Arsene Wenger has taken a reactionary approach to the summer | Thank Drogba for saving us

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I'll thank you, but no hi five

Summer is dragging again everyone and today’s post isn’t all good news, but it’s not pitch up your tent outside The Emirates for a 30 day hunger strike time… yet. Some of you won’t like what I’ve got to write, but there you go…

The hold up with the summer is mostly down to the manager again. The reason things have gone quiet is because, in the main, Arsene doesn’t have a plan. The best news from this whole post is that Arsenal still firmly believe they can land Luis Suarez. That’s not a PR move, the club think once Suarez starts causing problems, Liverpool don’t really have an angle to work from. Liverpool feel betrayed by Suarez wanting to move, Suarez now feels betrayed that Liverpool have gone back on an agreement Damian Comolli insists was in place.

If Suarez rolls into Rodgers office and tells him he won’t bother his backside this season and that he won’t give Liverpool his all, they have little choice but to sell. I keep telling Livepool fans they’re not a big enough club to keep a star player if he wants out. They’re in debt, they have no other way of rustling up income this season. The only hope they’ve got is sheer bloody mindedness which will result in an ‘injury prone’ half baked season with a player worth half the value at the end.

… ala, Cesc Fabregas. Remember that?

As for the rest of our squad, things could happen, but the pace of the summer isn’t being dictated by Arsenal, it’s being dictated by Arsene and his micromanagement of the details. As usual. He doesn’t really have a plan. The best thing that could have happened at the weekend was a loss to Gala. The fans jeering apparently riled the manager. Hopefully that’ll spark him into recruiting.

It’s apparent he needs a right back, Jenks is a nice guy, but quite frankly, I can see him struggling this year… a move is even more important especially as Sagna moving over to centre back is a real possibility. We need Monreal like cover. Up front, no doubt we need a better striker than Giroud, he’s not going to cut it at the highest level. We desperately need a centre back and now Gervinho has left the building we need a proper wideman.

Probably the most obvious flaw in our squad is the lack of a defensive midfielder. We’re desperate there. Arteta doesn’t have the pace or the engine he once had. Still a useful player, but we need fresh legs, serious mobility and some much needed discipline. Our midfield three have looked far from dynamic so far…

With Europe bankrupt, there’s simply no excuse for our inaction. But if the manager isn’t putting names forward or being decisive, what can the club do. Dick Law, for all the nonsense he gets for being a terrible negotiator has done his job. We’ve near enough cleared all the dead wood. We’ve brought in 3300 new youth team players as well. Amazing eh, we’ve not made one first team purchase, yet we’re rolling in a Colombian kid for a trial.

Shows where Arsene’s priorities are.

Still, I guess the interesting twist on a potentially bad summer is this… Ivan Gazidis didn’t tell the world we were spending big on a whim. As I’ve said countless times before, he’ll be about longer than Arsene, by deceiving the fans, he destroys his future relationship with us. He’ll never recover that. I’m not talking about people like me either… blogs are quite a way down the pecking order, I’m talking about the big newspapers who will think he’s a laughing stock. If you destroy your relationship with the media, you don’t get kind coverage when things are going down the pan… and believe me, that’ll bother the hierarchy.

So if Arsene hangs Ivan and the board out to dry this summer, he’ll struggle with that new deal. You can’t screw someone and then head in to their office palms open and look for an extension. Which is why I’d still be staggered if Wenger tried to hang the board out to dry this summer… and believe me, he wants a new deal. He’s well into his sixties, a change of scenery is not what he’ll be looking for. He’ll never get so much power combined with so little accountability anywhere else on the planet. Not to mention there are only about 3 clubs on the planet who would pay him what we do.

His childish petulance when it comes to doing what’s right for the club is quite staggering. But herein lies the problem…

We have a manager with quite staggering amounts of power. This has been pointed out so many times before. Arsenal behind the scenes on the playing side are a shambles compared with other setups. Football is a young mans game nowadays. New managers, better ideas, more preparation and better set ups are popping up all over the place. Arsene Wenger simply isn’t the man he used to be, or, he’s the man he used to be and now we’re moving into a different era. I think it was Comolli again, who spoke on the radio some time ago and listed out how he approaches transfers with his managers. In February he’d sit down with the manager and ask him what he wanted player wise… then he’d ask for a list of options, you’d ask the  manager to grade the players 1-5. The best player money can buy right down to the bargain basement option. Then he’d sit down again at the start of the summer and go through through the list again and firm up names. Then he would go out and make the moves.

Now, you’d have thought Wenger was perfectly aware of where the gaps were last September. He should have had a list as long as his arm of players we could approach. Spain has shipped out 27 of its best players. Italy is skint bar one club these days. France is ripe for the picking outside two clubs. Holland is always game for a pillaging. There is absolutely no excuse. The board have armed him with the best part of £100m and he’s probably got about £400k a week in spare wages cash. Yet he’s made zero progress.

