Gustavo fee an issue | Lichsteiner for right back | 2 alternative strikers scouted for Arsenal

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Another day passes another press conference unveiling 17 new players goes a miss.

The guy on the bus smells like a sports stadium urinal. How you get yourself into that sort of state at 0730 is beyond me.

Lots of idle chit chat occurring this morning. It feels like things are moving, but this could just be agents panicking their players don’t have homes.

I’m moving, it’s too much when you can taste the air.

So on the rumour mill is Stephen Lichsteiner of Juve. He’s a versatile full back from Switzerland. He’s 29 years old and he’s played 80 odd games for a double league winning Italian side. Fans of his team are furious at the prospect of him going because he’s so integral to their side. He plays like a machine apparently… and the fee mooted is £12m. I’d be surprised to see it happen… and the story did emanate from The Express who offer almost nothing in the way of football news or editorial.

The other right back story comes from Spain, we’ve been linked with a Nik B swap deal… for a player called Jesus. Imagine… swapping a God for a Jesus. Has someone made that quip already? To be honest, I don’t mind what we swap in, let’s just get Nik out the door, he’s stinking out the club Squillaci style at the moment…

Steven Gerrard reckons Suarez could leave Liverpool but not for another English club. We’ll see Steven, we’ll see. Gary Neville claimed he’d been training badly. Which is what I said would happen. Liverpool have reneged on their part of the deal to let him go… he’s obviously going to sulk. Football is a game of 100%. Suarez is a man of 150%. He’s the guy who according to Carragher would train with the reserves if the team were given a day off. The fact he’s not giving his all poses a massive issue for Rodgers.

The kids will see his bad behaviour and it’ll unsettle the squad. Europe can’t afford him. Liverpool can’t afford to be a striker down all season. They also can’t afford to have £20m wiped off his value over a year. Not to mention the on cost of his sulking ultimately being another season away from the Champions League.

A £60m cost attached to Liverpool keeping hold of him. Hopefully there are sparks bright enough at his club to realise this.

Anyway, according to reports, our plan B options are Dzeko and Michu. Both top talents, but not quite elite. If I had a favoured player it would be Dzeko, he can do it at the highest level. I still think Rooney would guarantee us a lot of goals. His loss would reflect badly on Moyes, so I’m not sure that’s happening regardless. Which is another pointless shame. Keeping a sulker on your bench at £1m a month really is ridiculous…

What I am finding interesting this window is the clear tension between Ivan and Arsene.

Ivan has come out and told the world and his dog that we’re spending big this summer. He’d obviously spoken to the manager about this happening. That, or he totally lied to everyone when he said the manager was on board with spending cash, which I still refuse to believe.

… and we’ve spent no money. My thoughts are that a lot of this has come from Wenger. He’s not stupid, he’ll know why Ivan pushed the ‘we’re rich’ line… to put pressure on him. So it seems like in return for that, Arsene hasn’t played ball. Hence the lack of movement and the reactionary purchasing decisions (attempted purchase decisions). I mean, we only seem to be chasing players who have been made available, rather than pursuing players than we’ve tracked for months.

It’s like Ivan and Arsene are having some sort of power struggle… the only loser? The fans, as always. If the summer ends in a mess like it normally does, you’d have to think one of the two will have to move on. We’ve either got a CEO who can’t control a manager, or a manager who doesn’t justify his £7.5m pay packet because he can’t plan or attract players anymore.

I know who I’d move on…

Anyway, how about this for a great story to kick you on for your day… Cardiff City have spent £30m so far this window. I’ve a pal who is close with the new owner, apparently it’s total carnage, in a hilarious way. I’d dig you out some stories, but I’ll save them for the pub this year.

I couldn’t leave you on that fact, I’m not totally heartless. Check out this story on the worst photo shoot of all time. It’s quite incredible. It literally made everything in my miserable little Arsenal life 100% better.

