and the guy done nothing wrong, he won a trophy ffs.

    Like I always say total respect for previous achievements but enough is enough we the fans keep this club going and without us there is nothing, the board and owners would do well to remember that.

  62. Kiyoshi Ito

    arsenal-flavourAugust 15, 2013 22:15:39

    LOL..& I thought is was just me,thinking that…

    He belongs on Untold,at least..?

    The endless diatribe from that man,is unbelievable..

    Where is he too defend himself on the current state of our transfer activity..?

    No where,says it all…At least,if he came on,held his hands up & said guy’s I called it wrong…

    Then much kudos to him..Why guys even gave him,an iota of credibility on here really beats me..

    We beat some lowly team,last season,he rocks up & says

    ” Oohhh thank goodness for that,3 points bagged & surely we should now shoulder on…I’m relieved”..

    & champions “Ramsey as the next coming…??!!”

    To paraphrase him..



    Cazorla leave this team you don’t owe us a fuckin thing take your skills and put them to good use somewhere else trust me no-one will blame you.Kos the same goes for you too you really should have gone the first time.

  64. Kiyoshi Ito

    arsenal-flavourAugust 15, 2013 22:15:39

    In short,f**k all in his posts…No meat on the bone..

    Gambon,really knows his stuff,calls it as it is& nails his colours to the mast..

    Not many,on here nail their colours to the mast..

    Says a lot about such characters..

    The ‘ole addage,
    “Run with the hares & hunt with the hounds..”,springs to mind…

  65. Thanos

    Honourable mentions
    R wright
    Apart from sol has wenger actuall bought a top cb and he was a freebie don’t say kos or vermalen none of them would get into a top European side