Suarez told no… but John Henry has previous

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Morning everyone, just a quick post today as I has stuffs to be dun.

John Henry has come out and slammed down our bid for Suarez. He’s not going anywhere for footballing reasons. The same footballing reasons we sold Robin last year? Maybe not. He says it’s too late to find a replacement. To be fair, it’s unlikely Liverpool could replace him anywhere in Europe at the moment.

So, we either take that at face value, or we take it as a way of Liverpool driving his price up! Liverpool have a history of saying they won’t sell… then selling. So do Arsenal. So do United. So it might not be worth throwing in the towel yet.

What it does show you is that our summer is hanging in the balance. The alternative is now at Napoli. I’m not sure if Rooney is still on the cards…but we’re in big trouble if Suarez can’t move.

Our summer hasn’t really had the chance to be a shambles, because by the looks of things. We’ve only tried to land a striker. Which, though admirable… is a bit embarrassing because thus far, we’re no closer to anyone.

The plan seems to be ‘wing it’… which, is a plan at least, but not one you’d associate with a manager who coins in £7.5m a year. The man is an absolute joke. I mean, honestly, are we really at this point in the summer, 30 players down, with £10m more cash than we had at the start of the window… with £400k in spare wages?

Yes we are.

Wenger really is a man who cares only for his own ego. Because a summer like this is about no one else, other than him. Power corrupts. Age takes its toll. The two combined has us in this mess.

Ivan should be taking more of a lead. He said he trusts the manager to make the right decisions on the squad. Well, when he’s making no decisions. Shouldn’t you step in?

*Lingering pause

Yes. Yes you should.

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  1. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – That is beyond pathetic, you’ve buried no-one, you’re greatest point has been one of Wellbeck, we went on for hours with you saying fergus will never give him the money and what happened when he did, you conveniently forget about it and brought it up again.

    I don’t really give a shit who win’s, I’ll say you’re smarter than me, I’ll do the same for anyone else.

    All I’ve said is ‘If you’re unhappy, do something about it’.

    There’s 4 of you now, Doublegooner’s been posting his e-mail ad for years now.

    How about you get together, organise something ?

    Fucking think about it, how long have we been posting on here ? Lol and this is classic now. Months ? Years ?

    and what’s the sum total of your action ?

    “people have emailed him it’s just waiting for the appropriate time.”

    Lol you go on about 8 years, 8 whole years, and you’re waiting for an appropriate time ?

    Do you need certificates for this shit ? Is it that hard for you understand ? I don’t have to be especially smart to understand if I don’t like something I do something about it.

  2. Kiyoshi Ito

    Gunner2301August 9, 2013 22:18:59

    Why waste your time..He’s probably busy,trying to find a line,
    or a statement to argue about..

    The post’s I linked him too above,says it all…

    Anyone,that tries to defend him,are just being foolhardy..

    That said, expect AA23 to come forward with his gutter venom..

  3. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserAugust 9, 2013 22:24:37

    I don’t have to be especially smart to understand if I don’t like something I do something about it.
    If you are happy about it..Put your money where your mouth is then..?

    Get behind the team,& pay your way..

  4. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – On my behalf you cunt ? fuck off.

    Lol my behalf, you haven’t got enough spine to do it for yourself, you’re the miserable one here, you’re the one that hasn’t been to matches for 4 years, and you’re waiting for me ? Lol oh shit that’s fucking funny.

    What a complete and utter pussy, so that’s what’s stopping you ? Me.

    I’m happy if we win tomorrow, it’s your own happiness you should be worried about ?

  5. Gunner2301


    We all know the difference between the fantasy and the reality. According to Chief spin doctor Bob Wilson we bid 20mill for Pepe Reina then we bauked at an extra mill for Schwarzer who was about 5 mill at the time, then all of a sudden the 3 stooges we had were good enough.

    Then we supposedly bid 35mill for Mario Goetze knowing full well he was never leaving Dortmund, but look who we ended up with a 10mill Gervinho. A bit strange that.

