Arsene Wenger has taken a reactionary approach to the summer | Thank Drogba for saving us

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I'll thank you, but no hi five

Summer is dragging again everyone and today’s post isn’t all good news, but it’s not pitch up your tent outside The Emirates for a 30 day hunger strike time… yet. Some of you won’t like what I’ve got to write, but there you go…

The hold up with the summer is mostly down to the manager again. The reason things have gone quiet is because, in the main, Arsene doesn’t have a plan. The best news from this whole post is that Arsenal still firmly believe they can land Luis Suarez. That’s not a PR move, the club think once Suarez starts causing problems, Liverpool don’t really have an angle to work from. Liverpool feel betrayed by Suarez wanting to move, Suarez now feels betrayed that Liverpool have gone back on an agreement Damian Comolli insists was in place.

If Suarez rolls into Rodgers office and tells him he won’t bother his backside this season and that he won’t give Liverpool his all, they have little choice but to sell. I keep telling Livepool fans they’re not a big enough club to keep a star player if he wants out. They’re in debt, they have no other way of rustling up income this season. The only hope they’ve got is sheer bloody mindedness which will result in an ‘injury prone’ half baked season with a player worth half the value at the end.

… ala, Cesc Fabregas. Remember that?

As for the rest of our squad, things could happen, but the pace of the summer isn’t being dictated by Arsenal, it’s being dictated by Arsene and his micromanagement of the details. As usual. He doesn’t really have a plan. The best thing that could have happened at the weekend was a loss to Gala. The fans jeering apparently riled the manager. Hopefully that’ll spark him into recruiting.

It’s apparent he needs a right back, Jenks is a nice guy, but quite frankly, I can see him struggling this year… a move is even more important especially as Sagna moving over to centre back is a real possibility. We need Monreal like cover. Up front, no doubt we need a better striker than Giroud, he’s not going to cut it at the highest level. We desperately need a centre back and now Gervinho has left the building we need a proper wideman.

Probably the most obvious flaw in our squad is the lack of a defensive midfielder. We’re desperate there. Arteta doesn’t have the pace or the engine he once had. Still a useful player, but we need fresh legs, serious mobility and some much needed discipline. Our midfield three have looked far from dynamic so far…

With Europe bankrupt, there’s simply no excuse for our inaction. But if the manager isn’t putting names forward or being decisive, what can the club do. Dick Law, for all the nonsense he gets for being a terrible negotiator has done his job. We’ve near enough cleared all the dead wood. We’ve brought in 3300 new youth team players as well. Amazing eh, we’ve not made one first team purchase, yet we’re rolling in a Colombian kid for a trial.

Shows where Arsene’s priorities are.

Still, I guess the interesting twist on a potentially bad summer is this… Ivan Gazidis didn’t tell the world we were spending big on a whim. As I’ve said countless times before, he’ll be about longer than Arsene, by deceiving the fans, he destroys his future relationship with us. He’ll never recover that. I’m not talking about people like me either… blogs are quite a way down the pecking order, I’m talking about the big newspapers who will think he’s a laughing stock. If you destroy your relationship with the media, you don’t get kind coverage when things are going down the pan… and believe me, that’ll bother the hierarchy.

So if Arsene hangs Ivan and the board out to dry this summer, he’ll struggle with that new deal. You can’t screw someone and then head in to their office palms open and look for an extension. Which is why I’d still be staggered if Wenger tried to hang the board out to dry this summer… and believe me, he wants a new deal. He’s well into his sixties, a change of scenery is not what he’ll be looking for. He’ll never get so much power combined with so little accountability anywhere else on the planet. Not to mention there are only about 3 clubs on the planet who would pay him what we do.

His childish petulance when it comes to doing what’s right for the club is quite staggering. But herein lies the problem…

We have a manager with quite staggering amounts of power. This has been pointed out so many times before. Arsenal behind the scenes on the playing side are a shambles compared with other setups. Football is a young mans game nowadays. New managers, better ideas, more preparation and better set ups are popping up all over the place. Arsene Wenger simply isn’t the man he used to be, or, he’s the man he used to be and now we’re moving into a different era. I think it was Comolli again, who spoke on the radio some time ago and listed out how he approaches transfers with his managers. In February he’d sit down with the manager and ask him what he wanted player wise… then he’d ask for a list of options, you’d ask the  manager to grade the players 1-5. The best player money can buy right down to the bargain basement option. Then he’d sit down again at the start of the summer and go through through the list again and firm up names. Then he would go out and make the moves.

Now, you’d have thought Wenger was perfectly aware of where the gaps were last September. He should have had a list as long as his arm of players we could approach. Spain has shipped out 27 of its best players. Italy is skint bar one club these days. France is ripe for the picking outside two clubs. Holland is always game for a pillaging. There is absolutely no excuse. The board have armed him with the best part of £100m and he’s probably got about £400k a week in spare wages cash. Yet he’s made zero progress.

How can you have made zero progress in the summer of European turmoil!

It’s a f*cking shambles a week away from the start of the season. Spurs have bought well, Liverpool have added to a squad which, with a Suarez in it could be argued is as good as ours (I mean, if somehow he could be convinced of the error of his ways)… the manager is frittering the summer away like he always does. He’s not a confident man any more. He’s indecisive. He doesn’t know what he wants. Which is why we’re where we are. Which is why he’s so calm with where we are. What he fails to see is that scraping 4th every year is a massive, massive risk. Especially as every club is throwing money at making it past that position. If you gave £100m to Klopp, would we be in this position squad wise right now… or would there be a serious plan well under way?

We’re watching the dying days of a once great manager. Even if we bring in the right players, he’s still not good enough behind the scenes to make a sustained attack on the league. But at the very least we’d ensure that top four wasn’t a monumental challenge like it has been the last few summers.

This summer could all turn around, and I’d be surprised still if it didn’t, but the thing that saddens me is  that everything I’m hearing is that it’ll be reactionary, and it stacks up, no players in on August 6th and no noise. No noise in the modern game generally means nothing is going on… because secrets cost clubs cash.

