Arsene Wenger has taken a reactionary approach to the summer | Thank Drogba for saving us

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I'll thank you, but no hi five

Summer is dragging again everyone and today’s post isn’t all good news, but it’s not pitch up your tent outside The Emirates for a 30 day hunger strike time… yet. Some of you won’t like what I’ve got to write, but there you go…

The hold up with the summer is mostly down to the manager again. The reason things have gone quiet is because, in the main, Arsene doesn’t have a plan. The best news from this whole post is that Arsenal still firmly believe they can land Luis Suarez. That’s not a PR move, the club think once Suarez starts causing problems, Liverpool don’t really have an angle to work from. Liverpool feel betrayed by Suarez wanting to move, Suarez now feels betrayed that Liverpool have gone back on an agreement Damian Comolli insists was in place.

If Suarez rolls into Rodgers office and tells him he won’t bother his backside this season and that he won’t give Liverpool his all, they have little choice but to sell. I keep telling Livepool fans they’re not a big enough club to keep a star player if he wants out. They’re in debt, they have no other way of rustling up income this season. The only hope they’ve got is sheer bloody mindedness which will result in an ‘injury prone’ half baked season with a player worth half the value at the end.

… ala, Cesc Fabregas. Remember that?

As for the rest of our squad, things could happen, but the pace of the summer isn’t being dictated by Arsenal, it’s being dictated by Arsene and his micromanagement of the details. As usual. He doesn’t really have a plan. The best thing that could have happened at the weekend was a loss to Gala. The fans jeering apparently riled the manager. Hopefully that’ll spark him into recruiting.

It’s apparent he needs a right back, Jenks is a nice guy, but quite frankly, I can see him struggling this year… a move is even more important especially as Sagna moving over to centre back is a real possibility. We need Monreal like cover. Up front, no doubt we need a better striker than Giroud, he’s not going to cut it at the highest level. We desperately need a centre back and now Gervinho has left the building we need a proper wideman.

Probably the most obvious flaw in our squad is the lack of a defensive midfielder. We’re desperate there. Arteta doesn’t have the pace or the engine he once had. Still a useful player, but we need fresh legs, serious mobility and some much needed discipline. Our midfield three have looked far from dynamic so far…

With Europe bankrupt, there’s simply no excuse for our inaction. But if the manager isn’t putting names forward or being decisive, what can the club do. Dick Law, for all the nonsense he gets for being a terrible negotiator has done his job. We’ve near enough cleared all the dead wood. We’ve brought in 3300 new youth team players as well. Amazing eh, we’ve not made one first team purchase, yet we’re rolling in a Colombian kid for a trial.

Shows where Arsene’s priorities are.

Still, I guess the interesting twist on a potentially bad summer is this… Ivan Gazidis didn’t tell the world we were spending big on a whim. As I’ve said countless times before, he’ll be about longer than Arsene, by deceiving the fans, he destroys his future relationship with us. He’ll never recover that. I’m not talking about people like me either… blogs are quite a way down the pecking order, I’m talking about the big newspapers who will think he’s a laughing stock. If you destroy your relationship with the media, you don’t get kind coverage when things are going down the pan… and believe me, that’ll bother the hierarchy.

So if Arsene hangs Ivan and the board out to dry this summer, he’ll struggle with that new deal. You can’t screw someone and then head in to their office palms open and look for an extension. Which is why I’d still be staggered if Wenger tried to hang the board out to dry this summer… and believe me, he wants a new deal. He’s well into his sixties, a change of scenery is not what he’ll be looking for. He’ll never get so much power combined with so little accountability anywhere else on the planet. Not to mention there are only about 3 clubs on the planet who would pay him what we do.

His childish petulance when it comes to doing what’s right for the club is quite staggering. But herein lies the problem…

We have a manager with quite staggering amounts of power. This has been pointed out so many times before. Arsenal behind the scenes on the playing side are a shambles compared with other setups. Football is a young mans game nowadays. New managers, better ideas, more preparation and better set ups are popping up all over the place. Arsene Wenger simply isn’t the man he used to be, or, he’s the man he used to be and now we’re moving into a different era. I think it was Comolli again, who spoke on the radio some time ago and listed out how he approaches transfers with his managers. In February he’d sit down with the manager and ask him what he wanted player wise… then he’d ask for a list of options, you’d ask the  manager to grade the players 1-5. The best player money can buy right down to the bargain basement option. Then he’d sit down again at the start of the summer and go through through the list again and firm up names. Then he would go out and make the moves.

Now, you’d have thought Wenger was perfectly aware of where the gaps were last September. He should have had a list as long as his arm of players we could approach. Spain has shipped out 27 of its best players. Italy is skint bar one club these days. France is ripe for the picking outside two clubs. Holland is always game for a pillaging. There is absolutely no excuse. The board have armed him with the best part of £100m and he’s probably got about £400k a week in spare wages cash. Yet he’s made zero progress.

How can you have made zero progress in the summer of European turmoil!

