Arsene Wenger has taken a reactionary approach to the summer | Thank Drogba for saving us

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I'll thank you, but no hi five

Summer is dragging again everyone and today’s post isn’t all good news, but it’s not pitch up your tent outside The Emirates for a 30 day hunger strike time… yet. Some of you won’t like what I’ve got to write, but there you go…

The hold up with the summer is mostly down to the manager again. The reason things have gone quiet is because, in the main, Arsene doesn’t have a plan. The best news from this whole post is that Arsenal still firmly believe they can land Luis Suarez. That’s not a PR move, the club think once Suarez starts causing problems, Liverpool don’t really have an angle to work from. Liverpool feel betrayed by Suarez wanting to move, Suarez now feels betrayed that Liverpool have gone back on an agreement Damian Comolli insists was in place.

If Suarez rolls into Rodgers office and tells him he won’t bother his backside this season and that he won’t give Liverpool his all, they have little choice but to sell. I keep telling Livepool fans they’re not a big enough club to keep a star player if he wants out. They’re in debt, they have no other way of rustling up income this season. The only hope they’ve got is sheer bloody mindedness which will result in an ‘injury prone’ half baked season with a player worth half the value at the end.

… ala, Cesc Fabregas. Remember that?

As for the rest of our squad, things could happen, but the pace of the summer isn’t being dictated by Arsenal, it’s being dictated by Arsene and his micromanagement of the details. As usual. He doesn’t really have a plan. The best thing that could have happened at the weekend was a loss to Gala. The fans jeering apparently riled the manager. Hopefully that’ll spark him into recruiting.

It’s apparent he needs a right back, Jenks is a nice guy, but quite frankly, I can see him struggling this year… a move is even more important especially as Sagna moving over to centre back is a real possibility. We need Monreal like cover. Up front, no doubt we need a better striker than Giroud, he’s not going to cut it at the highest level. We desperately need a centre back and now Gervinho has left the building we need a proper wideman.

Probably the most obvious flaw in our squad is the lack of a defensive midfielder. We’re desperate there. Arteta doesn’t have the pace or the engine he once had. Still a useful player, but we need fresh legs, serious mobility and some much needed discipline. Our midfield three have looked far from dynamic so far…

With Europe bankrupt, there’s simply no excuse for our inaction. But if the manager isn’t putting names forward or being decisive, what can the club do. Dick Law, for all the nonsense he gets for being a terrible negotiator has done his job. We’ve near enough cleared all the dead wood. We’ve brought in 3300 new youth team players as well. Amazing eh, we’ve not made one first team purchase, yet we’re rolling in a Colombian kid for a trial.

Shows where Arsene’s priorities are.

Still, I guess the interesting twist on a potentially bad summer is this… Ivan Gazidis didn’t tell the world we were spending big on a whim. As I’ve said countless times before, he’ll be about longer than Arsene, by deceiving the fans, he destroys his future relationship with us. He’ll never recover that. I’m not talking about people like me either… blogs are quite a way down the pecking order, I’m talking about the big newspapers who will think he’s a laughing stock. If you destroy your relationship with the media, you don’t get kind coverage when things are going down the pan… and believe me, that’ll bother the hierarchy.

So if Arsene hangs Ivan and the board out to dry this summer, he’ll struggle with that new deal. You can’t screw someone and then head in to their office palms open and look for an extension. Which is why I’d still be staggered if Wenger tried to hang the board out to dry this summer… and believe me, he wants a new deal. He’s well into his sixties, a change of scenery is not what he’ll be looking for. He’ll never get so much power combined with so little accountability anywhere else on the planet. Not to mention there are only about 3 clubs on the planet who would pay him what we do.