Anyway, rant over. If there’s any comfort to be had, it’s in the fact that everyone at the club is staggered the manager hasn’t bolstered yet… and that everyone is desperate for him to do so. Ivan should take his list, buy the players and worry about egotistical man tears after… the manager should have no say over price.

There’s still time to go… remember this… Didier Drogba could have just saved our summer. In some sort of weird way, you might have to be thankful to him.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Ash

    Think this is pretty poor, pretty much based on no actual information, just speculation.

    Frankly i cant see us signing no one before the window closes, and as long as we sign them before the window closes we will be ok.

    It might be nervy but everyone is losing their heads.

  2. Thanos

    its true Didier has helped but I don’t trust wenger to make the right buys. he needs to go but its to late to sack him now. the season is upon us and it would be even worse looking for a manager now. they should have gone for Klopp or Laudrup as soon as the season finished.

  3. TheBlaster

    Much as I hate it, and hate the fact that it falls so late in the window, until we get through the Champions League qualifier, we aren’t signing any big players. It’s as simple as that. There will be no movement at all apart from no-names. Exactly the same situation as two years ago when we did all that 11th hour stuff. I just hope we have a better start to the season than we did then. In terms of having a happy transfer window, 4th place is only considered half-in the CL. Got to be third or better. If Suarez said he was moving to a CL team, joined, and we didn’t qualify, then he would look like a disloyal twat. If a currently CL player like Rooney joined prior to qualification and we failed he would be seen to be going down a grade. Much as we may be pulling our hair out and starting to chew our own legs off, we have to put our fingers in our ears and wait until it’s over. No fun, but there you go.

  4. Matt

    So we need a right back, a striker, a wide man and a centre back and all we’ve basically done nothing in however many weeks the window has been open. What are the chances we will do all of teh above in a week?

    Even with a manager who has a track record for makign signings you would say it was unlikley, with Wenger you would say a million to one!

  5. Gregg

    The point about being a laughing stock amongst the media, amongst other clubs and amongst players’ agents is something I’ve been saying for last 3 weeks. no-one will take us seriously and will not enter talks with us as we’d only be wasting their time, in their eyes.

    The situation is one of Arsenals own making; they’ve created the monster. quite simply he has had too much power for too long. prices etc should not be set by him. his ability to set prices and wage valuations are at best wholly questionable, hence the problems we have in releasing some of the shit like bendner.

  6. Munitionsman

    Remember before when they just went out and bought aa23 and then wenger destroyed his career just to prove a point. The board can’t just go and buy

  7. gilo

    The sad thing is that Drogba would do a very useful job for us – being, at 35, thrice the player that Giroud will ever be. Its a shame to see him wasted in the Chinese then Turkish leagues,

    If all this is true its all very depressing, and difficult to see how things will improve without getting much worse first.

  8. arsenal tom

    If Wenger was riled by the fans jeering then theres probably even less chance of him buying… Since when has he ever done what the fans want?

    A total embarrassment of a summer. Gazidis really has fucked himself here.

  9. Arsenalone

    Good post
    With all the players positions you mentioned above,does every one agree we need a leader(not sure JW) is ready yet,some balls,aggression,fight,a true leader,for the February cold nights away to Bradford or Blackburn !

    Like Adams or Viera

    We need a leader in the dressing room.

  10. Gregg

    It’s not all Wengers fault though. The team of Gazidas, Wenger & Llaw does not work, it isn’t cohesive. 2 seasons ago they said “never again” to the scattergun frenzy and farce that was the recruitment at the end of that transfer window. Here we are again, same negotiating group, same situation. They’re all as guilty and culpable as each other in my opinion.

  11. azed

    arsenal tomAugust 6, 2013 09:50:17
    If Wenger was riled by the fans jeering then theres probably even less chance of him buying… Since when has he ever done what the fans want?

    Agree with this statement. If Wenger was riled by the jeers then you know he’d be all out to show us who is boss.

    Wenger out

  12. samsensible

    I’m not sure what i want to be true: Arsene has money and is holding us back because he is an idiot or the money isn’t as available as Gazidis makes out.

    *mopes some more*

  13. hughie

    It says a lot that the manager won’t buy until we lose a game like that, when everyone else and their gran can see how thread bare we are. I would have sacked him after the Man-ure drubbing. Go away Wenger, just go.

  14. Bade

    Good read Pedro, but sadly so so predictable

    Arsene has lost the plot will be soon a consensus in the ground & make no mistake, many will abandon the AKB bandwagon & jeers & boos will be the order of the day at every ho,e game we don’t score in the 1st half, not to mention if we concede

    I fell sorry for the players whom I suspect won’t play for the manager either

    Arsene is a stupid man & he already ruined this coming season before it even started

    Bringing in the right players right now won’t be enough anyway. This is a definite recipe to unsettle the squad & the side & by the time we’re settled we’ll be miles off the contending pack

    The teams below us has strengthened much better than us

    Really the only consolation in all this mess, is the hope that Arsene won’t get the deal he so much wants

    I guess than even if the club thinks by some sadist way to tolerate Arsene shambolics, the jeers boos & empty seats with force them otherwise

    Arsene is the stupid man that will fall in his sword, trying to persuade us all he has principles. But come on Arsene, we’re not stupid to think a man hoovering 7m a year has any principles other than money

    What a sore man you’ve become

  15. Shubham

    Arsenal will struggle big time this season if it doesn’t bring in covers for positions like CB, DM and Striker. I feel, the team needs an attacking mid fielder even. The team struggles to break down oppositions far too often. The OX is not an option. He might be come good later, but at the present moment he is far away from being a starter and needs substantial development. Seeing how things have panned out in the summer, Wenger seems in his last lap. Don’t think, he deserves an extension.