It’s a f*cking shambles a week away from the start of the season. Spurs have bought well, Liverpool have added to a squad which, with a Suarez in it could be argued is as good as ours (I mean, if somehow he could be convinced of the error of his ways)… the manager is frittering the summer away like he always does. He’s not a confident man any more. He’s indecisive. He doesn’t know what he wants. Which is why we’re where we are. Which is why he’s so calm with where we are. What he fails to see is that scraping 4th every year is a massive, massive risk. Especially as every club is throwing money at making it past that position. If you gave £100m to Klopp, would we be in this position squad wise right now… or would there be a serious plan well under way?

We’re watching the dying days of a once great manager. Even if we bring in the right players, he’s still not good enough behind the scenes to make a sustained attack on the league. But at the very least we’d ensure that top four wasn’t a monumental challenge like it has been the last few summers.

This summer could all turn around, and I’d be surprised still if it didn’t, but the thing that saddens me is  that everything I’m hearing is that it’ll be reactionary, and it stacks up, no players in on August 6th and no noise. No noise in the modern game generally means nothing is going on… because secrets cost clubs cash.

Anyway, rant over. If there’s any comfort to be had, it’s in the fact that everyone at the club is staggered the manager hasn’t bolstered yet… and that everyone is desperate for him to do so. Ivan should take his list, buy the players and worry about egotistical man tears after… the manager should have no say over price.

There’s still time to go… remember this… Didier Drogba could have just saved our summer. In some sort of weird way, you might have to be thankful to him.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Guninurback

    I’m trying to post something to IYG, but it won’t get past the filter, not a bad word in the whole piece, it just refuses to post.

  2. Inter YourGran

    Vish – sorry I didn’t respond I got distracted by the usual suspect.

    Unfortunately, the board wanted the security in their places on the board and to protect their share price.

    Kronke keeps the status quo doing things his way and being hands off.

    In all honesty, when you have an owner who doesn’t like football, has no interest in it, never visits, never engages with the fans and spends nothing it creates a faux stability.

    The wheels are starting to come off now and he’s expected to be at the next asa meeting.

    Whatever happens this window it’ll be heated.

  3. TheBayingMob

    Paulinho August 6, 2013 11:58:59
    Nani ….
    He’s inconsistent and and frustrating, but if he approached anywhere near his top level he pisses all over Walcott, Ox, Podolski. He actually has mobility, pace and skill. Imagine that eh?
    Mobility, pace and skill, but he’s inconsistent and frustrating?

    That’s fucking Walcott mate, no point signing the bloke again we already have one. You can drive to the depths if you want but Walcott is all those things, Walcott’s problem is that he needs space and time to look effective; if you’re saying that Nani can be Walcott in tight spaces and while being heavily marked then fair enough. We don’t need another cunt who’s just going to disappear two matches out of three for 100k a week. In my opinion.

  4. Guninurback

    Okay I’ll try to piece it up….


    Good day, I hope you don’t misconstrue this as in some way ganging up on you, because know that I truly enjoy a bit of constructive rivalry, and you are one of the few on this forum that will engage me in this.

    But; I am afraid I’ll have to call you out on one of the previous point you made seeing as I seem to remember calling you out on this previously as well.


  5. eboue

    we dont need to simon we have the next great english right back in carl jenkinson, we have Aaron Ramsey….well…he has a great engine..”rolls eyes”, then we have wait for it….OLIVIER GIROUD!! our prayers have come true.

  6. Edu

    as much as we need a marquee signing i think if the suarez transfer goes through it should be one of three i.e. a defensive-mid maybe fellaini and a goalkeeper ceaser maybe?
    signing suarez without a proper supporting cast is a re-run of having van persie and the rest of the squad is mediocre..

  7. Guninurback

    Oooo okay that worked…. but its still a problem somewhere…

    Inter Your Gran
    ugust 6, 213 12:52:40

    “Sylvain – choosing option a means your hatred of the manager clouds your support of wanting arsenal to be successful.

    You’re more obsessed with the manager than wanting the club to be competitive and successful.”

    This is simply not logical; if anything (and I suspect you know this) our fears for the coming season stem exactly from the fact that we don’t believe the current manager has proven himself capable of being competitive and successful, at least not now. So in essence you can turn this argument around on its head, and ask every AKB whether or not they are willing to go into a season, under-prepared and with a manager without the full backing of the fans?

  8. Inter YourGran

    Ito – I’m not batting anything away, del bosque is a good shout in all honesty.

    You really have some mental problem with people who have opposing views to yours, which is a shame. When you’re not calling wenger ‘wankstein’ or posting inflammatory nonsense to get a rise out of people, somethings you say I can relate to.

    Low, would he leave Germany? Has been successful with the rigors of club management?

    Rijkaar, yes he’s won the CL but his stocks fallen so low he manages in arabia.

    Heckneyes, is too old so why have someone come in for 18mths – 2yrs max?

    Klopp, best choice obviously.

    Capello, has just taken a new job and del bosque probably won’t leave spain.

    Can we tempt them with money? Yes, of course.

  9. Brum Gooner

    At the start of the window I said on here the ideal signings would be…..

    Higuain–Nani–Fellani–Williams– Cesar

    Many ppl on here ridiculed those targets, dont look to bad now do they? obviously now swapping Hig for Saurez, as I pointed out selling Gervinho and replacing him with Nani/ Remy would be great business. All 5 players know the prem, had outstanding seasons last year, All seasoned internations, 4 have won trophies in the last 18months. Lets face it all would challenge the first IX.