His childish petulance when it comes to doing what’s right for the club is quite staggering. But herein lies the problem…

We have a manager with quite staggering amounts of power. This has been pointed out so many times before. Arsenal behind the scenes on the playing side are a shambles compared with other setups. Football is a young mans game nowadays. New managers, better ideas, more preparation and better set ups are popping up all over the place. Arsene Wenger simply isn’t the man he used to be, or, he’s the man he used to be and now we’re moving into a different era. I think it was Comolli again, who spoke on the radio some time ago and listed out how he approaches transfers with his managers. In February he’d sit down with the manager and ask him what he wanted player wise… then he’d ask for a list of options, you’d ask the  manager to grade the players 1-5. The best player money can buy right down to the bargain basement option. Then he’d sit down again at the start of the summer and go through through the list again and firm up names. Then he would go out and make the moves.

Now, you’d have thought Wenger was perfectly aware of where the gaps were last September. He should have had a list as long as his arm of players we could approach. Spain has shipped out 27 of its best players. Italy is skint bar one club these days. France is ripe for the picking outside two clubs. Holland is always game for a pillaging. There is absolutely no excuse. The board have armed him with the best part of £100m and he’s probably got about £400k a week in spare wages cash. Yet he’s made zero progress.

How can you have made zero progress in the summer of European turmoil!

It’s a f*cking shambles a week away from the start of the season. Spurs have bought well, Liverpool have added to a squad which, with a Suarez in it could be argued is as good as ours (I mean, if somehow he could be convinced of the error of his ways)… the manager is frittering the summer away like he always does. He’s not a confident man any more. He’s indecisive. He doesn’t know what he wants. Which is why we’re where we are. Which is why he’s so calm with where we are. What he fails to see is that scraping 4th every year is a massive, massive risk. Especially as every club is throwing money at making it past that position. If you gave £100m to Klopp, would we be in this position squad wise right now… or would there be a serious plan well under way?

We’re watching the dying days of a once great manager. Even if we bring in the right players, he’s still not good enough behind the scenes to make a sustained attack on the league. But at the very least we’d ensure that top four wasn’t a monumental challenge like it has been the last few summers.

This summer could all turn around, and I’d be surprised still if it didn’t, but the thing that saddens me is  that everything I’m hearing is that it’ll be reactionary, and it stacks up, no players in on August 6th and no noise. No noise in the modern game generally means nothing is going on… because secrets cost clubs cash.

Anyway, rant over. If there’s any comfort to be had, it’s in the fact that everyone at the club is staggered the manager hasn’t bolstered yet… and that everyone is desperate for him to do so. Ivan should take his list, buy the players and worry about egotistical man tears after… the manager should have no say over price.

There’s still time to go… remember this… Didier Drogba could have just saved our summer. In some sort of weird way, you might have to be thankful to him.

See you in the comments.

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  1. follow the money

    those teams might not look like much but they’re better than Bradford. Nothing would surprise me these days, especially without any top quality players and our one top player (Santi) not being up to speed

  2. follow the money

    I’m beginning to think we need reverse psychology to counter Wenger stubborness. Everyone wants him to spend=the more he refuses. So we should just go delusional like Wenger and start blogging things like “We can’t afford to spend” “Player prices are way too high. Better to stick with what we have” “Ramsey is better than Zidane” etc etc

  3. follow the money

    Sociedad and PSV would spell trouble. We may have slightly more skilled players but our players are all proven bottlers

  4. follow the money

    Man U friendly in Sweden half full stadium. Fans protesting 5x higher ticket prices and rebelling against a friendly mid season for them. Proper fans there

  5. Dan Ahern

    Yesss, Pedro bringing the fire and brimstone today.

    Wenger in the window reminds me of myself on the weekend. I have a list of 10 chores that really need to be done. Things that, if I want to enjoy myself and the rest of the week freely, I really need to accomplish. So I procrastinate, dither, make excuses, and think about what really needs doing. Can’t I push some stuff back? Can’t I get by without doing all this stuff?

    So I end up doing one or two, and I’m satisfied with myself.