Also, I thought this was hilarious.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Glad to see so many Arsenal fans starting to turn, even the one interviewed on Sky Sport news on the ‘how you rate your teams chances’ segment was pessimistic when usually they get the most pro fans going.

    ‘Obviously Wenger’s let us down a a bit. He promised business early doors, and he hasn’t delivered so…I think we’ll struggle…to make top four we’ll struggle.’

    Good…about fucking time.

    No more of this ‘well the squad isn’t great but then we trust in Wenger, he’s a genius, he knows what he’s doing and he’ll get us there.’

    Wenger’s false mystique has been utterly smashed, and thank Christ it has. People are starting to eye him for what he is now.

    Gotta thank Daniel Levy and Villas Boas as well. Gazidis big talk and no walk coupled with their mass spending and squad overhaul and left Arsenal fans green in the face and red in the cheeks.

    We’re the little team in North London now…in terms of on the pitch anyway.

    Which is where, SOMEONE please tell Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke it COUNTS!! At least to fans.

    What’s the point in having £120 Million a season MORE income than Spurs, a stadium they can only dream of if they go out in the summer and spend £60 Million with Lamela looking likely as well whilst we make a PROFIT of £10 Million???!!!!

    What is the point of Arsenal FC?

  2. Gunner2301


    Lets hope short term results don’t get them back on side. The majority are fickle things can change quickly and they’ll be singing the cunts name again.

  3. paul mc daid

    Germans dont pay wages like that,At this stage lads i dont really want Wenger to buy anyone,i just want him to go,this guy could not win with ten messi’s,he is a complete clown,the rubbish that has come out of his mouth and the brock that he has let wear our jersey is a complete insult to this clubs History,Supporters and Staff,HERBERT must be turning in his grave.

  4. Phallusaurus

    Another asset within a very rich American shit cunts port folio!

    As a footballing entity we’re an utter fucking shambles!

    The lot of em out!!!

  5. Gunner2301

    There isn’t another club where a manager features so much in the media due to his unrivalled influence over a club.

    No other fans discuss their manager not spending because it goes against the nature of a manager not to want to spend.

    No other club has got itself into a situation where the manager appears to be able to hold the club to ransom. Did Fergie have so much power? No would Uniteds old guard have allowed him? No because no one is bigger than the club.

    Not even Jose as much as he was treated like a god by their fans and players could appear bigger than the club.

    Arsene feels he is the Club so he is at least equal to it. It has got out of hand and he has played a clever game to maintain the division amongst the fans to keep his power base strong.

    It is not dissimilar to the Mugabe situation. He will see the club destroyed first and his loyal supporters are keeping him in power based on a false doctrine a modern day Jim Jones if you will or David Koresh and we all know how those situations turned out.

  6. HerveDeNerve

    Franco Baldini has intimate knowledge of Roma players’ contracts, this Lamela move has got real traction.

    Really clever move by Levy appointing him, he is the reason why players like Soldado, Paulhino, Capoue and possibly Lamela would even contemplate going there.

    Every single target they’ve gone for they’ve got and every single player linked to them is real quality, Hallilovic, Lamela, Chiriches.

  7. Phallusaurus

    I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again…….The worst thing that ever happened to this club was the sacking of Dein, the 2nd worst thing was not replacing him.

    Easily a match for any chairman or CEO across Europe. Gazidis can’t even master his own backyard ffs, Levy is pissing on him from a mere couple of postcodes away.

    And just where the rass is our “genuine multi billionaire” whilst this shit’s unfolding? Hmmm?
    You know, the one that’s meant to be our saviour yet can’t get anywhere near the fucking boardroom let alone influence anything.

    Surely now’s the time for the chubbster to step up! Kronke’s pretty much brewing up a perfect storm after all.

  8. kev

    this summer has been a fucking disaster so far. getting rid of the shite in the squad was outstanding but that’s been ruined by not bringing in good replacements.

    shaping up to be a great season

  9. stevethebrightongooner

    Gustavo just been on Brazilian TV saying his future isnt decided yet, I dont know what will happen, decision due soon … Apparently.