    We desperately need a winger, we have 50 central players who are postioned out wide! some like Benard is quality however Nani is class! 26, He is direct, can dribble, shoot, play either wing and mostly cross a ball. Lets face it we could get him for 10m. I predict our formation is suited to his style of play rather than a 442. His strengths are in the final third. it would be a Great signing!

    We don’t need experiments this year, we need proven quality ready to start. 5 players, we wouldn’t get much change out of 100m …..but we can afford it!

    We’ve got rid of 400k pr week off the wage bill so adding these players would only increase our wage bill by 100pw Max

    It’s a no brainer for me, pace, power, depth, genuine WC quality, a title challenging squad.

    No team has EVER won the league without an British Centre half!

    The first team are all saying the right thing, we seem confident. Our team from last year has enough quality to beat most teams in the league, all we need is is a sprinkle of quality in the squad and believe we might just do it! Fingers crossed!


  10. Kiyoshi Ito


    Inter YourGranAugust 6, 2013 13:20:02
    Not hard? You listed 5 managers and rijkaard and hexkneyes means you’re clutching at straws.
    How am I clutching at straws..I’ve offered you 6 names(including Vincente Del Bosque)..

    & 4 out of those 6 names are CL winners
    Vincente De Bosque

    How is that clutching at straws..?

    You’ve batted away every name bar Klopp..

    I’m actually speechless..

    Going forward,before Guardiola took over Bayern,his people put the feelers out,during his sabbatical that he was interested in the Arsenal job..

    Obviously Arsene,kibboshed that one..

    So enjoy your Arsenal,enjoy the mediocrity,enjoy the top 4 trophies..

    You are a walking contradiction..

  11. Inter YourGran

    Guninurback – valid point, but it was just a hypothetical scenario based on success for the club in opposing to the removal of wenger.

    We’ve been through this already, stop calling me an akb, I won’t take you seriously.

  12. Jimmythegun

    My two pennyworth:

    Nani – couldn’t flourish under Fergie who wouldn’t put up with his inconstancy (Ronaldo stepped up to the challenge and excelled) can you image how much Wenger would indulge him?!!

    Recipe for disaster!!

    Rambo/Jenks hate – Fans always look for scapegoats, I can kind of understand it with Jenks because he’s been inconstant and has a massive f*ck up in him but Ramsey?! Hands down our BEST player during the last couple of months of the season and head and shoulders the best player in red and white on Sunday.

    He’s not going to be ‘the new Gerrard’, but he’s developing nicely since his injury if you ask me.

    On the lack of movement in the transfer market – a combination of Wenger and the forthcoming CL qualifiers. Suarez, Fellani aren’t going to join a club who might not make the CL – they’ll be waiting on the outcome.

    Higuian might have been prepared to wait, but CL qualified Napoli came up with the money and Real don’t give a f*ck about us. Don’t be surprised if the same happens with Fellani and Man Utd.

  13. Guninurback

    Okay it was the last part that was buggered obviously…

    Wh@t in all h0nesty seems the w0rse prospect? Wenger gets Su@rez, he ret@ins his seat and s0mehow scr@pes f0urth while at the s@me time in the best case scenari0 we win the Mickey mouse Cup or s0mething. And then next year, we sell our performers and “pr0ject y0uth 5.0” restarts.

    Or we change it up, we thr0w him out, we get someone new in, we unify the fans around the team and the new m@nager ahead of the new season. And we simply give it our best sh0t, not knowing what what the future might bring?

    effing there!! take that you damn filter!!!!!

  14. Vish

    ”Would love to know why people think Klopp wouldnt manage Arsenal.”

    Because he wouldn’t want to play part time director and be party to the club’s Longterm-shareholder- wealth- maximisation- plan.

    I’d love this guy to become manager but under the current regime, i don’t think he’d accept the engagement.

  15. Campbell

    Wenger clearly suffers from delusion of grandeur due to being given so much power and the worst part is – Everyone else now believes he is the Messiah as a direct consequence.

    Any CEO in a FTSE 100 company would be held jointly accountable for ignoring such negligence. Grow a pair Gazidis and take control of this f*cked up situation!!

  16. The Hig

    At least Brum sees what I see in Nani. A winger that can actually swap with Santi and and make an impact.

  17. AfricanGooner

    #WENGEROUT #JURGENKLOOPIN he has turned Dortmund into a super team while spendin less money than Wenger,has good eye for talent(Hummels,Lewandoski) ,can speak english and best of all he is driven!

  18. Kane

    Eboue – I believe in being fair. In my opinion, it is unfair to demand Wenger to leave Arsenal ahead of the transfer window closing .

    Once it shuts, then Wenger has no defence what so ever, as Pedro says, it was made clear that the fans would not tolerate a Summer of inactivity, Ivan made it clear the money was there to spend.

    Until then, I cannot bring myself to hang the man before he has exhausted the time left available to him to take the appropriate actions to strengthen the squad.

  19. samsensible

    Vish, i think he would. If you hear the way he talks about Dortmund he is fully engaged with their principles, draws clear distinction between the Monstrous Bayern and the pluckier Dortmund un-aided by commercial deals with their owners on a massive scale like Bayern.