    Now think I’m Wenger. I finished the clear-out all the fans demanded forever, and considered being interested in a top striker. Nice, that’s one and a half things off the list. That’s pretty much sufficient, I’d say.

    Midfield? Centreback? Creative attacker? Well, you know, there are players coming through maybe. And Sagna has played a friendly or two at CB. And Diaby will be back next year. And we have a British Core that will love me forever and not think of leaving.

    So on second thought, I have a lot of belief in this squad, and ya know what? They can challenge? I dunno, I just have a feeling. I did the one important thing, so I think I’m good here. There’s always January. And summer 2014. And the next two summers in my contract extension.

    Now if only Ivan would get off my back.

  6. Trickeygooner

    Bloody hell Pedro,
    Half way through reading I had to go back to the top just to check that it wasn’t Geoff having a rant. Well done. !
    Even though I know your still convinced that Arsene has it all worked out and he won’t fuck up like he usually does. I’m not so sure you know, I as well as most of us on here think it’ll be same old same old.
    By the way, have we signed anyone yet?

  7. Brum Gooner


    The fact is if a player has played a key role in a side that has won league titles and champions league, is a quality player

    You can say he’s lost form but Calling a player of Nani’s quality SHIT is laughable because 95% of teams in world football would take him!

    I think you’ll find they wanted him to stay but he wanted more they said fuck you!

    ….so is Higuain a poor player cause Madrid offered him out? No

    Being surplus to requirements at a elite club does not mean you do not have quality.

  8. Jeff

    I think Wenger has sold fourth to the board again which implies we’ll buy no one. They probably sat down and he explained to them that even with Suarez we might come 3rd but without him we will likely come fourth. So it’s a no brainer.

    The fact that nobody wants to compete for first is of course neither here nor there.

  9. Keyser

    “As I’ve said countless times before, he’ll be about longer than Arsene, by deceiving the fans, he destroys his future relationship with us. He’ll never recover that.”

    I’d be seriously worried if Gazidis genuinely had that in the back of his mind, because all it means is that after years of us selling off our best players he’s got Wenger ready to be scapegoated while the fans continue to suffer.

  10. Jeff


    It looks a good match. Very entertaining. RVP is on the pitch. Doesn’t look like he’s lost anything of what he had last season.

  11. Keyser

    Not really, Suarez has enough question marks over him, if he forcing through a move then good for us, but also shows what he’s capable of doing to get what he wants, if he’s genuinely injured, he misses 6 games anyway, won’t have had a proper pre-season and won’t be fully fit for a few months yet.

  12. Scott

    I can see panic Santos, Park etc signings all over again and the fans will be in ruptures just because we sign 3 maybe 4 players who turn out total shit like his last 5 out of 7 buys.
    He clearly doesn’t know who to buy or in which position to buy for.

  13. kwik fit

    Arsene has offered a trial to 26 year old Moroccan midfielder Alharbi El Jadeyaoui, who plays for French second division side Angers. You’ve got to hand it to Arsene. He find’s gem’s in the unlikeliest of places . Other’s look high and low in the premier market’s all over the world. Not our Arsene, he goes to Ligue 2 in France and picks up a 26 year old with real potential. We are blessed to have a genius in charge.

  14. vicky


    A top player can compel any club in the world in to submission.

    Fabregas,Rooney,CR7,Bale,Rooney all of them have resorted to ugly tactics.

    Suarez is not a unique guy in this respect. Players are the real BOSS.

  15. Keyser

    Van Persie, Nasri..

    Lol yeah I don’t get why people ignore that, just saying there’s loads of question marks over him and the deal, I’m not confident over it, and I think we’re going to wait to see if we qualify outright for the group stages, that only leaves a few days.

    Say if we signed Suarez before that and then failed to do so, I think he’d want out by the end of the season.

