Arsenal thrashing City is probably a bad thing long term

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So there we have it people, summer over. Put down the excitement because Arsene Wenger has pulled off a master stroke through inaction. We’re going to win the league.

Just joking. But some of the reaction on the web would have you believe we were title contenders. Probably the worst result for Arsenal fans was a thrashing. That’s vindication for the manager. That’s the 3% hope he needs to believe in his squad of players, who, by the way, are young and capable of developing.

The result was positive for the Aston Villa game. Theo’s finishing looks sharp, Aaron Ramsey played a lovely assist and scored tasty goal. Giroud scored against a top four side. All good stuff, but don’t be fooled. That squad is a million miles off competing. As it stands, it won’t compete. It’s capable of a solid few months. But depth wise, you can’t keep that starting 11 going all season. We don’t have the quality outside the first eleven. Our bench was embarrassing compared to City’s. We’re bringing on Columbian trialists, they’re rolling out seasoned professionals.

The fact Arsene is crudely pushing the credentials of a 16 year old, regardless of talent, is a shambles.

We’ll roll on though. The window isn’t shut, the season is a week away. Things might happen… but silence in a world where there is no such thing as a secret is telling.

Have a good day, hopefully there’s something in the Rooney and Gustavo stories.

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  1. Charlesbronson

    Someone needs to have a word.
    Every year our best players leave, at first, everyone was saying, we only need 1 or 2 class players and we can win. Then it became 2/3, now 4/5.
    We barely squeeze 4th place, and whilst credit should go to Wenger for doing so with the resources he has, it shouldn’t be this way. We should be challenging.

    why the fuck can’t we sign our targets and have a proper pre-season with them?

    We are actually a joke now.

  2. goonerboy

    Arsenal are still offloading players despite acquiring no one except Sanogo.
    Wenger has loaned out 2 centre backs, while one has a major injury (again), leaving just 2 fit . There is one fit left back, no holding mid, one winger after offloading Gerv and Arsh., as for strikers-we don’t have one reliable goalscorer.

    When it comes to loaning players there seems to be a total disconnect between players individual development and the needs of the team with the risk of injuries not factored into plans.

    There is simply a total absence of evidence of strategic planning regarding player investment.

    When Wenger stated last weekend that his squad was a bit thin (a huge understatement)-whose fault is that when he has total control over comings and goings??

    Wenger’s management of squad comings and goings this transfer window has amounted to negligence-and for this reason alone he should be sacked.

    When are the dreamers who call themselves fans going to wake up and face the truth- this man is incompetent.