    I could see Klopp being interested in coming to an Arsenal that is ready to spend the money it makes on players to try to win things because that Arsenal can compete and can win things….and under an effective FFP that Arsenal can do very very well.

    However, that requires SKs buy-in. He would have to let us realise our potential.

    the only thing stopping Klopp is that he genuinely loves his club and to walk away now/next season is to leave them in the lurch when they are in the middle of tussling with a Titanic enemy.

    He may be too principled.

  20. sam

    No one is really sure that klopp will be good manager for arsenal
    grovers = fantasists

    some of this guys really believed higuain was going to win us the tittle

  21. the mighty karim

    @the Hig

    Yeah, exactly ! + he’s a sulking cunt, shows no love for football or teammates

    he’s very good, true

  22. TheBayingMob

    Inter YourGran August 6, 2013 12:00:58
    For all the hubub, I think we’ll sign suarez. It’s too far down the line and we have too much riding on it to fuck it up.
    The only way we’ll sign Suarez is that if his (and our) interpretation of this faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrkin’ clause is correct but Liverpool are playing the cunt over us not really being in the CL yet. Technically they have a point, we are in the qualifying rounds. This won’t be concluded until (if) we qualify for the group stage proper. If the clause releases him, why would be pay more? Liverpool would have to let him go unless someone sneaks in with a 40m+2 offer!

    It will have to come down to lawyers, either we and Suarez’s people are right or Liverpool are right. They simply won’t sell to us, what would it say about them as a club to their fans? I don’t see why there was a meaningless clause in the contract that they simply had to advise him of bids over 40m, that just seems ludicrously pointless, so I do think that it’s more 65-35 that we’ll get him.

    If the legal side of the game rules in the scousers favour, then time for heads to roll at AFC IMO.

  23. The Hig

    Not saying Klopp is not a good manager, but theres no guarantee he’ll be successful in the PL managing Arsenal. To be honest, i’d stick with Wenger and just hopes he buys the right players to win something. Cos what we need is players, not a new manager.

  24. Nick

    I think it gets down to Arsene’s vanity. If he signs bargains and finishes fourth, that result is considered his doing. If he buys a proven superstar or 2 and finishes second then those players not him would get the credit. He wants it to be about him.

  25. Kevin Pocock

    Secrets cost cash you say….but we have cash don’t we?

    Also, I’d like to point out that Olivier Giroud had a better strike rate in his first season in England than Didier Drogba, and made the switch at the same age.

    Regarding Jenkinson, I think you’re off the mark. That said I’d be happy if we brought in a recognised CB and kept the battle between Sagna and Jenkinson ripe.

  26. eboue

    why would kroenke be bothered sal? the amount of money arsene makes stan is incredible at least arsene is still good for something.

  27. Reiss

    If Gustavo is available for £15 million we should go for him but knowing Wenger he’ll probably buy that trialist Sebastian Perez.

  28. Inter YourGran

    Guninurback – I’d like to see change at managerial and board room level as it will bring some sort of harmony back to a fractured fan base.

    No reall Gooner wants to see arsenal on arsenal, it’s sad. We all have different opinions and even if I don’t agree with them we’re all arsenal. It used to be a big family, now it’s one of those families that argue at the Christmas table and uncle Pete won’t come because he can’t stand auntie sharons boyfriend.

    If there was a suggestion to how to bring about change i’d be all for it.

    We have the ast, bsm, asa, red action and other supporters groups who are our voice, but anyone not in them whinges they do fuck all.

    Sometimes we’ve got to help ourselves first, before we can bring about change.

  29. Samir


    Always outperform? Haha, what a load of tosh.
    Like Song has done? Hleb? Fabregas? Lass? Henry?

    I’m not going to argue over ‘shite’ either.

    Nani is exactly what we don’t need. Lazy, inconsistent trouble maker.

  30. PhilF

    I went into this summer thinking that we would finally compete in the transfer market…. I actually believed what IG was saying. The stadium debt paid off and a massive war chest to spend on strengthening the squad. All the promises made about moving to Emirates, that it would finally allow us to compete at the very top level. The highest season ticket prices in Europe and what do we get with the season about to kick off in 11 days… Sangogo…

    I mean really, if this was happening down the road I’d be laughing my arse off. So thanks Wenger, you arrogant, deluded cunt you’ve turn Arsenal FC into a joke…

  31. chyke

    No disrespect, but i think your rant makes little sense. you just don’t lose it in one day. Wenger is a man with a plan. A manager the best clubs dream of having cant be without a plan. Dude we are not out of financial difficulties we need to get our deals done at the right price. It will take a bit of time, so take a chill pill. Its a bit extreme and wicked to rant on a man who has done a lot for the club, put his integrity on the line just for the club to do well. We all go on about Klopp and the rest but can they work under the tight financial constraints like Wenger has done since we moved? Its a common sense thing. Pedro you are an intelligent man, you know the time, you understand management apparently, you understand depreciation and all, but man calm down and look at things properly and rationally again from wenger’s point of view. You don’t take rash decisions like an idiot. Cheers

  32. Kiyoshi Ito

    Inter YourGranAugust 6, 2013 13:38:07

    Heckneyes, is too old so why have someone come in for 18mths – 2yrs max?
    & Wenger isn’t too old? Past it in so many ways..

