Gustavo, you what? | Suarez bid pushing £50m | Arsenal must pay premium

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What a cartoon would say to Gustavo if it were polite.

‘Gustavo, you what?’

Is pretty much the jist of what I’d be saying to him this morning if he were my best friend and confidant. Why? Well, according to reports, he’s kind of happy to move to Wolfsburg. A few reasons, according to Honigstein…

1. Close Bayern – Wolfsburg connection via Audi

2. Agent relationship with buying club

3. Wolfsburg offering equivalent of GBP 115k per week

4. Guaranteed playing time as regular starter

OMFG. We’re really losing out on a Brazilian international to a team not in the Champions League. Lacking in ambition maybe, but it’s a big deal to move to a new league, pick up a new language, move your family over… and earn less money. All during a world cup year in your home town. He’s taken the safe options (maybe). Fair play to him.

Amazing to listen to some of the fan base justify this by stating he cost too much and his wages were too high.

Are you kidding me? We’re supporting a manager who has produced nothing bar sustained stagnation over the past 5 years on £135k a week. We have Theo on £100k a week. We gave Rambo a £60k a week contract. Diaby sits close to £65k.

Tim Payton made a really interesting point yesterday that all these years of banking money have made us less appealing as a club. We can take the mick out of Wolfsburg, but their last trophy was a Bundasliga in 2008. Ours was nearly a decade ago. The longer you go without a trophy, the more you have to pay in wages to attract top talent back in (that’s why City have such a monster wage bill). Back in the day, taking a lower salary was fine for players because they knew there was a great chance of winning something. United keep the lesser players on lesser wages because those players know they can be part of something special.

So now we’re in a predicament again. What’s the plan b? Because let’s be honest, Gustavo wasn’t even a plan A. He was the kebab shop you fly into on the way back from a night out because it’s just open. We are two days from the opening game of the season, and we’re no where near anyone.

What have the guys been doing this summer? I mean, it’s not like you can’t negotiate more than one deal at a time. Making a bid is just a phone call or a fax. If you worked in recruitment and you spent three months working on one job and you didn’t land it, you’d be fired. Where are the other deals?

I’m sure we’ll bring bodies in, but like those words, there’s nothing clever about it… we’ll literally be dragging bodies in. The Telegraph report Arsenal will move for Suarez at £49m. That might push Rodgers into action. He can shift on his sulker and make moves elsewhere, because you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll have a huge list of potential names on his radar. Every manager does, bar Arsene these days.

The worry from my perspective is that if he signs Suarez, that will placate everyone. Even though that’s barely a quarter of the job done. We’ll still be short in midfield which will result in us running players into the ground. We’ll still be a right back and a centre back down and we won’t have addressed the keeping issue for the 5th year running. Total shambles.

Our scouting network needs a serious rethink this summer… we’re being out manoeuvred left right and centre this year. Worst of all, we’re being our gunned by Spurs who don’t have anywhere near the resource we do. I mean, jeez, even Swansea have a smarter set up than us.

If there were any manager that was perfect for Arsenal it would be Laudrup. I know he’s only had one season at Swansea, but he’s had 10 years in the game prior. He’s respected, decisive and he knows the modern game. If Wenger messes this summer up, even the most ardent supporter of the manager has to recognise the game is up.

This summer is getting tense because we didn’t have an intelligent plan… and the board let the manager drag his feet, again. Terrible management all over the place. Failed bids means nothing at the end of the day. No one should take solace when the manager says he ‘tried’. You’re not a 6 year old boy who just failed a maths exam Arsene… you have to do better, and there’s still time. Take that dunce hat off and get back into the transfer playground. You can do it… we all believe.


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  1. Romford Pele

    “Now try and find a similar striker for a similar value ? Knowing you have a budget, and knowing that this is not the only player you need to replace.”

    Who’s fault is that?

    At the end of the day, we have to revert the trend we’re in at the moment and that only comes from spending money. If the money has been made available, the manager MUST spend it.

  2. Same Story

    Wenger apologists: “Oh look the Chavs haven’t signed anyone”

    Me: Mourinho,Schurrle,Lukaku,De Bruyne,Van Ginkle…possibly Rooney.

    “The Mancs haven’t signed anyone yet”

    Err they won the league by 15+ points and have 2-3 internationals fighting for each position…they only really need a midfielder.

    Arsenal need AT LEAST 5 players, stop looking at what the Mancs and Chavs are doing they are WAAAAAAAY better off than us.

  3. samsensible

    Rp – but what we have available to spend is transfer profits we’ve banked over the years. That is my (and i think Keyer’s) point. There may be some cash that the Emirates deal gave us up front (Gazidis did say the deal would help us spend in the summer) but basically as an overall business Arsenal have been relying upon Wenger’s transfer profits to avoid posting a loss….this will change now that we have increased revenues from new Emirates deal, new kit supplier deal, new commercial partners, new TV Prem deal….but i don’t think much of that will be included in this year’s figures when they are finally announced.

    Look i’m no Swiss Ramble….more like The Isle of Wight Ramble or something so don’t take my word for it or anything, it’s just me thinking out loud with absolutely no numbers in front of me :o)

  4. paul mc daid

    Lets be honest,what world class player would want to play for this loser,world class players want to win,thats why we have none on our books,just ask Cesc or Robin,its all about winning for these guys,they all have their money made now.

  5. Moanalisa

    Flamoney fucked arsenal over – but putting emotions aside, a one year flamoney deal isn’t such a bad idea.

    He could cover right back, left back and defensive midfield IF he stays fit.

  6. Oh Theo Theo!

    And so Wenger’s superb plan not to buy a backup centre half and rely on Sagna to cover is absolutely looking like the pile of donkey cack that it so clearly is.

