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Hello Magazine: Luis Suarez, in his words, tells the dark truth about Rodgers

A lot of opinion around the words I penned yesterday, plenty stated it was a speculation post… Fair enough, it was story wrapped around a conversation from the usual source. Take what you want from it, but know that its come from a good place and its far closer to the reality than the Arsene Wenger myth that’s bandied about. It’s not my opinion and it’s not based on third party chat.

Anyway, the first part of yesterday’s post is slotting nicely into position. Liverpool’s bluster about not selling will now be tested to the extreme after Luis Suarez made his big move… going to a high brow paper to tell the world why he wants to join Arsenal (and like I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve known he wants to join us as he’s agreed terms), as well as having a sad picture taken of him. The only thing that was missing was tears and photoshopped hand cuffs.

Sounds like he has a pretty good case for being miffed. As pointed out Comolli, he had a deal in place, Liverpool went back on their word.

“I am being accused of showing a lack of loyalty but last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we did not qualify for the Champions League the following season then I would be allowed to go.

“I gave absolutely everything last season but it was not enough to give us a top-four finish. Now all I want is that Liverpool honour our agreement.

That’s dirty and f*cking classless. Still, at least Brendan Rodgers rep is in tact, you know, being the bastion of class.

“I spoke with Brendan Rodgers several times and he told me: ‘stay another season, and you have my word, if we don’t make it then I will personally make sure that you can leave’

Oh right, I see.

Sounds like this was just a verbal agreement. Liverpool don’t have to honour a verbal agreement.

“I have the club’s word and we have the written contract and we are happy to take this to the Premier League for them to decide the case but I do not want it to come to that,” insisted Suárez. “We have the backing of the PFA.”

Oh right, it’s down on paper as well. Liverpool really have played a shocker here, eh?

What he’s done in one swift move is destroy his relationship with the fans, the board and the manager. It’s not nice. We’ve been there countless times… but for me, it couldn’t happen to a classier club. The club Stevie G had to stay at because he was threatened by local gangsters when they heard he was off to Chelsea.

So whilst I’m not punching the air with satisfied joy yet… it’s looking good. Liverpool have two choices now, ride it out all summer, or, sell now and use the money wisely to recruit. If they were to play the intelligent game, sell now, buy now would probably be the best option. The only twist I can possibly see is that Liverpool try and smoke Madrid out. However, Madrid have spent £70m so far, plus the prospect of hammering out another £95m on Bale, it’s difficult to see where they’d find the money… especially with FFP coming.

As for the theory of Liverpool dropping their pants on price for a foreign club to spite Arsenal. A few things here…

1) Arsenal can pay cash now
2) Liverpool aren’t cash rich, every penny counts. If I had the choice of selling my car to an Arsenal fan for £30k or a Spurs fan for £40k, I can tell you, to hell with who we support.
3) Who would risk selling to any bankrupt country right now? They’d probably want to pay over 17 years… and there’s no guarantee of receiving the full amount.

One last key point from all of this… is  this quote.

“I am 26, I need to be playing in the Champions League. I feel I have done enough to be playing in the Champions League at this stage of my career. Now there is an option for me to do that and I want very much to take it.’

So many people were saying we should drop out of the Champions League… which was always the worst idea in the world. Things might not work out this season trophy wise, but with a Suarez in the side, you have a chance. With Champions League football, you always have the cash flow to build. I never want to be Liverpool or Spurs.

So part one of our summer looks likely to drop. The big question now is what is in the managers head? He’s currently chasing Ligue 2 creative midfielders. What’s the plan Arsene? Who is your new right back? Who is covering Arteta in midfield? Who is your new goalkeeper? Where is the winger to replace Gervinho?

It’s all well and good having a world class striker… but what happens to the rest of the squad. Best case scenario, we have Suarez ready for action for October. That’s a lot of games. We could be out the running by then. We need to iron out squad issues now. Before the season starts.

Fellini is available for about one more week, Williams must have a deadline on him, I’m sure we could nab Begovic… that’s three Prem ready players who’d improve us immeasurably for £40m.

It’s easier than TESCO people!

The big fear is the euphoria of smashing our transfer record will act as a perfect haze for Wenger not to sign anyone else… That wouldn’t be good. Hopefully everyone at the club will continue to put pressure on him to make some moves. There are plenty of players out there ready to purchase. Plenty who could improve us. Hopefully the manager sees that.

Right, have a grand old day… see you in the comments.


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  1. Oh Theo Theo!

    Gregg – and what a complete twat of a man – did you watch the Liverpool documentary?

    He has those funny little arms and pudgy fingers that don’t quite fit his body. Urgh.

    As predicted this transfer window has turned into a complete and utter omni-shambles for us.

    On this alone Wenger needs to be sacked. As all he will end up buying is a striker who will stay with us for one year before moving to Madrid and a french nobody/never will be.

    And meanwhile we have to rely on 31 year old (injury prone!) Arteta and mentally challenged Fruitpong as our only DM cover. Nobody can tell that’s a disaster, right?

    Wenger really has finally cracked. Mint.

  2. Alfygun

    Only Arsenal could do this, one week to new season and the only transfer going on is a bloody messy public brawl and probably all for nothing.

    We should have known!

  3. Gregg

    Yep, if it’s Suarez and no-one else then it’s been a disaster. Poor old Cazorla is off to Ecuador for Wednesday so I doubt he’ll feature prominently against Villa next week either.

  4. Alfygun

    They must be conducting an experiment to see how far they can go before they fuck it up. A bit like when we were kids and you push your mum/dad until you finally get a slap.

  5. Ulstersaysarse

    Morning all. I’m off to The Emirates this morning to watch an open training session and attend a Q&A with Adams, Rice & a few more leg ends. Any (legitimate) questions anyone thinks I should ask?