    Heyneckes could be a temporary stop gap,until a younger manager like Klopp,or Guardiola,or someone of his ilk takes over..

    Are you telling me,you would pass over Heyneckes a 2 times CL winner with Real Madrid & Bayern, & stay with Arsene for another two years..?

    “Low, would he leave Germany? Has been successful with the rigors of club management?”

    Why not if he we offered him a decent project..He’s young(in managerial terms) & ambitious..He’s 53 years old..Do you think,he wants to be involved in international football,till he kicks the bucket..

    Of course he would leave Germany..
    What top manager,would not want to come too Arsenal..What young ambitious manager would not want to test himself in the EPL?

    The location,the fans,the facilities& no pressure to hit the ground running at Arsenal..

    & lets remember who was Arsene,before he came to Arsenal from Japan?

    “Capello, has just taken a new job and del bosque probably won’t leave spain.”

    How do you know if Bosque won’t leave Spain..?

    Have we tried..?No..& we won’t..

    From your answers,I gather that you are scared of ambition..

    Scared of life after Arsene…?

    Oh well,there’s not much I can say,other than the club have conditioned fans into believing that the club will crumble,if Arsene leaves..

    There are enough top managers out there..That can be headhunted..
    I’m tired of the same lame excuses,of who can we get, to take over from Arsene..

    It’s quite damning,if anything of the fans level of expectations& ambitions for the club..

    6 names I’ve listed& are you telling me,not one of them we can get..?

  33. Guninurback

    Inter YourGran
    August 6, 2013 13:40:19

    Okay I’ll quit intimating that you have certain AKB sympathies, ties and affiliations 😉

    But it still was an honest question that I’d like answered; Might it actually be better for us (the club as a whole) to risk the (as of yet) guaranteed safety of Wenger, for the uncertain ambition of someone new? The conservative standpoint would naturally be, no.

    But considering the amount of money and talent at his disposal, the sheer weight of his position, and the potential rejuvenation and invigoration this club may experience should all the fans that have been disenfranchised of the past decade return in droves. It certainly must be said that any new manager brought into this club, (assuming the AKB’s don’t throw a tantrum and start demanding Wenger back) is set to have the best potential start any new manager can be given. What he’d make of it from there is anyone’s guess but at least Kiyoishi and CA wouldn’t manage to call it ahead of time for a few years yet.

  34. The Hig


    I said Superstars leave the PL, not shite. Song was shite, Hleb was good for 1 or 2 seasons, no superstar, Henry was past it when he left but still did well for Barca, Cesc.. well he is doing well for Barca, just doesn’t play much. Read first before you post you mug. CR7, he was a Superstar that left the PL. Van Nistelrooy, he was a Superstar that left the Prem, Beckham, he wwas a superstar that left the Prem. Should I continue??

  35. Vish

    Sam sensible

    Just think he’d prefer managing a club where he can concentrate on football and not have to worry about taking on elements of accountability that should rest with the chairman, CEO and owner.

    Just don’t think its worth the stress. He’d be an idiot to come and manage us as I’m sure that they’ll be a lot of top club’s interested.

    Furthermore, its very unclear as to whether these future cash flow’s will ever be fully exploited for footballing objective. Don’t see the club giving him a great deal of money to invest. The only reason why they’ve given it to Wenger is because they know he won’t spend it.

  36. Mask of Zorro

    Rijkaar, yes he’s won the
    CL but his stocks fallen
    so low he manages in

    Wenger was at J A P A N when Arsenal signed him! He has not won the CL then and he still hasn’t won now!

  37. Inter YourGran

    Ito – you really need to learn to accept others opinions. Your rants are bordering on juvenile and coming on here is becoming a right fucking bore.

    Have we tried for these other manager? Of course not, we still have one, even though you can’t stand him.

    Am I scared of life after Arsene? No, I was a fan long before he came and will continue to be one long after he has left.

    Can we get those managers? Yes, we’re a fucking huge club with a lot of pride and tradition.

    Yes arsene came from Japan as you said but if we appointed dragan stojkovic, for example, you’d be going fucking mental saying wenger’s picked his own successor and the board are pussies..

    Trying to even have a basic dialogue with you winds me up. I’m done.

    laters grovers

    Guninurback – I answered you q in my last post

  38. DUIFG

    A lot of people here on the one hand are berating wenger for not spending but on the other have been brainwashed by him to think hat we don’t need another cb and we can do inonthe cheap by converting Sagna .

    News flash e was rank las year and will be this year. Yes he had Danny graham in his back pocket at Sunderland his year but so could my gran. We need a fully fledged cb not a prem shot rb trying out cb at 30 years of age. Same people piping this shout probably blame wenger as well for ‘wasting’ tv5 at cb when he is blatantly a dm in their eyes,haha.

  39. Samir


    Obviously that’s going to be the case with superstars.
    Superstars rarely leave the PL unless they are VERY special, and so, unlikely to flop (Where big money is involved)
    CR7, Beckham, Bale – They’d perform in any league.