  16. Matt

    Egotistical and deluded Wenger is not going to sign anyone, that was clear from the beginning of the summer. Just the usual spin and leaked reports to hacks that we are interested in certain players just to keep the fans amused. Suarez is not coming, get that through your heads, another lie from the management. Pathetic, pathetic, not buying a replica shirt this year, show your dissatisfaction by boycotting games, that’s the only way to get the message through.

  17. vicky

    The problem is Wenger has inadvertently or by design pushed himself in to such a situation where the best he and we can end up with is Suarez in the bag and nothing else of note.

    Which to me does not make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

    We will still finish 3rd/4th. So 40m is also gonna go waste If we do not buy a midfielder,a wideman,a GK and a CB .

  18. kwik fit

    Romanian international striker Ciprian Marica will join Arsenal this week – according to the player’s agent

    Arsenal give trial to unknown French Ligue 2 midfielder

    There are certain things in life that deserve no comment .

  19. dialsquare

    Vieira was moaning about Arsenal’s lack of spending in 2001 saying they were a small club and not in the top 20 of big clubs in Europe.
    So nothing has changed.

  20. KobraKenya

    Every team out there knows that Arsenal is desperate to sign quality players and am sure they’ll up their prices. I have a feeling that this season will be better than the one’s before.

  21. simon

    so Suarez is injured… do you think we are buying him now? at c;lose to the premier league highest ever transfer fee? Just wonder…

  22. Inter YourGran

    kwik – we aren’t signing that Romanian released from schalke. its his agent trying to garner interest after he’s been released.

    I don’t think suarez is enough either, but regardless of the fan base sentiment on Luis’ signature, the shirt sales will pay for the player anyway.

  23. Keyser

    Not really, Wenger’s built 2 efficient teams in the last 4-5 years, both have been dismantled and sold off, we’re now in a sort of limbo, we’re buying from a market that is erratic, playing in a league that is far from efficient, and with a team that has no real gameplan or players of note.

    Gazidis’s proclaimations mean’t nothing really, in fact you’re more likely to be confused by his comments than anything else.

    Suarez would be a good buy, but at a time where it’s least likely to be a successful acquisition.

  24. kwik fit


    I understand that the agent is using us to get some interest in his man but Suarez aside, we need at least 3 other quality players. So why are we not making move’s. Season starts a week on Saturday and still no one bought. New people give’s the fans and players a much needed lift. Pointless waiting to 2 September topick up Santos(hello gays) like ‘ bargains.

  25. Inter YourGran

    Kwik – I still think we’ll end up with 4 players before 2nd September. Call it blind optimism, call it stupidity, but I cant believe we’re going in with this paper thin squad.

    Suarez/Rooney, Gungodan/Gustavo, Williams/Ginter, & Bernard/Nani would be amazing, but whatever happens some/most wont be happy and rightly so.

    WE should have secured players long ago.

  26. Inter YourGran

    DS – no dialsquare, you back arsenal because you’re a goner.

    Wenger’s just a relic who’s past it.

  27. Dan Ahern

    “kwik fit August 6, 2013 21:15:53
    David Luiz is injured, Luis Suarez is injured, Wayne Rooney is injured, Gareth Bale is injured, Nicklas Bendtner is fully fit. Coincidence?”


    The man truly has no shame. What a pathetic idiot. If he’s actually good (or actually believes he’s good) he’d take a step down, play his ass off, and get the larger clubs interested again. But no, he’s content to do fuck all until somebody offers to overpay him.

  28. sam

    Pedro decided to give us nightmare with the pic of that cheating scum,
    Did you grovers know that Gnabry can still opt to play for ivory coast?

  29. Inter YourGran

    Kwik – 😆 if it aint the weed it’s the booze and come September the 2nd we might need a lot of both

  30. reality check

    Kwik remember the days when big butts were considered vulgar?

    Thank goodness some things do change!