  16. Alfraydo

    Anybody else notice a lot more empty seats last season? I travel a lot and can’t always use my season ticket – last season it was impossible to sell through the club’s exchange system except the big games. I reckon only twice out of 8 attempts was I able to sell my season ticket. Rewind a few years and people would tear your arm off for a chance to see Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp, Pires etc… Trouble is most of the empty seats are paid in advance season ticket holders like me so it doesn’t hit the club financially if we can’t go.

    The summer is not over but we are 5 players away from challenging – no way we will sign 5 top players 🙁

    Dick Law = Dickless

  17. SidBish

    Think TheBlaster may have called it right – and that we won’t be able to get the new players in til we’ve qualified for the CL proper ….

  18. arsenal tom

    Tim Payton on twitter reckoning big bids went in late July and our net spend will be 50m…

    That pretty much means Suarez for 40-45m and then one more 10-15m player with the change and Gerv and Mannone money.

    Still not good enough for the league but should mean another season of 4th place at least.

  19. B

    Seriously good post Pedro!!

    I think everybody would agree kicking Wenger out now (although in some ways appealing) would not benefit the club, as we would not have the time to replace him and get new players in by transfer window close. The “ideal” solution is some kind of transition, whereby it is clear from the start this will be his last year, and we can start appointing a new manager early. Where I worry:

    1) the scenario of Wenger leaving next year can only happen if we don’t sign anyone now, but this could mean falling outside top 4 this year, can we afford this?
    2) if he does sign say Suarez, does this give Stan/Ivan enough reason to NOT give him a new contract? Probably not, so then we’re stuck with him another three years.

    It is really hard to envision a realistic scenario in which Wenger leaves next year (which I believe is just essential for us to modernize our ways) and we still save this season somehow…

  20. Afc53

    Sad thing is while Wenger remains are we going to lose the likes of Jack who could be future England captain through the lack of success.

    We should have moved on klopp or laudrup as soon as may had gone.

    FFS does he care that little for the fans who idolise this club.

  21. sylvain

    “Didier Drogba could have just saved our summer.”

    4 goals at least would have been necessary to save our summer.

  22. vicky


    Mate, you are clutching at straws really.

    If there was ever a case of Wenger being apprehensive about his chances of landing a new deal,he would have landed at least a couple of decent players by now.

    You yourself say he is the most powerful man in the world of Arsenal. Why the heck would he be at anyone’s mercy ?? He will sign a new contract whenever he wants. He is that powerful.

    I guess he is hoping that Suarez will throw a few tantrums and then we can have him for 40m. That is fine by me.

    But what about other signings ?? Surely signing a DM,a CB and a GK was not that tough. The reality is he does not want to put himself under any pressure by buying top players. He loves the status quo.

    He probably thinks Bale will leave Spurs and that will mean that the 4th position is ours for the taking (at least in Wenger’s mind). Why sign players ??

    We have a week to go before the season starts and the idiot is busy giving trials to Arabian kids. What a f*cker.

  23. gilo


    When you say Dick Law has done his job because we’ve got rid of the deadwood – is that strictly true? Is it Dick’s job to sign the form releasing players on a free transfer? what ‘negotiation’ is involved in this. I ask, not to needle you, but because I genuniely don’t know.

  24. samsensible

    Gregg, If Wenger had wanted to spend loads of money over the last 4-5 years Stan would not have stood for it; he bought Arsenal because he didn’t think he’d need to invest a dime,

    “We don’t buy stars we make them….then sell them for massive profits once they’re over the hill” became “We don’t buy stars we make them…then sell them when they are at the peak of their powers for massive profits”

    That trend seemed to start not long after Stan cam in…

  25. Rich

    There’s no way we’re planning an assault on four trophy’s with 18outfield players, plus the likes of Gnabry, Akpom,Myiachi ect
    Relax, take a chill pill

  26. Arsenal2174

    Let’s just say for instance that Wenger Bought Suarez, Fellaini (Gustavo) Williams etc . What’s the point he’d only play them out of position or play them into the ground, and towards the end of the season when we are fighting for 4th spot they would be fucked the man’s lost it. Such a shame.

  27. Matt

    I think whilst most on here would agree how shambolic this is, I dont think this goes for the wider audience of Arsenal fans, who I think baffilingly still support this nut job of a manager!!

    If you only visit this blog, I think you get a skewed view of Arsenals fans opinions of Wenger!

  28. Gregg

    Arsenal Tom
    Tim Payton loves moving the goalposts doesn’t he.
    No way will that be enough for 4th place. and that also makes a mockery of gazidas boast of financial muscle.

  29. Wallace

    the market’s only gone crazy for strikers. lots of other very good players have been moving for sensible amounts. so i can understand why Suarez is taking so long, but not why we haven’t added in other areas.

  30. The Hig

    Thanks Gregg, saw a article on The Week saying tha Wenger is willing to pay 9M for his services, dunno how much truth there is in that but I think he is just waht we need on the left to interchange with Cazorla.

  31. Ash79

    chaps, marquee signings aside – can Wenger manage them to deliver?

    Get the Kloppster in – will be the best signing ever

  32. arsene nose

    best post i have read this summer, totally sums it up, no plan… now hear this: my mate bumped into kroenke in a bar in mayfair on saturday, he remonstrated with him about not winning trophies he said… so this is from the HORSES MOUTH: arsene runs the club, he has all the money he needs, he always has had!!! so there you have it, not gossip, not newspaper bollocks, not opinion, this is the facts from the owner, the owner of course is a total waste of space cunt for having only one plan which is to do nothing whatsoever, but your post is fact, arsene runs the club, he has the money, but its clear he has no clue what he is doing apart from trying to show everyone how clever he is buy his statement ‘we dont buy stars we make them’ ie he makes them, so arsenal fc is just an experiment for him now, as he won the league unbeaten he has no passion for winning anymore, just his expermiment and with kronky & ivan the useless we have decades of this shit ahead… ugh!!!!