  40. The Hig

    Exactly my point Samir. Good PL players can perform anywhere, thanks for proving my point. And just a couple of Superstars who came to EPL and were flops…Shevchenko, Veron, and if we going way back..Brolin is a classic example. Hell even Davor Sukur, was a great player but never really excelled in EPL.

  41. Samir

    Good players perform in the PL aswell. You’re just talking shit now.

    Cazorla, Mata, Hazard, Suarez.

    If a player is quality, they are quality. No matter what league they’re in.

  42. The Hig

    Lol. You just cannot accept it. I just gave you examples of superstars who never cut it in the Prem and of those who came from prem. I never ever said that all players from other leagues cannot perform in the Prem, cos thats what you are now suggesting. There were plenty of quality players who just couldn’t cut it in Prem. And they went elsewhere and were back to their best. Cmon mate. Admit it. lol.

  43. Samir


    So, you’d rather have Nani than Reus/Navas/Ribery?

    Because he’s from the EPL?

    Maybe we should buy Gareth Barry, Bent and Shawcross aswell?

  44. salparadisenyc

    Ideally Wenger awakes from his 7 year slumber and signs Suarez, Rooney and Fellaini a CB and GK.

    We’ll end up with this Columbian on trial, released Romanian striker from Shalke and I can only imagine to fill the hole at RB or CB. Our summer will equate to a surplus of £12 million in transfers for Gervinho, Bendtner and Mannone. £400k in recouped wages from our releasing the dross and contract run downs or buyouts which is wholly attributable to gross mis-management.

    WIthout replacing with fresh talent, were like a corporation stripping its assets and settling for mediocrity, the odd thing is we’ve everything in place to rule the next decade but are floundering with a boss whom lacks the confidence to modernize his dying model. The GM and his players see it, not to mention the rest of the footballing world. How can we possibly compete with teams like West Brom unafraid of the Emirates.

  45. The Hig

    Now u just being a sore loser. We cannot get those players you idiot. We looking at realistic targets. Some one mentioned Draxler, Ayew and Shaqiri and I said i’ll take Nani over them. Stop being a loser and just accept it. The EPL is tough and not all great players can make it there.

    Someone please try to explain to this nut in English, cos I must be speaking Swahili.

  46. Kiyoshi Ito


    I don’t know what is winding you up..
    You initially started off with who can we get to take over from Arsene..?

    I named 6 managers..You batted away everyone of them,bar Klopp..

    Said I was clutching at straws for naming Heyneckes &Co..

    Did not see,your list of names..?

    You then gave reasons,why they would not come,or why it would not happen..

    I gave you basic reasons,why it could & should happen,if we were serious & ambitious as a club..

    Then,you came round & now you’ve got the huff..

    You wind yourself up mate..
    As I said you are walking,talking contradiction..

    You are conflicted mate..

    Maybe you could don your Mr Wenger diamond encrusted hotpants to cool off,whilst reading Arsene Wenger’s book “The Professor”..
    Might need to turn on the disco lights in your room,to create a nice ambience..

    Hot stuff…
    Have a good day..

  47. bayo

    Wenger sold to us Project youth but when it failed, he changed it Project British Core to trap the English fans

  48. samsensible

    Inter, don’t bother. Honestly.

    right, i’m off round Klopp’s house to find out if there’s anything i can do to persuade him to come to Arsenal. I have a very open mind…

  49. LeMassiveCoq


    I wasn’t going to post anymore, but Mr. Wenger (Wonga, Wanker, Wankenstein, Wankstain etc….), you need my help, as you are clearly a clueless fuckwit.

    You need to sign at least 5 of these players to compete, preferably 8 of them

    Get it done.

    Begovic, Vorm, Cesar

    Hummels, Daniel De Rossi, Ashley Williams,

    Fabregas, Iker Munian, Di Maria, Modric, Fellaini, Pogba, Cabaye, Nani, Ben Arfa, Bernard

    Suarez, Lewandowski, Leandro Damaio, Adrian Lopez, Rooney, Torres, Bent (please no:)

    If youcan’t sign at least 2 or 3 of the above with £78 million quid, then you shouldn’t be doing what your doing. Period.

    That is all.

  50. salparadisenyc

    £7.5 M per year on a 4 year deal with a transfer budget of £100 M to start with, a modern stadium in London with a team rich in history?
    I don’t think the problem lies with finding the Klopp’s, Heynekes etc, the problem would be choosing which one you want, its a dream job and we’d have our pick of the litter.

  51. the mighty karim

    Grovers calling for Guardiola …

    Guardiola is as much a dictator as Wenger is
    Ask Etoo, Ibracadabra, Ronaldinho…

    He was inches away from having a fight with Klopp on his FIRST game Vs Borussia Dortmund.
    Do we need that sort of manager ?

    Last point
    I remember people suggesting that guy from Wigan
    I can already see the headline before Arsenal Vs Man U :

    Callum Vs Gollum

  52. Samir

    That’s why I suggested them because Nani is a unrealistic target!

    First of all United would never sell to us. (Only Silvestre type players)

    Secondly, he wants £130,000 a week.

  53. Reiss

    Were giving trials to players as if we are a league two club struggling for money. We have £100 million sitting in the bank and were doing fuck all with it what a complete and utter farce.