    #twatsville – destination wenger

  7. nuudles

    @Romford: add to that they already have a lot more depth than us. As I stated above we are likely to be forced to START a 16 year old against Villa with ONE “first team” squad player on the bench (Fabianski).

  8. Jake

    It is his job to instill confidence, but if you have such a juvenile and short-sighted crowd as we do at the Emirates then that’s a whole lot harder than anywhere else.

  9. Aaron Lemon

    Please could we all just do a minute’s silence for all those posts that never made it to Le grove – like my last one.

    R.I.P. Posts. Died of internet, 2013.

  10. Same Story

    Do you people realise how fucked we might be?

    Any player signed now cannot play a part in the CL qualifiers, our players(as usual) are dropping like flies.

    Nightmare scenario we take our U-21s that can’t beat fucking league 1 reserve teams to Istanbul on Wednesday.

    We are royally fucked if we get dumped out of the CL.

  11. nuudles

    @Romford, my point was not that they will be cheap, but they will be significantly cheaper than Suarez/Rooney. Not that is should matter as we should sign the player who will make the biggest difference to our chances (Suarez),

  12. Bergkamp63

    Wenger – League could be even more open.

    Was the league open last year then ? I was under the impression Utd won it in a canter ?

  13. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘N5August 15, 2013 13:41:47
    If Untold Arsenal is a reflection of a majority of Arsenal fans I am gobsmacked. The standards these guys are happy with is beyond a joke.’

    You can usually gauge how many people read a blog by the number of independent commenters per thread.

    Last time I looked (over a year ago now), the number of commenters was way less than at Le Grove.

    Myles Palmer said that he has 105,000 readers at ANR recently. He’s agonising about whether to give it up, being so pissed with the situation. Wondering whether he’s betraying his readers.

    My take on how to ‘segment’ the Arsenal faithful:

    1. The social club members: for them, it’s the thing they do with their mates. They’d like Arsenal to win, but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t.
    2. The business folk members for whom the seats are a business investment. They use the Emirates as part of a customer relationship management strategy. They may well have seats at other London grounds too, taking clients to the ground of their choice. For them, its about making their clients happy. If the standard becomes embarrassing, that may make their clients unhappy.
    3. The tourists: they only come once in a while, maybe don’t know that much about football and are still wide-eyed innocents, full of wonder about ‘Arsenal’. They will be the last to see through the hype, but if they ever do, their support may well be the most fickle.
    4. The hard-core fans for whom winning is paramount but who will accept near misses if the club gives it a 100% shot. They get very angry at over-paid, under-skilled players, have watched football for a long time and recognise shit when they see it. They will support youngsters if they are ready, support pensioners if they still add value and think that losing to Birmingham City at Wembley is completely unacceptable shite. They are enduring right now, but haven’t given up going.
    5. The loyal supporters who accept that football goes in cycles but perhaps don’t hold the club to rigorous enough account. They have longer patience, do less research on competitors and are more likely to trust the Board, the Manager and the Press. They are unlikely to call for the manager’s head short of calamity.
    6. The supporters who have given up their season tickets because they won’t spend their hard-earned cash any more on what they consider to be a milking operation. ‘Their’ Arsenal was that of 1970/71, of the side in the late 1970s, the late 1980s to mid 1990s and the 1996 – 2005 era. They are more likely to be British, more likely to be Londoners (or from the northern commuter suburbs) and more likely to have gone to lots of away matches, including overseas.

    If you want to identify a ‘tipping point’ when the Board have ‘lost’ the supporters, you need to get more than groups 4 & 6.

  14. Romford Pele

    “It is his job to instill confidence, but if you have such a juvenile and short-sighted crowd as we do at the Emirates then that’s a whole lot harder than anywhere else.”

    It’s not always been like that though. Crowd are undoubtedly going to turn after seeing the same BS every year.

    I think some of the”injured” ones will make it tbh. Thinking Ramsey and Theo here mostly.

  15. Keyser

    Romford Pele – You didn’t answer the question, find someone for a similar value with similar stature.

    Anyway, exactly, who’s fault is it, Van Persie sat down wth Wenger and Gazidis, they weren’t willing to take the risk and invest then, so it shouldn’t really matter now, whatever money we have now is stacked against the players we’ve lost to help generate it.

    It’s not a mystery they’ve played it safe over the years, playing the long game, if they follow the same path they’ve taken they should continue in the same vain, 70 even 100m is nothing really when you consider how long it’s taken and the players we’ve lost to get to that sum.

  16. Hitman49

    But your all forgetting flamini left because of the way in which WENGER treated him in the 06 season.ffs!

    So I can’t see him signing

    What are we going backwards next up Richie powling,terry Mancini ,FFS!

  17. WengersSweeties

    AW: “We will be active in the transfer market”

    Of course you will sweetheart. Now FUCK OFF YOU LYING CUNT!!!


  18. Romford Pele

    Kesyer – There isn’t anyone available for that RVP value. And that’s fair, I don’t blame the club or manager in that scenario because the market has gone crazy with average players going for outrageous fees (Hulk etc).

    Sometimes you have to take the risk though. Like in business, you need to take the plunge and go for it. You can’t keep playing it safe or we’ll continue, as you said, along the same lines of mediocrity. More likely Spurs will overtake us.

    And you’re right, 70m-100m isn’t a great deal in the grand scheme of things but there are decent players out there who aren’t going for ridiculous money.

  19. arsenal-flavour


    whats happened to you mate, you used to have a wise head on your shoulders when you were samarsenal!

    Now all you do is make excuses after excuses for arsene wenger.
    I am not one of those fans who says kroenke isn’t a problem that its all Wengers fault, but If you can’t see that Wenger deserves a big portion of the blame than you are as deluded as those AKB’s.