  33. DanielSlug

    I’m past caring on the transfer front. If we sign players, good, if we don’t, i’ve got bigger things in life to worry about.
    It’s been obvious for years that our main problem Wenger being in charge of pretty much everything that goes on at Arsenal. He’s surrounded by spinless wankers

  34. N4

    Best post / blog / article I’ve read all summer, hits the nail right on the head.

    I’ve said for 5 years Arsenal will not win another trophy while Wenger is in charge, on this occasion I hate being proved right.

    This MUST be his last season, surely Stan / Ivan must realise that keeping Wenger will result in longer term damage for their investment (they couldn’t give a fuck about trophies winning BUT they do care about money).

    Tap up Klopp get him in for next year and give him 6 months to pre-plan his purchases then let him spend the so-called warchest.

  35. Doublegooner


    Why not drop Ivan this email like we did. We’ve had a reply that Ivan will also reply and we’ve also found out that the Director of Communications is on the case.

    If you want the email address contact noconfidencein

    Dear Mr Gazidis
    We are a group of long term season ticket holders, termed ‘home & away diehard’ fans spanning over different age groups who are not happy and very concerned at what appears to be the lack of direction regarding the playing staff emanating from the club and with just over two weeks before the season begins, yet are hoping for significant, experienced signings as promised by the end of this transfer window if we are to mount a serious title challenge as a club of our standing should now be doing as opposed to just making the top four position a priority which in our opinion is not guaranteed.
    It comes to our attention that this may now not happen due to some differences relating to players transfer values between the off & on field management.
    Should our manager Arsene Wenger choose not to improve our squad with these types of players then we cannot support him any longer. Should it transpire that the manager selected these types of players & you, your management team & the majority shareholder Mr Kroenke, as a collective were unable to deliver then again we would lose all creditability in the club’s off and on field management.
    I’m sure you are aware there are many other fans on various blogs & social media sites who share the same feelings.
    Our guess is your current and any potential sponsors would equally not find this an attractive proposition knowing that the paying fans in the UK and those globally are growing exceptionally restless. At present we as a group certainly do not feel any inclination to buy any sponsors products or services.
    The club’s accounts show a very healthy cash balance. We believe you recently quoted the following;
    ‘This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time, which is the escalation in our financial firepower,’ said Gazidis.
    ‘I’m talking about an extra £70million of additional, high-margin revenue which we will be able to use.
    ‘We have a certain amount which we’ve held in reserve and we also have new revenue streams coming on board. All of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you “
    Excite us, if not, perhaps you could offer every season ticket holder a goodwill gesture credit of £500.00 in lieu of the expectation which we believe would not make too much of a dent in the overall finances after offsetting the savings of the departing squad members.
    We welcome any response you care to offer to placate our serious concerns.

  36. samsensible

    gilo….i reckon Fellaini is wanted but is probably asking for massive wages at this stage of negotiations. He’ll surely move towards the end of the transfer window.

  37. Rich

    Pedro how do you know the hold up with transfers is all down to Arsene?
    You’re guessing?
    Generally you seem to have a much more balanced perspective these days
    Pls stop trying to pass you’re theories and beliefs off as fact though.
    Because let’s face it Arsenal dont release any details they don’t want too and are generally v secretive.
    And I refuse to believe Arsenal has several or one giant mole who runs around leaking crap to daily bloggers

  38. Vintage Gun

    Cracking post Pedro but also wounding at the same time. Whats angered me the most is that After the Newcastle game (Despite finishing 4th) morale was very high and the club and fans were on a high. A big early signing in june/early July would have carried on momentum and the feel good factor.

    Wenger chose not to and its the not knowing thats killing me

    1) Are we gonna sign anyone of note?
    2) Is Wenger ill?
    3)Are we still a big club?
    4)Should i even be arsed anymore?

    Sometimes you gotta spend a pound to make 200 pennys in the long run

  39. Arsenal2174

    Fellaini Suarez Cesar and Williams I would be happy with that still not capable of challenging for the title maybe win the FA cup but that team would get 4th spot comfortably I think and then get rid of Wenger or take all player negotiating of the man’s hands. But he needs to go.

  40. The Hig

    Sylvain, perhaps he would. But I think he is interested in moving to Arsenal and IF we go in for him he’ll choose us. I think he wants a change and going to play for Moyes again is not. But we’ll see, I hope he joins.

  41. Vish

    I’m surprised that people don’t think we need a top quality wide man, even if we purchase Suarez. Theo does compliment him well, but I don’t think Theo is good enough to start every type of game. I.e. When teams’ defend deep,which will happen a lot this season, he’s absolutely uselessness. A poor first touch combined with no upper body strength leads to him being dispossessed time after time. He can be handy with his finishing from time to time but he should be deployed as an impact player coming of the bench. How can he the best set piece taker at the club?

    Podolski is not a wide man! Again, a handy squad player to have around, but i don’t see too many opposing full backs being too worried about coming up against him.

    I agree with Pedro assertions that we definitely need a proper wideman. But as the club’s two top earners i seriously doubt that either of them will be benched. We’ll just have to prepare ourselves for more games like Norwich away (last season) where we failed to threaten til the 89th minute. Let’s be serious, Nobody’s going to fear our front three, even if we do get Suarez.

  42. samsensible

    Vish, Cazorla can do a good job out there…but that means we need a proper central AM. POint is, there are a couple of solutions that we don’t seem to want to expore.

    My guess is the plan for next season is Jack playing behind the striker with Cazorla on the left/right depending on who is playing on the opposite flank out of Theo/Pod/Ox.

    Can’t see us buying Suarez AND an expensive AM now….

  43. The Hig

    Vish, Nani has been rumoured which I think is as good a wideman we’ll be able to get for the price we wanna pay. Plus getting a United player reaching his prime would be great especially if Wenger turns him into the Ronaldo he always wanted to be. lol.