    You only have to look at the gaping chasm in quality between what we’re linked with to what we end up with to know we are being spun a yarn every fucking year. The same patterns the same time of year and only the gullible fall for it.


  6. Keyser

    SDE – I know how you work you cunt, you’re a child, you ask people for personal details, you expect them to trust you, then you go on like a complete cunt, because that’s the only way you can argue, not on the merits of your own thoughts but by belittling others.

    Do I have a job ? Yes, and then you go on, What job do you have ? and you go on. If it’s not better than your own, then the venom comes out, if it is You go on, What bus did you take ?

    If I say No, then the venom comes out.

    The same with going to games, what the fuck does it matter, if someone spends £100 and another £1000 does it make the mans argument any stronger ? No.

  7. Kiyoshi Ito

    Ramsey’s backpassAugust 9, 2013 22:43:44
    Keyser really doesnt have an argument
    Thank you…& Pedro let’s him get away with it,time& time again…

  8. Gunner2301


    ” I don’t have to be especially smart to understand if I don’t like something I do something about it.”

    Well let’s analyse this one shall we?

    So given you’ve done nothing about it are you saying you like what’s going on at the Club at this moment in time? Is this what you’re saying your position is? Or is this another one of your contradictions?

  9. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Lol that’s your reply ?

    There’s no contradiction, You’re the unhappy one you plum, are you unhappy ? and no I don’t mean upset because we’ve lost, or because we’re not as good as we were a few years ago or more.

    I mean unhappy enough for change ? To post bullshit about AKB’s and so on.

    Are you that unhappy ? Then do something about it, pretty simple.

    2 people e-mailed DoubleGooner for fucks sake and you’re wondering about me ? Lol

  10. Trickeygooner

    I read you guys all the time. Don’t post that often, I’m a 46 yr old builder. Posted last night got put in moderation for the 2nd time for calling AW a c**t. But he is. Do they not know up there how unhappy we are being made to feel. Fucking heartbreaking. AW has got to be the most self centred wanker god has put breath into. He doesn’t realise we are a family. You’d never deliberately humrg your family unless there is something wrong and I mean wrong with you.
    Enough Arsene enough please

  11. Gunner2301


    You don’t know how many people emailed him, you don’t have access to his email account do you? Thought not.

  12. Keyser

    SDE – I’m jobless, morbidly obese and live in my mum’s basement, I’ve achieved nothing in life and I’m a loser, I am excellant at football though, obviously better than you’ll ever be, only Jerwayne comes close, but there’s doubts about that.

    Have you e-mailed DoubleGooner you insufferable twunt ?

  13. Kiyoshi Ito


    Obviously you are a very passionate fan..I’m just curious as to whether,your passion has transfered to attending games at the very least, &
    supporting Arsene Wenger,or Arsenal FC..?

    Whether it be at Highbury,or at the Emirates..?

    I mean,if I had a passion for a subject,or a topic,I would at the very least want to have some practical experience,or realisation of the game,or topic in hand..?
    & according to you,you work-right..??

    So,getting to a game(s),should not really pose a problem-right?

    How else,could one square one’s theory with practice??

  14. Keyser

    DoubleGooner’s e-mail.

    SDE – You’re a snivelling shit, at best you’re a bit dim, at worst you’re a danger to yourself and others.

    I’ve never been to a game and I’m jobless, either argue the merit of your argument or we’ll ignore me.

  15. sam

    Arsenal shopping window is already closed hopefully Pedro will stop talking about Suarez.
    they are now lining up a huge bonus for wenger for saving the club’s money.
    Wenger can’t even pay 5M asking price for a flipping trialist what makes you think he’ll pay 50M for just one player.
    Even the fees we received from gervinho and Manone, small fees for selling kids, money we saved for getting rid of deadwoods all in the bank growing interests. bunch of tightfisted twats.
    Lets just hope someone will come up with an offer Satan Kroenke cannot refuse then sack wenger for refusing to spend.