How can you have made zero progress in the summer of European turmoil!

It’s a f*cking shambles a week away from the start of the season. Spurs have bought well, Liverpool have added to a squad which, with a Suarez in it could be argued is as good as ours (I mean, if somehow he could be convinced of the error of his ways)… the manager is frittering the summer away like he always does. He’s not a confident man any more. He’s indecisive. He doesn’t know what he wants. Which is why we’re where we are. Which is why he’s so calm with where we are. What he fails to see is that scraping 4th every year is a massive, massive risk. Especially as every club is throwing money at making it past that position. If you gave £100m to Klopp, would we be in this position squad wise right now… or would there be a serious plan well under way?

We’re watching the dying days of a once great manager. Even if we bring in the right players, he’s still not good enough behind the scenes to make a sustained attack on the league. But at the very least we’d ensure that top four wasn’t a monumental challenge like it has been the last few summers.

This summer could all turn around, and I’d be surprised still if it didn’t, but the thing that saddens me is  that everything I’m hearing is that it’ll be reactionary, and it stacks up, no players in on August 6th and no noise. No noise in the modern game generally means nothing is going on… because secrets cost clubs cash.

Anyway, rant over. If there’s any comfort to be had, it’s in the fact that everyone at the club is staggered the manager hasn’t bolstered yet… and that everyone is desperate for him to do so. Ivan should take his list, buy the players and worry about egotistical man tears after… the manager should have no say over price.

There’s still time to go… remember this… Didier Drogba could have just saved our summer. In some sort of weird way, you might have to be thankful to him.

See you in the comments.

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  1. GoonerDave

    What a transfer if we do it!
    Rodgers talking class….breaking promises.
    This would be amazing. Only one player but a world class one.
    Now, can we get it done? Please don’t mess it up Arsenal.

  2. skeetbag

    I’ve read a couple of times that Damien Comolli says the contract has a release clause in it. I’ve listened to the TalkSport interview and the 5live one and at no point does he say that this clause definately exists. When Suarez signed the extension, Comolli was no longer at the club, and wouldn’t have any knowledge of the specifics of it.

    Good post though, I’m a Wenger sympathiser but the bit about what Klopp would have done by now was striking. David Moyes seems to be dithering in the same way, but you can understand that given that he’s never been able to spend more than two buttons on a player. It seems like Wenger’s spent so long squeezing every penny out of deals that he can’t get out of the habit and its costing us when we’re dealing with big names. I think Wenger still has the coaching and motivating acumen, but he believes that the players we have are better than they are and is emotionally invested in the younger ones. Being forced almost into spending the money on Suarez and maybe someone else aswell might jerk him into reality when he sees the difference spending big fees can make to the team.

  3. sam


    I love trolling especially when I am stating facts.
    Sanogo is not ready for first team football at arsenal fc

    you stop being such a blind AKB

  4. paul mc daid

    If we get him for 40 million it is good business,but lets be honest,he really is a first class sleazy son of a bitch.

  5. Keyser

    sam – Stop it, you keep mentioing Afobe like he’s been hard done by, what’s factual there ? I remember Afobe in the Emirates Cup, he looked good, he was big yet agile and looked more winger than striker, it was impressive, he got injured and missed his chance, since then he’s spent time on loan, come back injured again, it’s got little to do with Sanogo.

    Also there isn’t a massive difference between their style and even if you don’t like Sanogo, there’s Akpom coming in behind now.

  6. Paulinho

    I would be absolutely amazed if Madrid didn’t come in for him. We’re like the Cheetah trying to devour the zebra and the big lion is circling round dopily rubbing the sleep from its eyes. Sooner or late the lion will notice the big f-off Zebra lying prostate on the floor and we’ll skedaddle.

  7. Rohan

    Either way, Liverpool have made themselves look like complete fruits.

    If they had kept quiet, it would’ve been a lot more amicable. :=) and maybe even gotten a replacement. It’ll be difficult for them now, everyone knowing they have 40 mill cash.

  8. Arsenalone

    Wenger sweeties

    Thay done there bollox on carol £35m,downing£16m,that defender from Sunderland £14m.and a load of other shit buys.

    And they have to replace all the alloy wheels and stereos stolen out of the club car park

  9. Paulinho

    on Suarez…

    He is a very good player. We have received a number of bids from one club which has not been anywhere near what he is worth. Not even close. We have no intention to sell the world’s best players to one of our rivals. He is a Liverpool player, there is nothing to discuss

    Is he Liverpool player when the Premier League starts up again?

    It does not matter if he is or not, he is suspended

    Six games into the season then?

    Let’s hope so


    They’ll do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t come to us. It’s becoming more of a seminal moment in the status of both clubs with every passing day. Especially them being the selling club.