    Im not trying to be rude or offensive if I have come across so I am sorry, I am just baffled how such a seemingly intelligent guy is fooling himself.

  20. Moanalisa

    And their’s no way toulouse would have sold capoue to arsenal for £9mil.

    This is because wenger has developed a reputation and whenever he tries to negotiate with clubs( especially french ), think they are about to be swindled.

    If wenger goes to a club and says – I want your player for £9mil, they’ll suddenly assume the player is worth twice that amount.

    It happened with cahill, m’vila, capoue and many other players.

    And all these players ended being sold close to wenger’s valuation.

    Not that I’m defending wenger or anything like that.

  21. Goongoonergone

    Boys and girls
    The spring season of football is upon us and we have a single broken plant in our nursery.
    And it’s definitely not the marijuana that Arsene is smoking.
    As usual, enjoy the transfer season.

  22. Oh Theo Theo!

    I have really enjoyed watching the rather skillfull trolling of the real twats at untold. I am banned by them and really, really hate them all.

    Bedroom warriors and general cunts. Grrrr

  23. arsenal-flavour


    the question is are you content and happy playing that long game, if it means another decade perhaps 2 without a trophy??

    And do you not think that perhaps by not winning any silverware over such a long period may come back to bite us in the arse, e.g. diminishing revenues fan base, damage to the brand/reputation of Arsenal, a diminishing of desirability for top players want to come to Arsenal. Careful is ok till you need to expand and improve which takes investment and there is always a percentage of risk.

  24. Aaron Lemon

    A perfect summer – and FORGET money, it’s not our problem, remember?????? Remember those days like 10 years ago where we didn’t give a shit about money Bring them back. Anyway…

    This was the summer we were meant to look at our bank balance and say ‘fuck you, football world, we’re back. And we want him, him and him’ and taken whichever players we wanted like a big club does.

    Perfect summer:
    A RB
    L Bender (pronounced Benter for all you who don’t realise btw)
    Grenier (trust me)
    = All the players we’ve sold, plus Vermaelen/Mertesacker gone too.

    A good summer:

    Williams (keep our players)
    Promote Eisfeld and Zalalem I guess

    A poor summer but still good:

    Schwarzer on a free
    Seb Bassong

    Our summer:
    …failed to load. Retry?

  25. Keyser

    Romford Pele – I agree with the risk, I think being a year or so away from the money from new sponsorship deals, would allow them to take it, just that’s the position we’re in, the club have sacrificed the chance, not really for success on the pitch, but having a truly competitive team, to ensure whatever MO they have, self sufficient whatever.

    Out of all the players out there, Suarez would probably be the most ideal, ie can play up front on his own, or off Giroud in a 4-4-2, 4-3-3, except he’d also be the most difficult to acquire, while at the same time the more we pay for him the less we have for other players.

    That’s the position we’re in, I think they’re simply following their long term stratedgy, as frustrating as it is for us as fans.

    The rest, not sure how much relevance they place on qualification, but last year we’d wrapped everyone up by this time, and while Pedro dismissed it I have my doubts.

  26. arsenal-flavour

    Romford PeleAugust 15, 2013 15:42:31

    Spot on mate!

    There comes a time when you have to take that risk you have to go for it.
    This summer should of been that time! We couldn’t of really asked for a better opportunity 3 of the top clubs having new managers, fergie retiring..

    Its like we had the other boxer on the ropes but decided not to go for that knock out punch and have backed off.

    By the end of this season all those teams with new managers will have adapted and are potential advantage will be lost.

  27. nuudles

    @Romford, even if Theo & Ramsey are available that would still mean we have to start with at best 2 “first team” squad players on the bench (Fabianski & Oxo), that is if Santi is ready (long flight, think he played 90 minutes and he is not quite match fit yet, Jack I also do not see as being 100% match fit).

  28. TOLI83

    Great quote by Merson today

    “ive spent more money on a sandwich then wengers spent in the transfer window!!”

  29. Guninurback

    Bergkamp63August 15, 2013 15:37:23

    “Wenger – League could be even more open.”

    Well no shit Sherlock you put our place up for grabs!

  30. samsensible

    arsenal-flavour…no offense taken…but where have i made excuses for Wenger?

    All i do is try to highlight the fact that the situation is very very complicated and people are misguided if they think everything (the past 8 years) is all Wenger’s fault.

    What money he is and isn’t allowed to spend is not something we’ll know now…maybe we’ll never know.

    What is beyond doubt is that on the pitch Wenger has made some catastrophic decisions regarding goalkeepers, defenders and keeping faith with average youngsters….these are all obvious failings.

    However, i think that there is a lot more going on in the background that prevents the team being competitive and i don’t think it’s just Wenger’s moral outrage at today’s prices and the fact that he is a stubborn old Chevre.

  31. RayGooner

    This is what Wenger said today…

    “I cannot certify what the number [of players coming in will be] but we will be active until the end, that is for sure.”

    The only bad thing with that, is that it is TOO LATE to be active now!!!

    We should have been active from the start of the transfer window….

    The reality that we only have bought a 20-year old Fench League 2 player up until now is truth enough that we weren’t ACTIVE ENOUGH!!!

    He might pull some wonders in the last days of the transfer window, but new players need time to gel into their new team, that’s what pre-season is for….now we are 2 days from the first league game of the season….

    If Arsenal had been active this summer we could have put out this team against Villa on saturday


    Instead we probably will see this team:

    (not a single new player)

    Even if he buys some top top quality players from now until the end of the transfer window, they will not be ready (they need time to settle in) to play until maybe early september….by then we could be out of the Champions League, trailing the leaders in the league by 7-8 points….
    The season would be over even before the new players make their mark in the team…..

    I hope i’m wrong…..but i know i’m right.