  16. Keyser

    Never, never bought a top, a panini sticker, I’m not even sure where it is in London.

    You’re a fucking joke.

  17. Gunner2301


    You know I am. We have to flush them out wherever they are. They have infiltrated the whole blogosphere spreading their propaganda 😆


    How many of you are there?

    “either argue the merit of your argument or we’ll ignore me”

    Clearly splintering into different personalities. Pressure getting to you?

  18. Kiyoshi Ito


    Please tick the box most appropriate to you..

    A) Season Ticket Holder.?

    B) Renewals?

    C) Matchday?

    D) On Waiting Llist?

    E) Guest?

    G) Ticket Tout

    F)..Just a c**t,that spouts off


  19. Gunner2301


    He’s doing his 8 mile reverse psychology again like we haven’t seen this before. Just like Wenger he has no plan or strategy.

  20. Kiyoshi Ito


    I know..When he starts swearing,calling people c**ts..He has lost it..

    Anyway to correct my last post..


    Please tick the box, most appropriate to you..

    A) Season Ticket Holder.?

    B) Renewals?

    C) On Waiting Llist?

    D) Matchday?

    E) Guest?

    F) Ticket Tout

    G)..Just a c**t,that spouts off


  21. Relieable sauce



    Shameless how anyone can defend or excuse them, they must be on the payroll, only the sheep believe the BS still & they’re coming round now.

  22. rollen

    Gunner2301 August 9, 2013 23:45:48


    You mean like those boiler room scam guys over in Marbella? Or even Nigeria?

    no like easy job u do from your mom basement

  23. Kiyoshi Ito

    Gunner2301August 9, 2013 23:42:31

    It’s amazing how nasty he gets,when things don’t go his way…??!!

  24. Keyser

    Don’t worry, SDE sorry Gunner2301’s just waiting for the appropriate time before he springs into action.

  25. Gunner2301


    I really can’t be arsed with him. Gone with his tail between his legs like the Wenger disciple he is.

  26. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserApril 13, 2012 23:36:36
    In fact you should look at Germany, at Dortmund, at Klopp and think how fucked up the Premiership really is.

  27. Gunner2301


    You mean Klopp the guy who Wenger with vastly superior resources has tried to emulate in terms of youth but failed spectacularly? That Klopp?

  28. Gunner2301

    “Lol you’ll see Gunner there waiting in a corner for the appropriate time to spring into acton.”

    I guess you’re right. I’d be much better sitting on the fence so I can jump whichever way the wind blows though. Any space next to you?

  29. Keyser

    Hopefully my work here is done, DoubleGooner will have several more e-mails to deal with.

    SDE’s spent all evening avoiding it, maybe he’s sent one now, maybe he’ll send one soon. I just hope he doesn’t follow anyone home on the bus.

  30. rollen

    “We are not a supermarket but they want our players because they know we cannot pay them the same money. It could not be our way to do things like Real and Bayern and not think about taxes – and let the next generation pick up our problems. We need to work seriously and sensibly. We have this amount of money so we can pay that amount. But we lose players. Last year it was Shinji Kagawa.”

    He hits his head with his palm. “Shinji Kagawa is one of the best players in the world and he now plays 20 minutes at Manchester United – on the left wing! My heart breaks. Really, I have tears in my eyes. Central midfield is Shinji’s best role. He’s an offensive midfielder with one of the best noses for goal I ever saw. But for most Japanese people it means more to play for Man United than Dortmund. We cried for 20 minutes, in each others’ arms, when he left…if players are patient enough we can develop the team into one of the biggest in the world…”

    Some Dortmund players were so affected they could not sleep after hearing Götze’s news. “That’s the truth,” Klopp concedes. “I called six or seven players who I knew were damaged in the heart. They thought they were not good enough – and they wanted to win together. That’s the reason it hurt them so much. But Bayern told Mario: ‘It’s now or never.’ I told him they will come next year. They will come in two years, and then three years. But he’s 20 and he thought: ‘I must go.’ I know how difficult it will be to find a player to replace Götze but, next year, we will play differently. It just takes time…