  10. Gunner2301

    I know Gazidis said they wouldn’t sack Wenger the fans would have to get him out (pussy that he is), but surely Wenger has made him the laughing stock of football after his bold statement so how is he ever going to have any credibility?

  11. N1Goon

    Going to stop watching football for a while if Spurs sign Lamela.

    It’s over, this pathetic struggle to fourth place, if they sign Lamela, that kid is fantastic and WILL be world class.

  12. HerveDeNerve

    I don’t believe Gustavo is going to Wolfsberg. The night before last FIFA Agent James Petralito let it be known that Napoli were in for him. This guy has engineered more German/Italian deals than anyone and stated that the player would prefer a move to Naples rather than London.

    We will see

  13. HerveDeNerve


    Lamela and Soldado would be devastating, if they keep Bale I genuinely believe they can win the title.


    Good night!

  14. sam


    you declaring them champions in august?
    remember new signings will need time to settle and players they bought are just good players not world beaters and they are paying over the odd just to have a decent squad.
    they will do well but won’t win the league and certainy won’t finish over us.

  15. sam

    Capoue was available for 8M they paid 11M just to beat everyone else.
    saying this doesn’t mean I am supporting Wenger’s extreme stupidity.

  16. sam


    Greed and sometimes they don’t have choice
    Gervinho got booed by his own hateful fans in the Epl he will probably won’t see any difference

  17. sam

    It means we also have to pay over the odds like tottenham to get someone decent. like testing Juve with 20M for Pogba and 25M for Axel Witsel if we miss out on the skinny brazilian.
    Deadline day bargain tactics don’t work anymore, clubs are willing to hang on to their players till the next window than sell on the cheap. its better to buy now and avoid last minutes hassles.

  18. PK

    Rohan you are so right. Spurs can buy messi, ronaldo and zlatan and they would still find a way to fuck it all up in the end.

    But there is one thing that makesme really sad watching this comments and that is that we actually are spending time on entertaining the idea of spuds overtaking us when what we really should do is talking about how we now truely have good chanse of taking the throne from united now that rednose is gone. thank you for that wenger really thank you for just giving that to chelski for free.

    That is on you and you alone wenger and for that you will never be forgiven.

    This year we will se man c fucking it up. They are going to try and play barca footy with that team and thats just not going to happend. Pellegrini will be sacked before xmas. Big changes in squad, new manager (that knows shitall about PL), new playbook to learn and unpatient owners is just a recipe off total failure.

    PL 2013/2014:


    You heard it from me first.

  19. sam

    Ok you pessimistic bunch here is my prediction,

    Wenger finally realised that he’s the only old fox in the Epl and can win it.
    Gobby Mourinho is still clueless things have changed since he left, Pelegrini looks lost and moyes is flipping rookie.
    now we will buy 4 players we need to start the assault early and collect points from our first 10 games as they are easy run. we will beat villa anyway.
    Arsenal first Title in 9 years, Walcott wins his first golder boot jack Wilshere player of the year and Gnabry young player of the year.


  20. sam

    Oh even Diaby will be fit from January to have a go
    and also its the year we finally put the cheating cunts of cuntalonya to sword. Kondogbia/ gustavo or whoever the fuck we are buying will be instructed by bouldy to handle Messi and he did it.

    Doomers are still not happy they call it a one off and still want wenger out , Akb’s love of their cult leader increases even more.

    what a season?
    the old fucker finally decided to move upstair for a younger guy to coach the team. That infuriate Grovers/ doomers their war against Akbs continues as long as wenger’s still at the club they won’t rest.

