Gustavo, you what? | Suarez bid pushing £50m | Arsenal must pay premium

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What a cartoon would say to Gustavo if it were polite.

‘Gustavo, you what?’

Is pretty much the jist of what I’d be saying to him this morning if he were my best friend and confidant. Why? Well, according to reports, he’s kind of happy to move to Wolfsburg. A few reasons, according to Honigstein…

1. Close Bayern – Wolfsburg connection via Audi

2. Agent relationship with buying club

3. Wolfsburg offering equivalent of GBP 115k per week

4. Guaranteed playing time as regular starter

OMFG. We’re really losing out on a Brazilian international to a team not in the Champions League. Lacking in ambition maybe, but it’s a big deal to move to a new league, pick up a new language, move your family over… and earn less money. All during a world cup year in your home town. He’s taken the safe options (maybe). Fair play to him.

Amazing to listen to some of the fan base justify this by stating he cost too much and his wages were too high.

Are you kidding me? We’re supporting a manager who has produced nothing bar sustained stagnation over the past 5 years on £135k a week. We have Theo on £100k a week. We gave Rambo a £60k a week contract. Diaby sits close to £65k.

Tim Payton made a really interesting point yesterday that all these years of banking money have made us less appealing as a club. We can take the mick out of Wolfsburg, but their last trophy was a Bundasliga in 2008. Ours was nearly a decade ago. The longer you go without a trophy, the more you have to pay in wages to attract top talent back in (that’s why City have such a monster wage bill). Back in the day, taking a lower salary was fine for players because they knew there was a great chance of winning something. United keep the lesser players on lesser wages because those players know they can be part of something special.

So now we’re in a predicament again. What’s the plan b? Because let’s be honest, Gustavo wasn’t even a plan A. He was the kebab shop you fly into on the way back from a night out because it’s just open. We are two days from the opening game of the season, and we’re no where near anyone.

What have the guys been doing this summer? I mean, it’s not like you can’t negotiate more than one deal at a time. Making a bid is just a phone call or a fax. If you worked in recruitment and you spent three months working on one job and you didn’t land it, you’d be fired. Where are the other deals?

I’m sure we’ll bring bodies in, but like those words, there’s nothing clever about it… we’ll literally be dragging bodies in. The Telegraph report Arsenal will move for Suarez at £49m. That might push Rodgers into action. He can shift on his sulker and make moves elsewhere, because you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll have a huge list of potential names on his radar. Every manager does, bar Arsene these days.

The worry from my perspective is that if he signs Suarez, that will placate everyone. Even though that’s barely a quarter of the job done. We’ll still be short in midfield which will result in us running players into the ground. We’ll still be a right back and a centre back down and we won’t have addressed the keeping issue for the 5th year running. Total shambles.

Our scouting network needs a serious rethink this summer… we’re being out manoeuvred left right and centre this year. Worst of all, we’re being our gunned by Spurs who don’t have anywhere near the resource we do. I mean, jeez, even Swansea have a smarter set up than us.

If there were any manager that was perfect for Arsenal it would be Laudrup. I know he’s only had one season at Swansea, but he’s had 10 years in the game prior. He’s respected, decisive and he knows the modern game. If Wenger messes this summer up, even the most ardent supporter of the manager has to recognise the game is up.

This summer is getting tense because we didn’t have an intelligent plan… and the board let the manager drag his feet, again. Terrible management all over the place. Failed bids means nothing at the end of the day. No one should take solace when the manager says he ‘tried’. You’re not a 6 year old boy who just failed a maths exam Arsene… you have to do better, and there’s still time. Take that dunce hat off and get back into the transfer playground. You can do it… we all believe.


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  1. Hitman49

    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core he said

    Who you lookin at……..


    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core he said

    Who you lookin at……..


    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core he said

    Who you lookin at……..


  2. finestcuts

    I still believe we’ll get some decent transfer business done, Arsenal are famous for doing last minute business. Having the resources to bring in top quality players and failing to do so would put Arsene in an untenable position.

  3. Gilo


    Can you remind us why you keep saying it was so important to finish 4th rather than 5th last season, in view of the players we (4th) have attracted vis a vis those that tottenham (5th) have.