  44. Scravaldio

    This is a pretty depressing post but at least this cloud does have a silver lining. Ivan has positioned himself and the board very clearly with the fans.
    He has stated clearly there is money to spend and that the board are telling AW to spend it. If he doesn’t then we know who to blame.
    If AW continues to think he knows everything and he doesn’t get the players we need then he is gone.
    Its actually good this summer might be one of the most frustrating and disapointing summer yet under this dictator but at least if he doesn’t do what we want there is a premise to get rid of him.
    So the real question should be who we want as a new manager?
    I agree with Pedro that Klopp is the clear favourite and anyone else would be pretty much a disappontment.
    I am actually really pleased with Ivan as he has positioned himself and the club firmly in the spend now camp and this can only serve to get the fans what we want.
    If AW thinks that he only has to keep the owner happy and he can do what he likes then he is sorely mistaken.
    The real power as always is with the fans and if enough of the people actually in the stadium on match day make it 100% clear that this is his last chance to spend or go, you watch him spend.
    Great post Pedro when you think about it, its actually quite positive we either get the players we really need or he goes, either way I am happy. 🙂

  45. d

    Stan doesn,t have the money or inclination to spend his own money and as long as he owns the club this will be the policy he is in the same situation as the previous owners y they did this to supporters instead of sell to Usminov is criminal

  46. samsensible


    If there is still a difference of opinion between LFC and us on this Suarez £40m + £1.00 clause who do you think is saying “let’s wait this one out”?

    Wenger or Stan/Ivan?

    Does anyone think Ivan is saying “Arsene, let’s get him in for £50m!”

  47. sylvain

    So sad to come to hate a man who have done so much for our club in the past…
    And somehow it’s really sad to see him totally drown in his pride.

  48. Gregg

    I think Sagna could develop into the CB role. It just means we need a RB because Jenkinson, though I can’t fault his effort, is simply not good enough. Now the young lad at Villa, Lowton, he has the potential to be an excellent attacking Fullback.

  49. Adam A Carbarundum

    This is Arsenal. There clearly are not enough supporters that care enough to affect change, so…you get the team you deserve. To that end, look at yourselves in the mirror. You created the monster, now live with it. You know the solution, but do you all care enough? Enjoy this season, the one of your making.

    I’m done!

  50. samuel though

    wenger out!!! the man is killing this football club. He’s so nonchalant, it’s literally like he’s been replaced been anally infiltrated by an evil capitalist reptile puppet master.

    to what depths will we have to sink before we bother to rise up?! arsenal football club is a metaphor for society.

    wenger has utterly tarnished his legacy for me. I cannot wait to see the back of him. I’d take Ian Dowie right now just to not see wenger’s lying mug spout seemingly disinterested bollocks

  51. zico59

    there’s nothing to add to that piece mate, you got it absolutely spot on! i must say though, in my opinion, if usmanov was in charge, backed up by david dein, we would’nt be in this position, as the one person wenger did listen to was david dein, and as you would know, dein was quite possibly the best negotiator around, who had the respect of everyone in football. how i do miss david dein at our club…he was the man!!!

  52. ughelligooner

    if we are spending 50m as net spend how is that wengers fault? From where i see it wenger wants suarez in first then he can get the rest players with the remaining change. Pedro 100m? They where going to spend a 100m this season and yet they sold RVP last year? I think they are looking for a scape goat and foolish wenger readily accepts it.

  53. gilo

    People who think that when Wenger finally leaves/moves upstairs/is fired/dies etc that Klopp will walk seemlessly through the door to replace him have a nasty shock coming.

  54. Kiyoshi Ito

    The HigAugust 6, 2013 10:34:22
    Vish, Nani has been rumoured which I think is as good a wideman we’ll be able to get for the price we wanna pay. Plus getting a United player reaching his prime would be great especially if Wenger turns him into the Ronaldo he always wanted to be. lol.

    We were linked with Nani,in the Jan 2013 Transfer Window..

    Some people said,it was a nailed on certainty..

    Spotted at the Emirates..
    Look how that turned out..

    No movement until after the CL Qualifier,then Arsene will decide the bare minimum..Fill the squad with cheap fillers..

    Remember Arsene’s comments on Sunday..

    “We will try to be clever in the transfer market & there is still 28 days left”

    From that I read,I’ll see what players are remaining & try to see if I can find a Carzola type player,at an incredible knockdown/bargain basement fee..

    & everyone will herald me as “The Wizard Of The Emirates..”

    Crisis..!!What Crisis!!!

  55. Danish Gooner

    We seriously dropped the ball but not so much on transfers.This shold have been the summer of a new vibrant manager and not the same stale old fart.It would have been perfect for a new manager with a warchest at his dispoasal he could get of at a good start…..but hey this is Arsenal.

  56. MarsBar

    Bore off. If Wenger went now it would be a good thing. Bollocks would take time and unsettle the team by him going or being sacked. He’s been unsettling the team and club for years!

    Let Bould in at the helm and then go grab Bergkamp or offer Henry a coaching role when or soon he retires. Freshen things up!

    And don’t tell me about too much change or too risky. Staying with Wenger is risky! No different us challenging for 4th with him in charge or Bould or anyone else for that matter being in charge! It’s been like that for the last 3/4 seasons FFs.


  57. Gregg

    Not sure about the Davis Dein love in. He was still at the club when the deception of the fans first kicked in. He sold Vieira and tried to cusion the blow by saying how we were going to replace him with the beast of Seville, Julio Baptista. When in fact he knew that A) He didn’t have work permit and B) Baptista made it clear he only wanted to go to Real Madrid. From that summer on we’ve followed that same model. Sell top player and replace with inadequate replacement, if replacement at all. Dein was very much at the forefront of that process.

  58. Vish

    think carzola’s amazing close control and his ability to retain the ball would be wasted out wide. For me he’s one of the best Central Midfielders in the Prem, and undoubtly our best player-we need to play this guy in his preferred position. Furthermore, we’d have a similar problem out wide as we currently do -lack of pace.