  54. the mighty karim

    @the hig
    Sheva would have been the best player of the decade, had he come earlier in his career

    @Le massive Coq
    De Rossi plays in the middle

  55. dialsquare


    Your choice of GK are rubbish, wouldn’t pick any of your DF.
    Only one MF is worthy of consideration and out of the Forwards only Suarez is the pick with Lewandowski a distance second.

  56. The Hig

    Samir, Nani is a realistic target. Why do u keep saying United won’t sell? Why wouldn’t they sell? If they need to free up some money to purchase players they will use then why not? And Wenger will pay him 130k. Lets just drop it, me and alot of other gooners on this site agree that Nani would be a good buy. That’s your opinion, shove it.

  57. sam


    its because he’s a relegation player, no one is in interested in that callum

    i remember this time last year Junior Hoilet was in their dream team ahead of walcott where the fuck is he now? relegated again, Lol!!
    bring on Shaqiri and Theomario will see hm off too

  58. LeMassiveCoq


    One for all, and all for one eh? Or, Fuck it, lets all go down together 🙂


    Fine, so based on who is available (or may be convinced to move), let’s hear your list. We know that Suarez and Lewandowski are on it.

  59. LeMassiveCoq

    @the mighty karim re:De Rossi,

    yes but he can play in defense, and with our threadbare squad, we are going to need that kind of versatility..

  60. DanC


    Handanovic is a top notch keeper and one that would be a massive improvement on what we have.

    The Bernard thing is a windup though, thought he’d signed for Shakhtar?!

  61. DanC

    It cant be anyone else surely…property prices on the rise so get in quick lads and don’t miss the remaining upside!!

  62. Brum Gooner

    The people that call Nani shit don’t know football!

    The reason Nani has had a poor season was because of injury and not signing a new deal.

    Fergie said last season that he was a special player..a match winner! Rooney was on the bench ..but .Nani started in their biggest game last season, hardly a flop!

    He scores outrageous goal, skill, pace, free kicks, Won everything at United!

    I like him because not only is he quality but he has an ego, a winners mentality! We lack egos at the club, ( apart from Wenger)

    He is in the same bracket as Rooney at United, quality player, who is disillutioned at United. He may Of Been inconsistent last season but he’s been here for 8 years and needs a new challenge.

    Only a couple of years ago he was a key player scoring in double figures in a team who won the premier league and got to the champions league final! Pundits were saying Nani could replace Ronaldo

    ….I’ll have that thanks instead of Gervinho any day!

    Arsenal over the years have been successful in taking under performing players and turning them into WC players

    Bergkamp, Pires and Cazorla all signed at 26 and im convinced Nani could have a similar impact.

    He would bring a new dimension to the flanks. With new additions we would look very strong.

    Our problem comes from predictable players positions in the formation, Saurez and Nani would add a bit of unpredictability to the line up.

    ————————————-Cesar/ Chezzar———————————–

    ——Sagna/Jenkinson—–Per/Williams——-Kos/ Verm—–Gibbo/Monreal

    ————– Fellaini/Arteta ————————Jack/Ramsey——–



    Flappy, Rosicky, Diaby, Podolski, Sonago, Gnabry, Zenelam

  63. salparadisenyc


    Begovic is hardly rubbish, Hummels starts with nearly any side in Europe.
    Ben Arfa out wide, Fellaini in the DM, with either Lewandowski or Suarez and I’d call that a very successful summer and Wenger would have a hard time getting in its way. He would and we’d probably win nothing but we’d be within 6 points.

    Set up very well for new manager which will never come, Wenger will be out there with a cane in 2025.

  64. DanC

    Just seen the picture. This could well be the wide playmaker fellas! Fuck Nani Vote Bernard! Nah in fact them both in! We’ve got room…

  65. Meditation

    Mate . I seen what you was going to do before you did it. Poisonous. Because people are telling you so your emotional response is to say they are akbs. The funny thing is im not and many others with balanced views think the same because they are not being emotional. You cant understand the fact that regardless of people and their reactions, they are all arsenal fans. Your negative. You create more pain for the fanbase. Honestly its ridiculous how ignorant you are and emotional and that you have a platform. Like i said yesterday either do it italian style and go to the training ground, fc united style or liverpool style and run these rouges out of town. Chatting shit on twitter and posting catty posts does nothing apart from fracture the fanbase more. Your no leader playing a leading role. Your showing yourself up plus your calling people bitchy for them showing you that your being bitchy. Classic. Them pink polar necks must be too tight mate.

  66. DUIFG

    Sam true with regards to hoilett, the fact he came into the farce that was the ape set up though may have something to say for his poor form. He may be going fairly cheap, not my first choice option though.

  67. DanC

    Dial you talk shit and you know the answer to that


    Ring any bells?

  68. The Hig

    Dial why don’t u shut up, cos clearly you on here to talk shit. We sharing opinions on the club we love and you just talking shit. U want to disagree with everybody. U stale buddy.

  69. bayo

    At this point, true Arsenal fans will know we are not going to sign ANY PLAYER EXCEPT PLAYERS FOR WENGERS PROJECT BRITISH CORE/YOUTH

  70. Meditation

    Its funny because you claim arsene does reactionary every summer but yet you do reactionary everyday. Just read the headings of your last 20 posts. Just read yourself and dont take my word for it. Myles palmer ? This is myles palmer blog? I see the negative what the club do but i also see what negative you do. Like i said you have jumped from john malkovichs mind to arsenes or myles palmer is phoning you from there. Cheers for the privy info.