  4. TOLI83


    On the money again mate. I would take Laudrup, 100%. Swansea players say he is still the best player on the training ground which is one of the reasons they all buy into him, plus he f*cking wants it.

    Despite what people say we would be an attractive proposition for an up and coming manager, just depends how competent those up the top are to recognize what a decent manager is.

  5. Matt

    We ain’t going to sign anybody. Wenger is transfixed on this current team the dickhead seriously thinks this team is strong enough. Or the worst scenario is he wants another 5 years to build another team. That ain’t going happen. I’ll personally get rid of wenger myself. The man is soul destroying. Wenger out out jog on

  6. Gregg

    I agree in respect of Gustavo. If he goes back to Wolfsburg then he’s taking a safe option but you can respect that. If he was to choose Napoli over us then it would be a huge indication of our standing, of how players see us in the modern era.

    We’ve regressed to 1995. Back then we were treading water, rudderless and then we did it. We made a signing that shook the premiership. Denis Bergkamp for a British record. He was the catalyst for everything that happened thereafter. It took a couple of seasons but there was a plan, others came and we then co-dominated the league for years to come. Players were desperate to join us.

    It all goes back to that signing and that’s why we have to do something like that again. Outside of Arsene’s comfort zone it might be, but it’s what is required. We will have to pay over the odds for a stellar signing because he and Gazidiz have allowed us to sink to averageness over the last few seasons.

  7. Biff

    Someone needs to grab this situation by the balls and fix it. We’ve become an absolute laughing stock. What are we, a football club that wants to play glorious football and challenge for titles, enticing the worlds best players – OR – a glorified money making machine and pet project for a non-existent owner and a stale, stubborn old manager who is well passed his use by date? I want excitement, I want respect as a club again, I want quality. Sadly, all these things are achievable with the right person at the helm. Wenger is not that person, open your eyes if you still think he is. Top post Pedro, I’m trying to get excited for the new season, hard to psych yourself up for more of the same- what was the definition of insanity again?

  8. pinkz

    F@K arsene wenger! im going to support the also rans on satday, but WENGER OUT!! Gazidis OUT, every member of the board OUT.

  9. mm

    I think we would be better placed with players Spurs signed this summer. Soldado, Paulinho would walk into our starting 11.

    Wenger and Board are really a mess.


    Can t wait for all the protesting – demonstrating – Pitch invasions When we sign No one!!!!! Cant believe it we have actually made around 10m + this summer! Wake up SHEEPLE! WAKKKKKKKKEEEEEE UUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

  11. Dony

    Pedro, my feeling on Gustavo is different.

    He was interested in coming to Arsenal but we tried low-balling Bayern (as we do with every club). They wanted at least 17, we offered 14. If we had put some effort into this, we would have secured his services.

    Why not say, here’s 20. Gustavo is a top quality professional and a starter for Brazil. He helped Bayern win the treble. He would have made an excellent impact at Arsenal. It would have brought some fans back into the ‘feel-good’ tent. Shirt sales alone would have made up the difference. I don’t many people that would not have bought a Gustavo shirt. It’s something most kids dream about….yet Wenger crushes the dreams of yet more budding fans.

    Another theory is Wenger was worried that Gustavo would have killed Ramsey’s career..

    Either way, Wenger simply needs to go. Too much ego and arrogance. I can almost guarantee he’s pissed with Gazidis for saying we have money and will spend it. No one is going to make him spend money. No one. Not even you Pedro. Muaahhaaaaahaaaaaa.

  12. Jamie England

    There’s no excuses for Arsene this summer.. I love the guy but if he can’t deal with the modern game and the financial implications of it.. Move aside and give someone the opportunity to make Arsenal competitive again… He can’t come out and say we bid for and him but they went else where.. There should be a plan B.. And C at the very least in each position that needs filling.. Sagnas injured.. If Gibbs or a CB gets injured we’re in trouble.. Some 17 year old up against Benteke on Saturday.. That’s how thread bare the squad is.. I can’t believe the Chief Exec hasn’t been up Wengers arse all summer with a hot pointy stick saying spend spend spend..!!! We need 3 top class players and good defensive cover… We’re in trouble..