    Sad times ahead….

    The only thing that could share me up, and make me believe we still have a chance of winning anything is if we get these players, and i mean ALL of them.

    Adler, Lichtsteiner, Williams, Gustavo, Fellaini & Rooney.

  32. Kiyoshi Ito


    ….in May, when people were making themselves ill because we hadn’t signed anyone the transfer window hadn’t opened. Same as June.

    No point in making the stressful support of Arsenal any worse.

    showing a level of patience was the rational thing to do.

    “Showing a level of patience was the rational thing to do”??????

    So it takes you almost 9 years to make an informal,rational decision..??!

    When you have fans like yourself preaching patience & slow to turn,like a slug up a wall..!!

    No wonder the club,is in the parlous state it finds itself in,on the pitch..

    Enjoy the 2013/14 season samslug

  33. Keyser

    A-F – “the question is are you content and happy playing that long game, if it means another decade perhaps 2 without a trophy??”

    Lol that’s the question ? Another decade perhaps 2 ? What’s the alternative here ?

  34. BillikenGooner

    I would have loved (by that I mean hated) to hear the conversation between Wenger and Big Stan as last season drew to a close:

    Wenger: “Seriously Monsieur Kroenke, with zie changing of managers at zie other top clubs, it will be easy to win zie trophies with zie squad we have.”

    Stan: “We won’t have to spend any of my…. ahem.. I mean the clubs money?”

    Wenger: “Of course not. I am a football genius. I have an economics degree afterall.”

    Stan: “Whew. Well, I’ll get Ivan out there to make it sound like we will. Carry on.”

  35. samsensible

    Sadly, decision makers at the club – Wenger, Kroenke, Gazidis…whoever – took a look at the change in managers, the retirement of Fergie and didn’t think “Let’s capitalise and go for it”…with each passing day it seems more and more likely that the opportunity they saw was “we don’t need to spend as much!”

    Keyser is talking sense. The long term plan is still in full effect….i assumed that the plan was to get to the Emirates re-sign and spend….seems I was wrong! They are waiting a bit longer.

  36. Keyser

    A-F – Also, it’s not whether I’m happy with it, just that’s the explanation I’ve got, if you’ve got another feel free. I mean if you believe Gazidis is putting pressure on Wenger, why didn’t he do that when Fabregas and Nasri were there, or when he sat down with Van Persie.

    Imagine Gazidis saying we can compete now, we can pay Rooney wages, imagine we signed Suarez to play up front with Van Persie, before he signed his new contract.

  37. Thomas

    Tuna Melt August 15, 2013 12:52:17

    Reading through these blog comments I’m just wondering why everyone is obsessed by winning trophies. Football is all about scoring goals not waving tin pots above your head. So what if we don’t win any trophies as long as we’re playing good football, scoring lots of goals and keeping the fans entertained. And what hell, I couldn’t give a fuck if we conceded loads either.

    Spoken like a true loser.

  38. samsensible

    Kiyoshi – samslug…i love it. Absolutely love it.

    Yeah…i can genuinely imagine you 9 years ago saying Wenger out too.

    Bless you, you little scamp

  39. Keyser

    “i assumed that the plan was to get to the Emirates re-sign and spend….seems I was wrong! They are waiting a bit longer.”

    They have to wait, because they couldn’t convince Fabregas and so on to stay long enough to make it count, if we needed 50 million to turn that team into title winners, we need double, triple that now, we’ve got more money to spend, but also a larger gap to bridge to the top now.


    Wenger won’t change and the board won’t sack him. The fans can only moan, every season. How pathetic!

  41. gooner87

    Suarez would be mental to join us before 28 August

    We wont beat Fenerbache

    Calamity Jenkinson at RB vs a strong, fast and interchangeable front 3 for Fener

    Going to be a rinsing in Istanbul as well without a DM

  42. arsenal-flavour

    Keyser and Samsensible

    The problem I have with your prognosis is that you feel Arsenal are playing the long game with the end objective being titles/silverware at the end of the tunnel.

    No offence guys I think your being completely duped… I think the Long game is pretty much what we have right now a profitable club who makes enough money from the champions league and tv deals, I don’t think trophies are important to Gazidis Wenger or Kroneke. I think there aim is to gradually lower the exceptions of the fan base

  43. SpanishDave

    Fron Wengers comments lately I dont thinkhe cares about winning yhe league anymore as he has forgotten that it takes about 4 or 5 world class players to achieve it. He won when we had this amount of quality players, and it was not all his doing as he got lucky.
    Since 2006 all the decent player went and some others did not stay long when they found out what was going on. He will never win anything again as other managers have moved in with owners ready to splash the cash, and this will continue.
    He is now Mr McCawber waiting for something to turn up.
    What have we done to deserve this nightmare?

  44. Dannyboy

    Wenger on Lamberts goal

    “How can a player of that calibre, that talent stay for so long in the lower leagues? Immediately you go to the next question: is there somebody else down there who has the same qualities and not be detected? It raises interesting questions.”

    Very interesting questions Arsene.

  45. Keyser

    A-F – You’ve got a problem and no real solution, that’s the way it is, I didn’t say what the end objective will be, but simply ascribed the position we’re in.

    Think about it they lower fans expectation’s for what end ? More profit ? Well they still have to maintain a position in the top 4 and if we fall out it means less revenue, less profit anyway.

    Now you’ve got to think of ways we’re going to win titles and trophies in our present situation ? Do you have any answers ?

  46. samsensible

    AF – there is a point at which Arsenal plc become utterly and completely f*cked…and in which case stan’s shares become worth less. He won’t tolerate that.

