Ramsey injured —> Gustavo Arsenal talk hots up —> Who cares, get him in

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Looks like it could be 4th time lucky in Germany this week as Arsenal’s scatter gun approach to the summer takes a step closer to laser guided precision. Gustavo of Bayern Munich is the man Wenger has identified as a possible centre midfield solution. He’s 26 years old, pushing for a spot in the 2014 Brazil squad and he’ll be hungry to right the wrongs of his unsuccessful stay at Bayern.

He’s exactly the type of player we should always be looking at. He’s the type of signing that used to make us a force. Why has it taken until now to sign him? Ask Wenger… but he’s been available all summer.

I’m expecting Arsenal to also make a right back a priority. I don’t think Wenger is convinced by Jenks at the moment… which based on some shaky performance is totally fair. You can’t consistently make mistakes at the highest level and get away with it. A striker is a massive priority. Many papers are saying we’re back in for Suarez today… Some sort of peace talks are being bandied around. Whether that works out is a different story.

It’s amazing United and Liverpool are being so stubborn over two players who are desperate to leave. I’m especially amazed by David Moyes stance, why would you want a player as obnoxious as Rooney stinking out your camp and your wage bill? Suarez is similar. Rodgers has a massive job on hands because Suarez is a ‘100%’ man. If he’s not on the edge… He can’t function. Seems mad Liverpool would think they’re important enough to keep a player against his will when they have no champions league.

In squad news, Ramsey is out of the Wales squad (no surprise to see the Gustavo move pick up pace)… He’s picked up an ankle knock. A taster of what our season could look like. It only takes three injuries and we’re drafting in the children. You just know we’re going to see Perez and Zelalem starting games this year when the Christmas injury pile up happens.

We’re only a few days away from the start of the season, there are international games on, so doing deals for players is going to be hard… unless they’re not good enough or old enough for their home nations. We’re heading into the season in a bad space. I’m all for hope at the start of the season, but regardless of the jump in quality a team can sometimes take… and look, we saw a huge jump in quality during the 2008 season… you can’t bank on anything sustained if you don’t have the right amount of bodies lining up for you.

Still… many days left. Many clubs will be sweating over unpaid wages or the possibility of that happening… which is why Kondogbia could be a possibility, and pretty much anyone outside the top two in La Liga. Wenger needs to make an impact on this summer and sharpish. if he doesn’t, there will be absolutely no forgiveness of him this season, which will make his job and the players job twice as hard. You can’t bull*hit the fans every summer and expect them to continue to support you when the inevitable happens. Wenger needs to get the home fans on side this season. He needs to buy himself wiggle room when we hit a bad patch. He needs to start the season, for once, with a squad Arsenal fans believe in… and not faux ‘let’s pretend the flaws aren’t there to l0ok like the greatest supporter’ belief.


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  1. Paddy got up

    Usmanov if your listening KILL THE YANK.
    A bit of polonium in the bloodstream should do. You know the boys Ali, now make that call!!

  2. Gregg

    I know hundreds of friends who support Arsenal. Not one of them thinks we can win the league this year, so where these guys pop up from lord only knows.

  3. arsenal tom

    N5… im pretty sure it counts for nothing but i just envisage Wenger seeing that and thinking “brilliant, the fans don’t think i need to buy either”.

    i went for ‘lower than fourth’

  4. N5

    Gregg I imagine they are staff that put champions

    tom, he probably does think good I’m safe again. Lower than fourth for me too.

  5. Gregg

    I never look at the website to be honest. It’s not a representation of fans true thoughts and views. It just pedals propaganda which is quite insulting. That said this site sometimes goes to far the otherway with some of the posts.

  6. ste

    We should get everyone on to put lower than 4th and spread the word on twitter 🙂

    See how their PR team like the idea of the fans thinking we are shite and wont qualify for champions league playoff !!!!

  7. useroz

    LadyArse reported Perez denied work permit and returns to Colombia…

    Wot’s wenger going to do?? Buy /loan him and wait so we wouldnt have a DM for 2 years? Look for another oh shit there’s a freebie flamini who turned shite… or he’d look further to germany???

  8. TheBayingMob

    Gregg August 13, 2013 10:34:45
    I never look at the website to be honest. It’s not a representation of fans true thoughts and views. It just pedals propaganda which is quite insulting
    I look at the website for the fixture list as you can filter it on Prem, CL, which TV channel, but yeah for anything meaningful then I never use it for match reports or news of any sort. Even the injury section is fucking useless … Do they still update it on what Wonga says in Press Conferences? In a strange way the wesbite has always seemed completely separate from the club and the fans! If you can do that! It’s like it’s run by a bunch of muppets who have no real interest in the club at all …

  9. Sandy

    Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse we now have the Suarez shambles- how incompetent do the people running our great club have to be to get the sack. The problem is in Kronkites eyes they are successful as they make money- the thieving bastard.
    Lets not believe we have no power- lets demonstrate , protest, chant ( even if it is un Arsenal like) until Kronkite. Gazidis and Wenger are out of our great club.
    They have succeeded in making us a laughing stock- Jovetic( good enough for city), Higuain ( good enough for Napoli), Suarex ( we are to stupid to make a proper offer)- incompetent, useless, thick, febrile, limp wristed etc etc etc.
    How long now before Santi, Jack and Kos see they have been duped as well and start to engineer their exit from a club with no ambition and idiots and liars in charge. At the very least their motivation will be zero working for a once great club but who now are quite happy to be mid table Europa league contenders.
    Watch us tumble out of the CL in the qualifying round- well done Arsene, Ivan and Stan.