  13. mm

    I will stay firm with my view, We need Bender and Gundogan, they will improve us manifold rather than Gustavo. They will cost crazy money, but as pedro said, we need to pay premium to get back where we deserve to be.

  14. salman

    Excellent post. Gustavo choosing wolfsburg over arsenal just makes me sad. You can find a thousand sane reasons for this move but it wont change the fact that a brazilian international chose a German side which is not even playing in the champions league instead of arsenal

  15. shad

    Anyone harbouring hopes that that senile dinosaur will shake off his lethargy and make a genius purchase(s) is having some really potent shit.

    Here is a manager who can’t even figure out how to close his darn zipper for his sleeping bag/jacket thingy.

    I’m done. Get him OUT, OUT, OUT!

  16. Hitchy

    I’d back Laudrup IN Wenger OUT all the way, but as has already been mentioned its too late. And 2 days before the big kick off is not the time to be changing manager.

    Suarez wont placate all the fan’s unless he shows up and score 32 goals in the 32 PL games he’s eligible to play in. Said to a friend yesterday, if wenger fails to strengthen 3 out of 4 area’s we can all see we are lacking then it amounts to gross negligence.
    CB we only have 3, one of whom is injured!
    CDM Arteta isn’t really arsenal quality as much as I love him, plus he’s ageing,
    ST we have Giroud and Podolski/Walcott who are played out of position,
    GK do I really need to elaborate here??

  17. shad

    let’s conduct a quick poll here (with your permission Pedro);

    How many honestly think we’ll make top 4? And how many think we’ll finish above spurs?

    On both counts for me, it’s a resolute NO. And it guts me.

  18. Weenson

    I’m afraid I have stopped believing in Arsene. His best days are behind him and the longer he remains at our beloved club, the further he will diminish it. If he should suddenly pull something out of the hat that leads us to winning a trophy, it will be more by luck than by design. The game is truly up and I wonder if PSG will even want him now. I know I don’t and there are others too, many others. He and Kroenke must go and go now before they destroy everything that is good about Arsenal.

  19. Arsenalone

    We’ve been made mugs of again,2011 all over again the great super market dash,the last minute run around aldi and morrisons,whilst our rivals shop in harrods and m&s.

    The best thing about it all,AW will fall over in he’s own grave hew slowly hanging him self

  20. DD

    WENGER YOU NEED TO GO. I am disgusted with his arrogance and he is paid a fortune to drag this club down. Why does he continue to put in low offers for players? Is it any wonder Arsenal are a laughing stock – all talk no action as this summer has shown. You would think Arsene is spending his own money the way he carries on and the fact that he has missed out on so many opportunities only makes the other sides look bigger than us. Wake up Board, Stan, Ivan all you eejits – you are all full of your own self importance and forgotten about the Club and winning.

  21. Kevin Weaver

    The transfer situation is beyond a farce! Why would Gustavo or Suarez join Arsenal, at the moment we are a going nowhere. Suarez might be using us to get a move out of Liverpool to one of his preferred clubs, and you can bet your last penny his advisors will have a cast iron get out clause if he were to join. Personally I don’t think he would join even if we offered £80m, the Arsenal Board know that, and are using the publicity to appease the fans. Wenger isn’t good at controlling troublemakers or demotivated players, look at Arshavin, Bendtner, why would he want a total nutter like Suarez?
    Without David Dein, Wenger is just an average manager and Arsenal have no idea how to work the transfer market, look at the money being banded around this year. £49m for Suarez, it was only a year ago we sold vanPersie for £24m.
    Arsenal need to get rid of Wenger and get a manager who wants a successful future rather than sitting on a few good years in the past.

  22. Al

    Wow all the hope and excitement the players had for the new season has literally just been crushed by wenger and gazidis.

    I can understand players wanting out when they see the same nonsense wenger pulls every season

  23. PistolPete

    Where is wenger? Should he not be talking to the fans. His communication skills to the fans are shocking. Leave you twat.

  24. Adam A Carbarundum

    Why would Laudrup even consider taking the job of manager at Arsenal? Arsenal are a severly dysfunctional organization, made so by an inept Board and a now incompetent manager. And, he would have to live with being constantly compared to a legend (not the word i would use to describe) named Wenger.