  10. Rohan

    Madrid aren’t going to go in for Suarez. It’s bollocks. They’ve already stated they are going to go with their 2 younger strikers in addition to Benzema who is absolutely guaranteed a starting role.

    Assuming Bale comes in, it doesn’t leave any space for them to spunk 40mill on Luis. I reckon we’ve also agreed financial terms with him.

  11. GUNNER786

    RohanAugust 7, 2013 00:22:46

    Either way, Liverpool have made themselves look like complete fruits.If they had kept quiet, it would’ve been a lot more amicable. :=) and maybe even gotten a replacement. It’ll be difficult for them now, everyone knowing they have 40 mill cash.


    Has it ever occurred to you that LFC made it public because they have ambitions and want to keep their best players,unlike some?

  12. Keyser

    Lol except the Zebra’s the one that organised the meal ? Actively going around wanting to be devoured by the biggest pussy imaginable ?

    Liverpool have been without the Champions League now for 4 years, they’re struggling to move the club forward on or off the pitch. It’d be a bigger loss for them than us.

  13. Paulinho

    Madrid will drop Benzema like a bad habit if it means moving for Suarez. Suarez is a totally different class of player, and even though Bale is a big signing, last year showed once again that Madrid lack the required trickery in tight areas. Suarez would solve that.

  14. GUNNER786

    A club like Liverpool don’t give a shite about money. They are a football club NOT a bank.

    If they were a bank then Gerrard would’ve been long gone buy now for a massive fee.

  15. Rohan

    Zidane won’t want Luis Suarez coming in to displace Benzema. That much is very clear imo.

    It’s a non-starter imo. Madrid want Bale because he fits their agenda of a flashy hyped up commercial superstar. That’s how they roll. They want Bale and Ronaldo on the same team. They’ve already spent big money in Isco and Illaramendi. Their fans want Bale, not Suarez.

    If I were Madrid , I would pounce for Suarez, but I just don’t think it’s happening. He’s ours.

    People are only talking about it because

  16. Rohan

    it would make sense for them too. If Madrid really were interested, we’d be seeing a lot lot more noise from their end. Perez likes maximum impact. Does Suarez really give that? He’s no commercial bonanza and he’s underrated outside England I feel.

  17. azed

    Saw this comment on the guardian website

    “Perhaps Suarez wants to leave because Downing is going?
    Liverpool must keep Downing at all costs.”

  18. Sam

    Same story!

    I don’t reject being called a troll to expose your stupidity. If I am a troll so are you.
    Yes I big up young players I believe are good enough and have arsenal pedigree I believe Gnabry should play part next season as he’s proven at reserve level that he’s a great talent . I am not convinced about sanogo he came out of nowhere bypassed everyone straight into the first team

  19. GUNNER786

    Wenger will ruin Suarez’s career if he moves.

    Suarez is going to get a lot of stick just for the sake of a few CL games.

  20. Sam

    I repeat I am not against sanogo I just believe that a big club arsenal parading an immature boy as summer signing is wicked and cynical.
    The boy is better off back to France developing slowly . We could have him in 2 years time what’s the hurry?
    Hey you bought 2 top scorers last summer what the f-k have you done to them? Guess what? 20 years old rookie will save your lame backside please get real

  21. Keyser

    “Hey you bought 2 top scorers last summer what the f-k have you done to them?”

    They’re both first-teamers, and we’re looking to spend 40 million on Suarez, what are you on about ?

    Akpom went to Asia ffs, how can you be serious ?

  22. GUNNER786

    When Torres forced a move away from LFC what did they do with the £50 million quid they got for him?

    Did they put every single penny in the bank? Nope, they went out and bought Carroll straightaway for 35 million.


    Can you EVER imagine Arsenal doing that?

  23. Relieable sauce

    He’s faster than Mert & better than Kos in the air. He will boss the pair of them if he’s fit & fat Sam will outwit Wenger yet again.

  24. Keyser

    Gunner786 – Mate before we built the stadium, there were ridiculous bids for Henry/ Vieira and so on every year, we kept them for years and then sold them off.

    Liverpool are struggling to raise money for a new stadium, they can’t extend their old one and they’re forcing fans from houses nearby to sell up. Read up about it. What else were they going to do with the money ?

  25. GUNNER786

    I really hope Wenger doesn’t buy Suarez.

    It would be a massive waste of talent just like Arshavin.


  26. Al

    Spending £35 million on Carroll was not ambition, it was pure stupidity and the miss management of the torres transfer that forced them to be desperate and over pay by £ 10-15 million on a player who only had half a good season in the premier league

  27. BacaryisGod

    Pedro-just want to say a belated congratulations for keeping your head when too many Grovers are losing theirs.