    The Hig
    Nani isn’t a bad player. Certainly better then we what we have. My worries would lie with having two hot & cold players occupying the wide positions (other being Walcott). Not too many games where you can get away with both of your wide men having a poor day. Think Navas would have been perfect.

  59. Lew Pritch

    I went to watch the game on Sunday and if that wasn’t a wake up call for Wenger I don’t know what is.

    Jenkinson played awful and was out of position every time the ball was lumped forward. I can’t even see the potential in him, he’s a clumsey defender and can’t cross when going forward. Walcott and Ramsey were also average, as they always are – no where near title challenging players. The only positive was Sagna and Mertesacker looked impressive at CB, and The Ox’s attitude combined with his potential for incredible ability is exciting.

    As for signings I have absolutely no faith that anyone of any significance will be brought in and that’ll be all down to Wenger. Even if we get Suarez, he alone won’t be enough to break the top 3. We need a winger, a DM, a CB, a RB and a back-up GK, all in a week or so before the season starts? No chance.

  60. Gregg

    Agree with everything you say about cazorla.

    Nani I think would have a new lease of life at Arsenal. hasn’t got to follow Ronaldo’s footsteps and the pressure that that brought, only has Gervhino’s and Arshavins to fill. It’s the thought of that counter attacking pace that excites me aswell.

  61. Kiyoshi Ito

    samsensibleAugust 6, 2013 10:40:09
    QUESTION FOR ALL GROVERS:If there is still a difference of opinion between LFC and us on this Suarez £40m + £1.00 clause
    who do you think is saying “let’s wait this one out”?Wenger or Stan/Ivan?


    Arsene for sure…

    He is hoping if anything to get him for £20-£25 million..So he can be heralded,as a smart cookie..

    He does not really want Suarez..He clearly has not strengthened in other areas..

    So what is his problem with Suarez..?

    Would not seal the deal with Jovetic.

    Would not seal the deal with Bender.

    Would not seal the deal with Higuain..

    Would not seal the deal with Fellaini

    Or apparently with Rooney..?

    All below,or marginally below Suarez’s asking price..

    If Wenger was serious,he would have stepped in by now & stamped his authority..

    Well he has,thumbed his nose at all the above..

    Busy praising Sanogo,as the next best thing..

    Suarez is not happening…!!

  62. Pedro

    Guys and gals… today’s post wasn’t based on speculation.

    It was based on a convo I had last night…

    Arsene may still pull moves… but the reason we haven’t landed anyone is because of him again.

  63. samsensible

    Vish, Cazorla would do the Pires role – wide playmaker. Pace would be on the other flank.

    not saying it’s ideal but it’s not bad. If we are going to spend 80% of our budget on Suarez we have to be realistic in our expectations for the rest of the squad: we will probably only “have” (ie designated to spend) enough to buy 2 fairly cheap players. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Ginter rumours are true, the figures being touted are about what you’d expect if the Suarez deal is on the cards.

  64. Gregg

    Interesting then, if that’s the case Pedro, that Arsene’s little general Arteta has spoken up on Arsene’s behalf again. Are you saying that there is a real and possibly damaging power struggle going on ?

  65. craigy

    pedro… great post m8, bang on! im so glad we put in a pitiful display at the emirates cup, makes me sick how our manager only seems to buy off of bad results, thats terrible management, i just cant get over how deluded wenger has become, and im sick to fucking death every summer being left disappointed, especially when other teams like the spuds are working hard to improve, how can our manager come out every season haven’t spent, and still insist his team can win the league, the man is off his head, he broke the invincible ‘s squad up way too early, a squad ten times better than we have now, and yet with the current squad he just fails to ad. i love this club but its so difficult supporting a club, when u have a man in charge almost intent in ruining it, still fingers crossed the mad man can sign some quality before the rest get em all,

  66. MarsBar

    Pedro if that is fact. And is in the open then he must be made accountable for this. If the BoD is split then obviously it must wanky toupee wearer keeping Wenger in a job.

    He will kill this club before he leaves. We need to get him out!

  67. Emiratesstroller

    I agree with most of post.

    The hard facts are that Liverpool have to sell Suarez in this transfer window.
    Holding onto a disaffected player is unrealistic. For all rhetoric coming out of
    Liverpool and Rodgers mouth they will not make final decision. Fenway Sports and investors will make that decision and will sell for highest price they can achieve.

    At the moment that offer is from Arsenal. What Liverpool supporters confuse when looking at Bale offer is that Real Madrid will want to pay on instalment
    plan over several years and Spanish Clubs do not have a great record of paying
    these on time and in manner prescribed.

    Wenger has to buy players in this transfer window whatever his personal opinions are. Another season with limited investment and no trophies will
    certainly end his career with or without a new contract.

    It is not just supporters who will be dissatisfied but current and potential new
    sponsors as well. These people if paying top dollar want to be associated with
    success and ambition and not fourth place.

    The results in Emirates Cup were irrelevant, but they highlighted that our
    squad is now wafer thin and that there are a number of players not good
    enough to play at highest level. Personally I don’t believe that Miquel or
    Jenkinson are good enough and there must be concerns also about the
    way Podolski played as well.

    Also I don’t believe that any of the youngsters eg Gnabry, Zelalem and Akpom
    are ready yet to be registered members of squad. You can play them in League
    Cup, but that is it.

    What I find disturbing is that Wenger has not shown any interest in buying
    players in positions apart from Striker. Surely there is budget to spend elsewhere as well and I would have thought much easier to conclude deals than
    in case of Suarez.

    Wenger’s first test will be to qualify for Champions League. If that does not
    happen I think that the Board will need to offload him. Getting him to sign
    new contract in those circumstances would be foolhardy.

  68. DUIFG

    Missed the emirates cup thank Christ. How bad did we actually look? Who played in the mid? I assume spanking Indonesian all starts was not good prep for a real test,haha. Giroud ripping Indonesians a new one, he will come good this year. LOL.