    “I got more in life than I was ever supposed to get – family, money, football. None of my teachers, or my parents, ever believed this would happen to me. So how can this perfect life of mine be spoilt because they take our players? It’s better if they stay but I’m not sure we’d be stronger. You need change to make the next step in the team’s development. If all these players had stayed I would have to go because there’d be nothing new. If I say ‘Go left’, they would say: ‘You’ve told us that 200 times – we don’t want to hear your voice any more.’ That’s life – so you need new players. It’s not an easy situation but I can handle it. I am an absolutely normal guy but it’s not so difficult to find a moment to be their friend or, well, [he grins] teacher.”

  31. Keyser

    Lol of course it is I’m pretty happy with life, you sit there whinging and bitching all the while, with SDE to cheer you up.

    Just waiting..


    ..fot the appropriate time.

    Lol the funniest thing ever, 8 years of misery, 4 without going to watch a match, and you’re waiting..

  32. Kiyoshi Ito

    Gunner2301August 9, 2013 23:57:43
    KyoshiI really can’t be arsed with him. Gone with his tail between his legs like the Wenger disciple he is.
    Yep,have a good night..

  33. sam

    R.S..P.C.Arsenal August 10, 2013 00:41:43

    He’s gone wenger resigned.,,,
    In your dreams!

    Wenger’s arsenal best summer signing and he’s getting a huge loyalty bonus for saving the club money after we qualify for the champions league.

  34. Kiyoshi Ito


    What’s your occupation..?
    Or does it take it another 2 years to get a simple answer to a simple question from you?

  35. rollen

    meanwhile in real life

    While British Prime Minister David Cameron is making attempts to rustle up support for his online porn filter, it seems that cyber crime levels are still growing fast.


    For some reason, Prime Minister wants people’s attention to focus on purging the worldwide web from anything he considers bad, at the same time ignoring a real cyber threat. According to the Home Affairs Committee, responsible to scrutinizing the government’s domestic policy, it is necessary to set up a “state-of-the-art espionage response team” in order to encourage corporations, banks and institutions to report hacking attempts to uncover the full extent of Internet crime.

    The Committee explained that it was concerned about a “black hole” where low-level cyber crime is committed with impunity. It believes that cyber crime policing should be merged into a new unified structure as part of a shakeup of the UK’s policing structure. However, the report added that it was just the first stage to solve a real problem.

    Prime Minister’s answer is to tighten up Internet porn legislation and demand that online giants block access to kids abuse content. In reality, that won’t stop online crime but will help some tabloids gloat about their campaign victories. The government is still too complacent about cybercrime, starting from identity fraud and data theft to the spreading of unauthorized images and extremist content.

    In the meantime, opposition MP Keith Vaz, who is also chairman of the bipartisan committee, claimed that it is clear the United Kingdom isn’t winning the war on Internet criminal activity. Indeed, one can steal more online than you can by robbing a bank. This is why Internet criminals in 25 countries have chosen Britain as their prime target.

    Industry experts admit that part of the problem is Prime Minister’s other obsession to isolate himself from EU-wide justice measures designed to address the problem. Nevertheless, EU members were also slammed for failing to do enough to stop attacks as well.

  36. BT

    If Wenger did walk out, who would the majority want as our next boss?

    I’d like Brian laudrup 100%
    Young,plays good football, and definatley goin places

  37. sam

    British telecom,

    Frank rijkaard is more experienced

    But this board will find another another arsene wenger’s mini me.
    things have to change from the top, wenger is just an accountant. sacking him alone won’t change anything.

  38. sam

    If you don’t like the person’s posts its always better to ignore than calling for a ban.
    we can’t all have the same opinion

  39. Evan

    Arsene will have a big say in his replacement. He will take a place on the baord and the new manager will only make coaching decisions, le control freak will make sure that happens. Arsene reminds me of that cunt joffrey in game of thrones

  40. Hitman49

    Hey if we can’t get WENGER out for what he’s done to our club in the last 5 years,
    We’ll never get him out,if he has a half decent year this one ! Then that’s that for the forseeable.