    Arsenal are not the team many of you believe it to be. If it were, we’d have players lining up to play here for next to nothing. Damage is done. It will take years to repair. Get used to it, Arsenal ain’t all that and a bag of chips any longer.

  25. Damilarey

    I pray the summer ends like this, so that there would be NO more hidden places for AW at the end of the season.

    I think Arsenal’s non-seriousness in pursuing a player still made Guztavo to conclude the way its been reported, if he’s actually did.
    I don’t believe we’ll make any steller signings. Only the junkies as usual.


  26. Mr. Gelbs

    Total of TWELVE seasons of not winning anything, no back-2-back Titles EVER, no Champions League EVER, 3 League Titles in 17 seasons, and no Title for 9 seasons, and a trophyless 8 seasons on the bounce. 12 seasons out of 17 of NOTHING! Only 5 years have been successful.

  27. Adam A Carbarundum

    If Arsene Wenger really cared about the club he would realize by now that he’s lost it and do the honorable thing and resign. But his ego will never permit such a noble act. Like all dictators before him, he is destined to go down in a heap of glorious flames. So be it then , I for one will enjoy watching it thoroughly – deserved beyond deserving.

  28. mm

    Romford Pele

    I meant Bender or Gundogan. I know moving from Dortmund to Arsenal makes no sense these days, but 140k p/w would sway many heads.
    But there isn’t much point arguing about this, as we all know it never going to happen.

    We are a club, being run by a person who thinks he is bigger than Arsenal and a few businessmen, who only care about money and not a penny’s worth about Arsenal.

  29. Rocka

    I want to believe. It’s just that I don’t.

    I’m enjoying the car crash, cos we ain’t gonna win anything with this squad. First draw or loss at home, and the boo’s are going to rain down at the Emirates.

  30. arsenal tom

    Really don’t think there is such a thing as an untenable position for Wenger… He has the owner’s ear and a CEO who he’s made to look a complete mug… Thats him telling
    everyone who’s in charge at Arsenal.

    We’re pathetic in terms of being a football club.

  31. Crusaderrabbit

    Another idea for a poll…

    Would you rather

    A) Us sign 3-4 quality players, get 4th and Wenger stays
    B) Sign no quality players, struggle and Wenger leaves

    I’m going for B) myself – if I knew a poor season would definitely result in the end of his reign. My worry now is he’ll sign just enough quality (Suarez and then some dross) to get 4th and it will all begin again.

    Don’t call for signings – call for Wenger Out

  32. Doublegooner

    1. NO ONE is interested signing & playing for Wenger

    2. Large fan numbers don’t want Wenger as manager.

    Message to Ivan & Stanley




    Show some bollox.

    Replace Wenger NOW.

  33. ZIZOU

    At this point in time, we could do far worse than throw 20 million quid at Swansea for Michu. Not world class admittedly but, impossible to deny that he’d improve us.

  34. TT

    @ Pedro
    Have you heard from CEO recently or has he crawled into a hole in the ground and pulled the earth on top of him?

  35. Arsenal2174

    Under Arsene where fucked ……. under Arsene where fucked ……… under Arsene ooooohhhhhhhh we are truly fucked.

  36. buffy

    I still don’t get what Wenger is trying to preach….how can he let the non-signing of just 3,4 players spoil his career. I mean doesn’t he want to retire and have thirty sometime trophies counted against his name like SAF… I tire o

  37. DUIFG

    For me gustavo is an acid test. 5 years ago it was money that was the stumbling block but wenger would still be a draw for players.

    Think the scenario is totally reversed now, his reputation is now shot to the point he can’t even bring in a mid level international. Poor.

  38. Gregg

    Gazidiz has been busy this week fulfilling his role for the FA as part of his position on the game board. Arsenal and all things Arsenal have been put on the backburner as far as he’s concerned.

    This is the point, it isn’t just Wenger, they are as bad as each other. Conflict ? my arse.

  39. arsenal tom

    Wenger will only go when he wants, it’ll have nothing to do with where we finish… He’s doesn’t have the ambition of Fergie to want to go out at the top and doesn’t have the humility to admit he’s not good enough.