    Look back at the old bond girls… not a butt cheek between them

  31. Dan Ahern

    Speaking of rear ends? Hahaha, what? There was zero segue into that, you just wanted to post a pic of a fine lady on the internet, hahah.

  32. sam

    Sorry I have to defend Wenger today,
    he’s not totally rubbish manager he’s just become corrupt with money and power and neglected football.
    how did he get arsenal to 4th with that shit squad? It means the guy is just lazy to make extra effort. If he’s asked to win the league or else he’s gonna fight for it.
    Tottenham must be sick of wenger because they were better than arsenal for the past 2 seasons.
    whats more dangerous is he got more arrogant thinking he can now win something with the current squad.

  33. reality check

    Kwik –  if it aint the weed it’s the booze and come September the 2nd we might need a lot of both


    I’m of afro carribean decent so you know what I’m about 🙂

  34. Dan Ahern

    It’s hard to slate him for saying his current squad can compete, because what are you supposed to say about your squad? You can’t publicly tell them they’re shit.

    But it’s extremely frustrating because it goes so far as to be disingenuous. All he has to say is something like “We have a great team that’s really coming together, we’re just going to look to make it even better,” or some other generic shit. He’s great at dodging questions, so why not dodge questions about competing? Why assert that we can be title contenders when everybody knows it’s false (or at best extremely, extremely unlikely). It makes him sound either deluded, or self-servingly contrarian.

  35. wenker-wanger

    agree with dial square…supporting arsenal just keeps wenger in a job for life……i do not want to watch arsenal play tippy tappy with a load of french duds and scraping enough wins to get 4th spot. What is the point of that year after year?
    When the arrogant senile clown leaves us i will be ecstatic and re-ignite my passion for our great club.

  36. Inter YourGran

    wenker – that just makes you a fair weather fan then.

    why does your dislike of the manager make you stop supporting arsenal on match days? bizarre.

  37. reality check

    Ok dial I’ll bite

    Ok wanting us to lose on the face of it.. I get why you this way.

    But look at who you’re dealing with. .
    It’s wenger, if half the fan base went from booing and voicing their concerns to actively wanting arsenal to lose, wenger and the board would just spin it to prove that those fans are not real fans and do not have the best interests of the club at heart. ..

    The board and wenger do this already! That kind of ammunition gives them the right to dismiss and basically ignore the fans. Because there not real fans. Because they openly want the team to lose…
    Football is tribal, so there is no way you can openly want your own team to lose and Still remain credible.

  38. Dan Ahern

    Seems to me that Brendan Rodgers is in full PR spin-mode. Let’s paint Arsenal as classless thugs who come in and try to pry away our player. That way when we sell him, our fans will be mad at AFC instead of us.

  39. sam

    Maybe he sees we have easier run in our first 10 games, he thinks we will have a good start.
    a clever manager will strenghten the squad and take advantage of it.
    what if we got benteked on the first day of the season?

  40. Inter YourGran

    got benteke and bony upfront in my dream team with suarez on the bench, obviously my defense is shite though>

  41. Inter YourGran

    Dan – it’s more likely we 5-2 Tottenham and buy no one.

    Sam – you have sanogo and gnabry in your dream team? they ain’t getting you no points. Wally’s worth a punt though

  42. Kiyoshi Ito

    Last post from me tonight & hopefully for a while..

    Arsene is treading a very tight slippery slope this season..

    If he’s not careful,he might just metaphorically hang himself this season,the way he is conducting his business affairs..

    If Arsene truly has only Suarez as his big name signing,in his plans..
    Then he’s dug himself a great big hole..

    I know as fans,the majority have automatically assumed the CL Qualifiers should be a walk in the park..
    That we will qualify..

    Well I can imagine Arsene is thinking the same thing,any deals done,will be after we’ve qualified for the CL..

    “16 years of CL.. & we won’t qualify?!!Please give me a break..”
    That is probably his thinking..

    Now anomalies do happen,it’s conceivable that we might not qualify for the CL,as a worst case scenario..