    We are some way off that thanks to spectacular Prem TV deals and very good Emirates sponsorship deals. But Arsenal will be able to afford to compete soon, that is actually achievable and still make profits….and in which case Stan’s shares will be worth more….because we will get more global fans and when clubs start being able to sell TV season tickets Arsenal will be able to make tons of dollars….but we need to remain relevant….so disaster needs to be averted.

    As Keyser is saying, the club has decided to plod along spending as little as possible and not costing Stan a bean. Annoying….but true.

    I agree trophies aren’t impotrant to Stan as a thing in themslves…he’s not in this for the glory….but trophies are important to the long-game.

    We haven’t tried to win any for years….i think/hope/pray that we will fairly soon. it would be suicidal of Stan not to try soon.

    This is just business sense. Sadly as fans we couldn’t give a f*ck about business…we want to be able to laugh at our work colleagues when our side has torn their side a new one.

  47. arsenal-flavour

    KeyserAugust 15, 2013 16:05:18
    “i assumed that the plan was to get to the Emirates re-sign and spend….seems I was wrong! They are waiting a bit longer.”They have to wait, because they couldn’t convince Fabregas and so on to stay long enough to make it count, if we needed 50 million to turn that team into title winners, we need double, triple that now, we’ve got more money to spend, but also a larger gap to bridge to the top now.

    COMPLETELY agree with that.

    Hence why we need to spend that 70 million this transfer window
    Rome was no built in a day
    Arsenal’s future title winning squad will not be built in a single transfer window.
    But none the less we need to spend the money available and get the ball rolling, If we spend what we have this summer and the next and the one after we will be near the figure of 150 million you feel necessary.

    Would you agree with that Keyser?

  48. samsensible

    Keyset, if the club do want to compete in the future and are still obsessed with their profit loss figures, surely it’s better to spread the expenditure over a few years….so spend £50m this year and £50m next….easier to cover it over 2 years than one….

  49. arsenal-flavour


    pay me 7.5 million a year and I will come up with answers, I am not saying I no everything and have all the answers but I know there are some very basic things we haven’t been doing that we should be doing…

  50. samsensible

    AF – Hence why we need to spend that 70 million this transfer window
    Rome was no built in a day
    Arsenal’s future title winning squad will not be built in a single transfer window.
    But none the less we need to spend the money available and get the ball rolling, If we spend what we have this summer and the next and the one after we will be near the figure of 150 million you feel necessary. Would you agree with that Keyser?

    samsensible/samsenal/samslug definitely agrees

  51. Cambridge Gunner

    We’re officially screwed after Gustavo’s decision. We’re not getting any players. I watched him in almost every game that he played in and he’s exactly what we need in terms of quality and budget, but somehow we’re still managed to screw the deal. Suarez was never coming to us. I wonder what’s the point of being in the CL if we can’t attract top players like spurs did without being in it. Something really needs to change ’cause we’ll remain in the shadow of Chelsea if wenger signs a new deal(hurts but true). I for a little contribution not going to any games this season and not shopping from arsenal direct .

  52. JBamford

    Sam – I think saying “it’s very, very complicated” is simply a disingenuous way of defending Wenger. It’s not all Wenger, your argument goes, because there are other things going on behind the scenes, much of which we can never know. This is obscurantism, and frankly it makes me nauseous. There is no mystery here, no profound complexity. Wenger has made his philosophy crystal clear over the years, both in word and deed. It boils down to his conviction that he can build a championship squad on the cheap the with unheralded players. When he spends, he does so on decent (but not outstanding) players. When he has an outstanding player, he has no problem selling him. When he has average or awful players (Gervinho), he tells the world they’re world class. This guy is so dishonest and pathetic it is incredible to me that anyone who actually pays close attention to Arsenal defends him. It has to stop. He must go.

  53. arsenal-flavour

    samsensibleAugust 15, 2013 16:15:51

    We can afford to start competing now.. It doesn’t make much sense to save up to 150 million and spend it in one transfer window would cause chaos and confusion in the team and certainly in the dressing room.

    Surely we should have spent the 70 million this window and got the ball rolling? I believe Kroenke is treading water we wont compete under him because the extra investment doesn’t make sense, his happy with the status quo so why would he change it down the line?

    This is all my opinion, keyser and samsesnible we have waited 8 years the longer we wait the less relevant we become and the more dangerous are position as a top top club is… By playing this careful longterm game… we are actually being very risky and walking a tight rope… especially as are rivals above and beneath us improve…

  54. arsenal-flavour

    I think its not conicnidence that Wenger changed greatly as a manager ever since Kroenke came to the club.

    I believe if we had a more ambitious owner it would have forced Wenger to adapt to the times.

    So I do blame Kroenke for allot.

  55. samsensible

    JBamford – i’m sorry if my comments make you feel physically sick.

    I just think it’s too simplistic to ignore the massive great Stadium that we’ve been paying off with tiny commercial revenues coming in as a result of its’ finance deal…and the American owner that has shown in all the clubs he owns that he doesn’t try to compete and lets them chug along in mediocrity….

    That and the emergence of the oil billions…

    Still, if you want to ignore all that and say we keep failing simply because Wenger loves selling his best players and refuses to spend the tons of money he could if he wanted….then you should probably stick to that because you sound quite delicate :o)

  56. Kiyoshi Ito

    samsensibleAugust 15, 2013 16:03:45
    Kiyoshi – samslug…i love it. Absolutely love it.Yeah…i can genuinely imagine you 9 years ago saying Wenger out too.

    Aargh..2008 & mate…I wanted him gone…By my calculations that was almost 6 years ago…

    Does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out..!!

    Unlike some who wait till 2013 & then say,”I’ll reserve judgement until the end of the summer transfer 2013/14 window..??! Hashtag Patience…!!

    I swear football fans are like no other fans,in other sports..!!

    Keep up sluggy!!

