12 days to go and not one senior Arsenal player signed. Shambolic eh?

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If there’s one thing I totally dislike about modern day journalism, it’s that the people penning the stories forget they’re dealing with human beings. Story first, consideration of the person second. The Sun are running with pictures of Kenny Samson homeless in London, sleeping on a park bench. It’s tragic, it really is… but what’s worse is the glee in which some publications take in showing all the gory detail.

There was even a comment this weekend from a journalist mocking Arsenal for having an ex player who is an alcoholic gambler addict. Again, no consideration for the fact that out there, on a bench is a man who has f*cked things so badly for himself he has nothing. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of normal people suffer the same issues. I’ve seen third hand how gambling can destroy people, until you see it happen, you can’t quite comprehend the destruction. Coupled with drinking. Well, you’ve got a devastating concoction.

Arsenal are apparently looking into it. Hopefully Tony Adams charity is as well. Arsenal certainly aren’t any obligation to help, but for me, when the game is swimming in the money it is, you’d like to think a club like Arsenal takes some of the burden.

For me the wider story here is footballers and the lack of education they receive during the game. Clubs should do more to educate the players. Ambition is probably one of the best things you could give a player. Working with Saracens was an eye opener. They have their players on development programmes. Whether that’s working in restaurants or educating them elsewhere, it’s opening their eyes and their minds to post game life… because let’s be honest, most normal professionals only get going. The concept of being retired off at that age would be scary.

Having all the money in the world doesn’t protect you against boredom and bad decisions.

Onto the game yesterday, well, it followed an all too Drogba familiar pattern. We went one up, he came on and we lost 2-1. We lost the Emirates Cup. Pretty embarrassing. The whole weekend has been pretty poor. It’s preseason, and I get that. It doesn’t impact our season. But it does when you’re looking at the same squad again.

Arsene Wenger is relaxed about Suarez because he believes we can win the league without him, he’s that deluded. We’re days away from the start of the new season and despite finishing a million miles away from the top of he league, we’ve made zero moves so far.

That won’t be through lack of trying. It’ll be because Liverpool haven’t budged on Suarez yet and that we’re generally just not that good at transfers. Arsene says we’re working on other deals. I’ve said it all summer. We’re just slow. The longer it takes, the more chance we’ve got of it going wrong.

The only two teams who’ve done little business are Chelsea and United. One team won the league by a margin, the other had the best squad in the league. Both teams have made at least one first team purchase.

We still need a goalkeeper. It’s quite clear after a serious game that Fabianski is going to fold this year when it counts and our normal number one is average. We know we’re a centre back short. We need a winger, a striker and a box to box midfielder.

We have £100m and about £400k a week to play with. That’s Manchester City cash. That’s like going to Roman Road market with £10k in your pocket…then going home and telling your partner buying stuff was complicated.

The comments Wenger made on Cesc are positive in the sense that the news he has heard will have come straight from the horses mouth. He’ll stay their one more year, if he’s first team all year, he’ll never come back, if he has a bad season, we’ll get him. That might affect us getting a midfielder this summer. But it shouldn’t. We need to start taking care of the now. Right now, we’re not good enough by quite a margin. The club need to stop messing around and tie down some big players.

If Suarez really isn’t available… time to move on to someone who is. Rodgers is adamant he won’t let him go.

“I’ve got to say I’ve always associated Arsenal as a club with class and so there was a wee bit of a game there. For us, it’s about moving on and doing our own work. There will come a point where they understand our position. Obviously they have an interest and they put that interest in with two bids which were nowhere near what the player is worth. That’s within their right. There is a market in football for players but from us the message is constant. We do not want to sell.”

Player pressure might change his mind.

It’s amazing anyone at Liverpool can talk about class, it really is.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to chat amongst yourselves on that.

Just before I go, I’m away that some of the comments that went on yesterday verged on unacceptable. The comments section here is about respect, it always has been. If you’re being disgusting to other people or about other people, you’ll find yourself banned. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that’s why the site is lucky enough to have such a great community… but there’s a line. Please don’t cross it as it makes the experience for everyone else a sour one.

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  1. Inter YourGran

    Ito – I was wondering when you’d show up after I said that.

    It’s nice to see your eye sight and penmanship skills have returned so quickly after being let out of your cave, but alas the medication hasn’t worn off yet.