    If that happens..then what?

    Suarez,says thanks for the interest Arsene,but I think I’ll stay at L’pool,or go to another club,where they offer CL..

    Other players,contemplating coming to Arsenal,say thanks Arsene,but I’ll take a miss thanks,but no thanks..

    With Arsene,having left it late in the day,to get in the much needed quality,suddenly finds himself up the shit creek,without a paddle..!!

    Players suddenly doing U-turns..!!

    & I can tell you the fans will not be amused,with a war chest sitting there,saying spend me,spend me!!

    Arsene,could have procured the quality signings at the very end of the season 2012/13,to at least be sure with 90% certainty,that qualification for the CL is almost assured..& prepared the team for the forthcoming season..

    Nope,he knows better..
    At some point,one’s luck runs out,if you start to tempt fate,or sail very close to the wind..

    Arsene is playing a very precarious game!!

    As the ‘ole addage goes-fail to prepare,prepare to fail!!

  43. sam

    Honestly if koscielny got injured we will struggle against villa.
    they will target mertesacker and sagna is short. did you see the goal we conceded against grampus? well maybe we will get him some high heels to jump against benteke, arsene knows!

  44. Ulstersaysarse

    Why can’t people just hold back judgement regardless of present day hysteria & get behind this club. Any real fan knows that no one is coming in until we actually qualify for CL! I couldn’t give a rats ass who goes more than who or who owns more jerseys down the years, real fans get behind the club & hold the line. We are an embarrassment right now not because of our non action in the transfer market but because of our infighting between fans. Why can’t we hold judgement until things are truly on the road, ie when we are a certified CL team. I couldn’t agree more with the real fans who stick by a team through thick & thin, stop your petty infighting & frivolous opinions until we truly know what our options & full team line up really is. It’s not AKB mentality just common fecking sense! GOONER TIL I DIE.

  45. wenker-wanger

    im anything but a fair weather supporter..ive been with arsenal through the league cups of the 1960s…..jeez watching swindon beat us 3-1 was a real heartbreak……(i was a kid then).
    ive been called the fanatic gooner wherever ive worked, so your assumption is incorrect and i would therefore appreciate your polite response!
    iVe never felt so low about arsenal. ….. even when we were struggling there was always some hope…..we always had some challenge coming through….usually the fa.cup would provide some possiblity of success….but i guess this manager is so devoid of passion to win trophies and is so destructive that its a new arsenal emotion for me. I cannot bear this uselessfuckwit on my tv, radio or anywhere….i cannot separate him from arsenal…i wish i could.

  46. Dan Ahern

    Ulstersaysarse — Give me a break. You’re the one being divisive, terming only those you agree with “real” fans. If people were not fans, would they even care how the club does? The critical ones are critical because they want to see their team succeed. How does that exclude them from being real?

  47. Inter YourGran

    wenker – fair enough, You’re entitled to your opinion on how you chose to support and trust me, I felt so low when carrol scored a header for Newcastle at the ems and lost 1-0 in 2010. We got slaughtered by the Geordie fans that day aswell and everything seemed shit.

    But, we play and go again as fans surely?

    As ive said before, the split in the fan base over wenger needs addressing and that can only come with change, but how do we get it without sacrificing our season?

    I fear we cant and that’s what worries me. Finish 5th and every club has a field day and the fans lose the plot. In some cases rejoice, but then the media will just make us out to be ungrateful when they’ve fuelled most of the flames.

    Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  48. wenker-wanger

    why the shock at a diehard fan wanting his team to lose…its not a war is it?
    Rather 2 years of defeats to get rid of the cancer than 10 more years of scraping wins and limping along just for 4th spot. How else is this fuckwit going to leave? Perhaps people that cant see it have their minds on the spuds and the petty rivalry in the workplace.
    Arsenal are bigger than wengers 4th spot….when he goes we can at least challenge surely.