    An ideal situation is we someone bodge our way to 4th again, he fucks off and a new AMBITIOUS manager gets 100m to play with.

  40. Ash79

    Pedro – Because let’s be honest, Gustavo wasn’t even a plan A. He was the kebab shop you fly into on the way back from a night out because it’s just open.

    Pretty offensive. This guy is a quality footballer and someone who would protect our back line when one of the CBs is having an off day. Didnt think you sink to such statements glossing over the fact that we ballsed this transfer up again.

  41. Dannyboy

    Question for any Aussie based Gooners…

    I’ve just got myself a foxtel telstra t-box and got the sports package.

    Just wondered if any of you guys know how many Arsenal games get onto the t-box, as opposed to the full foxtel Satellite box.? They claim to have every single premier league game, so I’d be fucking pissed if I sit down to watch an Arsenal game, and it aint available on T-box.

    Cheers, off to read the post!

  42. DUIFG

    Why haven’t we got cb cover? Surely that’s the easiest of all the additions we need. I mean he can’t even point to jd this year. We genuinely need cover. Disgrace.

  43. UGooner

    We will sign some players. I have no choice but to hope for that. Big support to the guys for these first few games… Need em to pull out good results to start. While it is grossly irresponsible that we haven’t signed those we need yet, the current players would have to win some at some point anyway, esp to start. So lets back the boys loud and proud against villa and in the champions league… Not forgetting to scream- SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY- win or lose. Because that’s what we need!

  44. Romford Pele

    “Can I ask, does anyone here think our squad is solid??!”

    There’s a decent core. Lacking WC talent though.

  45. LB (London)

    Is anyone interested in taking a £5 bet that Arsenal will be top of the league by October? I say they will do I have any takers who say they wont?

  46. samsensible

    Gazidis is nothing more than a puppet for Stan. as CEO he will be judged by his boss on the financial position of the company.

    The mad old geezers on the board may wish we had a trophy or 2 but Stan isn’t particularly interested in that sort of thing, not if it costs money to win them.

    So whilst Wenger should absolutely take certain aspects of the blame for our current predicament, too many people overlook Gazidis and Stan.

    If we had been spending loads of cash over the last few years the business would have posted an annual loss. Think about that for a second.

    What is Ivan’s bonus going to look like after a financial loss?

    He is a politician who has sweet-talked bloggers into believing that he really really wants us to spend loads of money and it’s the horrible manager that refuses. Poor Old Gazidis…and his lovely bonus.

  47. Colonel Mustard

    I completely agree with the sentiments. The season is two days away. Business should have been wrapped up a week ago.

    I saw a line on a blog with I thought said it all.

    “Ivan Gazidis, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s string-pullers have pulled off what few thought was possible: they’ve pushed an already-fragile fanbase from a state of cautious optimism to let’s-all-storm-the-Emirates-with-torches status. “

  48. nuudles

    I think it is short-term careeer suicide for Gustavo to move to Wolfsburg because he sees it as the safe option. Unless Wolfsburg play phenomenally well this season then he is playing for effective a bottom half squad (last season they finished 11th). Lets take a quick look at some of the options Brazil have for the two deeper midfielder positions:
    – Paulinho, will play plenty for Spurs, they play in Europa League and are likely to seriously challenge for top 4 this season
    – Ramires, will play a decent amount for Chelsea, likely top 4 in Europe and competes in the Champs League
    – Sandro, will also feature a decent amount for Spurs, see above
    – Fernandinho, will play regularly for ManCity, also likely top 4 finishers and will have CL football

    There are other good Brazilian CMs out there who will also challenge. If he goes to Wolfsburg and they again finish mid table to bottem half I cannot see him staying in the Brazil squad. Like I said only way this works out for him is if Wolfsburg pick up their game tremendously and finish top 6 or better with him the prime reason why they finish so high. It may be the safe option but if I was him I would rather move to Arsenal or Napoli as they are much stronger teams playing in bigger competitions and likely to finish higher (which makes a big difference when the international squad is picked).

  49. Arsenal2174

    @ Dannyboy I only have Foxtel close to the full package I have the IQ set were I can tape two games at once and watch another at the same time so I pretty much get to watch every Arsenal game if I don’t catch it live @ night I work from home so I just don’t listen out for the league results and replay it first thing in the morning.