  2. Bergkamp63

    Inter YourGranAugust 5, 2013 16:17:42
    Talksport pisses me off no end. Their piss take daily arsenal, then there’s the west ham, spurs and Chelsea cunts 8-10 hours a day.

    Then, everytime an arsenal fan seems to get through on the phone it’s always some r3tarded mong from the depths of mordoor.

    I thought you said it was only for muppets but you tune in ?

  3. Vish

    In regards to Ramsey

    If your charged with the responsibility of being one of the most prominent midfielders at club who wants to challenge for the title, then regardless of age, you must scrutinize accordingly. For me he’s a squad player at best, who should start no more then 5 games (max) a season.

    Its true that Cleverly 9similar level) plays a lot for Man utd, but they’re not relying on him to get man of the match performances when he does. We on the other hand are with Ramsey, and to be fair to Ramsey I though that he was our man of the match yesterday.

    If we had better players around him the first 11 then it would be less of an issue, but we don’t!

  4. Relieable sauce


    LOL, the negotiating team should sign you up 😉
    Samsense&sensibility 🙂

    Stan ultimately but the business strategy was in place many years ago imo & put there by previous BOD’s & Wenger.
    Wenger controls (or did) everything on the footballing side & has got involved in too many areas that he shouldn’t.

  5. Bergkamp63


    I don’t tune in, never have & never will,

    It could be the Oracle of football knowledge for all I know,

    But I doubt it !

  6. Reiss

    I make that Arteta,Wilshere,Chamberlain,Giroud,Sagna and Podolski who have called for in comings now. If we don’t spend money and then we come 3rd/4h expect a mass exodus.

  7. eboue

    Hey fellow gooners just when you thought we could not sink any lower we lost to a team that was being captained by EBOUE! haha oh its just 2 good to be true.

  8. Bergkamp63

    Wenger had the choice of Walcock or Bale, chose walcock

    Wenger had the choice of Arteta or Fellaini, chose Arteta

    If that doesn’t tell you something !

  9. S Asoa

    Arsenal FC is having at its disposal a fortune in fees and salaries, but incapable of getting anyone except an unwanted player. The ominous sign is that AFC is reduced to the dregs. Like someone had posted last week, it is not now to kick out Wenger, in fact he should have been removed 6 years back, whatever the costs. So even at this late stage it would just be mitigating they damage.
    By the way anyone seen Bould permitted any control this season. Have not seen him at all this pre-season


  10. Kiyoshi Ito


    I know you’ve got a bee in your bonnet with me..

    But it’s ok,for InterGrannies,to launch an attack on me..

    All I did,was reply back in jest..
    How is that starting..?

    Admit,you’re trigger happy!!

  11. Pedro

    Kiyoshi, I saw what you were posting about me yesterday. Not cool on my own blog.

    You want to rant about me… go to ACLF, they’ll love you for it.

  12. Kiyoshi Ito

    charlesbronsonAugust 5, 2013 16:33:14
    Does anyone think that Wenger is being ‘restricted’ on purpose when it comes to transfer and in a way being forced out of the club?
    Nope..This is all of his making..The funds are there..He just refuses to do the normal thing…

    Adhering to best practice,is somewhat alien to him..

  13. samsensible

    Reliable – Stan owns the company, Ivan is his man. At the very least they must set the Business’ profit/loss targets. In which case they are the ones who have taken the key decisions before Wenger has had a chance to mess anything up by buying Gervinho (i’m being flippant).

    I believe that Wenger is their man because he has been instrumental in ensuring the business posts profits because of his transfer activities….but did he really choose to go along with it or were the decisions taken for him?

    He regularly went out in the press saying the players weren’t for sale “you can’t call yourself a big club and sell Cesc and Nasri”….then they were sold.

    Who was he saying that to? Man City and Barca or to IG and SK?

    Nasri himself said Stan forced his transfer when Wenger was digging his heels in.

    I think Wenger has had a tougher time of it than many people realise….

  14. Kiyoshi Ito

    PedroAugust 5, 2013 16:35:20
    Kiyoshi, I saw what you were posting about me yesterday. Not cool on my own blog.
    Hmmm..I think that was in jest..& let’s be honest..It wasn’t just me..They were several other posters..

    It’s clear why you are singling me out..
    We’ve never seen eye-2-eye over the intervening years..

    I said nothing offensive,nothing derogatory..

    If you are going to target me,then target Gunner2301 & Cesc Appeal as well..

    If anything,in the interests of fairness..?