  49. Ulstersaysarse

    Dan Ahern- believe me my intention was not meant to be divisive. Fans will be fans & are entitled to choose whichever way they want to follow their club. My only point was to encourage fans to hold strong until a real opinion could be made, say when deadline day has passed & we finally see how we have strengthened ourselves or not.

  50. Inter YourGran

    Apologies wenker about the fair weather comment, it just seems so many are wrapped up in their wenger rage that they forget what supporting arsenal is about.

    Fair play to you for keeping it civil.

  51. PistolPete

    Hope we don’t buy the bitter, akAnd wenger is feeling the same.why else would he dragging his feet on this deal. Come on, if you want something you buy it. You Don’t advertise to everyone and then wait 6 weeks. Wenger dont want him, but he wants to say he tried. He is just playing us. He will buy a cheap option and that is 100% certain.

  52. Inter YourGran

    John cross has sold his soul to the devil. He’s just a wenger mouthpiece now. Lost all credibility in my eyes.

  53. Jeff

    I think Wenger reads the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling every night just before bed. All very magnanimous but doesn’t do us or the club any favours whatsoever.

    In all honesty, if there is a power struggle or some sort of war going on between Wenger and the board (or Gazidis), evidence so far would suggest Wenger is winning thus far.

  54. PistolPete

    Hey, right on queue, wenger to give trail to 27 year old, division 2 french league player. I new he would add the quality, the player to improve the team. We are so lucky to have such an astute manager.

  55. Keyser

    “why the shock at a diehard fan wanting his team to lose”

    Because it’s ridiculously stupid, it’s beyond stupid, you should really be sectioned.

    There’s 2 billionaires involved, a club worth several hundred million and a turnover of 250m+, to think it’s all down to one man, either makes him superhuman or shows how little work others are doing.

    Seriously what is wrong with people.

  56. Marko

    Of course his “dream” move is Arsenal cause Real aren’t interested. Also John Cross saying we could tempt Dortmund is a load. He’s going no where he’s said he wants to sign a new deal with them. Shame cause Gundogen is absolute class

  57. Ulstersaysarse

    Why can’t people just hold back judgement regardless of present day hysteria & get behind this club. Any real fan knows that no one is coming in until we actually qualify for CL! I couldn’t give a rats ass who goes more than who or who owns more jerseys down the years, real fans get behind the club & hold the line. We are an embarrassment right now not because of our non action in the transfer market but because of our infighting between fans. Why can’t we hold judgement until things are truly on the road, ie when we are a certified CL team. I couldn’t agree more with the real fans who stick by a team through thick & thin, stop your petty infighting & frivolous opinions until we truly know what our options & full team line up really is. It’s not AKB mentality just common fecking sense! GOONER TIL I DIE.

  58. Jeff


    Has Suarez become the prisoner wife of Rodgers then? Bad husband won’t grant her a divorce.

    “Darling we can make it work, I can change; I will change. You’ll see. It’ll be like old times again, don’t leave! Please don’t leave, please, please don’t leave…” sobs uncontrollably.

  59. sam


    I am only joking, sanogo won’t make it.
    Wenger just bought him to torture us, Gullible fans think he’s the new anelka.
    We just sold one waste of space to roma and replaced him immediately with another. get ready to be frustrated again next season.

  60. Jeff

    Bismillah! No, we will not let you go
    (Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go
    (Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go
    (Let me go.) Will not let you go
    (Let me go.) Will not let you go. (Let me go.) Ah
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no
    (Oh mamma mia, mamma mia) Mama mia, let me go
    Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me

  61. Keyser

    Wouldn’t matter either way, if they’re opposed now, it’s only a result of what’s gone before.

    Like saying buy big name stars now, when you were told to sell big name stars in the past, it’d make no sense at all.

  62. Paulinho

    Read the interview and Rogders as well.