  69. Jim Lahey

    Arsene Wenger is The Simpsons.

    Started off amazing, people still talk about his early work and relive the glory, but now its stale, a shadow of its former self, just like The Simpsons.

    And just like The Simpsons its not artistic merit or excellence that continues to them on. Its finance. The Simpsons is no longer funny but makes a shit tonne of money why would it stop?? Same with Wenger, he makes a shit tonne of money, not just for himself but for the club too, why would he stop?

    But well passed their prime, living on former glories for financial gain.

  70. Josip Skoblar

    1) You forgot a GK, we also need a new GK.
    2) Comoli may be more proactive on the market, but I don’t rate the football man. I met him a few times when he was in London: very smug.

  71. Ash79

    think about it lads… clearly Arsene has been pressured to signa big name striker (higuain an dnow suarez), other than no other positions being looked at.

    Conclusion: Arsene was happy to do no business and go into the new season with a new squad with some youth team promotions – Gnabry, Zelalem and Akpom.

  72. DanC

    August 6, 2013 11:01:10

    ‘think carzola’s amazing close control and his ability to retain the ball would be wasted out wide. For me he’s one of the best Central Midfielders in the Prem, and undoubtly our best player-we need to play this guy in his preferred position.’

    Didn’t work out so badly with Bobby Pires did it? Wide playmakers that like to drift in, not necessarily the quickest but the movement they have and create make up for that. Depending on the signing we make it could be a moot point.

    I would of imagined we would be after a AM but with reports of Nani…we need to be getting a Nani in. With a run of games he could be extremely dangerous as he does have real quality when on his game.

  73. Ash79

    Conclusion: Arsene was happy to do no business and go into the new season with a new squad with some youth team promotions – Gnabry, Zelalem and Akpom.

    typo – should say SAME SQUAD

  74. The Hig

    Vish, I don’t think Nani will be cold at Arsenal. He’ll be first choice on the left game in game out and will be an important part of the team, hence his confidence will rise and he will play better. When Nani was a regular at United he was a nightmare for defences (Especially ours). It’s because when Young came he got shunned. And Young is shyt.

  75. Crusaderrabbit

    Great post and pretty much spot on with what information I’ve been hearing over the summer. Wenger is the problem very much as per Myles Palmers article the other day. It’s Occam’s razor – the simplest answer is the correct one.

    Of course AKB’s won’t want to believe that but think about it – Wenger’s the one who takes the abuse in the stadium and in the press. If the way our club and team is run is not down to him then why doesn’t he call out those responsible. Other managers would and if he did the fans would instantly be on his side – but he’s never once articulated the restrictions placed on him by others has he. The fact that he doesn’t means one of two things – he’s either more loyal to his own wages and paymasters than to his team and the club, or it is actually his fault?

    Either way he needs to go

  76. Dream10


    I agree. If Walcott did not sign a new contract, Arsene would probably made Gnabry the starter on the right wing. No hesistation

  77. samsensible

    Pedro, did your source say that Wenger is blocking moves and suggestions or that he is dithering?

    Quite an important distinction: is he being a road block by choice (ie he believes we don’t need people) or through indecisiveness and timidity?

  78. The Hig

    NANI, We need NANI. He will improve our squad. He’s still young with loads of Chamionship winning experience.

  79. Josip Skoblar

    We all agree that Wenger is a very powerful man at Arsenal but you have to ask yourself: why is he so powerful? What people tend to overlook is that he’s just a club employee, not the owner. So at the very least there is one guy who is very happy with Wenger’s performance in general and as long as he remains happy, we’ll have more of the same. If the Board wasn’t infatuated with Wenger’s management and personality, he’d have been sacked years ago. So we’ve got a Board problem on our hands.

  80. DanC


    Good point about Podolski in the Gala game I know he only got 10-15mins but I dont think he even touched the ball.

    He’ll be useful this season but needs to be a lot better than on Sunday.


    A bit of a Bobby P love in going on!

  81. gilo

    Nani would be an upgrade on Gervinho without doubt and I’d welcome him. However Fellaini would be far more important to us. At this stage I’d take Nani Fellaini and Williams and not Suarez over just signing Suarez.

  82. Jim Lahey

    I personally think Cazorla should play as a number 10. His vision for a pass is second to none in our squad, he is a puppet master. In that role he can be a central play maker he can receive the ball from anyone on the pitch and more importantly he can pass the ball to anyone on the pitch, I feel he is a waste on the wing (and I know that stats say different, but fuck the stats, i’m tired of stats).

    I feel Wenger will play him on the wing this year to facilitate Arron Ramsey, it will be Ramsey and Arteta CM and Wilshere (if fit) playing ahead of them. This will be another example of Arsene weakening the team for his own personal reasons.

  83. arsenal tom

    gregg… bit late to reply but your spot on about Payton. 50m net is nothing considering 80% of it will be on one player and we need 5!

    looks like he’s been had by the Gazidis Wenger double team as well.

  84. DanC


    Chill your boots kid. Nani like a lot of others would love to play for the arsenal make no mistake. We’re still a big deal. Only by the skin of our teeth but we still are

  85. Gregg

    Well the fact of the matter is this.
    Football 2013 is multi-million pound business. You cannot have someone that dithers or is indecisive at the helm. If the board truly believe this is the case then they will never reach their holy grail of being the next Bayern Munich. So surely there will be no new contract for wenger. If Pedro’s source is correct then what they’re are saying is they clearly don’t believe he is the man to take us forward. If the contract offer is real and Wenger signs, then you’d have to conclude that Pedro’s source is misleading.

  86. Reiss

    What is Wenger’s obsession with Ramsey he has developed into a good player but as a starter for a team trying to win the Premiership or Champions League no.

  87. arsenal-flavour


    “Anyway, rant over. If there’s any comfort to be had, it’s in the fact that everyone at the club is staggered the manager hasn’t bolstered yet… and that everyone is desperate for him to do so. ”

    I was thinking if this is the case why don’t the board force his hand? or just cut him out of the process and someone else on the club takes on the responsibility of identifying targets and signingm the. I mean if they did sign some one wenger is hardly going to resign in protest his desperate to keep this gig.