  15. Inter YourGran

    B63 – The oracle?! You mean expecting a bastion of knowledge and truth from the equivalent of an old crazy cat lady, who has minders… yeah something like that if you take it seriously and not for entertainment purposes.

  16. charlesbronson

    Wenger isn’t stupid…

    It is so so obvious we need players. The fans are complaining more and more, the board etc have made it public that money is there, even the players are saying it now….

    he can’t be totally fucking nuts now can he?

  17. Kiyoshi Ito


    Here is an honest question..

    Why do you think we have not done any deals after 3 months?

    Especially with a massive cashpile,burning a major hole in our pockets?

  18. GoonerDave

    Whats Brendan Rodgers problem?
    Is he spewing just because we want to sign his best player?
    The guy has contradicted himself so many times its ridiculous. I don’t blame him for wanting to dig his heels in, but he seems a bit lost.

  19. Scott

    Still find it very odd when people say if we sack Wenger who could replace him
    1. : £7.5m per year salary with no pressure to win
    2 : probably the best stadium in the EPL
    3 : top training facilities
    4 : £120m-£140m. Transfer budget
    5 : huge loyal fan base and worldwide supporter clubs
    Yeah I can’t think of a single manager/ coach in world football who’d want that job eh!!!!
    Fuck me Gus Hiddink is free get him in, and don’t tell me if we offered the job above to Laudrup he wouldn’t take it.

  20. Kiyoshi Ito

    GoonerDaveAugust 5, 2013 16:53:59

    Let’s be realistic..Rodgers sells Suarez,for £50 million to Arsenal,there rivals for a top 4 place..

    What does Rodgers do with that £50 million?

    What top striker is out there,that he can replace Suarez with,for £50 million..?

    Cavani,Falcao are both gone..Higuain’s gone..

    So you think he wants to do an Arsene,& have £50 million burning a hole in his trouser pocket…
    Along with the chance of getting 4 th place,all but gone,before the season has even started?

    What would you do,in Rodgers position?

    I know what I would do..!!

  21. Inter YourGran

    GD – he’s trying to hard to convince every one he’s a big time manager at a big time club.

    All they talk about is suarez, how much he’s worth even though he’s mugged them off. Now they are acting sooooo desperate to keep a player who wants out and has mugged them off so they can have a better chance of challenging for a CL spot.

    Based on their calibre of signings and manager they’ve got less chance of merseyside bragging rights then CL football. Mugs!

  22. unhappy gunner

    @Translvyanian Gooner
    Fuck me I dont know who that fan was, but give the guy a medal. Everything he said was fucking spot on. Thank fuck they didn’t interview an AKB. Then again an AKB would of found it hard to talk with Arseholes and .gazidis cock in their mouths

  23. Tassos the Greek

    I don’t think you AFC fans deserve any better coach because apart on your comments on a daily basis you do absolutely NOTHING in order to show him and the board the power you hold in your hands.
    I mean you don’t put any kind of pressure on them; you fill the Emirates, you keep buying tickets and merchandise and as a result AW and company are treating you like idiots and inferior people.
    You need to start ACTING now if you want the situation to change otherwise stop uploading all these useless comments.

  24. Bergkamp63

    Arsenal Transfers
    Completed Ins
    Yaya Sanogo
    Undisclosed Amount

    Completed Outs
    Chuks Aneke On Loan
    Joel Campbell On Loan
    Andre Santos Free Transfer
    Francis Coquelin On Loan
    Vito Mannone Undisclosed Amount
    Johan Djourou On Loan
    Denilson Free Transfer
    Andrey Arshavin Released
    Conor Henderson Released
    Jernade Meade Released
    Sead Hajrovic Released
    Philip Roberts Released
    Sebastien Squillaci Released
    Sanchez Watt Released
    James Shea Released
    Craig Eastmond Free Transfer
    Martin Angha Undisclosed Amount
    Anthony Jeffrey On Loan
    Andre Santos On Loan
    Benik Afobe On Loan


    Either it’s a trolley dash on 2nd Sept or we are going to have a lot of kids promoted !

  25. BillikenGooner

    It’s amazing that Arsene still thinks his players want to hear him say how awesome they are and make sure their places is safe in the squad, when he has direct evidence to the contrary with his best players having left the last few years (partially) because he hasn’t gone out and bought top players… and he has his best players commenting, again, about how they look forward to and hope for top signings.