  71. BillikenGooner


    Not that you would have access to them, but the people to ask would be in the scouting system.

    How much interaction are they having with Wenger?
    Is he giving them directives on certain players? (and I don’t even mean for who we might sign, just that he is keeping tabs or wanting to learn more about established players as opposed to purely youth prospects)
    Does he seem to have a plan?

  72. Ash79

    DanC – looks like a terrible X-factor “3 No’s” boyband.

    Only spurs put a bid in for him. Ladyarse twitter says he’s is passing through en route to the exotic Ukraine.

  73. DanC


    Its a no from me too, dont know what all that finger action is all about…fucking yoots! A nice homage to Louis Walsh though, jacking it in to boy bum full time didn’t think X factor was your bag!!

  74. AC Gooner

    “Any CEO in a FTSE 100 company would be held jointly accountable for ignoring such negligence. Grow a pair Gazidis and take control of this f*cked up situation!!”

    The problem, my friend, is that Arsenal is not a FTSE 100 company. They have broad bases of sharheholders who want success = profits = rising share prices. Mgmt will be fired if that does not hold true.

    Arsenal, on the other hand, is a toy of a rich man who likes to collect things. Collect them, improve their balance sheets, maximize cash flow, etc. His shares already HAVE GONE UP and he doesnt give a rat’s ass if the team perform. The cheaper the better for him.

    And Wenger is his wizard who whispered magic words into his ear. “I am the alchemist. I buy cheap League two boys, make them stars, get you into CL, get you 4th place cash trophy. The value of the club will go UP!

    And you never once have to reach into your pocket.”

    The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner we can start Operation “Sell Out”.

    Getting Stan to fuck off back to Colorado.

  75. Meditation

    What arsenal fan puts a picture of drogba waving and thinks that is going to get a positive response. That is something fans of other clubs would do. Its either pedro has no social skills ,is to emotional or does not understand psychology. . Or has an agenda. Either way he is doing nothing but fracturing an already fractured club. This may sound stupid but its akin to psychologically abusing his readers. Because they have an emotional connection to the club it digs deep. When your at a certain level and you deal with being a speaker and use a platform you have to exercise a responsible mindset and understand that every action causes a reaction .Dont be shocked that people have reacted

  76. arsenal-flavour

    i know im abit late on the nani convo

    but noooooo nani, extremely inconsistent never had a full good season under fergie can’t see him coming good under wenger the cclown

  77. goona

    I don’t know what all the panic is about! its obvious wenger is saving up for messi, unfortunately wenger is going to wait a decade and get him nice and cheap…..although he is likely to play him in goal.

  78. LeMassiveCoq

    dialsquare is tom’s (the Wilshere hater) alias.

    He just uses the moniker ‘dialsquare’ to slate players other than Wilshere.

  79. Brum Gooner


    Henry, Bergkamp , Viera were underachievers who developed into WC class players at the club.

    Previous players with potential who developed into WC players

    Cesc, RvP, Ashley Cole, Pires,

    Turned into international class players

    Nasri, Cesc, Adebayoor, clichy, Toure, Lauren, Song, Flamini, Hleb, Fred the head, Wiltord, sylvinho , Ox, Walcott, Kos, Wilshere, Sagna,

    You can’t possibly criticise Wenger on developing players!

    Saurez, Nani, Williams, Felliani would all improve under Wenger and Bould!

  80. gooner87

    Marica must be agent talk – he is trying to get a deal anywhere

    If we have genuine interest heads should roll

  81. Keyser

    Meditation – Mate, I pointed that out, years ago, wake up, that’s life, yeah many of the posters read like ironic parodies of themself, no wonder you get accusations of automation, but if real Pedro can’t help that.

    It’s a by product of first carving yourself a niche and then realising that the niche only goes soo far and the blog needs to accomodate the mainstream to grow to progress.

    Pedro writes a blog, you can choose to read it or ignore it based on the merits of it’s contents, others like to talk football within it’s confines, nothing comes for free.

  82. arsenal-flavour

    the hig

    mate do you actually watch man u games

    nani has about 1 good game out of 7 does a nice skill or goal that make match of the day

    for the other 6 games his complete shite, his game is littered with flaws, his selfish and holds onto the ball for to long he isn’t a team players and he tries to pull skills that full flat most of the time. His a showman but a champion not a chance.

  83. Mental Strength

    The biggest failure of Wenger’s career was not winning the Champions League, with the team he had 03-05.

    @Dialsquare Show me a better striker than Henry between 2002-2006.

  84. dialsquare

    Brum Gooner

    Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Fabregas, Van Persie, Pires, Nasri, Hleb, Silvinho had their quality developed before they came to Arsenal

    The rest of the players you mentioned are excrement

  85. arsenal-flavour

    shaquri pedro and tello all good winger

    , tello is almost as fast as walcott with far better balll control

    pedro is quality in general

    shaquri has acceleration strength (lil hulk) and very good technique and power