  57. Guninurback

    Ok so we have more money than the entire league combined and we still can’t compete. Wow Wenger is a terrible manager.

  58. samsensible

    a-f yeah i agree about spreading the spend…it makes no sense to hoard from a practical perspective….

    the only explanation i can come up with is that either Wenger is entirely insane or that the club is still obsessed with it’s financial figures….

    or both.

    I would prefer the 1st scenario because we can get rid of Wenger. We can’t get rid of the owner!

  59. DanC

    unhappy gunner
    August 15, 2013 16:15:29

    ‘Fuck wenger. What an average shite garlic smelling manager he is. Fucking tony pulis could do a better job.’

    Mate you’re a fucking moron

  60. Keyser

    A-F – Lol the ball rolling thing, yeah, it’d be nice, but right now we’ve got little control over where the ball’s going, the ball’s Luis Suarez, a cannabalistic, racist type of ball. I hope we find some players, but I’m also really worried about how successful they’ll be.

  61. samsensible

    Kiyoshi….honestly mate…it’s impossible keeping up with wherever you’re going with your posts….

    Put simply i hoped this summer was the corner that we MUST turn at some stage (or the owner will lose share value)…looks like this isn’t the summer!

    Now, let’s not fight anymore x

  62. Guninurback

    DanCAugust 15, 2013 16:33:15

    Who the fuck are you to say Tony Pulis couldn’t do a better job with our resources? Have you managed as many games as Tony maybe? Have you made 50 000 substitutions maybe?

  63. N5

    I gave up hope in 2009, I then was taken in by IGs propaganda machine and now I’m not only less hopeful than ever but I’m angry at being taken in by delboy. He got Pedro, me and a few other salivating at the prospect of big name signings!

    I’m so angry I could punch this little blind woman in a wheel chair sitting next to me, and she’s looking at me funny, I think she’s a spud or she’s reading my thoughts.

    I’m going to move.

  64. Guninurback

    PS. If we get thauvin then I want it to be remembered I called it before anyone!

    I said that shit as soon as I saw him play next to Sagnono in the U-20’s.

  65. unhappy gunner

    Dan C
    And your a bit of a mug yourself geez.
    Shouldn’t you be on untold with the rest of the akb’s? And yes I believe tony pulis could do a better job. I also believe a turd could do a better job. My 16 month son could do a better job. Wengers a shit manager, truth hurts eh.

  66. Keyser

    JBamford – Mate, you pay close attention to Arsenal, in the past several years, what’s happened in the Arsenal World ?

  67. DanC

    When we sold Toure and Adebayor and didnt reinvest any of the money that was when the alarm bells started to ring.

    You cant sell two important 1st teamers and not bring in anyone, even squad players to keep your team going forward. We just get by. We dont have to do that we have the firepower to replace and upgrade and thats what is frustrating.

    Its always the same when a player leaves we never buy a direct high profile replacement ever…Vieira, Henry, Toure, Adewhore, Cesc, Nasri, etc promote from within and use what we already have

  68. mystic

    This activity by Wenger means one of three things:

    1 – he has in his sights already PL proven players;
    2- the end of transfer window last second bargains will be available;
    3- he is doing, and intends to do, fuck all.

    Despite all my woes about Wenger I actually think number 2 is more likely than number 3.

    02/09/2013 – I can see all the left-over crap / potential for tomorrow / lower division ‘undiscovered talent’ / short-term unattached free signings, ending up at the Emirates.

    But fairs fair, we all know he ‘tried’.

  69. vicky

    Are we in a better position than Dortmund in financial terms ??

    The answer is YES.

    Are we anywhere close to Dortmund level in footballing terms ???

    The answer is NO.

    Stop making excuses for God sake !!!!

  70. Guninurback

    PS. PS.


    If she’s a spud and she’s on to you then you have to do what you have to do, get that bitch and head for the window mate… Just hide in the brushes or somethin, I’ll be downstars with my van in like ten ok?

  71. DanC

    To say Pulis could do a better job just shows your fucking delusional mate. Im not saying Wenger doesnt have his faults and he has done plenty wrong in the past but Pulis come on. Jesus.

    Your 16 month old son probably has more sense than to think that.

    Disagreeing that Pulis is a wank manager doesnt make me an AKB. You do know what one is dont you?

  72. El Tel

    Sorry yeh Roma.

    I am full of shit if this helps you.

    I am angry too but see that other teams have also not spent and players incoming does not always mean an improvement.

    I want Suarez Rooney and Cesc so I will for certian be more pissed off than most of you because this is a pipe dream.

  73. Rrobbins

    The Albert Einstein definition of insanity prevails at arsenal. Insane. Management does not have a plan. Here we are again; injuries, no transfers, no meshing of new players, and any decent player waiting to see if we can make the cl. How do we always get sucked in by this disingenuous stuff from gazidis, wenger,and a board steeped in yesterday’s ways?

  74. Keyser

    That would’ve been the solution, fuck building a new stadium, we should’ve just moved over to Germany and started playing in the Bundesliga.

  75. Leedsgunner

    Well done. Another example of Arsenal transfer wizardry. So people think he’ll sign Suarez when for £50m when Wenger baulked at Fellani’s supposed £22m release clause and 100k week wage demands? Yep. Right.

    If we sign anyone, we’ll end up buying an unknown foreign free midfielder plus Flamini and that free Romanian striker fella. Sitting on a supposed £70m warchest and we act like Sam Allardyce when he was Bolton.

    Even Championship clubs have outspent us!

    I’m sure Kronke will exercise his financial firepower in the US real estate market soon. Thanks for nothing.

  76. Oh Theo Theo!

    Funny to see David Moyes getting his excuses in early! Claiming that somebody’s stiched up Manure with the fixture list…

    Jeez, like they don’t get enough help from the refs!