  26. GoonerDave

    But the way he is contradicting himself – Suarez has gone from 55M to 100M.
    AFC classless while Rodgers speaks openly about the bids?
    I think he is lost in it all.

  27. irish gooner

    this summer has been a joke so far,id say in 2 weeks time were gonna hear how diaby is training again and we know what that means,i hope we snap up suarez because we really need him.

  28. Inter YourGran

    Tassos – no one on here is really serious about protests etc. They just vent their anger, calm down, have a nap, then come back.

    You’d think with the amount of those frothing at the mouth with anger they’d band together and have a Wengers out meet up. Of course it would be at Ito’s treehouse before embarking on a 18 strong march and wenger out tea party at the emirates.

  29. Vish

    Reliable Sauce

    Haha… yeah it was my Ramsey comment which merited the most attention. Can’t blame them though-Corperate Governance isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to talk about, but If we were run better, we’d have less bloodshed on here between the fans for a start (lol). As you said, quite rightly ,this all stems from the club’s reluctance to engage in best business practice, which does nothing to better our understanding, leaving the fans to fight it out between themselves. I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the level of Corporate Social Responsibility shown by the club over the years and it seems as though the wealthier the club gets, the more it conceals.

    It’s an issue that I feel very strong about, which is why your comments struck an immediate chord. I’ve posted articles/comments on this subject on various websites, and it’s usually the AKB accountants who strive hardest to falsify my claims.

    But it’s refreshing to see another fan who shares a similar view to myself.

  30. Scott

    Wenger is bang at it along with Gazidis and Toupee wearing Stan.
    They are asset stripping our club, fucking poison the lot of them.

  31. Vish


    We can’t really blame Glazadias. As the CEO his prime responsibility is to safeguard the interest’s of the shareholder. That’s his number one objective . replacing him would not make a difference.

    Things can only change if Kroenke does. He writes the scripts for our actors up top.

  32. Kiyoshi Ito

    Could we not have put in a bid at the very least for Soldado,if we had/have no intention of signing Higuain/Suarez..?

  33. James wood

    Diaby 35 major injury,s since 2006 .

    Sadly I just don,t see him in the side for more than a few games.
    Our midfield will suffer injury,s.
    Jack,Ramsey,Frinpong,Rositsky?-have all had major injury,s
    Of late,and a hard season with very little cover ,will soon find
    These old injury.s

  34. Johnty79

    Pedro, if you have arsenals interests at heart why aren’t you organising a protest. 50000 letters or emails to the club, why copying in talksport or sky sports will create great embarrassment and a lot of negative news to the club.

    Come on people unite and bring down this wenger empire.

    Suggest a date people.

  35. Bergkamp63

    We don’t need to bring down the Wenger empire,

    He’s doing a great job by himself, I for one hope he signs nobody !

  36. Jeff

    When they revealed the new Doctor Who last night, I thought it was Arsene Wenger. He does look like him; tall, skinny, gaunt and lots of throat wrinkles.

  37. Inter YourGran

    Hitman – what are you refering too? The time where some arsenal fans put denilson on ebay and we should do it to wenger?

    Whoever has enough time of their hands to do such a thing at least make sure he’s listed in the antiques section.

  38. Scott

    So just blame Wenger and toupee Stan then.
    Gazidis and his huge bonus last season for selling our best players and not pressuring Aw to replace them as Dein would of gets let off does he?

  39. Hunter

    Prediction for the weekend game against City,we will get battered 5-1 and that will heap even more pressure on LE PROFF,its the only way of ousting him,keep losing and watch him squirm.I feel for the team but not an ounce of sympathy for Wenger,its like watching a boxer fight with one hand tied behind his back,the lads need new blood,they know it,we know it,everyone but wenger knows it.I dont wish defeat on our beloved AFC but sincerely think its the only way to get change.Wenger lives in his Walter Mitty world these days,there is nothing more important than his own welfare.I just want him to politely walk away and not turn back,his time is done and any great manager knows that and yes once he was a GREAT manager but now he looks a sad forlorn man with absolutely no allies.Now to get change we need to hang any AKB’s from the stadium roof by their balls or tits!! inundate the club with dissatisfied e-mails,dont buy any merchandise and make a silent protest at the ground,you know just like the 19th minute ovation which the Villa fans do we could do an 8th minute silence to represent 8 trophyless years but of course to do that kind of protest we have to get rid of the AKB’s hence my hanging theory and that will leave about 100 of us staying silent on 8 minutes,however I must say 59900 guys and gals dangling from the roof would be quite a sight!!