  50. Colonel Mustard

    I got to add to this its very unfair on a talented but no spectacular team to pile the pressure of the bungled summer on them for the Villa match. Fans will be edgy and WHEN Benteke bangs one in the atmosphere will be murderous and this will be from hardcore sections of fans. Gazidis and Wegner are completely bungling it but you get the feeling that Wegner is happy with this…(cue stupid knowing grin of his)

  51. Ash79

    dress it up however you but the fact is Wolfsburg was a more attractive option than the mighty Arsenal.

    This is where Wenger has taken us.

  52. Simbo

    Two questions

    Would you take getting Suarez and keeping Wenger?

    Losing Suarez ang getting Laudrup to replace Wenger?

  53. Hitman49

    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core he said

    Who you lookin at……..


    Arsen wingers tragicccccc

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core he said

    Who you lookin at……..



  54. Gunnershabz

    Everton confirmed fellani buy out clause is finished

    Sometimes I wish I can see wenger transfer short list

    Because we really getting out gun here, spurs have signed capoue and he could easily come into our squad

  55. Jim Lahey

    Is it official that Gustavo has join Wolfsburg yet?

    @Colonel Mustard – They really have done all they can to turn the fans against them, even the most diehard AKB are starting to question the man.

    What has gone on at the club this summer is unforgivable.

  56. nuudles

    @zizou, agree completely. From the current list (if Sagna is injured and Walcott is fit enough to play) our bench will be (from the “first team” squad): Fabianski & Oxo. If Theo is out then our bench will have Fabianski and unexperienced kids.

    With Sagna & TV5 out we do not have anyone who can cover at CB. Last I heard Ramsey was not fit enough to play. Both Jack & Santi started last night but I dont for a minute believe either of them have enough match fitness to play 5 games in a smidge more than the next 2 weeks. Arteta, while match fit, I dont believe can play 3 games in a week anymore. We have no defensive cover with any measure of experience. Truly horrifying stuff

  57. Leedsgunner

    “We’re really losing out on a Brazilian international to a team not in the Champions League. ”

    So much for the continuing lie that we NEED Champions’ League football to attract top talent. Top talent want to play for a top manager — or a manager with ambition.

    Why can’t we attract top players? Players don’t want to play for him.

    As Mancini said last year,”I’m not Wenger, I want to win things.”

    Wenger used to be good. Now he’s washed up.

    You want top players? Start by changing the manager… or at least make it clear to Wenger that unless he wins something this season his precious contract won’t be renewed.

  58. Bergkamp63

    finestcutsAugust 15, 2013 09:07:05
    I still believe we’ll get some decent transfer business done, Arsenal are famous for doing last minute business.

    Like Park for instance !

  59. Hitman49

    I ‘m going for 76th min bottle kick

    Just after he makes his subs

    And benteke slots in his 4th,

    6-1 to villa

  60. Arsenal2174


  61. Jim Lahey

    @Simbo – For this summer Option A. Its too late for a new manager to make his mark on the team, he would be dealing with the crap Wenger has brought to the club. At least with Suarez on board we might win a few matches that we drew last year and draw a couple we lost.

    The day this season ends, 4th place or not, Wenger needs to go.

  62. DanC


    We have a solid first 11 and a weak squad


    2 World Class additions needed (CF, DM)

    3-4 squad additions better than what we have (GK, CB, AM/WG)

    This would mean us challenging on all levels and 1 or 2 injuries or suspensions wouldn’t mean a nightmare scenario of fielding reserves or youths that are not up to the job right now

  63. DUIFG

    Nuddles when u actually spell out how short we are it’s a joke!

    Wilshere playing 40 games a season again. Out for another 2 years after we run him into the ground. Idiotic.

  64. Arsenal2174


  65. petrovic

    another day and no signings and im a happy man! i dont want that smug,arrogant,deluded fool to spend another penny,sorry not`another penny` i meant `a penny`! i want him to be ridiculed and abused because that is exactly what he deserves! his arrogance has held this club back for far to long and when he finally fucks off the club can begin to start competeing again ,hopefully under the guidance of a young bright manager i.e laudrup or klopp

  66. DanC

    Lads put your cocks down and stop getting overly excited….Gustavo hasn’t even signed for Wolfsburg.