    He’s totally out of his depth. I wonder what odds for him not to last the year??

  77. DanC


    Haha you know this….

    Got to speak in Lehmans terms on here for some people (not the keeper either) 2009 was the biggest example of it really took the piss. Strengthening a direct rival at that time and hindering our chances at the same time. Not to mention the times before when we had glaring problems in the squad but Wenger was too stubborn to address them….GK, DM, CB.

  78. Guninurback

    But jokes aside watch the shit hitting the fans and spray-painting us fuckers next season, honestly speaking I think Pulis would have a better shot with this Arsenal team this season than the one Wenger will be given.

    Because after a few bad losses this season, or just too many boring draws, well then the old “a few signings in January” line will get him fucking crucified.

    I mean no one can excuse this shit.

  79. Keyser

    “My 16 month old son just told me. He said wengers a cunt and he would rather have bruce rioch back than give a senile french man another year at OUR club.”

    It’s not Paul Merson is it ? Sounds just like him.

  80. midlandgunner

    the only thing that has been done correctly this summer is most of the deadwood has been removed although now the squad looks thin,i would rather have no signings and see an end to wengers reign than a trolley dash on the last dat stocking up on unwanted pieces of shit that take another 4-5 years to get rid of

  81. vicky

    Yeah, fuck spending 60m on Soldado,Capoue,Paulinho,Chadli….they should have moved over to La Liga…… is even easier out there than Bundesliga …The worst they could do was to finish third and yet have a place in the CL.

  82. bishop

    I hate bendtner rogers

    He talks like like someone looking for love from fans? liverpool this liverpool that…tradition rubbish

  83. N5

    “My 16 month old son just told me. He said wengers a cunt and he would rather have bruce rioch back than give a senile french man another year at OUR club.”

    I believe the first bit but how does your son know who Bruce Rioch is? also he did sign us Dennis Bergkamp and Egghead Platt so he was only a little bit of a cunt unlike Wenger who is a full blown stinkin’ cunt, may 22 month old daughter told me to say that. 😆

    @guninyaback, thanks partner in crime, I done her and popped her in the back of your van, if you could dump her in the usual spot that would be great mate.

    I’m going to move.

  84. DanC

    There HAS to be action though. We HAVE to sign players we cant physically go through the season with this threadbare squad.

    He’s already getting crucified now but that will multiply and intensify so much if we only buy a couple of players.

    We will buy 2-3 players but the main question is going to be ‘are they good enough?’

    We’re already dumbing down our expectations in terms of the quality coming in. This should never be happening


    Buy with 2days left I guess some of you were hibernating the last few months.

    Blue shirt 4th row…WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. N5

    DanC I think your spot on mate, I think we will buy because of how thin the squad is, but I imagine they will be as Romford put it Trolley dash purchases that wouldn’t be of the Suarez, Gonzo, Cesc, Rooney calibre and will probably end up being people like Barry, Ba and the like.

    Bad times.

  87. Dannyboy

    So basically Gustavo has two choices.. There are two cars parked outside his house. One is a Ford Focus being driven by Kelly Brook, (Wolfsburg and their contract) she wants to whisk him away and consume his cock.

    The other is a Bugatti Veyron, packed into the front seat is Susan Boyle. (Arsenal and Wenger) She also wants to consume his cock, only she wants to physically dismember him and eat it because she is starving again.

    Which would you choose in his situation?

    Wengers last bastion of hope was being able to attract players because of his past success… this is now gone.

  88. unhappy gunner

    Ha ha ha. Good point.

    Your 22 month old daughter is spot on geez. Hey why not team up your daughter and my son as the new cloughie/taylor. They couldn’t do a worse job.

  89. DanC

    I could be bad but it couldnt be Barry and Ba bad surely??

    At least Bent wont be coming.

    Hopefully get business sorted for 3-4 players this next week or two and save Suarez for the cherry on the cake on deadline day! Wishful thinking of course but the nightmare scenario is definitely the mad trolley dash for the left over dregs.

  90. Yippee Kai Yay

    finally got round to readin swiss ramble’s latest and greatest review.

    One of the most telling stats is that of percentage income split compared to other european clubs.

    In the top 20 41% of revenue is from matchday, i.e. ticket sales.

    More than any other top 20 Deloitte listed club.

    And yet, once the season tickets have all been sold they treat the fans with unequivocal disdain through the combination of their words and actions (or lack thereof).

    Quite frightening how little regard the clubs holds it’s fans in, but then we knew that from recent shareholders meetings anyway.

    Going to be a long season, again.

    With little prospect of genuine success, again!

  91. Kiyoshi Ito

    samsensibleAugust 15, 2013 16:34:46

    Put simply i hoped this summer was the corner that we MUST turn at some stage (or the owner will lose share value)…looks like this isn’t the summer!

    Now, let’s not fight anymore x

    Fine,just apologise for calling me a treacherous git,along with your
    partner in crime-DanC,or at least on his behalf..??

    Then all is forgiven..!!

  92. Guninurback

    Dan C

    Man its all about the Seaman’s and the Lehman’s and the Fucking Flappyanski’s.

    I was a Goalie as a kid, I won’t say I was ever “pro” but I picked Seaman as one of my great Idol’s , and I mean he had it all you could see it, sure he’d fuck up on occasion (Beckham), but he for those of you who know. You know he had near unnatural reflexes. A bit on the short side yeah, but a natural born shot-stopper. And when he left sure I was sad, but we replaced him with Lehman that , yeah sure he was brash and a bit too aggressive, but he had all the other qualities that make great keepers. He had heart, a brain and intimidation.

    And we replaced him with Almunia, seemingly in anger after a decisive blunder. (That was probably more down to the ref making a bad call, rather than the keeper doing something keepers are not taught to do).