  40. Jeff

    Did he not say that there would be no signings until the Emirates Cup? Well that’s over and done with now. The next milestone must be till after the Man City game in Helsinki (what’s that all about). Then of course it will be the start of season. But even then we will have two weeks and depending on how we do in those

    I have a feeling he’s going to do a 2011 again where on the last day we bought some “cheaper by the dozen” unknowns, oldies and has-beens and that was only because we got clobbered 8:2. Any other top club would have sacked him on the OT pitch just for that. The lack of signings thus far indicates the 2:1 loss against Galatasaray wasn’t sufficient to move him.

    No we must wait for a more meaningful tragedy before he acts. I don’t think either Fulham or Aston Villa are going to provide a big enough rocket up is rear as did Man U in 2011 so we could be staring at a big loss at the hands of Tottenham on 1st September when it’s be too late to do anything after that. May the gods save us from the hands of this deranged lunatic.

  41. sam


    pleguezelo or Sanogo

    all foreign kids on better salaries than local kids and they get fastracked and given special treatment.
    If gnabry was english he would be sent to crawley on loan,
    first team football? never

  42. Relieable sauce

    Samsensible 16.39

    I think AW was more than happy to put profits before players because he would not have to relinquish any power. Arrogant,self serving & egotistical, he thought he could achieve success on a shoestring with his various projects but as time has proved, he couldn’t. AW & the old BOD chose SS for their own dubious reasons, if that has come back to bite him on the arse its no less than he deserves.
    They all have a part to take in the blame in the poor running of the club imo but Wenger deserves to be sacked purely “For footballing reasons” alone.

  43. Johnty79

    Anyone who thinks size doesn’t count in football..

    Look at the Luton team vs arsenal 11.

    What a bunch of weedy school girls who make kosieny seem like a big lad.

  44. Doubledutch

    How the fuck can we let any more players go? We are commiting football suicide. The squad is not capable of sustaining a season, let alone the cups. If we get one injury to a key player we are toast. I hope and pray that AW has already sorted 4 quality signings, and even then we will be stretched. I have never been more worried about the future of Arsenal.

  45. GunnerliciousTB

    Tassos and Johnty are right. We as fans should stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.

    Just like “liking” things on Facebook won’t feed kids in Africa, shouting #WengerOut and making jokes about how he’s bringing our club down won’t make him go out.

    Pedro and other Arsenal voices should organise protests and shit. Give Mr Wenger a deadline for signings or vocalise/demonstrate our pleas of wanting him out.

    Come on Pedro if someone like you leads the way others will follow

  46. Reiss

    If Miquel and Yennaris leave on loan that means we have to be buying a defender surely? Yennaris is another defensive midfielder we are going to let go why we don’t even have defensive midfielders in the reserves.

  47. Leedsgunner

    It’s not a matter of Wenger dithering anymore. He knows what positions needs to be improved but he’s determined to do it his way. It’s a matter of his stubbornness and pride – while Wenger plays his silly pride games it’s the good club that suffers.

    He’ll be found out though. He may bluster and blubber to anyone that listens that we are title contenders but we all know how thin the squad is. Every day he doesn’t spend is a day when he’ll be humiliated out of the club.

  48. Dublingooner

    This has to be one of the worst transfer windows ever.in June we had IG telling us that we had arrived in the promised land,we had travelled the hard road and we were about to be rewarded for our efforts.Yesterday we had AW telling us that this present squad is good enough to not only compete ,but, to win the PL.
    The only arrival is an unproven youngster,who may develope into a player .Our tranfare team are a disgrace to our great club.they seem to be completely inept.
    continued failure in the transfare market will lead to increased anger among the supporters.The board have clearly put Wenger in the firing line with the funds being made available to him,any unwillingness on his part to use the funds will leave the board with no choice,but to appoint someone will spend .Perhaps Wenger shoulð move ‘ upstairs ‘

  49. samsensible

    Reliable…sticking with Almunia, season after season of atrocious goals leaked by a defence atrociously organised. Sticking with Denilson and Bendtner, Sticking with Diaby. All bad footballing decisions.

    Believing he can challenge on a relative shoe-string (in terms of transfer fees available to spend)…deluded…but not the 1st manager to think he can compete…

    But the size of his transfer budget? The requirement to make profits? All his fault? I am far from convinced.