  6. The Hig

    Morning Guys. Is the Suarez deal on or what? See a lot of news about a 51m bid or 47.5m bid. Anyone know anything of value?

  7. Alfygun

    I think Mr Wenger needs a visit from 3 ghosts on season start eve to see the error of his ways.
    I can just see him waking up on 7th August and throwing 100 million out the window to the negotiators saying “its not too late quick run boys go and buy the biggest and best players on the market”
    Please evened ear fucking buy someone!

  8. Oh Theo Theo!

    Jeff – reading this:-

    “‘We try and get what we want, if that doesn’t work we will look somewhere else,’ he said. ‘The clubs with talented players don’t want to lose them.

    Some clubs acted very early so the choices were reduced and there is more competition coming from France with Paris St Germain, who buy big players for huge amounts of money, so it’s tough, difficult and slow.

    ‘I can assure the fans we will try very hard to keep them happy. We are certainly ready to spend the money, but the process is going slowly, but surely.’

    You get the sense that the transfer window was a massive surprise – I mean, how dastardly of the swines to move quickly in the transfer window!! I mean how could they mug an old man?? Parse the comments and the meaning is: I haven’t a clue what to do next….

    These comments are just comedy gold.

  9. Alfygun

    Can’t believe how many people still waiting and trusting. They are starting to see it now. Don’t be scared to join in with us so called “moaners” or “negative influences” you can see for yourselves nothing has changed, speak the truth!
    He no longer knows what he is doing plain and simple!

  10. Ash79

    N1Goon – just read arseblog. about fuckin time he said something. Too little too late. He lost me as a reader last season.

    IG, May 20th – “Our majority owner Mr Kroenke has made it clear that while it’s an achievement to make the Champions League our ultimate objective is to win the major trophies. We all share that clear ambition and will be driving the Club forward to achieve it. Arsène and I have already been planning what we need to do to strengthen so we are better placed next season.”

    We’re not better placed. Yet.

    IG, June 6th – “We get beaten up along the way but I think we are an extraordinarily ambitious club.”

    You could label the Suarez bid extraordinarily ambitious, all right, in more ways than one, but if people think his arrival would be enough to make us champions, I’d suggest you look more closely at our squad.

    IG, June 6th – “We want to be a club that is competing at the very top end of the game and that means competing to win the Premier League and competing to win the Champions League. The critical thing now as we look ahead over the next season and the season after is our developing financial capability which will give us a lot more options than in recent years.”

    We are running a transfer profit so far this summer. The question was posed to Gazidis, ‘Can Arsenal buy a £20m+ player and pay him £200,000 a week.’

    IG, June 6th – “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that.”

    So, if there’s a high level of expectation this time around, it’s not because we’ve talked ourselves into a frenzy. It’s because the club made it quite clear they had a plan

  11. Moray

    Arsenal are the Basil Fawlty of the transfer market.

    True to type, we’ve made a pig’s ear of the Suarez transfer, and it looks highly unlikely Liverpool will sell to us even if we offer 60m. The only redeeming factor is that we’ve destabilised a competitor for the 4th place trophy and one of their key players pre-season. The shame is that we have to consider Liverpool at all as a rival: Chelski, Man Uts and City surely don’t.

    Fawlty’s indecision has cost us time and time again. And yet again we have no plan B (or ven plan A it seems) and are destined to go into the season 4 or 5 top players short of a trophy winning squad, and with glaring deficiencies throughout our team.

    The only difference between this year and previous years is that we will make our tidy profit not by selling our top players to rivals, but by decimating (and consequently weakening) our squad. While it had to be done, we should already have replaced some of those fringe players.

    How anyone can continue to support this manager now is beyond me. This window was his last chance and he blew it. If he is offered a contract extension this year there will be a riot, and rightly so. Wenger out! Kroenke out!

  12. wenker-wanger

    good post.
    I used to feel that by dropping out of the champs league would force wenger out….as that’s his holy grail and to be excluded from CL would be his final humiliation. But he (wenger) sticks like shit to a blanket and would only leave if forced out. I see the long term benefit of champs league to bankroll us for a brighter future without the economics obsessive fool and with a proper passionate decisive manager in charge one sweet day in the future. Suarez feels like a done deal. I cant help feeling that we would now have virtually the same team that played the final season of RVP…. and as we know we finished 4th then. So we sold RVP for 20 million, suarez in for 50 million, thats a deficit of 30 million for arguably the same quality….not good economics is it wankger????
    (i am aware of the difference in age, but is it that significant?)
    shame about Kenny…had a few beers with him in st albans about 10 years ago…he seemed like a really nice guy.,

  13. Gregg

    The transfer market has been a surprise?

    Bless, I think what has surprised him is the fact that whilst we’ve ben inactive for last few years, players have forgot who the hell Arsenal are. I think he genuinely thought he could come back waving a few quid around, saying “we’re back” and players would queue at the door to sign. I think he’s genuinely taken aback that we’re not seen as a big club by ambitious players anymore, despite the silly posturing and financial soundbytes we come out with. He’s taken his head out of the sand only to find that he doesn’t recognise the landscape he now sees. isn’t it still 2004? he asks himself

  14. Alfygun

    Players want young modern, ambitious managers. He doesn’t realise he is not Alex Ferguson who was winning trophy a every year. We have gone stale and potential signings can see that. We must move forward.

  15. the mighty karim

    fucked we’re fucked this time
    Fortunately (?), 2nd leg home
    Can’t believe those shite teams like Celtic or the champion of Kazakhstan (!)
    have a draw of their own…
    Thank you Michel Platini, great thinking, you dumb !