  21. Figoxor

    Alright, according to this, Wolfsburg has no interest in Luiz Gustavo:

    I know it is true because once you overcome all the mist thrown by those shameless papers and twitter accounts you start thinking logical. The only real a true information we have about Luiz Gustavo is that he wants to be taken into account by Brasil. He won’t be noticed in Wolfsburg and I know that because Yohandry Orozco, amazing venezuelan player who actually scored a screamer today against Bolivia, played for them and went to shit while he is actually a great youngster.

    Moreover, Luiz Gustavo flirted with Arsenal and there is some similarities to Gilberto Silva that Wenger could not avoid. So, there might be something about it.

    PS: Read the update at the end of the first article and you will see that there is no interest at all by Wolfsburg.

    This summer has been the worst transfer window… 17 days left…

  22. Figoxor

    Let’s play if I were Ivan…
    If I were Ivan I’d kick some french ass, I’d offer £6M to a manager that can deliver a short term project and that is thirst of silverware. I’d manage to get 2 TOP TOP TOP TOP players myself and would give the rest of the money to my new manager for his own pleasure signings. Oh, and free Peroni in all the nearby pubs, only for Arsenal supporters with an arsenal shirt. 😛

  23. sam


    Ivan Gazidis cannot sack wenger, its in fact the opposite.
    maybe the boldhead puppet is just warming the seat for wenger when he finally quits coaching

  24. Zacharse

    Well this season is pretty much done for in my mind.

    I can’t see us adding anyone that will make the kind of difference we need to challenge for more than 4th place. But fuck at this point forget tottenham, we’re looking more in the ranks of a swansea southampton sunderland team than anything.
    I feel like my hope for this window has run out barring any news of someone a little more influential than gustavo or lichsteiner. Both are great. Both could be used to challenge for fourth. Yay

    How Exciting…

  25. Figoxor

    It wouldn’t be Ivan, it’d be me who would fire him.

    Zacharse, we are so used to this. It is said we have certain amount of money. Wenger goes on saying he will spend “wisely”. 45 days with no signings but a youngster and an injury prone Ligue 2 guy on a free. Then, Wenger says he couldn’t do anything because FFP is not working and it is unfair, there were no players available, and our current squad is good enought to compete. We will be pissed for sure, but our love for this team goes beyond all the hate that french tw*t has earned. It’s like a deja vu, a sad and painful recurrent deja vu. It reminds me of those relationships full of promises that never come and we are still there for him. The question is, why have we allowed this for more than 6 years? We are those who want to be abused in the eurythmics song. Sweet dreams!

  26. Jay20h

    I’m getting married on Saturday. Spent a fair bit of cash, making it as special as possible, mainly for my bride of course!

    Spent more than that senile, tight bastard .
    I imagine Arsenes wedding to be the tightest, budget driven affair!!

    “We didn’t have any wine on the tables, though we tried very hard, just couldn’t find the super super qualideeeee”

  27. unhappy gunner

    Aside from the obvious, wanting us to smash spuds this season, I really don’t care if we lose the rest of our games this season. If getting relegated meant the end of the akb’s, wenger and the board, then I’d be for that. After all we have had 8 years of misery, so another couple of years I could live with if it meant light at the end of the tunnel. As I believe only relegation would change anything and only relegation would be enough to turn even the most ardent akb. Because if we even came 16th you know the clubs spin doctors would twist it to show what a wonderful job wenger done in staving of relegation with such a poor squad. ….kindly omitting the fact that its because of le senile that the squad is so shite. That is how low we have sunk. Speaking to a spud fan last night and you know what he said, he said watching the players celebrating 4th as though we’d won the title last season proved to him how far we have sunk. He said that kind of mentality he would of expected from the spuds but not us. Wenger has turned us into what we all hate…yhe spuds!

  28. TheBayingMob

    Gervinho got booed by his own hateful fans in the Epl he will probably won’t see any difference
    Really? I don’t remember anyone booing of the forehead and I think I go to more games than most if the spud trollers here. More over people were just amazed at how dreadful he was. His stats said that he missed bundles of chances in Ligue 1 before he came and so it proved.