    He is his own worst enemy because he tries to portray the lack of spending as entirely virtuous and it no longer is. The business has survived the years of low commercial revenue related to the stadium deal and should now be looking to to speculate to accumulate accumulate by creating a successful marketable team. If it doesn’t SK looks bad and Wenger looks bad too. Slippery old Gazidis can claim “I tried to make him spend”. Hmmmm. He has lied to us for years…not sure why I should believe him now. Talk is cheap.

    Wenger had flaws, has been stupid…but not all of this is his fault.

    Just my opinion of course!

  50. Rockypires

    25 milkin for Rooney we need to get in there Play Rooney in hole Get Suarez as well but if he doesn’t come off then least we have Rooney.

    —–Ramsey —- arteta
    ——–Rooney –santi

    That’s decent replace giroud with suarz and its top class

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    So spurs have now broken the Arsenal transfer record twice this summer while we haven’t spent a penny.

  52. unhappy gunner

    It doesn’t matter who arsene buys. The reality is guys he is to tactically inept to ever win anything again. In the past his tactical niavity was negated by the talent of the players available to him. Also the rest of the EPL has caught up with him in terms of professionalism. He could get away with it before because of the standard of the EPL, barring united of course.

  53. the mighty karim

    @samestory : Thanx for that statement about English players, I will not have to do it myself ( French bashing avoided, well done amigo)

  54. Relieable sauce


    Selling the shares to SS must have been a decision made by Wenger & the board & they must have surely known that SS wasn’t interested in investing his own money, i think Wenger was ok with that.
    Could this be why Dein left?

    I’ve never understood this notion that the owner shouldn’t invest, especially when building a new stadium, UEFA FFP allow for it & the returns are guaranteed… as long as you have the fans coming week in week out of course.
    Wenger & Stan have pursued their own interests to the detriment of Arsenal, Wenger for egotistical reasons & SS for greed.
    Just my opinion though.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Said it yesterday but Jupp Heyneckes for a season would have been the man, get Laudrup in to take over after that.

    But we’re stuck with Wenger. Arsenal played it well, they made it to August without anyone really starting to get angry.

    Few Jovetic stories, few Rooney stories, weeks of strong links to Higuain, now it’s Suarez.

    Keep us following along until it’s too late and then you get people saying ‘well just get behind the team now.’

  56. samsensible

    Reliable he tried to get SS to buy the club because he felt we needed a sugar daddy to compete with Roman’s Roubles. The board threw him out. However Once SS got chummy with the board Dein hooked up with Uzmanov hoping AU would takeover.

    I don’t see how AW influenced the selling of shares to SS. That was personal decisions taken by the individual shareholders. You do him a disservice by saying that.

    His job is to manage the football team and seemingly to cover for the owner’s decision not to invest with transfer profits and press conferences in which he poo poos the sugar daddy model.

  57. Reiss

    Laudrup would be the perfect choice to take over as manager. Onto Wenger absolute farce that here we are in early August and all he can give us is we are working hard,what a load of bollocks if he and his buddy Gazidis were serious then we could have done business for early June.

  58. Johnty79

    I think well regret not signing remy I bet he gets 15 plus league goals. Anyone ready to take the bet.

    Remy is our level why we ain’t going for him is beyond me.

    Chances r remy would ave turned us down no won wants to play for wenger anymore, unless you r a 16 year old kid trying to prove yourself.

  59. Reiss

    Norwich,Southampton,Swansea, and Sunderland will outspend us and it’s not just about how much money there spending it’s about there ambition and wanting to improve there squad it’s something we can learn from sadly.

  60. Jeff

    If we don’t buy one or two class players, I don’t know that fourth is necessarily doable. I think we’d be struggling in every match if this squad goes into the season with no additions. It is doubtful even that we’d make it to CL group stages. It has to be worrying even for Arsene – given how much he cherishes playing in the CL and qualifying next season.

  61. zeus

    Its been a while since I’ve read a Bobby McMahon article. Ever inciteful and hits the hammer on the head. Rate him as highly as Tim Vickery.

  62. zeus

    “So, if Real Madrid has and continues to be so successful why was Arsene Wenger talking about how a potential world record bid was making a “joke” of UEFA Financial Fair Play? Wenger’s comment was tied by some to the $750M debt carried by Real Madrid and his comment ignored the fact that like Arsenal, the money that Real Madrid puts up for transfer fees is self-generated.”