    Reading most of the posts on here make me feel like I’m living in an alternate universe. We all can see Arsenal’s and Arsene’s flaws but the number one area we needed to strengthen was upfront and a 40 million + deal for one of the world’s best strikers (who is pushing to come to us) kind of addresses that need, doesn’t it?

    Even the most critical fan should be able to see some positives in:

    1) We had a strong second-half of the season.
    2) We’ve kept every important player from last season
    3) We’ve unloaded the vast majority of our deadwood

    Just adding Suarez alone to the above positives puts us in a much stronger position than last season. The only significant injury right now is to our off-form captain (already written off Diaby). The squad feels united and motivated with a good blend of youth and experience. I actually think that when you look at players by position many of the starting XI would be ranked in the Top 3 in their position in the league (Sagna, Koscielny, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, arguably Gibbs).

    Of course, the optimism will have to be backed up by results, but the doom and gloom baffles me.

  28. azed


    Even the most critical fan should be able to see some positives in:
    1) We had a strong second-half of the season.

    Has it occurred to you that our strong finish was because we are out of every trophy except 4th place?

  29. BacaryisGod

    Arsene’s biggest mistake was keeping Henry, Fabregas and Vieira a year longer than we should have done. All of them had troubled final seasons as their hearts had already left the club.

    I’m pretty sure we turned down a 40 million + deal for Henry (he left for 16), Vieira was sold at a steep discount from the year before as was Cesc. Overall we probably could have had another 50 million for those three and a lot less disruption. Liverpool could learn from that with Suarez.

  30. BacaryisGod


    Excellent point and that does point to a need to strengthen the squad overall. However, if you look at overall squad size I don’t think our depth compares negatively to the rest of the Top 4. What we were missing last season was someone who could win games out of nothing and Suarez would provide that.

    Don’t get me wrong. If I was in charge (which thankfully I’m not) I would have tried to lock up Mignolet, Fellaini and a quality center-back in addition to Suarez but I do get the impression that the club is committed to a more aggressive approach in the market. I also think it’s absurd that Arsene says they will only sign someone who is better than the players we have but then goes out and buys Park, Santos etc. That is just insulting but I remain hopeful that when the window closes that things will look a lot more positive than they do right now.

  31. sam

    Keyser said: They’re both first-teamers, and we’re looking to spend 40 million on Suarez, what are you on about ?

    thats not the point,
    If you buy 2 top scorers in one summer and fail to benefit from them whats the point of buying the third one.
    This is like Katie price keeping getting married and putting all the blame on her exes. not admitting even once that she’s the one with the problem.

    we gonna spend on suarez then what? blame him for failure next summer

  32. Keyser

    “If you buy 2 top scorers in one summer and fail to benefit from them whats the point of buying the third one.”

    Fail to benefit ? Mate come on, we lost 37 goals from Van Persie, and managed to score 1 goal fewer than the year before. Sanogo’s a prospect, just like Bendtner and Vela used to be behind Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo.

    Then there’s Akpom, Afobe once he’s fit will get a chance if he merits one.

  33. Wengerites be damned !

    Wenger is getting older and now he looks older than he is. His methods are outdated and he can’t adapt and change. Some people are deluded mentioning his past achievements and suggesting he could pull off again based on that.

  34. luke

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  35. sam

    Afobe surely merits one, not play him out of position then send him on loan to a yoyo club to deliberately downgrade his skill.
    another home grown player suffering is yennaris, he’s being sacrificed for bellerin. he’s being pushed away.
    people always say bellerin is better which is actually not true. he’s just being fastracked and he’s well-paid thats all.

  36. kc

    There is nothing out there at all to suggest Real Madrid would be in for Suarez. Everybody just expects them to buy a Striker because they sold Higuain. Arsenal should just offer 45 plus incentives right now after Suarez has come out publicly with his intentions.

  37. luke

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  38. Jeff

    I’ve just had a thought. Wouldn’t it be insanely poetic if Suarez comes to us, we win the league and then Wenger disappears just like Ferguson did after winning the PL with Van Persie.

    Of course all three assertions are complete hogwash but it’s nice to dream.

  39. Gregg

    His position at Liverpool has become un-tenable now, the only thing to agree is a fee. Liverpool will hold out for more unless arbitration upholds this so called clause and/or sets a valuation that agrees Liverpool doubling their money on him is good enough profit.

    Whilst I can sympathise with Liverpool fans over this, seeing as we’ve been on the other end of it a few times, I do not sympathise with the club. They went public with all this at a time when they didn’t need to. They named names and bids. It’s gonna get even more messy now.

  40. simon

    Like I said – to incredulity earlier in this same post – Arsenal are going to spend lots of money in this transfer window.

  41. wenker-wanger

    strange comment by “keyser”..a seemingly intelligent person. Doesnt understand the logic does he!…sometimes academic idiots just cant work out the simple things like making a cup of tea.,….what a tool