  29. PistolPete

    The only problem at Arsenal is Wenger. As one of you said, he has taken the fun out of supporting arsenal. Next he will be saying we must get in the champions league to get the best players. Hello, where are spurs then. Remember. Gazidis said that only the fans can get rid of wenger, so we must boo him or make a song for him. Maybe using the lyrics” he takes the fun out of arsenal, fun out of arsenal, he takes the fun out of arsenal.

  30. unhappy gunner

    @The Baying Mob
    How very dare you… you not know that gervinho was top top top qualidee, the best player in all of africa???? After all wenger said so, so it must be true:)

  31. Cesc Appeal


    He NEVER get’s called on it though.

    When he says ‘it’s hard to attract qualideee.’

    No one ever says ‘Spurs managed it Arsene.’

    As I said at the start of the window, I would kill to have Levy and AVB…I got shouted down for it…told you so.

    Ambition vs the Three Profiteers

  32. PistolPete

    How does wengers brain work. We struggle to finish forth, our competitors have strengthened , yet we buy no one.what does that equal. How can the board and ceo stand and watch this happen.

  33. Gilo

    This window is such a disaster that it can’t be anything other than a deliberate ploy from Wenger and gazidis to antagonise fans.

    All that stuff from gazidis at the start of the window was a deliberately provocative act to raise supporters hopes only to then crush them.

    There is no other explanation for getting to two days before the start of the season after the catastrophic season we had last time and not to have signed a single player.

  34. TheBayingMob

    Cesc Appeal August 15, 2013 07:39:54
    He NEVER get’s called on it though.
    I wonder why he never gets called on some of these issues, I’d love to interview the twat and put him on the spot, then I suppose he’d just cop a squinny and start talking about his 30 years in management and two million substitutions. I will definitely stop going if he gets a new deal.

  35. TheBayingMob

    Re: Wenger moving upstairs, a nightmare scenario I think. At the moment he treats it like his own personal fucking bank account, imagine him gobbling up the power in the boardroom as well as being the puppet master to the new coach; he’d still do everything wouldn’t he? He’d never let go. God that’s a depressing thought. I used to support Arsenal FC, it’s slowly turning into Arsene FC …

  36. TheBayingMob

    what sort of improved contract do you think he will write for himself? “I AM zee super super qualiddeeeee, I think ze 10m a year for my genius is not unfair” ….

  37. Gregg

    Rumour that Benteke was stretchered off last night, suspected broken leg ?
    These friendlies are pathetic and fuck up a teams whole pre-season prep and hard work.

  38. PistolPete

    He is not getting a new contract. This will end very badly for wenger. The fans will turn on him sooner or later. I honestly think he wants to.

  39. TheBayingMob

    I don’t see that he wants to leave, he has the best job in football, no accountability, good wage, autonomous … if he were to leave now his legacy would not be a successful one even though we have the stadium, he’d want to leave idolised as some sort of demi god. I think he’s a workaholic control freak and he’s not going to let go, I just can’t see it … but I agree if Ivan is ready to challenge his power base then it will get messy around that contract renewal. If I were Ivan I just wouldn’t bother offering him one or talk about it … that would be funny ….

  40. unhappy gunner

    @Pistol Pete
    I dont think he does want to leave mate. I think wenger is so deluded that he genuinely believes that he is a genius and this team is good enough. The guy seriously is nuts hence no one but other teams average cast offs are willing to sign for us. Years ago if us and the spuds went for the same player, said player would choose us over the spuds. Now its the other way round.

  41. PistolPete

    Arsenal preparing to make a new bid for Saurez. For fuck sake he is not for sale. Move on. 2 weeks to go, what is stupid wenger going to do.

  42. PistolPete

    Thebayingmob & unhappy gunner

    I think you guys are probably right. However, I think he wants fans to get angry with him so he can leave as a victim. With a massive golden handshake.