    Still available and we’re still in for him.

    Its a piss take why we didnt activate Fellanis clause though

  67. samsensible

    Unfair to Pedro to say “I told you we didn’t need to finish 4th” rubbish.

    It’s not his fault the club is run by Mr Burns and employs Frank Spencer and Peter griffin to negotiate deals.

    You only have to look at Suarez’s quotes to see the importance of playing for a Champion’s League team. That we haven’t capitalised on it doesn’t make it any less true.

  68. nuudles

    We are not getting Klopp because why would he leave Dortmund. Laudrup is probably then the next best out there. A young exciting manager whose team punches way above its weight. One who will bring new ideas and give our setup the much needed shake-up it has been crying out for for years. Also a relatively big name, maybe not quite yet as a manager but all the current players would have either grown up watching play or would have heard from others what a good player he was.

  69. Bergkamp63

    Jim LaheyAugust 15, 2013 10:12:51
    @Simbo – For this summer Option A. Its too late for a new manager to make his mark on the team

    I don’t subscribe to this notion at all, Benitez didn’t arrive until November but they still managed to finish above us and win a European tournament.

    Even Mancini would do for a year ?

  70. Taxi for wenger

    You think Wenger can do it???
    No chance
    You say we believe ??
    I stopped believing years ago

  71. ZIZOU

    It simply doesn’t add up and points to the complete absence of a coherent strategy. The season hasn’t even begun and we’re already an injury away from disaster.

  72. Yippee Kai Yay

    Anyone see the germany – paraguay result last night. I’d avoid videos today if you were concerned about Cb already. the only reason Per was not the worst player on the pitch was because Hummels had a shocker as well.

    Forget strikers, it’s CB we need.

    Actually scrap that we need CB, and DM and Striker,

    maybe a winger as well.

    And a keeper, definitely a keeper.

    Just as well the club has plenty of money to splash about really isn’t it.

    isn’t it?

  73. Arsenal4life

    there are two types of arsenal fans, ones that live in the real world and ones that lives in a fantasy. arsenal needed to sort out the wage structure in order to attract top players, combine this with not being able to provide champion league football just yet (god willing) makes arsenal transfer war chest of 70m “conditional”, we arsenal fans should not blame arsenal or the board just blame yourself for being naive to think we can spend big without sorting out the above issues, sometimes i called for Wenger’s head through emotions then sometimes i place logic over emotions and ask myself which manager during these 8 years would have really done a better job then Arsene? this is the season where Wenger should be judged as unlike other seasons he has not excuses with regards to delivering a trophy, what really should be our expectations for the season? realistic responses only from fellow gooners.

  74. TT


    “Lads put your cocks down and stop getting overly excited….Gustavo hasn’t even signed for Wolfsburg. Still available and we’re still in for him.”

    And how do you know we were ever in for him? Because the press said so?

  75. Jim Lahey

    @Bergkamp63 –

    Don’t forget Benitez had one of the best squads in the league to play around with, any new manager taking Arsene’s place would have a squad being held together by sticky tape and hope.

  76. Bergkamp63

    Why would anyone from Dortmund wan’t to leave to join Arsenal ? Players, Manager or the fucking tea lady for that matter !

    Get real and stop dreaming.

  77. Foolishgooner

    Why does everyone pretend they know in and outs of AFC? Why do we as fans play manager? I know, it looks down right scary. Transfer activity (lack therefore) is scaring shitles outta all if us. But to suggest Arsenal is disfunctional club? Recently promited, Mid table Swansea manager wouldn’t fancy the job? Calm down Gooners! We will do alright, we always do. As far as competing for titles, silverware, bragging rights, I can’t see it either. Because, injuries and lost of form will be a factor as usual. I sense there are two realities, two parallel views. Those in charge (arsene, board etc) feel that they are close and can complete with what they have. And view “needed additions to the squad” as a dressing! Clubs/Players/fans and they rest of the planet obviously do not share that particular viewpoint. Saturday here we come, something gotta give…. Cheers all bloody sad bastards..