    Or is it that the board simply don’t have enough football knowledge to feel comfortable chasing there own targets and perhaps don’t want that responsibility in case they buy a player that costs allot and flops hard or wenger in spite full mood chooses not to play him/them.

    Either way we need a director of football like most big clubs.

  88. UGooner

    We all want players. Shiny, expect the best players.

    But I don’t understand why many continue to bash the ones we have even in pre season. By the looks of things, they may be all you’ve got. They’ve been in good form so far and well, they are not even responsible for signings or blocking them for that matter.

    That’s why I like Ramsey and even Giroud… Again… Y’all keep hating, they just keep getting better!

  89. DanC


    If Nani or another top winger comes in Cazorla will be our no10 make no mistake.

    Still think he would go Arteta, Jack, Caz as his 3 though. Bring in Fellani and that would be something we desperately need but the difference that wold make to the squad already would be massive. Noone getting overplayed and players that come in more than capable. A good mix of pace, power, creatiivity

  90. Paulinho

    Well you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see how this summer was going to work out.

    Arsene dithering? Well I never………..

  91. mystic

    Arsenalone August 6, 2013 09:56:55

    ‘It is AW fault,the board are shit scared of him mate,he pulls the strings’
    Sorry but I believe that putting it 100% down to Wenger, is letting Kroenke off the hook. The American has the power to tell his minions to do as they are told, or fuck off – suggestion seems to be he is quite ok with how his second rate manager is dealing with things.

    Comment this morning from Arseblog:
    ‘I am very convinced but the great players normally come at the end of the transfer window.’
    What bollocks is that, by the end of every window all the decent players have already signed elsewhere.

  92. DanC


    Still love that man. Was pure class. £30m player in todays money no doubt! Great finisher, amazing vision, big game player, the swagger and we can forgive him for taking the odd tumble!

  93. Inter YourGran

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Top post Pedders on summing up what most fear in regards to transfer dithering. The cohesion at direction of the board and management is either here nor there.

    All summer we’ve had three bids go in for players, all rejected (2 for suarez and a huge offer for bender) and there does seem to be a collective worry through the fan base.

    The squad is lightweight in numbers and lacking world class quality through the spine. Yet, we wait….

    I don’t think Drogba has shown us anything we didn’t already know, especially the manager. If anything, as someone pointed out, the jeering will only force to Arsene to stay entrenched in his ways.

    This goes 1 of 2 ways in the next 10 days. We either break our transfer record twice at least and sign top players or we go into the season with expectations at an all time low in the fan base. The first hint of being shit (probably when it’s 0-0 vs. Villa in the 65th minute) will reverberate down from the stands onto the pitch and our season will be over before its begun.

    Still, I think until the season has started we should take stock and remain calm. Then if the window shuts and we’ve signed misnomers, release the hounds!!

  94. Reiss

    Ramsey’s a good player nothing more nothing less he will develop into a world class player and I can’t understand Wenger for always picking him. Give me Capoue/Gustavo over Ramsey any day.

  95. Jim Lahey

    @DanC – I’d have no problem with Nani coming and playing on the wing, we need actual wingers, not just CMs and Strikers forced into playing that role.

    We really need Fellaini, but I think united will snap him up, hasn’t his release clause expired?

  96. Gooner63

    I totally agree with the original post, for years Wenger has been reacting and not moving the club forward on the pitch.

    Even the players he has bought recently are reacting to the way we have played for so many years and yet teams know how to frustrate us now

    cazorla to be fabregas, gervinho to be nasri,.

    Firstly Wenger to needs to work on a squad that can have more than Plan A, then he needs to stop being a coward and spend money on big players, thats how you compete every year. Yes, sometimes they fail, but thats football.

    How many top clubs do not have a DM – and i mean a real one, not poxy diaby or arteta. Defensively he still uses old style techniques, he has no idea how to change formations to beat defensive teams.

    Wenger has been a great manager, but its time for him to either wake up and start being a positive proactive leader or bow out gracefully.

    We are Arsenal not Spurs, not Pool, not Everton – we should be a big club in terms of success

  97. PhilF

    Wenger will wait until the CL qualifiers… let’s hope we get through then eh…
    This really is a shambolic way to run things. Despite what Arteta says eve the payers must be getting anxious… what I way to start a season. I still thinj we will end up with Bent, Barry and possibly Downing, I just can’t see Saurez playing for us. I hope I’m wrong…. but fucking hell what a joke we are and what contempt Wenger has for the fans!

  98. Inter YourGran

    I think the whole no trophy for 9 years thing is bullox to be honest. We don’t have a god given right to win them and every club goed through barren spells.

    What is annoying is we have a team that isn’t good enough to compete being lauded as capable of winning the title by our manager.

    It’s insulting to both the fans and current playing staffs intelligence.

  99. samsensible

    Inter, i can’t see us signing Suarez & another big name. not for the sort of price Cannibal is likely to go for.

    What irritates me about the BEnder bid is it furthers the imperssion that club is always looking for the perfect deal: Absolute top quality at a knock-down bargain price (like Cazorla)….we try to get Bender for a cheap price and run a mile when we’re told where to go. Doesn’t seem to have been any further interest.

    In the absence of the amazing bargains we end up spending the same amounts (or much less) on poorer players. So Gervinho instead of Hazard.

    It’s what makes the Suarez thing so typical. We see the potential of getting a fantastic player for a price the selling club would want to resist…and we hope we can get him through some dodgy clause in his contract.

    I can’t see us spending £55m.

  100. eboue

    It’s nice to know i am not the only 1 who thinks jenkinson aint good enough for arsenal cheers pedro. Some deluded arsenal fans out there probably believe nacer barazite can become the next messi just because arsene once belived in him!