  41. Jeff

    This morning I found myself wondering what it would take for Arsene to call it a day. Obviously none of the calamities of the past were enough (e.g. 8;2, Bradford, Blackburn), so what will it take? I compiled a list of eventualities that may occur in this season with a percentage probability that he goes (mutual consent or otherwise):

    1. Lose heavily to Man City today. (0%)
    2. Fail to qualify for CL. (5%)
    3. Getting knocked out of League Cup (0%)
    4. Getting knocked out of FA Cup (0%)
    5. Becomes obvious by November that the PL is out of our reach. (5%)
    6. Getting knocked out of CL if we make it through the qualifiers (0%)
    7. We finish in the top four (0%)
    8. We finish outside the top four say fifth (25%)
    9. We finish outside Europa places (50%)
    10. We finish below 10th (60%)
    11. We get relegated (90%)

    What do you think?

  42. Jeff

    Given that 3, 4, 5, and 6 have been happening for the last eight years shows that there is no accumulative effect. In other words, he can repeat the same level of performance for another eight years and the percentages won’t change. Very sad.

  43. Moray

    haha our sponsers must be gutted. All their money heading off to a wig shop in Kentucky.

    Arsenal ready summer spending spree after record £170m kit deal
    Posted by Adam Davies 7th May 2013, 10:05pm

    New Arsenal sponsorship deals mean Gunners are earning over £50m per season more than previously, and transfer spending spree is on the cards.

    Arsenal are set to sign a five year £170 million deal with Puma to make their kits from summer 2014, which is the highest ever of its kind in English football.

    The north London giants have been widely expected to either extend their current arrangement with Nike, or sign with previous kit sponsors Adidas, but according to the Daily Mirror, the £34m per season offer from Puma blew the rest out of the water despite late interest from Liverpool kit suppliers Warrior.

    Suddenly Arsenal’s coffers make for rather more positive viewing.

    Having advanced their stadium and shirt sponsorship with Emirates from £5.5m per season to £30m annually, and kit sponsorship from £8m with Nike to £34m per year with Puma, suddenly the Gunners are over £50m richer at the end of each campaign than previously.

    It all points to big transfer spending at the end of the season, with Arsene Wenger previously having been hamstrung by stadium debt and meagre commercial deals.

    That is no longer the case, and Fiorentina striker Stefan Jovetic is the first name on Wenger’s summer shortlist.

    Although UEFA Champions League football is still vital for the Gunners’ progression, there is little chance of the club attempting to make ends meet this summer, with player acquisitions funded by player sales.

    Perhaps there is real reason to be optimistic at Emirates Stadium.

  44. Trickeygooner

    Thanks for that Moray. It actually reminded me of when I thought,
    “YES at last we are going to spend some money and have a real go at winning something this year”
    Ah well.

  45. Alfygun

    Only 16 fit players in the first team squad, one week before the season starts.
    Am I fucking dreaming or what!

    Surely there must be at least one decent signing ( we need 4/5).

    Sorry I forgot Mr arrogant, I do what I want is in charge.
    But seriously how can you justify that how can you say this small and frankly weak squad is going to compete. I am genuinely saying this with all due respect to our current players I think a lot of them are class, but they need help and some strength in depth.

    Past achievements are greatly respected, but you’ve completely lost it mr Wenger NOT 1 signing! Come on

  46. ikon

    For me the sanest thing to do for Liverpool would have been to take that 40 million and get new players. So many possibilities but all of them will have negative impact on the liverpool.

  47. Marc

    The only sliver lining I can see at the moment is if Wenger (for whatever reason) is refusing to spend then he will not be offered a new contract. The consequences of going into the new season with such a small squad are worth thinking about. At least we should have no trouble attracting a new manager when they will have a £100 million transfer kitty.