  63. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitAugust 5, 2013 18:38:22

    If Suarez has handed in a transfer request, here comes a large bid from either Chelsea or Madrid to scupper Wenger’s big move. The man is doomed to mediocrity.

  64. Gregg

    Ok, people that have 20/20 hindsight; Wenger, Ferguson and Benitez wanted Walcott. Bale wasn’t even known. FFS Twitchy wanted to fuck him off to Forest. No-one and I mean no-one at that time knew what Galen was capable of.

  65. zeus

    Wenger world’s third best coach of 21st century

    Full list [top 25] which reads like a list of Chelsea managers:
    Sir Alex Ferguson [180]
    Jose Mourinho [174]
    Arsene Wenger [165]
    Fabio Capello [147]
    Vicente del Bosque [124]
    Marcelo Alberto Bielsa
    Guus Hiddink
    Carlo Ancelotti
    Luiz Felipe Scolari
    Rafael Benitez
    Joachim Low
    Marcello Lippi
    Frank Rijkaard
    Sven-Goran Eriksson
    Karel Bruckner
    Pep Guardiola
    Roberto Mancini
    Ottmar Hitzfeld
    Carlos Alberta
    Otto Rehhagel
    Giovanni Trapattoni
    Bert van Marwick
    Carlos Bianchi
    Muricy Ramalho

    Won’t even bother posting the link.

  66. Gunner2301

    Kiyoshi 16:40

    I can’;t believe you’re trying to drag me and CA into this with you 😆

    I think Pedro can distinguish between tongue in cheek and true attempts to rile him up.

    Actually I have made posts where the following day Pedros post was based on this topic. I’m calling this coincidence but i’m sure Pedro sometimes looks at posts for inspiration especially when there’s no news around.

    I haven’t been banned yet and am not looking to be banned so I try to put my points across even though I might disagree with Pedro “Like the No Protest thing” in a way that will stir debate. 😆



  67. Keyser

    “Pérez’s business model has been an incredible financial success. However, if you look closer you realize that there is something missing. Remember that bit at the beginning about domestic and European domination?

    It hasn’t happened. Three league titles, one Champions League, a Copa del Rey and one World Club Championship and four of these trophies came in the first three seasons.”

  68. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Sorry for the late reply, you mentioned how displeasure here is Mirrored at the Emirates, I was wondering how accurate that is, you talked of ‘many’ fans, which is why I asked about the last AST survey, it could simply be that they do deliver the opinion of the majority, while making a case for any other factions. Just an example so far.

    The extreme comes from not only the club’s stance, but also how far you’d expect the AST to go, how do you promote fan disquiet if Gazidis has made such a provacative statement and then followed it up with actual bids. Like Pedro mentioned.

  69. Thomas

    FFS we have more money than ever and Wenger is choosing to spend it on dross.

    Please someone just get that lunatic out

  70. Kiyoshi Ito


    Apologies for dragging you & CA into it..

    It was just quite obvious,Pedro was targeting me as we have previous..

    I think the fact that on Friday,regarding the no protest thing he highlighted,he copped a lot of flak from a lot of posters,plus I’m assuming the whole Gazidis thing,is probably making him shift rather uncomfortably in his seat as well..

    He’s probably a bit miffed..& was looking for a scapegoat to offload on..

    He views me as an extremist,or a pain in the ass..
    Either way,I was simply highlighting what I wrote yesterday in jest,concerning his posts,was no different to what other posters had put up,at about the same timeline..

    Since,then nothing back from him..I was simply trying to defend my corner..

    Apologies,for dragging you guys into..
    But come on,where’s the all for one,one for all camadarie..??!!

    As for Big Geoff,maybe he took a sniff around & thought same shite,different decade..

  71. Toli83

    He’s been a free agent for 6 weeks. Not even us would surely buy him. Surely.

    Capoue looks like he is going to Cardiff, now that could be a good buy.

  72. Kiyoshi Ito

    Firstly how can anyone take the AST seriously…

    I mean this is the same AST in the last survey,where 70% of it’s members were satisfied with the job Arsene Wenger had done to date..

    In addition,57% were happy,or comfortable to see Arsene Wenger,remain at the club.After he retires..i.e To go upstairs…

    This was before all the “Escalation of Financial Power” nonsense coming from Gazidis..

    Now,you have Tim Payton,this year preaching # patience..

    The very same Tim Payton who came out last year & was preaching on the various media outlets,that Arsene has been earmarked £70 million in funds to go out & buy players..