    With Benzema supposedly going to Roma it looks like Madrid will move for Suarez and Liverpool will happily sell him to them for about 35 million.

  63. kwik fit


    Sort of agree. There must have been some orgy in Liverpool and promises were made by Brendan to Luis regarding the missus which just where not(or could not be) honoured. Details will be released in due course.

  64. Reiss

    If we can pull of Wenger it would be a good move but one signing doesn’t make me forget about eight years of failure and also we need to improve the squad and not just area.

  65. andy1886

    Latest headlines on

    ‘Sagna – I can adapt to centre back role’


    ‘Walcott: Sanogo is a strong boy’

    Brilliant – that will save us a few quid then!!!!

  66. Dan Ahern

    Ulstersaysarse — Fair enough, I get that we ought to give the club the benefit of the doubt until the window’s closed, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with urging them on. If everybody sits by complacently, will anything get done? The club now has a track record of failing to adequately improve, and it is now VERY late in the window with ZERO buys. They’ve brought the pressure on themselves.

  67. Jeff


    A classic case of misinterpreting the nuptial vows.

    Do you remember the Sun headline when Elton married David. It said something like:

    “Elton takes David up the aisle”. Still cracks me up! Pun intended.

  68. Marko

    Benzema going to Roma? Bollox no way they’d get rid of their 2 strikers or he’d go to Roma they’re pants. Clearly Madrid are putting all their eggs in Bale’s basket which would mean ronaldo, Benzema as strikers.

  69. Marko

    I’d like to point out the irony that it’s all those incidents of trouble that’ll probably lead to Suarez joining us. Not United (Evra incident), not Chelsea (Ivanovic incident). Madrid don’t want him it’s coming to the 7th of Aug if they were interested they’d of done something by now

  70. sam

    Bigging up Sanogo strength only means thats the only good thing they can talk about.
    how about good touch? good link up play, good eye for goals? because he has none.

    Afobe is stronger and have better skill he can also play as winger.
    Walcott’s statement is just wenger’s propaganda to try to convince us he’s a great signing. no he’s not

  71. Marko

    Sam you’ve seen him play part of one game and he’s only 20 take it easy on kid Sanogo. It’s not his fault the manager or club hasn”t bought anybody else yet

  72. Rohan

    PaulinhoAugust 6, 2013 23:15:26
    Read the interview and Rogders as well.With Benzema supposedly going to Roma it looks like Madrid will move for Suarez and Liverpool will happily sell him to them for about 35 million.

    jeez, is this a joke. Only on here would you see something this ridiculous. How miserable can you get. With Zidane at Madrid, Benzema his lovechild is going nowhere. Also why they won’t go for Suarez. They want Bale.

    Either way assuming Suarez and Bale go through, that’s the top 4 locked down for the foreseeable future.

  73. sam

    Marko- i have no problem with sanogo

    I am just worried of the propaganda behind him.
    He’s not ready for first team and we have more than enough rookies in the squad.
    Auxerre are hoping wenger will send him back for a year or 2, I believe this is the better option.
    Wenger is also using Sanogo as scapegoat to cover his lack of transfer activities.
    he even complained that the press are ignoring him because he didn’t cost 50M, so shameless

  74. Rohan

    Absolutely chuffed. Good thing we didn’t go for Higuain. We knew we could do better and looks like we will.

    Suarez far better suited to our needs. Creates chances by himself, no more boring games. He’ll force chances. Him and Cazorla together will be sweet. Reckon Theo will also thrive with Luis’ movement.

    Would love a top class midfielder (maybe 2?) , and a decent young CB.

  75. Arsenalone

    I’m over the moon,fucking delighted.

    2 new home kits on the way for my 2 boys with Suarez on the back.

    Please please let it happen,just got ome and seen the news.

    Come on Arsenal

  76. Keyser

    sam – Was it you who complained about the ‘moaners’ ? If so please stop trolling, if not, please stop trolling.