  78. samsensible

    we’ll beat Villa. Let’s not get TOO down here guys, we’re a good side….just not…REALLY good.

    anyway, slight (and outrageous) change of subject…

    XBOX One of PS4 – What do i get?

  79. DanC

    Peter Griffin would probably of signed us more players.

    Quotes from Wenger saying nothing concrete with a little wry smile, you know the one, which would indicate we are in for him. ANd also the players quotes pimping himself to us and bigging up arsene.

    Do you know any different? Are you ITK?

  80. goona

    We don’t have a SOLID team, one or two players above average, the rest very average for the premier league.

    Man U, have the weakest team they have had in years, but they will still finish way ahead of us. Chelsea & City Also far stronger. Spurs have strengthened and will EASILY be better than us this year.

    This close season we had a golden opportunity to spend plenty of cash quickly on proven WC talent and push for a league title. Wenger has completely failed the club.

    Shut the door on the way out Mr Wenger.

  81. Ash79

    arsenal tom August 15, 2013 10:24:26
    darren bent having medical at fulham…
    lets hope it goes through, gives wenger less options come the end of the window…

  82. samsensible

    A midfield and attack of Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott and Giroud will do Villa and we have shown we are good at the back these days.

    It’s not the Vaila fame we need to be slitting our wrists about.

  83. GUNNER786

    DUIFGAugust 15, 2013 09:48:50

    For me gustavo is an acid test. 5 years ago it was money that was the stumbling block but wenger would still be a draw for players.

    Think the scenario is totally reversed now, his reputation is now shot to the point he can’t even bring in a mid level international. Poor.


  84. Babloooo

    True talk bro but really shouldn’t we be discussing how Wenger should see out his current contract and honourably leave the club?

  85. TT

    Nope I’m not in the know regarding Gustavo. I am however in the know regarding Arsenes wry smile….it means fuck all.

  86. Jim Lahey

    @samsensible –

    PS4, Microsoft are taking the piss with no longer legally owning your games, and having to register to loan them to a friend and for only a specific amount of time, and you can only loan a game maybe twice I think… long story short, you’ll pay £60-70 for a game that you won’t own. Also if you can’t log onto the internet once every 24 hours the console stops working.. you can watch TV through it, but you won’t be allowed to play games…

    I’ve been with xbox since day one, gonna have to go PS4 this time..

  87. SpanishDave

    Wenger is frightened of upsetting his pet players ,ie Ramsey Diaby so he will not buy a good dm. His mind is in a mess and the board needs to kick his arsen. But they have become his diciples and bow down before him.
    Other clubs must laugh at the fool.
    Only failure of results for all to see will get rid of him, but heh ho another contract is being drawn up, its so depressing being a true fan

  88. DanC


    Fucking hell any player is realistic IF you offer the right money.

    Offer the right money and we would be able to get

    Suarez or Rooney. Jackson Martinez Im not believing his hype just yet and we should aim higher and not settle for 2nd tier strikers.

    Bender, Fellani, Gustavo

    The message is simple. Money talks. Teams with good players need to be compensated before selling prized assets.


    Gourcuff is his preference. You watch, his French,his cheap and he’s prepared to play for less at arsenal !!
    That’s been wengers policy all the way !!!!
    As for Suarez , I’m sorry to say but it ain’t gonna happen and it never was gonna happen.
    Higuain was the one we should of had but as usual we missed out over a lousy couple of million.
    Fk this shit !!!!
    Wenger and board out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. g

    I wouldnt blame wenger for this as there was an article flying round beginning of the summer that the negotiation team and the board would be on holiday for most of transfer period.

    Hence why we miss out on players.

    What does this dude dick law do? Im sure he is the one who scuppered the mata transfer.

    We should go for willian I think. Shame that perez couldnt sign.

  91. Bergkamp63

    Flamini was on 1.5m Euro’s at AC Milan for his last season which is about 20K a week and is now a free agent at 29 who is training with us.

    You know it is going to happen.

  92. DanC


    Numerous media sources are quoting that we are in for him so its hardly just paper talk. His agent has come out and said as much. Why dont you wait until his presser later on? It seems it might disappoint you that we could sign Gustavo.

    The point being made in the first place is he HASNT signed for Wolfburg