    Who was Almunia? Well, even though he had been the second choice goalkeeper at Arsenal ever since we secured him from the spanish third division in 2004, no one really knew, he had been touted by Wenger as a talent when we got him, but so far in the few appearance’s he’d gotten thus far
    he’d never shown any substantial potential, and his game was riddled with basic elementary flaws that would plague him throughout his career.

    Lukaz Fabianski the “major GK talent of his time” was bought in 2007 after Almunia had more or less cost us two successive title runs, without Wenger even attempting to address a matter that had been painfully evident for years.

    I have always wondered whether or not Wenger even wanted Lukaz, because even though he had a few unimpressive outings on very odd occasions he unlike Wojch todday never got the chance as a young man to take the reigns.
    Because lets be honest Almunia was always preferred, no matter what, and for no other apparent reason than that Wenger wanted to prove to the world that his pet project “I can make anyone into a WC GK” was anything other than the supreme bullshit it was.

    As soon as I saw that that buffoon and a sad excuse for a footballer that is Manuel Almunia get successive games in an Arsenal shirt, then I simply started loosing respect for the whole setup.

  93. Josip Skoblar

    Go to the #AFC twitter page and see the huge amount of support and sympathy Arsene Wenger still enjoys…

  94. sam

    Stupid Petition asking satan kroenke and Gazidis to sack wenger for lack of ambition, Lol!

    They must be rolling on the floor laughing
    Kronke is the only football club owner who never spent a penny on the club.
    You should be petitioning and protesting for Kronke to be removed first, force him to sell and fuck off

  95. Goona4life

    Suspect believes everything WEnger said today about new signings on the horizon…. AKB ALERT ALERT AKB ALERT AKB ALERT

  96. mm

    Is there anyway a protest can be arranged at a home match, like a black T-shirt protest. Because it will take something like that for Board to listen to its fans.

  97. sam

    Frimpong Just been training for 2 weeks, I don’t think he can run.
    maybe we need to panic buy Flamini, Lol!!! He’s training at colney

  98. Guninurback

    mmAugust 15, 2013 17:40:15

    Uhm how about you bring a sing and just stand outside the damn stadium, if people see you then wait til they come over before you engage them.

    If people are pissed then just say are sorry but that you hope this leads to the necessary changes, and that its a public place.

  99. sam

    I think most of you here are bunch of fucking AKBs in disguse.
    Wenger kicked out Aneke and Coquelin to promote Zelalem
    Those flashy through ball against indonesia dream team got you all convinced,
    the question is, have you all seen Aneke play? He’s been doing through ball since he was 10.
    Oh well, Foreign players are better, No?

  100. Alex James

    Almunia cost us the CL final as well, with his poor positioning. Watched his errors again the other night on ITV4. And Wenger still gave him years of support.! Mad

  101. GunnerliciousTB

    What do you guys think about Wenger’s latest excuse :that players are just not available or are difficult to do deals with?

  102. Zacharse

    Bit funny that wengers still trying to get suarez.
    ’50m valuation Arsene’
    ‘well yes but I already bid 35 and then 40+1 so now that I bid 49m this time it should definitely work’
    ‘arsene, 50m valuation’
    ‘yes exactly i will pay 49m…’

  103. samsensible

    Kiyoshi…as important to me as your forgiveness is, I can’t apologise for something I didn’t say.

    I would like YOU to apologise to ME for accusing me of the kidnapping of Shergar. An outrageous accusation that I am considering seeking legal advice on.

  104. samsensible

    Have to agree about the goalkeeping selections. Bizarre not to try and get in someone better. An early example of Wenger thinking he could get by…and NOT getting by. His budget was tight back then but he should have used it better.

  105. kwik fit

    Wenger: “I cannot certify what the number [of players coming in will be] but I will be active until the end, that is for sure.”

    I don’t know about you all but I for one don’t give a fuck about wenger’s sexual activity. Wenger get the fuckin players in now and refrain from telling us about your sexual intentions.

  106. mm


    I was thinking about same thing. Why not pay 51m to close deal early and in good spirits.

    This penny pinching has cost has big time. 40m + 1 has gone a long way in pissing Liverpool off. 45m bid at that time would have brought them to table and 50m would have sealed it off and he’d be starting against Fenerbahce

  107. RIPAFC

    Just signed petition going into season with only 11 fit first team players is unacceptable an is not a joke anymore.

    The same players struggling for fitness in beginning of season


    We need to start protesting outside the emirates stop going to matches

    ARSENE KNOWS i will forward petition to all my gooner freinds

  108. Zacharse

    Anybody read Wengers quotes about Gerv?

    He said EXACTLY what I would’ve said if i were him… And I needed a good excuse for signing an AVERAGE player and having his confidence crushed by supporters who are sick to death of losing talent and buying mediocrity.

    Gustavo…. Doesnt Man City have a very specific part of their backroom staff dedicated to helping players bed in and get stable? Do we not have that!!!?? My guess is we have a transfer dealing structure in place that has rotted from the top down and causes unnecessary difficulty in negotiations… Maybe Arsene has a staff under him similar to our squad, untried youth who he favors over seasoned professionals. Imagine how happy Arsene will be with them when they sign someone! He might be able to start selling his staff to rival clubs for a profit!

    I feel you in your continued belief that we’ll pick up some players before the window shuts, but I’m pretty sure the damage is done. To the squad who ‘believes we can challenge for trophies’ to the fans who don’t and most importantly to our reputation as a TOP club and organisation. No matter what now, we’re going for fourth. End of

  109. dialsquare

    I’ve got the perfect solution to win over the fans and restore Arsenal’s reputation as the premier football club in England.
    Remove Wenger and install Usmanov.