    Roll forward a year..What significant changes have occurred?

    If anything,we have regressed…
    So what the AST do,beyond,sharing canapes & sipping wine,beats me..
    If they do represent the majority of the Arsenal fan base,then it’s in having all bark & no bite..

    Happy to go along with the status quo,without having to sacrifice their glorified positions..

    I’ve seen more bite from a gerbil in its cage..

  73. samsensible

    *lights pipe, leans forward in old armchair*

    presumably there is some kind of desirable ratio between the number of constructive posts made by a Grover and the number of posts containing little but vitriolic abuse.

    *settles back into chair, puffs on pipe*

  74. Gunner2301


    The post about what Pedro will be blogging about tomorrow was in jest. I’m sure Pedro can defend himself where the Gazidis situation is concerned if he feels he has to. However I can see where some of the comments are coming from. I think everyone has just got a bit wound up with the lack of signings. We know this is how Arsene works we need to make accommodation for it until he’s gone that;s just a fact of life.

    If he signs another contract that could be me done. I can’t be doing this for years and years.

    As for the comradery …….. Pedro get off Kyoshis back for once.

    How was that?


  75. Kiyoshi Ito


    Haha..Nice one..You are right..Venting continuously eventually takes it toll..

    Wenger would do a lot of us fans a huge favour,if he keeps up his shenanigans..

    It would be quite simply,nice knowing you all..Adios Amigos..

    Riding off into the sunset..

    If Valerie Gooner can do it,so can we..Even Gambon scarcely posts nowadays..He too has probably hit the wall..I think we all have to be honest..It’s mental..

  76. Kiyoshi Ito


    What would you do..If Arsene signs an extended contract & buys no one of note this summer?

    Call it a day?

  77. Gunner2301


    I disagree with the 57% who wants Wenger to remain at the Club. Why? For more of the same?

    I can understand SAF on the MoanU board but he is rightly there. He hasn’t dismantled his legacy he has built on it and enhanced it and left the incoming manager in a good position. Can we say the same about Wenger? Or are we going to show the same sentiment like he showed to Cesc and Henry even though we knew we were getting fucked but it made them happy to get what they wanted?

    It would be a disaster to leave the man in the Club to carry on poisoning the bloodstream of Arsenal. We should be looking to flush out this poison not relocate it to another site where it can carry on poisoning the Club.

  78. Kiyoshi Ito


    I agree wholeheartedly..That’s why I’m astonished why people continue to give the AST much credence..When 57% of them would like to see him remain at the club,albeit upstairs when he retires..

    It’s just madness…

  79. dialsquare

    You’d have thought after so many bites of the cherry Wenger would have found a way of beating these sides in Europe, instead his approach is the same now as it was back in 1999.

  80. Gunner2301


    They represent the majority view I would suspect. However given the opportunity they have to communicate directly with Wenger and Gazidis they should be holding them to account. It wouldn’t be difficult there’s a lot of contradictory statements and actions that they need to question them on that’s before we even get started on the wage structure.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    This guy was released by Schalke?

    Jesus, I think Wenger is just doing it to piss everyone off now, I really do, the more we and the right thinking world push for big transfers on par with the rest of our competitors (even Spurs have smashed our record twice this summer) the more ludicrous Wenger will get.

    What’s MORE ridiculous than a Free 20 year old prospect.

    A FREE 27 year old released by his club.

  82. Marko

    I’d be absolutely shocked if we were actually considering Marica. It makes no sense whatsoever. To be honest our whole summer transfer business makes zero sense at the moment. And if there’s no marquee players coming after all the noise being made by Ivan and the rest of them then there’s something up.

  83. Toli83

    I wonder if Wenger has been really clever and used Higuain, Suarez and Fellaini as a smokescreen to sign this Romanian fella.

    Well played sir – you had everyone fooled.

  84. gilo

    I suspect that the truth behind this transfer window will come out in a couple of months or so when we’re struggling at the bottom of the league and Wenger and Gazidis will be fighting like rats in a sack to preserve themselves.

  85. Marko

    I’d honestly give up if he bought Marica. What the hell is the point in charging the most in the league and having the second best stadium if you do nothing with the money you make.

  86. KWIK FIT

    Someone out there is taking the piss. Don’t belief this rumour for a minute. Agent’s use Arsenal to get interest stoked up. Nah Suarez it is. Don’t worry guys.